Chimera Ant Arc

>Chimera Ant Arc

I've never seen a shows plot come to such a grinding halt before. Holy shit

Not sure what you mean by that.
Just because the arc is long doesn't mean the plot doesn't move within the arc itself.

Literally "tell, don't show" the anime.

Be thankful you weren't reading Hiatus x Hiatus during this arc.

>1 minute has passed in 10 chapters
>see you next year!

Hiatus almost killed the arc. Togashi started the chimera ants plot in 2003 and just ended in 2012.

I dont know how togashi can make his characters look like they are having a serious talk when it's shallow af

Was long enough to make Togashi convert into moe.

i was gonna make the same thread at some point.

The ant arc killed the entire show for me. It felt so fucking out of place that the witty and exciting feeling of the whole hunter exam and the road thowards find the dad was compleatly gone.

by the time the arc was over, i didnt really care anymore.

He does that with most of the characters.

This, even the so despised GI made me feel more.

East Gorteau 1-3 looks more moe than the rest of her appearances.


>start skipping text because it's mostly wall of text with little action
>arc is already over

Togashi should just quit manga and write a book already, it's already obvious he hates drawing

I still can't believe that, after 2011 finished airing, it changed the public opinion from the most hated arc in the manga to the most loved in all shonen.

It starts off incredibly slow but the ending of the arc was extremely good.

What's weird is that is was only the case for said arc. Pretty dumb 2bh

It was really slow but I liked it a lot. Best ending song of the anime.

This, CA arc felt 25 episodes too long

The ending scenes in diego's castle are absolutely top tier, but the gap between Kite's death and the games of gungi felt like a real drag, specially when they were introducing fodder ants all the time and that Rammot drama. With that said, Gon x Knuckle still is one of my personal favorites; The way Gon threw a Paper projectile to distract Knuckle and hit him from behind felt like something out of a fighting game.

My favorite arc of pretty much any anime

delete this godfucking dammit, 99 was better!

Shoot was such a cool character. I loved his interactions with Knuckle.

And there's literally nothing wrong with it, it's a manga, not a movie, you fucking retard.

>"tell, don't show" the anime
>it's a manga
Are you fucking retarded? Also, manga are still a visual medium, and show don't tell isn't even limited to visual media in the first place.