What does that even mean?

What does that even mean?

if you steal her porn her crotch mushroom will tear up

Something about dicks

She just makes up nonsense that sounds dirty, she's actually pure.

>he's never made a girls crotch-mushroom cried
Op is pure

It means you should watch the Shimoneta dub when it comes out

>English girls talking about cock
Get a girlfriend and realize how fucking cringy it is when they do.

It means funishit translator.

that the yeast in her vagina have gained a conscious

fucking br00tal

Could be worse


I want to be locked up with Saotome instead.

LN version of episode 3

Best episode.

She has great taste.

That's a master painter for ya.

Imagine if it turned out she had a futa dick the entire time.


>season 2 never

The life of a divisive flop

That dub will be worth watching just for the cringefest, and I haven't watched it since it aired so it wouldn't be a bad time for a rewatch.

>never shuts the fuck up about dicks and sex

>loses her shit like a spaz the second she sees an actual dick and gets embarrassed just wearing a bikini


Gap moe.

>joking around about cock and being an actual slut are two different things
Its like you dont remember being 8 user. Shes an overgrown child who likes to makes her buddy uncomfortable for fun and forces him to stay around so she can have a buddy. But then you see your buddies cock and realize you want him to give you kids

Why is she so pure and lewd?

As someone who's never seen this, is there a reason why they all seem to have the same choker on at all times?

Its a monitor to track lewd words

It just illustrates how twisted the situation is. Kajou is a serious minded girl who wouldn't even be interested in sex, but the principle of free speech is important to her so she tries to act as dirty as possible in order to fight for it. Meanwhile, Anna's natural inclination is to be a huge slut, but because of the screwed up rules and lack of information available to her, she's been forced into the good-girl class president role that doesn't suit her at all.

In the free world that Kajou is fight for she would be the pure, serious class president and Anna would be the school bicycle, and they would both be happier.

Oh no. How awful.

To a Japanese herbivore that's pretty bad

>a virgin pretending to be lewd

This show made no sense

She's tryharding for human rights as much as she's a shy virgin.

I still don't like her.

She'd keep going after you've nutted.

Anna might be a 10/10 slut, but I would choose Kajou

Yeah and?

Hasn't the nutted but she still sucking meme taught you anything?

Doesn't matter; had freaky sex

Usually it matters after the sex

I want Anna to carry me

When do you think granny will learn about the wonders of body paint?

She'd carry you everywhere. You won't be able to walk for weeks when she's done with you.

she is gay

Sounds like and average Cred Forums poster

>Anna's natural inclination is to be a huge slut
Nah dude, too much Law has messed her up and caused her much confusion when she has romantic/sexual yearnings, causing her to bounce between two extremes. She's a mess, a beautiful, adorable, lovable mess.

> A show about sexual oppression
> portrayed with a medium dedicated entirely to selling sex and sluts.
Do you know how I know this show would flop?

Young girls talk about cock and bloody vaginas all the time! SOX is just middle school secret cloobs.