Why can't I stop reading this shit?

Why can't I stop reading this shit?

And why didn't they just make it the ongoing adventures of based Gendo?

It's fun, way too much fanservice though. I'm with you OP, Gendo is so based there.

i inly read the first 5 chapters , no enough fanservice ? is it going to have more fanservice ? should i complete it

It kinda goes full ham with it later on. Every other chapter seems to be
>all the girls are having a bath together while Rei is hiding cause she isn't as stacked as everyone else and Asuka's mum keeps grabbing Asuka's chest

they really have ugly legs in that manga . why can't the artist draw more sexy legs

Why does Rei have a penis?

That's a jungle down there

ah neo genesis gendo

It's literally Archie comics. Except better, betty and veronica are pretty plebby. But Jughead is fun. Anyway, no one ever really gets sick of Archie, it's literally the oldest comic book probably.

The shinji/asuka.rei thing is the same way. Except better.

Its good but the way they (Sadamoto, Anno and co.) thought up the Eva premise is

>there's this cool nerve in the brain through which all important shit like motor function, emotions etc traverse
>also this nerve is very closely linked to familial ties, genetics etc
>mecha/biological entity(Eva) which interfaces with the pilot through this vein
>literally mother is the Eva and the child is the pilot ie pregnancy model

That wouldnt work that well with Gendo because maternal connection is biological and mental while the lover connection is just mental.
Not phrased exactly well but you get my point I hope

i already knew that but thank you for killing my fun

Superman first appeared in June 1938. Archie first appeared in December 1941.

>slice of life comedy w/ Gendo piloting EVA01, dealing with his bitch wife Yui, and their cuck son Shinji.

I'd watch it just for a change of pace.

i coudn't complete it . did shinji fuck asuka and rei?

did they ever upload all the chapters?

Gendo adventures are for prequels.









This is now a Fuyutsuki appreciation thread.

>Fuyutsuki I truly [tiny fucken moonspeak]
What did he mean by this?

Have you never seen EoE?



I mean it's obviously a reference to that scene, but I'm sure he doesn't mean the same thing. I bet it's some kind of joke. There's actual text in that panel, unlike Gendo's silent lines in EoE.


Doesn't look like actual text to me.

This is where I would normally say you are wrong and a faggot but unlike the rest of the text it's not even translated to begin with so you are probably right.

I've only found up to v15. I haven't found a fan translation of it, just the official Dark Horse one

>haven't found a fan translation of it
weird, wounder why?


So who won?

Probably nobody. The only manga where someone actually "won" in the end was Angelic Days.

BookWalker has the digital copy of v18 for like 5 bucks. I'm thinking about buying it just to see how it ends.



i just fuckin lost it to this

Nobody won.

Work for hire, khara owns this. This is even a licensed localization.


>World's Greatest Dad

Asuka confirming once again she is the cutest.

ugh, what a turn off

>Asuka's mom is an adorable clutz
>Became a deranged loon in the main universe
I always feel uncomfortable about this

No, that's the best thing; Raising Project uses the design from Sadamoto's manga, where Kyoko was never okay to begin with.

Did she even have a design in the anime? All I remember is her looking like the adults in Charlie Brown

She's shown in End and 22, not clearly but with short dark hair. I would guess she was changed to resemble Yui less and the more distinctive look was favored after.

>Why can't I stop reading this shit?
Because is the characters you're used to see suffering most of the time, having actually funny hijinks and a peaceful life, it's that easy

Manga Kyoko was the only one that was a danger to more than herself and Asuka, anyway. Shown here attacking a total stranger.

Gendo only love Yui though.

Is pic related also from this manga?







>Gendo goes GAR

Misato looks really cute here

wasn't that Yui?


well it did sure sounds like her.

Gendo is a cuck then