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was it worth it lads?

who fucked junkos corpse?



HOPE after Mirai

So Chiaki is a comatose tomato now or something??


I want to nuke towns and villages with Sonia!


Requesting crop of Tanak's reaction



Don't worry all the Waifus will live in HOPE
>Weedman was right


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally

Bit disappointing, my friend.



The anime was shit ironically, stop saying nothing happened!

mukuro butt

Nanami-san? You mean my boss?

Does this confirm Naegi topping Hinata?

Hope in 7 days you idiot. Official site confirms it.

Can't help but notice the Kirigirifags are awfully quiet after that Sayaka scene

I was so glad about that one single second we saw Komaeda in his green jacket. I want SDR2 Komaeda animated so bad.

Did you like the NTR, my friends?

'Kay, so explain a few things to me:
- Why did Izuru start hanging out with Class 77?
- Did they show how Fuyuhiko lost an eye?
- Who made AI Chiaki?


So Izuru did the entire plot of DR2 because he felt like his waifu could beat Junko?



fucking EOP retard

Sayaka and Naegi were totally banging while his backup bitches were in the corner waiting their turn.


It's always worth fucking Mukuro


I can understand not liking Despair Arc but as a Mukurofag I just can't hate it

>- Why did Izuru start hanging out with Class 77?
We never actually see him hang out with them.
> Did they show how Fuyuhiko lost an eye?
Cut one out to replace it with Junko's
>Who made AI Chiaki

Mondo and chihiro confirmed (again) for fucking

Revenge is best served cold.


That's literally what it says

He didn't hang out with them though
Probably removed his one himself when trying to get Junko's
NWP trio

So if Izuru doesn't give a shit about Junko anymore why would he put her AI inside the NWP?


what is this shit? a new anime?

I could probably do so when the raw's out, my friend!

We're all gunning for hope in this thread, right guys?

With as popular as Komaeda is, we sure didn't get pandered very much with him.

>yfw AI Chiaki comes back and real Chiaki stays dead

>Who made AI Chiaki?
Until proven otherwise, it's still Chihiro. They share the same birthday, and if it was Izuru he would've gotten her body proportions right. Her tits are way bigger, just like in SDR2.

Yes, she truly is the Ultimate Hope.

Dont make up Izuru creating AI Chiaki when it isnt confirmed.

Fuyuhiko probably lost his eye trying to put in Junko's eye.

>sayakafags get like 5 seconds of screentime
Sayaka fags sure are hungry, enjoy your scraps

Do you have some sort of drain damage? Because Mukuro is now a completely different character

Not just from IF but from DR1

>Naegi actually nailed sayaka
Leoncucks btfo

Meme magic



Of course, Hopefriend!

Added a few more characters to this.

It was they who hanged out with him. Or maybe he wanted more infor of his deadfu.

Like, if I'm gonna be stuck with these losers on an island, I'm gonna have to make sure they're not too retarded.

Because he was trying to pit Hope (Chiaki) VS Despair (Junko) to see who'd win

Do you realize that your picture shows the rebroadcast date? It's written Oct 1 and we got official confirmation that HOPE part will air during Despair's arc time slot in exactly a week.

You take that back, right NOW!

Literally to have AI Chiaki shit all over Ai Junko

There wasn't even enough time for plot.
Though I'm glad we didn't see more if him, if he was just going to be reduced to a LOLHOPE caricature like he was during this whole run.

>no scene of the dr2 class fucking themselves up for despair

Kodaka blew it

>Why did Izuru start hanging out with Class 77?
Why would he hang out with those losers?

To BTFO her and remember who he was.

Juzofags and fujoshits btfo


What's different, specifically?

Simplifying things, yes.

Izuru felt something when he saw Chiaki struggling for her friends in her dying moments and he took that as his definition of "hope".

Now he wants to see which is stronger, hopeor despair.


Not so fast bro

>They actually made Izuru say something about erasing the memories of class 77 just to explain Komaeda not remembering
Holy fucking kohacka

I'm using HOPE vs DESPAIR as a business to end HOPE vs DESPAIR as a business!

You're the EOP retard. You clearly proved you can't read the picture you just posted.

>Chiakizurufags might actually be right

one episode -- hell, one scene. I just want one fucking scene of the Ultimate Despairs in action.

Because he is a faggot

Stop posting this edit, post this one instead since it's much cuter.

Funny thing is if taken out of context this would be a fucking cliché but romantic scene. But we all know Chisa slut should be remove.

Yeah. I'm disappointed.

That was some delicious NTR.

Shouldn't Gundham have not been as affected as everyone else since he no zero interaction or care for Chiaka?

He seems to out of character.

>Juzofags and fujoshits btfo
You do realise all of them already knew about Chisa and Munakata after episode one of the Future side, right?


>despair arc focused more on shitty OCs and the mindhack plot point than the SDR2 cast

So how did they make Chiaki AI and Junko AI

you niggers are never happy

So were the 78 kids voiced at all this episode? Just asking since I don't wanna get my hopes up and find out it's only sayaka again.

They better play this on HOPE SIDE


You already did user. Watch the first episode of future.

Don't forget Junkofags.

She acts in the same way that in DR0. You also have to consider that Mukuro in DR1 wasn't near Junko.

Did you not watch the episode? Kuzuryuu and Peko killed some government nobodies and Sonia set off a nuke or something

post yfw hope arc would be just dr2 recap

Only sayaka

Nopa. Just her. Maybe Mondo said something but I doubt it. Didn't even spot Ishimaru or Togami

It's just Sayaka again.

Touwa group made Junko.
Chihiro made Chakers, because she calls him dad, and alter ego confirms this.

Izuru might of had some spare time to make the AI....I think.

Nope, just Makoto and Sayaka. Oh, and I think Aoi too.

Here you go. I tried to tone down the red glow a bit.

Can't wait until Munakata goes full FUTURE

Fujoshits and Juzoboys, how does it feel to know that even after Juzo suicided to save him, Munakata wouldn't even touch him?

Wouldn't even give him a hug?

How's that for despair?

I thought that people commit suicide after Junko dies

Man we actually got Tengan this episode... but it explained nothing. Next Future ep is gonna be rushed as fuck.

They were literally Brainwashed

using computer

>Mukuro gets off to Junko beating her up and trying to kill her
>is this way throughout all of Despair Arc
>is surprised when her sister tries to kill her in DR1

They are literally same day, user.
Episode of Mirai and then episode of Hope.


>Chiaki is still alive

hold the fuck up guys
is it the same flower as the one in the flashback weeks ago?

it'd probably be a speed run through all the deaths, junko getting destroyed, then hinata's eyes opening before op

>Junko AI
Junko made it herself
>Chiaki AI
Izuru, Chihiro or Miaya. One of these three.

that'd be great actually

Only Sayaka. Between her cameo in Future and here I guess they figured it was worth getting the VA in.

Is there an official student number for each 77th and 78th class?

Physical contact isn't love, dumb anti-fujo.

No, Despair's arc last episode is actually Hope arc. It explains why they said Despair arc is only 11 episodes long.

Why is he still wearing skirt?

Sasugadana user-donno

So Mirai is gonna air in seven days?

Good to know, fucking moron.

Waifu laifu chances increasing dramatically, baiters and shitposters on suicide watch


I believe that NWP made AI Chiaki. And since NWP is Chihiro's baby, she credited him as daddy.

No one actually likes Junko at all, she has zero charisma

So now we know Mukuro has to be a completely unrepentant psychopath to follow her, there's no possibly redemption, not a hint of it

It has to be the ending to everything, just being a recap of DR2 would be beyond retarded. It's the final episode of everything.

Nope. The flashback had 2 types of flowers.

Maybe... it was worth it.

What's the random black smudge in the corner?

Izuru made Chiaki AI because unlike her real version she says a lot of Desu just like her dad.

So Monday two episodes or Thursday Hope?

So the current schedule is Mirai-hen 12 on Monday, then Kibou-hen 12 on Thursday, right?

Shit list to be honest, but I am to hopeful to argue.

Looks like Monday is the finale - Despair Arc and then Hope Arc

>Unusually cute Teruteru in the background.

Hope always comes to end despair.

So the entire plot of SDR2 is that Izuru makes a Chiaki AI, and then takes a Junko AI, and makes them fight to see which one is better?

The big winner of DR3 is Sayakafags. Naegi no gets pushed, Kirigiri dies without ever giving any semblance of romantic feelings for Naegi, Naegi reacts to her death less harshly than he did Sayaka's, Sayaka still haunts him.

I wouldn't be surprised if the 16th participant is Sayaka at this point.

She thought that she was important to her plans in DR1.

That's the rebroadcast date. The first time it will air is in Despair's timeslot next week.

At least they made her some flowers and notice that the number of flowers is the same as the number of class 77 students.


He got one episode for himself and not just a line every once in a while like the rest of the class. He got lucky


>sayaka fags get 5 seconds of screen time
>they yell out confirmed
Why are they even still around?

Because he wants to see what is truly unpredictable for him, despair or hope.

He's still not 100% wrong

The Mastermind is all but confirmed at this point

Izuru confirmed for not despair



They are most likely Mikan shitters too. Because she's just Mukuro without fighting skills.

She never mentioned him by name once though.

Pretty much. DR2 cast really were just chumps on the side.

Usami recognized Monokuma as an outsider who shouldn't have been in the program. Why didn't she react to Chiaki in the same way?

Background I forgot to erase.
Anytime user

It would get my dick so hard if they animate Hajime's cross hairs turning into crosshairs. That was great.

I missed the episode. Anything happened?

I'm not really upset about Munakata not returning his feelings. I just want Juzo to be happy, and I would've felt the same way if the one he'd loved was Chisa. It just makes me angry that Munakata is the reason he's dead in the first place, and he couldn't get there on time for Juzo to die knowing he wasn't alone.

Alright thanks lads, it's a shame they didn't do much of anything to pander to pander to DR1 fans in these anime aside from a handful of cameos but maybe Hope Arc will fix that, but it seems like that's supposed to act like an epilogue more than anything.

Mukuro got brainwashed. Junko knows how to make brainwashing videos, irrespective of curbing some of the technique from Mitarai. Mukuro acts like the RoD act

>Seiji Kishi rushed an ending

Who would have thought?

Why is Sayaka with Naegi? She has no reason to.

Mukuro's whole mindset is basically that she's okay with anything Junko because, for some reason, in her head, she thinks she's the only one who understands Junko. Like, everything Junko does for some reason is okay cause in the end, she understands her.

It's frikkin weird. Back then, Mukuro didn't expect Junko to actually lie to her and outright kill her.

She's bonkers, laddy.

Cause Usami and Chiaki were created together for the program?

a lot of blues died

Hope is confirmed for Despair's time slot next week. It will after after future at a later date as a rebroadcast, because the user posting the image can't be bothered to actually understand Japanese.

Requesting some ko kudasai

Nothing happened. I wouldn't even wait for subs and just go to sleep right now.

IF fags are so butthurt

Is Kibou-Hen at least going to be an hour-long special? There's no way Kodaka can wrap all this up in 48 minutes as is

quads confirm.

It's super heavily implied that it's Chihiro.

Glasses guy is literally probably his only kill.

Love controlled Juzo.

I think Mondo said something.

>Can't be killed
Literally prisoner of Death

Chisa was evil, 78 boarded themselves up, despair arc was pointless and now it's over.

>Chiakizuru is a robot with AI Chaiki uploaded
>Artificial hope thorugh machines

Goodbye, class of 74. It was nice knowing you.

Better than shit eaters that consume everything without a brain like you.

Looks like the same vase though. Just not cracked yet.

>People were actually fooled by Kodaka's bullshit of it only being 11 episodes and saying it's some kind of extra voice acting shit

Why did you all actually believe he wouldn't pull something like this?

he didnt kill glasses guy, glasses guy killed himself

In other words Mukuro is a fucking retard and Naegi is right to not even feel guilt or sorry for her death

I was hoping to see Junko preparing for the killing game or class 78 getting memory fucked or something.

Self defense

Because she is his first, one and only true love, user.

>got mindhacked before mindhack existed

Nice headcanon

How were Naegi, Kirigiri and Togami fooled into thinking that Usami and AI Chiaki were FF creations then?

>Junko is not on it

You're talking to the guys that made a thesis of her. More than 100 fucking pages.

>Mukuro without the fighting skill

Technically you're speaking about something that we already knew for the previous episodes, ever since episode 1. Not like it matters, but it goes to show how much attention you pay to the anime in general. If you weren't aware yet, Juzo in general kept his emotions about Munakata to himself and he also loved Chisa as a best friend.

Chisa and Munakata was an obvious pairing since the start and that last thought is somewhat dragged out of context to mold into your own headcanon. I'm not a fujoshit and neither do I want to imagine a scene in which our boy survives as it'd remove the impact the last Mirai-hen episode had, but as a Juzoboy I feel that I have to point out how obvious it was, my friend.

This is confirmed in Naegi's heart

Sayaka > Kirigiri > Aoi >>>>> shit > Junko + Mukuro

and Naegi only moves to the later if the previous one dies

>it was all fake

Poor Munakata. Poor Sakakura.


I don't get it. You complain about a plot hole and complain when they resolve it?

Damn, user. I love how HUGE that Juzo is.

Who's to say Junko can only mind hack people with the video?

To be fair, Junko herself said they were irrelevant chump change in SDR2

At this point I really hoped they just made a shitty dr2 anime instead of the crap that's despair arc.

They're both completely useless for fortifying the place.

Mukuro isnt in despair, she just loves her retarded sister.

Do you know what they say about first loves?

Then it wasn't Izuru who made Chiaki.





Izuru redeemed, feels goodman.

She's literally the craziest character in the entire series
You're right last Future episode confirmed that Naegi doesn't think about Mukuro at all, even with his memories back

First girl is worst girl?


first love is best love in Jap dictionary

Is Kodaka still on vacation?

Junko had Monokuma's gloomy sunday on her cell phone to trigger the RC to sucide
DR1 has the montiors with hidden weapons in them

Future as both Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday and the monitors

Junko mastermind confirmed all Chiaki fags are hoping for chiakiizuru are getting baited

85 percent reminds me of Sayaka.


>She has no reason to
U wot ? They were class mates for a year already. They have quite a lot of time to bond over something

>taking the names more seriously than the actual codes

No? Mukuro was already all over Junko before she even knew Mitarai and his brainwashing techniques.

This is probably the biggest thing to come of the arc really, Izuru's only crime is not kicking Junko off the edge of the fucking building right then and there.

I'm only angry brainwashed Chisa faked love and initiated hugs in front of Juzo just to make him hurt.

I don't care that she wasn't technically responsible, she's been ruined forever for me.

That is her despair. Like how Nagito's version of despair is fucking up the world to make a greater hope.

>Junko talking in her deep voice
Wonder if thats her actual voice

Kinda. Well, both sisters are clearly insane to the point that it's hard to say its their fault.

Like Mukuro probably has no sense of good or bad. Just "what Junko wants". That's not death penalty but loony bin.

>prequel story
>wtf why does it end this way


Junko's smile is my hope

Nice headcanon

only true hope is hoplet hope

So ... Many ... Choices

Calm down, nigga.
She only exists to give despair to idiots who take the waifubait so they can see her die over and over.

But Usami was created by Gekkohara.

Someone gets it.
We know japanese are hopeless romantic when it comes to high school love and first loves.

Turns out Naegi is a C U C K

That's enough, user. You don't have to struggle any further unless you're a true masochist.

redpill me on this chaikizuru thing

I know this just was reconfirming that.
Izuru is the Ultimate waifufag

Again, it's never implied Junko can only brainwash people with the video. Hell we've got despair lobotomies being performed ffs

Not really

Seems pretty accurate to me.

it would have been better if it was just a mistake. but they made it canon

I was so happy when he held into Chiaki hairpin and dumped Junko.
That was enough to make this episode 9/10 for me but then Chiaki AI came and it became a perfect 10/10.

Don't forget

He should've just done it tbqh. Just end the shitty anime right there and go "lol DR2 never happened" while Izuru air guitars after kicking both off of the edge of the building.

>Feeding into it
Don't, the shitposting will only grow stronger.

Who? I thought everyone knew IF was noncanon already.

>tfw Kodaka actually planned everything.

She was just impersonating Izuru.

>people still think Sayaka is relevant

so did nothing happen this episode or what

the thread seems unusually calm

So Hope side is a quick recap of DR2 from AI Chiakis perspective?

no he didn't hajimecuck AI chiaki was created by FF naegi etc, izuru put AI junko inside to see who wins despair or hope,

Is hope side 1 hour long?

I'm not mentioning pairings. If one of my friends died for me, I'd hug their dead fucking body and it would be in no way romantic whatsoever.

Munakata didn't even care enough to do something like that.

It's wonderful!

Junko already manipulated her way into HPA, a modeling career, and Izuru before she even meets Mitarai.

Reminder Cancer is the worst

Also Libra is best

The only character trait was being Junko's bitch that is how.

It's pretty easy to complain about
>oh shit we fucked up
>better retroactively change more shit

Kodaka hate your kind. There isn't a pairing in DR who has a good end.


>Class 77 is going to ALL be alive plus Hajime.
>Class 78 might get Kirigiri back because of Cure W but all their deaths were real.

It showed that Izuru was Future all along. It showed DR1 kiddos. It retconned dr0

What happened is that Side Kibou was confirmed

Also we didn't see what happened to Chiaki's body, hence, salt

Oh definitely, it's going to be Junko, anyone who thinks otherwise is silly. All I'm wondering is if she'll have hijacked Chiakizuru or if it'll be something else.

I'm surprised Kirigirifags are still around after getting BTFO this hard. Who knew Sayaka was so lethal

Gekkohara worked with Naegi and some others to create the NWP. Naegi most likely used Alter Ego to help create the Chiaki AI, because Naegi could easily see she was the Sdr2's classmate that was dead. And who would be a better guide in the program than her?

I actually preferred what they went with, because if he had overcome his feelings of regret and shamefulness over not believing in Juzo in 5 minutes it'd be just straight pandering

Yep. Everything was played completely straight, and we got absolutely no concrete lead-ups to the Mirai-hen episode. There is nothing to discuss. The only thing we know is that Kibou-hen is confirmed, and that was spoiled earlier today anyway.

Best summary, I give it ___HOPE/10

>300 posts in 20 minutes on the second thread

It was just "mass terrorist" despair attacks and shit.
It was kind of cool seeing normies uprising and killing the tallents like it's nothing but meh
other than that nothing we don't know what happend

And we see from this arc that she relies on circumstance, Mukuro, and luck to get anything she wants

So naturally you can chalk up her successes to that, stop inserting your headcanon into shitty writing

Only thing that happened that we didn't already know for a fact was that Izuru was shown to not be despair.

Everything else is old news.

The episode ended too early for that, my friend. There's a chance he'll carry him out, but there's also the chance that it doesn't happen. Personally I'd like to see him getting carried out along with the rest of the dead.

That's just a respect issue, however.

>Munakata didn't even care enough to do something like that.

Isn't it a bit premature to say that? We have yet to see him leave the breaker room.

Tengan said about not letting the project go to waste and he implies apparentely in Japanese that they continued working on it. The extra person in the game could have concealed himself like Izuru did in the SC killing game, Chiaki being alice to sell BDs and shit.

So, the only purpose of the DR2 characters that aren't Hajime, Junko and Chiaki was just to increase Izuru's harem?

I guess I can accept that.

n-no scorpio

>I didn't play DR1

Kodaka loves shippers, because it makes him more money.

And he loves to throw fans into despair. What better than ruining a romantic pairing after building it up?

I was one of the ones saying it would be Junko at the start (because it always is) but I don't get how it could be Junko anymore, unless they pull ghosts at the last second like AE and she haunted Tengan's body.

>Her only relevance is being killed so Monaca could troll for a few episodes.
Sucks to be Miaya.

It's just forced drama the Japanese loves the most. Nothing to redpill about.

Trust me, it isn't.

>Junko AI thinks she was inserted so as to take over and make Junkoland
>Izuru actually did it just to see Hope, Despair, and sweaty gamer titties he made bigger
Kinda sad.

There's no real memeing and discussion going on

Because there's nothing to discuss

dat chisa's chisas pressing on you unf

In today's after talk radio show, Ogata said he'll have a big part in Future's next episode. I can't wait.

Hinanami and Naegiri are super real though even if they are dead.

Kirigiri went all the way and held Manlets hand, has Sayaka gone that far?

She's the ultimate analyst, luck has nothing to do with it. The password for Chisa in episode 5, blowing up the car, the dungeon and the bunker, all that shit was planned by Junko.

>The only useful thing Izuru did while he was alive was put a disc into a computer

Yeah, if last week wasn't her last chance of showing up, today definitely was, and it didn't happen. She was just cannon fodder for Kohacka's terrible writing in the end.

what happened to the mass suicide?

One is obviously brainwash while the other is her true self to be Junko tool and brawns.

Explain why.

Unless he kills himself, animeme has nothing to redeem himself

Im still hoping for Kirijunko but Ill be find if Junko hijacks anyone's body

It went out of the window

image context?

>Wanted to see if Hope and Despair would win
>Neither won.


So it wasn't Izuru that created Chiaki AI that's my point.

Where the fuck are you getting your information?!
Gekko worked with matsuda for brain stuff, and Chihiro for tech stuff.

>j-junko just lied to make herself seems cooler

That's my point, I'm pretty sure she has to be possessing Chiakizuru (or otherwise attained Izuru-hood) just so that she becomes enough of a threat to force an argument between her, Hajizuru, and Naegi instead of getting dunked like she did when she attacked Izuru.

Hard to choose between Naegi and Izuru, especially after seeing this week's episode.

taurus master race

>uploads junko.exe just to see her die
holy kek

No, it's not even a show-don't-tell situation

We aren't even told these things, we aren't even told anything that would imply competence, but we are shown her completely relying on luck

Stop inserting your headcanon

I missed the episode. Did Sonia do any big despair?

Junko Triggered it with her Monokuma Gloomy Sunday App

There's nothing wrong with making consistency changes. Are you actually telling me you'd prefer the plothole left in?

Munakata couldn't even call Chisa Chisa until she was dead.

In case you haven't noticed, he's an emotionally constipated autist 95% of the time.

>Kirigirifags' status after this week



Why were the talents getting killed so easily by the normies?

It was true. It just happens off-screen.

He used the Junko AI in the second game.

More or less this but with their phones then they took flight

>Chiaki """died""" next to the Ultimate Everything, who has every known HPA talent (Nurse, Neurologist, Pharmacist, etc)
>Tengan is being heavily pushed as being the mastermind/involved with said mastermind, and mentioned before his death that he "didn't want the Izuru Kamakura project to go to waste"
>Assuming Tengan has something to do with this, Chiaki is the only known character who nobody would notice is missing (since she's supposed to be dead)
>Izuru picked up the hairpin, and we see him hiding it this episode, which implies he's going to either have a monologue about Chiaki or he's going to see her again

Not the most plausible theory, but it wouldn't be 100% out of nowhere if it actually happens

It didn't retcon zero at all.
Junko mentioned the despair of losing one's love and then in today's episode she said she removed 77th's class memories of Izuru.


Nuked a town.

>Munakata defined

>Being Talented means that you are immortal

I don't think Persona was the kind of guy to hug, even if it was Juzo's dead body

pls think of the dead normies

Because Pickaxe VS SHSL Artist, Pickaxe wins.

Junko AI got outplayed in DR2.

So? In both dr2 and this anime the main point of Mikan's character was being Junko's bitch. Same as Mukuro.

There is no reason to believe Izuru had anything to do with AI creation.

I'm just speculating that I would make sense for Chiaki AI to be created post DR1 with help from Naegi, since he is the one whom wants to save the SDR2 cast the most.

You're told about her ultimate analyst ability. We've known about that since DR0. What, you think that password was just randomly there on the computer?

Fried chicken is the food of despair.

Too much to explain for every individual case and such things only ends in pointless debates about nothing anyway. Maybe I can draw my own chart to not waste time here... But it wouldn't be quick.

No, get that bitch away from best girl body.
You can have Kirigiri body instead.

Yes because the underlying problem is the lack of care for previous material

Leaving it in or not you're still not being careful. And as for plot holes, there's already plenty

She's fucked him. Lol at Kirigiri only getting to the hand stage

I'll be waiting for you.

>He's still holding on to it
for what purpose

>Gekkou doesn't get a single line and is killed off screen
>Pikachu picks up a frying pan and is stabbed by a neanderthal and tossed across the room like a hunk of meat

Why tho?

Please, there is only one right answer.
It's clearly RAIDEN and... what, not memeing?
Fuck, I was really banking on that... eney meeny... the hopelet


They should at least have a fighting chance.

Favourite ahoge.

"Minchacked" can answer all your questions so stop asking.

>Hope episode 1 ends with Hinanami wedding.

That's my girl


But that would be one of the best ways to fuck with Izuru, wouldn't it? He was so sad over Nanami, he finally meets her again after waiting for so long...


So it can fall out of his pocket during the Hajizuru VS Chiakizuru fight and lead to the HOPE END.

it's a usb

You remember that very shitty scene in DR2's chapter 6 with people falling?
It actually happened.

Well, how you think Chisa was able to get in that one guys comp? It was right there as well. We've literally seen an instance of that happen.

Guy who made the chart, here.

I'd be happy to argue my points. I think I got everyone down fairly accurately. I'd be interested in seeing your chart and how it matches up to mine.


The smol deserve to be bullied

>tfw I'm sandwiched between Sayaka and Akane
It hurts


Hajime is projecting his waifu to Izuru.

>There is no reason to believe Izuru had anything to do with AI creation.

Except that he needs something to clash with his Junko AI and he's the one who views Chiaki as Hope the same way that Junko is Despair.

If Izuru didn't create her and was relying on some bumblefucks to do it for him then that makes him seem incompetent.

Yeah at this point I have hope weedman is right about this getting a happy ending. I don't know about Kirigiri but I'm pretty sure at this point that Hajime and Chaiki are gonna reunite.

>didn't get the point of the episode

Where's your proof?

Nice headcanon

>more example of luck
>brings up Zero when it's not important enough to get a single scene

Stop. With. The. Headcanon.


>There is no reason to believe Izuru had anything to do with AI creation.

Then why were you replying? I was talking to user that believed it was Izuru creating Chiaki AI to see which side was better.

not gonna lie I laughed when she was thrown across the classroom

>Fuck this shit, I'll just get wasted

There was very little reason for Komaeda to meet with Izuru in the first place.
Granted we got that gun meme that's glorious but other than showing that Izuru got SHSL luck it was pointless
Probably because they're a bunch of rejected design in the first place, like Bandai or Gozu

>didn't get the point of my post

Junko's actual personality is the blank, monotone one. I think that was confirmed. All of her other "personalities" are acts.

That's what I'm talking about, Junko put it there. I really could just go on, like how she knew all about Juzo being gay and she knew he'd confront her. Junko doesn't have luck, she has analysis.

She mentions a father in one scene. Someone will have to look it up I guess

>a girl who does everything based on how it makes her feel or how it makes the people around her feel
>a thinker


Flask of unlimited Booze

>Naegi loses an additional waifu, Hajime gets his back
Why does Kodaka hate DR1 so much?

It didn't happen off-screen, we saw it happening.

Why is celes such a bitch?



DR0 happened, we just didn't see it in the anime.

>Junko doesn't have luck

Too bad that directly contradicts what we're shown

>junk food
>he canonically hates junko food
Now that's true despair.

>Chiakifags still exist after this episode

>Izuru has been portrayed as this ultimate evil despair force of destruction
>He literally did nothing
>Absolutely nothing except defend himself twice

From Hope's Peak Academy, two Izurus were born

Meme magic is real

DR0 HAPPENED OFFSCREEN after last week's episode. junko's uniform in this episode confirms it and she talked about the trustees being dead and she seems mad at mukuro so she's punishing her for going off script thats why she's beating her up more this episode

I missed him

Yakuza doing yakuza things

Only one of those 3 is still a virgin


This episode basically confirmed Naegi is literally the anti-Junko

>implying Kirigiri isnt alive by miracle that's to Seiko's last wish.
>there are people who believe she's dead.

>Izuru wants to see which is stronger
>Hope vs Despair (Chiaki AI vs Junko AI)

But...in the end it was Izuru's confidence seeping through to Hajime that saved the day.

True it was motivated by Chiaki AI final meeting but still.

So in a way, Izuru saved the day himself.

He cried once

Who would win in a drinking contest
Booze man or Japanese goblin ?

That's exactly what I said

It's a USB you retard

>They aren't wearing Hope Peak's uniforms

Yeah, notice how Junko has changed clothes this episode. DR0 happened between episode 10 and 11.

>Donuts and Kirigiri hanging out together
But what does it mean?

Junko is kinda scary when she drops the act.

Pretty much all of her plans have worked because if luck and Mukuro. Having your twin be SSL soldier and obsessed with you is also luck.

Don't you hate your earlier, sloppier attempts at art?

It's only natural to be ashamed of your old work when you feel you've moved past that.

Is he the ultimate hope?

Mitarai only has 1 episode left to prove he's not irrelevant

Who /comfy/ here even after that tsumarani episode?


>didn't watch this episode

Cry harder

>The main point of Mikan character is to be Junko bitch
The main point of her character is for the audience to feel bad for her.
It matter cause Mikan was force while it'dsMukuro own choice.If Mikan Junko bitch so is the rest of class 77.

The reality is, she doesn't feel anything.

I hate MBTI charts because they're stupid and autistic. Someone can spend a lot of time thinking and still be an emotional person, or, rather than leaning into one extreme, straddle the line.

But then I suppose most of you are autistic.

That explains the boat scene, he wasn't really a despairfag

I'm wondering how he escaped from the Tragedy. We just saw him hide underground in today's episode.

>Izuru's confidence
nah, it was Hajime's confidence activating with waifu power which activated his control of Izuru powers. Izuru is too tsumaranai to have confidence.

the one with mushrooms on her head?

Nagito never liked Hajime as a talentless hack. He only liked hope.

You're misinterpreting what you're shown. Even the most notable example of her "luck", running into Mitarai, wasn't her coincidentally finding out about the brainwashing anime or anything. She took one look at him and knew he was important and pursued that path.

>if it wasn't for Junko, his anime would have been good
so meta

Peko really needs to go on a Diet


This guy hasn't done shit. If you told me Junko learned how to brainwash people from a book, I'd honestly believe you more.

Local Anime Ruins Everything

Are we even going to have time to have Naegi explain it all to this song next Future?


>delusional Kirigirifags still believe she's alive

They're getting locked in to live here, they're probably not gonna be wearing the uniform for however long it takes until they can leave.

>J-Junko didnt do nuffin, Munakata.

So is our girl.

It is literally Hajime and Chiaki fusing, dear god how dense are you?

How so?
Yeah we didn't see her corpse. We saw it in the last episode.
She's deader than disco

How will this little shit redeem himself?


>She doesn't feel anything

That doesn't mean she isn't a Feeler, though.

Junko's motivations aren't centred around any objectivity or logic -- everything she does is about subjectivity, personal feelings/emotions, etc.

I'd hate to knock you out of your sense of superiority though.

Hey, you're right. Fuck that normie, wanting to get at my lucky Lucks

I love seeing Juzo's self-esteem and heart shattered.

he just went with the flow

Naegi and Hinata are going to do at the same time in HOPE

No, you're inserting headcanon into contrived writing to make it seem less bullshit

Junko is a perfect example of lucky, not competent

Even in your example there's a ridiculous amount of luck involved for him to be there at that precise moment

So if it happened, it's relevant to understanding Junko (and Mukuro)
Just don't see it that way. To me she makes her own luck. It's not luck if it's an event she's pursuing and predicting.

He's literally the most useless character in the entire anime.

The apocalypse happened like 5 minutes later
It's not like Munakatana could have stopped it

No, thats the manic depressive one.

>Side Hope
It's over Junko

Give up

What has funimation said?

>junko food

Rate despair arc on the scale of 10 after this episode

So he made the choice himself in the end.

And Junko said she wanted to make everyone Junko including Izuru. I don't think even being bored as Izuru would let that shit happen to himself.

MBTI is just astrology for men. Fucking worthless.

It's funny they drew it with much thicker outlines.

Are you a literal autist? That theory is as retarded and dead as Real Chiaki.

This was creepy. Seeing how happy the were after getting brainwashed. shit mang

Timeskip though because of DR0.

So their child will have the same haircolor right?
Oh god I figured out Hopebot parents.

2/10, 2 points for the gun meme as the rest absolute dire dogshit.

>TFW you can't watch the newest episode of Despair
Hopeman save me!

Cucks unite when Sayaka won the Hopebowl.

I don't think he can.

He literally can't at this point. He could've TRIED to make a HOPE ANIME but goddamn even Junko made a better one by accident.

She perfected all of his techniques in like a day or two.


best frendo
kiri can safely hands over naegi to assahina

Because HOPE brought back the dead Class 78 students didn't it?

No it's not relevant since we now know that Hopeman's school bombing adventure has more plot relevance than DR0

It's side material that doesn't even need to be brought up, the only thing you can take from it is """"""analysis"""""""

Not how she uses it, because we see that

I like how he smiled when he asked "What, you don't believe me?"

Answer me this.

Who was watching her?

The luckiest part about it is she happened to bump into a guy who goes to her school. Again, go back to the password, Junko's been setting up Chisa since the beginning.

>no Chiaki body
Goddamn it this better not be going where I think it's going

>Hajime and Chiaki
>Merging with his waifu
>What is "Tsumaranai.."
>What are those red eyes

God user, there is a limit to how autistic you can be and you just crossed it.

So DR2 is just Izuru going
>If Hajime wins, hope wins
>If Hajime fails, despair wins


>Mahiru calling Souda by his first name.

So were they a thing or are they not casual now cause zetsubou?

Oh shit, that slip of the tongue.

Two actually and Ogata said he is gonna be important next EP.

>for the audience to feel bad for her.

Yeah, nah.

Literally mediocre.

>retard's only argument
>mu-muh side hope

It's just as relevant as the anime or the games.


Stop forcing this shit user, it goes against what we're given and only makes the writing even worse

Which is what happens when you can pick and choose which headcanon you're going to accept

So it's your own opinion you're pushing then. Whatever.

Fucking Junkofags. So since plot armor is luck, they decided plot conviniece is apprently "Analyst"

Tengan, before he made her into Chiakizuru

But why?
What could he possibly have in mind for a petite cute girl gamer who the official SHSL Hope considered the ultimate representation of Hope?

Someone screencap Junko using her binoculars already fuck


Junko does feel emotions, they're just very superficial, shallow and poorly processed -- everyone feels emotions, even "unfeeling" sociopaths. They just feel emotions on a level that aren't like ours.

I don't think anyone but autists think it's the be all and end all of human behaviour -- it's just kinda fun/amusing, much like astrology.

ultimate tv addict

Mahiru always call the girls for their first name.

This is for our own good

I guess? Doesnt really matter now since Hajime's personality is back and he wont let the others despair.

She said Souda, which is his surname.

Why would it be

Is it Monday yet, I want to get off this ride.



>Hajime's personality is back
>Tsumaranai on the docks

The ride is over next Thursday.

>just as relevant
>doesnt come up during the end of the series
>characterization doesn't fit in with the end of the series

It's not relevant at all

5? You're being generous there my man. I can't give this arc a 5. I give Future a 7 though as it was somewhat decent. Not even good, but in comparison to this arc it makes it seem like a masterpiece.

This arc has just been shit and horrendous to watch. It's been an atrocity to see plot armor and plot devices being written so poorly. They could've easily written it better, yet they didn't.

Tsumaranai, the arc.

>Hajimeme is back


Some sick guy with snuff fetish

Yeah, and we saw Juzo's corpse in episode 9.

i see what you did there

I thought it was Kazuichi.

0. You're constantly led to think that things eventually won't be played straight, and then they're played straight.

>Next Week
>Mirai-hen ending

Fuck its going to be such a wild ride, I'm gonna miss you guys once it's over.

Stop being vague, what exactly do you disagree with me about, specifically.
Luck and Analysis both are associated with probability, so I can see why it'd be confusing for you. The difference is someone like Nagito has no control over his probability-shaping talent. Junko analyzes situations to make things that seem low probability happen.

>Setting up Chisa since the beginning
I'm sure she also made sure it was raining and that Chisa wouldnt notice her cellphone or that the class77 would leave the class so she would find them or that Hope man would find her secret hiding spot so Chisa could find it as well.

Yeah no.

no one's taking it seriously, you autist

I can't help but think about this. If all the comatose Class 77 people wake up, it's a happy end for all of them. But Fujisaki, Sakura, Ishimaru? They're still dead for good.


No, it wasn't Izuru. We know because he walked right up to her then.

Why is Hopeman so handsome?
Would you fuck him?

Stop inserting your headcanon

We've talked about it enough, don't deflect

His brain is still a little screwed up and also red herring to match with pic related from the despair episode. But compare Izuru in chapter 0 to Hajime in the DR2 epilogue. They arent the same.

And 77th class victims are innocent.
That's true despair.

The characterization is consistent, and whether something appears in DR3 isn't determinative on whether it's relevant.

More like they were chess pieces in his game of HOPE v DESPAIR: Dawn of FUTURE

>I thought it was Kazuichi.

That's his given name.

It's just longer and harder to remember for the English speaking audience so everyone just calls him Souda.

What? What sort of bullshit headcanon are you dragging this from?

No, not everybody feels emotions. Even in real life, it's called "apathy".

Though sociopaths do, it's empathy they're lacking.

Use the catalog before making new threads.

Holy shit I swear you retards never check the catalog first

There was already a new thread

I haven't had this much fun since the days of Geass. I'm going to miss it too.

The whose case 3 was just to develop her whole character into Junko's bitch. Anime emphasized it by making her the first and easiest person to become Junko's bitch. Even the bullying by Junko was identical between Mikan and Mukuro.

I don't think there's anything else important about those two characters in this anime. If you think the whole class 77 was the same then it just further proved how shit and bland this despair arc was.

Why not? This is more ridiculous than her setting up everything in DR0?

I wanna lick his collarbones.

The production value and the characters being somewhat likable for me give it that much.
The rest is ass, maybe a 4.

Yeah, no way Kodaka would end this with "Hajime actually killed himself in DR2". Hahime still needs his superpowers to fight Chiakizuru which means he still has occasional tsumaranais.

The characterization is not consistent from DR0 to 3, and its in fact not relevant if it can be COMPLETELY glossed over with ZERO consequence

It's not even companion material like it used to be, it's completely on the side

HOPE, that's why

How is the characterization inconsistent? And again DR3 isn't the bible on DR, it's of equal importance to all other canon material.

Here we go again. At least this is the last time I'll have to put up with you shitters as this is the last Despair Arc thread.

I'm just trying to stay as objective as I can. But I really can't say anything about Despair arc but give it a 2/10 as the only thing that actually got me ecstatic on my chair was the gun meme and the cliffhanger of both Nidai/Gundam and Juzo vs. normies.

Yet none of that happened.

Future arc was a 7/10 as at least those cliffhangers made up for their expectations, even if the entire Class 76 trio was a fucking waste and nothing more than filler tier garbage.

Your rating on Mirai arc if I may ask?

Yes because as she said Hope is unpredictable which means everything with Chisa was not on her. She even mentioned Komaeda specifically this episode.

I meant episode

>it's bullshit headcanon because it's not your bullshit headcanon

we have no indication that Junko plain doesn't feel emotion -- if that were true, she wouldn't be completely obsessed with feelings of despair. They'd be no different to anything else for her.

Junko's a bored sociopath -- she does feel some emotion, but her emotions are typically shallow and fleeting, hence her constant need to plunge everything into deeper and deeper despair.


If apathy were a constant, endless state then I guess you could say people don't feel emotion,, but even the apathetic have some sense of emotion towards something or other.

That's a stretch, Junko says hope is unpredictable (does she say that? I only remember her saying Despair is unpredictable) so that means we should just throw out all that stuff about her being the ultimate analyst? She seemed to read Chisa like a book.

Which was reveal in the same game she wasn't the only one no matter if Junko brainwash them one way or the other.

Kamakura doesn't feel emotion. Junko feels emotion, but it's extremely shallow and fleeting, more akin to a drug rush, hence her obsession with despair.

It did give somewhat of a characterization to Munakata and Juzo, but I still introduced many characters that did nothing and the plot is a hole-filled as ever.
I still enjoyed it tho.
6.5 I guess.

7 for hope

>Loved Matsuda her entire life and stomped his body into a hamburger after killing him without really knowing why
>Obsessed with despair and sees it as her only means of connecting to others, going out of her way to plunge people into it
>all of her motivations revolve around how things make her and others feel
>has a deep and complex understanding of human behaviour/emotion and is able to use that understanding to manipulate others

>doesn't feel anything

But it's just my subjective rating. I don't go declaring my rating as objective. Why the hell would you even get mad over this my man?

I agree, the 76 trio and people like Bandai/Gozu and hell even Kizakura lacked so much characterization, it was just meh to see designs going to waste in order to rush through some stuff. AT least the mystery kept me in there, if there was no mystery then I don't know if I could've kept watching it.

Angry posts ruin my mood. Maybe shitter was the wrong term. But I read all these posts about how much people hated despair arc and I can't join in the anger because I didn't hate it and I can't have any fun.

I tried as fast as I can. Fuck Gundham and Celes, especially. I am not sure what is chuuni and what is real with them.

> she doesn't feel anything
She feels boredom and despair, you should know at least this.

I think they show it where she is saying how they're all going to die once they leave the school in DR1 when neagi is injecting everyone with his hope.

Don't get me wrong my man. I don't hate the anime or this arc, I just think it's lackluster and written quite badly. That doesn't directly mean I hate it, I just prefer Future arc by miles as there's an actual mystery going on and it's a less of a bullshit circus if you take away the shonen fights.

Yeah, I apologize. I take things too seriously.

I just feel like the general mood in the threads is more positive post-Future and more negative post-Despair, and I like the former better. Perhaps I'm crazy?

It just happens to be that way my man. Most people hate to see the original story tinkered with and with Cred Forums it'll always end up in everyone losing their shit for a day or half a day and then it calms down.

Future doesn't have that shit as it's all new and so there's not really anything to hate on except if it's "bullshit" or if it's timeskips/pacing etc.

And no need to say sorry about it all. If these people annoy you just don't react to them as it'll only lead to you getting annoyed while they'll keep on posting the same shit in the next thread. Hell, there's a high chance you might even get into the same discussion with them in the next damn thread my man.

I think you should reread though Komaeda's free times and Dangan Island events. He doesn't have anything against normalcy and lack of talents. He actually wishes to an extent he was born without talent and wonders what kind of peaceful life he could of have.

I really disagree with most of those.


It's easy to be comfy when you're retarded enough to get ripped off and feel good about it.

>anyone cares what you rate something

go blog somewhere else newfag

No more despair means no chance to see more despaired 2 cast. I can't be bothered to download the RAW, did despair Ibuki get some screen time?

Alright, those are okay

Togami, proabily Munakatana too should be here

Okay without Munakatana and Togami

Monaca sounds like ENFJ to me

Seems alright

Swap Ryota and Mikan

Sonia is most probabily ENTP, Candyslut is ESFJ

Junko should be ENTJ, Nagito is INFJ/ENFJ. Ibuki should be here

Kuzuryu is E

Sakura is INFJ, Mikan in INFP

Lacks Kuzuryu

Sounds alright


Gundham is most probabily INTJ/INFJ


Not sure Weedman should be here, probabily ENFP.

Thread's about to die so I can't really argue, but I feel like you're pretty wrong on this.

Kek, quote it next thread if you have something to argue