ITT: Girls that should have won

ITT: Girls that should have won.

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Tomoyo a shit.


Fun fact: Motoko WAS supposed to win. Author just got tired of going further and/or was running out of time and went with the cliche route.

You sure love being wrong.

>Motoko was supposed to win
>Author went with the cliche route
>Stuck Keitaro with the megabitch

Just kill me now, senpai.

Why? Motoko was the prototype that gave birth to Houki. She deserved to lose.

Out of all the harem members, she's the one that got the most character development, the one that got pushed to her lowest and came back as a better person. And her story arcs were better than Naru's wishy-washy indecisiveness.

His sister was better.

Any girl that have OTP design in a given rom-com or harem. That means Naru should win and she did, so I disagree. The story was always mainly for her to get together with Keitarou after the both of them dealt with issues and drama that needed to be sorted out in order to develop and grow.

ITT: Girls you're glad didn't win because they deserve better than the protagonist.
Mokoto is included in this. Good taste, OP.

Or Sister is fine.

Virtually every childhood friend character.

>gold digger
>deserving better

>Posting the alcoholic
Muh nigga

Literally every girl was better than Naru
Blonde Loli, Aunt, or even yandere sister was better choices

And this shit manga was the foundation for Overly Violent Tsunderes and worst girl winning the MC bowl for years
thank god Naruto and Bleach are starting to break the mold

Ive such a boner for childhood friend characters. Nothing is better than seeing them be happy when the MC tells them they love them. Especially when they were really afraid they would lose MC

Not him, but that's not true. Shinobu or Motoko is behind Naru. As a heroine, most of the story focused on the ups and downs Naru went through and the realization of her situation she was in because Keitarou seemingly wasn't the person she thought he was. She ultimately came to accept her feelings in the end and boldly moved forward together with Keitarou as the two embraced love.

>that delusion
Sup, THK.

This is exactly why I fucking loathe Love Hina, why I hate tsundere and why I completely gave up on harem in general.

Any girl other than Naru would be like Ami or Minori had won in Toradora. That would be wrong in so many ways. Plus, Naru was top tier and a good character.

You know what's good.

>top tier
>good character
I'd like to hear an explanation before I berate you.

Its pretty much why I substituted harem animu with VNs. Then at least you can make her happy. Even though you first have to tell her ambiguous answers for the whole common route because even when youre in control the MC is still a dense retard.

Maybe it's because he doesn't have an autistic hate boner against tsundere and can objectively see characterization and development without biased, unlike you.

>Implying Naru wasn't best
Still giving hope of childhood friends winning the bowl after her time.

Don't forget Mashiroiro.

The series was the start of the losing tsundere streak we have nowadays. Tsunderefags have never been so thoroughly BTFO before.

The best girl won, Lelouch. You need to get over it.

I personally preferred Shinobu and Makoto, but Naru deserved to win.


Did her character even really develop outside of her actually saying she likes Keitaro and beating the shit out of him slightly less?

I don't give a fuck about the title of the manga, no girl ever deserved to win more.

>Implying tsundere always win until recently
How fucking new are you fags? Tenchi Muyo and El-Hazard's tsunderes didn't win and they're among the oldest harem.

Nah, she was a cunt. I was routing for Minori, but she also turned out to be awful. Tiaga wound up best girl by default.


>that moment in the gym storage where she basically tells ryu he is a retard and he should fuck taiga already and be over with it and he is too dense to understand
Even though she was a class A bitch it was nice to see her understand the hand she got dealt and give up on it all

>complete bitch but later is just depressed as she knows whats up and sees ryu struggle as he constantly fucks up
>bestgirl who had serious issues but even then is willing to crash herself for her best friend
>complete bitch who wants to hurt people and twists the knife over and over

Is there a rule that best girl always looses?

>false dichotomy
>poisoning the well
Nice try.



But that's 100% wrong.

Who is this semen demon?

I wasn't trying to make an argument. It was a legitimate question. I stopped reading Love Hina before it was finished because Naru was fucking insufferable.

bitchsato is complete shit

Oh I wasn't implying violent tsunderes always win the MC Bowl I meant this anime started to really push comically violent Tsunderes(not just in NAru but also in Makoto)
And also started the trend of worst girl winning(in this case worse girl was Tsundere)

amifag but they dont match. Either way taiga is a terrible person

Ranko from Sankarea

Sure you weren't. It's not like you're going on in here acting as though you know everything there is.

But she won since Rea became a zombie and we saw MC's grandkids in the end, he couldn't have procreated with a zombie right?

>claims to be an Amifag when he thinks Minori is best girl
Lying faggot. Taiga had reason to be hostile and aggressive because of trust issues, but she eventuality got over that and became an angel so you're wrong.


Read Kono Oneesan wa Fiction desu and you'll change your mind about that.

Oh, wait she did win.

>Implying she didn't deserve better

I'm willing to admit that she was the best match for Keima, but she was FAR from best girl.

I openly admitted to being ignorant of any genuine character development because I dropped the series and was genuinely asking for context. If you're so adamant about defending the character actually answer the question instead of being a passive aggressive jackass.

minori is obviously the best girl for ryu

Better thread: Girls that won and clearly deserved to.

No, she isn't. Minori didn't offer Ryuuji anything significant. She didn't moved or changed him as a person.



Oh yeah, did that finish? I saw when it was pretty clear Onodera was out of the running, but did gorrilla officially win?

At work so can't check back frequently here.

It's not complicated. It's like you said for Motoko with coming out a better person. Naru's character os one that knows about her own flaws, but still act human despite because of that because no one is perfect and real change doesn't happen overnight. Even near the beginning of rhe story she and Keitarou got along quite nicely, but she uintentionally pushes him away whenever she is placed outside her comfort zone. It's a defense mechanism that she has. That eventually stops being a problem after her last arc where she stops running away. Whether you like it or not, Naru simply had the most amount of development that allowed us to see many sides to her, the narrative made sure to show and tell her various feelings and state of mind when she's happy, lovely, sad, mad, indifferent, bitchy, and so on. There's really little room for misinterpretation of her growth here.

what did taiga offer what minori didnt offer

Yep. Though anyone who was expecting someone else to win was delusional, like really.

Her sister was superior in every aspect.

She herself agrees, don't bother her about it.

>Alpha Houki
Yeah, no


The main thing Minori can't and that's to improve himself and change other people's perception of him. Ryuuji is awkward around Minori and vice versa, so they can never be close enough to see each other world like Taiga and Ryuuji did, made possibly only because of their unusual relationship that didn't romance to initially boggle them down.

Naru is literally a cockroach

You mean inferior in very imaginable way. From looks to personality.

If only.


She married an abusive jobber

That's a fair assessment but I intensely disagree. Just because she's a round character doesn't mean she's a good character. I thought her motivations were routinely predictable and trite to the point that I stopped reading the book specifically because of her. I wasn't enjoying the fact that I was reading a volume in the double digits and still shouting at the page because she couldn't fucking be honest with herself. What's worse is that she set the gold standard for that form of story, other more interesting characters having their stories sidelined in order to accommodate the tsundere main girl.

Falling on deaf ears because rabid anti-tsunfags won't care.

>16 years later
>people unironically think Naru wasn't the best Love Hina


Love Hina is absolute garbage and it was absolute garbage when it came out.

Speak of the devil.


>implying Rukia didn't deserve abusive nii-sama

The art looks familiar. What manga is this?

She's not out yet, even being a veggie has only improved her standing.

>set the gold standard
>implying LH seriously set the main girl should have most focus standard in writing
It's amazing how people like you could come up with wild theories and absurd rationalization just so you can find reasons to criticism the things you hate.

Seconding. I'm still mad.

Cockroaches can be cute too.

really by tropical island arc, where everyone knew that Naru was most likely childhood friend, and she got over crush on professor, Naru's development was through. She knew she liked Keitaro and vise versa. So until she finally admits it in like the second to last volume we basically have nothing but a shitty back and forth will they won't they scenario. If the series ended like 4 volumes sooner as the conclusion to Naru and Keitaro's love story it would have been fine, but since the other girls needed to develop more, Naru's personality stagnated, and she became a shitty exaggeration of the tsundere trope while every other girl evolved beyond their initial archetype. While every girl came to terms for their feelings with keitaro and in return his feelings for them they improved but when Naru learned how she felt about Keitaro and vice versa she remained virtually the same until the point when she didn't and they finally got married.


How the fuck cant minori improve herself.
Ryu was awkward around minori because he liked her and didnt know how to bring it. Minori was a genki popular girl and he looks scary and likes house work. He had no idea how to approach her. Minori was awkward because she liked him but wanted to couple him to taiga. Even then on surface level she was chill. And how does romance boggle someone down.
Overal taiga and ryu didnt seem to match at all and only seemed to deepen their bond because the author had to make it happen.

Well shit, I just came here to post her.

We had this thread yesterday.

I won't lie and act like I don't hate tsundere but I at least understand what makes a good character and I just don't see Naru as a very good character.
I said gold standard, you dick. The tsundere main girl has been a trope since Ranma 1/2 but LH did it in a way that resulted in a massive influx of similar series using the same style of character and the harem genre was worse for it.


Did the anime have an original ending?
I remember the manga being open-ended as shit.

>has victory served on a silver plate
>retarded MC will still love her even if she abandons and betrays him
>and yet she always finds a way to fuck things up

She deserves to lose.

Midori Days. The story of a delinquent who fell in love with a cute spunky girl who happened to be his hand then she disappeared and he started dating a girl who looked like her but didn't know him and had a completely different personality.

it could have been canon if the author wasn't a sell out.

>Motoko/ Tsuruya

Anyone of these would've been preferable to Naru.

Incidentally, Onodera definitely should've won Nisekoi, but of course Marika (aka former best girl) had to show up and ruin it.

It didn't happen and the story was never meant for Minori. Taiga is the only one that made it possible for Ryuuji to step forward and embrace courage, and likewise for Taiga.

Ah, but that's wrong.

Of all the tears in this thread, yours are the sweetest.

Shit taste.



I knew she was never going to win, but fuck. I wanted it so bad.

Patrician taste, user

Especially good since that manga provides another example of the same thing

Pic related. Oh wait, she did.



OP said best, not the worst girl.

>blue hair yellow eyes
B-boner, please


Claudia was the only thing worth remembering about Cancerisk.

>muh blonde cowtits with zero development and character
Put on your trip, Lelouch.

No, you go

What? Fuck no
Dude kept pining for her in the most obvious fucking way but she was all, 'Nooo I wanna go after this dude that has ZERO interest in me'
She only went after MC because she was jealous of the attention that she lost to glasses bitch
She deserved the end she got
Fuck this hoe




Yes user, your shit waifu is a 0/10
Glad we can agree

Abuse aint fun.

I wonder if the pain will ever go away.



Seconded, but I still have hope.


I'm aware that the bowl's not even close to being over, but we've been through this shit enough times to know what's going to happen.

I wish romances weren't so predictable. Maybe one in a hundred has an winner that wasn't completely obvious.

You are very wrong.

That's your opinion, one that's apparently incomplete given the fact you stopped reading the manga. Love Hina wasn't popular enough to set whatever standard you think it set. I can see you hate tsundere in here, but that isn't a good reason for you to make fallacious statements. Heck, Naruto is older than Love Hina, do you're kinda delusional there.

The island arc where they were stuck and needed to get back after they found out that they passed the exam? That's volume 8, still pretty far from Naru's development being through. The next stage was to see the outcome, starting with Keitarou moving to profess his feelings and to see Naru's reactions, what choice she would make from there on. Thing progressed steadily between them up until volume 11. Keitarou's imouto came to push the boundaries for all the girls and that in turn made Naru become hesitant, so her development still wasn't over yet.

You're definitely misconstruing things here. Naru ran away in volume 12, she criticized for always doing that when it came time to really make a decision and where she stands. That had nothing to do with being tsundere or of any gags for that matter. It was a simple flaw of hers. The whole adventure of getting Naru back in comical fashion allowed Keitarou to have one final go at the other girls, but during all that time Naru's character maintained itself and went through her own internalized development.

I feel you bro.


Get out of here, Esdeath. You don't deserve Tatsumi at all. You deserve only death.

Still upset.

I understand that it's a matter of opinion on what makes a good character but I don't think I'm wrong in saying that LH popularized bitchy, tsundere main girls in harem series. I'm not saying they invented the trope, mind you.

Harem is a shit genre anyway so I'll just leave the thread alone and let you guys do your thing.



Most obvious same person ever.

First thing I dropped in my life when I found out she wasn't gonna win

>being so asshurt that MC-kun doesn't want to fuck you that you try to an hero
She was a shit. It came out of nowhere that she loved him to that crazy of an extent.

Mero is the true best girl, anyways.

>only thing worth remembering
Objectively Julis. She's the only decent character in the show and with character arcs to make people care. Also, fembro-ish battle waifu and is hot.

You didn't here bro? Yui won the Hikki bowl.

Yukiniggers are still QQing

>implying should win
>won at all
It's this Yuifag again.

Kill yourself, cross-boarder.

Yui won though. It is written by the author himself.

Unfortunately, going deredere is like throwing Molotov cocktails onto your own ship.

>applying ambiguous win in a non-canon AU to canon story

Yuifag pls.

Keep crying. Yui won.

Because taste doesn't degrade over time.

The only thing LH popularized is harem anime. Before that, TM! was the grandfather. For the harem genre, that bubble exploded during hanks to visual novels that focused on harem after TM! came to exist. After hundreds of harem anime to this day, only a minority of them followed LH tropes and example. A natural given since most authors can't emulate Ken's style. And you can't say there aren't tons of harem that have other archetypes as main girl.

Ami didn't even love him.

>it's a "tsunderefag goes into full damage control mode for his disliked waifu while trying to stalk people in the archives" thread

That makes no sense. Taste is like fine wine. It gets better over time.

Such is the life of TLK.

Precisely, so they won't start liking Naru.

I need to catch up on that but I still think it was dumb of him not to impregnate her on the island and keep her there as long as possible.

Marika is a tsundere. Aren't you being ironic?

Is it 'winning' if the MC is an insufferable beta loser

Yui should have been a minor character and the show should have been about a loner who is torn between long lost twin sisters.

>wine that aged
Being coy, I see.

Can we post characters who should have been in the running to begin with?

Leaving your ridiculous view of her personality aside, she's only there for the smug.

Your pic is surely unrelated cause we all know the best girl won.

Since when is an autist like THK considered people?

Best looks and voice, sure.

Chitoge and Marika are literally cats and dogs at each other, but they gradually warmed up to each other. They bicker almost as much as Raku and Chitoge did. How is that not tsundere?

Yup, it really is that kind of thread. Good job proving it even further.

>muh TLK
Thanks for proving me right.

Love rivals=/=tsundere. She's a deredere stalker ojou-sama.

>Implying THK isn't real
Raildexfag here. You're full ofshit.

Are you serious? A lot of tsundere are rivals that quarrel and warms up to the pron they initially are hostile to. You need to watch more anime and read more manga.

I never said anything about that, though? I'm just pointing out the behavior of certain poster(s) in threads like these.

Chitoge and Kosaki are love rivals too and they act nothing like Chitoge and Marika who acts like Yozora and Sena.

I suppose it's not technically over yet, but I'm pretty sure which way this is *not* going.

Sensei still best girl and superior choice.

That's a really loose interpretation of tsundere. Character archetypes in harems are based on how they behave towards the main character. Any two female characters can be catty towards eachother despite their archetype.

But you did. Why else would you be an apologist for only his side?

Just be thankful that her younger clone is going to win. Even though nothing beats Sensei.

Vegeta says otherwise. Seriously, you must be that new.


Miles better than Yui, but still not as perfect as Yukino or Komachi.


Whose side? I'm just saying the side that's so obsessed that they're digging through archives is hardly admirable. It seems that side is bringing up several people they're stalking, too, such as "Lelouchbro" or whatever.

Poor thing was doomed from the start.

You mean the guy who people call a tsundere jokingly? There's a pretty obvious difference between fanbase injokes and actual archetypes.

>certain poster(s)
Maybe you should have pointed out THK too then.

You're seeing things. Nobody dug through archives to show obsession. And what does Lelouch have to do with anything regarding THK?

You seem to be doing that already every other post, so there's no real need to.

Way to shoot yourself in the feet.

Where? You don't even know my posts in here.

>Nobody dug through archives
>And what does Lelouch have to do with anything regarding THK?
He's one of the many bogeymen you're accusing others of being in here.

Vegeta exhibits all tsundere traits. He is hostile and is rarely ever honest about his feelings. Only difference is he isn't a love interest so it's "like" instead of love.

>Only difference is he isn't a love interest
Exactly, and therefore it's completely irrelevant.

>one example anyone can do with a few clicks using Cred Forums x script
You're grasping at straws.

>a boogeyman
Newfag detected.

As proven in Lucky Star, a tsundere doesn't require romance. Look at the many bromance rivals have who are tsundere.

Gonna leave this here

nah yakumo did noting to do deserve him.

>being this new
Lelouch is an infamous tripfag and his awful nornalfag taste is pretty easy to recognize.

Not sure if trolling or not, but you're definitely wrong. Pig thoroughly debunks you.

Pig is also thread related.

>You're grasping at straws.
No, the proof is literally right there. Also, don't even try to pretend you don't routinely try to identify and call out posters with opinions that you don't like by looking up pics in the archive.

>As proven in Lucky Star, a tsundere doesn't require romance
Kagami is yuri bait, though. Vegeta is just a rival character in a fighting shounen, although his behavior towards Bulma could be called tsundere. The point is, what matters when classifying Marika's archetype is her behavior towards Raku, not Chitoge.

Desperately forcing that as an example of obsessive stalking as if it takes any time and effort is just sad. Anybody with a brain don't need to be autistic to recognize certain spammers or shitposters with a pattern who posts the same pics/pasta/stock posts/etc over and over again. You did and are doing that yourself so pot calling the kettle black.

The manga for this was super bad.

She was my favorite girl too though.

She kind of won though. Her kid was really cute.

Pig wasn't even in the competition.

>Desperately forcing that as an example of obsessive stalking as if it takes any time and effort is just sad
The fact that you continously feel the need to post your findings and theories about it in every thread is what makes it so obsessive and pathetic. We don't need to hear you crying about THK or whatever every time someone says they don't like your favorite tsundere. People can dislike things that you like without it being some kind of shitposter conspiracy.

>recognize certain spammers or shitposters with a pattern who posts the same pics/pasta/stock posts/etc over and over again
>You did and are doing that yourself so pot calling the kettle black.
So, are you calling yourself a shitposter, then?

Yuri subtext is no different from homolust or bro relationships. Tsundere doesn't even have to be about relationship with another person either. One of Kyon's form of tsundere is denial about enjoying the club.

You're a Marikafag, but you can't accept her multi facet character that exists beyond Raku. I feel sorry for Marika if she have more fans like you.

Imma gonna cry again ;_;

Now you're making things up and implying theories that didn't happen ITT to your wild exaggerations. And more calling the kettle black on your part. Just sad.

>calling yourself a shitposter
Redirecting when you got called out. Classic deflection when you can't think of anything else.

No, there is a pretty marked difference between tsundere as a harem archetype and tsundere as a light-hearted colloquial term for someone who's not honest with themselves about something.

>You're a Marikafag
See, I'm not even much of a Marikafag. I just selected a random smug reaction pic of a girl, and you decided to latch onto that all on your own.

Notice me, senpai . You know you're making a freaking storm in glass of water because user called out THK once, right?

Ami def best girl in the show.

Her and Ryuuji were on a seriously compatible wavelength. It's too bad Asuka lived next door and not Ami. Could've gone the other way.

>that didn't happen ITT
It did, though. And in so many other threads, hence why was so apt.

Tsundere is tsundere. So no, not really. If the topic was how Marika behaves to Raku character then you could argue she isn't tsundere, but to saying she isn't tsundere at all is a complete disservice of her entire character Earlier you disregarded them and said they don't exist, so at least you're admitting there's a different now.


>It did
Link the ones you think did then. Don't forget THK's posts too then. Go ahead, I'll wait.

>First reply to your post was THK

No, she's genuinely retarded.

She should be. Best girl deserves to win.

>If the topic was how Marika behaves to Raku character then you could argue she isn't tsundere, but to saying she isn't tsundere at all is a complete disservice of her entire character
Look at it like this. There are moments in the series where Chitoge is being shy, but in the context of the series as a harem, it would definitely be Onodera and not Chitoge that corresponds to the "shy girl" archetype. Sure, you can make a relatively solid case for Marika displaying tsundere behavior, but it's pure sophistry to claim that Marika is a "tsundere character" because of that.

>Mayuri's thing is autism moe, but she gets surpassed in autism by Kurisu
What good is Mayuri if she doesn't have that?

Fuck off. I could respect your opinion if you posted literally any other character from that series.

You're confusing nervousness in confronting her feelings to shy. Those moments are seldom and they don't define a relationship she has with Raku or any of the other girls in the harem. That's completely different to Chitoge and Marika's relationship that is most appropriately defined as tsundere x tsundere. It's not wrong to say Marika is a tsundere because she has a major defining personality as one towards Chitoge, who's t he main girl so it's not in any ways minor and insignificant to just ignore.

>Link the ones you think did then.
>Don't forget THK's posts too then.
We're talking about you here, not about THK. Who's deflecting, again?

I'm dying here. XD it's between her and Faris. I did like Kurisu as a character, but tsuntsun needs to die. The VN did a good job making the other routes SEEM plausible at the very least.

It was a good ride while it lasted.


>Only one post is about THK, which is mine
>Other aren't mine saying anything about THK
You're not even trying.

It actually more about you since you're got challenged for saying something stupid and wrong. Your supposed irony was called out, and you were proven wrong about exaggerated obsession, and you didn't deny THK in here when your apologist was called out.

The moment he MC knew she was dead, he killed himself because she was more important than his own life or his happiness together with the supposed heroine.

I know she will never win the foodbowl and its sad because they have the best compatibility, especially from the scenes later on in the manga.

Your obsession with stalking others extends beyond THK, after all. Nice to see you admit you were the very first one to bring up THK in this thread, though.

>you're got challenged for saying something stupid
Oh, the irony. And considering that, just as you said, you were the first one to bring up THK, it was completely true after all. You're sitting in the thread and obsessively damage controlling while trying to spot THK, just as always.

>it's an Cred Forumsnon misunderstands Ami at a fundamental, legitimately autistic level
She's a fraud.


What manga?
I forgot that Kobayashi did Natsu no Arashi and even anything beyond that.

This again in implying he doesn't exist when you just admitted he did earlier. And moving the goalpost from THK to others while you continue to delude yourself of things that didn't happen ITT. before you came to shitpost and defend for no reason. Not to mention how ironic it's for you to sperg on about damage control at this point.

Cry me an apologist river because your precious THK was being obvious


>This again in implying he doesn't exist
Oh, did I? Where, pray tell?

>And moving the goalpost from THK to others
No, it was always about you. You're the one moving the goalpost to THK. Just as you always do when people say things you don't like.

Always and forever.


I love Senjougahara, but seriously... Araragi and Hanekawa have much better chemistry and a much more in depth relationship. Fuck you for ruining everything Tsukihi.



Not admitting you're wrong and acting like you're somehow won when the first reply to your shitpsot was correcting you about THK instead of people.

Nope. Check yourself again and it comes back full circle with the above.

You tried.

>I was only trolling

No stop you're wrong.

Did she win though?

Easy choice

It should have ended right there

She won MC's heart. She'll always have that, so yeah.

Talentless hack doesn't deserve anything.


It wasn't funny the first time. The girl that can't understand awesome MC vs the girl that can and have great interactions. Only one of these two should win and iit isn't Hatoko.

Fuck that dumb Shoko whore she didn't deserve to be saved

Tfw Asuka will never be mentioned because Rei fags are so vocal that summers lingering on Cred Forums believe it to be true.

That lamp post is still engraved in my mind

>same thread as yesterday
So I'm going to post the same as yesterday.

Naru is the poison that lets abominations like Chitoge and pic related win and creates shitty false flags that attempt to break the cycle but end up as bad as a first girl and/or tsundere like Shuffle's winner.