Sidonia no Kishi

Did Cred Forums watch Sidonia no Kishi?
Did you like it?
Also do you agree that hoshijiro is best girl?

kobayashi best
manga went to shit after first few volumes

>Dies like two episodes in
Who? Oh well, still better than that forced Izana-cancer.

actually i kind of liked Izana, he was the only one who really cared for Nagate for who he really was

Manga went to shit when nagate decided he wanted to fuck Tsumugi

Was fun. Interesting artsyle choice and cool/mysterious premise. Characters were shallow tho (MC unbearably numb), too much forced fapbait and too little mecha. Still cool as i said, OP 1 was GOAT among things

Hoshijiro is definitely the cutest and best

Yes, i did appreciate his/her character, but once he/her became firmly established as just another stereotypical romantic distraction she got annoying really fast.
>outwardly pissed because guy doesn't give her full attention despite never before having shared her opinion that only she should belong to him
Top tier cancer

>Not Tsumugi
Get that heresy out of here, you sick fuck.

>nagate decided he wanted to fuck Tsumugi
Instead of who? Was Izana cucked? If so, this actually sounds like the best decision ever 2bh

everybody got cucked: izana, placenta hoshijiro, kobayashi and the redhead or whatever

>not read it with Cred Forums

You sure missed out.

Didn't the mc still have Captain to fuck on the side at the planet?

eh... i finished that just 2 week ago, must have been fun if Cred Forums followed it

let me kill yourself

The threads over the years were amazingly fun. Thank god /m/ translated the series.


waifubait generic shit by Nihei Tsutomu
the only thing that gave him attention

This is the state of this shitty industry

Still mad.

Nihei really likes his long haired robot mikus

>drop that bomb off /m/ on Cred Forums
>never expect those replies piling on few minutes later
It was a great time.

Nihei is now white, grey and more white nowadays. He really distances himself from old fans since BLAME!.

I'm madder about the ending of the manga than I am about Bleach.

Other than gauna magic thing I don't see anything else wrong with it.

Hoshijiro is not best girl. She does.

At least most of the latter parts of the series.

can Cred Forums please explain WTF happened at the end of the manga?

did he write it all while in a rush to go to the bathroom or something?

>Ochiai beaten too easily
>Taking powerups to the extreme, suddenly an entire fleet when before they barely had enough pilots
>Tsumugi cucking half the cast
>Robot girl was pointless
>Even more gauna magic
>Sidonia surviving after losing a big chunk in space

Other than that you mean? only good thing that happened was kunato redeeming himself