The good aspects of Dragon Ball Super

What redeeming qualities does DBS have?

The fact that it will end

To remind us what happens when people pick up dead content

>Another kid from Cred Forums salty about super
If you don't like it don't watch it


>a little less shit than GT
>Godly ki is a good concept


That it will be entertaining? Sounds neat.

Black and Zamasu are more interesting antagonists than DBGT villains.

Vegeta is more useful than his GT self.

Bringing back Mirai Trunks was a nice move.

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introducing new characters is nice, and there's some more lore and shit with universes.

literally everything else is bad though

I only started watching it and honestly it's pretty fun and looks nice most of the times, except for fucking fight scenes which are fucking atrocious. Just the worst.

Beerus is a great character

>Vegeta didnt go with Goku to see Zamasu because hes traveling to the alternate timeline to gain the power of the god of destruction to defeat black.

Do as this autist says, stop bumping a dead thread.

>He thinks Dragon Ball will end one day

>/threading your own post
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and this


It's keeping the casuals busy, identifying people with shit taste, and giving me all the quality threads I could ever want while shitting on a treasured childhood memory. What's not to like?

It has given jobs to old people like Goku's and North Kai's VA.

It's giving the IP something new to work with, instead of retelling the same story over and over again. I hope there's more to look forward to after Black, and even more original characters like the Universe 6 fighters.


It made us realize that GT wasn't all that bad, if only by comparison.

Whats currently happening? Did Vegeta survive the hand sword? Does Black have some power scaling ability?


DBS is not canon, just like GT.


I had a thought.

Piccolo Jr. inherited all of Demon King Piccolo's memories, power and techniques, but it's not as if they're absolutely the same person, right? So Demon King Piccolo's soul should still be in Hell somewhere, right?

What if they revived Demon King Piccolo and Piccolo fused with him? Would he be able to become even stronger still?

It is good for the economy.
Came here to say this.

Unlike GT it actually feels like Dragonball, it doesn't feel like a plastic fake pretending to be Dragonball that even now I watch it and nothing about it feels right at all and isn't the same style at all.

The plot, the characters, the style feels like Dragonball. Only downside is TOEI at times.

This was literally a what-if plot in the videogames. It made him on par with Super Buu.

I just feel that it'd be nice if Piccolo could catch up again. The humans are a lost cause but I feel like there might be some slight hope for Piccolo.

I felt that GT's tone better fit a sequel. I'd rather have "GT, but good" than "Super, but good" just because Super feels like an extension of Boo.