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Because why the fuck not.

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Regulus looks like some Foreign prince, and Ley looks like a circus monkey, and i want both of then dead.

No thanks

These two will find happiness.


Look, there's no new content that hasn't been posted in the last thread already, so use the last one for discussion until it dies. When something new pops up, somebody is bound to look for a thread and, when they don't see one, make one. Dumb generalfags.

There is literally nothing to talk about. Stop it.

Is the anime or manga more faithful to he wn?

Kill yourself, newfriend falseflagger.

Please no. Don't turn a good thing into cancer,

They look a little like the 2 of the 3 stooges

Subaru is absolute best boy
I need atleast 100 votes to be satisfied with the results

It's already cancer, dumbshit.


Fuck off


You just know what kind of characters they are simply by looking at them.

Anime and manga are both faithful.

The manga makes Subaru a little too level headed when he's supposed to still be a sperg, but it does include some scenes that couldn't make it into the anime, like the AL scenes, and the extended candidate discussions.



user why did you place "General" there?

The mods are touchy about that shit.

They don't delete Jojo.

So we can keep all the cancer in one place.

You're a few months too late.

What are the chances of Subaru becoming a dark memelord?

Just when I thought Reddit:Zero newfags coundln't get any more cancerous

yet you're in here all the same

move over to the thread that won't be deleted

They like the series so defend the general and ignore reports of the shitposting inside of it.

How about fuck off.

kill yourself for posting an unnamed ram recolor with general in the title newshit

Daily priscilla

New Clairas translation!

>it's a false flag episode

>[Subaru : Good. Then, I will give you the coolest proposal ever. Turn your knife, stab your own stomach, and move it either way. You and I are both happy from seeing your own guts. It's hara-kiri challenge. How's that?]

>[Meili : Ahahahahahaha! That's splendid! Elsa, let's try it! Elsa, you really like guts. It must be funny!]

>[Elsa : Unfortunately, when I became like this, I already tried and bored from doing it.]

Christ Elsa.