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Just have a little [Hope].





>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Soon, my friend, soon!

Winner by default

Is Mikan's sock loss just as bad as Naegi's shoe loss?


You can't exactly go wrong with Asahina anyway. She's a good girl and hardly a bad fit for a good guy like Naegi.

Naegi can't help it

Mikan actively tries to be the center of attention

It was Despair Chisa all along.

Okay let's get this out of the way: Mukuro called Naegi with a pretty negative term, but she did not ask if she should kill him. She asked if Junko is going to kill him.

Still waiting for subs

That "for attention" meme was killed a long time ago, user.

>tfw really she was the ultimate hope

May he rest in peace.

But that makes me wonder - if they considered killing him, why the hell not do it earlier when he's not around others? That was by far the worst time to try and do anything to him.

>Sayaka gets a meaningless 5 second scene
>Sayakafags come crawling of the woodwork

Junko did it as a demonstration

AI Chiaki .webm where?

I must have missed it because she still tries to be the center of attention.

One man defeated death! He could not be controlled! Will the others every find their chance? Have kibou!

At the end of the day, both her and Junko tried to get them to kill themselves anyway.


It's the last gasp. It's all they have, otherwise she remains irrelevant. Personally I didn't mind seeing her again; I was a little too focused on the background. I'm glad we got to actually see Class 78 boarding up the academy. Even if that timeskip was fucking lame.

It disappoints me when artists draw Juzo strangely effeminate. Just because he's gay and submits to Munakata doesn't mean he's not a beast. That's the whole appeal.


Why are we getting a shit thread this time?

>Sayakafriends and Kyokopals will never get along
glasses is best

what will the Hope Arc OP be like?

Is there even time for the OP?

Fanfiction with no basis in canon.

Hope will win in the end.

>this useless fucker is still alive and probably will stay alive

>The show is Danganronpa 3
>Weedman's predictions have a 33% accuracy
>The show is revealed to be split into 3 parts
>1/3 of the main story
>1/3 Chance of a happy ending
>Split into 1/3 for each Arc
Happy Ending confirmed

It bothered me how Komaeda just disappeared when he was standing right next to Hajime.

Nothing. They'll definitely skip the opening. The 'ED' or whatever will be a scene with the Dangan Ronpa theme played over it.

Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday, the monitors with knives in them from DR1...
It's obvious at this point.

Junko is back.
The only debate is whose body she's using (Kirijunko, Chiakizuru, zombie, etc).

Why is her method so radically different for the Final Killing Game?

We don't know.

Does Mukuro have any redeeming qualities?

Be careful what you wish for

Hope Arc ending storyboard.

I forgot how utterly robotic she was early on.



It's just the symbolism. We know Komaeda was there. It shows Hajime and AI Chiaki because of the Kibou-hen announcement and what it implies.

Junko come back as Junko Video AI, remeber this user

she's had the largest representation out of the deceased students of class 78. Confirming how important she was to Makoto. Just face it, if Junko didn't plunge the world into despair Makoto would end up closest to Sayaka. In the worst timeline Sayaka's dead and he's closest with Kyoko

agreed, but the Kyoko investigation scene is up there with glasses

He's good at reading the mood.

What's this about Hope arc?
It's just one episode right?

HOW COMPLEX Will Her Despair be This Time

But nobody is bothered that Izuru is basically seducing his daughter?

>interrupting two Hopes creating an Even Greater Hope
What kind of despairfag do you take Komaeda for?

That's the Mirai ending obviously

class 78

Komaru is the worst character and making her more than a background character was a mistake

Best pair

Fixed it


Horseshoe Theory at its finest.

>Kirigirishitter getting riled up and angry because his waifu got BTFO

Feels good

No need to be upset. Be happy Sayaka made our boy a man

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will have a happy ending!

>And this is my wife`s sons.

class 78

Reporting in, brother!

My Juzo folder has just hit 300 images, considering that I don't save each and every pic, I am impressed!

I indeed prefer arts just like the one you posted, but if they aren't too effeminate (i.e doing a Chisa esque pose) I don't really mind, brother!

Blushing is sometimes okay, it really depends on context.

I am counting with the Hope arc, brother!

>official work licensed by Spike Chunoft and Kodaka

Seems it has a pretty good basis for me

Will feel even better when Junko uses Kyoko's body to make makato despair before Hinata comes and fucks everything up

user, Kirigiri is the one who got paired with him in the end. Just take it like a man and stop trying to shitpost. If you miss her that much, go play DR1 again.
>muh 11307

Is her vag a duplicator device? Why does she only make clones?

>never showed the body

So this..............................
Is the power................................................
of......... despair...................................whoa.................

>not Junko in Chiakizuru's body
Or wait... Both!?
Double the Junko for double the ahoges?

>using IFs

And to think some of you guys have the audacity to laugh at the Mukurofags


The seed is strong.

Junko turned to despair because she was bored with the world since she could predict everything... but she couldn't predict Naegi at all...

She only needed a good Hope dicking

it was kinda funny how dumb they made Ai Chiaki sound

Nah Junko will likely just use someone else's body and make Naegi despair. Asahina will fuck the despair out of him

Cry harder at your virgin bacon hands. She got paired up with death if anything. Should have been smart like Sayaka and banged Naegi while she had the chance. Now her chance is going to be taken by Asahina.

Why is the real Chiaki's chest so inconsistent? They got AI Chiaki's big one right on the first try, but the real one sometimes seems to have considerably smaller tits and sometimes, like here, they're the same as the AI's. Do we know her measurements compared to the AI's?


>still no subs
it's becoming more hip to despair erry day

you mean like in the game? it shows are shitty real chiaki is

>Impling Sayaka wasn't BTFO
>Implying his headcanon is canon

Yes Both will be the most despair

She has big tits, they're just inconsistent because of multiple animators. AI Chiaki had pretty much only one scene so it was hard to mess up.


Yeah, they exaggerated it quite a bit. KanaHana got it perfectly right in the game, but for some reason they really felt the need to drive home the "she's way too robotic-sounding to be real" feeling.

Yet she is the smarter of the two, really makes you think.

It's true though, it's real cannon history. if you went back i time just over a year Makato and Sayaka were closest of friends graduating high school

She noticed the hope in him when she was Ryoko and was un nerved by it


Because she's dead. Does it really matter? First it was

>mu-muh Izuru will save her
>we find out she just died and he moved on

She's dead. Stop doing this to yourselves


>some reason
Have you seen how many idiots conflate real and AI Chiaki? It was probably a little overkill, but better that to make sure people get that they're two different characters rather than something that might inspire confusion.

>Still using his headcanon
>based around one single conversation

Jesus Christ, you are worse than the Mukurofags


Yet she is the one that won't win the Hajibowl in the end.

>implying it's headcanon

The Kirigirishitter is losing it. Sayaka fucking Naegi was the best news ever

I want Makoto to hatefuck Junko

She's not dead, sorry.

Because we already saw it dumbass.
Hope episode will end with Hajime visiting her gravestone then walking into the sunset.


Can you show me the canon confirmation then, Sayakafag?

Was always big.

>delusional deathfags

Nope. Am replaying the game now. Chiaki's sound in game was pretty much perfect, as opposed to the exaggerated shit in anime. Hanazawa may have forgotten how the character worked.


She can

Calm down Chiakibro I love both and I'm okay if either of them won.

>didn't play DR1
>or FTE
>or even this episode

At least try and pretend that you're not retarded autistic kirigirifag

You forget that the Chiaki in-game is just an AI. That might explain her voice.

Her anime voice is her real voice


Hinata looks kinda cool here.

>End of Hope arc
>Hajime visits the grave of Chiaki
>Pulls out a gun to commit suicide because he is infested with despair aids
>Chiaki shoves up and CQCs him into the ground
>10 minute story dump filling in any remaining plot holes
>Chiaki wheels out a Junko on life support
>Shoots her in the head
>Tells Hajime that the dispair was just all in his head, and to keep on living
The end

>someone asserting something with zero actual evidence calling someone else delusional.
Right, I'll be there to drink your tears when she remains dead.

hmmm anybody she uses will be fine. I just think using Kyoko would bring him alot of despair and would be ironic cause of his words to Munakata

>delusional Chiakifags really think she's alive.

Are you ready?

AI Chiaki will watch Hajizuru fuck Chiakizuru every night from a monitor

>muh FTE

Yet you guys are quick to discount them when Mukuroshitters bring that up

>didn't play DR1

oh, where she betrayed him?

>or even this episode
>muh 5 second screentime conversation totally proves that they boned!

They're both dead who cares

Play the game, FTE and literally watch this episode if your autism will allow it

Not really. I was talking about the last scene in anime where she was already an AI which was supposed to be the same voice as in game.


He was always cool.

holy shit kiricucks are this butthurt, based kodaka

If Kamukura created AI Nanami like some you guys say he did, that means that anyone who's masturbated to AI Nanami has masturbated to Kamukura.

So who is the Mastermind?

How does any of these things prove that they had sex, autismo?

The only new thing here is the episode in which they had a small conversation on screen, how does that prove anything?

Why do people fight over Naezono or Naegiri?
They're both canon and both are great girls.

>Yet you guys are quick to discount them when Mukuroshitters bring that up

Because her FTE never said shit

>oh, where she betrayed him?
>didn't play DR1
>nor FTE

Yep definitely the autistic kirigirifag


he didn't retard it was FF, naegi etc

Better quality pls.

>She only needed a good Hope dicking

That's some retarded logic, but I see nothing wrong with that.

Following that logic, who would you rather fap to - Chihiro, or God?


>waaaah where are muh shitty novel references
>Juzofags and Kirigirifags crying about NTR
>where the fuck are the shounen fights kohacka?!
Literally kill yourselves.
Mirai has yet to show the only potentially interesting thing about that shitfest(Jabberwock) but you don't see me bitching about it.

>oh, where she betrayed him?

Like Kirigiri did?

Thanks for the dump, brother!

kill it with fire


What are the odds the final ep involves flooding and Aoi uses her talent for once?

So, what info is there about Hope ep? Can someone nice feel me in? I'll suck your vagina.

Mikan a cute

> tfw ur group of friends decides to become the anti christ and all u can do is
> dance
> cook
> play music?

Her father was a programmer. It's like you never spent free time with her.

it's beautiful. sayaka is so based

>being this retarded

holy shit. why are you so angry that she took his virginity? not like kirigiri wouldn't ever get a chance had she lived


>he is still going

If Komaeda woke up, Izuru should be dragging him gagged/bound on a leash 24/7 so that he wont fuck up everything again.

>Sayakafag damage control


>Because her FTE never said shit

And you want me to believe you did play DR1?

>Avoiding my questions with meme answers


It's the finale in the Despair 12 slot. That's all we know.

Is hope side 1 hour long?

>implying all teruteru did was cook
he'd fuck people's families then feed their corpses to them

I love Narukami's cat eyes.

Juzo had good taste.

I'm fucking confused. There's an episode coming today, but it's delayed as always due to the subs, right?

Thanks, good anons.

It's extremely retarded and people forget because it got passed over really fast, but Ruruka was able to mind control people with food.

It's all just a video of Kodaka luaghing at all the people who wasted their time on this shit.

Because they're retarded shipperfags who want to ruin the thread with their cancer. He loves/cares abof both girls and they loved/ cared about him. Pic related confirms it

End of story

> why are you so angry that she took his virginity?

What did she mean by this?

No, it isn't.

The series got canceled.

Sayaka triggers a lot of self inserts and a bunch of them are Kyokopals

no winning with those type of anons. Same type who call anyone with an opinon against Kyoko or thier own delusions a Sayakashitter

So why didn't Junko use the TV/Mind control shit on the DR1 cast?

It means Persona really needs to start looking his girl in the eyes.

Yes, it is.

No problem. I just wanted to cleanse my eyes with some classics after seeing one too many weepy, waify Juzos in tonight's fanart hunt.

Maizono is trash though, let's be honest for a second

It's a video of the (real) Monokuma voiced by Nobuyo
>Upupupu! Did you all enjoy the despair video? You're all going to buy 3 discs each, right?

Episode aired as usual, subs are delayed.

if sakura still looks hot before she becomes a musclegirl,i bet most people put her first on the list.

>spouting memes

typical for when the kirigirishitter gets cornered and when his autism gets blown the fuck out

I have no problem with both pairings, I just like making fun of the delusional Sayakafags who believe she boned with the manlet based on a 5 second scene

She already had the world into despair with a bunch of ultimate despairs on her side so, why wouldn't she want some fun with the DR1 cast without relying on mind control?

More Mikan please!

She wanted a chance to lose.

kek this post. Can any one man be this delusional?

second statement meant for

I am losing hope guys, where are the subs, where is HOPE ?

The "I don't mind if I die" pairing

It's pussy the manlet had a hard time forgetting

OK then memester, can you show me the canon confirmation of them going at it? Or are you ready to admit it's your headcanon

This desu

>lel btfo
The cancer killing the already cancer-filled threads. Hands-up, Deludor, Master of Delusions. Your time is at an end!


She wanted to try to do something all by herself without piggybacking on someone else (Mitarai, Matsuda, Onee-chan, Kamukura).
And look how well she did. What a great villain.

>muh 11307



I can say the same for you. How does it feel your waifu never had a chance at Naegi from the start

>damage control


hey djt fags, difference between 絶望 and 失望?

>cancerous thread for a cancerous board

I don't see the problem.

>spouting memes while trying to save face


失望 is disappointment.
Which 絶望編 is full of.

>he doesn't have rikaisama

she was bored of it by then


Kirigirishitter is upset

One is Zetsubou one is Shitsubou
Zetsubou is despair/hopelessness
Shitsubou is despair/disappointment

>muh samefag boogeyman

>ahh panic
The only one being retarded here is you. Sayaka was a stepping stone. Leon meant more than she did. Personally I don't care about some manchild's opinion, Mukuro is great.

If 16, then subs now

How'd you feel when this came on youtube.com/watch?v=xjbgj2V6-o0


Also, in the special voice drama CD where 78th class students are preparing for the school festival, Naegi went around looking for Maizono’s microphone. He got caught up in other girls later, of course.

Also, Maizono’s character song, ‘Monochrome Answer’ (lyric written by Kodaka) is said to indicate how Maizono and Naegi were like during the schooldays.


Well no need to continue this argument since Kirigirishitter has resorted to his last tactic: samefagging and memeing to the absolute max to save face.


This desu

That finger looks like a dick

sounds about right

You people are really obsessed with people who don't share your opinions, aren't you?

Great taste, brother!

There are so many new sources of Juzoart, both good and bad, that I had to take a break from the hunt for a while.

Alright, so my japanese is pretty bad, but I picked up on most of the episode. However, I didn't get anything Izuru said for some reason. What did he say after the ED?

Cry harder at your smelly cucked waifu trash autsitic manchild

>;_; I can't win
>I g-gotta get outta here while I still can!
Keksimus Maximus!

>everyone is a samefag

Sayakashitters everybody

no one cares

I will cream myself if it plays during the anime at some point

Straight Ishimaru ships feel wrong

you cared enough to reply butthurt kiricuck

Mikan is so sexual... This is why I love her so much! Lewd Mikan is best Mikan!

It played this episode.

Eat my smegma Sayakababy.
>image from crymore.net
Hoo boy

It was a terrible, terrible time to play it.

We already they liked and were probably boning each other. It's just some shitposting kirigirifag and autistic mukurofag who are mucking up the thread with their butthurt over the obvious

oh fuck time to get the tissues

Pretty good!

"Kibou and zetsubou are ok and all, but I created this great computer onahole bitch to fuck in the meantime.

>still waiting for subs

Oh, I don't ship them

I just think that, if Mukuro wasn't a psycho siscon, they could've been good friends

This lazy bitch got what she deserved


would you still waifu her if she was all bacon with okay hands?

French subs out now

Weren't you here around this time yesterday user? There was a huge Mikanfriend-centered thread.

The entire plot of SDR2 can be summed up with this.

why is she so perfect

The tears are delicious. Kirigirfags getting BTFO left and right by Sayaka and death.

She'd be even better


It really was.

It made me want to claw my eyes out.

>still no subs
>still no subs

comfort me pls

No, it isn't. How about you back up your claims before you make them?


Want to know what the true power of kibou can do?

Shipfagging and baiting doesn't bug me

I don't speak autist so here (You) go Mukuroant

Not him but Naegi really did love Sayaka and she had feelings for him as well.

It all crumbled when Sayaka chose her idol life over Naegi and the pieces were picked up by Kyouko.

i wan to fuck this guy


Truly the most based character.

No wonder Naegi hasn't touched her yet sadly.

Plus doesn't help that she fucks corpses and would basically french kiss one for saliva just to solve the mystery. I love Kyoko but my girl is pretty freaky

Still a lying, scheming bitch.

>implying that wasn't a shadow clone
You underestimate this freckled miracle of death.

>Naegi really did love Sayaka
>she had feelings for him as well.

Is this what you get when you fuse Hopeman and Hopemanlet?

Basically this

Well you can't actually side with despair so no.

i know great right

Those exist? I'm not even a Kirifag and I'm cringing at these people.

Are you not tired yet from all this shitposting?

Do you think Junko cared for Mukuro really deep down?

Or was she just a stepping stone for her despair climax?

>didn't play DR1
>Or the FTE
>or even supplementary shit

No, I mean, that's really what it was all about. Izuru inserted the Junko AI and if she won, that meant Despair won. If the Chiaki AI won, that meant Hope won.



>I'm not even a Kirifag

Go away Kirigirishitter. You already fucked up one thread.

Delete this, will you?

I think Junko said she also made herself feel despair by killing Mukuro so that implies she did actually love her.
I may be remembering things wrong, though.

Celestia is really hot!
What happen if Hopeman and Celestia playing some game together? Who wins?

You can't really call *that* a lie or a schemes, user. Do you even played the game or what?

Thanks to Juzofriends for all great arts

Replace family with Idol

Usually [Hope] subs take about 3-6 hours after the raws are out iirc. It's been 4 hours since then. Give them time. Hope will never lose.

> verga means cock in Spanish

>i-i-if I tell them I'm not one of the kirigirifags they'll listen to me!


You missed it mate. It was an awesome tribute to our angel. Only the archives can save you now.

It's just one guy who likes to get a rise out of people.

>arguing over dead girls



He did put idol there you idiot

Just a few delusional madmen

It had quite a few Mikanfriends talking with each other, and interesting conversation, rather than just picture posting through out the thread.

spotted the retard

>Kirigiri isnt alive

Not that user but, I hate that how I miss that thread there's definitely plenty of us.

mitarai's son is the yougest baby

She may have tried to make it up to him in the end like Kyoko believes. She got pushed into despair and we know how retarded despair is.

She lied to get fatass on her side then killed him in accordance with her scheme to get out.

Also her motive suks. A castle where gets served tea by pretty boyslaves? Really? Just really?

Junko doesn't cares about anyone

She loves a few people but due to this, she sees them as stepping stones for despair

This the only thing you can come up with?
I'm a proud Soniafag, user. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

Oh lawd, the thirst is real.
>Them smile

*replace idol with family

they're quite a few of us in here


Another Kirigirishitter tactic besides samefagging

look at that gaze

>Kirigirifags are still this delusional

>Juzo with his hair slicked back
Holy shit

Good taste, user.

Implying it's not the Sayakafag falseflagging

even her VA confirmed that Kiri is dead. she was just a stepping stone for hope

You like it?


Looks like you don't have a source.

>Hope Arc 1

Deathfags are so invested in kirigiri being dead. The payout is going to be great.

>even her VA confirmed that Kiri is dead
This is your average deathfag everyone, believing the VA.

A VA also said that Juzo was dead

> Being outsmarted by Celestia "Case #3" Shekelberg
Her motive was a lie, user. It is like believing in a Gundham chuuni explanations.

>retards still believe she's alive

She's as dead as Sayaka. Face it. Asahina won.

Basically this. Sayaka and Kirigiri lost to a girl who wasn't even part of the harem to begin with.

>implying literal +1million death count mass murderer can have say anything against Sayaka

>Last Future episode
>They show the room where Kirigiri died
>The corpse's still there

Oh shit, it seems those three are/were actually RUNNING the Gifted Inmates Academy as a staff.

We need more hopelet + despair sisters threesome doujin


>The payout is going to be great.
You have no idea.

You can never trust VAs. To this day I stll have no idea why Cred Forumsutists take their statements as the word of God.

>I want to make sure i wich side i am, hope or despair?
something like that fampai, Izuru did nothing wrong aside of making a killing game out of Neo world program for the sake of testing this

I can respect you, Soniafag, I may not consider her the very best option, preferring Chiaki, but the Soniafags are many steps above other vermin that curses this fine thread.

>i-i got caught! retreat! retreat!

Nah its likely that Kirigirifag still shitposting and causing trouble.

They never said he was dead. They just said they would explain why Munakata felt he had to kill Juzo. They did that with Episode 11.

And Juzo ended up dying anyways

>posting the weakest form of Tyrone
Nigger have you even started NG+?

Your hope is beautiful user, now i see that a delay of 4 hours is merely a stepping stone for your hope.

Chiaki is my second favorite, user!

>tfw I can shit talk 90% of waifufags since my is still alive
Always bet on big brown titties

>Nah its likely that Kirigirifag still shitposting
Uhh, you're the one who provoked him you know. Deflecting and saying "oh yeah it's his fault just ignore him" is pretty immature.

h-hope will come soon, r-right guys?

I'm just observing what I'm seeing and the Kirigirifag started causing trouble and then the Sayakafag fired back and it became an argument.

Imagine people finding out about the thirst and creating a time machine to throw Naegi under the bus. Yfw Munakata and Hajime approves to get their waifu and bros back because the tragedy wouldn't happen since she'll be occupied with overcoming Naegi's unpredictable luck

so, no episode on monday or what


Bro, Kirigiri is pretty much confirmed to come back. She's in a coma now cause Cure W saved her an inch from death. Hajime with punch her in the tummy and that'll wake her up.

In 16 hours.

As expected from user, you show good taste.
Since Hajime cannot live his real life with AI Chiaki, Sonia is an astounding second option, I only feed bad for Gundham.

Naegi would not want you fighting like this. Neither would Kyoko or Sayaka.

>Ultimate swimmer
>With a chest that size
Nope, not possible

>this shitposting
Now if only Future could be as good.

>still there being a Hope episode means Kirigiri will be revived.

Newfag naivety

There's an episode on Monday and an episode on thursday user.

> 10/10 waifu, would be in murder game with.
She is pretty good choice. Maybe even the best option. Sayaka would just backstab you. It isn't like Kirigiri much better and Chiaki suck in any physical task.

Monday's the final Mirai ep. Subs are delayed.

Hinafags and Sonyafags are the luckiest people here.

So the last Mirai episode is 100% goddamngrampa?


Because her VA would actually spoil it if Kirigiri was alive.
You user are retard

It's just part of the board culture.


>said autists

She's dead. Cure W was a ruse and so was your hope.

Yeah, and Chiaki is Izuru 2.0

Feeling pretty comfortable as a hopefag.

summon /HOPE/ subs

Oh great, thank you user

Cant revive what isnt dead.

But I support Aoi, and she engineered the whole conflict, so the Hopelet would belong to her. She almost succeeded in 1-5, this time, no one will stop her.
And the salty tears from the kiririgifags will feed her spawn.

You getting into Hagakure's stash? Komaru isn't much on her own, but she and Touko play off each other really well.


Retard she and Ogata who has been spoiling shit left and right with no regards have said she died

She's dead. Stop embarrassing yourself. This is heading towards reddit delusions

>Cure W was a ruse
If it was a ruse, they would have brought it up.

Was this image meant to be a riff on those 'one weird trick' ads? Because it doesn't work in a way that suggests Asperger or autism.

no she's junko's body

I mean [hope], user

Hopebot get out

16 never.

Can only assume Sonia is still a despair, will have to wait for Hope arc for an update on their condition and consequences of their actions

Thank you, I shall never give up hope.

>Kirigirifags still cling to an irrelevant bottle that wasn't even Cure W to begin with

Top kek

And Chiakifags are just as retarded for buying into that dumb "hurr she's Izuru 2.0" theory.

Are waifufags this autistic when their waifus die? Maybe I've never noticed until now.

Don't you have some peasants to tax?


It's also really bugging me how they aren't showing off the murders/REALLY post-despair versions, maybe that'll be next week. I hope they don't cop out and only have nagito/fuzu with damage and the rest just with red eyes

If I roll a 16 [Hope] will release subs within the next half hour

Hey, victory by default is still victory
Not sure if that'd set up Naegi with Asahina or Nagito.
And would that be the crackiest, memest pairing we've ever seen?

you lack the HOPE required for a protagonist, Robohoge




My delicious palm filling arse.

But really there is no source that explicitly says "Naegi loves Sayaka and she loves him too!" however, we can infer from the events depicted in DR1 that they had feelings for each other.

Putting aside the FTEs because they are not canon, Naegi's resolve at the start of DR1 is built around saving Sayaka. He neglects his own safelty and resolves to save Sayaka no matter what. You can say that's just his nature but he even ignores all the other people there and focuses only on saving Sayaka.

Then, there is the history they share with each other where Sayaka appears to be enamoured with Naegi after the whole crane business.

In addition, Sayaka trusts Naegi enough to share her secrets, specifically that she did some shady stuff in order to become an idol. That sequence in my opinion was one giant indirect apology to Naegi for her plan to frame him.

After, consider Naegi's reply to Sayaka's incredibly suspicious request to change rooms. He concedes without resistance. He trusts Sayaka enough to believe she would never harm him even though he knows her life and her friends' life are in danger.

Then, there is Naegi's minor breakdown upon seeing Sayaka's corpse and his resolve to find the killer no matter what. His reaction was too much for someone he would consider just a friend.

Finally, Sayaka is featured prominently in the flashback scene. The flashback shows Naegi's survival guilt. That's why his friends tell him he should have died too. In this flashback Sayaka and Kyouko are the most prominent because Naegi feels he personally failed them. This makes sense for Kyouko because she literally died for him but less so for Sayaka who instigated her own doom. Sayaka is grouped with Kyouko and not the rest of Naegi's dead friends because like Kyouko she was a special person for him.

And that's why NaegixSayaka was a canon thing in my opinion.

Why didnt Tengan get more fucking screentime? I hope shit happens in mirai-12.

It seems like Mitarai didnt make the video for the killing game at least

That's more than e-fucking-nough. Let's drop the Kirigiri bullshit and the Sayaka asshurt.

But she is dead. Sorry to shatter your delusions. It's been 3 weeks.

Ok so it's an irrelevant easter egg. Happy?

>bu-but it got animated

they look awesome

>But really there is no source
>in my opinion.
Paragraph discarded. Nice leddit spacing too, faggot.

Is Hope-1 an hour long?

Explain why her body moved.

Jesus, they got AI Chiaki thicker on the anime
Which is good

And you are the knight in shining armor who is so considerate of his felow anons that you must.remind.everyone.how.delusional.they.are.every.single.time.someone.mentions.Kirigiri.is.alive.

You are wasting you time shitlord

LOL Every TES protag ever.

They ended inside the VR program, like maybe we'll get quick flashbacks at best but don't expect more then the glimpses they already showed.

>Retards still arguing over Bacon or Idolskank winning the inferior manletbowl
>Not realizing both are fucking dead so it doesn't matter which of the two he gave a shit about
>Writing walls after walls about Baconhands vs Idolskank, thread in, thread out

Don't you autismos have anything better to do?

Naegi had a crush on her. I don't think anybody would deny that. He promised to protect her, he feels he failed, and he had the trauma of not only seeing a corpse, a murdered one at that for the first time but having it be one of somebody he liked.
I do not understand how this translates into they were fucking or madly in love.

>But she is dead. Sorry to shatter your delusions. It's been 3 weeks.
So? It was never going to be revealed until the end. I find it funny that deathfags kept saying "She's dead for real if she's not shown alive this week!".

>Ok so it's an irrelevant easter egg. Happy?
The smug I feel when she awakens is make me hard for days.

Some of you are REALLY invested in her death.

What's there to be asshurt about when Sayaka is BTFO out of detective girl even in death

To the point where they had to kill Kirigiri off because she can't have what was Sayaka's. Asahina doesn't count because she wasn't relevant in the romance

Fuck off bitch. Show me where MakotoxKyouko is explicitly confirmed.

Why won't this slut die

This is Cred Forums after all, retarded waifuwars are the norm. Post Hajimemes.

>thread isn't even discussing the episode, literally shipping bullshit

Man, i so wish we had an anime or an OVA detailing the ROD killing their family and wrecking shit.

>I do not understand how this translates into they were fucking or madly in love.
And neither is true. They just had feelings for each other. That's all.

chiaki's not 太い

she's just really 低い

>Don't you autismos have anything better to do?
oh come on, where do you think you are?

>Togami and Weedman searching attentively for the survivors
>Suddenly, they see emerge from the water a gallant figure, princess-carrying it's heroine to safety
>It's Aoi princess carrying Naegi while Mitarai is dragged to the shore by Munakata


nothing happened that we didn't know years ago

because the old fuck isn't the mastermind

/r/ing that Chisa pic of her poking a bulge

That's a reasonable opinion. One that is not conveyed well with a wall of text.

>Kirigiri returns in Future 12's stinger
>She has the swirly eyes
>Episode ends on "Upupupu"
>Naegi ends up having to kill her to be rid of Junko for good

there's nothing to discuss when 99% can't speak moonrunes and subs aren't out


It didn't you retard. Her body moved from writing down whatever she had left to write down. Hence the notebook which was found near her body and was deemed important to the story and by Ogata

Can't wait for you faggots to finally kill yourselves when they move on and Naegi bangs Asahina

I don't give a single shit about your retarded little playground argument. You rambled about your shit waifu and headcanon without providing even a scrap of compelling and irrefutable evidence. Take your blue-haired shithead and go read doujins about the fat men she fellated and fucked in order to further her career.

You're on point, user

No. The normal 25 minutes.

The shipping is stupid, but to be fair, there's nothing to say about the episode.




There's never enough Hajimemes. The world is not enough for just one Hajimeme.
You'd think after 6 years of these autistic Sayakacancers vs Kiricucks they'd get bored of it already, yet here we are, 6 years later and the autismos are still at it.

It's advanced autism, not even rocket science comes close to studying the specimen here their spectrum de la autism.

Can you explain everything that happened?
Can you elaborate on who you think Izuru 2.0 is?

Ah yes, whatever she wrote down AS she fell asleep?

>When they move on and Naegi bangs Asahina
Oh, nevermind. You're just shitposting. Carry on.



He's not. Can you supplant him in providing evidence or are you just circlejerking?

>Mirai 12
>Not hope 1

>Implying Kirigiri's character was built solely for the purpose of being around Naegi's dick.

Noone cares about who that manlet likes more.

you are, the 16th despair dude

Find out after you purchase DanganRonpa V3 winter 2017!!!!

Hope Arc is where Hajizuru and Naegi have to kill their previous waifus to put an end to the killing games for good. Munakata is screaming in the background the entire episode


Look at the middle screen. See anything familiar?

Yeah that's your hometown. Cry moar.

>You'd think after 6 years of these autistic Sayakacancers vs Kiricucks they'd get bored of it already, yet here we are, 6 years later and the autismos are still at it.

there were no such threads since the previous anime
they had time to rest, they attack with new force now

What is happening on this picture?

Bottle was used to help her beat back sleep injection but was still going to due anyways. She discovered more shit and wrote more down before she died.

You have no evidence to prove otherwise

But maybe they'll name the Naehina daughters Kyoko and Sayaka if it makes you feel better.

Who was playing the Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday this Episode to trigger the Reserve courses sucide ?

Answer that and you have your answer

what are those?



Who else could it possibly be?

>Sayaka cared about Naegi
No she fucking didn't, if she did then she wouldn't have tried to get away with murdering Leon and putting everyone in danger. She had it coming.

Why does Hajime feels more like an MC more ever than Naegi could be?

Oh come fucking on. Kirigiri was obviously designed to be Naegi's rebound waifu after he lost his main one.

Yeah there were, there was an entire general. The general wasn't a full blown closed cj group with avafags and other autistic shit back then. It was like this crap, just worse as usual because /vg/ always manages to attract the worst kind of cancer.
They just finished playing an Eroge game, they both scored the high score, they're just trying to hide it my boy.

Well sorry if I bored you. I just wrote down everything I remembered to refresh my memory of DR1. It was a good exercise.

Thank you very much fellow Sayakafriend.


So, it's more logical for her to have taken a bottle of miraculous anti-sleep medication than Cure W, which we have already seen?

Hajime is leaking and Izuru wants to give her the dick for reasons he cannot yet understand. He's warming her up.

spin = fun



So were the scenes of the RoD at the end of the episode only of the survivors of DR2?



We're not discussing it because the only thing that happened is side:[hope]

Good job
Third times The Charm for our Favourite Strawberry

>yfw they kill naegi and the meme ship loses

>Izuru is into incest
Based boredman.

Tiny Juzo

>retard didn't play the game
>nor the FTE
>or anything else

Even Kirigiri thinks you're retarded


This. She didn't give two shits about him, showing no hesitation in framing him was definitive proof. Writing down Leon's name was an apology to Naegi, so she's not completely evil or anything.

You waifufags need to stop reading into everything so much, and you especially need to stop inserting your headcanon.

I got a little turned on from the wanton abuse

yes cause the op blatantly shows the words sleeping pills

Why is this Hajimeme so great?!

Are you that retard who made the 150 page long Sayaka thesis?




despair fags fake screenshots

>No she fucking didn't,

Yes she did you dumbass.

>putting everyone in danger.

She didn't even know about the class trial rules

Provide dialogue and not inferences. Take your time.

Fuck off back to your shit hole and keep sucking your daddy's cock. If you don't care about the discussion then don't butt in like the retarded troll you are. Nobody's forcing you to read what I write and I have no responsibility to prove anything to you. I'm just sharing my opinion regarding characters from the Danganronpa series that's what these threads are for, you dumbfuck.

Have my favorite Juzo, my friend!

The same OP that also shows the words "Dead or Lie"?

Almost, no Pepsi and Peko was there.

How will Junko show up this time?

everything but not this


>Fuck off back to your shit hole and keep sucking your daddy's cock
You must be 18 years or older to browse this website.


She's both dead and a lie cause the one that wakes up is Junko

Matsuda completely forgotten. Kodaka killed him harder than Junko did.

You mean the Cure W that we haven't seen done shit?

You mean the bottle we don't even know if it was Cure W at all?

You're seriously grasping at something so irrelevant



Juzo is good in any size.

Are you ready for the grand finale?

Sleeping pills are for sleeping, not for waking up.


in her new body

>Main waifu

Choose one


where's the [hope]

He mindhacced Tengan to make him set everything up just so he could survive the killing game and become a symbol of hope like Naegi


>You mean the Cure W that we haven't seen done shit?
When did we get it seen used?

Junko mentions him this episode thats why she has the knife

Basically this.

Retarded secondaries please leave

Apparently not new enough to fix her hands.

good, he was a freak who was in love with other freak

Thinking on it, what happened to Samidare? Why is she in no way relevant to the main series?

Is the Hope episode supposed to take place after Future?

>You're seriously grasping at something so irrelevant
As are the Sayakafags. See how everyone has something in common? Stop throwing steamy shit piles at each other and discuss the fucking show.

Why is Tengan the mastermind?
Why did Chisa blow up her classroom?
Where was Kyoko during the boarding-up scene?

I mean does it even matter when we already know V3 will start a whole new story of despair in the future?

How exactly is it irrelevant when DR is all about noticing minor details? Were the disappearing marks in the wall from Izayoi's knives "irrelevant"? Were the monitors "irrelevant"?

>Main waifu
She was literally waifubait and you feel for it.

tell me something i don't know

And I indeed am. Curses are a gift from God that all men should wield to strike down the retarded troll whenever he shows his ugly mug.

I don't care. I just want her to be alive.
And to be honest, i don't even think Naegiri is canon. I could argue that she saved him because Naegi is the Hope of the world. So she did it for everyone.
Asahina could be his love interest as well. Even though I'm Kirigirifag, I think they match better together, since their personalities are more on the same level rather than Naegiri.
It's just that Kodaka gives fanservice from 4 different girls to Naegi so that fans can chose who they like more. But noone is more canon than the other.

She's possessing Chiakizuru
She went on a training arc after losing in DR1 and got /fit/ as fuck.

That's the only real way you can explain the mysterious 16th participant if you want Junko there.


While I don't believe they were an official item in school their was a mutual attraction. Both looked at eachother in middle school but neither of them realising the other was looking at them too. There's the official Christmas tweet where Sayaka asks of Makoto's opinion on her sexy Santa Claus costume. Maybe flirting or could be an innocent question to a good friend


She hesitated right up to the act, looked pale and sickly while in Makoto's arms after watching the first Monokuma motive. It wasn't an easy decision to make

Exactly my point. Then why do you think it's going to do shit? Again you're reaching at some bottle that's been irrelevant this whole time.


Chiaki's? I see.

Then why not broadcast it?

And yet the other freak gets a retarded amount of screentime. Matsuda is just unlucky.

I didn't like him but the zero amount of attention he gots just makes me pity him.

she'll use kyoko's bacon hands to fuck with naegi by spitting on kyoko's legacy by actively showing the burns while she does her dio pose

Kyoko was fiddling with a toolkit, Aoi looking over her shoulder.

topkek. This is (You). I bet you can't even tell me which items Sonia likes the best in her FTEs. You probably don't even remember Sayaka's skill, either.
>secondary calling others secondaries as a form of camouflage

>there are people on Cred Forums that will die before the subs are up

Class 77, please.

That's a good Juzo

Shit you are right
I forgot that

First (絶望) is written with kanji for discontinue, suppress. It literally means to suppress hope. IT translates as despair, hopelessness.
The second( 失望) is written with the kanji 'to lose'. It literally mean to lose hope. It translate as despair, disappointment.

You could say 失望 is state prior to 絶望

Yui was the one that burned Kyoko's hands so she might be dead or in jail

Why is Juzo so handsome?

I dunno, novel is still in progress I think

Why even bring Sayakafags into this? Are you that butthurt?

Don't come flinging shit at me

So there's no actual argument for it? Ok.

I'm just saying, the main girls in both games got two way interactions. Take it as you will.

What Gundam did this episode? Can´t watch it at the moment.


Tengan isn't the mastermind
The Ultimate analyst
Junko is

>Naegi puts 11037 on Kirigiri's tombstone

Why is Kotoko so lovely? I really want more sexy images with her.

You can pretty much watch the entire episode without subs anyway. The only text-relevant parts are Juzo saying that Junko's innocent and Izuru saying Chiaki gave him hope and breaking up with Junko.

What could the highlighted kanji in Despair arc's titles mean?

>There are people on Cred Forums that will live after Kohacka dies to an angry Chiakifag or a baconfag because they are dead after all and V3 never gets made


>their was a mutual attraction.
We know that, this isn't what's being argued, not at all, not ever. Everyone fucking knows that. The delusions appear when Sayakaturds blather on and on about how they were in love and how Naegi fucked her, etc. It's mostly ironic shitposting but there are legit retards mixed in.

Evidence supporting mutual attraction is unnecessary. The continent-sized burden of proof lies with the Sayakafags who refuse to stop ruining threads.


worse cuck than onodera

Is Mukuro proud of being a stinky girl?

I though she was her friend, explain.





>V3 never gets made
It's already done.

very insightful thanks senpai

Good job completely missing the point of the post and just dismissing it.

Well seeing how she was Naegi's waifu and Kirigiri was the rebound..... idk user.

2bh I don't think Naegi will end up with anybody. DR has never been focused solely on shipping and romance. So all these idiots tearing each other apart over it is pretty hilarious.

or Kirijunko if she possesed kyoko during dr2 till now and she used sleeping pills and the ultimate make up artist to fake being poisoned

so it is true

why isn't it out yet then?

>Kirigirifag being this butthurt

Stop fucking crying about it you literal retard. Your comment looks really pathetic

>after Kohacka dies to an angry Chiakifag or a baconfag

He had it coming

Hello deflector. You would have to have literally jumped into this thread right now in order to miss the waterfall of sayaka shitposting and kirigirifag anger.

Then how on earth did she fucking survive? Her body was obliterated and getting even a single scrap of her skin would be difficult enough, and her AI was also destroyed. She's shown that brainwashing can control people, but nobody said you could implant your own personality and consciousness.

>she was Naegi's waifu
No, she was waifubait that the game throws at you to make you care about her and then surprise you when she's the first one to die.

No, you can't. I mean, the 16th participant is doing things only Izuru could do. Kirijunko is a funny theory and all but she's not that good.

I'm a Mukuro lover, Sayakababy. Try harder, but be careful. Your focus is low and you can only sustain one more hit before sperging out!

Leopard's early today. It's all your fault, pig barf.

>But no one is more canon than the other

Junko -> Naegi

Mukuro -> Naegi

Kyoko Naegi

Sayaka Naegi

Some of them are one sided, some of them aren't

Nah she was his waifu. But keep denying it. Kirigiri is literally the definition of a rebound waifu.

she is but they started showing how shady yui can be so people are speculating that she's the one that burns then to show the old hope that turns to despair stuff. the old man thats hinted to be the despair twins grandpa might be involved with the burning too

>Aoi was the mastermind this whole time
>She let Junko think she is in charge and fucked about pretending she is stupid
>Now she wanted to fuck with the bacon post mortem
To be fair, she was the one who found the control room and convinced Naegi to break into it while Junko was inside.

Mukuro's isn't even canon and Junko's is weird.

mastermind and 16th kun are different people user-kun

>All these raws but no subs
Does this episode even show anything important to the story?

>Junko -> Naegi

JUNKO has the monokuma gloomy sunday sucide video

alright fair enough

Of course, that's why she wanted to kill him so much.

So Junko is the mastermind again, fucking amazing.

>Didn't read DR0
>Didn't read her DR1 FTE

>Didn't watch today's episode

I want to protect her so much.

Kinda late to the party there.

[Hope] has to come soon... r-right?


source plx

if 16. [Hope] will come out

strawberry shows its face three times


>didn't get 16
>did get trips
sasuga hopeman

Bandai===Junko confirmed

what use is a raw when the purpose of [Hope] is subs?

Wasn't there a shot of the giant robot? And I guess I meant their presence in general

Would I understand or at least enjoy this series without watching the previous having played any of the games?


the raw delayed the subs

How so? There was another raw out almost as soon as it aired


Leopard releases late at night so this had never been an issue before