Monster Musume

What would Suu find if she read your mind?

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Video games, work, porn, more work, more porn. I guess.


My love for her.

Apathy, self loathing, isolation. But also hope for pic.

every fetish ever

Guilt and regret

Eternal suffering because I was born into a world without monster girls.

Doppel is the Superior Girl

Doppel is the Superior Meme alongside with her Best Friend Zombina

Satan please. Arent there monstergirls in hell?

Where did the slime whirlpool on your dick meme come from?

Both the dangerous species girls are top-notch. Will the vampire/bat girl make it a trifecta of bestness?

All boys, the Succubi are on Earth

Shush, he's trying to cause people to be depressed enough to offer him their souls in exchange for monster girls.

No, /x/ stole all the qt succubi

A fuckton of snake girls

Dont think its a meme. More of a concept depending on how much control Suu has on her internals.

Sounds like a fair deal for me.

So, i just finished ruining someones cool linework with my terrible excuse for coloring skills. Feel free to criticize.

Just dont put all the blame for nonsensical lighting on me, the original drawing had no clear light source.

It aint bad at all mate.

It looks like something out of a cartoon or videogame.

Crabman and this artist did wake up a fetish in me

That's not an adequate state of mind to have in a swordfight


Pretty nice, user.
Sexy hips are always welcome

Femoral artery, user-kun


So, which chapter do you guys think that it will be skipped in the 2nd season? I'd say ch 38

>Aiming for such low blow in a noble swordfight

Shamefur dispray

Why would any chapter get cut?

All things are pointing to 49 be an arc finisher

A sea of dyslexic thoughts amidst some minor words Lust, misanthropy, loneliness, grief, angst, self-termination

>i'm hungry
>my back hurts
>i really wish i didn't slice open my thumb the other day
>being sick sucks
>gotta prep dinner
>fuck that's right i have a raid tonight to heal
>what does giraffe taste like?

The entire MON date arc. Have that as the OVA (so that way you have to pay to see Tio's nips animated), and just jump straight to the Broker Arc

yeah you're right, if they cut any chapter it would be because of the difficult to animate it
also, ch 38 is a main chapter to develop the characters

10/10 would read the mind of again.

They can cut out chapter 32 if needed. Luz is a shit, and magical girl villain Miia was fucking stupid.

If suu read mind, she see, all monsters girl love, humanity is best.

Which girl is best for sleeping in with?

A bunch of garbage about things I need to get done and >tfw no gf

your favourite girl

Suu, if you're into waterbeds

Lala, if you're into being spooned and cuddling plush objects.


Miia if you overheat easily
Rachnera if you like to be tied up in bed, or have a thing for Hammocks
Tio for sleeping on

my nigga

Just imagine cuddling with this sheep on a cold winter night

I'm imagining waking up after cuddling that sheep on a cold winter night.

>Have the lambs stopped screaming?

>Drug her and shave her in the middle of the night
>She's lost her comfy wool coat that kept her warm and is now forced to cuddle with you all winter for heat

>Papi will never fly into your life unexpectedly one day
>she will never carry you far away from all your worries and cares
>you will never live in a peaceful mountain city where she can fly as far and long as she wants without being bothered by anyone
>she will never play with the neighborhood kids
>you will never marry her and have a wonderful wedding full of smiling friends and flowers
>you will never inseminate her on your wedding night as you plan out your lives
>you will never be the dad your dad never was
>you will never grow old with Papi and have constant adventures and fun times

Why do we suffer so? Who benefits from our pain and longing? What good is a life if you regret it from birth to death?

Your deity of choice is the cause of this. If you have no deity of choice, then blame the universe at large for creating your existence where your waifu only exists in your dreams.

This, probably.


Terrible meme. Bats are cure bros.

I want to marry this snake.

It's a test.

We're the men on the wall.

>I wonder if this thing tastes like Jell-O

I bet Giraffe would taste pretty similar to long pork.

>Luz is a shit
My nigga.

I don't watch anime, I'm here for the illustrations.
Greetings from the far lands of 24 boards to your right Cred Forums!

sorry to go meta, but do we have a plan of where to go if Cred Forums is dead for good.?

Likely to normal lives.

>magical girl villain Miia was fucking stupid.
Bite your tongue.

She'd grow dicks.

Zombina is the Superior Girl



It's not really happening. Shit joke from a shit source.


One of her best outfits.

Sleep, butts, work, more butts, food, eating food off a butt.

I think she would get really sad

>How depressing, Master is way more interested in dicks than I am. How can I ever compete with his lust for dicks?

spoiler: she can't



remember /qa/ is a shit sourc. unless its Hiro posting dont trust them. thats where all those horrid meta threads that shat up the board came from.

There seems to have been a deficiency of tragedy posting.


>male succubus
It's called an incubus.

She's reevaluated her priorities. Tragedy is no longer at the top of the list, it's now horking.




He drains essence from semen therefore is a succubus. It doesn't matter how much I want to suckle on his sweet demon cock it doesn't make me gay. At least that's the argument.

It's getting close to pumpkin spice and sweater season.

Something like this I guess.

Snek hips and snek butt

I still choose to believe this is fake.

>Cuddling sweater Miia on a cold Autumn morning while we admire the trees changing colors

Crab's sweater Miia looks so comfy. The comfy fanart of Miia in a sweater is pretty damn great too.

You just want to hug her.

sometimes I need to re-read this again

how nice
It's getting fucking hot here (87 ºF)

>ywn feel the texture of Miia's sweater as she presses herself against you in a loving embrace

I have to assume you mean indoors, because if you mean outdoor temperatures with that then I scoff at your claims of 87 being 'fucking hot'.

>Tail-long onesie
>She coils around you

Wrong thing you fag

>go to store to buy milk
>they ran out
>no milk for your cereal

>Cathyl in a sweater
Delete it.

well, spring has just begun
and yesterday was 4ºF at the morning, pretty fucked up

>tell fish about it
>lactates due to the tragedy
>Get your daily dose of fish oil with your cereal

The tail sock is canon and it's warm.
You'd get warm full body snek hugs


Why not just eat your cereal with water?

>commander cobra.jpg

It's too late

quick, post the last pic you saved from your favourite girl, fanart or oficial. Even your own edits will work too

Nah, still hot here in oklahoma.

I so wish I had been here for that

>ywn reform the defeated Cobra Miia with your dick


Why not just join her?

>even your own edits
I don't even think I posted this one yet, so a good excuse to shitpost

Also a viable option
>ywn find out that your archnemesis actually loves you and was doing stuff just so you could notice her

>no nipples

it was posted
too bad that there aren't nipples

She'd find out how much I want to marry Draco, make her the happiest girl in the world, and give her a slow but hard dicking in both doggystyle and missionary position.

Also with your dick

me too



Ah you're right, I did post it.
And sadly I'd only torrented the uncensored version a day or two after I posted it - the picture I edited was a censored version that some user posted
If I can some time soon I'll do an uncensored version

> 60's here

>50's here
>and raining
Fucking Oregon - Miia would hate it here during any month that isn't May/June/July/August

>temperature right now is -15

You guys don't know how well you have it

>I'm tired
>My feet hurt
>Vladimir took my vodka
>I don't like Vladimir
>Hans took my kurz
>I don't like Hans
>I wish i was at home, making tender love to my raifu
>Mosin-chan is love, Mosin-chan is life

>Bruh brah bruh brah 6 SCOOPS C'MON do it for her touch fluffy tail LIGHT WEIGHT BABY GOTTA EAT BIG TO GET BIG bruh brah TWICE THE SIZE OF HUMAN HANDS bruh 3D prison I wan(t) to marry this kobold pls no bully

I think I might traumatize her...

> Have to wait for winter to be -15

>It reaches -40 here
>Wind chill makes it even worse
On the upside, cozy snake cuddles all day

Miia would love it user, she'd have to cuddle with you all day.

Suu imitates Polt.
wat do?


Miia looks great in winter wear too.


>winter can reach -3 ºC
>summer can reach 44 ºC
it's like a fucking nightmare
in one day there can be a difference of 28º from the morning up to the sunset

Not blogposting, canonposting ;^)

well, there are faggots who can't into ºC
I could have post both tho

More importantly what would Suu on protien shakes and preworkout be like?

Also I'm confident I could tell Suu imitating Polt, and the real Polt apart. Maybe I'd play along and help Suu workout for fun or something.

>19XX or more
>using anything but ºC or K


>wanting people on american 2chan to use non-american temperature system
Good luck with that

Is Suu /fit/ enough to keep up with Polt on her jogs? That would be the deciding factor.

I'm an American that prefers the Celsius/Kelvin system

Kelvins for everyone.

The hng! The love!

I doubt it actually. Around all the sweat it'll get lewd fast too.

>using K
I hope you're a physicist or chemist, and not just doing it to show everyone how super smart you are because you can add 273


Because I'm an American and we do things the right way, and the right way is Fahrenheit

life isn't built on the things we are given but those which we must endure. what is a life with out struggle, and what greater struggle in life would there be, than when the thing you love most would never be in your grasp. We can only hope that if there is an afterlife of some sorts, that she will be there.


>0 is cold
>100 is hot

this is the pinnacle of american intelligence

the average american literally cannot understand anything more complicated than this

dumber than harpies tbqh

Well, I am a Physicist.
Ask me anything in several hours because I need to go to work

Yours and the whole block's too.

>Americans are dumb
>run the entire world

Ok buddy

I'm going to marry Draco!

>as a puppet of the jews

checks out

Best blanket ever

Best mop ever

Truly the greatest supreme leader. Miia would make an excellent wife for him.

What if Darling did become Commander Cobra?

>Ms. Smith bullies Kurusu for so long trying to throw liminals at him that he finally snaps
I could see that working well too, and it would explain why Miia would do it more easily.

I still can't believe that Crabman drew her without censoring her pussy
I mean, I know she's bushy down there, to the point that you can't see a thing but still, she is completely naked

it could fit with his chuuni past

Crab is a madman, he will keep pushing the limit till it ends or is cancelled

*american futaba whose owner is japanese and used to own 2ch

Hiro sold it today you dingo

>disregarding that moot used to own it

Do you guys like cinnamon girl?


She's wearing a bikini, what is there to censor?

wtf I hate monster who want my cum now

no, those are her pubes

She has some huge tits too

>those plump ogre nips poking through

Aw yeah

>tall girl who smothers you with attention and embarrasses you in public but she doesn't care because she loves you so much
I want it, but I don't

But I want it

This is a bit unrelated, but does anyone know that one manga with the r63 Wilbur Whaetely/Shub-Niggurath/Nyarlathotep that makes a deal with a young boy to act like his older sister, but is extremely lewd about it?
I want some more Eldritch waifus

only a gay man could say not


I really want it

Pubic hair doesn't require censoring. It can cover every thing that does have to be censored. I prefer it to barbie bits, blinding shafts of light, or blocky mosaics.

>Thinking a bikini is pubes

Don't be silly

Use Rankine you pleb.

Who cares about some punk who sold out to a company that stands for literally the opposite of what Cred Forums is (or used to be)

big girls are best girls

What volume is that one from? And got a link to the album?

The one from the last thread?

well, looks like once she's in heat, she'll be a beast
I mean, if Cerea didn't stopped Master from shaving that part, they would've definetly fuck right there

Dont forget she produces nutritious tasty milk all year round.

For us

Thanks, user.
This hits so many kinks that it isn't even funny

Tio is a precious girl who deserves to be happy.

It is a vampire possibly and noted dangerous. Most bats are not haemophagus, but she might be and at a scaled up need a lot of blood to survive kind.

What if shedding was a large full-body copy of snek made?

I prefer unicorn tio

I agree. Unicorn Tio is better


>That grammar

Also pic related.

More like he bought it a year ago, yesterday.

I want to see a centaur version of the MON team.

She's so adorable.

I'd prefer a pile of pan faun

But what kind of wings would let her fly with all that chest fluff?



your mum


what is mero



Found the Horsefags

A mermaid.


How presumptuous of you. Removing Mero is the most sensible choice because it would fuel her tragedian soul for the rest of her life. Think of all the extra daydreams she'd get from it.

nah, Tiofag actually

cuckfish is still a joke

>Mero gets tragedy
>Loses her tragedy boner again
>Is miserable

What a horrible person


How often do you have to cuck Mero for her to keep her sad boner?



All but one. Harems are shit.

>Over 20 minutes for someone to post a correct answer
Good grief. Though I slightly disagree - a harem can work if the protagonist actually hooks up with all of the girls.

>That one lamia on the bottom left side
>Welp, I'm not getting the dick and none of the other lamia are helping me get off. Guess I'll just masturbate over here on my own.

She even looks disappointed.

Good catch, I've seen her and the pic before but never paid much attention to her expression. Looking over them all, yeah, she's literally the only one that looks disappointed.
That's what it's like when you're late to the party though. She'll need to show up earlier if she wants some snex.


The answer is remove Rachnera

Mountainous Minotaur Mamaries

>tfw you don't live in a world where you can just touch women's tiddies without consequence

We've already got Massive Miia Mammaries as the rhyme. You've got to think of something else for minotaur tats without mammaries.

>ywn see the series about a man living with his extremely horny but loving snake roommate and the gradual build up of a relationship between them
>ywn see a man having to deal with his homestay's short term memory and realize the only thing she always remembers is her love for him
>ywn see a man and his overprotective horse girl attempt to fix centaur culture

Bovine Bra Busters

That second one reminds me of 50 First Dates.

>Never will we ever experience a chuuni woman coming into the protagonist's life, and helping him love his chuuni side all over again while her body reinvigorates his sex life

Much better

Or insecure.

Mega Minotaur Milker?

>you will never be breastfed by a Cathyl/Asterio

What would the milk of the different girls taste like?


Will we ever find out how Smith is related to John Smith?

Depends on what they've been eating?

Why does Tio attract all these weird food fetishists? No faggots, she doesn't taste like cinnamon. She tastes like big probably sweaty ogre.

>ywn be the "beef" in a Minotaur sandwich

Can I drink it straight from the source.

Smith is a direct line ancestor of Mrs Smith and Darling's great grandfather from his mother's side.

it is considered rude to not offer as a guest

>food fetishists
She eats cakes in one bite and nibbles on ice cream.
And I bet she smells like really girly perfume.

She is his grandson

>you will never mentor papi with your weapons grade philosophical insights.

This is my wife.

I wont believer it until you have a televized ceremony like that korean did with asuka.

Season 3 when?

Have a Brazilian Large Breed bite her on the clit.

I think that would be extremely painful

>Miia Mammaries
Didn't Totally Flat say her nip bra size is the same as Miia's?

>ywn aurally assault Asterio's asteroids

Don't know and don't care, but Miia mammaries are massive.

Wasn't she a G and Miia an F?

What a flat lamia might look like.

Snek tits are perfection. Crab needs to stop ruining them by continuing to make the bigger.

She, Lala and Mero are already at the perfect size.

Miia is 1cm bigger in bust than Zombina.
Remember, that's in nip cup sizes.

In countries where women actually go through puberty, Miia would be around DD or so.

>draco gets tons of art
>like nothing for brown cow tiddies

Pls give me the beef.

She's a big fish.

still G > F

They aren't that big. Spider, horse, and Suu if she wants to are bigger. And that doesn't even touch on the secondary girls.

The point being that in a series where cups are going into the second half of the alphabet, reserving "massive" for Miia's boobs is a little presumptuous.


Because no one gives a shit about √144 Animal

>Second smallest girl of the harem
for you, maybe

I know and it sucks. Why does the better cow have to be in the shittier manga.

It's a rhyme Mr No Fun allowed.

I doubt snekfags would accept Mediocre Miia Mammaries though, even if it's more truthful advertising.

I don't know why they didn't just go with Lovely Lamia Lumps or Sexy Snek Sweater-puppies, but hey, worstgirl fans gonna be worst.

oh ya you're in medford

It was raining in GP too a bit

In relative terms yes, but she still has bigger tits than what you normally see IRL, besides fucking Merino and Cathyl called her big


Cobra Miia is cool, but she's got nothing on...

Would you let her carry out her evil plans on you, Cred Forums?

and btw, she did eventually catch that chicken.

Snek women are the DEVIL.

While pretending to resist to make her confident and catch her off gard when I take the initiative

What if I'm not a boob guy?

Plenty of other body parts to focus on

Papi wa booty.

Also Miia would be fine with the right preparations.

It doesn't get toooo cold here, and even in the coldest months, it's nothing a heater and heated floors wont fix.
My house has a wood burning stove that can keep the whole house toasty warm even on the snowy weeks we get.

For outside, Winter Lamia gear would be do able, make sure everything is insulating with built in heat packets or electric heaters with the batteries hidden in the clothing.

And i would always be around as a backup emergency heater


I would like to know.

We need to have a backup. Just in case


I'd give up running Fedora to get the SMILF to realize that I'm signing on for the full ride.

Quality > quantity
It's not the size of the boobs in the girl what matters, but the size of the girl in the boobs

Double chan probably

but not their /monster/ board, it's fucking garbage, i would just say make a thread on Cred Forums

Come for the birdie booty; stay for the Reptush.

>oh ya you're in medford
Trying to keep blogposting to a minimum but how the fuck, user.

I would submit to MamaMiia in an instant.

Her helplessness with her lack of hands is fucking hot.
How do i tell rachni her body makes my dick recede inside my body without dying?

Do you think Miia will grow to her mother's proportions? Snakes never stop growing

>noticeable file names with anime caps
>i keep an eye on all the other Snekfags
>We've talked about it before

How can i be king SnekFag if don't keep an eye out/for the other ones to help when needed

>How do i tell rachni her body makes my dick recede inside my body without dying?
That's really mean, user. Plus they're not violent, just misunderstood

>How do i tell rachni her body makes my dick recede inside my body without dying

By being a real man and getting over your irrational fear of spiders for at least long enough to stick it in her spinneret.

>How do i tell rachni her body makes my dick recede inside my body without dying?
She already knows, user. She already knows.

Crab will make sure that happens since that's what he cares about.

She's already got the adjustable height. She could pose as a clone if she wanted to.

That's a super cute Cerea image mate, thanks.

y'er not my king not that I still have all my pics anyway.

>You saved the Rachni Queen? Enjoy, she is possessed by the reapers
>You killed the Rachni Queen? Enjoy, she was resurrected and possessed by the reapers.

You expected this game series to have consequences for your actions? Too bad, it's just me, Mass Effect!

What if I was your king?

why do you have to re open old wounds?

Please accept it user
I earned my spot

One of the few scenes the anime handled better. Then they proceeded to fuck up the scene that follows that one.

What about Monstrous Miia Mammaries? Or Monumental Miia Mammaries? Or Maximum Miia Mammaries? Or Mega Miia Mammaries?


Don't worry, Mass Effect Andromeda will be good!

Fuck you.

But why, so that horsefags don't feel threatened that the one strong point of cerea is being contested?

Then you'd know...

Never done nothin for me. Is this how you repay your guildsmen?



The silly rhyme is fine as it is.

>replying to obvious shitposters

>strong point of cerea is being contested?
Her badonkadonk isn't being contested.

>Make a bunch of alternative suggestions which are kind of fun
Do you really have to shitpost so blatantly?

Truly the king of snekfags to remember our short lived conversation months ago.
>ywn give your snek wife best gift


singalong mode

I want to buy one for my girlfriend, but she doesn't exist.

>Never done nothin for me
I have though user
I've been making edits and commissioning pictures for the last 4 years
and coloring pictures as well
and requesting them

>implying i wouldn't remember a fellow snekfag that lives that close to where i grew up

When will we see the sneklace again on more than just the cover of the book? When will we see more panels of MIia wearing it?

I would like to see a side series completely dedicated to the various craftsman and construction workers who are dealing with the new demand for demi-human products. Like the construction company who is now getting a bunch of new building up to code to accommodate extrahuman workers and such. Or the tailor that has started producing tail socks or even a designer who is coming up with fashion for extra humans like pic related who has extra arms.

I was actually actually okay with that. Shepard can't dance, Tali can't sing. Perfect match.

This hurts you.

I attempted to just get Miia from the group pic and came out with this.

I'm still practicing my editing so if anyone else wants to clean up any mistakes I made feel free.
There probably already is one floating around somewhere but here is this one anyway

you'd be buyin from me.

hmm. maybe. I hardly save enough art to call you my king though.

nobody knows except for those who got one.

>Miia keeps it inside if a little treasure chest in her room
>she will fiercely defend it from anyone that comes near it
>she finally takes it out and wears it again on her wedding night

Are you paying crab royalties?

I want to buy one but i don't want to trust you with my info
do you have an etsy or something?


And probably Polt

Maybe even a 6'6" cyclops helping me out

God damnit that shit pissed me off.

I don't think I've seen one floating around of that Miia. Just some cuts of other Miia images.

That one is real rough around the edges, but still okay.

>Miia if you overheat easily

Can this snake get any more perfect?

She keeps you cool in the summer.
You keep her warm in the winter.

Honestly I haven't sold enough to even consider royalty pay. there are like 6 people (including me) with a sneklace out there and that is like 9 months of sales. Basically just made the money back for the 3d file commission. Truly if they sold more often I would.

I mean I could put it up on the shapeways store, but I'd never see any of the money that way. Is there a way I can gain your trust? It would just be a lot easier.

Considering I am almost always cold in the morning and slow to get out of bed, me and Miia would be dangerous together.

I mean like
The only person from here i've ever trusted was Loen
and that's like

I just don't know user

But Cerea would be more ideal with a smaller bust. Her breasts are impractically large for her torso, unlike other large breasted mons who have bodies proportioned to fit they exist solely to flail around randomly when she runs, which would be horribly painful IRL when moving at 60 kpm. She also needs thicker arms and more defined musculature on her human parts. She casually twirls around an arming sword, but has skinnier arms than Kusuru, who was explicitly out-of-shape at the beginning of the manga. So no, Cerea's breasts are not a strong point in the slightest. Her physical structure as a general whole is one massive weak point.

>Alliteration is a rhyme.

No, please, do go on about how you're only pretending to be a retard.

Honestly the extent that I even care about your info is to put it into the mailing address. After that I just buy with my own card once I get a paypal payment.

Yeah, I noticed that once I posted it. I can have trouble seeing what needs to be erased with the in-program transparent background.
I'll probably clean it up some more tomorrow morning if nobody else does.

Sucks for you. I have to keep my room as cold as possible otherwise I feel like I'm going to die. Miia would balance that out for me.

Well, I guess i have some people you can send it to

email or anything user?

heres a throw away. I'll contact you on the real one once I get yours on there.

oops forgot to paste [email protected]

Lovely Lamia Lactators.
Sexy Serpent Swellings.
We're not really trying to compare her to 3d are we?

>5'8" manlet built like a tank
>Stuck in Commiefornia where it gets so damn hot and humid all year
>Have all sorts of body hair that makes it even harder for me to keep from overheating
>Like doing work with my hands that almost already makes me sweaty stop thinking it, it's not lewd stuff... most of the time
>Be so emotionally closed off that I need someone to help me come out of my shell
>Have a thing for lizards

The evidence is mounting that Miia might be a good choice, but, I kinda want a dragonnewt instead
Would a dragonnewt or lizardman work too?

Oh well, Rachnera could make a blanket or something.
Or I could program the thermostat to warm up when I need to wake up in the morning.

ah yes, the good ole fashioned buff, hairy, lonely manlet.

lizardman or dragonewt are both gud choices imo
the question is, do you have a nice face

In that case, I'd love to go with a cute dragonnewt

And yes, I have a nice manly face. Luckily I've been losing weight, so it's only going to get better

Counter question is, does Dragonnewt have a resistance to fire?

ayyy you sound like a good lad

but i feel like dragonnewts being resistant to fire would be a myth perpetuated by dragonnewts wanting to seem more like dragons.

Like the whole DnD Kobold "We're totally related to dragons" thing.

Eh, that makes sense. I mainly saw scales and thought "Cool, built in fire-resistance"

That just means I'll need to get a couple extra leather gloves, apron, sleeves, and welding cap so I can show her my hobbies and maybe have her try her hand at it

i see where you messed it up. chalk it off to artistic style, you're just expressing your own unique vision

biggest thing that seperates the men from the boys in png-ify style edits is the edges. Put your png in front of some different colored background layers (usually a dark one, but not black. I use dark blue usually). If the edges looks like shit, you have cleaning to do (sometimes by hand). Pay special attention to the tight corners. Don't feel bad, I've been doing this since MGE.

some spots on the hair could still use some smoothing out- but, time.

Now I have a craving for dragonnewt/lizardman

Is there any non-cancerous fanfiction out there?
I know I wrote some a while back but honestly I'm not motivated enough to write another one up tonight

tried to re-edge and soften some on hair. It's better.

I have written a small piece of draco fiction in a noir setting some time ago. It isnt sexual and dont really feature much draco, but some people seen to have liked it a little around here.

Oh, you were the one that did the Noir story, with trying to find Kimihito?

I remember helping suggest the plot for that one, though I had to do some other stuff before I could see the finished story

It wasnt ever finished, i just written a small scene with rach.

Cant even find it in the archives.


Okay, yeah I remember seeing that. It's a sham it didn't progress any further

I occasionally shill what I've done on here, but it's so little that I barely try anymore. I'd start up my story of a transfer student that meets a dragonnewt at the Onsen Dating event in the onsen chapter if only it weren't for all the homework I have from college

Just found it, in case anyone wish to read it.

Perhaps i will write a full story around it, but dont expect anything too soon.

>4AM sharp, i arrived at the house. I was invited do enter. Huge corridors, dozens of doors and rooms, rich furniture all around the place. In the main living room, there she was. Wearing a delicate and well adorned black silk dress, laid in a web spread over the whole moonlighted room, was miss Rachnera Arachnera, smoking with a long cigarette holder, with a smug grim on her face.

>You are looking a little too relaxed for someone whose host, and lover, if i dare to say, went missing - I told her - Perhaps too well fitting for a black widow.

>She stood up, slowly walking towards me. She was very, very tall. - Since i heard you where in the case, I allowed myself to relax a little. After all, you will find him, wont you - she said, as she slid her finger from my left shoulder to the top of my right breast. She wasn't holding back, left a visible scratch on me. Enough to draw blood from someone else. Not me though.

>I assume you have many questions for me, detective, but i am sorry to tell you, i know nothing. And after all, it is very late and i am tired. Why don't you come back tomorrow? Not very early, though, i prefer the night. Just past twilight should be the perfect time. Then i will be as helpful to you as you desire... But for now, i will ask you to leave. Suu, accompany our guest to the door.

>Suu was in charge of the personal security of the house. A big muscle head, as far as the idiom can be applied to a blob of water. Not very smart, likes to mimic what the others do, but is a force to be reckoned with. I made one mistake once and tried to fight her. It isn't a mistake i will make again, at least not without a full loaded water gun.

>I left the front door without answers. The night was going dark, and so was the case. I was running out of options.

>Saber, Saber, Saber, Swimsuit Saber, Lust, Saber, Saber

I was trying my hand at it for a little while as was as well. Sometimes I like adding lines as well as removing in order to smooth out a jagged space.

I think I prefer his though for the most part. Oh well, practice practice.

Once you're happy with it make sure to stick it in waifu2x or a clone of it.

I'd love it if you were to continue this

I love the idea of Suu as a tough bouncer type

Not the original user, so there were three of us going at it here. I'm not going at it any further really.

Eh, I've got nothing better to do, and this thread seems to be dying, so I might as well shill the Draco smut I wrote a couple months ago

>I-I-I love little girls

Two out of three of those can turn into pretty big girls though.

I'm more of a fan of monsterwomen

Yeah but their loli forms are better in every way.

I respectfully disagree, but to each their own intentions.

Titty monster jello best jello.

>tfw no loli Zombina

Somebody needs to draw lolibina

Flat chest best chest

Pick up pencil, the drawfag is you

If you say so.

I'm not sure you understand, I can't draw human figures for shit

I can draw weapons just fine, but the moment I try to draw a human figure it all went to shit. I tried taking a request in a /k/ drawthread and the results were... nightmarish to say the least

I kind of wish the girls had vials of the various things that Suu has reacted to, so that they could transform her as the situation requires it.

Draw a weapon. Then draw the weapon as a girl. Then just add the features for Bina. Clearly this conversion process should go off without a hitch. Side effects may include regret, and self-loathing.

I just want papi to smother me with her tiny body

>tfw mediocre editfag but shit at drawing
Wew, always gotta rely on stuff from others to do my work

>Drawing Bina as a weapon

I... can't see this ending well at all
When I say I mean I can draw weapons I mean things with sharp lines and definite shape. I have some great concept art for a futuristic wakizashi I hope to commission one day, but not much for humans

That's why I only do writing, I can't draw, I'm mediocre at edits. Writing is where I really excel, and even then, I don't have time thanks to college

We Uppote! Nao.

I want to grow old with my monster waifu. The laws of gravity will come into play eventually.

I was kidding, hence the spoiler.



Suu is objectively better looking as a loli in an oversized raincoat.


>He wouldn't love his waifu if she had sagging boobs
Don't even deserve your waifu mate. Also boob birb best birb.

He missed a crucial detail.

After that you erase the weapon details, and thus are left with only human zombina details.

uhhhh, thicker!

DFC game too stronk in MM

It wouldn't stop me, but it can be avoided by me having a preference for tiny chests.



Milky MILF Kii best Kii.

I do have a SPAS-12 I've been working on for a bit

In all reality though, I'll probably just continue on the story of the transfer student meeting a dragonnewt when I get the time.
Writing is going to be my main contributions to these threads


Nah. Adult Suu is where it's at, Suuzilla is for vore fetishists.

Would you like a spider donut? Only 9999g!

I would like to have her spider donut for myself.

Where can I get a small breed?

Love it, thanks.

But she can vore you at any size.

goo goo gotchu

Chapter where Darlings parents come home with no knowledge of what's happened since they left when?

Last chapter/wedding chapter
they walking in on Darling consummating the marrage


the marriages*

>parents show up
>half the girls try to take the piss out of kurusu in front of his folks

Says the bat

>Suu was preemptively put in a jar


>Darlings parents are finally coming home
>They're finally done being irrelevant parental figures to Kimihito
>tfw they don't even get past the front gate and the smell hits them
>tfw the interior of the house is completely different and huge
>tfw the smell gets worse
>tfw they see their son in a pile of naked extra-species girls

>tfw they'll be forced to help look after all of the harem children

> tfw Smith still randomly shows up for coffee

Jar Suu is best Suu.

>seeing 8 fuzzy legs shift around a bit and then being dragged back into her arms

did your mother drink while you were forming? are you actually this retarded or what?

I'd rather a never before mentioned little sister shows up, that was really close to her brother. Turns out she "died", is a ghost now, and has to move back home due to the extra species law. Then she teases all of the girls with knowing all of his secrets, and implies he's a siscon. Then it turns out that the reason they were so close was that they share the same taste in women.

>Die from anaphylactic shock

I don't know but it'd probably fuck her up

>implying it wouldn't be worth it

I can't remember what the rest of the page was which prompted the girls to make this face anymore.

>ywn take your monster girlfriend to your favourite coffee shop and see her try a new brew while you talk about going shopping for the day before coming home to make dinner, then cuddle up on the sofa and watch Netflix

Sleep Snek

>Been living with a Large Breed spider for a week
>She keeps trying to make moves on me, but pulls back at the last moment, remembering that humans can't handle her spines very well
>Get tired of not being able to hug or interact with her
>Come home one day, and try to act normal
>After dinner she gets kinda frisky, but holds herself back
>You out of the blue shout "Fuck it, I can't take this anymore"
>Stab your thigh with an epipen before jumping bodily onto Tara
>When the ambulance arrives, they find a man that is somehow still alive, despite being furiously guarded by a giant spider with venomous spines

community that makes fun of idiots, etc etc

see: /r/pcmasterrace

Sleep pup.

Darling is perfection.


Whew lad you made me want her more.

Miia needs to invest in some earmuffs



If I don't like what I find there, would Suu kill me?

No, Miia would after she found out.

>burglar breaks into your house
>rummaging around near the kitchen
>hears thumping down the stairs
>hides behind the curtain and waits
>sees a gigantic orange spider walk into the kitchen, open the fridge, drink straight from the carton, and go back to bed



Proper word usage is one of my kinks
From what I've seen though, Tara would be the kind of girl that wouldn't really dominate you. She seems more like the gentle cuddle type


That's one lewd snake. I'm going to counter with just a cute one.

trips of truth confirm

Shhh Zombina is sleeping.

No, you were asleep on reception and you have a class in 15 minutes. Silly pooch.

>ywn be spooned by a huge fuzzy bug

>Whisper the description of dual wielding whatever the fuck to call this thing into her ear.

>Silly pooch.
Fucking speciest - that's THEIR word!


Glock 17L with their weird ported slide

>he decides to come back another time on account of needing a change of underwear
>he comes back another day and sees you and Tara intimately cuddling while watching a film
>he leaves because it just struck him that he's never cuddled a girl like that and he can't handle it

Looks like a Glock, ported receiver with a C-Mag

Is pupper okay? Doggo?

Man I'm not even a Tarafag and I'm bummed out

>Hey, Bina, you ever think about shooting 2 Glock 17L's with a full drum of 100 rounds?
>Just think
>You pull the trigger, and the recoil slams back into your hand, somewhat negated by the large drum. You Pull the trigger on the second one, and your left hand rises as the right settles back down. You soon master the recoil, and are hurling tons of hot lead downrange at incredible speed. The bullets make short work of the paper, and soon you're left with only a shredded remnant of the silhouette target
>Are you drooling?

>Two cute guys making out where?!

It is a glock with infinite ammo. Cause the loader is shaped like infinite.

>Is pupper okay? Doggo?
We've received numerous reports of you using derogatory slang toward your Kobold Cultural Exchange Student. We're here to revoke your homestay privileges.

Song for the first dance at me and Polt's wedding.

Chesty would be proud.


Damn, sorry, you just missed it.

What kind of snake do you think miia is based on?
also do you think she lays eggs or bares live young?

I'm gonna say live young. As she and all other lamia have belly buttons

Mero and Papi have belly buttons but they both lay eggs apparently.

So does Papi, and she's egg-borne.

Alright, I'm going to bed

Dream sweet Zombina Dreams

eggs have types of umbilical cords user.

Let this be a lesson to you.

We'll let you off with a lighter sentence if you can tell us anything about another person we're looking into. Do you know anything about this man?


Yea I have seen him before, I saw him grabbing a seat booster at McRonalds one day. Which I found odd because he didn't have any kids with him


He looks like a wolf

Can't you just find him by looking for the sun's reflection?

>so tired
>shoulder hurts
>hell everything hurts
>hope I sleep in on day off
>Suu is comfy
>oh god my bowels are rumbling
>and here comes the cramp pain
>what the fuck did I eat yesterday
>oh, damn Mexican food

Pls no bully my husband

What are the membership benefits at your gym?
Whats the price for one?

>Membership benefits

Being close to Polt is all the benefits I'll need

one night in Bangkok

I have to beat her at chess?

Due to complaints from female customers we're only accepting couples memberships at the moment. You... do have a monster girl girlfriend... right user?

this is a witch hunt!

Ya, it'll be a good way to build our relationship.

You can use that forehead like a nightstand, Jesus.

Pls no bully.

All i'm saying is if you were to look up and put a a ball or something on his forehead, it'd be perfectly balanced.

Chess. Sure. Definitely involves queens.

That's great user! I'll put you two down for an introductory couples complimentary training session which includes a free spa ticket in one of our famous private couples sauna and shower suites! I'll just need you to select a confirmation number, maybe a date that's important to both of you, an anniversary maybe!

Just sign your names below... you do know her name... right user?

Of course! It just that we might not be able to do it right now, we're kinda in a long distance relationship, you know?

That's ok! A lot of customers have been saying that recently! Something about a "3D Prison" whatever that is! Just contact us when youre finally together and want to make a reservation!

Y-yeah, right, i'll keep in touch!


>when youre finally together

This got a little too deep for me, was already not sleeping because feel like shit, now its worse.

>when youre finally together

>when youre finally together
Oh trust me, we might get back together sooner than you expect at this rate.

On that day Kobold Rope Holdings INC's stock price doubled

Q-quads confirmed?

See you soon.

>Brutally slaughtering Anons just for more money
Fucking Kobolds man.
Please don't report this post to the Overseer, I can't take another day in the Fun Room.

Not brutally slaughtering, they're the ones that are willing.

Nothing personal, but reporting you get the Overseer gets me 5 Kobold Fun Bucks.
Best of luck, Cred Forumsnon.

How the fuck would you even get her to agree to go to the gym?

Her head can sit at home watching TV while we work out.

But how the fuck is the body safely gonns do squats without a head? It's clumsy enough as it is

>Not supporting your waifu('s body) getting fit while she enjoys herself at home
Jeez user.

I just want her to do it safely. I don't think she'll be able to do SS without her head.

She can do Romanian deadlifts instead. They're good for the legs. I fucking love deadlifts. almost as much as I love Lala.


>/fit/ Lala bros

This is new.

I've got my reasons.

>also I have a soft spot for chuuni womanlets.
I made it into the thread simulator three times.
How about you guys?

I've been here for a while I just don't talk fitness

Legs tonight, though. love me some Romanians. gotta do abs too tho

all for Lala

We have a thread simulator? Well fuck me. I know what I'm doing later.

Sadness, fear, self loathing, LUST,fetishes that may not be legal in some places, anger and hatred.
Amongst a sea of butts.

Those are garbage and aren't even close to funny. They drag on for too long and have zero comedic timing. It's like having a thread read to you only slow as fuck.

Don't bother. Some reddit faggot makes them. They're total trash even compared to these threads in-between chapters.

Cerea fags are degenerates. I mean how could you wish for something this Lewd.

imgurite confirmed

I just image searched to find the image and took the first best one. I dont go on imgur except the DMM link you fags post.

They're married now though, so hand holding is fine. What, you have a problem with public displays of affection?

>tfw you wish you were a kid again so you could play pattykek
>because it gave you an excuse to make hand contact

I dunno.
Somehow she's able to do some kind of exercise, her body doesn't seem to be out of shape at all

Damn. I may still watch it to see how many of my posts made it in. The last good thread simulator video I've seen was the Cred Forums one where they wrote a song. That decimated my sides.

>Tfw no snek hissing at your penis

She makes out like she can teleport but really she just runs everywhere.

in full armour.

She could have bulimia or eat less food.

Can't be too hard to throw up when you're short 9 inches of esophagus.

>She could have bulimia or eat less food
No. It must be something different. Maybe some magic trick?

Y'all are terrible.

Faggot detected.

Nope, must be bulimia.
You know it's true, user. Accept the fact she's skinny because she force her body to puke out foods in order to stay as a sexy slut.

I want to fuck this Zombie

What are they playing?


that's not very nice

Dynamite Headdy.
Snake Rattle Roll.

Oh so that's where you draw the line user? Undead?

>purgefag is into 'mias
Like pottery.

As a hip man that thinks goldmine are hot, I greatly appreciate Miia's existence

I appreciate Miia for a lot of reasons but yeah, her hips and stomachc are dangerous.

>She sits like she has legs
Why do drawfags keep doing that?

Artists not used to drawing MGs but wanna hop on that guaranteed exposure train?

Bet you any money Slugbox has done it too.

How can one snek be so cute and sexy at the same time?