Knights & Magic anime announced

Knights & Magic anime announced.

>A mecha otaku is reincarnated into another world as Ernesti Echevalier (Eru). In this world, exist huge humanoid weapon known as Silhouette Knight. Dreaming of piloting those robots, Eru, with childhood friends, Archid Walter and Adeltrud Walter: together they will aim to become Knight Runner, pilot of Silhoutte Knight.


Is this mecha.


>reincarnated into another world


Okay. Does it have anything else to distinguish itself from fantasy mecha shows?

The mc is a very feminine looking small boy.

>reincarnated into another world
This will be shitpost fodder of the season won't it.

The mc is a gary stu autist. His defining feature is that he's an autist.

A robot autist and programming wizard. He almost wanted to kill himself before discovering that there were resl mechas in that world.


MC is mechasexual, so no.

Which is the best girl in the harem?

>ernesti echeverria

>LN translation in hiatus

Wow, that sounds like the more extreme self-insert isekai protagonist.

By extreme, I mean pathetic.

The mc is the best girl.

> google it
> this is an accurate summary
> it's not even him in the new world he dies and is reincarnated as a beautiful, talented nobleman.

God that's disgusting.

I can't tell if this is the grade-school fantasy of a hopeless social reject who thinks life isn't fair because nobody realizes how perfect they are, or tailor-made to pander to hopeless social rejects who think life is unfair because nobody realizes how perfect they are.

This is great just to see all the nerds getting triggered. The isekai genre is practically some kind of perpetual butthurt on the same level as shipper fags losing.

But I don't see it being any good, and predict it will be cheap CGI that looks stupid.

The kid stays in school for roughly 3 volumes max, and he already takes over the school within the first 2 and uses it as his private factory until he graduates early. After that it's pure war with other countries or fighting monster swarms with his army of gundams.

It also doesn't pretend he was a loser in any way even in his old life, just that he's mechasexual and takes 6 volumes to kiss a girl.

>hopeless social reject who thinks life isn't fair because nobody realizes how perfect they are
Narou light novel is actually about social rejects thinking that life isn't fair because they are born without useful abilities or no ability at all and if given opportunity of another life with superior set of abilities they could actually win at life, if you think about it its much realistic life outlook.

Of course if they are born into a world that caters for them they'd be good at living.

But wouldn't it be more realistic to change oneself to fit into what the world expects instead of expecting the world to change into something that will fit oneself?

Of course not, what am I talking about, everyone prefers to be given another opportunity knowing that they've wasted this one life.


I'm unironically gonna enjoy the next 5 years of isekai adaptions.

He's mechasexual. If it's not a giant piece of machinery in the shape of man he can't even get a stiffy.

Samurai Mecha Shiva

I'll watch up to the Behemoth fight at least.

Fantasy mecha, a bit more than Break Blade was.

Is it better than Break Blade?

It's a different kind of story. A self insert fantasy kind of story.

So basically mecha mahouka.

With Ryuusei from SRW:OG as MC.

Can't we just like, use terrorist tactics to stop Japan from making isekai shit?

Can't you just like, kill yourself?

You can stop reading/seeing it. That or get another hobby.

It's perpetual butthurt because trash like this keeps getting adapted as opposed to something that at least has a chance of not being garbage. Not to mention they're all the rage these days and every bottom of the barely writer is churning one out.

It's "triggering" because towards the show we have the exact same expectation you do only we contextualize it with the rest of the industry and this is a particularly annoying fad.

That's not to say isekai writing is inherently bad, it's just that there's little chance it's not.

No. Nobody gives a shit.
Being reborn or teleport to another world is just a trope to insert the main character into the setting anyway.
If this particular story is shit, it will be because it's mechashit.

Isekai is a vehicle for self-insert and wish fulfillment fantasy, just like generic harem and VN adaptations and LN adaptations. It's an indication of the quality of writing, which is generally poor since the barrier to entry for writing these kinds of stories is very low.

Maybe this is the industries attempt to kill off this genre since people get extra special asshurt when something involves mecha of any kind.

That just says something about the author being bad.

>muh quality
You don't watch or read this kind of stuff for the quality of writing, it's basically intellectual fast food, as long as it can entertain that's all that matters. If I wanted quality there's plenty of other things I could bother myself with but I don't.

Eh its ok but would've liked something else.

At least I would have a blast with Cred Forums if this was an Arifureta annoucement

Yeaaa, although I wouldn't go that far. I mean some of the enemies are tough and shit so he has to build decent mechs. I'd say building mechs is one of the main focuses.

Although there's no doubt its the usual ORETUEE type.

I'm a huge mechafag and I still found it complete garbage, even for WN isekai shit. I've got no idea why it's getting adapted.

I'll probably watch up to the Behemoth fight at least. I hope it doesn't look like shit.

Dude surely you jest.

Who do you think this is aimed at? Mostly the narou readers that are growing day by day. I'd bet they even know how many people will buy it almost exactly.

It's going to die down. Just like harems did.

Just look at the next season. Zero harems.

The funny thing is almost all isekai series sell like shit.

The only ones that got popular were a parody or a "deconstruction".

They are going to replace the seasonal high school harems selling 2-3k.

Stuff like this is a trend after all. Just like trends die down and then get replaced by something else.

>Knights and Magic
>actually it's Mecha and Isekai
fuck this

>otaku is reincarnated into another world
How novel and avant-garde.

>mecha otaku is reincarnated into another world

Hopefully the next thing won't be as cancer as isekai.

but guys he has RETURN BY DEATH WOW XD

>I died and I was reborn as a popular idol.

Nah, you'll still keep bitching about whatever is popular.

Same. But its probably going to be some terrible CGI shit.

Yes but in this case you have a literal isekai vomiting machine called 'syosetsuka ni narou'
I doubt anything will change soon unless you can do something about that.

Wish someone would animate the vending machine one.

I'm trying to figure out if that's even an argument.
>It's bad but that's fine because I like it?
Okay? I like some bad things too, but I don't need a large chunk of new published media to be bad. Because they're all apples from the same tree they get pretty thematically same-y to the point it's like reading or watching the same thing with different window dressing.

mentions, in terms of adaptations this is the new fad and it's probably replacing those highschool romcoms and to a lesser extent highschool LNs. For some it may be a breath of fresh air, but for others its just as stale, it just smells different.

I can't complain too much though, we get enough variety so there's still other stuff to watch, it's just these trends usually aren't that profitable and often lead to a lot of unnecessary, soulless adaptations with rarely an odd gem.

I'm telling you to stop bitching because the majority of things will always be bad and incessantly whining about them won't change a single damn thing. There will always be garbage, learn to fucking ignore it if you don't like it. Learn to not expect quality, quality is a luxury, not a requirement.

Bitching and moaning and shitposting is Cred Forums bread and butter unfortunately. Everybody here has really high blood pressure.

I'm not exactly a smart guy either, because I'm bitching about other people bitching about things.

Wait, is that a government program or something? It sounds like it since you used the Japanese form of Romanization rather than common Western ones.

Man, I wonder if Ixion Saga DT would have been more popular if it had been released during this glut of Isekai adaptation rather than a few years prior to it. Heck, since there were already enough isekai shows in existence to form a solid parody years ago, what caused this really sudden fad now?

Well it's one big difference from other Isekai is that the MC only wants to use his newfound protagonist powers to pilot giant robots and have fun giant robot battles.

To the point where he stats allowing technology to be leaked from his country so the other countries can put up a better fight

>talented programmer gets killed by a Japanese truck, is reincarnated as a cute boy, and gets thrown into a world where his knowledge of programming and love for giant robots gives him a notable edge
So this is what true art is, huh?

>these trends usually aren't that profitable
Overlord, Konosuba and Re:Zero. These are the recent narou adaptions and they actually sold very decently.
Especially Overlord. Nobody was expecting 10k+ for each of the Blu-ray Vol.

Now that the few experiments were a success I'm sure they'll make more and its already happening. Although with this one I'm not expecting much

It's but Japanese.

Imagine royalroad but things actually getting picked up and published.

Oh wow they are going full normalfag isekai.

Where's my Commushou hentai.

Overlord's success is partially due to its lottery ticket though. Each of the volumes came with a lottery ticket to win the chance to be one of three people having their original characters getting drawn by the artist so-bin as a tapestry and be officially included in the light novel, thus becoming canon.
Of course, the other bonus goodies were nice too, but that one was the main draw.

Wonder how many people are gonna get triggered if Shield Hero or Mushouku Tensei get an anime.

Hey man, I'm not even angry. I'm just dispassionately pointing out why people get "triggered" by the term Isekai. It's just not a hallmark of quality and I'm sure people wish something else was being made instead. But just because I'm not angry doesn't mean I can't criticize or opine. I happen to like Escaflowne which is isekai and fantasy mech, so I popped in here.

I still don't understand how autists can't handle mechs but can deal with all manner of SAO-Naruto-whatever battle shonen is popular garbage

Had no idea about that one user.

Thought it was mainly because all the side stories which where almost as big as books and other goodies being included.

No worries, was just venting.

Trends always start profitable, that's how they become trends, but looking at LN and previously VN adaptations you can see how the performance is very inconsistent.

>obessive creep dies and gets reincarnated and a handsome man in a world with nothing but perfect conditions to his obsessivness
That's genius, why haven't I thought that?

That is so original!

So the MC is a huge mecha otaku like myself! Wow, this might even be as good as Re:Zero.

Nah, he was actually popular and well liked at his workplace. Was also relatively good looking.

For the same reason I can handle mechs but I rarely enjoy SAO-Naruto-whatever battle shonen? Let's be honest, it's mostly taste, and when you get down to it, both formats are filled with some bottom of the barrel content.

>Knights & Magic
>Interesting title, I wonder what it's abou--

I remember when knights and magic actually meant something in anime. Where did it all go wrong?

Except Break Blade is good.

>isekai mecha
I'm in

So basically instead of "nobody" is "the world"
>life isnt fair because the world doesn't realize how perfect they are
>but in a world that does, they are indeed perfect

Oh geez, how foward.

I wonder why they keep writing novels instead of commiting suicide, if they believe this

Shit. This is going to be worst than ReShit


Translations were already dead

Yeah because Isekai and Mecha haven't been done before right?

At least we had trash translations with bakadogeza, what the hell i really gotta learn moonrunes now

yeah who ever had the bright idea to put a mech in an "another world series"?

Thanks a lot, Tomino

actually he has a good job and idiot savant level programming skills

his only past life flaw is that he loves mechs too much

Funnily enough like the Youjo senki protag, he wasn't even a loser in his previous life.

You could have have used Escaflowne, Maze, or even Masou Kishin too, but don't compare them to that shit.
It's really fucking bad.

Is this the MC?

Is he a trap?

Picked up.

Fuck I remember reading like half of the first volume of this before finally dropping it. It's absolute garbage.

Dunbine is good.

really it was kinda obvious that this series would get an anime

>another world
>"city surrounded by monsters" setting

It just screams "this will get an anime"

though it's kinda weird that people here hate mech Isekai when Escaflowne exists.

>Not liking Dunbine

>thinks Escaflowne isn't garbage

Ahh, a woman. What brings you to this refuge, sweetcakes?

>Not liking Dunbine

Shoo Shoo, filthy Gainaxfag. You don't like mecha. You're just an animation whore.

Why can't we just have an anime with an original protagonist who isn't reincarnated? Who is even fucking asking for all this reincarnation shit? Who wanted it in the first place?

Look we get a fappable trap out of it. I don't know what you people are complaining about.

basically it's a story about Tetsuya trying to turn knight mechs into Gundams

OPMC is OP, the best parts is him trying to actually design the mechs which he's not as OP in

Is he really a trap?

Picked the fuck up.

They are all kiddies who were born in the year 1995.

It makes me even angrier that they're sullying a cute trap with this shit.

All those Magical High School series?

Original or Transferred really doesn't effect the quality of the protagonist there's good and bad on each side

The MC is the girl(male) with the purple hair in the picture. So yes.

Newsflash, you are not the target audience, you are not the majority, your bitching doesn't mean shit because this wasn't meant for you in the first place.

At this point I'd prefer those again.

Don't compare Dunbne to Knights & Magic.
Calm down, retards, or I'll Tomino your ass.

well you're in luck

there's not much difference between Onii-sama and Eru (autism, "magic is a program" unstoppable OP abilities, all the ladies love him but is too autistic to care, etc.)

But is there an isekai/reincarnated/transported MC that scored though? I can only recall those who never score, except maybe SAO (that is more the trapped in a MMO kind)

Vanadis boy scored, Rakudai boy scored, Onii-sama is Onii-sama.

Yes, plenty, both genders.

Mushoku Tensei is one of the most popular isekai around and Rudy scored plenty

yeah now it looks that this

They're going to animate it in CGI and it'll look awful, won't it?

Vallimar is that you?

I'd be fine if they get Orange.

Valimar is way cooler looking. That's a Soldat.

Why can't Japan just make a series about manly men covered head to toe in heavy plate fighting wizards

Cause wizards win.

I'm open to any new mecha action so I don't care if it's isekai or whatever.

Tell that to 300 pounds of man and steel riding 2000 pounds of horse

and they'll be roasted by 1000 megatons of lightning

I think that this guy understands the reason
Japanese men are just too effeminate and beta for anything about heavily armored knights riding around, smiting and cleaving. At least Berserk is still ongoing.

Sauce of pic?

Sansha Sanyou


Cygnar called, they want that sword returned ASAP.

Good. It'll be an uphill battle. Finding ways to win.

I read some of this LN, it's as bad as it sounds. There is basically no conflict in this LN. It's just the hero being OP and amazing all the time. The only good thing is the protag is a trap.

>reads mecha mahouka
>wonders why there's no actual conflict
>expecting good writing in the first place despite knowing what you're getting into
You only have yourself to blame.

He's right though. Nobody is asking for this shit. All generic isekai sells like shit. Overlord is about a fucking lich and also rides on MMO popularity. Re Zero turns isekai formula on it's head and got popular thanks to crazy marketing. Konosuba was a parody of generic isekai shit.

Actually, this is the FIRST reincarnation one we have.

Previous ones we're all trapped in another world or transported to another world, this is the first anime of reincarnated into another world.



The prot of konosuba died at the begining

Nah he's right. Kazuma didn't start off as a baby again. It ain't reincarnation.

Youjo Senki then.

My bad