Koe no Katachi

>another 150Mil day at the box office
How can they keep finding a way?

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You can stop pretending you actually care about this movie Cred Forums cause I know you don't

>KyoHaters harp on it for months saying that it'll flop.
>KyoAni BTFO of everyone getting less than 200screens
>Outpacing AnoHana and Kizu
KyoHaters are some of the most retarded people on this board. They'll always find a way.

Yamada is the greatest thing to happen to anime.

Give me source

>just 150m

That nip site that updates every 20 minutes with box office records. You know the one.
Not giving you that (Yu)

I can't wait to watch the blu ray in 2020.

>another thread
How can you keep posting?

>Another bump
How can you keep these threads alive?

I wouldn't say I love them but these days they're better than most.

So at this pace, how many it will get?

>implying I didn't sage
How can you be this autistic?

estimated at 2 billion atm, might be more if they add more screenings at a later date

Doesn't make it good though.

I won't be a raging retard like OP and reserve my judgement until I see the movie.

>150Mil yen
That's like 10000 USD

Projected at 2 Bil. The next Yamada movie should get 200 screens minimum with how much the critics are cireclejerking her.

Any word on western screenings yet?

First European screening is in Scotland. Nothing else is announced.

No, ¥118 million on Thursday which was a public holiday. Big drop compared to Monday which was a holiday too.

Fucking studiowarriors.

>Implying they were charing ¥1800 today
Follow twitter if you want to now your shit. They were charging 2100 for the tickets on average for some reason and people were pissed about it.

By critics I'm guessing you mean Cred Forums which has been utterly and completely obsessed with her since Tamako Love Story for reason that look kind of fake and shitposty to be honest.

Nope. Google Koe no Katachi in jap and see for yourself. I had a Google notification setup for critic reviews for KnK and barring 4 articles every one of them was positive to circlejerky. This is assuming you know Jap.

Shinkai's tweet about the movie

>those likes and retweets

It's his most favorited and retweeted post ever. Even more than him announcing KnNw.

Good publicity.

They showed us how

Ticket prices start at 1,800 yen but there are also regular discounts being offered for the tickets. It's hard to know the profit with the number of admission.

It wouldn't surprise me if the movie is catching a bit of runoff from the hottest creator at the moment giving it the nod. I wonder how Shinkai is going to handle his newfound fame and the fact that he's kind of a huge figure in the industry now that people are going to be hanging on every word from. This is several orders of magnitude bigger than Gen Urobuchi got for a bit earlier in the decade for example


They look like a group of robots doing stuff because someone ordered them to.

I don't think many people would want to do what they're doing.

I can't believe romcoms can make this much money

>only shitposting can defeat shitposting

welcome to japanese people



Welcome to working life, you mean.

I bet you all of them feel pretty happy with their job actually.

*1 264018 君の名は。
*2 *65596 映画 聲の形
*3 *46809 四月は君の嘘
*4 *38606 真田十勇士
*5 *38411 怒り

Kimi no Na wa is on another league even after 5 weeks.

What is that?

Tickets sold on Thursday.

>using MAL

MAL has a tendency of giving ridiculously high scores to everything that's even just slightly above average (or at least what they perceive to be so).

and then dropping the score drastically a week later when the new and hotness is out

Remember Erased? Neithet does MAL

Before NTR top 5
After NTR: top 50

that was a great day desu

>5 Gintamas on it
am I supposed to take this list seriously? It doesn't even have Re:Zero ffs

>It doesn't even have Re:Zero

Re:Zero is the best anime ever

Those were some fun threads

How much did it did on Monday?

170 Mil.

Pop Quiz!
How do you write Koe no Katachi in Japanese?

a) 蟹の形
b) 声の形
c) 聲の形
d) 殻の形

Big surprise! Googling any of them will give you the correct answer! Amazing!

>a) 蟹の形
>The Shape of the Crab
This was the reason it wasn't trending on Twitter.

Japanese language is pants on head retarded

Might be. The article where I got those phrases from (excite.co.jp/News/bit/E1474446166041.html) says that a lot of people don't know how to read the official title because it uses an obscure kanji for "koe", so a lot of people search it by the other options because they either recognize some radicals of the official kanji or look for it using one that looks similar to it.

You can even look up 蟹の声 (Kani no Koe, or The Voice of the Crab), which has none of the kanji in the official title, and it will still pop up as a result.



How do Japanese fonts work? Do they really make helvetica or impact for all the tens of thousands of symbols?

there's actually a fair deal of tweets that use this



Any leaks yet? I just want to watch it shit quality or not.

>helvetica or impact
They use Iwata and the likes.

I once did this to my dog with a pen. It was just a little poke and he cried like crazy like he was being raped.

>like he was being raped

This is hilarious. Other searches where the film still pops up on the first page:

Man, I love this.

Goddamn it Cred Forums, I don't want to cry. but hearing Nishimiya breaking down in that trailer is what's getting me.

Nice blog.

At least you won't have to experience it on the big screen.

Do you rape your dog on a daily basis?

>being proud of 2nd place

Kyoanifags really enjoy not being the best at anything

The neets in Japan identified with a pathetic MC. What else is new


with my broi pedro
>1 - koe no katachi
>2 - kimi no na wa
without my bro pedro
>1 - kimo no na wa
>2 - koe no katachi

stupid kyoani?

Serious question. Is the story any good?

I like it.

it's kino

You can't actually expect a good story in today's anime.

But why? I don't understand. how the hell does google not find it wrong especially for A and D.

>dae le wrong generation
fuck off

I dunno how the movie handles it, but distilled to its core themes it's very good. Lots to work with. The manga wanders and loses focus at times, but overall it's pretty enjoyable.

Are even more amusing.
>Kyoani's crab
>The shape of something
>Your crab.
>The crab the sprung out.
>The official site of the crab
All give Koe no Katachi


How the fuck? The last one wasn't first but still.

>This shit started as far June 2013

The official site has "いろんな気持ちが湧き出てくる映画です。" written somewhere and 蟹 is already being related to Koe no Katachi on its own (if you look up 蟹 映画, "Crab movie", KnK shows up). The site also has 公式サイト in its title.

>Keit-ai and Koe no Katachi fills the no. 1 and no. 2 spot of the top anime films in Japan right now

It's the year of finding ways!


>tfw someone uploaded it first than them

Why is KyoAni so baka?

Which had more initial screening? This or K-ON?

This or High Speed?

Do you mean like, screens? Or do you mean screening, or do you mean tickets sold?


what does this mean?

>this new

Free had at least twice as many I know but KnK is blowing past it in sales already

>Koe no Katachi impressing the industry by selling this much with far less screening

Anyone have the spaghetti folder?

Judging based on the manga? Not really, no.

Keion started with 140 and eventually went up to 190. Free started with 120 and went up to 160. This started with 120.

Finding a way to lose to Shinkai's new movie?

where to watch this can't find anything