Would Emiya Shirou be able to handle what touma went through in NT9? Pretty sure Touma has 1000x more willpower

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I'm a index fag myself but whats the point of your imaginary friend being better than others?





Don't mind me, just being the best protagonist Kamachi ever wrote.

poor thing. Is a fucking god but can't afford proper clothes.

Her hat is 10/10


Is there any character that has as much resolve and willpower as touma?

>no one answers OP
Business as usual.
dumb iceposter

The abuse he goes through in his own home on a daily basis hardens and toughens him, preparing him for anything he might encounter outside.

Have you even considered for a moment that she likes that attire? Yes, it's lewd, but it's also somehow matching for a majin.

OP here. I'm not surprised when I want to create discussion but all we get a shitposters.

>Fate vs Index
If anything that discussion would have more shitposting

Why does Kakine Original seem obsessed with the idea of being a villain?

why is kamikoto so best

No one has more willpower than Sephiroth. His will is so strong he was able to block holy and pull himself out of the lifestream.

Because he failed to be a hero in some yet to be explained part of his past

I just started raildex currently starting ep10 on index.

How vast is the storyline after they stopped airing railgun s? More than twice the anime adaptation?

boy you're in for a ride

I mean, I'm ready to read LNs and other shit. How vast is it now?

First two index seasons cover the first 14 LNs, the 39th novel will be released next month IIRC
As for railgun, the railgun manga is way past the end of season 2

>39th novel
Guess it'll be a long way


Don't worry, the arcs immediately after the end of the anime will get you hooked. Once WW3 ends I feel like the series starts being up and down again, but you can decide that for yourself.

How much fun must it be to only stumble upon this when there's already a fuckton of content instead of waiting months for new content

Nope. If he could have handled it, he wouldn't have turned into EMIYA. He would have just repeatedly tried to fight and win against Othinus instead of trying to understand her. He would have simply died when she gotten bored and killed him for real.

Not that guy, but I'm gonna talk about Index, since it's the main story. The Railgun anime is based on a manga.

Both of the Index seasons combined adapt the Index LN from volume 1 to volume 13 (or 14).

8 volumes of the "Old" testament remain to be adapted, and then, the New Testament has 16 volumes out. 24 volumes that have no anime adaptation.

Good thing Index will eventually pay him back with sex once she wins.

While you're at it, check up on Kamachi's other work. I'm sure by the time you're done, another 39 volumes of Index would be written.

Yeah, I've heard how agonizing it is for people who started this when it aired to wait for Season 3.


I thought indexfags were extinct, fascinating

>not knowing Kamachi recently wrote an SS were she and Touma goes on a date
She's endgame, user.

He did? The last SS I've read about was Index shopping around for an oven. Was there a new one out?

Hakomari MC

It's just bait

Will the real Stiyl please stand up?

He mind broke from just 1000 years worth of the same shit touma had to go through. Touma went through a million years worth of torture and came out fine. Hakomari MC is a pussy

Shirou would probably reach the Perfect World iteration and just like Touma would choose to be selfish, but I doubt he would "win" against Othinus. Touma's "victory" was a result of his compassion. He was able to understand that they are pretty much the same - both lost in endless stack of phases, rejecting new worlds to return to their home. That's why when he was defeated, he was able to entrust IB to Othinus - because it wasn't a fight of good and evil, but two opponents standing on the same moral ground. Touma's final words made her realize she has obtained and immediately lost what she was truly looking for - a person that understands her. Without the will to continue with her plan, she forfeited her victory.

I can't really see Shirou being able to come to the same conclusion as Touma and reach Othinus' heart. He would just die after getting rekt in the final fight.

Touma got through that hell not really having to do anything that betrays himself, he only had to endure he and his loved ones getting killed and tortured over and over. He was also able to communicate with Othinus occasionally while all that was going on, he wasn't completely on his own.
Meanwhile Kazuki had to constantly betray his own humanity by conducting mass murder and repeatedly committing suicide, not having any intelligent life whatsoever to communicate with. The situation in HakoMari is a lot worse even if it lasted a much shorter time.

I think watching your loved ones die over and over again and not being able to do anything about it is much worse especially when you have a hero complex. I loved HaKoMari but you can't even compare the amount of suffering between them.

>not compassionate
Go read 3rei user, he did nearly the same thing as Touma there, Shirou knows that he doesn't have moral high ground or anything, he knows what his opponent wanted to achieve and understood it.
He do have a knack of understanding his opponents, even if they interacted for just a short amount of time.

And Touma never tried to reach her heart or anything, he just trying to prove his point. He just got lucky that his last words sparked something to Othinus.

So yeah, it's still inconclusive and it's impossible to draw a concrete conclusion to this subject not to mention we know that both are mentally challenged too.

I was thinking about F/SN Shirou. I read the VN a very long time ago, but from what I've remembered, Shirou wasn't as focused on opponent's way of living as Touma. And there is also a risk of getting EMIYA-fied, which versus Othinus would be a dead end.

>Touma never tried to reach her heart or anything
Yeah, he just sorta happened to hit the spot. He was completely surprised by her actions, so it's not like weaponized his understanding on purpose. But it was thanks to his character that he was able to stumble upon this result.

No, he would give up in the perfect world

Most versions of Shirou would, and did, choose the world over themselves
He wants to the a hero, he wouldn't destroy everybody's happy ending to save himself

Not quite the same
In 3rei Shirou did what he did for Miyu, he was willing to let the world die to save his imouto, thats not truly selfish, he is doing it for someone else
Touma gave the middle finger to everybody he knew in order to save himself and fulfil his own selfish desires, saving Othinus, Will-chan and the world in the process was a coincidence

Every canon route Shirou is still at the core is still him, so the possibility of him developing the same way when in the same scenario and doing the same thing as Touma is possible, since, him as a character develops in response to his experience too, just like Touma.

Then think of this, what if we put Touma in Shirou's shoes then? Do we know the possibility of him to develop a different character from his current one? No, because there is no multiverse character of him to know if he had that ability to do so.

My point still stands, since Shirou has many different version that develop in myriad of ways because of what he experienced, it's still inconclusive that he can't have any chance to develop the same way as Touma if he become Touma, Unlucky arm instead of Sword Autism.

Not even best HO, let alone best girl girl or protagonist.

>No he would give up
Touma did give up too, dumbass, did you not read the whole damn novel, you speed reader?
Again inconclusive, since to reach the point of time in the novel requires Shirou to be Touma from the start, which will be unpredictable in regards to his structure as a character, but it's within the realistic possibility that he would develop the same as Touma, beinng autistic and all of that.
>not quite the same
It is the same selfishness he had in every route and side-story he appeared, his beliefs in it's core, he knew was still selfishness, as shown by Archer being edgy because he can't hold on his ideals and not because of the lives he failed to save, and self satisfaction as he already admitted many times, just like Touma.

>39th novel
Pretty sure there are 47 LNs published so far

Who cares?

Nothing that happened in that volume mattered and was just a bad dream

You should read the Light Novels.

Anime is an awful adaptation.

Not that user, but the only instance where we see Shirou go through a fraction of what Touma did, he became EMIYA. So unless there is some other looping Shirou that didn't become like that, please show us how he ended up differently.

>Touma did give up too
Not really, he tried to kill himself once but after that he no longer had problems crushing that world
>since to reach the point of time in the novel requires Shirou to be Touma from the start
Isn't the point to just through Shirou in the middle of it to see how would he react? Of course that if Shirou had Touma's life he would have reacted like him
>It is the same selfishness
It is not the same, being selfish to save someone else is easy for both of them, its what they do all the time. Thats why Will-chan didn't want to tell him that the perfect world was killing her, if she had told him he would have fight Othinus without hesitation to save her

Mariydi > Putana = Nyarlathotep > rest. Even if vol.11 made two idiots much better than they were before.

I always get the feeling that Will-tan getting Touma to be selfish was to help him to understand what Othinus was going through. He was willing to destroy any and all worldz to go back to his own, just like what Othinus was doing.

I don't think she planned that far ahead, she probably just wanted him to realize how valuable he was so he wouldn't try to commit suicide again

Not resolve, but 1000 x the luck. And he knows how to handle goddesses.

Only because everyone in his world is dumber than a bag of bricks. Competent enemies are the bane of Isekai everywhere.

They've taken down a fair number of competent enemies though

>Touma didn't give up, but tried to suicide
Did you just contradicted your self? He did willingly tried to suicide because he saw that he has no place in this world, and he can't do anything about it. Or even reading his internal monologue still didn't gave you that conclusion? The hell?
>isn't the point
Then it would be just comedy, having Shirou saying something like "who the hell are you? The hell is this?" and questions Othinus why he is there, while Othinus, also surprised, saying something like "WHO the hell are you? Where's Kamijou?" or something to that account. To compare what will shirou do in the slightest, he needs to have a personal history with Othinus the same degree as Touma.
>It's not the same
Yes it is, it's still selfishness in the core, the only reason Touma did what he did was because Will manipulated him to, UBW did the same, "being that save others but don't go too far to destroy yourself for it" theme.
Nope, she has no sliver of idea of what the hell Othinus is going through, they never even interacted in the series, unlike Touma and to a lesser extent, Aleister.

Actual competent enemies, or just enemies with powerful abilities?

Thought this post was about Rance at first glance.

Giant robots n shiet

Mariydi is only middling in my opinion. She isn't bad, but she lacked the raw bestness that Illness Magic User had to carry a solo protagonist story.

He got shit luck, having bakamegami at his side destroys and luck he had in tackling enemies at the level of Othinus.

>will power
>this guy literally intended to kill himself in NT9 when shit got too hard for him

On his own he's a bitch like everyone else


That doesn't really answer my question here. Are they actually competent (use their powers in a non-stupid way ala Jojo) or just entities with a powerful ability but doesn't use it creatively ala 'only resorting to spamming the same moves over and over again'.

Post an example of the competent type. Can't really judge something without seeing/reading it first.

Are you forgetting he visited the perfect world multiple times?
He had a moment of weakness the first time but kept on going once it was over and was able to relive that hell without problems to give Othinus his speech
He did not give up

Is the index anime any good? I dont really want to read a light novel so is the anime at least ok?

That demon that tried to blow up the wall for example

Any chance you are expand upon that? Because that doesn't really explain much beyond a wall getting destroyed.

>he literally gave up and needed someone else to save him and THEN give him some pep talk

You will end up reading it anyway so you may as well start with the novels

At least Shirou would have got some kind of character development out of it.

>There's no way an user can be this dumbass


Now I know your IQ level there's no need for me to continue this discussion. Here is the final (You) from me.

Nobody is competent. It's a comedy.
The tank is a masochistic slut, the healer is a retarded goddess, the wizard is a chuuni obsessed with explosion magic she can only cast once per day and the main character is an extremely lucky tsukkomi.

A masked demon lord who "inhabits" magical masks he creates and can and does possess people who put on the mask. He takes over the masochist tank and tries to make them kill eachother for shits and giggles, never actually putting in any effort, but the party manages to destroy the mask.
Later he comes back with a Mk II mask, completely unharmed and friendly, complimenting them on managing to beat him.
Whatever you do, don't take the series seriously. It's great.


Not sure how much development he's going to get when he's dead.


When Shirou fights for his family, he does this change. Othinus isn't someone he would consider family as he did with Miyu or Sakura (in HF), or Taiga.

Fate Shirou is supposedly the same, except he got reunited with Arturia in the end. Fate Shirou endlessly journeyed and fought for an intermitted eternity to reach her.

Of course Shithinus isn't worth shit in comparison to Arturia.

I know, I saw the anime right up to Lich introduction before I dropped it. It was very funny, but for some reason, I just couldn't get into it. I just couldn't remember if there was an actual competent enemy in what I saw or if there is one in the LNs.

Why would Shirou give a shit about that slut? That's like making him interested in Medea.

Competent enemy is in the LN.
I can't shill the series enough. It's a low budget miracle that is AOTY. You must watch it.


Nigga, he KILLED all his loved ones
Friends and family
With his two goddamn hands
Did Touma ever stab Index or anyone else in the gut for the sake of escaping that shit?

>dropping it before the best episode

Funny thing there was a route planned where Medea is the heroine.

>actually understood and respected some of his enemies redeemable or not, or being at the opposite side of goals.
Don't know, maybe try to read FSN and Prillya over again? He even had that trait better than what Touma shown.

I dunno what to say, I just didn't want to watch it anymore. It was very funny, but it was starting to get repetitive. Like I could already hear the jokes before it was made already, and I just lost any motivation after that.

I always get the feeling Fate-Shirou never really went through the same 'kill one to save many' missions or seen the really horrible eldritch abominations that Archer went through. I can't imagine a Shirou that stayed idealistic would have been OK with doing what Archer did for an eternity without breaking. It doesn't really make sense.

He didn't journey through an eternity built specifically to break him.

Not even the most powerful Gods of any religion was capable of reaching Avalon, I wonder how a normal mage like Shirou managed to? We don't knw, yet, so no need for headcanons.

Because Nasu says so. Since when have he ever stuck to his own canon? What is impossible today is not impossible tomorrow when he wants to wank off to certain characters.

Touma would rather kill himself than kill others. He even made others literally eat him. And no amount of suffering beats living an entire life up to old age in a conscious coma.

He became EMIYA because he needs to do something he hates to do for eternity, billion years can't compare to that. And that is because his ideals was never challenged beforehand.

And for the record,you dumb faggots always says that Touma survived this ordeal because of his own merit even though, like all the previous and latter novels, he actually needed others to save him, in here Will and Othinus via luck.

Not that user, but seriously, stop. Touma was willing to kill Rensa to save someone. I'm an Index-fag and even I think you're trying too hard here.

So I'm confused about the Baggage City thing.
It was said that Othinus was trying to create an esper based on holism or whatever but who the fuck was that?

No one said he would be killing to save someone. That's another story. We're talking about saving himself.

>Implying it's not a normal thing in literature
Go read more stories, that should increase your understanding about human literature.

Its for the Gungnir, duh!

I'm not the user that's been saying Touma did this on his own merit. I know Touma couldn't have gone through those millions of years of hell and pass the perfect world without Will-tan's help. However, he is remarkable for being able to get as far as he did without the slightest chance of fighting back. He suffered an enormous amount of shit before he finally gave up at the perfect world.

I know what's it's for numbnuts but it said that the distortion or whatever was caused by some holistic esper but I don't think it ever mentioned who that was

Funny enough, he ended up doing the exact opposite. He sacrificed himself for the sake of Othinus and his own world.

It was an experiment to test if holism was real.

You got confused. There was no holistic esper, but there was a phenomenon that showcased the concept of holism.

He did so, but saying that him surviving all of it without plot armor, and characters that helped him through the worst of all the phases he experienced he could never ever survived it, not to mention him being lucky to touch Othinus' kokoro during his "final" speech.

OK, and? Other authors does the same. How does that affect my post about Nasu doing authorial fiats and reconning his own work?

No, he admitted that he lost to Othinus. After understanding her, he left the fate of the world up to her.

But how was it made then? Was it just fueled off all the crazy bastards taking part in the tournament?

Well, it wasn't plot armor as so much as Othinus still wanted Touma to be alive to break him during all those loops. He lost and 'died' in every encounter against her. He was suppose to live so he can suffer millions of years of physical and mental torture. This much is fact. And Touma understanding the enemy has been a thing since the beginning. Not sure why this is considered lucky when this is pretty much his own innate skill.

Yes, the clash of magic and science created a distortion over the area. Or rather, it was the distortion over the area that fueled the clash of magic and science.

He never thought he had a chance in the first place. He knows he cant win against a magic god, all he can do is bide his time and plead his case.

Ah, I get it now thanks
Shit was bugging me for the longest time

Other author's can do the same, it's up to them, the sales, readers and critics will just judge it based on their own perspective and understanding, it's their story, not your story, it's their AUTHORity as an writer/AUTHOR of the story.

Get what I mean?

Yeah, you're basically agreeing with me that Nasu had retcon his own work since he's the author.

>last volume
>Big Al's master keikaku coming into play
>it's just Touma and him in some freaky interdimensional room for them to fight in
>Al spends at least three pages explaining it all to him, probably just something along the lines of becoming an actual god not just some magic one or whatever
>Touma is absolutely fed up with the fact that the big bad is this generic in his motivations
>just clocks him right in the face with his left hand muttering IDTI, IDTI before heading back home to get his scalp munched on because his headcrab already ate all the food he left for her on the first day he left

Fukou motherfucking da

>implying that kamachi won't pull some 'raise your hand if you thought aleister was the final boss' shit at the end

>Ending leads into another crossover due to some sort of god fuckery
>Turns out they were actually canon
>Touma just gives up and walks off to find food for the headcrab because fuck all this shit

That's it
Final boss is kamachi.exe
The end will involve having to take out the servers before he ascends to skynet status with the help of a lolified Aleister

Girl in the Dress or Uiharu?

Uhm, the point was that Toumafags insisting that he went through everything and will survive it regardless of anything.

In response to that, I'll point some inconsistency. If she really wantes the IB, why not brainwash, manipulate his brain functions, or control his consciousness in response to his decision making? Misaki can do it, why does Othinus don't do so? Or he even survived that worlds himself without serious repercussion since it pushes the limit of disbelief of some readers(I see them often here, can't blame them). Plot armor is not a bad thing, but saying Touma don't have one makes me puke in that bias opinion, Plot armor always exist to characters who are needed to move the plot with them being present, Touma is no exception of that.

And did, Fiamma, Acqua and many others had understanding with Touma before defeating then or being beaten up? It's a plot armor, a literal Deus ex Machina to a God, for me it's not a bad thing, at all, and actually loved that ending, but denying what it is just makes you look like a brainless fanboy.

GiTD is the wife, Uiharu is the mistress, Kamachi agrees.

Then, what is your problem?

Did unlucky finish the chart?

Girl in the dress, but if we're accounting for both versions of them then the Uiharus.

Fuck you
>If she really wantes the IB
But she didn't want IB
She only wanted to break him so he wouldn't interfere
>Misaki can do it
Not really
She could try but he just gets dizzy and touches his head to make that go away

It's not so much the actual surviving part that's impressive, it's the willingness to live and continue after going through so much shit. All he has to do is give up and it would all be over. But he didn't. That's what is impressive. And Othinus seems to have been subconsciously wanting to keep Touma alive since she was still hoping to use IB as well as wanting someone to go through what she did so they can understand her. Had Touma given up, she would have given up on IB as well, and would have continued her eternal quest to find someone else that can understand her.

no, just people who like index don't bother because she's been ignored for ages

Uiharu x Kakine is best pairing.

Girl in Dress is a literal whore, and a pretty damn good one apparently.

>uhm fuck you
Whoa how... Mature.
Fuck you idiot, she wanted IB itself, the breaking the mind is partially a way to lengthen the story and give Touma a chance. She could just control him in many ways she can think of, having her capable of reviving him as a whole everyone.
>Not really
I see you lack of reading comprehension, Bitch, she can actually use her powers to fuck with Touma's brain as long as Touma don't touch it with his IB on time, why the fuck someone Infinitly squared Infinity stronger, and showed powers that only Misaki could dream of using her own, can't do that?!?!

Your just showing off your lack of basic intelligence here, you're not getting another reply from me, retard.

She's not a whore, didn't you read what she said? The last time someone pay attention to her he ended up in a fridge and got taken over by himself.

Please, she clearly sells her ability.
She pretends to be people's daughter or girlfriend, including all the emotional commitment.
She's a professional.

I wonder what she wanted from Aleister. Being the only unharmed agent in the battle royale has to mean something.

She was actually trying to use IB, to restore her OWN world, regardless of Touma existing or not.
That subconscious desire is actually a form of plot armor for Touma, so Kamachi can have justification for what happened in the novel and not make it look like it's too extremely weird for her actions in it.

And plot armor is not a bad thing itself, it's how it's used, only ignorant retards will say it's a bad thing as a whole. IMO it was used perfectly in this Volume by Kamachi(yeah I loved that part).

The surviving part your saying is not my gripe, I'm saying is that toumafags ignore the help Touma gotten to go through such shit. Well that applies to many series anyways, love the series, hate the dumb fanbase.

Touma only received outside help once throughout billions of iterations, some of which lasted an entire lifetime.

She can't brainwash him as IB would negate it sooner or later (sooner rather than later in the case of Misaki). Touma has to safely die and willingly give up IB to Othinus herself, or live and cooperate with her goals willingly in order for IB to be of any use to her.

>without serious repercussion
He was already broken. He literally eats suffering for breakfast. Plus he purged the biggest chunk from his memory as he was making the multi-loop speech.

The thing is, besides the Othinus arc, Touma doesn't actually just charge in. He actually plans his moves out. He mitigates the danger to himself as much as possible before going in wirh IB. And in most cases, he's actually with someone to partner up with him. Yes, there are cases where he seemingly avoids death thru sheer luck, but that is only after he and his allies had done everything they possibly can with their powers first. I can forgive some plot armor because at that point, there's really nothing much left he can do beyond more author fiat.

I bet she actually controlled Kakine from the start.

I'm an Indexfag, but I barely follow the series anymore and only check threads maybe once every few months. Kamachi gives me few reasons to follow the LNs anymore with the treatment of Index, Itsuwa, and Kanzaki, and the threads are generally hostile to Index.

>Fate versus Index bullshit right off the bat

Jesus christ OP, you fucking faggot


Itsuwa and Kanzaki don't have a very large role in the overall plot though.

They at least had token appearances in late OT, it's actually somewhat jarring how they just outright vanish if you reread late OT and then NT. Actually, even Misaka's token appearances have gotten removed in volumes she doesn't do anything in.

It's the same deal for Etzali, Awaki, GiTD, etc. You're going to get shiny new characters and you're going to like it.

Well, at least his other series can each scratch a different itch individually in the meantime. Still waiting on that 0-X office spinoff though.

Touma childhood SS when?

Alrighty then
Stay classy, buttmad user

One and a half month left until Mie's revolution.

>and you're going to like it

No, I'm not. And looking at latest sales most people are tired of this shit too.

At this point I care about HO more than Index.

If by latest sales, you mean still way above average and extremely profitable. Yeah user, people are really trying their best to not make it bestseller.

Don't bother, he'll spend 50 posts with misguided rants about sales again.

I think he just meant a lot of people dropped the series in Japan, I'll admit I'm not as hyped for new volumes as I used to be.

It's 40 volumes in. Any series that had manage to reached this point without any more anime adaptation is bound to lose readership.

Mikoto and Touma will have a tender moment on Christmas, and there's nothing anyone can do about it

Even then though, the dropoff has been rather steep in NT. There just hasn't really been anything that lives up to the standard on late OT so far except for maybe NT9. Not as bad as early OT, but not the best of the series either.

>Touma and his right hand will have a tender moment on Christmas, and there's nothing anyone can do about it

user, sales dropped from almost 300k for early NT volumes to less than 100k for the last one.

There was still a railgun anime adaptation during the late-OT/early-NT period. Since then, there hasn't been any anime adaptation. Of course there's a drop-off. How can it not?

Early NT volumes were released while the anime was still airing/just finished airing.

There was a railgun adaptation at early NT period. Again, there hasn't been an anime since then. And it's still selling around 100k. Are you unaware just how much of a success 100k for LNs is?

Railgun S was during early NT, didn't the big dropoff happen at NT3? I don't remember the exact dates so I could be wrong, but I do clearly remember that NT started in late 2011, so Railgun S had to have been during NT.

Many series sell consistently despite not getting anime for years.

NT lost 2/3 readers.

Railgun S started at 04/12/2013 and ended at 09/12/2013.
NT 6 was released at 01/10/2013, NT 7 at 05/10/2013, NT 8 at 09/10/2013

I really do want one. I just want to verify what exactly the deal that he and IB or possibly IT worked out before he left for Academy City. That is if High Priest wasn't just spouting shit.

You might as well post some of them as examples. I mean, they are consistently selling at 100k per volume, right?

Name one above Index.

>it's a sales auism episode

You are forgetting the movie. And Railgun is a different series even if it's a spin-off.

The fact remains that sales dropped. Hard.

There are novels that had no anime in a decade yet still sell good.

And how would anime even improve sales when it would adapt novels from like 2009?

>There are novels that had no anime in a decade yet still sell good.
Name them then. And they better be selling at 100k copies per volume.

You try to shill your opinion as hard as you can in basically every thread. Fuck off. The sales dropped around NT9, which was one of the best volumes. Quality has no impact on the sales when its this old. We get it, you like all-girls series and HO and you're using an ancient series' inevitably declining sales to shitpost.

Not that user, but don't drag HO into this. Most of the HO LN fanbase are made up from people that read Index LN. He's just trying to stir shit up by dragging HO into his bait.


Index had a movie in 2013. SAO, NGNL or Mahouka had anime in 2014. What a difference. Shit, there are series that don't even have anime on the list.

Why is it so hard to accept that NT sales are nosediving? It's doing 1/3 of what early NT volumes did. And half of what vol12 sold.

It's a big and fast drop.

I don't get why people sperg so hard over something so stupid
Why can't we just talk about the series without it devolving into shitflinging between turboautists?

>implying the movie even did anything to the sales
Who is not accepting that NT is declining? You're trying to force your meme that the quality has any impact on it. If quality impacted sales, SAO and Mahouka would've been cancelled by now.

Because there is literally nothing to talk about. After new volume comes out all discussion dies out in a week or two.


Why won't you guys apply the same logic to Railgun? Railgun had anime in 2013. Manga sales are stable. They are not nosediving despite no anime for 3 years.

Because it's a manga silly user. Also hey, its best dragon loli

>Every series above Index in the sales by volumes have had an anime more recent than Index
Great point you have there, user

Because it's a manga. Manga are a vastly different medium than LN.

And manga magically don't lose readers because of no anime? What?

The funny thing is I bet that most of those people buying Railgun now were also buying Index in the past. But they stopped buying one of them yet not the other.

Give it a rest

And you can bet your ass quality wasn't the reason since fuck all happened in Railgun in the past 2 years.

Not the sales shitter, but to me, it's less to do with anime or it's format so much as that NT feels a lot different than OT. Even the shitty volumes of OT at least felt like they were leading to something, but NT just hasn't had that feeling after NT10. That complaint can be retroactively addressed if the volumes so far do lead to something, but until then it just doesn't really give me much reason to get hyped. Railgun really hasn't changed much, so it doesn't suffer from that problem even if I haven't actually really kept up with it at all since Nuit.

Railgun has been all over the place since the Daihaseisai ended. I suppose if the pieces actually come together and they follow through with the sniper-chan/saten thing it won't be as bad.

Fuck off

It might, Railgun always felt directionless to me until things came together after a few years of chapters so I usually read it in bursts.

I actually like how its different from OT. As much as I love OT14-22 it was written very "normally" with the exception of OT15. Kamachi has had some weird ass shit in NT and I like that. And we all know he'll find a way to make NT's endgame hype. If he doesn't then I'll eat my words.

One Piece manga sales actually increased during the Fishman Island arc, which is widely regarded as one of the weakest arcs ever. So clearly quality != sales here.


Styilfag killed himself after this was posted in the previous thread leaving only his faker alive.

I mean, I sort of agree with you since I like the individual novels, but I don't know, it's sort of hard to really explain. I did find it rather amusing that I was thinking around NT13 or so that the god thing might have worked better as it's own story rather than starting so late into a series then a few months later started reading Blood Sign. I guess maybe it's just that Kamachi doesn't seem to go full crazy in NT as often as he used to, or maybe just not as much as I'd like. NT4 and 7 were great for that, but other times he feels more restrained, or something. It's all just feeling rather than logic so it might just be me a bit too.

Guin Saga.

Daihaiseisai was also all over the place until finale happened.

That shit reached 40 volumes in the 80s, at that point you either only go up or stop going.

Index is probably restricted due to how popular it is than his other stuff. Kamachi really has evolved as a writer though. I mean, just look at how drastically different NT3, 4 and 5 were. That unorthodox style and unpredictability is what makes his works so damn fun for me to read.

Wrong cat.

Some of Chloe's forehead is pink there. Sasuga SL.

user, volume 138 sold around 5k copies.

NT went to absolute shit after Othinus arc. That entire thing with the world ending and going black should be left for the ultimate finale of the series.

Everything after Othinus feels like series was already dead but somebody raised it as a zombie. Even Crowley is a joke now.

Do you think he read it before throwing himself off of the london bridge or was the title enough?

No response to the rest of your post, but a flag was already raised about Crowley after NT2's ending.

Aleister has been steadily falling apart since Battle Royale.

He definitely got better as a writer. Which is what makes recent NT being bad even more strange.

I would say sales are still good.

Yeah this. OT worked as stand alone volumes because those volumes played a connection in the late game.

NT just throws things to the wall to see what sticks and them uses them in the most dull possible, point in case Yuitsu's using Jobbing Matter and the St. Shitposter which comes form the weakest volume from NT so far.

I agree that Kamachi has improved as writer. HO and Zashiki are reflection of this.

However, why then NT fails to show that? It's like he wasn't writing NT anymore.

Index LN always had its ups and downs. However, it just seems to be of a lower quality because of the sheer amount of releases. Normally, we have a few months to digest the previous chapters, to let it fade before moving on to the next volume. Now we're getting a ridiculous amount of stuff written all at once. The thing is, Dengeki usually hold stuff back, even outright refusing to accept his work if its too much, to sparse out the releases. This sudden onrush makes me wonder if they're planning something with him or something.


But jokes aside, what is this about?
Is it really true it's about Index and Touma going out in a date?

NT12 was actually one of the ones I liked the most after NT10. It had Item actually be relevant, Hamazura was the bro Touma needed, and St. Shitposter was just a fun villain even if worthless in the overall plot. Granted, NT11 was equally as worthless outside of the epilogue so two volumes in a row of that made both of them get seen in a worse light due to two fillers in a row.

We talk a lot about how NT has been shitting on Touma non stop compared to OT, but Aleister really is suffering of the same thing.
He went from seemingly unbeatable in OT to watching his plans crumble around him at escape velocities and only being able to damage control it to a point where Laura doesn't laugh at him too much.

It's not that NT is bad, it's just that we're just getting a lot of it at once. Any series, no matter how good, gets stale going at the blistering pace of release Kamachi is doing. The supernatural is now starting to look mundane. You can only read it so much in so little time before it gets stale.

Hamazura and Shitposter weren't enough to save it against the Shinka Wanking and Touma being retarded both literally killed the overall mood.

Can't really blame it on the amount of work. Recent HO volumes were great. He also puts more research and effort into tech in HO than he ever did in Index.

NT feels like the usual case when publisher and editors force the author to keep going while he would rather end the series.

OT was compared to Oda's One Piece.

NT now is compared to Kubo's Bleach.

Hold me guys. What went wrong?

Both are shit though

Through the first 16 volumes NT has been better and anyone who argues this is a fucking idiot.

One Piece is suffering from the same syndrome.

HO isn't being released at a near monthly pace here. It's getting released way too fast. Granted, I do think his other work are starting to rob some of the magic of Index since HO is leeching away his tech ideas, Blood-Sign is using magic stuff while Boo-boo is taking his kung-fu stuff. Dengeki really need to sparse all of his releases instead of this monthly schedule.

Keep telling yourself that denial blind-kun.

was it the last raildex thread? I wanna read what the anons were saying also did Styilfag sperg out like a idiot?

Didn't Kamachi say that he has Mariydi volumes ready but isn't sure how to release them?

I don't think they are forcing him to release a ton of work. He wants to do a lot of stuff but is simply bored of Index.


>Battle Royale

>worse than NT

Oniisama is able to one shot the whole Raildex universe.


And the White Queen can one shot Onii-sama, your point?

HO probably isn't the best example for that, Kamachi outright stated he writes it without a plot a mind and it's almost entirely episodic anyway, so he can just do whatever he wants with it.

>guy who can't even destroy a continent with one hit

I wouldn't be so sure about that. I would agree if it were anyone else, but we're talking about Onii "Japanese thermonuclear batman trained by ancient bald ninjas"-sama here.

>through the first 16 volumes
>implying Awaki and Vento are even remotely memorable
NT1 > OT1
NT2 > OT2
NT 3 < OT3
NT 4 >OT4
NT5 > OT5
NT6 > OT6
NT7 > OT7
NT8 > OT8
NT9 > OT9
NT10 > OT10
NT11 > OT11
NT12 > OT12
NT13 < OT13
NT14 < OT14
NT15 < OT15
NT16 < OT16

All that remains to be seen is how NT continues from here.

What about Ani "Japanese magical batman loved by Great Old Ones" ue?

Recent NT volumes feel like filler. He could do anything with them too. I think he simply went too far with the setting and it's hard to write anything interesting in that world now. After Otinus and Magic Gods nothing feels important.

So even you admit that recent volumes were shit.


did Styilfag translated it?

The elements and heatwave shit was boring and really lame. Kamachi needs to go back to crazy shenanigans like the hero experiment.

I personally like NT13 and 16 but OT was simply amazing at that point. You faggots have been spoiled by Kamachi's incredibly over the top arc climaxes.

Please feel free to try and correct me user. I'll slowly break down exactly why you're wrong.

He confirmed it was a date and then died.

>guaranteed replies

There's nothing wrong with that post.

Thanks for the (You)'s I guess. Wasn't expecting to get reverse shitposted today.

are you trying to make me cry you fucker

>this mad
Have a (You) and go somewhere you can circlejerk

Never thought I'd get to use this pic one day.

reminder that NT4 and NT7 were great

It hurts when Kamachi says on the afterwords if NT16 did beat OT16. The answer is hell no Kamachi. Get your shit together already.

I interpreted as him talking about any part of the series since then.

>Telekinesis is the usually the most covenant and most powerful ability in most science setting
>Index doesn't have any notable ability user with telekinesis

Explain this.

>Shit ton of pointless new characters.
>making Touma go full retard and lie time after time Touma definitely will go back to be the good old Touma
>waste the already good character that could be used
>Tsuchimikado still missing
>Mikoto pseudo character is slow as HxH author releasing a new chapter
>plot is going nowhere since NT10
>Magic Gods bait and switch
>Yuitsu being a shit antagonist


Didn't goggles have that? At least he saved Rakko before he ate shit.

>Magic Gods bait and switch
This was a good decision. High Priest was fun but they would've been Vento-tier antagonists. Yuiitsu is refreshing because she's one bitch who just won't give up.

>who is Accelerator

nigga overcame angra will pure willpower yo

How would Touma react to Emiya?
Would he think that Shirou is too crazy when it comes to heroics?

Don't know but I'm sure Shirou will tell him to fuck off if he gets in the way or beat his ass and walk away like Aqua did without giving a fuck about his speeches.

They'd probably just go hang out and get some drinks together.

He'd punch Shirou in the face and tell him to not do that shit, then do whatever Shirou was doing for him.

>you're sacrificing yourself too much!
>don't you realize that boy with blue hair and glasses is worrying about you?!
>you're not living your life correctly!

>Then proceeds to sacrifice himself for them both and later for Kotomine himself

Kotomine and Yuiitsu would be an interesting interaction for sure. Also, Gilgamesh and Aleister/Aiwass.

I honestly think that Touma does all this insane shit that should kill him over and over again because he subconsciously knows IB won't let him die.

>ywn see Touma and Shirou fighting each other in other to stop the other from sacrificing themselves for the other.

The Magic Gods proved one thing, Mikoto a shit. She causes High Priest's unnecessary death.

Kamisato > Accelerator >= Touma > Shiage

Just saying.

>Kamisato > anything
Stop shitposting and go to bed Ellen.

Claire please go

Let's see how good Kamisoto is once Touma steals his entire harem away.

>implying Kamisato would give a fuck about it

>steals his entire harem away
Touma isn't that good. Kamachi would never allow that to begin with. It'd undermine everything the girls in Kamisato's faction have done.

Kamisato is the dark hero we needed, but don't deserve. Really, Toumafags should be thanking Kamisato for getting Touma out of a slump (no thanks to Othinus) and kicking him into gonna break the whole world's illusion.

He would once he found out the girls didn't stay for him because he is such a nice guy.

I honestly don't care for the harem, but I would like Salome to be taken away because it would be a shame to see her go once Kamisoto becomes irrelevant.

He still wants to be normal so no.

>the worst character in the entirety of NT
>better than anyone


He would be normal, but he would be extremely butthurt that none of the girls actually liked him.

No, he is like Touma, he would be more invested on a shitty user love letter.

I still like Accelerator more, but current Kamisato is definitely more interesting and driven than Touma. The next volume will probably change that, though

Except he wouldn't get any, because none of the girls actually like him.

>translations never
Someone call Js06 or did he kill himself like Styl?

Both are the same, nobody will give them a love letter but they would rather think it might because they delude themselves to think they're normal.

She looks like a big stick.

Salome is great, but she should be with her goddamn stupid Onii-chan. I highly doubt that will happen, anyways. As of now, Kamisato is set to stick around. Touma wouldn't be trying to get him back if Kamachi wanted his story to be over. Chances are Kamisato will be the 4th protagonist and once the arc story moves back to focus on whatever Laura is planning, Kamisato will surely play a large role again since he is one of Laura's piece.

But Kamisoto doesn't have a Seria to pull such stunts for him. He's going to be all alone and wonder for the rest of this life if he would have been happier living in a lie of a false harem.

That's Salome.

Kamisoto is a horrible onii-chan. He locks her away and doesn't pay any attention to her. Did he pat her head even once like a good onii-chan would do?

Everyone is rather optimistic about Kamisato returning. I don't think he'll come back for a long while and I really doubt he'll be important enough to be considered a protagonist.

Salome is gone, along with the rest of the harem. It's all a lie.

I'm more pesimistic about Touma actually doing something not named
>muh normal school life
>muh status quo
>muh normal student you can find anywhere

>locks her away
To be fair, Kamisato didn't have much of a choice. She was out of control.
>pat he head
Don't recall off the top of my head, but I'm sure he has before. Plus, he was the only one who stood by her side when she was getting ostracized as a murderer before he got WR.

We'll have to see if he will be one or not after his character arc like it did for Accelerator and Shiage. That aside, I don't think Kamachi plans to stretch the next arc to a long length, so I think the whole thing with Kamisato shouldn't take long.

Well, the thing is, as of NT, none of that is true anymore. His school was destroyed, the status quo is slowly moving away and he is no longer a normal student that he can find anywhere since he didn't stop Kamisoto from sacrificing himself like any normal high school student would do.

Mitsuari is worse

>feel like filler
Maybe if you don't like Kamisato or didn't understand what purpose magic gods served. The only volume in NT the term "filler" can be applied to is NT 11.

Except his plans are going exactly on point. They're going too well, in fact.

If only some seemingly normal and irrelevant girl could step up and push him off the rails.

Accelerator has telekinesis' second cousin. Vectors is just inferior to telekinesis.

She would really be jumping the gun then

The vectors are just a visualization of his power (the way his Personal Reality works). What he actually controls are forces.

Don't wank. Accelerator's power may be divine in some way that fucks with physics when shit hits the fan, but for the vast majority of the time everything he does is explained with vector manipulation.

Animeonly here, what the fuck was up with Accelerator's black tornado wings at the end of the anime?

Time to pick up the LN.

which thread was it I wanna read it

Any normal high school student would have been presenting Kamisato's hand to him using a pair of tongs. But yeah, in regard to Touma's definition of normal high school boy, NT has just been 16 novels of the world telling Touma "just give up man."

There is no wanking there. "Accelerator" literally comes from "particle accelerator". Read vol 22.

At this point, if this is all just an allegory to Jesus and the way he was bullied in NT as well, I'm just going to yell at Kamachi to leave Touma alone.

That doesn't bring up anything new. Vector manipulation encompasses anything that have direction and magnitude and all forms of energy falls under that, so forces are something he can already use redirection on. But he can't manipulate forces with precision or in creative ways to someone who have absolute manipulation over a specific force.

What went wrong?

He forgot he wasn't Mikoto.

He never apologized to Uiharu so he got fucked up. He also never took what the girl in the dress said about Takitsubo seriously.

If High Priest actually killed Mikoto or at least injured her badly he may have gotten his punch with a few in dragons in between

>But he can't manipulate forces with precision or in creative ways to someone who have absolute manipulation over a specific force.
He can if he tries hard enough. The only differences are that he uses a different method to achieve it, and that his maximum range (distance) of absolute control is very low.

Local bully not so though after being ball'd

He has worst luck than even Touma. Has a great power but always manages to eventually lose to someone so much stronger than he is.

He thought the "the one that touched the territory of god" could handle the real thing.

That's true. But see, his method is through physically interacting with different forces to achieve vector control. The degree in which he can exert control over those forces used to achieve what he wants is limited. From that, it's already quite far from telekinesis that can literally act upon any force using one's mind over matter or imaginary in extreme cases by disregarding distance and methods.

It's really odd that High Priest didn't kill her when he had the chance. He even noticed that she was the reason that Touma was so desperate to escape instead of initiating the hot blooded manly fist fight he wanted. So why didn't he just remove the factor that was obviously getting his way? Hell, High Priest should have figured out that he would have been guaranteed a fight to the death or at least close to it if he killed Mikoto.

He was too caught up in the chase. He gets crazy for things he wants. Plus I guess he was humoring her since she thought she had a chance. Compare his can you hold all these buildings thing with Mikoto to him just wiping out Fiamma with not theatrics.

>Fiamma randomly shows up only to get BTFO
That will never not be funny.

>Dammit Fiamma

level 6 mikoto/full nuit will have telekinesis via controlling the very electrons on the atoms.

you heard it here first.

>Has the power to create whatever he wants
>Wastes it on wings and beetles
His lack of imagination

>and the threads are generally hostile to Index
They've been getting better about this recently, I think.

Friendly reminder that literally everything after Fiamma was a mistake, especially magic gods. When Kamachi decided to have powerlevels go higher than him was a horrific blunder that threw out any sense of danger or coherence.

>muh powerlevels
Friendly reminder that this arc's antagonist has gotten her ass beat every volume since she started getting directly involved.

Whether you like it or not, making a villain as retardedly overpowered as Fiamma and then going even higher than that is just silly. I've seen many people complain on Cred Forums about how the strength of the magic gods has made it hard to care about what's going on, and I agree. Thank god Kamisato got rid of them.

If she can really be able to control electrical pulses, she could easily control brain pulses and simply rewrite it.

That might be possible. Might.

If she doesn't becomes a nuke before she reaches level 6

she kinda did something similar in railgun S with using it to move her limbs. and she also managed to connect with harumi after direct shock. it's probably not impossible if we raise her power and skill.

I mean, the misaka network itself shows being able to influence the brain(for accel and the sisters).

im thinking the contact with AAA is to help make it more stable for her.

The strength of the magic gods never mattered since they weren't enemies or allies in the first place, and Aleister could still blow them the fuck out. Anons who misunderstood this are those who think the series is all about powerlevels.


I would protect the misaka clone

Index S3 never

Surprise announcement next week, for sure this time.

It turned the entire setting into some silly parody. Especially the way he got rid of them.

It was a giant mistake. Everything after the retarded golden hands was a mistake.

Yay, Heavy Object S2!


Everyone in top row are best girls

I want another spinoff but this time make it about Yomikawa's anti-skill operations.

Index was never a super serious LN. It has always been a light-hearted action/adventure series. It might delve into darker subjects at time, but it's firmly in the idealistic category.

If only...


>Six trillions of years old
>In a body of 16 year old boy
Why is this allowed?

>Most versions of Shirou would, and did, choose the world over themselves
This is a lie.
Prisma, HF, and Fate Shirou all choose the happiness of their loved ones over the world. UBW probably would too if Rin was ever put in danger.

Mariydi movie! With original plot by Nagai.

>it's a nagai posting episode again

Just done with Index S1.

Wtf I love mikoto now

So he matches up with the six trillions of years old in the body of a 16 year old girl.


>thread has nothing to do with Mikoto other than the fact she's in the same series as Touma and Mikotoshits just have to bring her up

Fuck off


>Raildex threads ever caring about the OP when there's not translations on it

If the OP is ignored we still usually stay on whatever topic that takes off. Unless of course someone shits up the thread

Why does Mikoto swimsuit bothers me more than anyone else?

He was also dead the entire game (flashbacks don't count).

That russian loli looks cute, when does she appear again

>Not BooBoo to go with the Isekai wave

There's not going to be any anime announcements you dumbasses. I'll be shocked and completely surprised if anything Kamachi related has any announcements this year

There will be Season 3, I came from the future, year 2025

Nagai is the main reason why Raildex became super popular.

S1 of Railgun made the entire franchise explode.


>Not making Railgun S3 before Index 3 with LAC and the mall demonstration to hype us for England and Battle Royale

If anything Railgun SS stories are the most likely candidate for anime now. Followed by HO vol.5 as an OVA or movie.

Would Shopping Mall Demonstration become any more coherent if we saw it animated?

What was Uiharu's reaction to meeting Last Order during OT15?

Probably, specially the magic snake part

Shopping Mall Demonstration and Liberal Arts City both have Misaka taking on magicians without getting instantly BTFO. I think that'll excuse any incoherence in the stories.


She didn't recognize her as being a mini Mikoto.

They skipped them timewise.


If Touma is Jesus who's his Judas?

Tsuchimikadouche Motofaggot

he's ded

NT9 does re:zero better than re:zero and in only a single volume

tell me I'm wrong.

Don't try to start this shit here.

>touma had around 20+ volumes to get hardened enough to all the shit happening
>subaru didnt even have prior experiences


>the only late OT character getting any love from Kamachi is the one that came straight out of HO
Why am I not surprised

>Subaru learns from his mistakes the hard way and gets better
>Touma goes "lol no, muh normal life" and proceeds to fall on a nearby pit

He's forced into retardation for a few deaths each arc.

Why did Misaka have to stop Accelerator Cred Forums?
He felt the embrace of discovery and was ready to unleash a surge of new innovations the likes of which would change the world forever. Then Misaka fucked everything up and ruined his progress.

I was hyped for him to dying up until this scene where I wanted him to win more than anything else.

more like blame that scientist for shooting him in the head. if that didnt happen, accel might have eventually pulled it off in some way in another fight he'd get into.

S3 when

next week

There's going to be a Kamachi shorts special s series with LAC, Mall Demonstration, Simple Series, Waltraute, and the crossovers. At the end, they'll make the big announcement for an anime original series written and directed by Nagai.

Gensei pls

We don't even know if Level 6 is in truth anything more than a theoretical exercise.

Both are irredeemably retarded shit.

What's the point of even following this series anymore when the greatest most exciting thing that could have happened is already ruined?

I'm so excited for the possibility and at the time time more disappointed than ever before at the fact that it has already been prevented from ever happening.

In a world where there are magical gods why can't someone reverse time and kill Misaka before she could interfere?

Because Our Queen finds your anguish amusing.

>greatest most exciting thing that could have happened
Saten piloting the mech was more exciting.

>What's the point of even following this series anymore when the greatest most exciting thing that could have happened is already ruined?
I know, Hamazura should have been the one piloting the AAA

Once he reached that new horizon where he opened his mind up to all of the possibilities before him he would have had the power of a god.

Control electromagnetic radiation to make himself completely undetectable. Control gravitational waves give himself the power of flight. Control the very movement of the planet itself.

>Control the very movement of the planet itself.
he did that but it was retconned

That's about angel tier honestly. They can treat the solar system like a giant billiard table if they felt like it.

Not after Arc 3 anymore, he got gud.
Now he is as strong as a trained soldier(Knight) that plays dirty.

Not so tough after ground dragon eats him.


All jokes aside, it's not so much a date as Index insisting that it is and Touma waffling about the implications of considering their outing as one.

>Mahaya isn't drawing fanarts anymore
>Now is publishing hentai manga in Comic ExE 3&4

So, it's a date after all and Touma being Touma.

It's the best we gonna get from Kamachi. If there's a sex scene we'll probably have the girl panting and moaning while Touma refers to himself in third person and spouts strange scientific analogies as the dick slides in.
>2 years of fukou da made a glopping sound

Even Hamazura is barely getting any action and he has an actual girlfriend, we'd only see sex in some bizarro world.

Why is she wearing a vaginal plug?

It's not a plug, it's an easy access port.

She's a pilot. It's probably a device to gather urine. Can't wear a diaper under a tight bodysuit.

So anyways, is it just me or Legitimacy Kingdom is the worst faction in HO?

So far every arc that focused on them showed that they are a bunch of crazy evil assholes.

And their objects are pretty crap.

Pic unrelated right? Azureyfear did nothing wrong.
>inb4 IA shill tries to convince us that NSA: the nation is the best

I don't read HO, is pic related one of them? She's hot

Item whores are cockblocking cunts.

Heivia's sister.

But the worst faction is the Faith Organization.

>Azureyfear did nothing wrong

Started a drug war. Killed 8 cute girls. Exploded half of the fleet killing a bunch of cute girls again. Killed a heroics Elite pilot. Everything for a retarded plan to make her dumb brother look good.

She looks great, but she's a whore that deserves faceless men gangbangs for the rest of her life.

And her arc showed how retarded LK ruling caste really is. IA played them like babies.

>faction with two best girls

Wait, how do you know that? Can you please translate it for us?

She's hot so none of that matters, it can be excused.

Robutt is always the best.

Quenser please, the bro code doesn't allow fucking your buddy's little sister.

>Mahaya isn't drawing fanarts anymore
But he is.

Killing other cute girls can not be excused.

It certainly can

How did Kakine beat Mugino in OT15?

He probably just knocked her around with the dark matter. He took little Saiai more seriously than Mugino since the former couldn't even get up while the latter was still running around as if nothing happened.

Fuck you. This dumb slut is also shit and her NT moments only cemented that.

She was pretty cool in NT6 my man. No one misses Frenda anyways.

Official Raildex best girl ranking.



Last Order





Did this garbage list actually get shittier? I don't recall Saiai being that low.

Surprising we don't have an official bro ranking yet

A bro is a bro, no need for rankings. Kamisato a shit for throwing away his chance.

You've been missing for a while, user. How are we supposed to get bingo like this?

There is a bro ranking in the archive, along with an HO girl ranking.

Quenser = Hevia = Nyarlathotep >>>>>>>> Index bros

Are you dense? Accel was planning to obliterate Academy City and everyone in it. The story would have ended then and there if Misaka didn't take action. Why do you think she so abruptly dropped her plan to suicide herself to save the clones? Everyone was going to die anyway.

>Implying Tsuchimikado isn't great



Once Shounen Sunday goes under and Dagashi Kashi is forced to end he'll come back from his vacation and be relevant again.

When was the last time any of the Index fags were actually acting like bros? Maybe Shiage counts but that's it.


Fukiyose was a total bro last volume

Can't wait for NT17 to be mostly school shenanigans with a half-hearted fight in the last chapter and the only relevant event taking place in the epilogue.

With all the Kamisatos, Yuiitsus, and other horrid, dangerous bitches currently overwhelming Touma's world, he's really in dire need of bros. Hopefully Fran can deliver.

>Drags him out of Death-chan's bedroom before she can cuddle him and brings him back to his life of suffering
She's a bro at heart though since she doesn't know the shit he has to deal with.

I wonder what school is he going to destroy next

I know I mock Nagaispace everytime it comes up, but I really wouldn't mind it if the next volume was the combined might of Touma's school and the school they're rooming with fighting off Kamisato's sluts while Touma is dying again. Of course, it would have to involve copious amounts of mcgyvering like it's a HO volume.

Unless Mie gets shiageluck multiplied by 100 I don't know how the students stand a chance against 100 coordinated magicians, espers, and other shit.

It is sad how many people hate on her (or at least used to) for how she treats Touma, but her actions are her legitimately attempting to help what she thinks is her lazy and underachieving classmate to shape up. I wonder how she would react if she knew that he's fighting for his life at least 3 times a week and school is actually his down time. Even Misaka thought Touma's "greatest battle" or whatever she called it was with freaking Accelerator until OT16. It really goes to show that very few people really know anything about the guy.

They would hand Touma to them in a heartbeat
Aogami was right, deep down they are all a bunch of assholes

I just believe in the power of bros. That, and it would be a glorious return to the times of truly absurd, fun bullshit. Maybe have somebody with power could actually try to help the poor guy out for a change.

unless aogami really is the 6th lvl 5 and he just downs kamisato's harem, along with tsuchimikado who finally comes back. we could also add in some characters who just happened to visit touma during that time or were trying to apply there, like mikoto and misaki.

Normal highschool boys > army of bitches

It's been more than a month and not even raildex related

>Mikoto below Memea
>Index that low
I want Plebbit to leave

He hasn't done anything bro tier since OT, Aihana took that place.

We don't know who Aihana is. Stop implying we do. Yes it's possible we've met him already but it's just as likely we don't know

We have met him, in NT 12

It could be a trick.

Can TouMAN kill servants?

We see him on every novel as of late.

Not even a flesh wound.

On what archive are you now goys?

Desuarchive, the thread with the final NT16 update

There is another?

Any updates on Accel yet? Last I remember the sister was turning into a tentacle monster.

Mugino was a crazy bitch but fun preNT.
Yuitsu is crazy but nowhere as fun as Mugino was.

More like a tentacle cutie.

Yuiitsu hasn't threatened to burn off anyone's vagina while going on a sexually frustrated rant, so that's probably why.

Wouldn't the non living ones just explode on contact with his hand? It would just be a game of first one to get tagged dies.

Hishigata please go you're dead

I can't go anywhere if I am dead.

Siscon heaven, Tsuchimikado is waiting.

She doesn't have Noukan's charisma nor cool.
She isn't even meme worthy.

Y-you mean Maika Tsuchimikado, r-right?

Tsuchimikado is kawaii.


Not soon enough.

is this series dead? like we wont get any more animes?

The Index LN is still selling well so it's unlikely. Railgun could probably get another season now but they said it would only come after a "plausible" Index season 3, so that's even more unlikely.

At least one more.

No and they will rekt him
Even a normal magician can beat him. Hopefully Touma dies next volume. A pile of ash is what he'll be. Guarantee

Stop shitposting Stiyl.

Isn't that what this thread is for?

I wonder who's behind this post.

Your taste gets worse and worse every time you update your ranking. Your insecurity that compels you to post it for no reason also suffers from increasing agitation.







That's nothing to be proud of.


The world is a stage, Kamijou Touma and I will defeat you for everyone to see!

*ding dong*

Hi Mister Kamijou, we're home! Thanks for babysitting our waif- I mean daughteru



shit ranking

That still remains a stupid way to wear jeans.

She's gonna lick you and tan your backside

You better start praying Kamijou...Kanzaki will be here soon and you'll be sorry


Is that a promise?








>Coming this fall... the long awaited spinoff of the enchanting series that began it all! A must-see for all Index fans!

>A Certain Magical Stiyl Magnus
>"Even if you were to forget everything, I will never forget a single thing. I will live for you, and die for you."


I want Frenda to spit in my mouth.


You'll have to ask Rakko-chan and hope she hasn't defiled Fre too much.


Implying I don't like them unpure, Mr. Trips.



rip Styil

Come on Kanzaki we have another mission

The faker is all we have left. Maybe he'll rise from the grave if he gets a surprise appearance next volume

Do you know why my name is Stiyl, girls? It's because I have STYLE


except Index' virginity of course

Why doesn't Touma just teaches Index how to cook?

Better back the fuck up, secondaries... me and Kanzaki run this joint

Her perfect memory already proved useful for construction purposes so it's a great idea, unfortunately you're asking too much from the guy that told Yuiitsu how to use WR and only just learned that he could get others to do roll call for him

Pretty sure he tried. She somehow breaks all of his shit.