Would you?

Would you?

Would I what?

Would roleplay with her and buy her sweets

Hell yeah I'd bully her.

No, but I would the slightly less autistic one.

Good fucking lord either her hands are tiny or her head is fucking gigantic in that picture, I've never noticed before.

Should I?

Yes. But I'd rather her sister.



Are we okay sexualizing retards?

Only if they have those thighs

Our down syndrome children would be worth it.

Yes, Yuuta doesn't deserve her. Though i'm more into her sister.

Bullying the chunni is what I love best.

pinch her adorably chubby legs and ass? Yes.

you can't imagine how hard would i

I want to sleep with her so badly

What the hell Cred Forums, this wasn't scary at all.

would yuuta?

I would destroy her tight little asshole and once me and like 15 other guys have emptied our balls into her womb, I'll leave without taking responsibility


KyoAni lewd promo art incoming.

Why is she so phat?


So fucking BIG.

I wonder if she ever sat on Yuuta's face.





So you would, but would you take responsibility?

Reminder, Chunnis are the type to leglock you when they feel you're about to cum and then demand you cum inside them to complete the pairing. They have a loose idea of their own fertility cycles, and instead generally ignore them and have more sex while ovulating. It's almost a guarentee that if you're fuckign a chuuni, she's at her most fertile (since her hormones are causing her a lot of distress and making it hard to concentrate on more esoteric matters). As such, you will likely be seeing this face in a few months holding a positive pregnancy test.

Chuunis actually make decent teen moms, since they're used to social isolation which they will experience while pregnant and after giving birth. They also have strong maternal instincts, and witchcraft is a strong interest they have, and many spells and incantations revolve around the natural feminine cycle. She will likely be a happy mom, not prone to depression or mood swings. She may need help picking and eating healthy foods, since she's used to just eating whatever and whenever. A fun thing to do is to cook fun and interesting recipes for her, and to give them neat names that involve spells or the occult. This will be the easiest and best way to make sure she hits all of her nutrient goals for the day.

In the last month or so of her pregnancy, you will need to keep an eye on her. A big swollen belly and breasts makes it hard for her to do much combat or adventuring, and she needs to be kept near the home for the sake of her baby. You will also need to make sure you're ready for her water to break, and have a baby bag packed and accessible. It is likely that she will forget it in the confusion and excitement, so you should bring it with you. Don't forget to pack snacks for her, and some of her favorite things like books or video games to pass the time in the hospital. Boredom is very common there, as many new mothers forget to pack things for themselves.

All that being said, chuunis are actually very independent mothers. You will often come home to her gone with a note along with the baby. She enjoys taking him/her on trips around town, and actually gains a lot of confidence when carrying her child around. This is because now she has a reason to shopping for cute clothes and other things she enjoys, and also because she feels safer in general as a mother. She feels like she won't be attacked or stumble across a magical artifact by chance, as she now has a child to protect. It will make her more grounded in reality overall.

However, this can be a source of anxiety for her. Since she is looking after her child now, she may get depressed at the lack of wonder or magic in her life. Before, she could search for mystical artifacts for hours, but now she needs to stop by home to rest or refill her purse with snacks to help her produce milk. If you have taken responsibility, you can help her in these times by becomming slightly chuuni yourself. She can thus live vicariously through you. All you really need to do is act a little chuuni at home, tell about all the wonderful things you encountered, and maybe prepare a present every now and then. Things like Tarot card readings or mystical runestones are perfect. Little things that reconnect her to the world of magic and adventure.

She may also get more into reading and anime, and will be more content staying home at night with you. WHile she loves her baby, spending all day caring for a little person can be tiring. At the end of the day all she will want is a nice long soak in the bath and a foot massage on the bed. You'll often find her fast asleep with her head on your shoulder as you lay together in bed after a long day. She will stay that way until morning, or until the baby wakes up (if it's her turn to go soother him/her).

shes getting an abortion

Tell me more about the wonders of 2D pregnancy

What grade is she in?

Why I am feeling over this?

8th grade, DUH

The one with the most brain problems. Also probably the kind that if you said you were interested in someone that age you'd wind up getting van'd, phat chuuni ass or not.

But she's in grade six.

What does Rikka's butt smell like?

After a few years, the chuuni permanently changes into a new form. No longer obsessed with battling and adventuring, she becomes more interested in divination and spellcraft. As the child becomes more independent, she will focus more of her own time on her magickal studies and research. It won't be uncommon for you to come home and find your toddler carting around scrolls and mystical divination items for mommy while she sits in her underwear on the bedroom floor. It is likely that many of your child's first words will be magical in nature, and may be in another language.

Your chuuni will also become more invested in your relationship. Many people refer to the birth of the first child and the preceding few months to years as the honeymoon phase. During this time, relationships normally hold up nicely, as both parents want what is best for the child. As the child gets older, differences in parenting styles and expectations can make relationships tense or even hostile. Your chuuni is extra sensitive to this, because she sees you as a life partner, and your child as a physcial manifestation of this. So, in return, after the child is around 2 or 3, she will begin getting more interested in love spells, and reinjecting romance into your relationship. This will involve many gifts and strange potions left around the house for you, or slipped into your briefcase the night before work. Most of them are harmless, and some taste quite good. It is important to humor her at the very least. Drinking one and then claiming to be dizzy, before falling on top of her and kissing her deeply is a good way to give her some feedback as to how you feel she is doing both as a witch, and as a mother.

Additionally, it is also important for you to reinforce your attraction to her. Do not take her for granted, or she may come to resent you. On the other hand, if you are commited to her happiness, there will be many ways during this time to make her realize it.

What are you feeling, user? Happiness? Sadness?

>this is a Sixth Grader

>side mouth


this thread has an abnormal lack of best girl

What is this? Does she take the chuuni into full dom mode? That's kind of hot.

Isn't she a literal retard?

>"""best girls"""" face when she peeks into Rikka's window and sees Yuuta impregnating her with the force of 10,000 suns

seek help


S2 was such a fucking mistake

Most annoying girl ever made, prove me wrong.

sophia wasnt a mistake

Yeah, chuuni RP could spice up the sex in really interesting ways. Plus the ass was fat.

Why is Rikka so thicc?

pls post more thiccness

I love her so fucking much.

I love how they really committed to give her a fat ass. Normally characters with canonical fat asses have very inconsistent sizing but they definitely put the work in with her.

The weapons grade autism put off by the first 10 minutes of this is hurting me
And reminding me of what a fag I was in Middle School, oh god make it stop

Samefag here
I have never had such a strong physical reaction to anything like I am to this

How can you masochists watch this

I never had chuuni in middle school, so I can't relate to it in that way. I do feel like I missed a big part of my late childhood though.

Kaiji does the same to me, forced myself halfway through the first season though, it's not bad it just hurts.

>Memories of middle school come flooding back

This, am too chuuni myself for anything else

Ex-chuuni shame is great, isn't it? Now imagine your first crush discovering videos of you being chuuni and laughing hysterically.

Thing is. The anime you're making a joke about isn't all that scary either.

I want to put my dick between this retard's buttcheeks


Why do normalfags prefer Chuuni over the other Kyoani shows?

This thread done wonders for my adult-sized penis.

i can tell rikka smells terrible
and yet i really want to inhale her scent


Thinkin somene's work included checking that Rikka's ass was always perfectly fat makes me happy

Is funny and easier to relate to.




I used to be a huge autistic chuuni faggot so yeah. I've still got a soft spot for them.

don't worry. I only dropped the chuuni part

post the inside dammit

I remember being a chuuni faggot in elementary and middle school

I cringed about it in high school, mid 20s and now I laugh about it

>Giant heads on anime


That retard is tiny. Except for that fat ass

I remember being a chuuni in high school too
I still kind of am, it's mostly nostalgia but it's great to reminisce about those times
It was fun, especially in groups

I love using Cred Forums as my own private confessional so wanna know something sad?

I've only gotten more chuuni with age.
>Legit believe in chi/ki/prana
>Do Chi kung exercises
>Hope to someday have psychic powers as a result of these exercises
>On the more practical side you can legit use it to have multiple orgasms as a man, So that's cool too.

Summon a succubus

I'm not at home so this is the best I can do.

How many chuuni girls have rikka inspired?

I've seen Karen, Megumeme and that titty monster from YuYuYu strike similar poses

Holy fuck I just finished this anime and good god. Two seasons. TWO fucking seasons and they even got cockblocked by a fucking cellphone in the end.

How good does it feel?
Is it as closest as it can get to rikka?

Well just because of her cosplay on the box I'll say I give it an explosion/10.