Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

Did anyone post the new chapter raws yet? We're finally at 97.1.

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They were posted in the last thread.
There's no way Dimple can defeat Mob, right? He should know this better than anyone.

yeah, went back and saw that

didn't see the omake so here's that

RIP teru, mob's % didn't even go up that much after he saw him, poor guy

Dimple is going to teach Mob about ambition and conviction by isolating him and making him own up to his actions and take responsibility for the formation of the cult

He's been Mob's companion for a long while and understands the way he thinks and his strength as an Esper better than most (probably second to Reingen and Ritsu). He's gonna teach Mob about what it takes to make it big

Where do you think Reigen went after Mob dipped?

where do you think

A bar.


>shota Reigen


Makes me wonder about Mezato. She and Dimple have the same goal and both planned on using Mob to get it. The difference being that Dimple spends much more time around him and actually begins to care for him while Mezato couldn't give two shits.

Her entire character has culminated to this arc. Will she finally get what she deserves?

Brainwashed or not (althought this chapter kinda seems to confirm he was), I'm still holding onto the hope that he'll appear later and help Mob somehow

Pls don't kill Dimple ONE ;_;

I have to say, those 8 page releases really hurt Mob as a series. It totally fucks up the flow of the story, i can understand a gag manga doing that like yotsuba& but not a manga thats trying to tell a serious story. Even 18 pages like in normal weekly series is barely cutting it. You cant tell a story in chunks of 8 pages per release. You always have to include some sort of climax or cliffhanger to every chapter and i think thats really holding ONE and the potential of his story telling back. Just 18 pages per chapter would be amazing to develop a coherent story.
Ever since the Boss arc, interest in the series kinda went down for me. Up to that point it was one of my favourites, easily top 15 manga i ve read and i really think its partly due to the releasing schedule he has going on for about 1 1/2 years. There is a reason a lot of mangaka vehemently choose the monthly format to tell their stories. Just my two cents though.

>Has a lonely birthday
>His only friend leaves him
I'll be your friend Reigen ;_;

so what's the current ideas on how the op and ed will be handled in the last episode

will either or both be just background music

also this better be great

What did ONE mean by this?

The whole background and layout changed compared to the manga. I wonder how they will adapt those scenes and change it up. Quite excited to think that this could again be a episode 5 or 8 in the animation department. HYPED.

This meme is getting out of control

Wow this is really nice

A++ reigen

drawfagger here. give me a pic and i'll redraw it

I've discovered my new fetish. Mob being the one with incestuous thoughts

this with Reigen?

fuck, where did I leave my non-ant version?

Keep the glasses please

I just want to see Serizawa do something...

Don't worry, I have it

I'm sure you can work with this. Too lazy to try to find that image specifically.

Already done.


That one

Glad you like it ぷりぷりprisoner.

Here is a better quality picture of fear and loathing meme for user.
bigger image in album.

I'll do this one as well.
Still working on requests slowly. 3 more days till I get some time off.

Well too bad here's another one for the pile

Teru is hiding his face because he's embarrased that Dimple exposed his fetish to Mob

Person who requested this here, this is fucking beautiful, thanks.

I'm going to be so sad when there aren't Mob threads anymore... Make a blog so I can follow you senpai

If there are any drawfriends left in the thread, I would love if anyone redrew this with Reigen instead.

why isn't tsubomi blushing at mob in the second latest chapter? when it shows that random girl falling for him?

maybe it's because one wrote both of these but she kind of reminds me of sweet mask

I'll do it

Because Tsubomi is not brainwashed and will save Mob

Hot. Doujins when?

Tsubomi doesn't really have a reason to blush at Mob, since she doesn't like him in that way and just sees him as a somewhat spergy childhood friend.

yeah but he's lord psycho helmet now, not just her friend anymore

>tfw you become a god and your crush is still unimpressed

He is weak and not the protagonist



Glow-in-the-Dark Tote Bag?

Jobber got raped by the broccoli.

Poor Ricchan might die of sheer disgust.

Reigen confirmed for Chunni.

So does anyne havea link for he app chapter?

Middle school espers ranked by their jobberness

Shou > Ritsu > Teru > Mob

I wonder if Dimple got brainwashed by the broccoli. It would be a bit of cop out if it did, but apparently the broccoli is also self conscious.

Shou jobbed once.

And outside of that, he did nothing important.

>less than 4 days left until the last Mobday

I'm excited and I'm sad.

He did the thing with Ishiguro

Ishiguro is a glass cannon though.

He deus ex machina punched Ishiguro because ONE didn't want to drag the arc out for too long. But literally anyone else could've done that.


That's perfect.

Thanks user.

>he did nothing important


accurate version
Ritsu > Teru > Shou > Mob

Middle school espers ranked by their fuccboiness
Shou > Ritsu > Teru > Mob

And that lead to absolutely nothing.


Isn't this technically a magic school battle harem?
>Magic = psychic powers
>School = most characters are middle-schoolers
>Battle = lots of fights
>Harem = everyone loves Mob

Is this the best portrayal of EkuRei?

You know what to do.

You missed the sol

>No brainwashed possession broccoli rape


>Ritsu not being the fuccboiest

>10 weeks of constant new Mob, Ritsu and Teru art, with some Reigen.
>Come week 11
>Suddenly Reigen art surpasses everyone in one fell swoop

What the hell hapened.

How does he do it?

The emo lowers his fuccboi quotient by 6.7%, which makes him 0.2% less fuccboish than Shoe



Meme magic.


What if Reigen actually achived CHIM? Maybe that's the secret to his bottomless power.

I like seeing all of them hurt and bloody, except Mob. I want to protect him.

Middle school espers ranked by their faggotness
Ritsu > Teru > Shou >>>>>>>>>>>>> Mob

He's the greatest psychic of the 21st century.

I wonder of Reigen will even end up becoming a psychic
if he did, I would expect him to be phenomenally weak, but a psychic none the less

Challenge mode

>implying he's not already one

>implying he isn't This Century's Greatest Psychic, Arataka Reigen

I would argue that
Ritsu = Shou > Teru >>>>>>>>>>>>> Mob

I don't know about you but esper dropkick is what I was waiting for

For me it was Hypnosis punch.

Awesome, I'm really glad you like it.

Yeah me too.
I should but I can't think of a place that would be degenerate friendly.Plus I'm worried to have all my stuff in one public place.

Wip of "the ラブラブ couple".
I'll finish it up tomorrow evening and probably do another version with Mob and Reigen switched.

>powering his dick down
Does this mean he can control it at will?
also user, me too.

Is there an album with all of these?

>degenerate friendly
maybe you could make a pixiv?
or a tumblr, and if you're really worried about it you could make a sideblog off the main account for your art so you can private it and only people with the password can access it

you seem to know a lot about tumblr huh

I do have a tumblr if that's what you're trying to imply
I'm just trying to be helpful
also nice trips

Just keep uploading to your album and dump the art in the manga threads once the show is over.
A lot of the people here don't have a tumblr; how will we enter the password? You are making a solution that only works for you here.

I was just teasing you a little, I, like many people on this thread, also have a tumblr
also gdi this is the first time i got trips and i wasnt even able to use it for Meme Magic

you don't need a tumblr to enter the password, you just go to the blog url and enter the password and you're in
all they'd have to do is post the url and password here if they chose to go that way
the imgur album is fine too though, I'm just trying to provide some other options

it's all good, and I figure that's the case here
maybe next time

I made a privated sideblog as an example
the url is
and the password is ilovemob

If that is the case then they should still dump their art in the thread where it was requested, and keep a spare in the imgur album anyway for backup, as well as dropping the url and password for people who missed the thread.
Great it work, it's up to you, whatever makes it easier for you to post your work.

Yeah, making a private sideblog would be your best bet. Then justn share the link and the pass in future mob threads for people.

That way you don't get hounded by people.


There is an album with all the requests I've worked on and some self indulgent works as well. The album is nsfw and has some shota and /ss/ elements in it just a heads up.
Thank you guys for all your advice. I'll let you know which way I end up going when I do.
I'm going to work seriously on digital for a good 6 months at least to see if I can become proficient at it.

Well, he pretty much saved the Kageyamas and Ritsu.

well based on the first digital sketch you posted a few threads ago I think you'll be able to pick it up pretty fast
it's far far better than my first digital drawings ever were

I've had the album bookmarked and it's url saved in a separate notepad since you first posted it; you are very talented and I love the way you color your drawings.
Good luck with your future projects.

Couldn't help myself not to draw them too. I hope it's still relevant

it's cute user!
nice work!
I'll reblog it from you

Holy shit that's cute as fuck.

RIP Reigen

How do you think Mob will be pushed over the edge? His brother and shishou are already brainwashed, he didn't bat an eyelid at beaten up Teru and he is just at 73% currently.

In other words. How can Lord Psycho Helmet make Mob suffer even more?

something to do with tsubomi
maybe she will finally become a real character

mob is maturing, he should be able to will himself over the edge by deciding it's time to fight

that will be what this arc produces, then we can deal with ???%, getting him laid and actually having a plan for after school, since that caused him stress.

New manga chapter where?

Ritsu can't even suicide properly. What a poser.

That one tumblr use who translate them should have it up tomorrow.

>he didn't bat an eyelid at beaten up Teru
they are not as close, it makes a bit of sense

>then we can deal with ???%

I think ??? % is behind all of this. Dimple looked weird during his fight with Teru and his attitude did change, even from when he was leading LOL.

Reigen redraw is the best meme

has this one been redrawn yet? Dont have the original sorry.

> I read the manga while OPM was airing post

The broccoli is really OP. Maybe we'll see ???% again, and then we'll have the typical storyline where the city is destroyed and everyone will blame Mob.

So I haven't read the manga, but I really wanted to know, based on how much of it has been made so far, is there enough content for another season of the anime to get made?


Assuming every season will be 12 eps, by the end of this current final arc we'd have enough contents for 2 more seasons.

>fuckboy got BTFO off panel

>yfw the next ep Reigen roasting Muraki and Sakurai will be the next big meme.

Pls no bully. Terier can't help that he's a jobber.

Mob is a jobber.
Teru is a badass and main protagonist worthy character.

Every time Teru tries to be a protagonist he ends up beaten and/or naked

Isn't that Teru talking?

I'm upset the broccoli didn't strip him desu. We all know what ONE is doing, so he could have just gone all out.

Teru always fight opponents stronger than him so he naturally loses while Mob fights weaker opponents and still jobs.

> I'm not gonna let you take my little brother!!!
jobs to a weaker Koyama

> Can you feel it? My hostility?
jobs to a pepper spray

> Did you do this to my little brother?
jobs to an illusionist

> Muh Courage!!!
jobs to Mogami

> Emotion roulette
jobs to Suzuki

Why did Mob just walk past him? He didn't even seem bothered.

He ain't got time for this shit. He walked away on motherfucking Reigen already. He's not gonna stop now.

He doesn't care about Teru, no matter what the fujos might think.

How gay is the Volume 3 cover going to be?

>your head will never be that close to Teru's ass
Kill me

How would they make the shape of a three anyhow?

I'm not sure that you can go any further than Teru on Ritsu gay. In fact I think that throwing in Shou would make it less gay at this point.

I am starting to like this pairing.
>both of them moan Mob's name while fucking

I hope they test your theory and put all three fuccbois together on one of the covers.

Why is small Mob so cute?


don't know why people keep saying this when broccoli is nowhere near done

I'm fairly certain Mob has a pin going through his lungs, but I can see how that could be avoided if he channels Dio and bends a bit further backwards.

>ywn cup Ricchan's ass
Mob is a lucky brother

not to mention that claw boss fight would be a season ending kind of thing. they could fit claw boss mogami reigen etc into 12 episodes if they rush a bit, or maybe with 2-4 extra episodes. how would that work? could bones just add extra episodes in or is there some rule that things have to be 12 episodes? sometimes i see 13 and sometimes i see 18-20 so i don't think that's the case

"We'd rather have more fun growing grass."


11 ep season 2 + Claw Boss movie is the only answer

I think it would work quite easily albeit a bit rushed at certain points. 2 episodes of maybe 5 stories of the urban legend arc. Reigen arc is done in like 1 episode with proper introduction in the previous episode. I wouldnt stretch the mogami arc more than 3 episodes: Intro-middle part-climax. That leaves about 5 episodes for Boss arc. Would be rushed like the ritsu arc but at least Mogami and Reigen arc had proper time to develop.

>I love it

>rushing the best arcs just to get to the worst arc ever
Glad you don't work for Bones.

This. Mogami is a shit arc and only need 1 episode. Reigen needs at least 2 because eventhough it's the best arc it still short as fuck. Boss arc needs a lot of episodes for those glorious battles.

Why does everyone want a Claw Boss movie? I'd rather have a third season (or a 24-26 episodes second season). Besides, Claw Boss + Broccoli Arc should go together.

If this was animated I'm pretty sure Bones would make it look more lewd.

I can't tell if you're being serious or just joking.


Oh fug didn't saw it, it's perfect 10/10

>both of them moan Mob's name while fucking
h-holy shit user.

Bless the fujos and their dirty minds.

new chapter raws where

Why do people keep saying that? Dude's explosion meter went up like 12% after seeing him.

Last thread, check the archive.

Took him a few panels.

This user did it too.


slept thorugh the end of the last thread, cheers user

I love this panel from the raw, One really knocks it out of the park with dramatic lighting

Could someone post Mob's nods please? I know it has been posted before but I was on my phone

You mean this?

Superior webm.

Is Meme Magic real? I heard a lot about it, if so i want it to grant me a Mogami OVA.

I don't under why Teru's skull became a swifer mob after getting BTFO by Shigeo

Please explain

it was a wig, overcompensating for the haircut mob gave him

he likes attention and has horrible fashion sense

The wait is almost over

>Mobdays will be over in 3 days

I've read something rather interesting. A japanese anime news website posted a group photo of all the voice actors for Mob Psycho on twitter. According to an user at 2chan, veteran voice actor Inoue Kazuhiko is among them. His name never appeared in the ending credits of the previous episodes, so the same user was speculating that he might be voicing Touichiro. Here is the link to the twitter page:

He's gonna voice Ishiguro. They said Ishiguro has 2 VA and you know why.

Shou ain't gonna call daddy. Deal with it.

Jesus, Setsuo Itou is adorable.
Anyway yeah, it's probably Ishiguro. Touichirou still might show up though, there is precedent for one seiyuu voicing two characters in Mob Psycho.

No, actually, Ishiguro is going to be voiced by another voice actor, Iwasaki Hiroshi, it seems. Hosoya Yoshimasa (voice for Tenga and Sakurai) commented that he was impressed by Iwasaki's "eerie, facinatig performance". Some of the voice actors were interviewed after all the recordings were finished. I think the translation for these comments will soon appear at Crunchyroll.

can someone post the chapter please ?

I don't want to get hyped for s2 in case it doesn't happen.
But fuck this is getting me hyped.

Admittedly I don't know much about how these things work, but why would they pay a new voice actor to voice maybe 2 lines when they could just grab one from the current cast to do them? Second season confirmed?

as others have said, it was in the last thread in the archives

Because they're doing an anime original ending in which the Boss comes in and they all fight him next episode.

Hmm, at least the tone of the voice actors' comments did not suggest season2 as a confirmed thing. They were saying "we had fun, so sad the show's gonna end, hope to work in the series some day".

season2fags on suicide watch.


Don't say that. ;_;

But let's hope the VAs all conspired to troll us, okay?

Don't want to sound like the typical delusional optimist, but isn't that what VAs always say?

I won't lose hope until the episode ends

There will be a second season, there has to be.

Otherwise they wouldn't have included Shou if they were going for an anime-original ending.

I think this is my favorite yet

I'm hoping for a second season at some point, but Shou shouing up doesn't mean anything. They don't need to have an anime original ending even if they're not making a second season, chapter 50 is a pretty decent stopping point already.

They included Mezato too. Hell, they even introduced her before the show started.

And then they cut a ton of her scenes, which are important long term. Shou actually does things in this current arc and they barely cut anything if at all.

I'm all for a second season, but Shou's inclusion is a shitty reason as to why there has to be one.

>100% baby Mob

Pure Kageyama household

That disgust from Ritsu is on point.


>just naruto me up


manga where?

Spot the Emi

got a link?

not the user but its at
it's not up yet though.

go up in the thread a little

The way they've set up the anime makes me feel like they're uncertain as well. Like including the Mob meets Reigen scene [/spoiler]without making it feel out of place by cutting Reigen's inner monologue, it can tie in their relationship pretty well if we're not getting S2[/spoiler] I have no idea how the production of shows work, but who/what really decides on a second cour? Does it just boil down to sales?


if it is sales wouldnt that mean we wouldnt have confirmation for a while anyway?

This is surprisingly cute.
>Sakurai opens up a barber-shop

this is mostly unrelated but it made me think, over time would his shaving knives start to pick up his energy and become potentially dangerous?

can that happen with espers, unintentionally having their energy get into things they're around a lot or can it only happen intentionally?
Why is Mob's VA so cute?

Hoping for some Dimple development this arc. He's mostly just been around as a gag character after his intro, didn't really believe he'd just settle to be a morality pet for Mob in the long term.

I absolutely love his voice.
I hope he gets more works on anime.

Is this the leave it to master shot?
If it is I think the manga frame was better.

I actually cant think of a better fit for Reigens voice that sakurai, quite amazing how well he fits.

Nah, that's from episode 1.
It seems like they're avoiding showing any shots from next episode. This is the first time they've done that.

Holy shit. I just realized that parallel to Leave it to master. Episode 1 was Leave it to Mob.

Maybe it's because of the prescreening. White Fox didn't release any PV of Re:Zero's last episode either because there was also a prescreening.

It's because just about any shot would be a spoiler.

>Episode 1 was Leave it to Mob.
>Episode 12 will be Leave it to Master.


Chapter 97 is up on

Probably waiting for the last moment to hype everyone so they can survive for the next few seasons right guise? ;_;

Is Teru dead?

it's called a power nap

Psycho Helmet said "Hanazawa is fine." I still don't think Psycho Helmet is Dimple.

if it's not dimple, where do you think he's gone off to? it'd be a bullshit twist if it wasnt him

I think the prayer of the people created Psycho Helmet (think Kuchisake-onna) and that Psycho Helmet absorbed Dimple into himself. That or Dimple is being mind controlled like everyone else.

***,*44位/***,*48位 (**1,969 pt) [*,*52予約] 16/09/28 16/07 モブサイコ100 vol.001【Blu-ray】
***,*67位/***,*74位 ○ (**1,999 pt) [*,*37予約] 16/09/28 16/07 モブサイコ100 vol.001【DVD】


Where the hell are stalker threads when you actually need it? I want to mock the people who said Mob Psycho would flop, damn it.

Taking STALKER seriously.
GTFO of here

They are quite accurate but not for fujo shows cause the girls like buying their anime personally in shops and malls. Its just an estimate.

Shishou is amazing

In 2 days and around 18 hours, we will know if it's going to get a 2nd cour/season.

Not necessarily. Having a second season announced in the final episode or even while the anime is airing is actually rare.

Don't they usually wait a while before announcing it?

I am quite sure we wont get one for a long time, maybe a year before the announcement comes.

>Shou ain't gonna call daddy
I read that as "Shou ain't gonna call you daddy" and got very upset.

Any chance of any OVAs in the BD releases?

They probably would have announced it already. What would the OVAs be about, though?

They could animate the omakes.

Is Reigen the best character to come out of anime of the last 6 years?

Then they would probably be comical, mini episodes. Unless they somehow expand the omakes like they've already done in the anime. Now that I think about it, BONES already did that with Noragami. I remember one of their (23min) OVAs was just a short omake in the manga. We'll see.

Didn't they announce some chibi ovas a while ago?

>6 years

Who was the previous one?

No but Teru is the best character of all time.


I'd be down for a mini episode of Mob and Teru's superhero adventures desu.

I'd like that too. Except people would compare it to OPM even more.

Reigen just being Reigen. What more could one ask for?

How are people playing the mobile game already? Did it come out?

dumb teruposters

Exactly. Post Reigen.

Why do people like him anyway? He hasn't done anything but job and look like a fruit.

Why do people like Mob anyway? He hasn't done anything but job and look like a faggot.

Posting best grunt.
She was distracting. Too pretty.

If we're getting a second season it probably won't be until like until Summer 2017 at the earliest.
These things are decided months in advance.
I wager most studios are finishing up the Autumn 2016 season right now and getting ready to put Winter 2016 into production.

As of right now, I think Psycho Helmet is just Dimple. But he's already said something about the Tree having thoughts of it's own, so it's just a matter of time before it assumes direct control.

No, since he already was in the manga.


At least nobody has made the mistake of liking Ritsu.

>He hasn't done anything but job and look like a fruit.

I don't have high standards. That's all I need. I like his mannerisms and voice.
Of course he is not Reigen level husbando but I like him.

>reading manga for the first time
>"Alright, chapter 90, I should be all caught up within half an hour!"

Same thing happened to me this morning.


That's the spirit

> complaining because there are more chapters.

Good for you.

The numbering makes no sense. For example, it goes from 96.6 to 97.1. Why does ONE do this? Does he get off on our confusion?

you sound pretty salty

I like Ritsu.


MP 100 needs to end at Chapter 100 or 101, to fit thematics.

It makes perfect sense. That means chapter 96 is finished and chapter 97 is starting.

What's not to like about Ritsu?

>Chunni who actually gets his powers due to his angst
>Is Mob's brother
>Looks great in a maid dress
>Is a bossy bottom

What if it ends at 1000

>chapter 99 goes all the way up to 99.99 because ONE can't plan things out ahead of time


I'd be so okay with this.


>>chapter 99 goes all the way up to 99.99
This needs to happen.

You have to be over 18 to post here Shou.

This is what I have waited for my entire life.

How many more arcs would that be?

Fuck me this is beautiful

That would be like giving the middle finger to shonenfags who are all about Mob reaching 100%

What do you think psycho helmet wants to talk about? I believe that it's dimple, even if he might not keep control of the broccoli.

I think he's gonna call Shigeo out on the "bad things" comment.

But he already did

>I think he's gonna call Shigeo out on the "bad things" comment.
I think so too. This whole thing is kind of Mob's fault.


lettuce be real Teru vs Shimazaki was the best fight in Mob Psycho.

what's happening here?

I would laugh myself to death

Who is the best member of Claw?

About the 2nd volume cover photo

Teru: Nice working with you, little brother-kun!
Ritsu: Nice to be working with you... (I wish I was with Brother instead.)

Teru: Ready when you are!
Ritsu: H-here I go.

sfx: pomf

Ritsu: (His butt is so soft...)
sfx: ba-dump
off-camera: We're taking the picture now!


I cant wait to see how Bones adapts the Gratitude fight and see what they will add to put their own spin on it. Looking at the manga it would not look that impressive if any other studio did it. But since ive seen what they did with the recent fights Teru was involved in, i cant fucking wait for Ep 12.

>ywn put your head on Teru's soft butt

Not counting Serizawa, Shimazaki, Minegishi and Sakurai are my favorites.

Thanks user

>not Mob asks you where your psychic powers has gone

Love it

Is there a MEGA like with ALL the Reigen reaction image pics?

This isn't right

This ost that gets played whenever something emotional happens like during the ReigenxMob flashback, might as well be my favourite anime ost in recent years. Has such a nice nostalgic feel about it. Fucking need it to cry myself into sleep over the thought of not getting any Mobdays after the last one next week.

This. Requesting the user with the thousand Reigen pics to upload a mega link and share it.

What if the one redrawing all this pics is ONE himself?

anyone have any draw requests?
also, i made this from that page of bones reigen.. concepts? sketches?

Will Ritsu x Teru become a thing? Will Mob x Shou?

Reigen as Miss Cleo

Mob hugging Reigen after he gets slashed

TeruRitsu is becoming a thing, but I don't think Mob and Shou have interacted enough to make anyone ship it.

I want Shou x Mob to be a thing, not because I'm a fujo, but just to see Ricchan get double-cucked.

draw this as reigen


This please but make it 100%-COME-ON-NOW

Who is best boy? Who is it?

Started fiddling around with the mobile game that was launched today

Things I know:
You randomly get assigned a Mob Psycho character that acts as your main fighter

The game can give you Teru, Reigan, Mob, Dimple, or Ritsu to start with

You loading screens are custom to which character you are assigned at the start of the game

As you level up, you can get different, stronger forms for your character

Example: Dimple -> Full-powered Dimple

You can roll for support characters/alt outfits for your main, but I don't think you can switch who your main is without deleting the game and rolling again? I could be wrong with this part.

Levels are Bejeweled-style with a time limit

If you do better, it seems that the game adjusts accordingly and ramps up the minimum points you need to get to beat all the mooks

Overall, it seems to be pretty straight forward

I might be missing a few details however since I can't read shit


Fuck, how can I play this? Can I get it from QooApp

Reigen is!

Not that user but here!pwZGHaqA!CyD5uLcnwy5dB95gx6Fa-x-iPbnJBHEHlREfeOw81J8
Also thanks to the user that made this.


Reigen is a god amongst men

no for sakurai, it didn't really mention his curses much in the anime but he continually curses his things, which is why they become anti esper

another parallel: mob tried to shake teru's hand but he jumps away thinking it was an attack, then later when ritsu is attacking, teru shakes his hand instead

i think they were gonna be like pixelated or something like earthbound

Game of the year material right here. how the fuck do I download this thing

i always thought this was cute as heck

You should be able to, since I believe both the iOS + android versions were released at the same time

flop shitposters blow the fuck out haha

Look up Shogakukan inc in your respective app store

Not showing up on the Play Store. ;_;

Correction, hitting the blue button when you get assigned a character lets you redo without uninstalling/reinstalling the game

Still can't decide who I want to main, however

Ok, finally, had to make a Japanese google account. I'm no good with these things.

Dont have it, but maybe one that references dbz abridged "do i need an adult? Im am an adult" with reigen and mob as vegeta and gohan

Is that only partial translation or there's full translation somewhere?

the whole new chapter fully translated is at

>anime adapts the broccoli arc
>the brainwashed masses start chanting "MOB! MOB! exactly like the intro

they don't chant mob though


What are these expressions trying to convey?

that reigen omake

I want to give him candy in a suspicious white van

Is there a better Reigen moment?

I haven't seen such a consistently well animated show in a long, long time. Of course the story and characters are great too, but holy shit is the animation and the creative things Bones does with the medium is breathtaking.


Some redraw this

Dissaproval of incest

People liked the Dimple I drew before, so I drew another.

It would be the best Reigen moment if he actually punched the claw boss

That's a nice Dimps.

good job, user

Alien arc when?



She's got all the telepathic contact she'll ever need in the current arc

What are we going to do when the series ends?


Should be a Dimple suit too

What if she is an amnesiac alien and the whole telepathy thing is a subconscious desire to go back home?

Are secondaries seriously not predicting that Mob could transfer his powers into Reigen and let him fight? In episode 5 Mob absorbed Teru's powers which proves that transferring powers between one individual to another is possible. It's also the best possible solution to this situation anyways and I can't even find people HOPING that it happens.

>In episode 5 Mob absorbed Teru's powers
Ah yes, the infamous 'psychic succ'.

>your "powers" will never be sucked by Kageyama
Why even life desu senpai?

Stop thinking lewd, he's just absorbing the powers from his hands.

Well, it's not immediately obvious, specially considering the transferring happened between two actual espers. Who was to say non-espers could wield them

The series did all it could to suggest mob is gonna go wild on them, with all that killing intent bussiness and reigen getting slashed.
no it's not obvious gratitude will happen stop trying to act smart in retrospect of somethign you already know.


I never said it was obvious, I was just wondering if there were any secondaries that predicted gratitude

Now stop being a retard and go back to school like a good little boy and tell your mommy that you're sorry for being such a cunt to her.

???% is a pervert. It stripped Teru and sucked his powers and blondie's still waiting for Mobu to take responsibility.

No, you said
>are secondaries seriously not predicting
which, especially coupled with the heavy-lidded image, indicates that you feel like they should be able to predict it.
Also that whole last section of this post was needlessly aggressive.

Read whatever ONE writes next. I'd like to see his take on an isekai harem, but with a delinquent MC.

>An Isekai GAY harem

Ah thanks for the encouraging words.
That sketch took so much out of me.I had to focus so seriously.

Thank-you very much user you're too kind.
I hope to keep you guys entertained and happy.

To the drawfag that offered to do lines and possibly colour for me how lewd can I go? I don't want you to be uncomfortable while working on it. I'm thinking something along these lines?

Would the harem members follow the usual harem archetypes, just with dicks?

I'm not that user but this looks great.

They'd get the usual ONE treatment so they become actual multidimensional characters rather than stereotypes.

hey! it's me
lewdness doesn't matter imo either way it'll be fun

Shit, you're making me want this now.

remember to be cool like reigen everyone

Reigen is irresponsible.

mob x tome seems like a popular ship among some people, but i honestly dont think she could give less of a shit about him

Eh, better her than Tsubomi or Mezato.

I actually think Mezato and Mob have really fun chemistry. It's kind of a shame that Mezato seriously does not care about Mob in the slightest

Emi is the best girl.

camgirl pales in comparison to tome, imo.
they both lose to reigen, not gonna lie.



drunk and taking softcore requests hmu

>cucked by incest

so what's going on here

draw a cute but slightly lewd Mob
like his shirt is up or something

>Gay delinquent harem
>Not reverse-harem where the mc is also a delinquent but a girl who acts like a guy and is good friend with the boys

Reigen taking off his tie/unbuttoning his shirt


I hope ???% shows up again this arc

ok a little too turnt to draw but heres a doodle i made earlier, sfw for blueboard

dude you sketch fast
nice work though

Has this been Reigenified yet?

Panty shots in my Mob psycho?

> he didn't watch episode 6 for best girl's panty shot.

Reigen had a panty shot?

For a second I thought that dude in the middle had his dick out.

The sad theme that plays in Mob's flashback in ep11 is somehow so similar to Reigen's theme but I can't quite put how.

Ritsu's special "my brother is upset" senses activated

They have their own telepathy

So i finished reading Akira today, and little akira really reminded me of Mob. Not only cause they both had the potential to explode but the way his powers, emotions and friends were all connected and formed this dull personality of his, really felt like ONE just took lil akira and his Reigen idea and let the story enfold on its own. Also Mob on the throne when?

Come on, it's not obvious at all.

Didn't the tunnel omake in Episode 1 also foreshadow Mob transfering his barrier to Reigen?

It does, but some manga readers keep whining about the omake being useless filler

It doesnt, you saw Mob looking at Reigen before the attack hits. Has nothing to do with what happens next episode.

Yes, but Reigen is shown to be using a barrier after that.

It wasn't, mob just put a shield in front of him while Reigen posed like a dumbass.

Yea Mob was putting up a barrier around Reigen, and Reigen acted like it was his with this super detailed artstyle, for you know comedic purposes.

Both are good desu. Too bad ONE can't read our minds and will never write it.

Will Mob ever get /fit/?

He was climbing the broccoli last chapter, something he probably wouldn't have been able to do in the beginning of the manga.

cleaned it

fuckin nice


It's great.

I didn't remember that scene and I ended up rewatching the whole first episode and I just noticed Mogami in that intro for the first time. Why would they put him there (waste time on character design, etc) if they weren't planning a second season? Is it just anoher nod to manga readres like the broccoli in the OP?

I'm hyped for Gratitude and all that, but I also can't wait for this scene.

Hypest scene is the faggot scene. Shou stealing the shou and dropping truth bombs.

Fujo detected. I'm hype for that as well. It's pretty hilarious how the only thing animeonlies are gonna know about Shou is that he's obsessed with Ritsu.

More like

I never got that. "On the inside, that is...". Did he mean that he didn't find anyone interesting on the inside of the 7th branch?


>Fujo detected
Fudanshi, actually. Besides, Shou is great.

Might be a nod to the manga readers, might be a hook for season two, might just be a random fight scene to get animeonlys hyped.

im more excited for this personally

I cant remember if mob saw him while they were all captured, if he didnt, this kid mob's never even seen before, much less spoken to, insults him out of goddamn nowhere.

I was just fucking around anyway, user. I'm a fujo myself.
I didn't care about Shou either way before the anime, but all the memeposting about him has made me like him a lot.

Anyone else felt bad for Dimple here?
He never hid his intentions from Mob, and clearly stated that his dream is to become a God.
And now Mob is basically telling him to give up on that and do what? Pass away peacefully?

I feel like Shou will kill the final, would hope Bones changes it up and ends it differently. No idea what ONE was smoking when he made this character, literally the worst in the whole manga. Can only cringe when i see those pages posted on here.

From the last chapter it looks like he wants to talk, so I hope we'll get to see his point of view.

We'll see how they handle the Shou scenes. He's one of the most important things to come out of this arc, and might work as a hook for Season 2. So far, I haven't seen animeonlys talking about him (they were probably blinded by Reigen greatness), so hopefully they can make him stand out more, just like they did with Teru.

I felt bad but for different reasons, because Dimple has saved mob's life and done good by him a handful of times now.

I mean, he's done bad shit too .And you can't argue that brainwashing people is morally right, but gotta give credit where credit's due.

Care to explain why? I think Shou is one of the most interesting characters in the manga, shame that ONE doesn't quite know what to do with him.

How can you not like Suzuki "Homo Stalker" Shou?

>Mature for a 13 year old
>Not a filthy chuuni
>Dresses well
>Illusion powers
>Cool hair
>Likes hamsters and puroresu
>Paid the Kageyama parents an onsen trip
>Japanese ginger

F/a/ggots hate him because they know.

Good taste. CR shouldn't fuck this up and translate it as you're a faggot or the anime will flop.


Just know, that i had no idea anyone even had an ounce of homo thoughts before i checked fanart for Mob two years ago. So my dislike of shou is purely due to him being a shitty character with wasted potential and just weird antics. I dislike the Boss too though but he grew on me during the fight. ONE dropped the ball with both of them.

> only character who drops the truth bomb and calls mob a faggot.
> bad character

Choose one.

I cant really say anything positive about his this kid. He is just there being useless and weird. He has no defined character and no development whatsoever.

He calls him a wimp. Stop trying to force this faggot shit, faggot.

>He has no defined character and no development whatsoever.
I was hoping he'd come back during the Divine Tree arc and develop a little, but at the pace it's going, there won't be time.

What is his endgame? Can he beat Psycho-Dimple?

is it just me or does the divine tree arc seem to be going really fast?

That was weird too, what do you mean by truth? His hesitation on killing claw members due to Reigens teachings? Well that goes against the whole message of the manga, so that makes no sense if you that was "epic bruh, he called Mob a faggot" . Why is he even so fixated on ritsu, who could not even properly build up a barrier anyways. Shou is just a shitty character on all ends. Thought he had a purpose in the boss arc but he just got worse. Why are you people even defending him, it was the consensus for years that he was shitty before the anime started. Fucking animefags.

I think so too. I wasn't expecting the confrontation for another month or two. I can't even tell how far we are into the arc. Maybe there will be some twist, and this will turn out to be not the final confrontation, but rather a mini one before the real one?

You're on of those "I read the manga when OPM was airing" then act high and mighty lmao.

Shou is one of the best character and he even saved their asses. If not for him, All of them would be dead.

Yea, Mob already facing off with Brocoli. Their were also not that many twists or exciting things happening since the end of the boss arc. I said it a few times already this 8page schedule ONE has going for quite some time is not a good one to tell a story. Mob Pscho lost a lot of quality over its run, got only worse after Reigen arc till now.

I believe the fact that he has no defined character is due to the lack of backstory and explanation for his actions. I think he's just an unpredictable character. Some readers will like his mysterious aura, while others will see him as inconsistent. I think ONE should have given us a better flashback for the Suzuki family during Boss arc. Even some inner thoughts by Shou during the time he was in Claw and wanted to rebel against his father would have helped a lot.

I don't agree that he has no development, though. He was an enemy during the Claw Arc, but he got tons of development when he said he wanted to defeat his father. His attachment to Ritsu has also made him change for the better. Ritsu wouldn't care or be friends with someone who was evil, after all. Again, maybe some more scenes with Shou when he kidnapped Ritsu after the fire would have helped us understand him better.

Basically that's I why I said I'm interested in seeing what BONES will do with him to make him more interesting (if there's a second season, that is).

I read both OPM and Mob psycho before either one got an anime announcement, so fuck off. I am mostly a mangareader anyways. Started reading Mob shortly after UK dumped the first 50 chapters in like one month, after the end of Reigen arc i think.

>His hesitation on killing claw members due to Reigens teachings? Well that goes against the whole message of the manga, so that makes no sense if you that was "epic bruh, he called Mob a faggot" . Why is he even so fixated on ritsu, who could not even properly build up a barrier anyways.

Oddly enough, the Teru in the beginning would have agreed with Shou. Ritsu is still weak right now, but he's way more talented than those other esper kids who have had powers for a while and can barely bend a spoon. But more than his powers, I think the potential Shou saw in Ritsu came from his attitude. He probably would have wanted to befriend Teru as well, but he just happened to bump into Ritsu, that's all there is to it.

Mob Psycho has always been about these two opposing ideas on how one should use psychic powers. Shou just believes it's OK to use psychic powers to hurt others if needed.

I know quite the asspull, Reigen should have just trashed them all, instead of Shou shouing up and ruining an otherwise amazing arc.

>2 days
I've been looking forward to next Monday for months, but now that it's so close I just don't want it to end. ;_;

I wish Shou and Teru would interact. It would be pretty interesting to see, since they're both more morally gray than Mob. Remember, even after becoming a good guy, Teru has no problems with torturing people. They both seem to be similar in terms of power level too, so that could be explored as well.

You're trying way too hard to force this meme.

Stating facts isn't a meme

>You're trying way too hard to force this meme.
This is a meme.

I'm thinking it won't go according to plan for mob OR dimple, and I think that the broccoli having its own sort of sentience is going to play a part. I think dimple is still in control but won't be the entire time. hopefully, it plays out a bit more because of that too

Why would that be an asspull? Shou had been already introduced, and he's the son of the Boss of the Claw organization, which we already know has several divisions. Why would that be out of place?

I second this motion.

It makes sense. Reigen doesn't want to fight so why would he attack? Shou said in the beginning that he wants to take the kids to the HQ so he doesn't want them to die. Later we learned his true motives behind that.

Just striked me as really shonen-ish, and killed the otherwise realistic perspective Reigen brought to the climax of this arc. The mysterious young kid helps our heroes for no reason and goes unpunished by the big bad boss, for no reason other than i think that boy(ritsu) right there is quite interesting. And then we were still supposed to think that shou was in some way a villian. Just stupid, wish shou was cut out. Or maybe a female, that could have introduced a nice and fresh dynamic.

How will Shou being a female make things better?
She fall in love with Ritsu instead?

That's even more boring because Shou already fall in love with Ritsu anyway and him being a male makes thing interesting. straight pairing is the most overused trope.

>Or maybe a female, that could have introduced a nice and fresh dynamic.
Could you elaborate on this?

Just fuck off, you illiterate dumbass.

>straight pairing is the most overused trope
You. I like you.

Fujo, please. Personally, I don't think making Shou a chick would really change much if she kept the same personality.

>153.3 cm
I keep forgetting that Shou is a midget.

Nothing wrong with having another future support character take the spotlight, it's not like he gets to shine ever again.

>Really shounen-ish
What's the alternative that's less shounen?

Well, Mob Psycho IS a shonen. Just because it offers some frew new approaches, it won't stop being that. Reigen made its point already and what Shou does is also properly foreshadowed and becomes relevant later on. If it was just some Claw member that punched Ishiguro and never showed up again, I'd understand the critique. But Shou is actually the one element that carries on and basically ties Claw arc into the rest of the story. Without him, this arc would have pretty much led nowhere. Also, it's not just Ritsu. He also thought that about Teru and Mob.

>Or maybe a female, that could have introduced a nice and fresh dynamic.

That just nullifies your previous argument, though. Is it just a matter of gender now?

A love story that doesnt involve the main Mc is always a nice change. Having Ritsu develop a relationship that could in some way change the direction of the boss arc would have been a nice and quite different take on the battle shounen genre. Love is a powerful emotion a shame ONE didnt use it yet and may never do so in manga where emotions are the most central theme.

But Ritsu and Shou are in a relationship already.

Yeah, well, it's a shame gay relationships in anime are either not taken seriously or just labelled as yaoi. It could happen in Western media, but definitely not in anime. Hell, even if Shou was really a girl, it's not like we'd see any romantic resolution until someting "implied" in the final chapter. That's just the way manga/anime works.

Yes, Thank you kind anons

Decided to make one too

So is it true that this episode is gonna air 4 hours earlier? It's been difficult for me to keep myself updated in the last days

I'm not sure either user, as far as I heard there is a private screening in real life, with bones cast (and possibly one?) where they're airing all the episodes at once. So not an online or TV type deal.

Other than that I don't know anything about an early release but I could be wrong.

Did I miss a chapter, or are these delusional fujo ramblings? Ritsu and Shou aren't even really friends yet, more like acquaintances.

Its not that the premise of shou is bad, if i remember correctly i wasnt that annoyed by him, when i read that arc the first time. I hated what he has become and what ONE did after that with during the Boss arc. He was just a totally boring, uninteresting, not even sympathetic character with a cool personality. I should reread the manga after the anime ends but, i remember feeling really disppointed to find out that, that was all shou had to offer.
The suzuki family as a whole was a mistake. ONE should have put in some development or interesting thought into those characters, if they were supposed to be the foundation of this whole arc. They just seem so generic in a manga with so many quirky characters, that need one panel to get your interest. He did it right in OPM, where he put some interesting thought into Garuo and we already knew about the rest of the s class heroes, so the confrontations were always interesting to watch till the end.

What does their official twitter say?

>Ritsu and Shou aren't even really friends yet
Shou sure was interested in what Ritsu was doing for the cultural festival for someone who isn't even his friend.

We literally don't know shit about S class heroes before the MA arc. They just got thrown in there and jobbed hard.

What he said, its an event. Tickets got outsold in a few hours and it will start at 20pm, Monday in Japan. So 4h before the official tv broadcast.

>Ritsu and Shou aren't even really friends yet, more like acquaintances.

They are. Ritsu tells Mob it's his friend fighting Toichiro during the Boss arc.

Thats a skill of ONE, he just needs a few panels to get you interested in his characters. I liked every claw member, and the anime made them even more enjoyable to watch, like Tsuchi or Sakurai. If we will ever get a second season i hope Bones manges to properly make the Boss feel menacing, he kinda felt like a joke most of the time and kinda too simple and childish.

What if Ritsu was turned into a girl?

I was gonna say "then she'd be the most popular character", but considering 99% of the Mob Pyscho fandom is fujos, not really.

But having a chuuni emo brocon imouto would attract waifufags to the show.

She'd be too good to be true.

In addition to Shou being a chick, or in exchange of?

> Hitchcock: This is also just a good Regain episode

Reigen is so good even Hitchcock was affected. I'm honestly surprised. Though he's still shit and even misspelled the name.

Read it too, fucker tried to hate on it again but couldnt cause Reigen is just too great. I agree that Episode 9 was the weakest of the whole and had not much to offer, but Episode 10,11 and hopefully 12 are nothing but amazing. I also cant wait for how Bones will adapt Mobs internal struggle next episode. They really nailed it in ep 11.

>I admittedly spent a lot of time this week thinking about how the series was going to justify or spin Regain into secretly being this badass psychic
Why is this cock dude so tsundere about it, that he thinks all week about Mob Psycho.

Can't really agree with this tbqh. The mere fact that everyone enjoys callig him a little cunt (including his fags, even though affectionately so) is proof that he at least got a distinct personality and character traits. He was definitely under utilized in the Claw Boss arc but the backstory (and the potential) is there and so is his characterization; a lot can be deduced from the info we're given about his family and used to explain his behaviour, his conflict with his pops, his personal values, his affinity with Ritsu etc.

I'm sure the hate meme wouldn't be a thing if ONE had given the Suzuki family the focus they needed.

Shou was there to witness the most soul-crushingly embarrassing moment of Ritsu's life : they're buttbudies at this point.

I liked his potential, anime onlys wont be as disappointed as i am. I held off juding Shou till the end of the boss arc cause, i was hoping he would amaze me in some shape or form but he didnt. For me he just wasted potential. One flashback or more intruiging dialouge could have done wonders though, here is me hoping we get a second season and Bones can make a bit more sense out of it.

>For me he just wasted potential.

But that's ONE's fault, not Shou's. To dislike a character for his personality/actions and to dislike him for wasted potential are two different things.

Yeah, given what they did with the 7th branch arc (the brothers' reunion, "it's okay to run away" and Reigen in general, the fights and especially Terier v. Sakurai which was fucking jaw-dropping etc.), it's clear that they want to give the best possible adaptation of the manga and are ready to add some elements if it means improving on the source material. I'm sure a BONES Claw Boss arc could be the 10/10 it was meant to be.

I dislike how the character is displayed and used yea, i think i never disliked a character because of his personality as long as it makes sense mostly indifferent.

I can't decide if I want Claw Boss to be a movie or a part of season 3. Not that it'll ever happen anyway, but it's nice to dream.

I would be satisfied if we just get a 2 part Mogami OVA for Mob Psycho.

>not wanting Reigen arc
user pls

I'd rather have a 2h sakugafest for the Claw Boss movie: would be easier to digest than several episodes spent on minor confrontations and the occasion to spend more time on fleshing out the Suzuki family and giving Shou and his dad solid and compelling character arcs. We need to see the mom too, at least give her decision to leave more context : what was she thinking, what about Shou, does she regret it etc. etc.

I dont want to sound too greedy, a 5 part OVA with urban legends, Mogami and Reigen Arc would be a reason to live for.

Wouldn't it just be easier to make a second season at that point?

The Boss arc would be quite the endeavour, so many fights so much animation, so much story to tell in interesting ways. I feel like those 3 kinda self contained arcs lend itself well to the OVA or short movie format. Of course thats just wishful thinking from me, if we get anything at all it will be a second season, or some comedy related bonus stories.

I honestly think Hitchcock is just trying to save his credibility after claiming that Mob is super cliche and bad. He has to say something positive so he can say "Look! I'm a good critic! I'm not bashing on this series for attention!"