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best girl loses.


I'd call it Tsundere Thunder or maybe Tsundere Trio.

Anyway, it's about three twins separated at birth but they don't know it I guess and they were an experiment or something so basically their mood swings affect the weather.

There's Tiffany Tsunami, Tahlia Tornado, and Theresa Thunder. Tsundere Tsunami makes it rain when she is sad, Tsundere Tornado, I am not sure what emotion to give her. What goes with wind? And Tsundere Thunder is fun to say and anger causes her meteorological ability.

They all target one boy for affection, and he has to balance this love triangle to avoid catastrophic weather.

I'll start.
Perfect student body president female who can do no wrong and never has in her life suddenly bumps into GrayStu protagonist who barely got into the school...

Generic male slacker barely makes it into a mainly girls' school in a fantasy setting.

Challenges the girl with a reputation of being scary to a magic fight.


Rest of the series is progressively more alpha males doing the same.

> he has to balance this love triangle to avoid catastrophic weather

jesus christ. well played.

An otaku NEET gets transported into a fantasy world and gains a unique superpower. He meets a sexy girl and they both go on an adventure to try to take down a vague evil entity to save the day.

exiled royalty mastermind meets a mysterious girl who gives him a super power that sets him on the path to conquer the world

>to catch a predator anime

Tentacle monster goes to a loli's house and hansen-sama asks him to take a seat and explain what he's doing there. The tentacle monster tries to lie and say that the loli told him she was really a ten thousand year old goddess, but he doesn't know that Hansen has the chat logs. And he has no idea what's waiting for him outside.

Monster Musume but without the faggot main character making it a shitty harem anime

An average looking boy has a crush on a girl. Soon he realizes that he isn't in a harem manga but otome VN and he is just a background character. He decides to give up but then realizes that every one of the bishonens attracted to the main girl is some kind of psychopath. The MC embarks on a quest of making sure to keep every one of the cliched otome bait characters away from his love often by brutal means. Battle shonen mixed with romance.

post WW3 post apocalyptic setting due to nuclear war. Radiactivity made mutants
MC is former soldier cynical and self-centered accompanied by a dog who does not give a fuck. Strolling through wastelands, he's going to settle down in different cities doing some shit, then he's gonna meet 12 years old insane genius nihilistic kid addicted to gambling his own life for giggles and watching the world burn.(Akagi/Johan) The latter becomes the MC after he kills the previous one at some point cuz he prevented him to do what he wanted.

An upstart musician falls in love with a classmate while transferring to America. Unable to confess, he decides to become great friends, instead.
However, his submissive personality and social awkwardness throw the relationship into slowly-churning turmoil as they both try to be friends while dealing with their negative feelings for each other.
In the end, his classmate ends up breaking it off, and he spends the rest of the year working hard to improve himself as a well-rounded individual. His interesrs and knowledge begin to pile up, as does his social ability. Graduation comes, and he feels refreshed by the whole experience.
Begin Part II

Retutning home, the young man reflects on his future. Not knowing what he should do, he flips through his yearbook and notices something: his former love was voted "Most likely to be rich and famous"! He realizes that, despite their mutual torment and his unbreakable sporit, this other person is still remembered and revered by their classmates while he's been forgotten. Feeling an intense burning, he decides his future: he shall become the most famous artist in the entire planet!
In order to prove his worth to those who scorned him, he will travel up the ranks of a Japanese talent agency and slowly work towards a deal with a major American record label in order to become renowned world-wide!

A story about striving for the future and believing in those around you.

A slice of life story of a NEET after an epidemic had wiped out most of the human population. Follow his looting and survival adventure on the empty city with only a dog and a horse he found sometime ago, because he is the 1 in a million person that happens to be genetically immune to the deadly disease.

I have some ideas about like, maybe as a finale the boy they love dies or something, and they discover they are related and that they can combine their bitchy emotions to form tsundere timequake and bring him back to life.

And maybe one time he purposefully pisses off tsunami because he doesn't want to play baseball or whatever.

Follows the life of the best friend of the harem protagonist, being the one actually saving all the girls or helping the protagonist.
Of course all the girls will tell him to fuck off while drolling over the protagonist dick.
At one point he would try to sabotage everything only to help the protagonist in the end while his reputation gets even lower than it already was.
End would be the harem protagonist actually telling him that he always loved him because he knew how much he helped him and suffered from it.

A boy falls in love with a girl.
Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl’s phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.
But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn’t exist in this universe at all. She is the girl’s alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC’s own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.
Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

Slice of life about spooky skeletons doing spooky things.

There are beings called celestials that govern the law and order and live to serve the ruler of the universe.

But those celestials that break away from the order challenge the ruler for control of the world. the celestials fought valiantly only to suffer defeat. A celestial general who managed to hold off the demons until now, fights in a last stand to protect the ruler but dies in the process. The last words he heard was from the ruler saying "you fought greatly but I will make sure you can fight again."

The world is now set in darkness. Monsters and demons run rampant. The other races though outnumber them are much weaker than the demons and are themselves fighting and squabbling against one another. The general was reincarnated into the last race that the ruler created before the war, humanity. He lives in the only human territory in the world which has a tradition of that in every coming of age a human has a ceremony where they get chosen by spirits and become mages to combat the demons and other enemies. The MC goes through this rite of passage only to find that the spirits he is contacting seem very familiar. It seems his soldiers did not forget their loyalty.

title: The general's army

make it yuri and have the MC be an otome villainess and you got a deal

a bunch of warriors bound by fate set out to rip the ultimate vape

Slice of Life about

A Blood mage
An Alchemist
A Spiritualist
and A Necromancer

they have tea parties

Steven universe

Sengeki no Soma?

fund it

Legendary hero protag defeats the evil demon lord, marries the princess, and becomes the next ruler of the kingdom. Problem is one of the hero's boons is eternal youth so he can't die unless killed.

This is a episodic story set in many different eras all about people trying to overthrow their hero-emperor.

Long Live summons?

that sounds like a complete asspull

Anime about space mining, with cute space girls doing cute space things. Mostly they just hang around the ship as the automated systems do the mining, but sometimes they have to get into sexy skin tight spacesuits and go outside and do some work or fix things. While mining the girls are also taking daily classes on science, looking to improve their skills to get a job on something other than a simple mining ship. Only one of the girls is secretly a pirate using their ship to spy on other mining vessels and sending the information to her pirate buddies. Series builds up to a conflict between a large corporation and a governing body in the region.

I created an automated anime plot generator.
How do i upload it to the internet?
I'll post an example:
Eureka Crown

(studio: Madhouse; director: Kunihiko Ikuhara; writer: Tetsuya Takahashi; character designer: Yoshitoshi ABe)

Shajezu, a tsundere nekomimi with 2 rabbit ears, lives in a world in which people are divided in 2 classes: the "Sons of the Earth" with the power to pass through walls, and the "Yellow Ones" who can cast ice-elemental magic. Here, he meets a magical girl named Gitsiri, who tells him: "I am your granddaughter!"

This anime won the prestigious "Silver Cat" for the worst plot twists.

>world setting in a some what close future
>all nations in the world struggle to come together forming a very delicate work structure and build a massive united nations building as a testament for the future
>MC works in this UN building and often uses teleportation stations to move to work and so on
>teleportation device bugs when MC is jumping to work and hurts him
> he arrives at the other station with a massive headache, but the headache soon disappears.
>at arrival a group of shady fuckers grab MC and give him a bomb under the threat of killing his wife and daughter.
>he has to blow up the said building
>he blows up the said building
>everything goes to shit and he runs back home
>arrives and sees himself fucking his wife
>HFW he realizes that the teleport machine cloned him instead
>add drama in between scenes
---do whatever the f*ck you want, i don' t like this story anymore----

potato becomes intelligent and wins limbs.
potato falls in love with a tree.
tree gets chopped up.
now mr potato is angry and decides to take revenge on humanity for all the vodka we consumed and for the tree of course.
Potato grows potats army and starts a war.
>potato knock at your front door

MC is a genius and gets bullied in school many times and his hearing is permanently damaged by a chad bully.
He grows up and discovers time travel and goes back in time for revenge. He takes revenge by committing the first time traveling murder before his bully can damage him and feels his memories and body change as the timeline is changed but he uses a special device to keep his memories, but every time he takes it off, he forgets his real past. MC sets out to change the world by acting as a vigilante as well as for personal gain. Back in his future time travel becomes more researched and widespread. The government discovers the first murder and dispatches a detective to find out more. then there's two paths and OVA where MC takes off his device and kills him and tries to prevent the rest of the world from discovering time travel so he's the only one and he succeeds and exerts his justice on the world.
and then the rest of the show where keeps the device on and feels remorse for his actions and gets caught and sentenced to death.

An eldritch horror feeds on the imagined universes that are created from anime plot ideas

You are that Eldritch Horror and you don't know it yet.

A 14 year old eunuch who is estranged from his father is asked to pilot a giant robot to save the world. He runs away from the giant robot but then he comes back and gets in the giant robot. He didn't like it so he runs away again from the giant robot but comes back in order to pilot the giant robot. In the end he is scared of the robot but the robot is his mother so he gets in the robot to turn everyone into orange juice

A proud and honorable warrior from an antiquated society gets frozen Buck Rogers style and unfrozen in modern Japan. He tries to live a daily life with his distant descendants and struggles with modern life in hilarious ways, while simultaneously helping those around him with their problems.

Hansem-sama in an anime would be the best

A gang of delinquents raise a homeless orphan together.


Story plays on a different planet similiar to ours.
The civilisation is tech oriented and would play in a year like 2500 in our future.
All countries produce mech-like battlemashines and train their pilots in special facilities. Every country has a limit on how much mechs can be produced (something like seikijin in war on geminar) to prevent conflicts and shifts of power. All countries are united but have independence. Mankind flourishes.
There are some countries that are not happy with the system and do some proxy terroristic attacks with unregistered mechs (country like china, communistic, evil blablabla).

>Cast and Mechs
The mechs are similiar to the mechs in Mechwarrior online but there are only low weight mechs (1-30T). They dont have the technology to build something heavier that can support itself and be very mobile and fast (mechs move more freely and faster than mechs in MWO). Only heavy weaponry an damage a mech but tanks have no use, so the normal armys and stuff is obsolete. Mechs have technologies like laser and the usual ballistic stuff. No higher technologies.

The pilots are mostly girls because they have some kind of genetic affinity that enhances reflexes/reaction time ect. There are male pilots but they are rare because its rare for them to have that genetic affinity. (Something like stratos )

>plot (different galaxy, not the galaxy of planet above)
in the year 3050 there is a big galactic war between the clans and the inner sphere. Hundrets of planets are under siege and massive high end mechs fight against each other. Armies of thausands of mechs besiege the biggest planets in the solar system and there are massive space battles going on.
Protag is 30yrs old with the rank mechwarrior. The elite that uses the most powerfull mechs in the entire war. The heavy Assault mech he uses is a 100T class mech with high end weaponry, highest grade technology, space fly ability and hyper travel ability. CONT

The first episode follows the seemingly normal life of a highschool boy.

At the end of the episode, he finds out that he is the heir to some Japanese megacorp because the CEO died and left him the company in his will.

To try and get ransom money from the company, he is kidnapped by a group of sexy, big tittied female terrorist/mercenaries.

His flatchested yandere stalker sees this occur right in front of her.

The rest of the season consists of Yanpettan operating operationally to hunt down leads to where he's at, as well as kill those fucking cowtit whores who stole MC-kun from her.

In the final episode, there's a suprise twist that results in MC-kun being kidnapped by big-tittied futa aliens, and while the end credits roll, it shows screenshots of Yanpettan's quest through space to find him.

It is 8 am. You've bought all your favorite snacks from the convenience store. As you scramble for your keys to open the door to your apartment complex, eagerly ready to play vidya, your loud 8/10 tanned delinquent neighbor shows up. You have no time for this trash and ignore her.
Sitting down with drink in hand, some fucker starts banging on your door. You ignore her. You hear a loud thud. The door falls down. There is a gang of delinquents in your living room. You dispatch them effortlessly. One of them escapes and runs out the door exclaiming that hes going to get the boss. Let them come. After tying them up, you walk outside to see the delinquent girl beaten and bruised. You make a trip up a flight of stairs to the landlords room, but as you make your trip, you look out the window. A car pulls up in the driveway and a large gang of thugs exit. You roll downstairs gracefully. With katana and fedora in hand, you fight all 24 of them. But before you can kill the boss, you are Isekai'd by his secret weapon, "that".
You awaken in someone else's fantasy world.


he is the captain of a platoon of super heavy mechs like his and they are in the midst of ambushing an enemy assault force.

The enemy is to strong because clan tech is superior to inner sphere tech, even when his mech is half clan/IS custom model. There are to many enemys.

He tries to enter hyper space travel (like fast dimensional travel) but in that moment he gets hit by a ppc ( Particle Projection Cannon) and his module implodes taking him and some nearest enemys with him. But he doesnt get destroyed, instead the implosion creates a mini black hole that kicks him (and enemy mechs) from one side of the universe to the other side. Billions of light years away.

guess where? into the solar system discribed above.
-----scene cut-----
its night on planet ??? and 5 female pilots decide to relax on the beach stargazing. Academy life and training is hard.

while they're watching the stars something is not right.
The mini blak hole ripps a hole into the space and kicks the mc/mech and 3 other mechs out of it. They beginn falling because they're to near the magnetic field? (idk the force that makes stuff orbit around us) they beginn to glow hotred while they enter the athmosphere. They cant controll anything because the implosion was like an emp and killed all electronis for a while.

The girls see 4 big object burning and falling into the ocean.

The mc mech and 1 enemy mech were not heavily damaged because mc is 100T and enemy is 80T model. The other 2 enemys burnt into ash because they were lower weight mechs.

While everybody on the beach is eager to find out what is going on the mc and enemy regain the controll of their mechs and start to fight on the water.

ofc noone has ever seen such big mechs and such destructive firepower/weapons and they beginn to call for the academy mechs to come.

>rest of story simple
>mc kills enemy and flys away into the dark because he is not sure where he is


A fantasy where a meek, blood-shy boy aspiring to be a knight forms a contract with the daughter of a neighboring country's usurped king. Her purpose is to gather allies in order to defeat the invader who stole the throne.

However, after he's grievously injured in a battle with a paladin and subsequently healed inexplicably, he can't help but feel that the princess is hiding something.

Things take a turn for the worse when his nightmares start becoming visions of how he dies.

>Can he fulfill his quest to become a knight of glory, or has he already become something more sinister?

Slice of life

The story is about everyday life of 4 males, two which are gay with each other (Or flirting and kinda in denial I'm not sure yet) and then 1 female who visits from time to time who falls for one of the guys.

It spans over around 50 episodes following their day to day lives. All 4 males are slightly autistic but 1 is a lot more autistic than the rest with OCD and catch phrases etc.

I donno, feedback?

>only academy and highest country rulers know about the thing, dont want to release it to the public because pseudo chine might see a reason to build more mechs because of possible alien danger
>meanwhile mc lands his mech with last energy inside of an inactive vulkano and begins a hunter/collecter life while slowly repairing mech. No population near vulcano so he still doesnt know thats up with the planet. He gets parts from the defeated enemy.
>academy searches for the mashine but nobody can find him.

>the rest is for the other half of anime, still in works

Norse mythology: The Animated Series

CGDCT in Tokyo, meeting lots of fun people and hanging out in their own special club. Their club gives them an allowance to go and spend on sugar and trips with all those adorable antics. At the end of the day they have a sleepover at a different friends house each night. One of the characters is a little strange to the girls, he likes to ask them the exact details of every day they spend and their families. As the series progresses the bright world around them gradually becomes darker as the man tells the girls to spend less time at the club, and to cut down on the sugar, which causes them headaches. They often make fun of this man for trying to be so involved, and joke that he just wants them to have a sleepover at his house. The descent into darkness reaches it's peak when the main character accepts the truth and jumps in front of a train.

I call it Yakuza Crack Whores

>yeah, a faggot

dont we have enough of shy mc's`?

>Spooder strips naked

Well shit

>Not man convinces girls to quit the sugar entirely, and they all decide to sleep over at his house every night because of how kind he was, before devolving into harem antics.
>Then the crack dealer murders him in the street for taking away his best customers

How can you be this pleb on my Cred Forums?

Kill la kill?

The show is about some high school boy who travels to a fantasy world. The fantasy world is boring and uninspired shit that has been rehashed a million times in other similar shows, not only that but the fantasy world is based on shitty JRPG games and mechanics to an almost nauseating degree. The plot is so shit and unoriginal that even some retarded 8-year-old kid with downs syndrome and schizophrenia could make a more engaging and original plot, to counter this obvious shortcoming the protagonist will collect a harem of 2D girls with one-dimensional personalities, this is because otaku are mouth-drooling retards that will buy anything with a 2D girl on the cover and as a result the show will sell a shitload of copies and make me consider suicide even more than I already am.

Sprinkle this shit with some chuuni shit and you got yourself a show so shit that even your average movie from niggerwood i mean nollywood would seem like a masterpiece by comparison.

A Japanese salaryman goes to sleep one day and wakes up as Robert Mugabe in 1980.

The man was a psychiatrist, so that would be one weird ass harem

>when you're 30 and still a virgin, you will turn into an african dictator

Would explain why so many dictators seem to be so eccentric and paranoid.

A typical love triangle between an average MC, beautiful Tsundere that is the queen of school and a chubby ara ara. The chubby ara ara wins over the beautiful tsundere.

A cut SOL romance between a work-orientated Christmas cake and a timid trap who live next door to each other in an apartment complex.

There it is.

loli who is bullied to death by evil pedos comes back as a vengeful spirit from the dead to exact punishment on her abusers

after locking in a bunch of pedos attending a loli idol show and brutally murdering them all with a baseball bat in an extended scene taking up most of an episode (ending with the producer) the idol joins forces with her

it will be episodic like welcome to the nhk, with the lolis exploring and exterminating all the depraved pedo hangouts like Akibahara, cosplay cafés and online imageboards

it will be low exposition and maximum gore

ED will be angel of death

Cute girls doing cute things: Knitting edition.

A demon prince is bannished from hell into the modern world by his father until he learns how to be a proper ruler.

He starts dividing an apartment with an unemployed slacker girl who spends her days loitering and needs help paying the bill.

Then they create an illegal loan company.

lt's a SoL/mafia kind of thing about their dangerous line of work. Also there are demons there somewhere.

A teenage NEET with no friend or gf gets transported to a parallel world that's almost exactly like his own except the version of him there is successful, popular, athletic and a Casanova. After the NEET version of him meets the popular version, the NEET version murders the latter to take his place and live life as a popular dude. Over the course of the series, he realizes that all that his parallel version of him he, he worked for, it wasn't handed to him. NEET proceeds to ruin the superior version of himself's reputation and alienates the friends and girlfriends of his superior version. He eventually ends up exactly where he was in his original world.

This is pretty cool

Potentially good, but not so much right now.

This is nice

Show takes place in giant fortress settlement like the Ponte Tower, or Walled City of Kowloon, except bigger. It is built along the outer edge of a huge mining shaft that goes straight down. Everything from residences to shops and even entire streets are built right into the walls.

The settlement is owned by a mining company and is located in an isolated area. The company acts like the governing body of the settlement, essentially making it a privately operated, corporate nation.

The company selects people from all over the world to populate their city. Usually they are people bailed out of hopeless situations (such as debt, or jail time) in exchange for working there. Depending on your abilities, you're either employed in the city itself, or sent to work down at the mines. The exact criteria for being selected is a bit of a mystery, even to the residents.

The MC is a streetrat punk who got framed for murder committed by one of his former peers. He's scouted by the company and "saved" from his sentence, and comes to work at the settlement as a miner. The show will focus on the daily lives of the people, and how the self-contained city functions.

What exactly the company is digging for is a central topic throughout the story. At night, disturbing noises can be heard down in the mines, but the workers are told to ignore it, or given dismissive non-answers by their superiors. Spooky stuff also happens, which the MC encounters: strange sightings, people going missing, impossible phenomena...etc.

Maybe he finds mutant monster girls and gets spook powers, I dunno.

Forgot pic, setting would be something like this.


MC struggles to survive in a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic wasteland. The story follows him until he is killed. After that, the killer becomes the new MC until he is killed and HIS killer becomes the new MC. This continues for a while.

The point is that the characters don't matter, they are just a story telling device used for world building.

Literally Code Geass

It's a generic harem only the protagonist is a ridiculously over the top cool guy in the vein of Sakamoto.

>a girl who claimed she got transferred to this world from another world, claiming she had an ability to go back in time by dying, she mostly wears training jersey.

>a girl who claimed she got transferred to this world from another world, claiming she can always win any games (in actuality by making up new rules during the game), and a neet.

>a girl claiming she always solves another person problem but will make herself looks bad, a self proclaimed loner because of that (even though she always hangs around with a handsome and popular guy, but she said she want something GENUINE)

>a bland and generic girl who somehow attracts a lot of handsome guys. Somehow always do some accident like (accidentally opening bathroom when the guy is bathing, or when the guy is changing, accidentally touching guy chest, crotch, etc)

>MC a regular soldier who refuse to open his helmet, or speaks. Very loyal to its motherland and a bros before hoes kind of guy, and will do any assignment bestowed upon him if it was an order from the kingdom.He only communicate with his gesture

>One day in the castle, all those girls are gathered there by the king. Royal Priest said that one of them bears the power of hero who can saved the world from the upcoming demon lord. The soldiers and MC have to tend all those girls in the time being, until it revealed who is the real hero among them.

You know the settings

A re-telling of The Jungle Book, using street gangs and mafia thugs in the urban jungle.

MC dreams of being summoned to another world as a hero. When it finally happens, he jumps at the chance, only to be summoned as a "kaiju". He seems normal, but everything around him is tiny. Now he has to protect a tiny city from "giant monsters", which to him are just normal animals.

Things start to escalate when they tiny people start to view him as a threat (like Godzilla).

This is really good
>The MC is a streetrat punk who got framed for murder
but instead, why isn't he actually responsible for the murder? Maybe l'm just tired of the Unjustified Good Guy trope but that's a thing to consider

>The show will focus on the daily lives of the people, and how the self-contained city functions.
Would it follow a bigger plot or will it mostly be a series of short stories about people? l'm voting for the latter.

>Maybe he finds mutant monster girls
Please don't

>gets spook powers

Cute monks/nuns doing cute things

A 20-something-year-old shut-in bastard sits around and shitposts all day. After having to put up with his shit for so long, his entire family comes to hate his guts, and one day his parents finally decide to kick him out.

It's a shit-gets-serious type of story about a freshly homeless man with zero social skills and tact suddenly forced to survive on his own. The MC is deluded at first and thinks he can survive no sweat, but his courage, pride, and dignity are slowly dashed to bits after multiple failures.

Delves into common homeless tactics and desperate struggles to stay alive. There are no cute lolis, only despair, catharsis, and the lowest depths of human suffering.

Sounds like Lukuss

An edgy murderer isn't necessarily any better, although the MC doesn't have to be a nice guy. He's already a street punk, so he's probably done some shit. Maybe he was an accomplice in a murder and got the crime dumped on him while his mate fucked off at his expense, or maybe he killed a dude in a run-of-the-mill gang fight and just happened to be arrested.

As for the second point, the setting is constructed around the idea of there being a bigger mystery behind things, so I think there's gotta be some sort of overarching plot for it to have payoff. It could be SoL segments that blend into a moving plot. I agree that showing off the day to day life within such a city would be the primary focus, since that's more interesting. Maybe a new aspect of life or gimmick within the city is showed off each episode, like how food gets grown, how materials are transported, and obviously the mines below.

Isekai where every single person was abducted from a different place and time, the mechanics of the setting are different enough that no science or technology from outside is helpful, death is impossible but injuries still accumulate, and all dreams physically occur somewhere in the world.

Slice of Life/Adventure about an artist and other adventurers (one is a thrill seeker, other a cartographer/hunter, etc) exploring a fantastical and dangerous non-magical world (inspired by the art of Roger Dean) in an early lX century like world.

lt will explore lighthearted themes and stuff like freedom, responsability and friendship.

Last episode will be about the thrill seeker (generally a good) getting bit by the same type of snake that killed the artist's father (an old explorer). While he has studied and was prepared to deal with the poison in case he was bit, the situation becomes tense when another man's life is on the line.

Why do I hear the Zeal bgm when I see this pic?

Mendelevs school for the elements.

Girls are metals, boys non metals, transition metals are traps.
Number of electrons determines the amount of clothes they wear, proton determines size.

Crazy chemical reaction hijinks occur.

Noble gases are their own clique.

Gold/Silver/Platinumare the absurdly rich girls who do absurd things like come to school in a helicopter, bronze tags along but it only fairly wealthy comes to school in just a limo and is made fun of for it, that kind of difference.

So you're just to afraid to make him do anything bad that carries a real weight? That's what l was talking about when l said l was tired of this trope. Doing shit he isn't proud off is actually really cool and can make a character seem more human, it won't necessarily make him edgy.

The rest is cool if you ask me, why don't you invest in this idea?

EP 1:
EP 13:

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

>No. 1 movie in Japan
>No. 1 anime on MAL

So this is meme magic. Not bad.

But bronze is an alloy.

A sports anime based off pro-wrestling, but instead of generic Shonen fighting, it's all keyfabe.

The MC, a newcomer to wrestling, has no idea that it's all faked, and has to learn how to job, be a heel, and so on.


Generic knight from fantasy world falls in a magic portal and appears in our world. He goes on a cross country road trip. Shenanigans ensue when he finds that the moral and logical standards of his world don't work that well here.

What criteria are you using to call him a beta faggot? Because he's afraid of blood?

Shy and meek aren't really the same thing. Being shy won't matter too much anyways because humanity is a recurring theme because he's actually undead and those nightmares are flashbacks to how he died

A shy swordsman can't confess to the girl he likes. One day he encounters a powerful beast while traveling with her. He manages to fend it off with major wounds and accidentally calls the heroine cute. Realizing that the thrill of battle is the only thing that gives him the much needed confidence he sets off to find a worthy enemy.

The problem is that he is easily the most powerful person in the world and the beast was 1 in 10000000 chance encounter with something that is supposed to destroy a small country with ease. After many travels together with female MC the hero finds another beast of comparable power but again he is only able to compliment her. Having lost all options he decides to summon the Demon Lord in an ancient ritual. He faces him but is just barely bested. The girl breaks the fight and takes the killing blown meant for the MC. With her last breath she says she loves him. He responds with the same words and with the last bits of strength defeats the Demon Lord barely saving the world.



didn't seth rogen make a movie about this or something recently

Still the best idea in this thread.

When will we ever get the next Keit-ai?

We need more anime that talks about the international bankers who are controlling things behind the scenes the way "Angel Cop Ep.6" did, and when I say Angel Cop, I am talking about what they actually said in Japanese and not the fake incorrectly translated dialogue that appears in the American English release. If you want to hear what they were really saying in Japanese, just watch this:

the dialog in that anime video clip is referring to the people on this list:

Also, if you want to know how the people on this list got to be where they are, start reading at page 12 in this book:

Ghost Slide was far better, but never seemed to catch on as well.

A boy gets cheated on by his girlfriend and grows up to be a teacher who can't get it up.

Then one day, he meets this sweet fifteen year old young girl who's his student and reminds him of his cheating ex before she cheated on him; to be more specific, when she was still an innocent.

They go on a whirlwind romance. However, when everything is said and done, the pederast discovers that the mother of the girl is his ex and the father is the guy she cheated with all those years ago, which explains why the daughter looks so familiar to him.

Ghost Slide was actually a funny joke about a shit thread.

Keit-ai is a interesting premise turned into a joke by shitposters.


A young man who is plagued by a series of medical conditions such as seizures and a range of food allergies goes through all his young life barely able to stay alive, let alone study in school. He drops out of college and becomes a NEET.

Later in life, he finds a cure for his physical issues. And with his mind no longer hindered by his frail body, he is discovered to be a genius. The type of person who only comes around once in a century.

But because of his wasted years, he never uses his intelligence for science or medicine or anything helpful. Instead, he uses it to manipulate people for sex and money; he lives a life of debauchery, using his massive intellect to get out of the situations his lifestyle causes.

Then one day, he meets a special girl. Someone who is completely oblivious to his tricks and life as a whole. His intellect can't help him get into her pants or even understand her. But he won't give up until he is able to take her.

Slowly, the girl starts to break his shell and reforms him into a nice person. While he can never make her do bad things. But his constant failures just makes him more determined to win. All the while, crazy people keep trying to hurt the girl and the man who protects her.

Eventually, after all the story arcs have passed, all the yakuza members are dead and the girl is safe, the man gives up and marries her. Gets a 9 to 5 job and lives a happy life.

Then it is revealed at the end that the girl is also a genius. She was the last surviving members of the Yakuza group he destroyed. And she was using him.

Alice AI is the newest AI to be created. The purpose of the AI is to run a very popular MMO to give NPC's an authentic feel of being alive rather than pre programmed. One Alice finds herself attracted to MC


-In the world holding hands bare will cause a female to become pregnant.
-A college boy with a strange harem made up of a: Lucho Wrestling Tomboy, Android, A Sharpshooting Rancher, Christmas Cake Ghost, Evil Witch, Slutty /K/ommando Catgirl, Centaur Knight, and a Weapon Generating Imouto-Loli Yandere falls in love with a normal girl from his class and they start dating with his harem being in love enough to support him, and spiteful enough to try and get the other girl to break up with him.
-The boy wishes to take his relationship with the girl to the next level after several dates and hold hands with her by removing his glove, and plot ensues.

I hate myself for reading all that. Worst ending ever.

I'd watch it though.

average high schooler (second year) has insane adventures all starting during a class, involving magic, aliens, military and other unbelievable and unlikely shit, except at the end of each episode / arc they are revealed to be his midclass daydreams.

A boy falls in love with a girl

The life of a girl who found a cursed item, A pair heart-shaped contact lenses.

The contact lens merges with her eyes, so she has a permanent heart-shaped pupils. Watch her day to day life of a slutty looking pure girl and her struggle to get the lenses off.

That's too lewd user. Better make the girl a cockblocking Tsun.

It's an exceptionally dark and edgy fantasy universe, the kind that runs off of cheap shock value. The kind of setting that shits on the very idea of nobility and heroism, or anything good or decent. It's crude, disgusting, and just completely spiteful and awful.

As expected, it features a villain protagonist, but with one major twist. He's a much more lighthearted villain, at least compared to the setting. He's still largely selfish, powerhungry, and ruthless, but he's just not as edgy and awful as everything else in the world. If he wants to steal sacred relics and ancient artifacts of power, he'd probably end up taking them from people much worse than he is. If he tried his hands at manipulating politics, he'd probably inadvertently make the whole thing less corrupt in the process.

No matter what act of genuine self-serving villainy he performs, it's just not as bad as what would have otherwise happened. He could kidnap Princesses, only for it to turn out they were being abused much worse back home. Still, he never stops playing the role of the evil mastermind/dark sorcerer, even if some people start seeing him as some grand liberator because of how much worse things were before he conquered them. It's probably because he's not some idealistic hero that the relentless cruelty of his world fails to crush him.

Through convoluted and often petty, silly, and/or childish schemes, the kind you'd expect from an almost cartoonish villain who never got around to figuring out what they'd do after they obtained ultimate power, he manages to usurp tyrants and overthrow demon kings to establish his own dark empire.

thanks mister


Hajime no Ippo, but mma instead of boxing.

In a swords and magic world, MC is born into a ghetto town.
With both of his parents dead and having to take care of his bed ridden sister, MC is slowly cornered into debt and despair.
One day, after being chased by debt collectors stressed to his limits, he decides to make the gamble of his life; to forge his acceptance into the prestigious magic academy, where the consequences of being caught will most likely lead to his public execution.
Using all of his skills learned from the ghetto and having some talent in the arts of magic, MC barely manages to be accepted into the academy.

This is his tale to survive in the high society and scraping every penny to sustain his life.
He will have to forge essays, kill monsters for senior student's school project, sneak into the girl's dorm to steal articles of clothing for sale, steal research papers for rival professors, crossdressing to please old mens all for the sake of money, using nothing but his ghetto wit and his meager talent of magic.

>but mma instead of boxing.
So every match is about two men hugging each other on the floor in order to avoid getting kicked in the crotch. Totally less homo than Hajime no Ippo.

>crossdressing to please old men
Picked up with the force of a billion exploding suns.

MC transfers to a new school and is subject to a recruitment by the film club that stops just short of kidnapping before even making it to class. MC ends up shown around by the club's president who continues to push to join while hustling everyone they run into for materials or equipment or advertising or funding for the club. President relents, leaving it at an open invitation to visit and just sit in for a while.

MC has a strange dream about the President and what they talked about. They eat lunch together the next day, MC is introduced to club members in sequence while they work on the current project in the background, and every night that week there's another dream, continuing where the last left off, featuring the introduced members and incorporating what was overheard about the movie they're making.

An episode at this point starts inside the dream narrative, staying with it until the end, where the President calls cut, everybody breaks character, and the MC is applauded for a convincing performance.

The movie is edited together quickly and is a cheap reproduction of the dream sequences. MC is repeatedly claimed to have a strong imagination. President is shown as a troll and prankster with an almost hypnotic ability to catch people up in fantastic scenarios before yanking it from under them and explaining the trick.

The school has an over-active culture of urban legends, the speedy exploitation of which is the favored subject of the club's films and which die off soon after a screening. Lots of spooky in and out of character sequences followed by shitty movie versions, episodic commentaries about filmmaking and memetics and diegesis, some strategic bait for the audience that the President's explanations don't completely fit.

-Men(/women) in black suits injected with a miracle drug t was called "providence" that was found in Israel in the 1940. Then called Nascent in 1960 under Dr. Blankheart, now called the New Era in 202x A.D

-a reconstructed Society of psychic called the Phantoms prompted to fight the suits because an attack on one of their stronghold by a Victim of the Nascent project.

- PMO (Private Military Organization) run by an former American intelligence agent and a former Japanese politician/ member of the Japanese department of Defense team up together the against Phantoms and S.O.M.s

-Tritagonist members of a special division in one of japan weakest unit consisting of 52 year old ex- phantom, Japanese MC, MC-Self insert work to minimize threats that they are assigned while 3/4 of them hold dark secrets to the organization's activities .

- A group called the ISCS ( International, security and control sector) are created to monitor that join organization

Posted in an earlier thread, lemme know how I could make it more concise:
A generic MC and a couple of his classmates get transported into a fantasy world, and go about doing heroic deeds, acquiring a cute harem and some other badass allies to travel along with them saving the world.
And then, 2 or 3 volumes in, MC and his first bro he allied with when he came over get drunk and fuck like animals. The morning after, the both realize what they have done, and worse yet, they both secretly really enjoyed it. They decide to try pretend it never happened.The rest of the series is the plot of saving the world plus some actual development for the MC's classmates and his "harem" while the MC and his new bro/crush try desperately to ignore the elephant in the room of their feelings for each other and keep it and all their romantic moments/lapses a secret from the rest of their party.

Bump, I'm curious too.

Go full satoshi kin and make it as vicious against any cute girl culture at all.

>inb4 it goes full patema and the bottom of the shaft is being mined not just for resources but for a portal to another dimension
But seriously, write this shit.


How do the streets work? Would they be going straight down? Would the trains be like funicular or elevators or something?


Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子

Siblings from a broken family reconnects with each other through Tabletop D&D. Girl from an abusive family befriends them and discovers the joys of roleplaying as she copes with the harsh reality.


Perhaps a little something like this?

>Kim Jong-un posted in the original Code Geass threads


Literally already a thing.

Let's spice this one up. Plot-twist is that MC is a spirit that gets to possess another person's body.

>MC struggles to survive in a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic wasteland.


inb4 404

Yea Kenshiro doesn't struggle to survive the wasteland, he sometimes struggles against the most powerful people in the wasteland, but mostly he just kicks ass and saves people.

I think by "transition metals are traps" you mean "semimetals are traps", as Gold, Silver, and Copper are all transition metals.

>Copper keeps getting kidnapped.

>the archetypal stuck up ojou are actually traps
Cred Forums would absolutely eat this shit up

drug abusing mother deep in debt goes looking for her missing child while being haunted from her past of killing others just to survive.

So there is this 20 year old mc who is very smart and ambitious. He lives alone. One day on his way to university, he sees a 14 year old boy who is about to commit suicide. He stops te boy and befriends him. The boy has a really sad family life, and nobody to talk to. The boy starts spending time at the mc's place, where the mc slowly becomes a sort of a therapist for the boy. They become really close after the boy after he opens up and pours his heart out. Soon their relationship becomes sexual. They live together like this, until the boy meets a girl who likes him. At first the mc is proud of the boy, but soon he becomes jealous. He is in love with the boy and the girl, while he is afraid that he will be left out. He tries his damnedest to manipulate the situation to his gain, but he just can't bring himself to hurt the boy. The mc starts also interacting with the girl, and after hearing her sad story, they find a conclusion. All three of them will live together as lovers, friends and family.

So Cred Forums, will my 10 episode series become a suprise success with the masses?

A boxing manga but they are sentai styled robutts

When somebody gets killed, and their killer does not get punished, then the ghost will float around in the living world. A special detective has to work with the ghosts to gather real evidence that can be used against the killer (since ghost testimonies are not valid and killers usually hide their faces). Once the killer is caught and punished, the ghost of the victim can move on. The detective and his new female partner work mostly on cases where cute young ghost-girls need to find their killers (since they are both into cute girls).

>Tsundere Tornado is unconscious because she drowned in Tsundere Tsunamis flood when she cried nonstop like that one song
>MC slaps Tsundere thunder and rails on her until she is enraged
>gets struck by lightning, and he holds tsunami's hand, using the electricity coursing through him to literally jump start her heart.
>MC dies.
>Time quake unleashed wreaking destruction over the nation as the three girls are catapulted into the time stream
>they have to decide amongst themselves which timeline to enter
>MC can return to life, but he can only be with one of them

I like bleach copied yuyu hakusho's premise including the sudden shift to battle manga and the complete avoidance of any spirit police duties

A show about an Otaku who always sees this cute girl at the train station when he goes to his lifeless dead end job.
He harbors suicidal thoughts because of his life and loneliness. But he vows to garner the courage to talk to her and maybe even ask her out.

Majority of the show is his hi jinks of trying to be cool and not a gross anti-social loser.

On the day he goes to talk to her he gets about 5 feet away and she jumps infront of a train and dies. He finds out thru the news that she was the same as him. Anti-social otaku with lame job. The only difference is she didnt try to better herself.


was waiting for this

Bleach has a similar premise, but immediatly threw away 90% of all the Yu Yu Hakusho integral parts

>No Spirit Detective hunting down demon with mcguffin plot
>No tournament arcs
>No interest in Hell whatsoever
>Hollows are kind of demons but not really.

Victorian era alternate reality steampunky anglo-ish country is at war with psudo russian-ish evil empire.

MC is young genius righteous captain of an airship that unfortunately has to host a spunky go to attitude war time reporter girl and her crew. They constantly butt heads cause MC feels shes out to make them seem like murderers or hurt the war effort. Battles n shit happen, innocent reporter girl slowly turns into grizzled battle tested hard ass. Love blooms on the battlefield

NO CGI ALLOWED, 65-75% of show is battles and action

He did become half demon like yusuke did but much further till he was half everything.

Ichigo wasn't half Fullbringer. That was taken by Kugo Ginjou.

Also, he's not really a true Quincy either. He lacks the grand majority of all the powers (even basic).

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

>Keit愛 OST


OP Full:
ED 1 Full:
ED 2 Full:

>Keit愛 TVアニメ

EP 1:
EP 13:

>Keit愛: 君の名は。


Didnt even matter in the end. Kubo even ended bleach the same way as yyh, by having the final battle happen offscreen

Actually, YYH happened offscreen. Ichigo actually cut Juha Bach in half AFTER the entire fight sequence with Aizen, Uryu and Ichigo. The final chapter revealed that Juha Bach was cut down then and things ended there.


>No one ever replies to my ideas.
i'm destined to be the next talent-less hack aren't i?

A neet is in a train full of people. Sudently He is in a hotel room. A voice appears from some speakers. It says he has been chosen for a game. There are 10 people in the building. Each one has a name written in a piece paper with a name. They have to kill the person who's name is in it, then take the paper from the dead one and kill it. The game ends when one gets his own name after killing someone. There are plenty of traps in the hotel and many cant be overcome alone. People is forced to work together whit people they cant nor shoudnt trust

A lonely warrior from a distant future travels to the past to kill his own grandfather and stoping his evil brother to take over the world

Then your idea is shit. Nobody wants to read it.

He could kill the brother instead though

No then he'll rule over the world instead. So he has to nuke both of them.

Maybe. An interesting setting and overarching plot is nice, but a skilled writer can make even the most boring setting stand out. A shit writer will turn even the best setting in to shit.

As long as you're having fun don't worry about it so much.

A young crusader is sent to hell after diying. He refuses to think god has leave him so he thinks it is his final task, killing the devil, but in his journey he will face a truth that will change everything

That he has to live in a dorm of sexy high school demons?


A high student girl and her class are in a school trip in okinawa when world War III starts. Most japan is nuked in the first hours but okinawa remains untouched. Without a home to go back, without any signal from their families and getting radiaton poison without noticing it the girl is the only one who belives everything will be turn fine

The world is constantly plagued by super powered beings that can cause good or evil, it would only depend on the person

And at an yet to be determined name high school Something like "Crazy Power Highschool Students are trained to control their own unique and powerful abilities to Fight against evil, and rival schools

Highschool life is filled with romance, rivals, drama, action, and tons of sexual tension and hijinks, can our heros come out on top as the best student while still enjoying their youth?

all the while and not so special man in his later 30s drinks alone in his room, contemplating his life choices.

How did everything go so wrong? He payed his bills, did his job, and married his highschool sweet heart. He did everything he could to live his life to the best of the expectations of everyone around.

So why did his wife leave him?
So why did he get fired from the police station?
So why did he, no matter how hard he tried, not succeed in life?

The answer was simple, so simple it drove him into a bottle and out of his mind.
He wasn't special

No powers, No talents, No abilites
A man driven to the edge of his capability will eventually snap and blame the world.

Watch as our "Hero" switches professions to security at a highschool, as he slowly exacts his revenge on those who were born better than him

I just wanna watch a really normal older adult use really human methods to kill, stalk, and mentally break super powered anime teens

This is so goddamned edgy, just end me now

I though that the plot twist would be that he is in fact in heaven that turned a hell because humans who in a seek of power where unable to stay at peace in the after life

Harambe is a peaceful gorila who enjoys his life at the zoo. But after meeting a strange hairless monkey and adopt him as his own child everything will change


Amber is a peaceful sex slave who enjoys her life at the brothel. But after adopting a strange baby gorilla that falls into her enclosure as her own child everything will change.




Wait a minute, that face

A man becomes a demon lord but actually just wants to keep his lands stable and doesn't care about conquest

the heroes think hes up to something, the servants think his second In command is planning a uprising and there is a human girl turned demon because of reasons who might be a love interest

This is nice. You can connect wind with anxiety and confusion (thus "whirlwind"). But it's called "triplets" not 3 twins.

Tsunderestorm would be a good puntitle.

>episode with all three on their period


>standard fantasy land
>mc is a noblewoman who spends her time fighting in the public arena
>she's been the champion of the annual tournament for the past 4 years
>gets to the finals again this year
>her opponent is some generic-looking young man with a shortsword
>fight is evenly matched until he baits her, magics a longsword out of his ass and wounds her
>he grips the blade and bashes her face with the hilt, knocking her out
>she awakes up in bandages traumatised that she actually lost
>after frustration passes she realises she needs to git gud to beat him next time
>demands to meet him after she recovers in order to learn from him
>finds out he was an unknown traveller who already the city left days ago
>she decides to chase after him
>story focuses on the places, incidents and fights she experiences on her journey of self-improvement

Sounds alright

Not really interesting to be honest.

Could this be the next Keit-Ai?

>a girl who claimed she got transferred to this world from another world, claiming she had an ability to go back in time by dying, she mostly wears training jersey.

>a girl who claimed she got transferred to this world from another world, claiming she can always win any games (in actuality by making up new rules during the game), and a neet.

>a girl claiming she always solves another person problem but will make herself looks bad, a self proclaimed loner because of that (even though she always hangs around with a handsome and popular guy, but she said she want something GENUINE)

>a bland and generic girl who somehow attracts a lot of handsome guys. Somehow always do some accident like (accidentally opening bathroom when the guy is bathing, or when the guy is changing, accidentally touching guy chest, crotch, etc)

>MC a regular soldier who refuse to open his helmet, or speaks. Very loyal to its motherland and a bros before hoes kind of guy, and will do any assignment bestowed upon him if it was an order from the kingdom.He only communicate with his gesture

>One day in the castle, all those girls are gathered there by the king. Royal Priest said that one of them bears the power of hero who can saved the world from the upcoming demon lord. The soldiers and MC have to tend all those girls in the time being, until it revealed who is the real hero among them.

You know the settings

You had me until
>Ten episode series
This looks like a Seinen Manga material

Need to jazz it up with a lot of
t's and puns.

Triplets, torn apart at birth, are tied together with a terrible curse. Tiffany Tsunami, Theresa Thunder & Tahlia Tornado's emotions influence the skies themselves.

Barrow Meter, a classmate of theirs and an aspiring weather man, is the target of all their affections. He realizes the secret they are unaware of, but can he weather the storm?

Pun potential here is off the charts, honestly.

>forecast of love
>temperature of their hearts on the rise
>man made global warming is real!

Real robot story set in space.

MC is a 30-year old bombshell single mother with military background who finally lands a well-paying job with a merc mech squad.

Suddenly clearly well-funded terrorist attacks with mechs erupt all over the sector and her squad is secretly contracted by government to run not-quite-legal ops to discover the origins and thwart terrorist threat.

Now MC has to manage her time between performing missions, maintaining her mech, raising her shota kid and dealing with squad leader's advances.


>MC looks at Thunder with ultimate derision, as she weeps over tsunami
>Starts to lay into her.
>Crying, now? You realize how this all your fault, right?
>Your low self-esteem kept you in competition with other girls over me, so you could always shield yourself from reality.
>The truth is, it doesn't matter if you were the last girl on earth, you're so completely repugnant and undesirables that no man would ever want you.
>Your breasts are already as large as they will ever grow to, everyone can tell, and forget hoping for at least some pregnancy swelling to inflate those duds for a while, because no man would ever father a child with you, if your rotten cunt was even capable of it.
>But your fucking ugly features aside, it's really your personality that keeps everyone at bay. Even now, you are sobbing to hide from the fact that your stupid temper caused Tornado's death.
>And you have the audacity to play the victim, when it's all your fault.
>The camera had slowly been zooming in on Thunder as this tirade went on.
>Her head was buried in her hands and she was shaking it in sorrow.
>You're Pathetic.
>Thunder's first clenches and we can hear her mutter repeatedly: it's not my fault.
>It slowly rises in volume and intensity, until she finally screams it and throws her head up, ablaze with fury.
>MC is crouching beside Tornado, his hand touching her bare chest.
>The anger that had been on his face was gone, and he was smiling reassuringly.
>It's not your fault, he says softly
>Lightning strikes him just then, and the electricity flows through him into tornado
>he falls limp and his head lands in line with Tornado's.
>light in his eyes fades a second after Tornado's fluttered open.

Oh, I messed the name up in the first line. Tornado is the dead one.

where can I find your emotional porn to read?

What's that?

you write good edgy fapfiction and I'd like to read it

Just here I guess. I like these threads. Pretty sure I have been banned from writing prompts on reddit for a year because I told a mod she was a slut and should die. I forget why. Not that I miss it.


MC fights against shitposters. Everyone thinks that he just sits behind computer but in reality shitposters are vile internet demons and MC puts his life on line every day.

Black Border

In a harbor town somewhere in the middle of the ocean, people began to learn magic abilities to aid in their day-to-day life. One girl ended up learning that if she looks at an image long enough, a random item on it will start to move. She can pull on it, and it will be able to come out, fully usable, but with the drawback that the image it's printed on presents. She needs to keep her pictures in good condition lest the items dull from sun, melt in the face of wet photos with runny ink, or break in the face of torn pictures. She also has the ability to revert the process, meaning if she can pull them out, she likely can put them back in. She's been known as a trickster to some due to abusing that fact when she needs extra items to sell.

The story mostly takes place in her town and the people she interacts with through her item pulling abilities. An example of one of her ability could go like this:

While flipping through a comic one day, she notices that one of the panels is moving, and promptly pulls on it to see what she can get out of it. One of the characters tumbles out- a surly fisherman who was in the middle of capturing a weird type of fish. Unlike how some comic book worlds work, the world the character knows is limited to all he's seen in the panel he comes from. The rest of the book is unaffected, since it's just one version of him out of many others. So while one version of him is familiar with city life, another will only know the cold darkness of the caverns, and another will be in a permanent rage-filled state. She needs to be careful to pull on the same panel if she wants him to appear well-adjusted as well.

Alright so hear me out, basic stuff.
Main dude is an average semi popular dude, but he gets bullied by some delinquent or whathaveyou.
So to stop the bullying he plans to get close to the female childhood friend of said delinquent, quiet friendly girl.
This works out and they become acquainted.
Turns out the delinquent guy has feelings for the girl however.
So he has to struggle with the conflicting feelings of wanting to harm the main character for getting close to his childhood friend, and wanting to keep her happy.
Eventually the main character finds he suddenly has feelings for said girl and they compete for her affection.
Girl can decide because she feels like she owes her childhood friend (he saved her life and they've known eachother so long, blablabla)
But she actually has romantic feelings for the main character.
At the end when the guys understand the situation somewhat, delinquent says she doesn't owe him anything (He actually loved her though so BAM, create sympathy for delinquent.)
And the girl gets with the main character.
Optional happy ending for delinquent.
Simple stuff but i believe people could enjoy it if it's done properly.
Eh? Yes, no?

Not bad. It's all about execution anyway.

The story starts in a generic fantasy world. Knights, dragons, wizards, all that. The protagonist is a famous and beloved knight who saved the kingdom many times. However, he doesn't really like his life, instead, he gets absorbs in fantasy books about worlds with big cities and massive towers, horse-less carriages that take people to offices where they work for huge organizations using magical calculating boxes. Basically, our world.

One day, the knight is somehow transported to our world, and from there it's just a SoL of him living the dream of having a comfy 9-5 office job.

The only one who knows his secret is his otaku co-worker, who is jealous of his world and keeps trying to find ways to get them both to there.

Yeah, it's just an anti-Isekai

Wind could be embarrassment, the whole "perv wind" you know?

Am I the only one that needs to point out
>three twins

Yeah suppose.
I just figured it would be a somewhat easy to do show.
Some jokes, romance and make it sad (for one) yet happy(for the others) and such.
Not too complicated.

twist on a time loop theme

So basically a different flavor of Hatarakou Maou sama? I dig it.

Come on Cred Forums, you obviously have a few neat ideas. What's stopping you from making it?

This would be a big hit. Combines mystery, suspense and lolis

Scarface in space.

I have an idea for a time travel plot device, but not an actual plot, do with this what you will:

MC is a 21 year old washed up NEET who has given up on having a decent life. One morning, he wakes up back in his old childhood room. When he looks at the calendar, he notices that he went 5 years back in time, to the day he started 10th grade. Armed with all the knowledge he gained, he sets out to improve his life so he doesn't turn out a failure again.

His first day passes great. He avoids every fuck up he did, and suddenly everyone seems to be nicer to him. On his way home, he sees an advertisement for the national lottery, a huge prize of 5,000,000,000 yen. He suddenly remembers that people talked a lot about this lottery, because the numbers drawn ended up being very unusual, like 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 or something. Feeling confident, he fills in a ticket, figuring that being rich would only help him.

The next day, the lottery results are broadcasted on TV. The numbers really were like the MC remembered, but every single ticket guessed them. At that point, MC and everyone else realize that every single person on earth went back 5 years like the MC.

From there I have no idea, I just like the idea of it being a twist

I like the twist but wouldn't people notice earlier by the mass confusion and nobody knowing what the actual fuck they're doing the moment they wake in their old bodies?

Oh man that's really good. I couldn't help but wonder how to do it without it being really spoopy though. Or how people would handle being five years in the past with other people who all have the next five years memories worth. Seems that it kinda zeroes out.