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Draw Friends Booru!

Please help a little by tagging and uploading pics!
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Thread 1864:

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gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=rachel_alucard swimsuit

No Tamamo.

Requesting some crossover of I-58(left) and Haruka(right) with Sukumizu please.

Something like I-58 is happy and hug Haruka because she though Haruka is a new submarine girl/kanmusu.

Requesting Tamamo Caster on her unzipped casual outfit, playing with her navel.

Don't do that.

Requesting Kanata from AKB0048 in JoJo style posing menacingly, with her Kirara as her stand

Requesting Tamamo, Oora, Mysu, Mei and Mimi being cute together.

Please draw this Tamao laughing at mainstream Tamao!

Requesting a parody of a skate magazine cover with Killua

Requesting Keiji pulling Kanetsugu's leash back as she pounds Kanetsugu's ass through her ass window with a strap-on. Loud moans of "Wan, Wan" are escaping Kanetsugu's mouth in the process.

Requesting Tamamo, Oora, Mysu, Mei and Mimi being cute together while drenched in horse cum.


RIP catalog search

Requesting Agiri offering Hikage marijuana.

Requesting colors for Neptune and Ryuko
Neptune ref: a.pomf.cat/pywive.jpg
Ryuko ref: a.pomf.cat/ysuohm.jpg

Requesting colors of Shion as a office lady
color ref: imgur.com/a/aFK2r
Thanks in advance

Why is Mimi part of this anyway?

>Pin thread

Requesting a color of both Nana's hugging

here's the ref for color

Thank you!

Because she's a memegirl. You gotta keep up on your memegirls if you want them (You)s.

Requesting Maihime doing the famous subway scene of Marilyn Monroe!

When did this happen?

>someone else who remembers mei

>tfw waiting for delivery all week
>tfw nothing


Requesting Charlotte and Anna arm wrestling

I remember all the huge shitposting waifus.

Requesting Haruka Gracia in Mario Basketball 3 on 3's White Mage's clothes embarrassed that they barely fit

Weiss Schnee and a randomly chosen male dancing.

No Rance please.

Sometime like a year ago or so. Mimifags still requests in the WWD from time to time.

Requesting these retarded dragon girls playing D&D around a table. Preferably with the red one flipping her shit because she lost a roll.

I never knew Mimi became a meme waifu, sucks to be him but that's what you get for shitposting and spamming.

Requesting Sophia dressed as a lewd school girl using Tanukichi's back as a chair.

Uniform ref: i.imgur.com/AuFzkZx.jpg

Backsitting refs: i.imgur.com/zyOGKDX.jpg i.imgur.com/IRVkkdJ.jpg

You're several months too early to be at my level of despair.

Rape Buddha from Ram-Sem talking about release to the most spammed girl here.

Ready to request her with glasses this weekend? Because I'm ready to draw.

Requesting Nami wearing a shirt with the words "Treasure chest" on it

In a way, but I was already planning that, so don't get the wrong idea!

Requesting big sopping wet Nero titties.

How can they be sure if you're doing that?

I'm just here to say thanks to whoever gave my Reoko-chan a hug!

Requesting Dimaria Yesta and Chronos from Fairy Tail stopping time and posing as Dio and The World from JoJo.
Clothes/pose/expression as you wish, but bonus for Dimaria clicking her theet as she unleash Za Kuronosu. Thanks.

But user, I don't really mind if he doesn't deliver.

Why did he say he would though?

Don't know if this is more Cred Forums or more Cred Forums, but Requesting Mowgli and Ballo from The Jungle Book: Shonen Mowgli anime recreating a scene from the Disney version where they are floating down the river and Mowgli is siting on Baloo's stomach. Make sure Mowgli's is wearing his yellow loincloth, and has his ponytail and sideburns, and Full color please!

Tfw everyone hates you.

Requesting 2 ghosts lifting Teacher Ritsuko's mini skirt exposing her panties with an ashamed face like in the upper left image meanwhile Nube is watching with a crazy face like in the reference.

Very appreciate if both of her butt and crotch are being shown.

We should deticate this thread to all the hardworking meme-girls out there. No one can steal the attention of drawfags from other requests better than they can.

We salute to you, memegirls.

Request Choji from Naruto Shippuden as a sumo wrestler, wearing a white mawashi. Full color please

Are you the same one that made a sign up some time ago?

Requesting color:

Requesting BB-tan bunny girl

Requesting Female Knight from Maou Yuusha being fucked in the ass fresh out of the bath, droplets of water clinging to her body and flying into the air with each thrust.

Requesting Princess Knight going down the stairs with a view like in the reference.

Who is she?

I like you!


Requesting Rukia doing something cute or cool with a Salamence
A few ideas:
-Them performing a Dragon Dance together, just something silly
-Them both taking a nap
-Her using a TM or some kind of explination to teach it Earthquake
anything else nonlewd/nongore is fine between them

gimmie refs for the gals and I'll draw it, with or w/o horsecock in view?

Pretty sure that's Maifag, he's been posting in every thread waiting for the delivery.

I just wanted the drawfag to know I was around


are you ready?

For what? To shit post?

oh man can't wait for 3 days of non stop shitposting

I guess people don't like tightsuits very much so i decided to finish a previous request instead. Sorry, OR thread died.

Masane in bondage.



Nice, do my waifu tied up


Requesting Diego Brando and Funny Valentine in an extreme jousting duel with spears, on motorcycles
(Ignore the knight armors in the ref)


Good luck, Maifag. Hope it ends up being super cute and worth the wait.


Requesting Rachel in her swimsuit and Hazama/Terumi having hatesex, while viciously insulting each other's sexual prowess or lack thereof.
gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=rachel_alucard swimsuit

The naughty parts could be hidden, if you'd rather make it semi-SFW.

Sheryl from Macross Frontier

The more I see of your art, the more it saddens me that you said you don't want to draw her.

Hotaru in bondage please.

Draw who?


You probably won't do it but okay.

Requesting lolidom with any of these semen demons.

No? But if there already was then I guess I don't need to.
When was the last time anything ever came out of a signup?

Requesting Megumin

Requesting a 2 panel image. The first one having Aika (left) telling drawfags to stop drawing her in with gags and have them do Neena (right) instead. The second one having Neena lying on a couch in full view with her mouth taped shut with a disinterested/defeated look on her face. Bonus points if a third panel has Aika in the exact same manner with a "not this again" expression on her face.

My waifu, I once asked you through PM and you said you're not interested. It's better to draw who you like, though.

>tfw updates never

Really nice.

Thanks fampai

Requesting Mugino looking frustrated as Frenda whips out a condom and puts it on Mugino's strap-on. She's wasting valuable PLOWING time.

Sorry wrong pic.

rip in pieces
No u

Mechanic/Engineer Nepgear

Would you draw Zenet on shibari?

I don't know. Is it a lewd drawing?

I saw this on the previous thread. Didn't considered before because the reference is shit, as usual. I like the milf though.

is washu (tenchi muyo)
a loli??

Requesting Chris, Kirika, and Shirabe in lacy lingerie, licking each other's navels in a threesome daisy chain.

Requesting Fin E Ld Si Laffinty from Rinne no Lagrange as a male, and being taken advantage of by Madoka and Muginami.

Requesting Yuuna admiring Tougou's tougous.

Oh my.... That's nice as fuck

That discussion never went past the fact that you don't want to draw her, so no details were discussed. I'm not complaining, I just wanted to know that I like your art.

meh, technically, but Sasami has that "role"

Requesting Ririchiyo in her demon form, with huge titddies.

Requesting Noire cosplaying as Noir VinoCacao! i.imgur.com/dWOS77w.jpg

Requesting a mecha musume Dantalion Gundam styled like the Automaton on the right

yeah, but sasami is not "eternal loli"

Ijust wanted to know. washu was only a young looking girls. a short girl to me. not a loli

>tfw you can't good screencaps of her without subs

Such is life for a meme show

PrtScr is your friend.

Turn off subs, melon head

Rokuro from Sousei no Onmyouji wearing this outfit on the left

>not watching Deadfish exclusively on your toaster

Requesting more girls wearing suits and looking cool as fuck. Any girl you would like!
But if you need someone to draw, how about Clarion from Kōkaku no Pandora (aka Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn), since she's basically a prince for Nene.

Clarion references here:

>When was the last time anything ever came out of a signup?
I'm still sad that the high heels one wasn't real

Requesting a heavily pregnant Chisa Yukizome with huge lactating breasts.

I fucking love tightsuits and the likes, are you still taking offers? I wasn't around to see you ask around.

Requesting Mato Kuroi(OVA version), Black Rock Shooter and Rock from BRS: Innocent Soul meeting up for lunch at a Fast food restaurant where they all try eating one of those Black Bun Cheeseburgers together!

Thanks if you pick this up!

>I guess people don't like tightsuits
B-But I replied to your post.

requesting mob showing off his shota body in the outfit in the ref

Proper references only. Front, back, side, name and other details, etc.

That or you request a character i already have references for drawing.

Nanoha in glass slippers please! Thank you!

Requesting Law from One Piece cosplaying as Black Jack

Requesting Cirno and Hitler doing this pose

>Proper references only. Front, back, side, name and other details, etc.
Well my waifu's reference has all of that. Can I link you my waifu's ref for a tightsuit drawing? since you drew her so well last time

Last time i drew for a waifufag i got rekt in that thread.

So yeah, no, thanks.

"kick line"
need 2 more chara tho

What the hell is mystic messenger?

Requesting someone wrap up HTT like the girl on the right.
SD proportions is fine, and probably easier.

>Waifufags btfo
You feel like drawing anymore for today?

I don't care to draw for the same person. Post it. If i don't take it, another drawbro might do it.

>Last time i drew for a waifufag i got rekt in that thread.
Cause they didn't ask for it. All of it could have been avoided if you lurked or even had common sense and you could have drawn for someone that would love it and fap to it like a madman.

Can't you just use google?
It's an app otome game where you text/call the boys in it, which reminded me that I want to request something with it this weekend.


sorry, im a shit and get easily distracted. Ill start on it now.

Say, since you're drawing tied up dames, can you do with SD proportions? (since they're a group)

I've got front, back, right references, you name it.

Damage control

Cool, how about Ai then?

user, this thread is slow as fuck. Just post your request. Some day someone might draw it. You don't lose anything.

>comes in
>draws something shitty for someone at random
he deserved to be shit on.

And that's why he's here, drawing in the general.

which is fine, but you can't say he didn't deserved to be shit on in the wwd.

Don't lie, there was an Arina and Tsugumi Sendo request for weeks.

Nel in a sexier version of her white uniform please.

Requesting Ellen and Hayato eating at a diner countertop while the latter mutters something about recently wanting to kill his boss

Requesting Charlotte (wearing her girl uniform) with a short asymmetric haircut based on her own hair. (The pic on the right is just a general example of the style)

user, the reason why i lurk in this shithole is because i'm not creative. So you'll need to add an idea or something else to that cute ass. Not only if you want a drawing from me, but it also may encourage other drawfags to take your request. And i'm not a bondage only artist, one of the reasons why i like to offer different things sometimes, like the tightsuits or ass requests. Love lewd stuff in general after all like that dirty bikini i drew for her.

this but loli version


on Cred Forums?
not the drawfriend who did that Masane up there
but i did that request like a week ago.

i think i remember this
it was when a few autists shit up the thread over nothing.

Requesting pov things with her, like cuddling with her, taking cozy naps. Eating her cooking, drinking alcohol with her.

This idea wasn't bad: Tamamo performing a strip-tease or something along the lines of a gravure video or intro to an AV in her swimsuit - in, coming out, or midway in the water.

You're not interested in loli bodytypes, right?

Since Aifag is someone who regularly requests in the Weekend thread, I think you're missing something here. You're offering to draw something and "thread etiquette" in the weekend thread means you don't request your waifu outside said threads unless someone in the general offers to do so. He probably isn't looking for other drawfags to draw her other than the one offering to do so.

I'm on the same boat, except I'm still deciding on whether I should do the same as him or not.

Requesting Maki wearing Lunamaria's ZAFT uniform with the Sword Impulse on the background.

Do it in portrait because I'm gonna be using it as my home screen wallpaper.

Do you still lurk the weekend threads for ideas?

Requesting a tired, slightly hungover Masane on the toilet.

I drew a loli once in here, but no lewd. Just a cute loli on a swimsuit, hifume i think she was called.

So yeah, i can draw lolis, no problem, but also no lewd.

>you don't request your waifu outside said threads
No, etiquette says that if you get something here you skip the next weekend on the WWD. Nothing against actually requesting.

something like this

This one, and the user said that he will color it, and still nothing, but that's ok, he at least did a nice job, I'm ok with that.

Come on now.
The drawfag just suggested he add something to draw for Ai, and he "might" do it.

Forgot to mention, yeah.

Of course. I don't post my drawings in there though.

Why would he when the weekend threads chased him out?

Oh my bad, I thought you had one in mind already.

Okay, so how about her wearing the spacesuit from Space Battleship Yamato

Or a race suit like the one that T-Mobile girl wore:

So our only chance as weekend waifufags is to direct request you whenever you show up at the general? Because I'd like a non-bondage draw from you.

First link ain't working
I'm only mentioning it since he mentioned other drawfags potentially picking it up.

If lolis who actually are lewd - and possibly into bondage - are outside your field of interest, then that's a no for me. Thank you for replying, though.

>First link ain't working
You have to enter the url again and the image shows up

What's wrong with asking OR about his feelings on fetish stuff before delivering it anyway?

I am that user, my friend.
I apologize, classwork has been busy lately.
this will be colored.

>get delivery in the general
>skip WWD
>get a mass delivery next WWD

First reference died by starvation it seems but damn i love the second idea, the racing suit. I'll take it, but will do it tomorrow.

I wouldn't do it if i were you. From each 5 requests people ask me i take like 1 or 2.

I do the fuck i like and want after all.

Would you consider Scathach's outfit a tightsuit?

Well if other drawfags pick it up, there's nothing he can do to stop that.

Really though wtf are these thread etiquettes?

>First link ain't working
Might as well just post it

It's what keeps the waifu posters from spamming requests here 24/7

No problem bastard.

THICC or chubby Patchouli laying a bed only with a small cloth covering her lewd body.

They don't exist. It's just something people use to ensure that people don't "Cheat" the made up system that has never been an actual rule here or in the WWD.

That's just fat

Damn, why not drawing any of them instead? nice specimens at sight.


>You're offering to draw something and "thread etiquette" in the weekend thread means you don't request your waifu outside said threads unless someone in the general offers to do so.
Or you could do whatever you want and not care.

I wasn't trying to be abrasive or anything.

>I'll take it, but will do it tomorrow.
Thanks man, I love seeing your art, looking forward to it.

Here's the image from that first link by the way, in case you like that one more

>"thread etiquette" in the weekend thread means you don't request your waifu outside said threads unless someone in the general offers to do so
Bullshit. It has always been acceptable to request in the general if someone asked for girls. You're just expected not to request during the following weekend.

you mean phone?

Me neither. You gringos are made of cristal it seems.

Makoto is the best girl. Seriously, she's adorable. Do you have the shot of her holding the gun wrong?

>You're just expected not to request during the following weekend.
This isn't a thing either. It's just a courtesy some people do.


50 times

That's not counting color requests, right? Quite a few waifufags come here to request colorings of deliveries.

That is also not true. I never knew there was so much into just making a request here, holy shit.

Grey areas like that depend on how many friends are willing to defend you, or how many smartphones you have.

Requesting Shizuru Fujimura from Godannar, titfucking a huge erection while wearing the red dress she wore in the last episode,

People believe it because of a very unfortunate chain of events that make it easy. Considering probably only about 10-15 people in the current threads have been in both the WWD/General long enough to know it, the newfags who perpetuated and made up these rules is able to enforce it and cause more newfags to believe the same thing thus creating this vaccuum of people who believe that the rules are real, meanwhile the oldfags just don't care enough to do anything about it, I guess.

Also on how many people actually want to call you out.

There aren't many full body references of her in the dress, so Unfortunately, this is the best I could find.

If the WWD is involved, everyone wants to call you out. Less competition.

>Nice lady
>Shitty rerquest

The story of a drawbro in Cred Forums.

The way I understood it was that if an artist was asking for names, then it was ok to mention your waifu and still request in the wwd afterwards, but if you just make a regular waifu request here then you have to skip the weekend.

Requesting more lewds of this cute semen demon, Sakura Chiyo.
Naizuri would be nice.

Or maybe just a drawing of Chiyo wearing this:

Amazing gif...

Your waifu won't get drawn anyways. It's not like there's a weekly quota that enforces that kind of competition.

You seem to have misunderstood a whole lot of things.

4chang is over, draw something before midnight

Don't start a fire

It was always burning.

Requesting a giant Brandish μ and Mount Lady preparing to fight in front of a city.

Who is this miracle?

Just a christmas cake (that got eaten)

wip, wasted a bunch of time on arms as per usual so sorry about that. Will take a break and then finish it.

just draw something of her you want to draw

Requesting Saiai looking content and fulfilled as she takes a load in her cunt like this


That's my future wife step off

Requesting Kurisu dressed as Ikaruga

Requesting Yuuko and Shadow Yuuko clashing with whatever weapons of your choice.


Nah-ah, I found her first. She's totally mine.

Dumb bitches didn't wrote anything

Requesting a parody of the Dark Knight Rises pic (right) with Oshiete! Galko-chan characters.


Oh shit! I didn't even see that request, fucking nice!

Why don't you request more?

Really nice, glad to see those three being drawn.

Heh, Syrorin wouldn't bother, they just fuck up her plans anyway.

ebola chan and harambe

>tfw make small d&d campaign
>make roll almost impossible to get
>friend rolls a natural 20
>suplexs a whole tower killing a mini boss and all 5 minions
Sweet drawing m8

I'm not the same person who requested. I'm just posting Megumin.

Requesting Migi on its little knees with his two little hands full of rice yelling in despair " MEXICAN, STICKY, RICE!!!!!!"

This is awesome


That's very cute! Good job!

You made my month!
You don't know how happy I am with it.

very nice job!

Goddamn now I know why he didn't like drawing Ryuuko. She looks like fucking Little Nicky there. Super cute colors though good job

Would be better if user had remembered to color the whites of their eyes.

Requesting Tamamo wearing this shorts and socks design, rollerskating on the beach while listening to her favorite mixtape (a cassette with random songs on it, NOT a music demo) using a either a sports walkman or an Aiwa TX 476


Tamamo cosplaying as Shiranui Mai from the Fatal Fury/KOF series.

Requesting Kuroko cosplaying as Hilloli Cliton

I fucking hate you.

That is a disgusting body. How is she even alive?

>not liking anorexic bodies

Nice. Reminds me of how I have no friends to play with.

Requesting anything with the Chaikas from Chaika and the Biblioprincesses from Dantalian like tea party or dressing up

Requesting a leather-clad dominatrix Tamamo

Weiss Schnee surfing on a giant icicle. Tao Bai Bai style.

Make some friends online or from /tg/.


she's a little girl, you dumb ape

You mean the best right? She and Frenda are pure sex.


Which one would make a man cum first?
Kuroko's got the hip moving technique down to a science, but Frenda's tight hole is a weapon in a class of its own.

Frenda. She seems like she knows how to please a man.

Frenda is sex, kuro can die

>not wanting to pick them both up, sandwich your dick in between their clits and make them both cum simultaneously against a wall

he didn't create Hiloli, shad is just jumping on bandwagon

Post that gif


Kuroko can literally teleport your semen out of your balls, no one can beat her.

Well give me and examples of thicc and chubby. Well especially chubby.

You should request then


>not leading them to a hotel room and revealing a large group of fat old balding men with massive dicks who proceed to gang rape them and then being the last of about 60 to use their loose jizz lubed holes
You don't deserve either of them if you don't know how to properly use them.
Requesting that green text.

Karas fighting Garo, in a city at night, or teaming up to cleanse the foul demon scum from the streets.


I would but I don't want to get banned for 3DPD.




Link with imgur.


Requesting (You)

Time for an upgrade


xration girls are a great example for thicc, anything with borderline pregnancy belly is starting entering the landwhale territory.


Forgot kashiwamochi yomogi too.

i gotchu pham

Gawain slaying a Whore of Babylon and Meme Fox, please.

Falling to your death from a high place looks like the scariest shit.



Okay, so you know exactly what I'm gonna ask you:
Was it wurf?

why, he didn't feel much, it's prolly one of the best way to die

Adlet and Hans spitroasting/DPing Chamot from Rokka no Yuusha after all the shit she put them through, as she's bound up or not if its just spitroast then have Adlet using a dildo on her ass

Funny, that, I actually have a nervous habit of squatting and walking while squatting when I'm in high altitude places out in the open.
Precisely because I fear exactly this will happen.


This with me and my waifu!

I can link something with the site itself if yo want:

post webm

That's not chubby. That's a normal bodytype.



I'd like to see Tamamo wearing Scáthach's battle outfit - Scáthach wearing Tamamo's robes will be great as well - please ans thank you.


Last one I'll post.

>Not dead
That luck.

Gross. That's fat indeed.


Could I get a reverse angle shot of the top pic showing off Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa from Azumanga Daioh's butt.


....is he ok?

ooooooh, i wanna try this.

yes, he didn't suffer


Awesome! Thanks.

You're gonna have to be more specific user.

From what little I bothered to read after reverse-searching he had on a parachute.

He wanted examples so I gave him one, retard. Don't click on shit when it's obviously labeled.

Did he even LIVE?

I didn't see any parachute go off.

happened in this thread and some previous ones i think.

>starting that fast
Leave it to the profesionals, kid.

Delivering some Lancer Artoria.


That's a cool Artoria.

>the tie sinks into her cleavage
Marvelous work and thank you for the delicious Lartoria, Smurf!
Also, it was nice seeing you on /jp/ last week.

Thanks for giving me thinspo.

Nice. hope you do more requests

uni wearing gothic lolita clothing

since the thread is going too slow I can assume that drawfags are not going to draw anything from before this post.

Any new request?

This but With Uni taking off the gothic dress in a sexual manner.

Not really.

Requesting animu girl Bilbo Baggins being kawaii (it means cute)


Requesting Seiga playing a sega saturn. The top left pic is official art.

Lewds or suggestive please

Feel free to stop any time - that's somebody's waifu.

She would have been passed around the dwarves every night on the journey.

This is not a waifu thread
Fuck off, your shit thread is coming soon.

Cute feet

Requesting a simple tea party between Pixie (Monster Rancher), Angewomon (Digimon), and Gardevoir (Pokemon)

Just have some respect, that's all I'm saying..

Did somebody say waifu?


I'll respect her with my dick.

Sexy lewd Horn

But dwarves are gay. Unless they were also girls, then it would work

Fucking kill yourself.
There's no way you idiots are going to forbid some characters from being requested because they're waifus.
If you don't like it, fucking don't come in the general.

I say the weekend starts... NOW

The hobbit and LotR would have been 1000 times better as a yuri anime with ecchi hijinks.

Practically nobody draws anything here anyway, I wouldn't bother worrying.

Every story would be better as a yuri anime with ecchi hijinks.

Tell that to all the japanese porn artists then, the concept of waifus doesn't apply in regular drawthreads, stop making more drama here.

personally speaking its because i either dont get thanked at all or get really shitty ungrateful responses

thats not to say i want to be ballwashed by anons but wwd threadlurkers are just genuinely more appreciative, you feel like the time you spent making the art was worthwhile after seeing how happy it made them

I only draw for this thread because I always get banned because of waifufags.

Feel free to leave this thread too, shitposter-kun.

Don't give him the replies he's after.

Most art only gets 2 yous like the general unless its detailed, lewd, or both.

It's only shitposting because you don't like it.

quality over quantity though, i dont care if i only get one as long as its the OR and they enjoy it

Also there aren't 1001 porn requests.
For once, I'd like to make a decent request and hope it gets done without some faggot backlinking me with "This but boipussy! Boipussy getting fucked by futas! :D"

Lewdfags have taken over. They know the game and they're playing it perfectly.

I never draw for this thread because I don't like the requests.
but i'm still lurking just in case. 1 delivery a week

What kind of requests do you like?

Requesting Bouya Harumichi riding on a giant crow - Tony would be best - with Yasu freaking out behind him.

I'm like this too, but it's more because I don't have a lot of time to do more than a couple of drawings during the weekdays. My free time is concentrated mostly in the weekends.

Friendly reminder that it's required to reply nicely to have a good reputation

>everyone is as bitter as I am on the inside

You literally can't prove me wrong.

who said anything about reputation?

>you literally can't prove emotions over the internet wrong

Congratulations. You also can't prove yourself right, so keep on throwing out those wild claims of yours.

I don't care what shitposters think about me. I thank people because I like their drawings, not because I'm trying save face.

I love this gif solely for the dog.

>people drawing for free
>bitching about it

You two are defeatists. The reason the general is so hit is because there's too many porn requests, sure, but the thread is only filled with porn requests because everyone else gave up on making proper sfw requests while lewdfags are the only ones persistent and autistic enough to shovel their shit on the blue boards. If people put in the effort to make better requests involving cool shit or even just funny things, maybe things will be better.

dunno. pre 2000 animu girls.

or just specific and simple things. like this waifu in this simple wardobe without context
and hopefully not one of those over requested waifus.

>the one pantsu to rule them all

Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy. "The general is shit because it's nothing but porn requests, and it's nothing but porn requests because people are used to the general being nothing but porn requests"

I can't be assed to search the archives, but sure here's one instance.
Kuromefag's reply to his "top tier quality" delivery.

The wwd since they love crushing "reputations" there.


Requesting any of these 3 milfs wearing Wicke's outfit and glasses:

1 - Hoshizora Ikuyo
2 - Iori Rinko
3 - Katsuragi Mari

>here's one instance.
Okay, you got one instance of someone being ungrateful, that you couldn't even be arsed to look up and prove.
Anything else while you're shitposting?

Here you go! I hope it's satisfactory.

I still remember when WWD was all about 1 liner requests with anything longer belonging to this thread.

If the general wasn't awful maybe things wouldn't have progressed the way they did, but the world isn't built on what ifs.

>that camel toe

If one person is ungrateful clearly that means everyone is, or something.

Proof > No proof
Just shut the fuck up and accept that you have to reply nicely to continue getting deliveries. Don't even get me started on the constant "OR never replied" crying.

The porn boards died due to Pixiv was easier to navigate than Japanese fap blogs alongside gelbooru and that dumb crying chinese bear.

Since all the porn boards are just low quality reposts of things on Pixiv sticking for weeks the fap fags request on Cred Forums since it has the "strongest" talent pool. Cred Forums has those issues too but its artists are weaker than Cred Forums.

>le edgy cynicist face

Damn nice! Saved!

>Proof > No proof
I agree.
So are you going to prove your own point by looking up whatever you're claiming on the archive, or should I just immediately disprove it by mentioning that anons actually show how thankful they are by showing what they like about what they get?

The problem isn't so much the requesters. It's that most of the talented artists in the general draw porn requests, which just encourages them to keep requesting more. Meanwhile, the WWD serves as a safe haven for artists not looking for lewd requests, so many abandon the general all together and just lurk there instead.

If their were more artists like sharkbro doing general requests and less artists like JADF or Smurf here, then it may not be as bad as it has become. It's the drawfags' fault for drawing those kinds of requests in the first place. If they don't get drawn, then people eventually will stop requested it, which is why non-lewd requests have become so low in the general.

Requesting Ayano in her TA-29 Super Struggle cockpit (bottom right pick, sitting position), or just playing a random space sim like Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen or Independence War 2 Edge of Chaos

>If they don't get drawn, then people eventually will stop requested it

Incorrect. Just look at that autist that's been posting his Rokka no Yuusha porn request for, what, a year now? Autism has literally no restraints.

Well, obviously that statement is applying to normally-minded people. Autists need not apply.

yeah remember when paintr did(and still does)a bunch of cool requests on the general and absolutely nothing changed?

Well Fukumaaya or Xration kind of thicc/chubby/fat is fine for me. Or this image suit Patchouli fine.

I just want Thiccouli, Plumpcouli, Chubbchouli.

I know I fucking do.

paintr just doesn't generate enough (You)s.

not again

>Sunoharasou no Kanrinrin-san isn't translated
>A doujin is
I need my busty onee-san fix dammit.

>This got tons of (you)s months ago

Feels like forever.

Ya bitch.

i'm ok with drawing "cute" not weird thicc girls but
why fatchouli?

is that true that this thread onle have 3 people requesting stuff?

requesting Vert, Noire, and Blanc as honey-bees like this.

Yeah, here's one of the three.

I beg your pardon?

There are multiple variance and flexibility when it comes to Patchouli's body. ZUN's don;t really care about cannon.

I choose the Thiccouli. If other Patchoulifags have other taste that fine by him.

Requesting Chise and Elias drawn in a simplistic art style, as if they were from a fairy tale.
If that makes sense

Thiccouli is sex.

>Not Fukumaaya and Methonium.
Shit taste, Ycame.

Requesting Sotomura-san and Reina being friends.

>not arai kei

well I did listed Fukuumaya. I do like Methonium's thicc too but, he is more of an ass-man.

They're nowhere near a good thick artist. Are you having a laff?

You're right, I misread. Methonium knows what's up though, bro.

Now I patiently wait while you find nothing.
Also lol at this shit. Defend please WWD praiser.

I just write what my dick says
im not into thicc but im not going to deny
that i fapped to agata too

>no synecdoche

Please provide examples of this "simple fairytale art style" that you're thinking of next time.

Methonium IS Synecdoche. Pfft, some fan you are, what a mook.

Methonium is synecdoche!

what, are you saying that
fatalpulse is not asanagi.

hideo is not kojima?!

What a jest. Please tell me tusia and orta is the same person as well.

Fatalpulse is actually the circle name and has more than Asanagi in it.

Though I wish she draw Patchouli in her usual way. This one is too fat for me ,but better than getting none from her.


Requesting a thicc milkmaid Seaport-hime.

If all you're after is praise and attention, then you probably shouldn't be a drawfag in the first place.


>gives free art
>cant even get a thank you sometimes
>user says deal with it

and you guys wonder why its dead here

I thought you were cool, but now I know you're a square. Fukuumaya does good fat, G.

I'm saying that as a drawfag. You should draw because you enjoy drawing, not because you're fishing for replies.

>draw waifu
>gets shitposted for no reason


Plump is great. Enough fat that there are no thigh gap between a girl's legs.

Y'all got any more of them WWD request ideas?

In searching for the one post you wanted to find to prove every waifufag is shitty and what is most likely a discord-targeted shitpost, you missed five more sincere thank yous of other waifufags who have constructive things to say about their deliveries. Just last weekend, even.
Don't forget all of the times anons actually say "I don't need to worry about rerequesting, thank you!" Or "You say it's shitty because it's not colored, but I'm fine with it, thank you!"

You know, you could just like ignore them, right?

I really regret not saving the pic that inspired the request. but if any drawfriend is interested, any way you interpret the request would be fine by me, if you're looking for something vague

yeah i really dont understand where you're coming from

i draw because i love to, that is my #1 reason, but that is independent of Cred Forums. i came here to make anons happy while enjoying my hobby, if they're not happy with what i give them, why would i stay here? thus, i leave, to wwd.

Are you unironically defending this?

jesus grandad, go golfing or something

Anime is the simplest draw style ever , have any of you jusr tried doing it yourselves?

That's just Kuromefag, though. He's known to be a shithead to anyone for no reason.

post you're art

i dunno man i found it pretty hard to get the hang of, as far as making it actually look good goes

its a lot easier to do western cartoon shit

I just think it's more problematic to worry about that sort of stuff, especially when you end up don't making anyone happy. It shouldn't be your main goal because that's how the shitposters will get to you.

I just post what I draw and move on to the next request without really thinking about it much, and find it much more enjoyable that way.

And yet you still can't prove that nice thank-yous and more future deliveries are not related, sincere or not.
>Anons actually say ...
Because it's some code of conduct to not look greedy there, but everyone and their daughterus are pushing these free-ticket collages that "don't count." Fucking scroll up and read this retarded shit that is "thread etiquette"
I'm done. Not going in circles with you.

requesting corrupted Abyssal Iowa

well now that i stick to wwd i dont have to worry about it :^)

Maybe I can't but I at least disproved not everybody is an insincere cunt like you seem to think.

Lies. 99% of anime eyes are the same. Noses are just small marks. Mouths are TINY and rarely more complicated than a crappy tongue and flashes of no-line teeth when a character laughs or smiles. Hair is just spikes. Western cartoons are definitely more complicated to draw.

The thing about calling people liars on the internet is you have to be able to prove they actually are lying.
Otherwise you have to accept what people say at face-value as the truth.


>Western cartoons are definitely more complicated to draw.

assuming you're not trolling, yeah, i see what you mean, buuuuuut, try to make that shit look good, actually good. as in, not some deviantart tier imitation but authentic, like something you might find on pixiv

I hope hot chocolate draws her.
I hope they mass deliver me.
Maybe I should request her as a ship.

Why do all the post-2010 cartoons look like Adventure Time?

Because tumblr

Somebody who is really trying here, folks. give him a hand.

I hope they don't. I don't want any drawfag that's circle-related tainting her image.

there's always gonna be that series which defines the era

but in this case its especially a matter of keeping things easy to animate/cheap

Because it works.

Detailed cartoons are just capeshit, a doomed in 2 seasons show, or a failed copycat of RWBY.

>but in this case
That's every case of animation.

RWBY in and of itself is just American Soul Eater.

>I don't want drawfags drawing her

>or a failed copycat of RWBY.
Who the fuck would ever copy RWBY, which is not even drawn or animated like a drawn cartoon?

Unlike you, I have standards.

I still don't understand why you guys want mediocre at best porn drawn by try hard weebs.
Fucking go browse the fucking boorus, let alone twitter/pivix, you'll be flooded with top tier shit!

I can understand Cred Forums related western shit, but Japanese stuff is filled to porn already. why bother here????

I'd be thankful if someone did my request.

But if people aren't interested, then that's that. I should be learning to draw anyway.

as a drawfag, even i see things from that perspective

i would never request lewd here as it wont compare with pixiv

Let's say, hypothetically they draw your love.
What will you do?

>>people drawing
where tho, not here

Because its free art.

Finding the right artist to pay money to is hard.

>all this falseflagging/general unpleasantness
Oh boy, this weekend's gonna be tough.

Even when you do find the right artist they still fuck it up by dropping off the face of the goddamn motherfucking Earth.

Motherfucker I know you're on Cred Forums drawing requests, read your fucking emails and respond to them you cunt.

Because they are either autists who don't understand any site outside of Cred Forums, underage b&s going through puberty who can't think of anything other than porn, or shitposters who are trying hard to tarnish the general to justify their egos or something.

I can understand it. I wouldn't want a mass delivery from drawfags who usually draw to make other people mad if it meant shitposters jumped on me just because I was lucky enough to get 5 things in one weekend when I literally dindu nuffin. The thought of getting nice things is nice, but not while shitposters are shitposters.

Politely reject it, of course.

>see cute Op
>let's see what's up!
>see this
what the hell man?
what are you guys even arguing for?

>expecting nice things
There's your first mistake.
>reading anything beyond requests that interest you
There's your second mistake.
>shitposting about it
There's your last mistake. Now get lost.

It's perfect! Thank you. Now I'll be gone for a month.

Sometimes you all take this shit too seriously. It's just begging for drawings on Cred Forums, after all.

Requesting Yazawa Nico and her mom wearing bunnysuits.
Both are from Love Live.

I personally don't, but you know how it goes.

Requesting Misaka Mikoto and Cole McGrath in this pose, make Cole wear his shirt and shorts and Misaka these clothes. The pic is censored coz I couldn't find one with clothes... Do it plz.

Cartoons are just a completely different industry made a different way with a different aesthetic. Though I don't see any of the shows in that gif as looking like adventure time. I think regular show definitely shares similarities but so did flapjack and both of the creators of those two shows worked on flapjack and went to school together.

A lot of stuff is toned down design wise to keep animation simple and cleaner. I think in general comparing the two is stupid though. It's completely different cultures and industries.

But this is off topic.

hey asoc think you can color this? i.imgur.com/kaAIuIb.png

>It's just begging for drawings on Cred Forums
If only you knew the time I've spent, wasted, waiting for someone to make me something nice of her, always feeling like that something is just a few posts away. "This thread for sure. This will be the one I get something." But that something never comes. If only you knew the pain I felt silently waiting while seeing others getting nice things, and wondering why I get nothing, wondering if I even exist at all or if I've just been imagining posting request after request, only to realize that those requests are that I thought I posted were indeed all mine and I've been waiting the whole time. Week in, week out, always waiting, always quietly waiting. If only you knew. If only you knew.

Rokka no Yuusha guy it'll eventually happen.

>Expecting something
That's exactly what I mean when I say you all take this too seriously. If it was a commission, sure but you're literally doing nothing but typing request words and making a reference collage.

Very nice pic, I'm saving it and the reference, but I don't guarantee I'll be coloring it

Do you have a site? I want a private coloring.

cool, thanks have a good one

Do you ever even ask any drawfags to draw her?


>private coloring
I don't do that. Nor commissions.
I do have a pixiv, id=3363304

Shitposting seems to be all anyone is good at around here.

>private anything

He can't even keep his dick under control, you expect him to keep something personal? You're a special kind of dumb.

Ok, that's fine. Do you have the tamamo "choose life" drawing colored?

I was trying.

Not yet, I still haven't finish them.

Another day there's no response from MDF about my commission. That will teach me to give money to drawfags.

He didn't say you didn't have to send anything until it was your turn in his queue? That was my understanding of it, anyway.
Granted, I already paid even though I'm 15+ spots in, but it's easier for me this way.

I miss WWD about late 2014, when I started drawing here.

I drew first for the general in 2011, Kagami's birthday.
Anons shit on me for drawing manchins and not being cute enough.
Good times.

Those were good times, fun times actually
Now it's
>you have to make us happy

Good times till you've been around long enough to see all of the bad stuff of the WWD.

They were even nicer in 2012.

y'all are old

>waifu didn't exist until 2013

Requesting a drawing of a cute Eureka, or as an alternative, her face in darker tones (something creepy, maybe). Anything will do, really. Here's a reference plus a closer look at her eyes.

I wouldn't mind it myself, honestly. That's about a month worth of deliveries in one go, and only a small handful of people view me in a positive light anyway.

That's a waifu I haven't seen in long time .

Thats about when I started requesting. It was definitely a lot comfier.

> only a small handful of people view me in a positive light anyway.
Who are you?

what bad stuff, all of you passive aggressive snippings at each other like Japanese school girls?
It's rather amusing really... but I don't pay that much attention so maybe you guys take the drama too seriously...

Yeah its annoying to me, thats why I stopped going to WWD

just request and check back for replies, its not that hard

And miss out on the free sign-ups?

I'm not a requester, I'm a drawfag.

just deliver and check back for replies, its not that hard
>getting excited for something that might be bullshit or will happen weeks or months later

>drawing for autistics
>complain about autism

>I miss /i/ in 2010 when it was actually active.

It guaranteed me a drawing in the future!

/i/ is amazing in concept, it seems like the only reason people don't use it is cause people don't use it

What killed /i/ in 2011 is when java updates fucks shit up and MOOT never fixed the shi-painter.

You see /i/ wasn't an image dump back then, and even have a small groups and community.
Even Noill and subtank was a regular there.

technically all drawthreads should be moved to /i/, all of them, from every board

Bump limit

still people could just use it in the way they are now, as in, drawing off site and posting it there