Flip Flappers / Sakuga Thread (作スレ)



Storyboard : Oshiyama
Direction : Oshiyama, ???, Ikehata Hiroshi
KA : Oshiyama Kiyotaka, Kitada Katsuhiko, Yoshida Kenichi, Toshiyuki Inoue, Enokido Shun, Sada Toshi, Go Hakuyu, Miki Tatsuya (eps 3) , Kojima Takashi, ....

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No credits for episode 4 btw.

1話 :

Wasn't there a screening in Akiba today?

This is from sakugafag who went to screening in Shinjuku (not Akiba).


Do we have a list of animation directors for the respective episodes?

>good animation team
>mahou shoujo shit
For what purpose?


Better than wasting themselves on fujovomit like Mob or Yuri on Ice.

>Toshiyuki Inoue key animation
Will Takeshi Honda and Hiroyuki Okiura join in somewhere down the line?

Kill yourself.

Still looking for it. Kojima sakkan for first episode

作監 小島祟史(1話?)ほか2人

It seems for the episode 2 & 3 there are two sakkan.

Man, that Bonerlicker liborek is so scared of this show dethroning his precious Mob.

After you.

might be possible, but I don't think he will. Inoue has better relationship with Oshiyama because they worked on Dennou Coil, while Honda left it halfway (clashed with Iso).

Multiple ADs this early? There's no way Flip Flappers can compete with Mob Psycho's consistency in the long-run.

liborek is going to write review for flip flappers on sakugablog though. He's excited for this.

That looks damn impressive, i thought Mob would be the only contender but this is amazing.

Honda won't be in this if Iso is involved, lmao. He hates him.

What exactly happened between Iso and Honda during Dennou Coil's production?

So what you fags want from this?

Subtext or Text?

Butts and tits.

That shota is cute.


Flip Flappers special

Might this be the best animated show in the last few years?

Not really know the detail, but I heard Honda left before the anime airing despite being credited as Animation Character Design (that's explain why he only worked on some episodes).

Kraker's answer might explain it better than me:

Probably that's one of reason why Iso doesn't get any new project (because he demands a lot).

Full on unabashed lesbian romance

Big bold capital letters yuri

From non sakuga fans :





tl;dr : they're thinking too much about the story and get confused.

That's what you got from being plebs. Would be better watching anime for the sake of animation only.

To celebrate the upcoming fiftieth anniversary of mahou shoujo in December. Although, it is airing in October.


Flip Flappers confirmed for flop? There's no way the show will do well if the audience is still confused four episodes in.

Dont quite get the tl;dr, are they saying its outright bad and boring or just confusing for now. Cant decipher those hieroglyphics.

That doesnt mean anything yet though does it? Maybe they are just stupid or the show needs more time to get going. The animation staff looks too impressive to be working on shit.

Do we have any indication on what it's supposed to be about yet? Besides magical girls doing magical things. Hoping for some kinda Dandy-esque episodic storytelling.

Probably same reaction like Conrevo. ADHD problem.

As always, text. Actually have some balls and go through with it for once.

I remember when during the airing of Evangelion, Nips thought the same.

And now look at it.

Same with Madoka in recent memory.

And now look at it.

Flip Flappers will be held in the same standards as those greats.

There's a FliFla thread on 2ch (not sakuga thread).

It's not exactly unusual to have a well-animated show with awful writing.

Nothing yet. Trailers seem to suggest an overarching plot with a big bad and the episodes will probably episodic in nature.

meant for

>Honda couldn't keep up with Iso's standards
>Inoue came on board as a replacement and did just fine
Inoue confirmed for better than Honda

I like the transformation sequence, but there's a yellow line coming out at the 12th second that makes it look like she's shitting out water.

True, but these guys are veterans, cant imagine them working on complete shit in an original work. Maybe they are really only in it for the animation.

For that exact purpose. Have you never watched precure?

Well, they are animators so the story really isn't their concern.

Overarching plot is good, I think. It's a very pretty looking show, I hope it's not wasted like Rolling Girls was.

>Well, they are animators so the story really isn't their concern.

Who is the screenwriter for this anyways?

FliFla is already AOTS in my eyes.

Because once Inoue decided he will do a thing, then he will do it until finished. He said that in interview with Horikawa, he always has a target for each day (how many cuts he will do on that day), and never abandon it however difficult that cut.


>ever letting an animator write
This will not end well.

PV doesn't really look that impressive. Why is Cred Forums circlejerking around this imminent flop?

Show me a better-looking PV for the upcoming season then.


Only sakugafans care for this one. I also dont see Cred Forums giving any fucks about it.

People like to suck yuyucow sakugadick.


All I see are awfully edgy designs, stiff animation, and ugly digital coloring.

barely animated



Are you sure you weren't watching the Flip Flap PV?

Fuck yuyucow, he doesn't deserve to have his name associated with FlippyFloppies.

Ikusei Keikaku

There's something rather appealing about those designs.

It's not about it having better or worse PV than others, it simply looks OK but you are hyping it too much. Some already comparing it to Eva or Madoka.


>barely any followers on twitter
>barely any discussion on 2ch
>preview screening not selling out

Dead on arrival?

That fire at 1:01 is pretty good

Drifter looks fucking terrible

That's just a short promotional anime.

Magical Girl is a genre of many flops but also many miracles.

So? You didn't specify.


Are only liked by hacks

What does it flopping have anything to do with it being good? Especially in an industry where the best selling shows are Moe and idol shows.

>moe and idols
>not the best animated film has to offer

Trigger's "secret awesome director" show is an idol anime directed by Ikuhara or Rie Matsumoto. You read it first here.

>Ikuhara idol anime


>idol anime directed by a washed-up hack
No thanks.

Is this yuri?

Hopefully Ikuhara, Matsumoto sucks.

Matsumoto sucks but I'm 100% in for Ikuhara and idols.

Only baiting.

The only idol anime Trigger is allowed to do is Tokyo 7th Sisters with YoneMai on chara designs.


what does テロ mean ?

Short for テロップ, it refers to on-screen text like the episode credits.


I'm pretty sure he means is that there were three AD's credited together for the three episodes, and then guessing that Kojima did the first one.
There's probably one AD per ep.

Can't wait for it to BTFO Mob shitco 100

Thanks, it's kinda hard to understand what did he mean.


アバン here mean the prologue before the opening right ?


Kenichi Yoshida working on this is a megaton for me.

>Flop Floppers

do you know who is this ? 椅子太 ?


Man I haven't even seen Mob but you're a fuck

Can't you just enjoy people pouring money and effort into the medium instead of having online dick measuring contests about who's got more frames?

Why does it seem like you want Mob to lose to flifla? If you like animation shouldnt you be happy that we get more than one show of that quality no matter who comes out on top?

Mob Psycho will still be the best animated show of the Year. FlipFloppers will be a strong second.

I wonder why there is not hype for this one

>C/u/nt flappers

I think this hakuyu go dude will be quite the legendary KA in a few years. His last cut in MP100 was really impressive.

Those boobs at 0:14 must be occult work.

Regalia > Flip Flappers >>>>>>>>> mob shitco

Because it's A-1 and everyone here has a hate boner for them regardless of who's on staff.

sounds exactly like Rolling Girls ep 1 nip impression then, can't wait for this shit to burn

Because sakubuta are homos that are scared of boobs.

Pretty much this. In before tumblr bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

This smells like some serious shit taste. FlipFloppers and the show i wont even name are not to be uttered in the same breath as Mob Psycho 100 without making it clear Mob is the superior one. You pleb.

The difference is that in FF the protagonists actually fight instead of being deadweight like RG. So both shows like be nothing alike.

And even with its shortcomings RG was still AOTS surpassing the other original garbage overrated by fedora tippers (death parade, yuri kuma)

>best selling shows are Moe

But magical girls are moe

Visually, it looks great, but I can never get hyped about adaptations of a work that's still going and therefore won't reach its conclusion.

I don't plan on reading the light novel either.

Its too extreme, hope she wont appear too often. Could kill the show for me, animation wise it looks really clean almost like the best scenes of Erased but all the time. Gotta look into who is doing this show.

Is this a fucking joke? It doesn't have better animation just because it has 2D mecha. Idiot.

Yuri Kuma was good though. And Death Parade sucked but it was better than Rolling Trash.

Yuri Kuma Arashi and Maria were pretty good. Rolling Girls was terrible after like, episode 2.

Uh oh. Didnt know people unironically hated on A-1 or any studio to be honest.

>>Ikuhara idol anime

I can see him do a Takurazuka idol series. I bet he's been begging to do one for a long time

Maybe he could adapt this?


Tumblr here, Mob is the best show of Year. Fuck off.


>RG was still AOTS
I liked it, but nah, Fafner EXODUS was.

>instead of being deadweight like RG
Wasn't that kind of the point? That wasn't the show's issue in any case. The real problem was too much focus on the mini-arcs instead of the main characters, and the mini-arcs varied in quality too much.

I have 0 expectations for this one apart from looking good. I dont even know anyone who knows anything about the source.

Death parade is a fedora tipper anime? Its the casual one that everyone praised. If anything that Moefest RG, would be one.

Maria was the worst show of the year and also not original

>b-but muh chode gayass director
Still SHIT

Phantom World still has the best animation of the year relative to the staff. Yes Flip Floppers, Mob and Yaoi on Ice look good, but their productions are full of freelancers and outsourcing up their asses. Bones, 3Hz and Mappa in-house staffs would never be able to make something like Phantom alone.

I thought it was okay, and I didn't read closely enough to see you were talking about originals. I didn't even know it was by the Code Geass director, huh, the more you know. 2015 was really bad, I don't know how you could think something like Maria was the worst out of all that shit.

Not the Moe that is loved right now apart from precure. Idol shows and shit like New Game is popular at the moment. FlipFlappers seems more like a early 00s manga adaption with ultra settings. Strong female characters and fiighting turns those otakus off.

Maria was pretty good desu senpai.



>tfw I will never see Yutapon-jerking-off-himself-5 impacts-frames-at-a-time cuts on a KyoAni show

How do you know flip flappers characters are strong? Maybe they're just cookie cutter archetypes.

Phantom World had like 2 impressive animation scenes.

You know it's true that's why you have no argument and resort to reddit reaction images

>Maria was the worst show of the year
I'm going to assume you blocked Comet Lucifer from your mind?


Shinji Hashimoto is pretty okay.

Why would you ever want to see Yutapon on a KyoAni show?

thanks senpai, I'll upvote your post.

Maria tanked because it had no audience. Hated by mangafags, normalfags and otaku so no surprise it became dead on arrival.

The same happened with samurai mememenco.

That would mean every kyoani show is the best anime animation wise every given year. The fuck are you talking about? Their shows look good but PW wasnt anything special. Dont get me started on the plot and writing.

KyoAni have got Kigami, they have no use for a one-note meme animator.

It seems there will be some kind of character development for the quiet one. The red head already looks like the genki op character. Not really attractive to the generic otaku in Taiwan, who wants submissive and emotionally weak characters.

>kigami's cut in violet evergarden CM was the least impressive
Never thought I'd live to see that.

He's just stepping back for the young generation, which is the right thing to do.

How can Euphonium 2 even compete?

Eupho is on a higher plane, no point in comparing it to normal seasonal stuff like this.

Music drama
>Flip Flappers
Action mahou shoujo


Akira Hamaguchi as well

With complex and strong characters, a good plot, and decent quality all around. Kumiko alone has more depth than all flop floppers walking archetypes

sssshhhh don't mention the 2nd KA part.

>subtweeting shitposters on Cred Forums
Absolutely pathetic.

That's surprising. Didn't he get frustrated and leave the industry after Dennou Coil? He wrote and directed that I'm pretty sure.

They don't understand it's all done to get (You)s, nothing more.

Occultic:Nine did pick my interest. The animation looks nice, and mystery-solving stuff is something I haven't seen for some time.

Iso did a lot of uncredited work after Dennou Coil.

the aoyama fujo show also looks good. n-no homo.

Only the first few episodes will look good.

Eupho is trying something different, it will have gorgeous character acting and animation.

Huh. The more you know. Good to see he's heading a project again.

KyoAni will be burnt out from Koe no Katachi's production, don't expect any good animation until the second half of the show.

Don't get too hyped, this is all speculation after all.

Will ISO make Sakuga great again?

He doesnt stroke Bones dick that much, at least i didnt notice since i followed him for Mob psycho news. He just covers their shows most of the time. He is as hyped for Fliflappers or yaoi on ice too. Why do people make up that stuff all the time. Its shows a warped affection you guys have for those guys.

>36 IPs

This thread lures shitposter more than usual. We don't even have more than 10 people who actually discussing sakuga.

They only spent 2 months with knk

>looks terrible
Is like Mob all over again.

Sakuga has been doing fine without Iso.

Hibike was quite reserved in animation already for a KyoAni anyway.

Probably but i dont watch the show only look at the standout scenes. So thats fine by me.


Name five Magical Girl anime from the last 5 years that was not Pretty Cure, Rebellion or Yuuki Yuuna, that were not flops, and were not highly divergent from the genre to the point where people argue if they really are Magical Girl, and where it's not simply girls that know magic, but actually part of the genre.

37 now, we got 1 more shitposter.

>it had no audience.

>Maria herself is a strong female character, in both the "well-written and believable" and "inspiring badass" senses.

Oh it will click on audiences

Who is this Sakuga?

Are you implying Mob Psycho looks bad?

Oh dear, it's the kyoani-vs-shaft shitposting circlejerk all over again coming to ruin a thread and making up some shitty memes just because a kyoani-show was mentioned in the thread.


3 months

At least the threads will be tumblr-free unlike the Mob and Free! on Ice ones

>continues to shitpost himself
Are you even self aware faggot?

Maria wasn't any of that.

ofc fune wo amu, duh

A mistake.

just get out

It has yuri-baiting so t/u/mblr will be there

I heard he makes great animation fully 60 fps. I can't wait for him to show up on Bleach!

Prisma Illya?

They will be too busy with Eupho 2 (actual yuribait trash)

Youtube Sakuga MAD is a mistake. Especially Shimamura

You realize that outside of Precure, Yuuki Yuuna, Rebellion and all the Mecha Musume crap there is very little stuff right? The two gainax ones, genei and time paladin is all I can remember even existing.

Will Yuri on Ice have a lot of pro-Japan propaganda as the Japanese Yuri manages to defeat skaters from different countries due to his superior Japanese genes? I doubt Hiramatsu would have agreed to work on it otherwise.

Are they still trying that shit even after it was confirmed the yuri was non-existent?

Why aren't we giving up on Chinese cartoons. The animation is not what it once was. Western animation is way superior in every field. Even the french topped everything anime have put out in the last few years with wakfu. Its time to stop being in denial.

Shitposters falseflagging as /u/tards will do so for sure.

I'm saying that it doesn't look good, last episode, and episode 8 were the only moments the animation "picked up" but even then it wasn't anything impressive or memorable, in a single word, disappointing. So far from the PV out of FF there's nothing that stand out, though let's see how it goes when the actual show comes up.


Deluded Cred Forums is here.

Anyone going to watch Naruto next week?

so do you mean Yuzuru Hanyu isn't supposed to win because muh guilt ?

He already did in Dimension W.

Japan was dominating the olimpics in some fields quite well. They value body movement a lot, so its not suprising for them to do good in sports. Their youth football team lost against brazil in the finals but were favourites up to that point and coming that far against all of europe is impressive indeed, real life captain tsubasa.

i am

Dimension W was a QUALITY fest though.

Name anything that topped western animation

Tadashi "make the yank walk the plank" Hiramatsu

The fuck? Japans Olympic football team got eliminated early on.

Not him but mob looks horrendous, like a walmart OPM with none of the flair and talent. I feel sorry for Crunchy because they tried to advertise it as the next big hit among normalfags

Look, even a master like Richard Williams admits the superiority of Japanese animation.

Here. It will be movie tier quality on a TV anime

Mark my words.

I hope that Flip Flappers will be full of cute henshin-scenes.

Define western animation. Because in my mind, western animation is shit like my little pony or adventure time

Is this a poor joke? Mob Psycho kicks OPM's ass in animation and visuals.

Vito dindu nuffin

Pardon me. Mob Psycho doesnt look good? What the hell are you smoking, if Mob Psycho doesnt look good then what does? Like name 5 anime in the last 3 years that were better animation wise. You are talking out of your ass here. You can dislike the artstyle and visual direction but dont lie about it.

Do you want me to dump these 3x3s ?

He's too redpilled for sakuga

you guys worse than vito

I think everyone is or at least watching clips of it. I waited 10 for this shit.

Of course.


That was a competition unrelated to the olympics. Also "youth".

Why are most eceleb weebs sjw anyway?

Mob Psycho finale and a special Naruto double episode incoming. Next week will be great for animation fans.

That bait was weak and boring

Who cares? Why do sakuga threads always turn into anitwitter eceleb bullshit?

Then please don't respond to him anymore. Seriously, don't.

Can we expect big things from ufotable too?

Except for Iso's cuts :^]



It might have one or two good cuts, but probably nothing amazing overall.


Bones could announce a second season just like they did with BnH considering that two best arcs are in the second cour.

If by big things you mean after effects up its ass that covers all the subpar 2d character animation, yes

Why does the idea of cute girls animated by talented old men excites me?

Get real, retard.

Cause only educated people care for autistic stuff like sakuga. I mean, i am an Sjw too, to some extent. Liking Anime means liking art that another culture from yours produces, that is already too much for most alt-right fags.

Nice, which twitter eceleb told you that?

I am real, faggot.

I just find it hard to be Cred Forums when Cred Forums calls me a degenerate and wants to censor shit. That kinda distanced me from the right the same way calls for censorship distanced me from the left.

You're not welcome here, faggot.

>Sakuga thread is behind the animators who are good at mechanical things.

What did they mean by this?

I followed Yuta only for his food report.

Neither are you


I just watched a few ufotable shows to figure out their gimmick

Beyond Wander over Yonder and Motorcity, what notable cartoons have been made in Burgerland in the past decade? Not much.

French stuff is good, I'll give you that. But Japan is still by far the biggest producer of animation and as such has the biggest amount of good shows around, even if the good:bad ratio has decreased over time.

But it's true


You gotta admit it's a good gimmick that works for the though. The studio gets a lot of praise for their work so why should they stop? They couldn't care less about sakubuta opinions.

>implying it looks good
See And OPM in general looks better, Boros vs Saitama will live on as a classic, while Mob will only get spammed once in a while in this kind of threads as an "obscure" and "intelligent" anime.

If you're gonna have public opinions you can't be "problematic"

But these do look good you faggot

Thanks for proving that Mob looks better.

Just you wait, there's one more episode of Mob left. Bones is sure to go all-out.

I wasn't aware that Kyoani produced Mob-100 and that Shaft was animating Flip Flappers

who is ponkts ?


>there's one more episode of Mob left.
But why would they end the anime on an omake chapter

I'm just disappointed flifla doesn't look half as imaginative as oshiyamas space dandy ep

Thats like your opinion man. I cant put you down for not liking the artstyle but pls be honest and dont say it looks like shit. The world is not as black and white, you can have amazing animation and still be below OPM. No need to compare them and deem the loser shit. Thats just a petty thing to do and a waste of time.

We actually dont know if that is true anymore. But they need something to fill the episode i guess and an omake is the perfect thing for that.

I dont like ufotables style, never have but they should just do their thing. Maybe they will get it right sometime for me. Same with Kyoani though i like that recent style they had with koe no katachi.

What would they go all out on though in that episode. The chapter is based on dialogue, and the highlight point of it is Reigen telling these people to grow up and change themselves, i'm not really sure what's there to go all-out on.
But the end would be anticlimatic as fuck then.

>awfully edgy designs
tl note: this means "design i don't like but have no actual argument against"

How do I get into sakuga without sucking cocks?

You don't.


Why would they*
fuck i need to sleep

Look at the chapters before 46. What Bones did in that episode was amazing. There were like a few panels of Sakurai vs Teru in the manga and the anime made that one of my favourite fights in the show. Hakuyu go did his thing.
Same with the fight next week. The whole layout, location and background are way different compared to the manga, they have enough source material to put in some amazing sakuga.


Are you serious about that? If so, get into cinematography learn the basics and watch some movies, then come back into animation and use that knowledge to enjoy well crafted animation even more. Of course basic animation knowledge is needed too so try to animate something simple real quick like a bouncing ball with and without squash and stretch for example.

Simplified designs isn't why most cartoons suck, it's because they don't animate well despite generally easier to animate and have bland framing and camera angles.

"Sakuga" as it's known today is pretty much following Twitter / sakugabooru and hyping staff lists. If you want to not suck cocks I'd suggest learning basic film and literary analysis and come up with your own ideas on how animation supports a certain scene.

Symphogear inb4 >hurf durf it's mechamusume - shuddup you iggit it's all the same shit
Jacky Chan

>rich upper-middle calss kids who don't have to work a day in their lives being blue pilled
Who'd you be surprised?

Symphogear was exactly what I was thinking about with divergent from the genre. That, and Kill la Kill.
They are both magical girl in my opinion, but they are very far away from the regular kind.

Get into art or animating instead.


>16 seconds and already better than mob

So this is the power of 3hz.

symphogear is highly divergent, they dont even have stuffed talking animals, it's more like power rangers if anything

>might have called Felix a nigger because I didn't know he was back

Well thats whats most interesting and exciting for people who already got the basics. For example i was hyped as fuck, when i heard Kameda was Character Designer for Mob. Its like being mad that moviefags are hyped for a new christopher nolan film.


why people comparing this with mob?

I'm goong to get meme'd on, but Korra

Arent most of these guy not even from 'murrica? Here in europe even if you are poor you can have a chance at education, so they dont really have to be rich, just college students.

because both are for homosexuals, and both have good animation

mobfag tumblrites think that show has the best sakuga of the year

They aren't bluepilled because of the education.
They're bluepilled because they're out of touch with the reality.

Nothing in that video looks better than Mob.

This guy is probably trying to start fanbase wars.

mob and their fanbase will be long gone and forgotten once Flappers starts, so no.

That's great for you but you still suck cocks.

Korra isn't even animated by westerners

Well animators yea.

To be fair most animation is Korean.

Animator cocks or twitter specialists cocks?

We had the biggest impact due to reigenredraw. The memes will live on.

We need something to shitpost about

No Key animation and even most inbetweens are still done by Japanese studios.

>dat ZAQ
I shitpost regularly about FliFla flopping but damn that song hyped me up. Please don't flop.


Seems fairly imaginative. I like the design.


Still reminds me of Doremi with sakuga up the ass. Which is not a bad thing.

just because fujos latched onto it doesn't make it fujoshit
yuri on ice is explicitly fujoshit because it exists to pander to that market

>High Tier

>Shit Tier
Everyone else

what the fuck is that in the bottom left?

I think it's some French magical girl thingy where they transform into music idol stars.

t. CrackahTwoKey

Nice one Ahmed

Looks like a blatant PPG ripoff

It's actually some show that Lauren Faust was developing with McCracken and kept pitching and pitching to no avail.

> Being this new

GoPri is a meme perpetuated by dumbasses. It has ugly character designs and it looks like ass 80% of the time like every other Toei show.

GJ cherrypicking all the negative comments on Twitter (probably from the same guy). Almost everyone is saying it's better than they expected. Also, yuri love triangle is real.

>Lauren Faust

She needs to gain connections with the Japanese if she wants some of her works to be utilized

YuriFlappers versus Yaoi on Ice
Pick a side.

That's bullshit and you know it

Because it's the twatter retards who make them in the first place so they can feel like anyone gives a shit about them. Notice how every thread is full of samefags and people who directly link Twits and "subtly" talk about themselves and their fuckbuddies as if they are reliable sources of information.

Flip Flappers for colors and animation, Yuri on Ice for story and characters.

But who the fuck cares, just discuss. Everyone is equal here. Only your opinions matter.

Yeah no, fuck off. If you want to suck your buddies' dicks online you can just do it in IRC as usual. Twitter retards are easy to spot because they post as if the thread is their soapbox. Attention whores don't belong on a message board. And kids who have no idea about film and animation and yet think they are knowledgeable because they pirate anime and remember the names of animators are not contributing anything of importance.
The random Japanese like in the title also screams twitter fag compensating for not being able to post on 2ch.

Please kill yourself!

How about you guys discuss the animation and the animator's plus their technique (and perhaps industry-related stuff about sakuga or whatever) instead of shitting upon the twittercirclejerk and adding fuel to the stupid internet drama? Because that's what you are also still doing.

Just go back to twitter you dumb nigger

I dont give a fuck about them and i am quite suprised that you do even though you seem to dislike them by quite a lot. Why bing them up so much, Jealousy or what? Some of you guys sound so bitter. Why do you even care about sakuga threads? Look at all the other bullshit on Cred Forums. You are fucking retarded dude and seem to have issues too.

Maybe if this wasn't a shit thread about unaired anime with only a couple of PVs. There's nothing to talk about.

Sakuga threads are pretty useless in the first place since it's always the same people posting booru links and comments with the depth of "wow looks good". Talking about animation in a vacuum with people who have no knowledge of history or theory of animation is a waste of time. That is, if you are actually interested in meaningful discussion rather than soapboxing.

If someone one day makes a quality animation thread then I will gladly contribute.

The only NEET I'm jealous about is Sysadmin.

You are talking about usefulness on Cred Forums, what the fuck are you on about? You think all the other threads are quality? Fucking losers haha.

Why are you (still) posting on this site?
Leave already.

Just to talk shit about anime from time to time, why are you still here? Seriously discussing your favourite taiwanese show? Thats pathetic if you ask me.

Maria was pretty good. You're just an angry douche.

Maria wasn't a popular show, but it wasn't even actively hated.

It sounds like you're judging the quality of a show based on its popularity or lack thereof.

Based on that knowledge, then Concrete Revolutio would also be "bad" since it sold like nothing too. But that's a dumb way to analyze anime.

Conrevo IS bad


If you watched it you would know

What kind of answer is that?

Dont bother trying to get an honest answer here. Cred Forums is not for disucssing anime anymore, not liking moe shows gets you a >>Cred Forums nowadays. Its shit.

Only hipsters who think loose references to old shit is deep, and twitter retards who think anything is good if it has 30 seconds of good animation per 24 minutes of footage, would think this piece of shit is any good.

>30 seconds of PV when everyone knows that PV =/= the quality of the actual anime past episode 1
>but lets make a Sakuga thread about it anyway
>nobody posts a webm of the PV to discuss besides a transformation sequence that is a ripoff of Sailor Moon (as every show does)
I mean... what is even the point of this thread?

Not a legitimate argument.

Infinitely better than yours

Kill yourself


Not a legitimate argument.

Not a legitimate argument.

Not a legitimate argument.


Stop trying to attack the fanbase, talk about the anime. I cant even follow you. How do you know so much bout the fanbase if you dont give a fuck about them? Cant you see how stupid you appear?

I want this to be great and successful so fucking bad.

That's funny because I hope it fails

f u >:'(

How does this bring joy to your life? Are you happy with life?

Yes I'm happy


OPM has the best animation of all anime.


It's not bad.

Is Wrong.

You fucking got me I have no rebuttal

You spelled Legend of Korra wrong.

it'll be the rolling girls of our generation

Flip Flappers will be my thrid anime i watch, so excited xD. My favourite animes are Naruto and Yu Gi Oh. Lol

These threads are just awful. Is this where Cred Forums's real experts hang out? Apprently not

We're all on Twitter if you want actual discussion.

discussion->meme spouting

Hey link me to a thread you think is worth reading, thx. Fuck off faggot, if you are on Cred Forums for serious discussion. This is just a place to exchange opinions on softporn, nothing more.

Concrete Revolutio all over again.

That's a shame.

But with a better artstyle and animation so its a win.

Is this the first anime where the main protagonist is also a class president?


>flifla channel

A 14 year old girl wearing an outfit like this, how scandalous.

>non-anonymous discussion
sounds like a circeljerk

What exactly is the plot of this anime?

Not the outfit but the shot is. I wonder they made a shot like this.

To give me a stiffy no doubt.

No one knows and after the recent fan reactions to the first 4 episodes, i fear the creators do neither. Its all good though everyone will watch it either for the cute girls or animation anyways.

I hope the fanbase stays small. I want the threads to be comfy.

Is a magical girl show with good writing too much to ask for these days?

The series follows two girls who flip and flap.

It'll attract the worst kind of twitturds, sakugays and yurifags. I doubt any other show next season will be able to top the amount of cancer spawned from this pile of shit.

>magical girl show with good writing
Say no more.

I wouldnt put it on the magical girl genre alone, anime in general these days put more worth on being moe enough than good writing. I mean why not, aint nobody paying your bills for good writing.

Maybe Yamada will do one. She did a magical girl episode in Phantom World.

This sounds really intriguing, i really liked the flap part, cant wait!

Now that I think of it, "good anime" is probably too much to ask for. 2016 is so bad, fuck.

I want her to keep to feature films.

Mahou shoujo film?
Either her or Hosoda. He's experienced with it.

There's too many shows airing in Autumn for that to happen, your hatred for the sakugadorktwittercirclejerk somehow pissing you off notwithstanding.

Only good ones are adaptions of already decent manga. i cant count on originial work. How was 91 days actually stopped watching at ep 3 but not cause it was too bad. Worth picking up again anyone?

Magical girls tend to lend themselves to episodic narratives, but maybe I'm stuck in that way of thinking because that's all I know.

Yuuki Yuuna was AOTS

I dropped it at episode 3 I thought it fucking sucked

Anime is dead, i am wasting more time talking about nonsense on here than watching shit. Its time to quit.

>he didn't watch Re:Zero
Anime is alive and better than ever.

It was a rollercoaster. I remember starting the first episode when it first aired thinking it was just a slice-of-life.

All I remember is liking nothing about it

Not a show but Yoyo to Nene was fantastic.

It wasn't for everyone. I like it but not much was explained in the beginning and it seemed to rely on mahou shoujo gimmicks starting out. I could certainly see characters grating on people.

It did not have good writing though. The characters were so unbelievable, it was completely carried by its plot (which ended up sucking with that ending), animation and music.
It's a nice watch if you can deal with the terrible characters, but nothing special.

I thought it sucked, I dunno

I can't think of anything else that could end up with more obnoxious fans.
Sakutards are even more obnoxious than normal people with bad taste, because you can't criticize what they like in any way, it makes them mad even though they can't deny any of it. Just like Mob this season. They are drawn to flashy turds with no substance like flies to honey. They also never shut the fuck up about their one target for the season even though it's usually a mediocre to decent anime at best (as expected from people with tunnel vision on individual cuts of animation).
I'm just glad that the anime that is actually good doesn't get too much attention. This year had Rakugo, Tonkatsu DJ and Battery, all of which everyone dropped for being "boring" or looking "bad".

I dropped it, picked it back up and finished it. It does suck.

What do you like?

Yoyo to Nene was weird but a lot of fun. Kind of wish it was longer though.

>Not a show but Yoyo to Nene was fantastic.

Wasn't that the most ignored ufotable movie no one was talking?

Mob is easily as "substantial" as any of what you listed. Battery was pretty bad from what I watched.

Mahou shoujo? I still enjoy Precure. Last anime that I 100% back is Eupho.

Anyone remember this one here? Why cant we go back to that artstyle. I am kinda done with girls looking like they are about to graduate from elementary school.

But Mob has it all, substance and Animation that helps to convey it. Also sakuga fans have different picks for different reasons. Some might even only watch the cuts alone from a certain series. Thats what i do most of the time.

>Kind of wish it was longer though.
Yup, unfortunately it's very overlooked.
I meant what mahou shoujo do you like. Though other than Yoyo to Nene and Heartcatch there aren't any good ones recently.

Eat shit.

is this good?

It should be illegal to be this stupid.

>Though other than Yoyo to Nene and Heartcatch there aren't any good ones recently.
Wasn't Go Princess Precure pretty good? I thought I remember hearing it was interesting.

I mostly like toku magical girls, like Precure and Sailor Moon I guess. Last great one is Heartcatch in my opinion, although it only REALLY gets great after Yuri joins the rest of the Cures. Gopri was also good and I like Mahoutsukai a heck of a lot more than most. I thought Yoyo and Nene was just super uninteresting. What did you like about it? I think I'm harsher on movies because it's easier to compare them to actual film.

Mob is inconsistent and they made some very questionable choices during the adaptation. Flashy shounen fights are what makes people hyped for it. Ironically, the animation direction is formulaic to its detriment, when you know every episode needs its bit of paint animation it lacks any kind of impact. Definitely better than the last targets twitter latched on like OPM, Rolling Girls and ConRevo. I don't really want to write about what it does wrong again since the standard response is to call it bait (because sakuga target of the season can do no wrong until everyone forgets about it after it ends).

Seems standard for most "sakuga" fans to think good animation is individual cuts in a vacuum. Anyway, it's pretty silly to judge a series without watching it outside of booru shit.

Yeah I am also having same feeling.


Text is great. Full platonic friendship is great.

Anything between is the cancer that's killing anime.

Maybe, I never got around to it.
I just liked the adventurous feel, art and designs a lot. I can see how it's hit or miss for people though.

>Mob is inconsistent and they made some very questionable choices during the adaptation.
I don't really know what you're talking about here.
>Flashy shounen fights are what makes people hyped for it.
That's a bit of a generalization, I think. I'm pretty fond of the characters and I enjoy seeing where the story's going. I certainly wouldn't be watching if all that kept me coming back was flashy shounen fighting.
>Ironically, the animation direction is formulaic to its detriment, when you know every episode needs its bit of paint animation it lacks any kind of impact.
I agree with that to a point, but it's still pretty neat to see if only as a novelty. Formalism is very rare, especially for a TV program so it's a treat no matter how they use it. Could it have more tact? Heck yeah, but I won't complain.

Is it a great show? No way, but I think it's pretty solidly above anything else that's come out this year.


No, i dont think so just liked the general artstyle. If you or anyone want to watch a really good magical girl show. Check out Doremi. I always say that FlipFlappers reminds of that series just with more sakuga and a fresher artstyle.


>I think it's pretty solidly above anything else that's come out this year.


You sound like you know the source material, but then you should also know that Mob wasnt loved cause of its good looks no? I do think some people are missing out on some of the themes cause of the excellent animation, but i guess they need more time to get used to this series and its message. By the time they get to the famous Mogami arc, everyone should have gotten it.

>Is it a great show? No way, but I think it's pretty solidly above anything else that's come out this year.
I agree, except I wouldn't say it's above anything else this year, I still prefer Rakugo and Tonkatsu DJ. With Mob the flaws stick out too much. Worth a watch for the production value, but ultimately lacking.

Well when i watch a cut, i do like to watch it with the soundtrack too. But i dont judge a series just by looking at the animation, that would be quite silly indeed.


I will have to agree with what this user here said. I wouldnt put Mob that far above Rakugo or JoJo though.

Flip floppers - 2k
Hibike Euphonium 2 - 10k

I like both of those too, along with Re:Zero they pretty much round out all I enjoyed so far. I think Rakugo is a bit too steeped in cliche for a narrative driven show, though, and TDJA is just very, I dunno, inconsequential? And not just because it's a short, there are shorts which have left me deeply satisfied but this one was merely entertaining.

Oh me too, I don't think any of them are all that special. Although I'm not watching Jojo. I want to read it first.

It's really silly to compare the two, user. I predict Hibike's first volume will sell 7k.


Flip Floppers = maybe good
Eupho = definitely good + pre-installed fanbase

hmmm which do you think will sell most?

>I want to read it first.
My nigga.


This is not a stalker thread, those numbers have no value even if they were true.

>definitely good

Honestly liked the first PV but the more of it I see the more I expect it to be shit.

Yuri baiting is so fucking garbage.

Isnt the Anime doing a pretty good job with the adaption. I am up to date with the newest episode of part 4 and didnt read anything from the manga apart from steelballrun, which by the way is my favourite or equal to part two. Am i missing out?

Fuck, i kinda am a bit sceptic too now. Those fan reactions didnt help either. The first 4 episodes might be a chore to go through. Reminds of Kiznaiver, hope it doesnt end like it or even has the same Quality start.

Kyoanifags know what to expect and haters know what to hate too. So i guess he means success is already determined.

>Explicit baiting is so fucking garbage.

Dunno. I dropped the 2012 anime opted for the manga instead, but it's the worst part and I didn't enjoy either anyway
Never watched Stardust Crusaders because it looks like shit
>didnt read anything from the manga apart from steelballrun
What the fuck are you doing nigga? Never read out of order.

>Explicit baiting
>conversely subtle baiting good?
Dont get it. Help.

Steelballrun is a standalone as far as i know, so i dont think there is any need to read the previous ones. Some references to the first 3 parts but thats about it.

what are the fan reactions?

>mahou shoujo
>yuri bait
pick one, these girls are pure

I think reading in order is the best experience because you can see how Araki progressed as an artist and writer.

And...? Don't tell me you think Love Live! is the greatest anime ever.

Confusing it seems to be, cant read it.

is it not?

I only planned on reading steelballrun, cause it is a standalone, I wont read any other part out of order after the anime.

You tell me.

> KA : Oshiyama Kiyotaka, Kitada Katsuhiko, Yoshida Kenichi, Toshiyuki Inoue, Enokido Shun, Sada Toshi, Go Hakuyu, Miki Tatsuya (eps 3) , Kojima Takashi, ....

Still not impressed. Literally whos besides Inoue.

>the animation direction is formulaic to its detriment, when you know every episode needs its bit of paint animation it lacks any kind of impact.
This is an interesting point you raise, I find myself expecting the obligatory paint sequence every episode now, but is that really a bad thing? At the very least I'm just happy to see an obscure technique given mainstream notice. But that aside, I don't see any missteps in Mob Psycho's approach towards animation.


those 4 lines seem suspicious to be representative of actual fan reactions as a whole, as said

Just because you've never heard of them doesn't mean they're not good.

>Katsuhiko Kitada

>literal whos
the only unimpressive thing is your knowledge about animators desu


Wait, what?

They are all good animators, so the question is did they blow their load in those first 4 episodes or is there more quality coming.

Sauce or fuck off.

>directed by Ikuhara



The funny thing is this White Fox mahou shoujo will be better than the other two gimmick ones anyways.

that is NOT sexy

Why do you say that? Doesn't look bad or anything but doesn't look like anything more than usual late-night fare either.

Because gimmicks always screw up the writing somehow. The sakuga one will have some dumb cop out ending or twist and the deathmatch one will have poor pacing and characterization and then just out of sticking to the book the mediocre one will come out on top as the more watchable.

What's the gimmick for Flip Flappers? And if it screws up then that just means none of them will be good, most likely.

trash taste

Kindly kill yourself.

Good animation.

Most of the character designs looked super generic. The White Fox name will give it some name recognition but it doesn't look like anything all that interesting.

Oh I see.

'Good animation' is not a gimmick. It's a consequence of proper production planning. If there's any gimmick in Flip Flappers, it's the stylistic choices.

Having just 2 main girls over an ensemble is sort of a gimmick, and given the flippant (pun intended) art style I bet you the story will be a tone deaf mess like Rolling Girls.

It's a troll you doofus.

That doesn't really come of to me as gimmicky, and I don't see how stylistic choices like that could, in your words, "screw up the writing." I really hope it's not as bad as RG but I don't see how they can be compared besides a) they're pretty and b) we didn't know much about them, going in.

Flip flappers will have good animation for like 4 episodes to be honest.


What's up with the influx of degenerate anime this year?

Define degenerate anime.

It was a fine short series.

that looks like garbage senpai

flifla is finesse

Anime, being the purest form of destructive escapism, has always been degenerate.

>I don't see how stylistic choices like that could, in your words, "screw up the writing."
Not that guy, but it can happen if the staff somehow believe that the premise and animation/art style alone are enough to sell the show and neglect everything else.

Only time will tell if this is the case, but it wouldn't be the first time a promising show goes to shit due to poor writing and direction.

>Almost everyone is saying it's better than they expected. Also, yuri love triangle is real.

Is that so

>What's the gimmick for Flip Flappers?

Magical girls go to exotic (maybe gimmick) lands to find special item

That's not a gimmick, heck that's not even very original.

>Falling for the ebal joo meme
you poor sheep

get the fuck outta here, goldstein

> he thinks it's meme
you kawaikochan

is Suezawa working on it ?

>No source

sheep will be sheep

isn't he stuck to A1 series ?

I don't know, I just saw Oshiyama and Kojima following him on twitter (also Iso), he also RTed the rakugaki made by them. If it's not flip flappers, then probably he works on Occultic;Nine.

Masaya Sekizaki working on Haikyuu S3 ??? Does that mean Araki is working on Haikyuu as well ? or is he following his senpai Takeuchi ? (I prefer not tho)

>Masaya Sekizaki

newbie working on KonoBi, he's also on mob #10

well they know each other because of Dennou Coil. As for Kojima, probably because of A1 series

Sorry, I mean #9

learn how to read moonrunes
best knowledge is in japanese

I assume the third is the blondie, school friend of MC. She probably secretly has hots for her.

Dibs on the female twin

Woah, since when did Cred Forums actually give a fuck about animation?