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>full version of Canaria's song

Very yes.

Have a bump.

Jesus. This is definitely one of Iwasaki's better albums.

>dat O.battle

If they use that as a graduation/goodbye scene for Airi then I can forgive all the QUALITY.

Holy shit this is actually fantastic. I barely noticed the OST while I was watching the series but listening to it alone is a real ear opener.

Too bad its wasted on this show.

I certainly hope so, the music at least makes the QUALITY bearable.

Haven't listened to it yet, how would you guys rate it compared to other stuff by Taku

It's on the plainer side in terms of style but it comes together really well and sounds like it meant for a much better show. Not Crowds tier but maybe somewhere around Soul Eater and C.

I dropped QUALITY Code on episode 4 right after what's her name 'died', but I've been looking forward to this.

What a god-awful show, though.

With exception to the Canaria bullshit and the whole QUALITY filled episodes the show isn't THAT bad. Though the good music may be reason why, I suppose.

2 days and still no where in sight on Oricon in a week basically to itself. Might end up having to wit till next Thursday to see what volume one sold at this rate

no BD rips?

would you?

She's the strongest. She can take it.

but can she take a dick?

Holy Shit! You made me jump out of my bed to open the client
>Is Christmas this early

Pretty good OST being wasted on this disaster of a show.

I listen to the ost while fapping to Hime and Red.

She's the strongest for a reason.

hime anal

Get back to your Bahamut thread.

Happens all too often. At least something good comes from it.

This is fucking beautiful!

About the only thing in the show that is.

Canaria's beautiful too.

Is this the complete soundtrack? There seem to be tracks from the show that aren't here.

Asking because I can't seem to find the track that frequently plays whenever Kasumi and Asuha are together, the one with the funny piano notes.

I'm not seeing an OST 2 up for pre-order anywhere so I think that may just be it.


Surprisingly her Engrish doesn't sound terrible.


>Release Date
>Feb 22, 2017

God damn it.

She was especially beautiful when she got crushed.

>Double peace sign
Ahegao and it'd be perfect.

Do not sexualise the Canaria.

>13. F××kin' hero

That was F××kin' garbage.

The track names are rather.. interesting. Battles with random letters, fuckin hero with fuck being censored, a Dutch name, Agnus Dei being used and then TIME TO GO to finish it off.

This sounds totally different from everything Iwasaki has made from 2010 onwards. It's still got the electronica and dubestep as usual but it's far more bold and loud. And goddamn his Zimmer impressions were amazing.

Canaria's VA did a pretty solid job with the vocals too.

You no dominion over me you chuuni fucker. I invoke the power of Pixiv!

That's not that lewd. You can do better, user.

I can only summon up so much lewdness here man. I'll need the use of a medium to use that:


Agreed. The scenario is pretty run-of-the-mill for anime, but it isn't that bad. I can understand people not wanting to watch something that looks like the studio wasn't even trying for a majority of every episode. It's just that I've imagined the show having amazing animation in some scenes, and from that perspective, the show would be pretty alright. It's not like the voice acting is particularly bad or the story has numerous plot holes so I'd give it a passing grade if they fixed up the animation at some point..

God damn it, I love the song with the french rap in it.

TAKE is the best song by far. Shame about the show being shit and dat QUALITY, finally dropped it after the twist of Unknown are ppl.

That would be "IF"