We're getting a season 2 why is there no thread

We're getting a season 2 why is there no thread

there was a thread

Because you missed all of them.

Overrated hipster shit.

go back to your re:zero containment threads


Can't wait for more interesting Tanuki adventures in Kyoto.

don't forget to get your fried chicken the first episode

How does he even eat it.

Like this.

Will Ben-10 finally burn in hell this season?


Ben-10 is best girl.
Only plebs hate her.

There also those who are afraid of being eaten.

Which is pretty damn close to being a pleb.

I'd let Benten eat me anyday.

Actually is fried tanuki

What anime?

What is the source here? When was it announced?

Last week check the archives we had like four threads.

A few days ago. It's real, I wouldn't lie to you.

>those who are afraid of being eaten
Best Ben10 fans are those for whom the fear is a turn-on.

just google it.

It's better than I thought, but you have to suffer a bit through the first episodes for it to be good. A lot of the loose ends connect after a while.

It's the perfect show for weeaboos I suppose. Not really hipsters.

>but you have to suffer a bit through the first episodes for it to be good
I disagree with that, I think the show is solid gold from ep 1 to 6.
If I had to pick a weaker part it would be from 7 to 10.

good news at last!

what is this, when is it airing, and when did it first air?

>what is this
Read the filename.
>when is it airing
We don't know yet.
>when did it first air?

It's really good. I recommend everyone to try it out. Ever since the news I have been hype as fuck.

I should probably rewatch this show at some point, since I completely forget 90% of it. The only thing I remember is that they're tanuki and a scene with a boat and another scene with them drinking on a roof.

>I should probably rewatch this show
Yes, I think you should as well.

I thought P.A. Works doesn't make second seasons.

Sorry user, I haven't finished the Uchouten Kazoku x Tamako Market crossover drawing yet.

Take your time. I'll be waiting.

Don't die.

But who was best brother?

They're all pretty cool. I love brogfro though.

I'm cleaning up the parts I had already drawn, I'm much more satisfied with this Tamako.

fuck forgot image.

Yasaburo is my favorite. He's so charismatic. He genuinely cares for people and shows it in his usual foolish way.
Looking great! I'll bet Hahaue loves mochi as much as she loves onigiri.

>We're getting a season 2

Uchouten Kazoku's artsyle is so hard to draw. The line art is just so eccentric. Lots of straight lines and not much detail but still great form and style.

While I remember most it, I should rewatch to celebrate the incoming S2

I lost hope for it after nips, once again, show their lack of taste and didnt rate well this serie.

>It's the perfect show for weeaboos
How? it doesnt contain much moe, fanservice, lolis or cow tits.

Hard to care about season 2 of an anime I've never heard of. Here's a bump though.

Thanks for the bump, but why post here if you havent see it?

The books are popular though. And I think people do like the anime, it just doesn't show in the sales.

I'm lurking to see if I wanna get into it.

Trust me, you want to get into it.

It's totally up to you if you don't want to watch or if you want a wonderful daily life.

MC on the first chapter reminds of character in old cartoon, like Bugs bunny

Chilling out in life, pranking people just because, his transformation were the equivalent of the exagerated expressions, Crossdressing like no tomorrow always getting away, well almost always.

Best girl.


Just marathoned this today. Such a cute story with amazing backgrounds and great characters like only PA Works can do. Probably my favorite PA Works anime yet, Kuromukuro's been pretty decent too for this season.
Glad it's getting a season 2 and being their first sequel.

Kyoto is so fucking comfy.