Last episode today

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Go away Colette.

I think we are missing it already



Season 2 when






Good riddance.

Kissu confirmed

>good end

Was he shirtless after that swimming pool episode?


Please no.


35 minutes.


Here's all those Colette transparencies I promised last time. Have fun and here's to the final episode.


I don't know what I will do without this show.
I really enjoyed the interactions, and Usami herself is a reaction image goldmine.


I'll miss Usamin.

I'm going to miss this rabbit a lot.


There is a non-creepy static version of this?

Probably, I also feel like it would look better if the animation played out over more frames.
It looks smooth but a little too fast.


Its really ending isn't it?

Excellent, thanks.

>[HorribleSubs] Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! - 12 [720p].mkv

What a bro!
What a pal!
What a wingman!

Ribbons is a best!

Usami belongs to me.


That's cute.

Okasan used "loli-leash".
It's super effective!


W-we'll finally get a kiss, right guys?

Colette a cute


>dat fucking navel

It's huge.

>there will never be a Colette spin-off

>there will never be a Moeka and Momeka spin-off


will this be the subaru x usami x mom episode?

Ryo Araki is great.



Not enough Colette.

Usami is such a qt3.14.

Dat damn strategic glare!


I dont want it to end

>best girl never
This show had a really good soundtrack, and thanks based feel for putting kokoro palette again.

All I could think about when this part came up was "man this is gonna be brutal when the misunderstanding gets resolved"

Half the episode's budget went into that hair bounce.

shes so cute

i want to cuddle with collette

I feel like I just watched the Nozaki-kun ending again

Shit ending, want to die.

is it as funny as the manga? and/or would it be worth watching if i'm current with the manga?



this was the funniest anime this season, but nobody will agree because "muh new game is cuter so is AOTS"

One whole minute before she realized what she did.

>It's all over.

Money well spent.


New Game was cute and funny in a CGDCT kind of way. This one was cute and funny in a lovey dovey kind of way. I love them both.

I want to FUCK Coretto-chan.

im never gonna have kids but this seems like an amazing idea to not have them wander off.

anime when



So many cute Usamis this episode.

Aw man.


how many anons here have been cucked by their waifu?

I need a leash for my loli, she keeps trying to escape.

Just lock the cellar door.

I self insert as my waifu, so if she's happy so I am.

RIP Chuuni-san

Colette pls

New game felt like the Sansha Sanyou of the season, but lewder.
It just felt like it tried too hard.

what an ugly navel

>Usami ignored Moeka..
Fucking BITCH.

Barely any Colette in the last episode, I'm sad, She is the true hero of KonoBi.

Manga is only like 44 chapters ahead, read it and see for yourself.

Yeah, pretty disappointing.



I want the soundtrack for konobi as much as I want Usami-chan!

I've been a fan of the manga for over an year and i was always sad about how Cred Forums never talked about it. When the show got announced i made some of the first threads and the adaptation was all i wanted and more. Now its back to reading the manga and we can have a thread every couple of months like Nozaki-kun. I'm glad the anime happened but it's also so sad to see it end. On another note, if you liked Konobi i'd recommend trying Hakoiri Drops, it's a similar manga that is also pretty diabetes inducing and i hope it gets an adaptation at some point.

Usami is pretty cute when she's smiling earnestly.

I'm gonna marry Colette-chan.

Time to steal one from Hifumi

I NEED the Kokoro Palette instert song ASAP.


>The hair animation in this episode

do you have the /jp/ meme navel?

This is Usami's bra by the way.

How much of the manga does the anime cover?

I like Aozora Canvas better.

But not as much as I like Usami-chan!

I'm actually gonna miss this show. It was fun and cute, a lot better than I was expecting.


Who are these anyway?

All this hair animation.

Like 90% of it. I'm sure less than 10 chapters were left out.

Best pairing.

You can take one thing home with you

Excellent show.

Petra a best

I was half expecting the Pantene logo during that scene.

Yeah okay but who?



Nico a best


I'm gonna miss this show, dammit. And there's still people who say this is a bad year/season/whatever

Just classmates that sometimes are shown arguing in the manga. But they probably like each other as you can see.

>that hair scene

God damn it, I'm going to miss Usami and this show a lot.

>No more Usami
>No more Colette
>No more President

Not enough content yet.

Usami is objectively the cutest anime girl ever.

Was this episode anime original?

Nope, it had original parts though.

koyama-sensei is best girl


People always say that. Most of them don't even watch anime really, they're just bitching because they burned out on it and can't find anything to watch.

Moeka best girl.




And now i'm listening to Kokoro Palette on repeat


Thanks lads.

>Anime/Manga has a secret OTP

I love this shit.

Thank you!

Ange Vierge was the funniest show this season.
KonoBi was the cutest show this season.
New Game was underwhelming.

Will definitely be picking up the manga after this, so put me on board captain.

Ange Vierge is utter shit.


Also, that's what you get for being a seasonal waifufag.

I'm glad Usami has finally learned to go on the attack instead of just hoping that flags get raised on their own.

>Cred Forums reacted literally the same way when Kannagi was airing

Yes that's the joke. He's a spot-on representation of a seasonal waifufag otaku.

Any minute now.

An anime with a bath episode can't be shit.

>this series ends
>don't have the heart to delete the finale episode's torrent from my torrent list


Thanks a lot, Chitoge!

Tell it to Cred Forums.

Cred Forums BTFO

Love does NOT transcend dimensional boundaries.

I remember when waifu cuck'd the protag

Going to pick this up right now, looks pretty good.

Fucking slut.

>this screenshot
I suddenly don't want to watch the episode.
Best girl doesn't deserve this, even if it was the obvious outcome.

She was reenacting a scene from an anime


A real patriot.


I fucking loved all the rabbit/bunny shit throughout the show.



left or right?

Right forever and ever.

Right and then left and then right again.


Left is for rough fucking while right is for rough fucking too but also marrying.

Thanks, user!




Left, then right.

Beyond perfection

Those fuckers got me, for ten minutes I thought a romance Anime might have some resolution.

>No more Presiden
This hurts the most.

How do I stop this show from ending?

left isnt that great of a chuuni

Well that was kind of disappointing. I mean I knew nothing was going to fucking happen between them but that felt like a pretty generic way to end it. Show was still enjoyable for what it was I suppose.


Pay the studio a whole shitload of money to make a second season.

You'd have to pay the mangaka a whole shitload of money to draw more content first.

Kaori and Imari are such bros. They saved baka Usami from NTRing herself.


Shit. I knew nothing was gonna happen but I still held my hopes up.

hmanga when

All I want is Usami to be my life partner.


>I can't find a toilet~

>romance anime
Nice meme?

Its a romcom

I'm going to miss straight Nagisa.

>ending now!
>ending now!


>Those fuckers got me
Well, that's mostly your fault, user. But this show worked well enough without it and there was no terrible cop-out like in the show in your picture.

I'm sad.



I'm really going to miss this little gem. Feisty Usami was a miracle of the universe and the rest of the cast was fun as fuck too.
I couldn't care less about the relationship progression between Uchi and Usa since their misunderstandings, and Usami getting flustered because of them, is what makes this fun and adorable.

Sensei is FAT!

In all the right places.

How many times has she been in the locker without the show actually using it as a joke and just leaving it as a background easter egg? I remember it happening in the first episode too, but kinda stopped paying attention to the locker since then.




>he's posting the SFW edit version

it has to be the blonde

What do you rate this show in the end?

Choose who will protect you with their life. The other 3 will try to kill you with everything they have at their disposal.

Choosing Usami means all 4 of them will try to kill you instead

Above average SoL, nothing amazing

7 and still is the best of this season

>one is too faggy to do shit to me
>one is too retarded to do shit to me
>one is too autistic to do shit to me
>one is too lay to do shit to me
Yeah, I'll go with Usami., specially considering she is the only one who could actually kill me.


Prez needs to preserve his energy because he's so based!


7 but my 7s are the same as a 9s from the typical faggot around here.

I know that feel
Just keep all of 'em saved until the DB release


5/7 would watch again

>this isn't even my final form


She's so beautiful, God.

6, better than average but ultimately forgettable.

Those are crossboarders.

>Those are crossboarders.

Fuck ratings.
It was a huge troll for those who haven't watched a lot of anime with a similar premise, but the animation quality and comedy direction are both spot on.

This show is perfect to wash off the QUALITY from Qualidea Code from my eyes.



To me it falls just above forgettable.
It's one of those shows that helps you wash down the rest of the shit you watch in the season and ends up being the only thing you remember from it.



I rate my things rather high though, but I'm too deep to change now. If I had to redo the ratings of my whole backlog it'd most likely earn a 7.

Numbers are stupid!



This jolly african american has the right idea. Everyone giving in to subjective ratings is part of the problem.


Every analysis is subjective, be it text or numbers. Numbers are just good ways to sum up how you feel.

I give your reasoning a 4/10.

Except the magnitude of each number rating is subjective as well. Two people could feel the same about a show but give them different ratings simply because one might think a 5 means average while the other would think a 7 means average.

One of those people is logical and the other is an idiot. Just assume people aren't idiots.

A solid Usamis thighs/10

Is peeping a valid option? Because I want to take home the image of Usami's soft body.

Given the ratio of idiots to logical people wouldn't it be wiser to assume the opposite?

Uchimaki is literally me

Really fun and chill show. Definitely top 3 of the season for me.
Usami was also the cutest girl of the season.

This was Newspaper girl right

Yeah, the tiny one.

They fell in love because of similar noses

I don't know about you guys but I want to make lots of babies with Usami.

Be optimistic.

I just watched first 20 seconds with my eyes closed.


There was also an FD in one of the earlier episodes, whoever worked on the car CG had some fun.

Ordered the pin. No regrets.

Is there really such a dialogue in Arslan?


The series they mention is Arsian Senki. It's all made up.

Are you going to wear it?

Will there be a yukata chapter in the manga

My wife Usami is so cute.

Now that you remind me, that makes this at least three shows that reference Arakawa's works: FMA in Ixion Saga (Ballchemist) and Monogatari (many) and Arslan.

I know. Was just wondering if a similar dialogue is also in Arslan.

i'd give it a 9. the only show i watched this season

I'm quite sure I've seen a fuck ton of FMA references in other shows. Can't name any off the top of my head though.

Uchimaki-kun won't notice me anyway

But Usami is MY wife.

Both of you are wrong and you know it.

so just HOW do we fix usami?

Bigger tits. And I'm talking HUUUGE.

Introduce her to Jamal and Demarcus

they'll fix her up nice and good.

Can't. She's a middle schooler. She'll fix her herself when she gets older.

Well, she does have a rabbit motif, I guess.

fuck OFF

why don't you just take sensei insead?

Jamal and Demarcus are dead. They were shot by cops. They thought their dakimakuras concealed a rocket launcher.

Because sensei has her own problems.

Like brain damage?



Me taking the pic before sleeping with her.

Where's the Usami transparencies?

Was she double-clicking her mouse while she was on the phone with him?

>you'll never have a girl THIS thirsty for you.
I envy Uchimaki.

She'll grow one if she takes after Mama Usa.


Mama-Usa is the best ara-ara this season.

I want to marry sensei and make her put on clothes that don't fit while I watch her try to squeeze her boobs into them


Any official lewd promo art?



>CV: Kana Hanazawa

5/10 there was really nothing special or particularly interesting about it

I'm glad that more anime are finally giving us lipservice

>usami will never get the d

there are no worst girl in this anime. All are best girls (even the boys) and that's why this show is so great.

I agree wholeheartedly. It doesn't give that unpleasant feeling I expected to have from seeing Usami trying to prevent Imari from walking home with Uchimaki-kun, in fact, it gave me the opposite.

>All are best girls (even the boys)
that's why it won't get another season

don't remind me. qualidea's finale must be gorgeous for all shit animation this season I regrettably got hooked, but it's too late to complain now


Plain is special to me.

He was there the entire time.


I take it plain girls are the new fad? I do like Usami though.

>Cred Forums
>Most of the thread is frustrated the guy in love with 2D won't hook up with the 3D girl

Is this bizzaro world?

what the fuck is with those ancles?

They stand out a little too much. Because there's usually no other background events, it's obvious they're kind of important.

>best girl has a cute and childish navel
Oh god. This is too much for me.
But it's impossible for any 3D girl to be anywhere as cute as Usami. Subaru is a true guy for staying loyal to his love for 2D, but he needs to pay attention to all that perfection right besides him.

I'm annoyed that Usami turned out to be such a slut.
She needs to stop impeding Subaru from getting close to his female friends.

I have a navel fetish and that is some disgusting shit

Be sure to wear safety goggles in the case that buttons are involved.


There's been an ongoing passive-aggressiveness between sensei and Collette.

Don't you want to tickle it and make fun of her for still looking so much like a child? I wonder if she can make an embarrassed face despite being so deadpan.
And then she uses her Newspaper Club powers to tell the entire school you're a lolicon.

It's pretty obvious that he will though. His waifus become more similar to Usami throughout the story, with Usamimi being the last and most extreme example.

No? Did you not even read my post?

>disgusting shit

It's big and deep enough to be another hole.

That's exactly what makes it disgusting shit. I'm an expert on navels and that is the opposite of cute.

Isn't it just popped out? I have no idea what's the common name used for that.

I think below average girls are cute too. You know they're itching for a boyfriend while 30,000 Anons line up for the main girls.

An outie.

you mean MY wife?

You can't even really tell since for some reason anime animators don't know how to draw minor parts well like the nose or nips.

no make them more flat, lolisami is best salami

It may not be cure, but it's hot!

I'd fuck it!

solid 3/5
it knew what it was and executed on the idea without much issues.

Poor Ryouko, I bet most people can't see the charm of her combo of being tall, having short hair and wearing glasses. She's amazing too.

She needs a loli body too, it's not all about the chest. A flat chest on a normal girl is just depressing, while lolis are perfection.

They actually put Kokoro Pallete as ED. Well fucking played.

I downloaded the last ep, didn't feel like watching it so deleted it. I don't even know why I stuck around for 11 episodes of this half assed tripe.

Good. This show is trash

What would he have done if he really did confess and they got into hot and sweaty sex right then and there?

There's Colette-in-a-box right there, I'm sure she can be useful for those things.

I'm sad this has to end, all the characters were cute but that wasn't a bad last episode.


In the end we never got a full stitch that included sensei's legs and feet.
I need more of this meek Nana, holy shit she was great.

Come on!
Tell me you wouldn't put your dick in it?

Colette was in the locker the entire time too.



What if she's pregnant?

Yeah, just ordered one after seeing your post. I doubt this is getting any figures so it's nice to have a small trinket to remember it by.

Shit like this makes me realize that i actually am not a pedophile. I love lolis and want to fuck them but actual child-like characteristics are such a turn-off.

Why is her stomach so shiny?

I'd love to do transparencies of ALL the characters but I simply don't have the time. Colette was what the request indicated so I went with that.

Can somone post that webm of Usami winking with her fingers to her face

this one?

No it was the one from when Uchimaki and the black haired guy were having a draw-off and Usami was cheering for the black haired guy to win

or this one?

yeah that's the one.
I don't suppose anyone has it in webm for though

and just because.

Umanin was bland and boring at the beginning, but she grew on me.

This show reminds me a lot of HaruChika.
One kyuuto gaaru saves the show, she also has a hopeless crush on a faggot.

>Shaft Eto Ranger
Based Otsuka

I'm a huge vocaloidfag and I didn't even notice. It wasn't GUMI in the anime though right, I'd have noticed.

Why didn't Subaru ask Usami to cosplay as Usami?
At least he got what he deserved for being a seasonal waifufag.

Yeah indeed it wasn't, just checked.

I think aside from Watamote and Black Rock Shooter there haven't been any other anime using Vocaloid for their OST.


best girl along with Usami's mom

I'm gonna miss this the most.

Usami is really an eternal cuck
And i demand obligatory borderline hentai OVA

i like short haired girls with glasses

i'm actually doing a fanart of that right now. but this thread will be dead by the time i finish.

Mah American friend of African ancestry!

>Liking girls with glasses
How does make sense from an evolutionary persepective?

Glasses are fine but short hair on girls are dudes.

Pretty awesome

her VA can draw pretty good

now that the dust has finally settled can we all agree konobi was a mistake?



Both versions of bunny-chan are shitty sluts

Why did they make Colette such a bimbo baka gaijin?

Is that a fucking giant fertilized egg heading for the coast of japan

They're onto me.

It's an analogy for my future with Usami.

Who was voicing her? Sounded familiar.

You will never see president graduate and hook up with sensei.

My wife MIZUKI is too cute.

I was half expecting it to be one of these types of umbrella.

Feel are one of the best in the biz at forced animation.


Too bad they can't adapt for shit.

Cute Moeka doujins when

But user. . .

He has a gf, right?

Hold on, he didn't blush in the manga did he?

That's just the perpetual blush everyone has.

No he's visibly flustered there. In the manga he acts completely casually in that scene.

I guess the anime staff wanted to hint at some actual development so the audience isn't entirely blueballed.
Based Feel.

Dropped it at like Episode 4. I enjoyed it, but it was just too boring to entice me to continue.

It would be a slap to the face if he still did not give a shit about her after 12 episodes


I love her. I'm gonna miss her. I'm gonna marry her.

why is she so cute

You two are fucking retards, he's blushing at the Usami on top of the umbrella.

I need a webm of this scene.

Is it wrong I found the main male far more cute than Mizuki?

Every girl was better than Usami

Yes but I can understand you.

The anime may have ended but my love for Colette is still strong.

No. Only the chuuni and that's arguable.


Thanks. I love how she makes a fist.

>using some Vocaloid trash for finale
They fucked up big time.

M8 it was 40mp. I sincerely hope you didn't know this before making that misguided comment.

I'm glad someone else noticed how lewd this moment was.

>enjoys retarded voice
Vocaloid is shit. Fuck off with your shitty taste in music.

Was it not vocaloid during the ED? I actually don't like vocaloid vocals but 40mp redid some of their songs with his real voice and they're much much better as a result.

Why are so many people in the newspaper club so...
Devoid of expression?

Journalists have no souls.

Makes sense.

>this is the last time ill get to post usami

Feels bad.


What was the magic ingredient that saved this show from being forgettable seasonal trash? The comedic timing was excellent, but personally I think it was buchou

Romantic interest being a drawfag with multiple waifus.

Ari Ozawa. Her thirst for cock makes all of her characters S Tier

Must stick dick in cole-chan





>Bane chapter not animated

But it was.

I can ship this.

Ari Ozawa, her comedic straightman acting is always excellent.

>Ari Ozawa

Too bad this garbage show with it's terrible unfunny writing couldn't serve as an adquent platform for her talent at this. This show was so terrible I had to go back and rewatch Nozaki-kun just to remind myself it wasn't Ari-chan's fault this show sucked.

>I think it was buchou

Yeah, sleeping jokes are so funny! Insert american tv laugh track

at least is a better joke than "look how cute we are" and "look how cute we do cute things"

except 90% of people who like this drek like it for exactly the reason you mock (i.e. they find bob head cute). the other 10% like it for gay shota.


I never even realized.

Actually you are the idiot if you think that the average always falls in the middle of a distribution. Watch less cartoons and study more.

I still have the last episode of that show. It was just too bad to finish watching it so I'm slowly bullying myself to do it so I can give it a negative rating.

That was a good final episode.

I want Usami and Uchimaki to become a cute couple. Too bad it will never happen because that would go against the setting.

I fcking hate Usami. She is annoying and screams the whole episode. I just can't stand her! She is a slut that just want to sit on the poor MC's dick. She doesn't understand that she is 3DPD and the poor Johnny just wants to live a sweet and innocent and pure life filled with perfect 2D girl. He deserves a better life, a life without shitty Usami. Usami a shit. Fuck Usami. Fuck her with hate. Fuck her with rage. Ragefuck her. Hatefuck her. Fuck her right in the pooper. Fuck her doggystyle and cover her with hot milk. Usami a slut. I want her out of my 2D anime. And I want her out of my life and the poor Johnny's life. If she doesn't disappear from this show by the next episode, I'm gonna explode with rage and hate. I don't want to see her slutty frames ever again. Delete Usami. Delete her enormous cancerous boobs.Delete her pussy. Delete her big fat ass. Delete her personality. She is a bad person.
Usami a shit.

Just make me transparencies of Usami. I don't like Collete as much as I like Usami. GIVE ME USAMI

Actually, I don't like Collette at all. I don't like the Cringy girl either.
I only like Usami and Tachibana. Can we post more Sensei too?

Always a good practice to bring up a different scene in the manga when complaining about an adaptation. Would probably be even more effective if you would pick a different chapter or even a different Manga.

Maybe at the end

(you,you you you,)

That's too late.

Who's belly is the best?


I want to put my dick in Sayaka's big bellybutton.

Usami's everything.

This pic gave me an erection. I think I might have to fap right now to this pic.


>Collete-chan is always watching


Especially when you fap.

Why would Cole-chan watch me fapping?

That's the most disgusting navel I've ever seen.

Would you allow Usami-san to bully you?

This is a sad rabbit. How do you cheer it up?

I would let her abuse my dick.

give it the cock

she should have agreed to let him call her by her first name if she could call him by his first name

in fact, i was sure that was going to happen

Usami is great, but collette is 100x greater. Blonde girls are just so fucking cute.

A pure girl is curious about unusual things.

Give her a burger,she's a Murrican bunny after all.

That's for bunny,isn't it?


>bowl cut, outie, underdeveloped body, all these undesirable features in one girl
how can one be so perfect?

>they see your dick

Best show of the season.

>Who's belly is the best?
>Who is belly is the best?


What happened to the cake to make the icing do that?

Can somebody direct me to a webm of the "starting now" pointing sequence of the OP?

Is English not your native language?

I want to defile Cole-chan but I'm worried that she might be dangerously tight down there.

Clearly yours isn't. It's "whose."

I think it was a joke. I think.

So you're both retarded then?

Calm down you geeks. English is a barbaric language and Shakespeare was a cunt.

The use of apostrophe es is still legal.

Still the cutest scene.

Sleeping gags were like 1/5th of his screentime, if even that. He wasn't even a full-time boke like Collette.

Good cast is the most important thing in a character-driven show, for obvious reasons. The studio overall did a good production though, between visuals, OST, and acting. The OST in particular was quite nice.

Someone put drumsticks in her hands and a drumkit in front of her.

A little present for those who still have the thread opened.

I am disgusted and glad it was deleted.

I liked it.

I was disgusted, and appalled, and I couldn't look away.

Anyway it is gone now.

Wh-what was it?

You don't want to know.

You could even smell it, dude.

Let's all pretend it never happened.

Kill yourselves.

Not this year or next.

I love it when artists post cute images in a set, then throw something lewd into the same set like it was the most natural kind of thing in the world. I also love it when lewd images end up on Cred Forums and never get deleted, oh if only Cred Forums was a NSFW board.

Just look at this cute ameriboo.

You know there are other boards.


B-But I didn't see the episode before it yet!

Who's makes sense and is logical. Whose is only allowed because of legacy.

What are you waiting for?

But they don't talk about anime and don't have the same community as Cred Forums, that's the difference. Being able to just casually drop something lewd in the middle of a conversation without breaking rules would be ideal, but in any case Cred Forums already has a higher tolerance to that than most other boards so I can't complain.
Shout-outs to Nipplemod for making this even more clear.

It could if you tried.

Left. Obviously.

So where do we merge for Fall season?

No merge. Canceled.

Where's my refund? One Colette.

Why wait until the start of the Fall Season when we could merge IN Usami right now!

Don't watch them, user. This way it will last forever!

Byebye Usami

This was one of those "pretend this is gross after I delete it" images wasn't it

Just go to desuarchive and search for his post.

Cole-chan's perfection will never be forgotten.

Please wait for me Usami-chan!

> Just barely alive


I want to lick Usami's thighs!!!

Bye Usami-chan.

Goodbye lads, I won't miss you.



You can keep making threads about the show faggots.

There'll probably be a few this weekend as more people catch up with the last episode already.


I want to fuck Moeka-chan.

its over let it go

Sensei a FAT.


I don't even care about this show that much (it was pretty forgettable) but you act like theres NEVER been discussion for a non-airing show on Cred Forums before.

Even this show as forgettable as it was will still randomly pop up every few months.

loli a best

It will be mentioned off-hand, if at all.

And that's probably just as often as any of you overly dramatic losers will think about it. There's forgettable comedies every season. I bet you can't even tell me which one was airing 2 seasons ago off the top of your head.

Why would anybody forget about frigging KonoSuba?

Only remembered for the meme waifu, which will be the case for this show too.

Nah, KonoSuba was genuinely funny for its RPG-mechanics and fantasy tropes too.