Why Yokai Watch instead of Pokemon?

Why Yokai Watch instead of Pokemon?

Pokemon's much more expensive to use?

So the olympic games pay the companies to use their products or do the companies pay the olympics for the advertisement?

Cause at the time the committee came together to do this shit, yokai watch was more popular in Japan thant Pokemens. Pokemens only went on everyones radar in mid summer due to Pokemens go, before that no one gave a fuck. Do your fucking research when the answer is easily available


Space issues. It's happening in four years, like hell Pokemon's not going to pass that shit up.

The real question is, why Precure? No one outside Japan give a shit about Precure and if the current trend continue, it might be cancelled on 2020

>using Maho instead of one of the non-shit seasons

what the fuck JPC

Don't want to be sued by Apple

Yeah, using Procure would have made more sense when HeartCatch was airing or if they used the original. Not Maho

True but I guess that when the Olympics happen they'll use whatever Precure show is airing at the time

The Olympics is where you have a bunch of people come from all across the planet to win before the grandest stage in the world.

Obviously, Japan also wants to win some of them medals as well. Why would they want an animu where the main character is not allowed to fucking win despite twenty years of trying?

It will give out mixed signals. Pokemon had all the advantages for years and they squandered it, and now Yo-kai Watch took the spotlight, and I'm glad.

If they play some k-on music during the ceremony I would be so happy and excited I would literally eat my shit

I'm surprised it features Crayon Shin-chan instead of Bleach or whatever.

Crayon Shin-chan is more famous? In fact, I'm surprised Sazae-san and Doraemon aren't anywhere in there.

>no koe no katachi
They should include mainstream titles as well.

Doraemon and Mario aren't on that image either but they're both gonna be repping japan big-time (they were already in the video).

Pikachu will be there, I guarantee it.

Shin chan is more famous in south east asian and south asian countries, at least.
They're all shitholes though I dont know why they would bother pandering to them if they cant afford to come and watch the olympics

Why the heck would Bleach be there? Over Shin-chan of all things

Kinnikuman deserves a spot in there

But he has no running anime

Noone knows whats yokai or precure

Gundam isn't in that image and they're already promoting the Olympics with their 1:1.

What happens when Fidgephant splashes you?

>mfw the Olympics will be the trigger that finally kills moeshit

Can't fucking wait

Hopefully we'll get more sports anime
Especially ecchi sports anime about cute/sexy girls

Nah, the new Japanese army will kill moeshit. The Olympics might make its small contribution though

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

Who said I was ironic?
I want ecchi sports anime

Moeshit born from the Japanese frustration of not having a real army and being an American colony de facto

Even the nips know it's a bad idea to put a loser as a mascot.

Nor does the outside world about Shin-chan. A couple countries got a localized dub of 50 episodes a decade ago, but that's mostly forgotten.

And no one will give a fuck about Naruto in 2020 either.

>And no one will give a fuck about Naruto in 2020 either

Does that matter? Naruto is known all round the world, it'll be one of the most recognizable ones there

>And no one will give a fuck about Naruto in 2020 eithe

Naruto's legacy has been cemented. It will be remembered forever like DB especially if they keep milking the franchise.


Or Osomatsu-san.

Doraemon (and Mario) are hosts of the games. I don't think anybody else other than Japan even knows what Sazae-san is

Why the fuck would Osomoatsu-san be there? That's like thinking Madoka should be there.

On that note, I think Gundam should be there somewhere

Because it's been around since the 60s?

That said, it's weird how many of these properties are Toei. You'd think they'd go beyond and try adding Toriko or some toku heroes or crap.


They should put Saint Seiya on Precure's spot. Spics and eurocucks fucking love it

because the franchise is dead and Yokai Watch is definitely better

Shin Chan is famous in the rest of the world and its dank enough. But its weird that Doraemon isnt in there tho

Why Naruto instead of JoJo?

Because nobody wants to see the one on the right as the face for the Olympics.

>Because it's been around since the 60s?
You should have just said Osomatsu in general. I thought you meant specifically the new series.

See Naruto is way more famous around the world than Jojo. It's literally the fourth most popular manga in the whole world, come on son

That, and Jojo would be hard to explain in general. I mean, you can explain all the series in the OP in a few sentences. But Jojo? Ten paragraphs and a bunch of musical copyright infringements. Minimum. Kochikame would have a better chance.