i was busy looking at his hand and his face and didn't notice the QUALITY at first

jesus christ


it's like they gave up


No fucking way that's real, I may actually watch this thing otherwise

The show is not that terrible, QUALITY aside, the show is quite interesting at some points.


where's the uality


That fold on the sleeve looks like a nipple

It's like they're doing this on purpose.




that middle finger


drawing all them individual chairs mane

it's hard work

also what kind of mongoloid drinks with their left hand


>that fucking bore axis
Do these anime faggots hate making guns that are actually practical to shoot ?

Mob Psycho episode 11 was full of QUALITY shit

go back to /k/ americuck



>QUALITY even in the final episode

sasuga shit fox

Does this count?


Now I'm wondering if there's even one person watching Rewrite, here.

That is quality and CG fest.

I even recall seeing this orange haired girl throwing a fucking tree, but the tree flying before she even throws it or something.

Pointing out quality in it is like beating a dead horse.

Any Kuroko no Basugay quality?

No unless you're a moron who can't understand perspective shots. Compare it with which is legit QUALITY.

This was the beginning of a shot which omitted detail so it could have more fluid animation on a budget.
That's kinda common; I can point out a somewhat recent and popular example - in OPM, when Genos attacks the Sea King, the backgrounds went extremely dull, and Genos lost some detail for 2 or 3 seconds, which was how long that shot lasted..

berserk 2016

became dull*

I thought the whole point of 3d was avoid QUALITY not increase it

Is that a gag?

I don't get it, is it his right eye?



Oh damn

This and Berserk both have this problem.

I get that anime uses static poses all the time to save on money/production.
But do they not realize that you should NEVER leave a living model static? There should be at least some subtle movement on them at all times, otherwise the starting and stopping is really jarring for 3D.

Fate Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILLYA 3rei!! - 11


There's something strangely endearing about that.

qualitychan is great

i kinda want to see an anime done in that style for some reason

It seems Millepensee didn't get that memo.

this cant be real




How new?

user... that's deformation. that's a normal part of animation, nothing to do with budget or whatever. Most of the time it's done for the sake of overexaggeration. there was a simliar scene with Felt in episode 2, dont have the screencap on me though





Where's the BD version?

Lol, QUALITY made sense in that scene.

Nice try, user.


That is the BD version user.



Not only do the static 3D models look really jarring and wrong, but I've noticed that the framerates for 3D are often so low it looks much worse. I think anime has a low framerate in general, which is fine, but when you try and put 3D animation in with low FPS anime, it looks really weird (to me, maybe no one else cares). Whereas artists can add motion blur or do other tricks to make animated scenes look more fluid at low frame rates, when they add in a 3D model, they don't really try to blend it in. The part where Ed and Ling fight Envy in Greed's stomach comes to mind as an example of this.

>two friends embrace after they both receive crystal IVs in the hospital

Is ping pong fair game?

It's silly too since most render software HAS motion blur capabilities built in.

When I took 3D animation classes, the teacher basically showed us the optimal render options for our stuff and said "If you don't check this little box for motion blur and I feel like you needed it, I'm dropping you one letter grade"