Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu

Aika is perfection.

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Got two of Yuto's twintails doujins in, so good. I wish he did the actual manga. I mean, the real manga is hella Moe but not much past that

Disgusting chest tumors.

Any chance for scans?

New volume of the LN coming out oct 18th:



Is there such a things as "too flat"?

While I don't disagree with you, I still gotta say there's such a thing as too flat and Aika is it.

I want to lick that pretty nape

twirl pls go


No such thing, it turns into a concave at that point.

Objectively wrong.


Two problems in the way of me scanning. I'm a collector so I don't really want to ruin it from unbinding to do a quality scan

The other big problem is my old sharp scanner doesn't work on Linux and I'm not some windows running baka

Unironically claiming Aika as your "favorite" or calling her "best" is a bad, old meme

It's not a meme, it's truth.
>not a slut
Perfect marriage material.

[] breasts for nursing offspring
[] child birthing hips
[x] stuff a beta needs

Aika cant be perfection because that's what Solar is

You have good taste, OP.

Does it say anything about what's going to happen?

Wish i could get one of Extremes Twintails GKs someday, they're all so great. I have doubts that either A-Toys 1/3 twoearle or the Griffon trio of figs anymore either.
His twitter @ExtremeTwintail is pretty good too, he's got great taste.

>and I'm not some windows running baka
>he doesn't dual boot


the thought of aika with huge tits gets me hard every time

VR tech for feeling Aika's chest doesn't seem that far off.

this is how twintailfags actually live

Living like sysadmin would be pretty nice.

>Series is about twintails
>The ponytail is best girl

Explain this.

Basically that the new Chameleo Guildy is going to be bringing in the mandatory toku bodyswap episode with a twist, he swaps colors around and they start behaving like the color they have even outside the tailgear. Red -> Blue, Blue -> Yellow and etc. Plus another God A Sword guildy gettting thrown into the mix to muck things up even harder somehow. Sounds like a very fun volume.

And to answer the question, haven't gotten around to updating due to work and health issues. Not sure when I'll get to it but when I do I've got a scan I'm sure Aikafags will appreciate.

>he swaps colors around and they start behaving like the color they have even outside the tailgear. Red -> Blue, Blue -> Yellow and etc.

That sounds a lot more entertaining than it should be considering their normal antics.

I usually prefer cowtits but Aika is perfect flat.


Add some corruption fetish on top of that, too.

>wife and family
I-I don't get it. Since when did that line start being there?

>has all three colors

This is a fusion of the twintails, isn't it?

Please tell me there are pictures of her with her hair down. She looks much better that way


Aika a shit.

Unless you're Souji, in which case marry her already, you slowpoke.

Go home Aika, Souji may only have twintais in his mind but he only has ponytail in his heart.

We know for a fact that he was pretty much almost entirely twintails up to that point user.

we all know who the Real best girl is....


How long will it be before a sample image is out?

The show is over a year old and I still can't forget Aika.
Send help.

Threadly reminder that there's such a thing as TOO flat and Aika was it.

You're not the original poster, are you?

Why would you ever want to forget Aika?

>over a year
pretty much 2 years now

You don't forget about fine straight lines

I wanna press down on those slight mounds to straighten them up.

Will he be okay?

Buy a washboard and a broom and put them together.

He'll be kill in the last volume.

All he needs is a wall, a solid flat wall.

Good to know you're still alive. Take care of your health.

Still waiting for selfcest end.

Holy shit it has been 2 years.

>Cross Ange
>Yuuki Yuuna
>Mushishi S2
I miss 2014. 2015 and 2016 have been so crap by comparison.

we've had nothing but shit seasons lately
last season especially, you know it is when the meme of the season is leftover from last season

solar isn't selfcest anymore though since the twintails goddess isn't souji

Im going to marry Erina!

his wife and kids were killed in a car crash

Erina's waist is about the same thickness as one of Twirls boobs.

Wait, what?

That pic never fails to confuse me. I blame Phoenix for that.

And they looks like siblings.

And Souji's mom has some similarity to the fucking guildy.

Flat wonder of the world

Why did this happen to my sysadmin of gensoukyou ;_;

Flattest shit in the universe.


Worst taste in the universe.

>this is how fags actually live

Go draw yourself a waifu, autismo, or drool over senrans instead.

>hex filename

End yourself.

Get the fuck out, it was comfy as shit and great.


I watched it for the first time this week because I kept seeing Aika on Cred Forums. It was worth it.



Would you?


No, she's annoying.
She's great for triggering Aika's boob envy though.

Only if you had quints user

Twirl has superb taste in girl though.

The real question is
Whose subs did you watch

>anything but coalgirl



Poorfags, everyone.

There's no way I'd watch Commie so I used BloatGirls.

Sincere question I'm downloading Index S2 and I'm between the options of Coalgirls and Tsundere?
Tsun has almost 0 seeders so thats why I decided to download Coalgirls. I'm fucked? Should I download Tsundere instead?

If you can download tsundere, I'd say go for it.

Coalgirls is fine for that series otherwise


Both of them has very few seeders, Coalgirls will take 6-7hours to download while Tsundere will take 5 weeks but well, if for Index is fine I will keep on Coalgirls.
Thanks user.

You could always check their IRC channel, they may have a bot so you can download it via XDCC.

Doki's subs had quite a few derps tho.

Upon checking their site it seems their Botan bot has all episodes of Index available. Get the pack numbers from kyou.x1n.pl:8000/

Maybe I will do this. never downloaded by this method but always wanted to try.
Just one question, how much faster is with XDCC?

Depends on the bot and your own connection. You can guarantee at least a few MB/s. It's much more reliable than torrents.

Thank you user, will try it.

How I spot the lying newfags who weren't actually there in 2014

>not using GUID filenames

I seriously hope you don't do this, user.

No thank you, my filename doesn't have to be statically globally unique and neither should yours.

Please fuck off

Oh man, I still get those fuzzy shivers from the QUALITY.

Please kindly fuck off if you don't remember the fucking fansub drama back then.

I remember very well telling the [p] retards to deal with Commie being the only god choice. Unless of course, you enjoy black bars, shit typeset, awful font, editing that made Funi subs even worse etc etc

And of course, all those (You)s you could get from retards watching Doki or P

Have a (You), for old times sake.

>Commie being the only god choice
Smells like teen spirit here anonymous-sempai


>surprise boxes
Where are we, pearl harbor?

Commie was and is the only acceptable way to watch Twintails

It doesn't feel like it was so long ago that this show aired

Seriously though.

Aika, Twirl, both at the same time or do you just watch them go at it?

I'll watch unless Solar and Souji were going at it in a different room because I'd be busy watching them instead.
That homolust though.

Either I get Aika all for myself

Or I watch Aika and Twirl hatefuck the shit out of each other while I fuck the shit out of Erina

I miss fansubbing being alive.

The correct course of action is to have a threesome with Twirl and Aika while Erina watches

That's also a very sensible option, you also have to have Erina clean up the whole aftermath with her toungue

Is that a boy?
In certain doujins drawn by not so competent villains, her chest is drawn as a flat line.

Ponytail for the win, Souji will soon notice that ponytails are the real perfection

It's the cutest girl, calling her a boy is pretty rude.

Get out Spider Guildy

What cutest girl?!

How dare you insult the godess of slaughter in such a way!!

She is a warrior with terrible strenght so great that even the gods fear her.
The bloodied corpses she left on the battlefield can tell you all about the mayhem she brings.
Should you belittle her strenght then this may be your last day on earth.

Realize your foolishness and pray for forgiveness, for she is but a demon in a mortal shell, words of pity and mercy are unknown to her.

Meh I like the crazy humor but the fanworks of the japanese are all about damn shipping her with Souji.
Like it is the only thing which matters, while the series is not abit about romance and totally not important to the story at all or you could say even it is non-existant.

Why is twintails so damn unpopular?!

Her hips are too powerful

>nips have shit taste
>more un-news at 11

That's fucking hot as fuck. Imagine shoving your thick meaty dick in her.

Ayumu's waists are a dangerous thing.

I want to convince Aika that there is literally nothing wrong with being flat.

But he tried

I'd have to try harder.

I pray for your success but this is also a good outcome as well.


Season 2 eventually right anons?

If I met Aika I would immediately attach myself to her chest.
I want to feel that miracle.

>marry aika
>have a DFC daughter because shit genetics
>daughter is forced to become yuri because no man loves DFC
>daughter brings her "friends" home every night
>nothing wrong with DFC

is this really a world you want to live in?

yeah, i thought not.

S2 when?

Well, IMS have to better start saving up then since they will need all the money they can get

I love how the ultimaguil are absolutely terrified of her and barely think of her as human.


It will get announced on the cover of the next volume, you can bet on that.

I really just want Phoenix's arc animated.

Not just them, every world she's in fears her. It's absolutely justified too.

Twintails are for____

Tying up.

Infertile shit.

Not being wasted on shitty tsundere.

And not get stomped on by those wonderful legs she has? You filthy plebeian peasant.

I imagine any talk of her flatness would involve that.

wwwwww no

Those hips are large and fertile

Why there are no good twintail doujin out there?

this will never fail to get me hard

This. Aika is pure sex. Girls with smaller chests make better runners. I want my kids to be marathoners.

That's a penis down there son.

Glisten glisten


I recall in those anime guidebook interviews that his true affinity must never come to light. What could it be if it's neither flat chests nor hips?



They could have at least made an OVA.

Maybe it's loli. Ayumu doesn't draw many children, most of Ayumu's designs are at least teens baring the odd exception like Shiori and Teru from Dandelion. Or, in the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe it's cakes? Ayumu doesn't draw many adult characters either. Or Ayumu is indeed a woman and is instead into BL and shit.






Their craniums are huge.

>offbrand noire

Fisheye lens effect. You'll also notice if you look close enough that Twirls boobs seem each to be larger than their heads.

>Twirls boobs seem each to be larger than their heads.
Despite the fact that it's their heads that are closer to the camera.

That's the power of the Twirlphone boob-o-vision filter applied when taking that photo.

Noire is great too, I wouldn't mind if she was a bit flatter though.

Well if we are allowing other series twintails ITT, there are much better examples.

You really have to appreciate how her clothes leave bare the most important licking spots
It's fucking perfection.

That's why Uni is better. She has nice curves and when she transforms she becomes flatter.

Noire is the Aika for those who don't like DFC (for some reason)

But Norie is voiced by Imai-san.

Kitamura Eri is fine too though.