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This maybe is the first time I'm going to read an ongoing manga. I love the works very much to wait for it to end before reading it.

Me too, for some reason It's first time I get excited at the announcement of something
I was pretty surprised at the lack of reaction everywhere


Why does Cred Forums love Shitijou so much? You are alone.

we are all alone user
at least lets give this thread a:


I wish I could imitate his art
so simplistic yet wonderfully creative.

I still can't choose my favorite Nichigirl. They're all great


Mine's Hakase.

underrated thread


this is one of the few scenes I have seen the anime perform better
It needs an extra panel between Yukko's reaction


perhaps takasaki is arawi's self insert character, he seems so relatable

She's a cute
do we have a name yet?

Nagumo iirc



I just want to let you nichijou Cred Forumsnon know that I love you all and that I am excited for the return of Arawa Keiichi.

maybe there will be some other qts

Hey everybody. This is my wife Naganohara Mio. We're super in love and we have sex all the time, but we're balanced enough to do what's fun, and we have an intelligent relationship based on mutual opportunity. We both make money because we know how to capitalize on our talents, and we love to travel and be together in interesting places. We're kinky in a way that works for us, too, while also maintaining a quiet life of dignity because that's important to us.

But the thing is, is we really enjoy fighting. I love when she delivers a perfect one hit knock out punch or suplexes somebody despite all odds, and she loves when I do the same to people who want to keep us apart.

So this is a challenge. I will fucking kill you if you want to get between us. That's what I'm about. There is nothing better for me and my wife Mio having a sensual night of mutual love making after destroying our enemies. We're total killers. It's great.

I don't understand nipponian moon runes

Goodness gracious my wife is cute!

nigger, what are you even saying


I'm saying I will personally execute you in the streets of Tokyo and get away with it, if you don't understand that I am Naganohara Mio's only husband.

calm down

I don't understand how people walk away with the impression that Nichijou is a "random humor" series, whatever that means, and that it doesn't rely on references to Japanese culture. As far as I can tell, half of the jokes in the anime are a reference to a random idiom or poetry style.
I get that a lot of the jokes are so obscure that even most Japs are going to look at them askance, but still, if you walk in not knowing what Maitreya is, why would you assume that there isn't a joke there?

The thing about me and my wife Mio is that we make a goal of fighting people all the time over our relationship. It's super attractive to both of us when either of us put our first through your face. We think it's great. Problem?

I think its more important to try to actually enjoy it, when I first started watching the anime I was falling asleep for the first 3 episodes until I started to treat things less seriously, soon enough, it became my favorite series.


Reminds me of when I asked Mio to marry me and she bashfully said yes.

why are you even doing this?

Domo, karasu desu.

Does the manga ever finish Isumi Sakurai's love subplot. I saw the anime but never got to see their relationship grow. This infuriates me.

just noticed she is saying "Kaiju"

cupid accidentally pierces Sakurai in front of Takasaki, she blushes and thats all we get.
When she appears on the timeskip with Mai, they dont mention Takasaki at all

She starts secretely going out with the Tsuyoshi Nakanojou and he promises to marry her after he finishes school.

I hated that crow ever since I laid my eyes on him


I love this serie, and I know that Cred Forums love it a lot back in the days, so I started to read the manga guessing it was, either, completely translated or some group keep a eye on it, but I find myself waiting for a update with no specific timeframe for them, it can be months.

This and D-frag hurt me each time I remember that nobody cares to translate them.

it's being translated officially.

>be apoorfag
>not being able to buy it

Fuck me.

Because I'm in love with a fictional drawn character is why, Are you retarded?

Im sorry user, I tried translating something for you but I suck at writing

Im in love with a fictional character too but Im not a roleplaying faggot

Im still trying, no matter how shitty the result is
>Nano, look, look

>Jyaaaa, the professor also attached himself a wind up key!

>Are you doing that again?
>Thats because the professor will be Nano for the entire day

>I got it, Nano

>Jyaaa! Im going out to play
>Take care of yourself

>With a wind up key attached, she truly looks like m...


>You're annoying, brat!
>Im sorry
>Toooo (surprise?)

>Bisquit 2?!

>Anyways, I gotta capture the professor

>Honestly, I don't have a clue of what he is saying
>Well, alway...


brb, getting a hot dog

>Ah, are you going out?
>Ah, yes
>Im go...


>I cant run with clothes this loose

>Idiot proffesor, wear some panties!
>See ya later

>where are you?

>aaaaaaaaaah, aaaaah

>ha-ha-ha-hadoukatei(who the fuck knows)

>hey, professor


>No, no, no, don't faint in this situation

>Ummmm, Emmm, What do I do, What do I do....

>Im the professor


>What? W-what? Ummm, Eeeee

>idiot proffesor, wear some panties

Lolifags incoming

>Hello, im the professor


>That wasnt like the professor at all
>Who is this! Who I am acting as?

>Waaa, Yukkooo



>the dogs
>the dogs
>Is she crying!?
>Is it a wild dog!?

I was pretty surprised

>Professor!! Thats dangerous!!!


>act like the professor, act like the professor....

>theres a dog...

>a-act like the professor (probably wrong)

>Whats with this!! this is that brat's doing!! shoot!!
>Where did he go?!

>hey, hey, hey, Shinonome Nano, the kid and the surveillance robot went out.
>That means this house there only the Dharma and the Homunculus are inside

>Everyone seems to be going in a hurry today
>The professor, nano and even me...

>Why I'm Sakamoto?

>Wait a moment, please!

>Im going...

>Today im going to expose your secret
>Shinonome Nano!

>Now that its settled, im immediatly carrying out my plan

>Wa, to, to

>to, to, to



>professor, Im here so its all okay!

>What is it? What is it?

>Nano, its not fair! (she called him professor)
>Whaat? EEhh?

>Eeee? What?!?





>I've been set up!!!

>to even manage to capture someone alive...

>anyhow, for today lets evacuate




I need some better scans

Thanks user, that put a smile on me

what was the deal with that helvetica standard segment? you know which one

the color of autumn one?


I think, that since it says that the "book" gave her happiness in the past, she used the gun for something (killing someone she hated?) and now need it again


She was killing herself because she had been diagnosed with a terminal illness

>I can read that book again

She "used it" before, I doubt is for killing herself

I thought it was just a joke that the book she loved so much had been hollowed out to conceal a gun