You all gonna watch it right?

You all gonna watch it right?

Still can't help but feel KinMoza is GochiUsa's less-successful sister.

Engrish aside KinMoza was much more enjoyable.

After Brexit I started hating Karen.

Only old people voted for Brexit.

Not true.

Ayaya is kill so no.


Is this a new season or just an OVA?

You have to go back

Why is Karen dressed like a whore.

I'm pretty sure it's just an OVA.

It's a movie niggas.

>Engrish aside
Son, that was the best part.

I agree that KinMoza was more fun, though. Both series are good.

What team does Karen support?

Where are you from where whores dress like that?


What's with Aya's flashy dress?

she's finally getting married

I already marked the date in my agenda.

Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

Little less than 2 months to go.

What is Alice's opinion of Brexit?

Watching what might be Taneda-sans final performance.

But Karen ruined the whole British economy.

Karen also kept the British identity alive, and she knows that long-term economic independence and diversified trade is safer than relying solely on European markets.

>it's rated PG-13
Who's going to drop their single F-bomb allowance, Cred Forums?