Tales of Zestiria: The X

I want to kill this fucking cunt

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I'd fuck her cunt, if you know what I mean.

Last week Cred Forums told me she was best girl, now Cred Forums tells me she's a cunt. How am I supposed to form an opinion with all these mixed messages?

>Last week Cred Forums told me she was best girl

Haven't watched the anime yet, what happened to her using a spear?

Why is UFO so good with battle scenes in general?

>He doesn't love the Rose.
Kill yourself.

She is only best girl when she is Alisha's sub and there as a foil to Alisha and Sorey's idealism.

She tried to drop the Lancer gimmick to get better luck stats. It didn't work at all.

>not being trained in a variety of arms
However, I, too, am awaiting the return of the spear.

They/re going to show a glimpse of the Berseria cast welcoming Eizen to the afterlife when they decide to kill him off. You heard it here first.


Neither the Apple Dragon or Velvet are dead though.

A lot of it, I feel, is editing and selective use of bright neon speed lines. But the end product does look quite nice.

I'd slay her cunt fucking, iykwim.

I like Rose, though.



I want to see Alisha use an even greater variety of medieval weaponry. Mace when? War hammer when?

The choreography isn't bad at all but I agree somewhat. People tend to love the CG effects thrown in along with the old orange-blue contrast coloring that ufo spams. It's cheap and effective and most retards out there don't even notice how overused it is.

>that moveset
Reminds me of when I controlled Farah during fights. It was a fun change from Phantasia. She had some great skill combos if I remember rightly.

>implying Alisha isn't going to be put on the bus back to Ladylake after the end with Rose joining Sorey's party next cours

That is what is going to happen. Sorey and Rose are still the main hero and heroine of the game. Baba's fingerprints is all over the dna of this show.

She's gonna be convalescing all cours from losing a kidney.

Rose is going to make anime great again.

Where is this from?

It is great when the healer can dish out damage too. Farah though was a good character no matter her move set.

These two weapon are very much rarities in the sengoku era, probably the main era which informs the weapon choices in modern day Japanese created fantasy. So bow arrows, swords, firearms, lances or polearms as well as throwing weapons are always going to be used more than European exclusive weapons.

Though to its credit I think ToZ X does have these large European siege weapons

We all thought they were gonna make Alisha awesome.

Too bad it is the last hurrah we will see out of her for the whole season. At least she will live on as a Mamiina in my memory.

Rose isn't a heroine, even in the original game she was supposed to be Sorey's foil. Alisha will be put on a bus for sure, though.

00 Episode of ToZ X

Those are Alisha's friends who died. The fate likely reserved for those two red shirts we see this episode.

The redshirts are adorably cute though.

Episode 00, i.e. Alisha Suffering: The Episode.

>for the whole season
You mean next episode?

But yeah, she's gonna be bus'd next cours. I'm sure we'll see her send letters every few episodes or something from the safety of Ladylake.

And that's exactly why they're gonna die.

Thanks user!

She is the heroine in Baba's book is what I am saying. And Hideous Baba has poisoned the story to such an extent that her increased role in the next season is inevitable.

Wait we have one more episode?

Then why play the trailer for the next season this time?

Please don't play the video game then

But it does not contain badass team leader Alisha. I have no desire to go back to the rape victim Alisha.

To be truthful, her scaring the server boy this episode was pretty well done.


Shush. It is not like these smug characters are mocking me for ignoring that part too.

Shut up Baba.

Rose was never the heroine, and there's even more story to tell with season 2 so she might end up in the back seat.

They've still got the Maltran plot to take care of, so we might end up seeing her again.

Baba got "promoted" he no longer has any creative input in Zestiria, hence why Rose lost most of her scenes.

Like it or not Rose was the co-protagonist in the game.

Baba isn't there. But the story he forced on the game is though. And that is pretty much Rose eclipsing Alisha storywise in the second half.

No she isn't, the most the scriptwriter could call her was Sorey's foil, however, a heroine or second protagonist she is not.

For all Baba's meddling Rose has zero significance in the story at all. Calling her a co-protagonist is frankly laughable if not down right delusional. Rose is a tag along character.

Sure, but that doesn't matter to this adaptation, like it didn't matter to the manga one. Even more than that, she was so shoehorned that her "story" didn't really connect with Sorey's.

The story was already there before Baba added in Rose. While they can't outright write her out, if you actually watched the series you'd know that Rose is pretty damn insignificant in the anime to the point where I wouldn't hold my breath on her becoming more prominent next season.

People like her now because they see less of her and she's working for other character and has to abide by the world's rules. However with how they've set up the war scene I wouldn't count on her meeting up with Sorey so easily, especially since unlike the game, anime Sorey has no reason to allow her to join.

That's funny, I don't see Rose here.

Rose actually has an extended (but different from the game's) role in the manga, they expand on her backstory and Dezel's into a longer arc.

She still has Dezel and likely latent abilities but Squires don't even exist in the anime.

No they don't user, and her role wasn't extended either. Her past is the same as it was in the game, the only difference is that they actually gave her a design for young Rose.

What they do is literally throw the whole flashback at you with no break without ever trying to connect it to the main story, then continue onto the main story where Rose becomes a background character.

They've also made Sorey too independent, and anime Lailah doesn't like psychopaths either.

Wonder if Kittybeard being Sorey's father is going to be in the anime.

Any RAW of the manga?

Hopefully, they seem to be taking a lot of the manga's cues in how to handle the story, the only difference is that they're taking more cues from the guidebook.

Just Rose's story? Or the whole thing, because the whole thing is a bunch of unconnected chapters.

Rose's story:
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
It's exactly the same as the game, they just threw the whole thing at the reader at the once. The Lunarre plot is from the end of the game right before you fight Maltran.

Am I wrong in thinking that they are going to have to rush a lot of things in the second season?

If they use their time wisely then they won't have to, but considering how they're likely to get rid of all the fluff that was the 4 trails that leaves them with more time to handle things.

>Protection from Arrows: A

But luck still e rank.

I love alpha Alisha. I hope they banned Baba from touching the anime.

Though I still also love Alisha as a /u/ sub in bed

Who the fuck is the dragon in episode 00?

No one knows yet, it's probably Tiamat though.

They're gunna kill him an episode after he's revealed huh?

Considering where they in the anime in relation to the game
No he living

He might end up like Mason, gets killed in all versions expect the anime.

He has to die. He can't just go away once Zaveid comes along to fill the gender-reversed Sylph spot.
He can't have two wind seraphs!

Or they can just have Dezel not join altogether and by have Zaveid join when they fight against the second dragon.

I'm quite disappointed in this anime.
The only decent thing in it so far is Alisha's fights.
Every other fight is a bunch of unsatisfying magical shit that basically have the visual impact and sound effects of magical farts.
Also the CG in the first episode was obnoxious and looked awful.

To me it'd the CGI 360 pan around the characters fighting effect they seem to love mosy

But wouldn't that make Rose and Dezel even more completely pointless?

Granted I have no idea how you fix that.

I had a fucking crazy prediction about where this anime plot with Alisha and Rose is going yesterday night.
I have no idea if this only made sense when I came up with it half asleep but I thought it could totally happen.

So Alisha needs support to be taken seriously, right? The politicians only handwave her away because she's all bark but no bite, right? She does have a few knights loyal to her but these don't actually matter in the grand scheme of things.
So what if she fucking revives and knights the Windriders as her personal peacekeeping squadron? They are renown through both Hyland and Rolance and any army would think twice before taking them on.
Rose is probably going to escape to the hideout with Alisha next episode so it would totally work for her to meet the other Scattered Bones. And if they can somehow make it possible for them to hear Dezel she could learn the backstory too. The backstory could finally be relevant and Dezel would have a closure in the revival of the Windriders. And Rose could be fixed by having a grander goal to work for instead of doing the dirty work with no repercussions.

So was Tao a girl or a boy? I honestly couldn't tell.

>Last week Cred Forums told me she was best girl
That was Baba, sometimes he manages to escape from his basement.

>best girl
You mean pic related?

Even if he was a girl he wouldn't be best

They're already doing so, you fix Rose by making her Alisha's bottom bitch. Considering what Alisha will be going through she needs the extra help.

>giving a shit about a literal brocon stoic trope

Not like we haven't met this bitch before, over and over again even.

Rose is pretty damn easy to fix. She's a fun character that just happened to not fit into anything within Zestiria's main storyline. She just needs some other plot thread to follow (like Alisha's politics plot) and her own character arc, not just Dezel's arc feat. Rose.

But I'm waiting her breaking moment when she realize that a death is the only salvation for her brother.

Rose works better as a character that's subordinate to other characters, or as a villainous character that hinders the MC. She doesn't work well with Sorey's tale as an equal because they're not equals, in his story people like Rose are the cause of a lot of his problems, and she also gets in the way of group dynamic and even worse Sorey himself doesn't need her.

She's far to inconsequential to be given her own character arc so she has to share one with Dezel.

It's almost like Cred Forums is a place with many people and therefore offers multiple diffrent opinions on most anime and other subjects. You fucking autistic retard.

The issue with sharing her arc with Dezel is that she really gets zero character development out of it. That plot point was already very thin with Dezel just realizing he was wrong and then kind of dying but for Rose it was just like
>eh, so this guy has been stalking me and using my body for his own revenge for many years?
>he was actually the one who caused the downfall of our guild?
>my success with the Sparrowfeathers was all thanks to him?
>welp. okay I guess, who cares
I hope in the anime she'd be at least more involved and clash against Dezel for that and maybe also dealing with Lunarre and Symmone together with Alisha since they both should have serious beef with them. Those two were also just kind of there and then dropped.

Still waiting for the PC mod where you can dress him up as a girl.

>I'd fuck her cunt, if you know what I mean.

Alisha, plz

Reminder that:

>Rose's height = VA's height
>VA's favorite movie : Detective Conan - Assassin in the Eyes - (Alisha's DLC title: What Shows in the Eyes
>Which turned out to be Rose, an assassin
>VA's motto: I am me
>Rose's true name: Rose is Rose
>VA's favorite type of guy: A serious person with a rich heart
>Famitsu interview, Baba: "The theme of this time's story is the "richness of the heart" that everyone should have"
>Baba is called "Prince" by his surroundings
>Conan the Barbarian (Eiyuu Conan) -> Prince Conan (Eiyuu is Baba's first name, different pronunciation)
>Rose's in-game fiancee was Prince Conan

Don't blame Rose for Baba's fuckups. Rose is an ok girl.

Rose's VA is an ok girl*


Peoples fetishes can change in a few seconds.

Is it too much to hope that Velvet is the Lord of Calamity here?

Not for season 1. They already showed Heldalf's shadow both in the OP and the cliffhanger.
I'm hoping for more Velvet as well. Maybe she'll have a cameo in the second cour finale.

Rose is an ok girl.

>Last week Cred Forums told me she was best girl, now Cred Forums tells me she's a cunt.
Game!Rose was the best, Cred Forums meant.

Velvet ending was perfect. I don't want to see her ending get ruined.

What about Velvet vs Sorey fight in the opening?

Speaking of Velvet
>Zaveid calls Maotelus something along the lines of "that brat"
>Edna calls Maotelus Ma-bo in the DLC
Zaveid probably knows but does Edna know about Velvet and co.? Did Eizen write about them in his letters?

It was bait. If you look closely you can't even see her clashing against Sorey, only an unidentified blue flash.

It was 1000 years, Edna probably got to meet Mao Mao somewhere down the line.

Like I said, Rose as a character isn't important so it's a question of why should she be given an arc to begin with.

Rose is obnoxious on her own.

The spear feels like it has no weight

Shit animation.

Gotta move fast for dem fancy ass ufotable speed lines bro.

Though I agree, I prefer sword and parry dagger Alisha over spear Alisha.

So Sorey looks like his mother I guess that's how Hedalf recognized him as his son.

No characters in the main cast are important aside from Sorey and Mikleo though.

And it seems as though Alisha spends time with Uno.

It's anime, bro.

If you look carefully at her swordfight, you can see how much she's able to change directions with her sword so quickly. The only things we can take from this are either ufotable is abusing the rule of cool, or Alisha's lats are wound tighter than cables on a bridge.

Where can I read the manga raw ? Can some good user give me the link ?

Gonna end on a cliffhanger with Velvet

But there are other characters who still contribute to the story and have a role of consequence to play, for instance Lailah being the prime lord and the one in charge of the previous shepherd, Edna being related to the story of dragons and the sister of a character from the prequel is there for world building, Zaveid being a mysterious traveler who both acts as Sorey's foil and gives you that item that will allow you to win he also the one who goads Lailah into finally letting Sorey know the truth, Alisha and Sergei are connected to the war which Hedalf is using to spread malevolence around the continent.

Of all the characters the only character who isn't really connected is Edna, but you can argue that Sorey connected her when he promised to help her brother. Rose on the other hand stands out, because she's one with no real connection, even Dezel is connected to the world building and without Rose acts as a foil to Hedalf's main supporter, Symonne. But Rose herself isn't related to anything, not the worldbuilding and certainly not the story of all the characters she's just, there. The game justifies her presence using gameplay but outside of that, she's pointless.

Lancers have high str stats

Mostly in chinese scans.
Chapters 1-6
and Tieba badu for 8-17

Thanks user !

>full on waifu mode Alisha
Yes I like.

>Throws them all at once.
>Alisha individually and sequentially blocks them all as if they came split seconds after each other.


Here's a better picture of Sorey's mom.

Twitter sauce?

It came from the artist's twitter you can search for it yourself.


I want yuri of these two now

Too bad, you'll get BL from their sons instead.

Why not both? Yuri moms raising their BL sons doujin where

Too bad about the village massacre though.

That's why I said doujin

Wait so you're saying Sorey's earrings are those clips on her shoulders?



Are all these Okomura?

I think that it's more that mother and son share design elements.

They're both completely heterosexual mothers though.

I know they are canonically but I just want to see it in a fan work user is that too much to ask for?

In addition to design elements characters from the same family also have a theme of using similar characters for their names.

Yes. You're gonna get truckloads of Sorey x Mikleo and MAYBE some Alisha x Rose /u/ that will never get scanned.
Can't be helped.

I guess I'll have to draw it myself then

No it's from the manga artist.

Rose is a goddess.

Baba, who let you out of your cage?

>can't even outlive the Scattered Bones twins

Fuck off, Baba.

Yeah, Eizen did write about Velvet and company in his letters to her. I think she replied she wanted to meet them, too.

Wait, where is that artbook page come from?
Are there more?


Wow Sorey does look like his mom.


>What the fuck happened?

Alisha grew balls so big that Rose broke down and became her bitch. Baba being "promoted" helped a lot too.

After seeing the manga ending spoiler, I wonder if we will have to endure watching Mikleo win the Soreybowl for the n times in anime.

Will ufo do it ?

It actually makes sense for Alisha to be the alfa one considering the fact that Rose is the one who pleases old men for money, while Alisha makes them act like the beta bitches they are.

From what I heard from the script writer, Sorey and Mikleo's relationship is the most important relationship thematically, and the one they wanted people to focus on.

Besides that they actually changed the anime so that there's literally no one in the Sorey bowl but Mikleo, so homo end is more likely to happen here than anywhere else.

>Rose is the one who pleases old men for money

But anime Rose is also a shrewd merchant girl.

>Velvet meeting Edna
I wonder which one of them would be able to outsmug the other.

>now your imaging Edna and Velvet trolling Meebo.

Velvet is too straightlaced to troll younger boys. She's gonna pamper the hell out of Sorey and Meebo though.

World of Guidance, the Zestiria game artbook. You can find a few downloads for some pages online.

Anime Rose pleases anyone for money.

Don't worry, anime Alisha will teach Rose what is love.

baby don't hurt me

She'll just be Alisha's slut until Alisha gets married to some random noble.

Rose would've been married to some random noble too if not for Dezel fucking it up.

That wasn't even Dezel's fault. Hedalf and Symonne always planned to take over Rolance, if even Dezel wasn't there then Rose would have ended up dead or turned into a hellion, but not married to nobility.

Rose is perfect

Why is everyone shit talking Baba? Is he the true villain or something?

She's shit Baba, stop lying to people

Worse, he's an extra boss that need multiple games playthrough to be beaten.

Just look at him.

Pretty much, he's the one who fucked up the franchise to begin with. It started with him making the updated re-release trend. Then continued with him gradually removing content from the supposed full version, like the ability to hcange the leader character, loss of minigames, etc.

Zestiria was the straw that broke the camel's back, when he had the story rewritten just to get his dick wet, thus resulting in a piss poor game that was shit because the staff wasn't given enough time for QC. They were too busy including Baba's waifu.

Loli Rose a cute.
Where did it all go so wrong?

Cause they love talking about this one fucking idiot more than the franchise itself even though it's looking like he's off the franchise as producer at the moment. Basically people are stupid and pick only the most mind numbing topics to focus on over and over.

Because this hate thing is a meme that was caused by typical insane japanese fans that were angry that they got their 0815 princess route.
So they had to throw death and bomb threats around.

>hates an artist who works for Bamco
>Baba: "I'll know I'll interefere with the writing process and have all of artist's characters suffer"
>Enter Zestiria
>Said artist's character is meant to be the heroine
>VA that Baba wants to fuck wants to voice a TAles character
>Baba:I know I'll have the staff rewrite the whole story and include that VA I want to fuck as the heroine and make that artist's character a side character.
>Baba's interference created a hole in the game's story and caused the staff to lose precious QC time
>game ends up being shit.
>People find out about Baba's waifufaggortry
>Baba makes excuses
>Consumer trust is lost
>Bamco executives have no choice but to "promote him"
>In the next game artist's character doesn't suffer.
Karma is a bitch.

She reminds me of Estelle with the top part of her outfit and hair

Pretty sad since Berseria is the best Tales in forever yet ended up selling poorly comparatively

Well a lot of loss of content in newer Tales games were caused by him

This is why you shouldn't believe the words of characterfags looking for excuses to brush shit under the rug. People have hated Baba from before the controversy in Zestiria. The Baba hate really started from the first time people caught him lying about Vesperia. Then only got bigger when people began noticing the Tales games losing more and more content with every new entry.

Zestiria was just the breaking point.

Berseria is only good because they don't have Baba breathing down their backs.

Oh thanks to you I just saw that I forgot something.
Wanted to write
>...that they did not got their 0815 princess route.

Looking at the anime and manga, I'd have to say that I would have preferred Alisha.

Isn't it a great thing that we're getting the best sides of both of them now instead of having to fight over one.
Thank you based ufo table.

This is literal garbage.

Remember they cut out a lot of Rose moments from those.

For me I would say I do hate Alisha, but I do not really would be friends with her.
Her world view is too much goody two shoes for me.
Not even taking on enemies that are clearly intrigating against her and the safety of the country and even seriously come after her life.
Sorry no, that is like Germany letting in all those refugees and ignoring the shit that is happening because of it.
She is basically good for the sake of being good and I cannot stand that.
I could also compare this to vegans who do not want to harm animals, but in reality many animals are killed to produce their food or to Aang from avatar, who refused to kill the firelord because it went against his believes.
Sure in the end he won, but how many people had to die or and suffer under the prolonged war, all just for his believe.
The same can be said about DC heroes like sups and bat, they do not kill their enemies and in the end they always come back and cause more harm.
All just for bats and sups to justify themselfs and sit on a throne of their moral height.

Alisha is like that for me, the world does not work like that and there need to be people that willingly taint their hands for shit to actually work out.

Mikleo's voice actor basically confirmed it by saying that normally Tales focus on hero/heroine, but Zestiria focuses on two male childhood friends. The anime will remain that way.

>mixing real life politics with anime/video games

Of course they cut out a lot of those Rose moments, because they were unnecessary, and were only really there to give Rose screen time but did nothing for the story, because Rose is unconnected to it.

Also wow that reach.

And that comparison is wholly in their own delusions too.

>Not even taking on enemies that are clearly intrigating against her and the safety of the country and even seriously come after her life.
You mean the knights that are only following orders or the generals and high politician that could have her executed for treason if she crossed the line?

>Alisha is like that for me, the world does not work like that
It does though, most people don't want the war, she is just making a noisy political opposition instead of terrorism against her subjects.

Alisha looks so cute with her hair down.

Alisha looks better in anything but the retarded sidetail.

Agreed, we need twintails Alisha in the anime.

How rude, she's just trying to copy Maltran.

>Alisha comes up and slaps your waifu on the ass. wat do?

Time to give up and find a new waifu.
She'd beat me the fuck up with that well trained knight's body of hers if I tried anything.

Well, damn. Never occurred to me.

>You mean the knights that are only following orders or the generals and high politician that could have her executed for treason if she crossed the line?
They can still think and the higher authority in that room is clearly the princess.
Even if a general is granted some kind of freedom in certain regards how could a simple minister in a monarchie grant him permission to do anything to the princess of said monarchie.
The minister is still a lower authority than the princess.
Thus the soldiers either are idiots or doing this shit willingly.

>It does though, most people don't want the war, she is just making a noisy political opposition instead of terrorism against her subjects.
You do not even seem to know what terrorism is.
But if she directly confronted the minister, especially after he prevented support towards her when his assassins were going for her, this shit would not have happend.
Try to defend your bullshit all you want, but there would have been ways to handle this stuff without engaging in a rule of terror or letting a corrupt minister mobilize tenthousands of troops.

Was Maltran the idiot who taught Alisha to not wear any armor on her upper body?

Alisha isn't a direct descendant of the king. She's a daughter of some other noble.

Sometimes you have a higher dexterity bonus than whatever you can get from armour. And it still won't protect you from a sneak attack or a crit.

Sit back and watch

Yeah, people seem to believe that she's a crown princess. She's just a princes, without being the heir she's just a glorified baroness.

Not that user, the Knights aren't just being ordered by that one general, the order was also being backed by the council as well. For all your complaining about the Rose getting less screen time that she had in the games, you'd think that you'd actually remember an event that lead up to it.

Alisha may be a princess, but she's also a low ranking noble whose very far down on the succession line (which I'm pretty sure she outright says). The current king is also in no real position to reign in the council.

Bullshit. If she wanted to minmax for dex she wouldn't wear those heavy plate gauntlets and boots either.
Rose is dex. Alisha stats on everything but luck.
And the wine carrier's sword just kinda lazily fell into her back. If it was a proper sneak attack she'd be impaled now. A mail shirt would've at least just got her bruised.

Do you have a DL link for the artbook?

Literally just google searched for the Zestiria weapons reference and found it.



Because Maltran planned to kill Alisha from the start.

Confront the minister about what? Alisha didn't know what his plan was. She's not going to psychotically stage a coup and undermine their system of governance because someone disagrees with her. And clearly in their systes, a council rulesz His influence is demonstrated multiple times, going to underhanded lengths like sending Alisha away to get his mitts on the Shepherd. You know, the thing that happened when Alisha directly confronted him. You're really reaching, ESL-Rosefag.

By far the most retarded thing about Alisha's armor are the two flaps on her chest that are meant to protect the open gaps over the armpits on full plate armor but since she's not wearing any body armor in the first place there's no fucking point.

Indeed Hyland politics are definitely more informed by the views and perceptions of current day japanese society towards the imperial monarchy.

Her armor even comes with a helmet.
I bet there's a full set somewhere in her closet but she just doesn't want to wear all of it.

Rosefags aren't ones for logic and common sense. I think that many of them actually do genuinely believe that a character in a position of power should be able to screw the rules and do whatever they like, like Rose in the games.

Problem is they don't recognize that Rose was only allowed to do this because of Baba.

She wears hot pants. Don't try to think too hard about her armor getup.

Judging from the games it seems as though Hyland may be similar to a constitutional monarchy, but it may be the king may be a child and therefore incapable of making decisions himself.

How do we know she isn't wearing armor under her tabard? She could've still been stabbed through it.

Doesn't look like she has.

There are three layers to her top., those are her under clothes.

I guess that fits her character in that she wants to be seen as a source of inspiration for ALL her troops. Kinda like Caesar being helmetless all the time or pardoning his enemies.

Rose is definitely for rough throatfucking.

She'd bite off your dick.

user there are actually contraptions that can stop that.

>implying she can bite anything if she has no teeth.

Just knock out all her teeth.

I want to see Edna bully her dorky older brother.

It's cool, bro. I got this potion that makes her unable to bite down.

I really want to see him interact with Sorey and Mikleo.

Mikleo > Edna > Lailah > Rose > Alisha

Alsihafags are so desperate for their minor character to get screentime that they don't realize the anime is making her into a bigger clown than the game did.

Rose higher than anyone when she can't even kill someone who isn't even using their main weapon, and this is after the anime spits on her entire beliefs.

Are they both supposed to be betta fish?

>Sergei's hair mood

That seems to be their theme.

Dude, no one is allowed to kill the peace princess no matter how strong the opponent is. Also, UFO needs to make Alisha looks badass because the tears of Alishafags.

Sergei joins next episode, replacing Alicia and Rose, right?

Is this the zestiria girls rating?

Maybe, but it's missing Symonne.

>constitutional monarchy with hereditary prince(ss)doms
What twaddle.

How the hell does the government of Hyland even work? Where do royals/nobles even draw their authority from? Is Ladylake Alisha's personal fiefdom or something?

user you do realize that it's the opposite right? Originally Rose wasn't there, and when Baba forced her in no one was allowed to outshine her, despite the fact that she was irrelevant.

Case in point Berseria.

user, that's how constitutional monarchy works.

You seriously don't think that Prince William, Henry and Charles are the only princes in Britain, do you?

user, I was talking about the anime. No one is allowed to kill the Princess. Even if Rose was not the game, no one would be able kill the cookie cutter princess, because that's her trope.

Also, if Bamco didn't release Berseria, Rose wouldn't be irrelevant.

And I'm talking about Zestiria in general. Your complaint is akin to people complaining about an MC not dying. Even if you just want to talk about the anime, Alisha is a duertagonist in it, so expecting her to die is downright delusional.

>Also, if Bamco didn't release Berseria, Rose wouldn't be irrelevant.
Rose was already irrelevant in Zestiria itself, she's actually easier to write out than Alisha who needed a contrived reasoning for not continuing with the party. Lest we forget even the staff pointed out that it was Mikleo who took the role as secondary MC and heroine. Hell Rose doesn't even have a story of her own, her story is really just Dezel's story and Rose just happens involved in it.

Tbh both Rose and Alisha in Zestiria are boring so I'm glad that at least they didn't push Rose to be love interest.

How did people find out about his waifufaggotry?
What tipped them off?

>“Rose is the character that everyone loves. She’s like me. I love Rose’s voice actress so much!”
Hideo Baba,January 20, 2015, Tales of Zestiria developers on NicoNico live

I guess that tipped them off.

I'm neutral towards Alisha, and not fond of Rose because she's shit. I'm happy that Meebo won

Yeah, excluding the homo factor, Mikleo is great as the love interest. I bet if he were a girl then people would love her even more than Rose or Alisha.

So why do are the retarded Alishafags are happy to see Rose was unable to beat Alisha, when you know she couldn't? Damn they are delusional.

Also, there are cases where deuteragonists die. The only reasons Alisha will not be dead are her trope as a Princess and the cries of her fags.

>why do are the retarded Alishafags are
I think you're just too buttmad about Alisha to actually think straight

user the only delusional person is you who doesn't understand the fact that MC's have something called plot armor.

Besides that even if you take into account the actual characters, Rose has only been an assassin for 5 years (guidebook), while Alisha has been a knight for far longer. So between the two of them Alisha probably has more combat experience than Rose.

>So why do are the retarded Alishafags
Right, because you're a shining example of intelligence.

Not even all they really needed to do to make everyone on board with him, is give a woman's voice, and one or two cross-dressing outfits. Then the otaku wouldn't have a problem with him, in fact we'd have nothing but SoreyxMikleo porn.

Just because Alisha's the MC, doesn't mean you have to put plot armor for her.

Certainly you and the Alishafags are the shining example of retardness.

>in fact we'd have nothing but SoreyxMikleo porn.
So how does that change from reality?

>Alisha should have been killed by Rose
>points out that Alisha actually has more combat experience than Rose, so Rose not being able to kill her makes sense
>Ree Alishafags

I'm not even an Alishafag, but wow, you're so mad you can't even think straight, it's both funny and sad at the same time.

There'd be a lot less whining, and a lot less delusion.

Why it sounds like otakus only hating Meebo for not being "trap" enough ?

Honestly considering how Nips love to genderbend him and the entire shoujo loving contingent keeps putting him in dresses, I wouldn't be surprised if they were upset that Mikleo sounding like a guy prevents them from pretending he isn't.

Wherever you said Alisha has more combat experience? Has anyone tried attacking the shit princess outside of her training class?

Shit > entire Zestiria cast

Before she was an assassin though Rose was a member of a highly successful mercenary troupe, and as she put it learned how to fight before she could even remember.

More like they did it to calm down the rage and meme fags with their death and bomb threat over a video game.

Again Guidebook Rose has only been an assassin for 5 years, Alisha has been at it since her mom died. Also I believe that it is stated that it isn't the first time that assassins were sent after her.

That's actually never stated when Rose learned how to fight, even the manga which showed her past she wasn't impressive.

Let it be, user. Those people want to stick to the narrative "Alishafags are worse than us because they are okay with Alisha being a Mary Sue and Rose being irrelevant." even if it doesn't make a lick of sense.

When did Alisha's mom die again?
When did Rose started training before becoming full-fledged assassin?

Alishafags are worse. Thank you.

When I first saw Mikleo I tought he was a woman, later I heard that he's voiced by Osaka Ryota and I was like: WOAH

It's stated she died when Alisha was very young, to the point where Alisha doens't remember her and considers Maltran to be her mother. Alisha and Maltran's profiles say that Maltran raised Alisha, so it's early enough.

Rose's training before she became a full assassin is never disclosed, however considering her character design and skill in the flashback it's not for very long. Let's not forget that her success as an assassin isn't due to her skill but rather Dezel taking over her body.

Considering your anger thus far you're actually on level with the worst of Alishafags.

Yeah a few Nips pointed that out from his personality and description many thought that he would be a cute girl and then his voice actor was revealed.


It's funny cuz his design is much prettier than many of the girls.
Especially in the epilogue.

From what I got it is that Rose was there, but that Baba shat on Alisha because he 1. had something against her designer 2. had a boner for Rose VA

The only manly thing that Mikleo has is his voice
>Not applied to epiloge!Mikleo


From what we know Rose originally wasn't there. There's also an old poster made by Bamco featuring Tales heroines and originally only Alisha was on the poster but after Baba they had to photo-shopped Rose into it. Also the VA's confirmed her coming onto the project after the fact.

Which flashback? Did Rose has a flashback when she first joined the assasins?
Also, Dezel also failed to assist Rose to kill the shitty princess? Sasuga Alisha.

Are you pretending to be an idiot?

>When I first saw Mikleo I tought he was a woman
Was this a common thought or something? I was never doubting he was male. He just looks like a typical bish to me.

Nah, Alisha a shit, and there are retards defending her.

I see Baba is in this thread tonight

>waifu wars
You're both pathetic.

That's funny because you sound retarded reaching for reasons to hate her..

>I don't like this fictional character and every one that likes her is retarded

Are you ok, user? Are you possessed by the spirit of Baba?


Actually, I got spoiled by a Epiloge Mikleo fanart and he looked very feminine

As I pointed out, I neither hate nor love Alisha, I'm just neutral towards her. But I find user's reaching for reasons to hate her funny, fascinating, and a little sad.

Mikleo bishounen type is that of the hyper feminine variety, the ones who look and act like girls but just happen to be boys.

>No Graces F, Tales of Destiny, and Eternal Sonata
You dun goofed user.

>I like this fictional character so whoever hates her is retarded

Nah, you're the one reaching for reasons not to hate her.

Doesn't quite work that way since unlike you, I haven't called anyone a retard for liking a character.

So do you actually have reasons for hating her? Other than the fact that people like her?

Wait, Baba was also responsible for how Eternal Sonata turned out?

hey bitch visit me in socal and i'll give you a reason to hate someone

He was the head producer of
Eternal Sonata
Destiny Remake
Xillia and
Xillia 2

The only people whose been calling others retarded is you. And you haven't been showing your intelligence either.

Pretty sure you have called people who like Rose retarded.

Also, I've already pointed on how sue Alisha is. Get a clue why I don't like her.

1. There's multiple user pointing out your bullshit here
2. Your reasoning was bullshit, which is why people keep saying that you have no reason.

>I've already pointed on how sue Alisha is

Alisha? The character that has failed at absolutely everything that has tried? The character with no real power to realize her ideals? That Alisha? The only thing that Alisha hasn't failed so far is in making Rose her bitch. And that's why you're so buttmad.

Vesperia and Xillia 2 were excellent. Xillia 1 was alright. The rest I haven't played.

It's like others have pointed out, that user is just reaching for reasons to hate the character, they don't care about whether or not they're right.

The only person who I would have called a retard would be Baba as he was the one who forced Rose into the game in the first place.

I really don't give a shit about Rose or Alisha or anyone who wants to waifu them. All I wanted from Zestiria was to play as a character who uses a big stick with a sharp thing attached to the end of it, but nooo, Baba took that away from me, so fuck him.

Baba has very little to do with Vesperia, but he is the reason for the updated port, where they either purposefully removed content or released an unfinished game for the 360 owners. Judging by the staff interviews it's likely that it's a combination of both. Xillia 1 was unfinished when it was released.

Xillia 2, DoTN suffer from similar problems. Innocence and Graces R had that same, planned director's cut nonesense. Eternal Sonata had the same problem.

I wish the Yakuza had a hit on him. I'm serious, call me edgy, but I think a person like him, who doesn't even respect his family enough to not try and cheat on them with a VA and then make that VA apologize on his behalf for something not her fault, should be weeded out of life.

Hey, Alisha succeeded on not to be killed. She also managed to turn Rose to be her bitch easily. That's a Sue to me.

Their reasons are as bulshit as Alisha. They still haven't explain why Dezel did not manage to be able to help Rose killing that piece of shit.

Edna is the greatest reminder.

Yea, that's a bit 2edgy4me

Swap alisha and mikleo and you have the official™ non-homo rankings

So be it. It's the one time I'm actually going to be edgy.

While I do understand hating him for what he, supposedly, did but I think wishing for his death is a bit too much. Let's stop spreading Malevolence, user.

So just like other user pointed out you're just upset, because Rose isn't standing out?

I want to pretend Mikleo is a girl too

Many people do user

Really ? I think Mikleo, while indeed looks like a girl, never behaves like a girl to me. He may be a tsundere, but aside from that he's like a total bro to Sorey.

Evil Sorey when?

Mikleo doesn't need to be a girl to be the most popular Zestiria character.

Uhh, isn't the Tales of fanbase mostly consists of fujos? Wouldn't they prefer mikky as a boy?

People often think that, but in fact a majority of tales fanbase are still Nips otakus and they are more obsessed with waifubaits than pretty boys.

Doesn't matter since Meeboo is forever to be the winner of Soreybowl.

Personally I still prefer Mikleo to be a boy than a girl. Maybe because Mikleo and Sorey relationship has the pureness that a conventional male/female couple doesn't have.

Mikleo/Sorey would be shit as a straight pair for that reason. It really would be typical tales shit then. Nothing but blushing and maybe a confession.

Did she died?

Nope, it's just that time of the month.

Someone explain to me what Alisha's position is. Is she just a noble commanding her own personal small military force that she drags along with her doing whatever errand the king sends her to do? What the hell was she in Ladylake? The mayor? The royal governor? A random floating general/bureaucrat?

Just a lowborn princess who somehow feels need to be the savior of her country when even the council has higher authority than the King

Alisha is a noble's daughter but her mother was a commoner so she's looked down upon by other nobles. I assume the anime gave her her own personal elite knight squad which those four girls(?) who died in episode 00 belong to as well as Sirel and Ian.
I guess she's the baroness of Ladylake or something since her parents are died. It isn't really clarified.

She's a princess farthest away from succession of the throne, so she decided to become a knight. Maltran then pounded into her head that knights protect the people so she uses her little authority to try and help the common folk.

What is Maltran's position in the kingdom?

Military Adviser and instructor.

>Rose kneeling in her puddle of blood with her white pants
They're both going to need a change of new clothes.
New outfits for cour 2 please.

Classic example of a producer jeopardizing the entire project for his obsession with a certain VA. Zestiria had potential to be good but lack of QC time and plot hole destroy the game and consumer goodwill.

Berseria is turning out to be one of the better Tales game based on impression ever since Baba got " promoted ". So good riddance.

Is he called slay because he slays mikleo's boypussy every night?

That was terrible user




Why hasn't he kyssed himself after such an embarrassment.

And this is different from other BL pairings, how?

Isn't that just because you're a fujo?

Nah, I'm gay though

RIP qt girl. You should know that being Alisha's attendant is death.

Why is she so cute?

Almost makes me want to play the game but I heard her role in the game was minimal?

You better off watching the anime if you like her

Game Alisha is a useless crybaby.

>little authority
>controls her own fucking army

>good fighting scenes
>gravity defying teleporting powerlevel shenanigans EVERY TIME

it's inconsistent, doesnt fit the world they are in and is low brow, cheap and TERRIBLE.

I thought Sorey spamming his special moves was boring as fuck but Rose and Alisha's tag team was pretty sweet and well directed. There was continuity in every changing shot because they were standing in the same spot with the same enemies charging at them and the soldiers didn't magically disappear.

She's more like a baroness than anything else.

UBW looked like shit but Alisha's fights in this show are decently animated.

>tiny fang
Loli Rose is cute!
Whose fault is it that she became such a ruthless killer?

Everything Alisha touches dies.

> 1000 soldiers
> army
That's more of a tea party than an actual fighting force.

>her private army is 20% the size of the nation's army

>Alisha has 1200 soldiers following her
>Bartlow has at least 20k soldiers ready for the battle with Rolance
user you need to go back to school

that's a massive military force under the direct control of one person

And doesn't that 1200 include all of Marlind's guards and stuff?

Will I miss out anything by not playing the game?

A lot of anger and boredom.

The Marlind guards are the soldiers she brought with her.

No it's really not.

it is

user it isn't especially if you take into account that a part of that army was provided by the state in order to deal with Marlind, and also the size of the main army.

Alisha's army isn't even 10% the size of the main army. It's very small.

It's 6% user not 20%.

>army provided by the state
clearly it wasn't, because they followed Alisha's orders to go AGAINST the wishes of the state. It's her personal army

Relative to the main army it may not be large, but it's still a vast force for a noble

Again it isn't, historically a noble's personal army can number into 3,000 - 4,000. Alisha's personal army is actually very small in comparison.

That's not true at all, don't just pull numbers out of your ass

this is a fantasy adventure series that takes place in a pre-modern era. again people's conception and view of the state are not going to be anything resembling a modern day layman's view. frankly they may not even recognize the state other than the polity in ladylake and their local villages and towns as separate linked only to Hyland through vasslage, overlordship and through political/commercial ties.

Alisha is the higher authority, Bartlow is not the "wishes of the state," he's doing something sketchy with what is essentially a treasonous general.

Actually it is look it up.

And even then you can only judge the size of her army as big or small depending on the size of the main army. And again compared to the main army Alisha's personal is negiably small.

>Actually it is look it up.
[citation required]

No she isn't, Bartlow is head of military the only person who really has any say in what he does and can order him around is the king. I'm pretty sure Alisha outright says that she's so low on the succession rank that she has very little authority. Which is why she can't order Bartlow around especially with the king listening to him.

Rose was raised by gypsies, saw his father figure die on from of her eyes when she was still underage and she might suffer of autism

Then what's the point of establishing that Alisha opposes him (and everyone else apparently) in the council, and having Bartlow hire a psychopathic idiot to off her? If he can do what he wants, he wouldn't have reason to get rid of the opposition.

So you're shit at Google?

Here there's some information on a historical noble's personal army.

Bartlow vs Alisha seems like a classic case of vassals doing whatever the fuck they want in the setting of pre-modern communication and weak central leadership. The guys over in Rolance appear to be doing the same.

Maybe both the kingdoms are sorta like Plantagenet-era France.

which university did you go to to study cherrypicking?

Because Alisha is still well known and loved by the people, it's also hard to ignore someone when they BTFO you every time you open your mouth. Essentially he has more power than Alisha especially in regards with having the king's ear, but Alisha regularly makes him look like an idiot. He has the other council members on his side for now, but considering their ages it may not stay that way for long. It's only a matter of time before either one of them retire or Alisha learns how to handle nobles or the other nobles admit that she's right.

In fact in the game you find out that a few of them have started to do so and are working behind his back.

Which University did you study the art of lack of reading comprehension?

I hope ufo will animate more epilogue Meebo scenes. Long hair Meebo is a wonder.

I like the fact that Mikleo sounds like a guy. I'm so sick of weepy female voiced girly men. I'm fine with a homo ship where they are both obviously male.

The only problem is that it lessens his trap appeal, besides that there hasn't been any genuine traps in a while and it is a rarity now a days for male characters to be voiced by females.

I want to hate fuck Rose. She's a cutie tho.

Alisha is qtier

Crossover when?
Would Rokurou teach Rose the proper Rangetsu style or would she just get cut up when trying to take him on?

Wait for the next Radiant Mythology game

Alisha's character exposition is so good in the anime, yet in the game she's playable for about 10% of the story and overshadowed by this soulless, red head SLUT.
30+ hours wasted, don't fall for the trap.

A crossover would be disappointing.

Tales of Angry Alishafags

Who said that mibo loses his trap appeal? was he a trap from the beginning?
Y-you insult osaka's voice!
osaka does a good job in bl dramas and otomes~

>TOZ Heroine Alisha

His trap appeal is lost because his voice makes his gender apparent. That makes him a failure of a trap.

I don't think that Osaka has ever voiced androgynous characters outside of Mikleo.

but he was never mentioned as trap~
Wait... did you think that Mikleo was a lady and masturbated thinking on him??? I mean he's beautiful, but...

Berubetto tomorrow.

My heart says yes but my head says it ain't gonna happen.
I'll be satisfied with Phi talking to Sorey at the end of the second cour.

nah, Kittybeard. Velvet is enjoying a long, peaceful nap.

I think you misunderstand me user, I'm talking about Mikleo's ability to make money, proper traps make more money.

Can you explain how changes in plot screwed up QC? Scriptwriting and QC are done by different people. Quality checkers had all the time to do their job before rewrite happened.

Velvet can't sleep forever. Otoutos all over the world need help and she can't just leave them be.

Plus I just need to see Velvet being an onee-chan to Sorey and Meebo.

imagine how much better Zestiria would have been if she'd woken up when Sorey and Mikleo were shotas.

None of the suffering would've happened.
Velvet would've just eaten Heldalf and then slapped the Malevolence out of Phi.

>Velvet slaps tainted apple dragon so hard he turns back into a shota.

A trap doesn't neccesarily makes more money than a feminine guy, give the feminine guy a gay vibe and makes more money than a trap
Remember Bamco also pleases the fujos. Zestiria would have sold bad if it weren't for Mikleo and his gay vibes

You can only do QC, once the game is finished, but doing things like adding in a new playable character and forcing the gameplay to partially revolve around them will fuck up QC as that part of the game won't be done in time for it to be looked over since the developers are still implementing the character.

At the same time QC doesn't just include gameplay it also includes story as well, as the story has to make sense and isn't chock full of plot holes

Also you're misunderstanding something, the game wasn't in QC when Rose was forced in, it was nearing the end of development when it was pulled back in to add in Rose. QC is a post production phase, and the game didn't much time in that phase.

I don't believe that Rose was just suddenly added in at the end. I think she was just a recurring assassin side character with a name before she got Baba'd.

She was probably a boss fight at some point that got recycled into that annoying side quest fight with her and Zaveid.

Actually that's not true, traps are appealing to both fujos and to the otaku. For the fujos it grants it's BL and to otaku the male character is so pretty that they ignore the fact that he's in fact male. Androgynous sell more because they hit a much larger demographic. That's partially why shouta characters are so popular, they have a multi-demographic appeal.

As for Zestiria's sales, it really wouldn't matter if Mikleo was a girl or a guy. Actually if Mikleo were a girl it's likely that he would have had an even wider appeal. This is because Nip fujo aren't like western Fujos.

Western Fujos or the landwhale, hates female characters and only like m/m relationships and get upset if they so mujch as even glean a het relationship that is appealing, however Nip fujos don't share this sentiment. Nip fujos basically ship anything that they find appealing BL, Yuri, het they don't give a shit about gender all they really care about character interaction and chemistry. In fact it's not uncommon for Nip fujos to draw hentai of popular female characters or even just het doujin. In fact Sheryl and Alto from Macross Frontier had the biggest shipper are fujos, same goes to Marinette and Adrien from MLB.

The reason why Nip fujos don't ship a lot of het couples is actually because of the way how Nips approach romance. You see Nips tend to treat romance as an after thought, and it's really rare when they have to characters on the same wavelength, spend a lot of time together, talk to each other, grow together, and end up together. Instead the het relationships are treated as an after thought.

This is the reason why Nip fujos find BL more appealing because that emotional distance doesn't exist. This is also the reason why het couples that don't have that distance become popular with them.

Besides only westerners care about canon confirmed relationships.

From what we know from the VA's it's likely that she wasn't even that.

What if she was just a strange recurring merchant that just happened to be everywhere you went, selling incredibly expensive trinkets?

That seems to be more likely to be it.

Didn't she have the same in-game model as Alisha? That would allow them to recycle a lot of Alisha's assets to get her there fast, besides story and VA aspects.

She does but she uses a completely different moveset.

But every side character has a moveset in the first place. They can reuse many cutscenes animations, costumes and possibly armatized moves.

She has a random NPC model and world animations. Her idle animations are the same as the female NPC's in Marlind.

I just want to see Edna bully Eizen. Judging by her letter in Berseria, it sounds pretty fucking cute.

Rose didn't have voice actor until 11 months before release. Also her model has the same idle animations as random female NPC's.

Do you think they're gonna retcon the game hard and save Eizen?
If that happens then there's truly no reason to play Zestiria anymore and the anime will become the superior continuity.

The whole dragons can't be saved is a load of bullshit, anyway.

If Mao can be saved then there's no reason Eizen can't.

So, at best, she was random merchant. Hell even her design looks like the least worked on.

They may as well. The reason they didn't save him in the first place seemed more contrived than anything else. I imagine that quest was yet another victim of Baba redirecting the budget.

I'm talking party members user, Rose originally wasn't party member, so to make her one they took Alisha's in game model and gave her a different moveset.

The only characters with movesets are your party, and those that fight you.

In games any character can be set to move in a certain way if the movement animation info is in the system case in point

They just had Alisha's model do the female NPC idle animation.

This right here. It's amazing how the ending came almost immediately after you have to put Eizen down. Completely contradicting itself almost immediately. Fucking Baba.

I assumed she was at least a party member at some point, not that she was an NPC like other guy said.

He wasn't the head producer in Vesperia, just the brand manager. I don't think the game would have turned out as good as it did if he was in charge of production.

I also recommend the anime. Good shit all around.

But you forget user, Mao was saved because Sorey made sure that Rose couldn't join the final battle and only let Mikleo in on his plan to help Maotelus.

So we can safely pin Eizen's death on Rose as well?

How did a really small side character like Alisha gather such hardcore fans?


Have you read the thread, how new are you?

Because she is the main character of an ufotable anime.

Mikleo is best girl, no homo

What does reading the thread have to do with how irrelevant she is in the game? Do people like her simply because Baba supposedly doesn't?

Ufo really has been setting up this Alisha and Rose rivalry pretty damn hard in their promo material under everyone's noses.

Three or so years of anticipation and a week or two of rage.

Even their newest BD promo is just baiting hard.
Ufo is sly as fuck.

The simple fact that you are asking this question shows just how much of a newfag you are.

Unlike America Tales is or was a big franchise in Japan, and Alisha was heavily advertised and marketed to Tales fans during the game's production as the heroine to Tales of Zestiria, they even released a figurine for her character with the game itself, as well one of the 3 characters in Doushi no Yoake the initial OAD meant to advertise the game, which aired a month before the game's release. There was more than enough time for her to gain a following, especially since she was being pushed by Bamco themselves.

Rose herself wasn't introduced until exactly 4 months before the game's release, and even after she was revealed it wasn't ever called the heroine, just a party member. It wasn't until the game actually released and people looked at the cover were they shocked to find Rose in the spot usually reserved for the heroine, and then the contrived plot that allowed her to join the party and permanently kick out Alisha did people realize the switch. Honestly it would be weirder if Nips liked Rose more considering that her character literally came out of left field for them. That's also why you show yourself to be a newfag anytime you ask why Nips like Alisha more or claim that it's just because of a meme.


Also the same reason I gave for Alisha's popularity are also the reasons for Mikleo and Sorey's relatively high popularity as well, both characters received more or less the same amount of push as Alisha did. This is the reason why Mikleo has to be used as a placeholder for the heroine of Zestiria, because he was always marketed as a important character in Zestiria.

Because she was introduced from the start which heavily implies she was the main heroine. Hell, she was marketed as the main heroine until Bamco went full backpedal and removed that title anywhere it was mentioned.

>There was more than enough time for her to gain a following
>On a character they only had game advertisements to go on
So basically, Autism.

They waifu'd her before they knew anything about her or the game and were upset she was a minor character and was even booted from the party.

He still has a wife and family that depend him.

>The main characters are popular because they were marketed as the main characters just like Alisha and not because they were main characters

Alishafags as delusional as ever I see.

Baba pls. Did you actually read anything he posted?

Basically this. 3 years of non-stop Alisha. Then the game releases and we get Bazinga Girl usurping not just her spit, but Sorey's as well. Holy shit.

>They waifu'd her before they knew anything about her or the game
>as well one of the 3 characters in Doushi no Yoake the initial OAD
Nice speed reading skills you got there user.
This push was going on for literally years, yes, they have more than enough to go on to decide they like the character. You keep showing your newfag stripes.

Characters have become popular with little else. Or have you forgotten Trigger Girl, or Black Rock Shooter?

Let's take berseria for example
Do you realize that even if Velvet is a solo protagonist she was heavily promoted with Laphicet in the first months after the game was annouced
hey look!!! They're both protagonists

Alisha was also playable in the game demo, newfag.

Incidentally, does anyone know how far Berseria's sales have gone? Last I heard it caught up with Zestiria and continued to sell steadily.

It certainly didn't help that the game wasn't good at all, and the main reason being suspected to be changes late in development because of a producer whims, and then the company blaming their own customers after all that.

>implying it's actually about either Alisha or Rose
They're both just the stand-ins for Baba's fuckups with Zestiria as a whole. Rose is the face of everything that went wrong with Zestiria and Alisha is the face of everything people wanted Zestiria to be.
People don't mind Rose herself as evidenced by the positive reception on her the past two episodes. It's just that Zesty's PR disaster dredged everything into the mud.

>They waifu'd her before they knew anything about her or the game

Hey newfag

>Being this much of a delusional shithead

Alisha was never popular

>N-nice speed reading we knew enough about her and her role just from advertisement it's not an autistic attachment based on her design, just look at my examples of other literal autist magnets to see it's perfectly normal

user go watchAnd kindly stop embarrassing yourself.

Alisha is actually ranked 4th place in the popularity poll. The only characters before are
Mikleo, Sorey and Edna.

What does that have to do with anything other than admitting you have autism which causes you to lash out when a character you saw in promotional content or advertising is cut or has a smaller role than you believed they would?

Stop replying to bait, anons, holy shit.

He wasn't talking about popularity, but what they represent. And Alisha is the second most popular girl even after all that.

According to Edna's VA, they had to re-contract the entire cast to re-record everything for Rose's inclusion just 11 months before release. Which took a huge chunk out of the budget that was meant to actually balance everything. Hell they even scraped features that were being advertised for years, and no one was none the wiser until the fucking game actually came out.

Any semblance of polish was lost. The 'echo artes' system was gone even though it was being advertised up until release. The whole dungeon thing they kept harping on about never reared its head.

You can tell how very little went into polishing with how broken kamui and spell canceling ended up being. Completely made everything else irrelevant, even though the game took its time painstakingly unraveling all its system on your lap. There was zero balancing in the end product for a game with so much shit going on for it.

It's like complaining about Soma's small role in God Eater before Burst came out because the OVA and advertising made him seem like the main character. No one did.

It's time to admit you're a waifufag and have problems.

>Alisha was never popular
>Outranks the majority of the cast in popularity polls

That's impressive considering she still garners so much attention even after how badly the game treated her.

It is when you're actually told that said character would be prominent and tricked into purchasing items for said character because of it, remember the Advertisement for the game included a fucking anime, and I'm not talking about Zestiria the X.

pic related.

The PS4 version still ranked on the top 20 last week.

Wow you really don't know anything do you, everyone knew that Soma wouldn't be the MC of God Eater Burst because well
1. He was never called the MC (which Alisha was) and
2. He was advertised after the fact.
So yeah bad comparison that once again shows that you don't know what you're talking about merely regurgitating memes.

Fucking Fenix.

What the fuck was his story anyway. We got from the anime that he was so buttdevastated that Alisha wrecked him hard he turned into a hellion but why does he have beef with Symmone? And then he does some shady shit in the background that amounts to nothing and kekkles at the end of Alisha's DLC, what the fuck?

Due to game mechanics, she had her own unique system. Why would they go through that much effort to make a unique skill system for a character, then scrap it? Hell, you can still buy her weapons in stores long after she's booted from your party.

Nevermind the fact that they announced DLC that centered around Alisha right before the game was released. Just admit you don't know what you're talking about and you dislike Alisha because the anime pushes her into the spotlight, which is essentially more backpedaling from Bamco anyways.

>That power gap between the top four and the rest

>2. He was advertised after the fact.
He had an OVA dedicated to him BEFORE the game came out and was in all the magazine spreads.

How is that a bad comparison?

>the fucking Normin was more popular than Rose

Just how?

Cut story that was convoluted in the writing. Thank Baba for whatever the fuck happened.

Good stuff.

Because he was never referred to as an important character. That advertising was more like .Hack//Sign.

Doushi no Yoake is literally the phone first hour of the game.

Why is Lailah so low, I thought Nips were all for pretending they did nothing wrong

Because she's unhelpful.

Japs never really liked Lailah.

Shit fucking taste. That's just how it is over there.


you mean Baba

Because Lailah likes Rose over Sorey for the position of shepherd. Also she contradicts herself several times and goes against the grain for bullshit reasons a lot of the time.

Hasn't the anime increased her popularity? She's not bad on it.

Nips also aren't fond of her wanting Sorey to become a remorseless killer, and her elitist attitude.

Lailah did nothing wrong.

She just doesn't want to Sorey to become as retarded as Alisha here

>Sorey, Alisha and Zaveid get their own theme songs
>Mikleo, Lailah, Edna and Dezel share a remix version of their temple's as their themes
>Some villains get their own themes
>The meme story teller gets his own theme and NORMINS get their own themes
>Rose gets fuck all

Did they ran out of budget money to compose something for her? Would composition take much longer than year to make?

That seems to be the case, because anime Lailah is actually helpful. That's why I laugh at those who wish that anime Lailah act more like game Lailah.

I think that music is one of the first things that is composed. The composers may have refused to make another song.

>Did they ran out of budget money to compose something for her? Would composition take much longer than year to make?
too busy shitting on Baba

They were probably busy with other stuff and couldn't make a song for her.

It's hilarious because Alisha's theme was used a in a ton of the promo material. Even on the shit she wasn't present in.


Go Shiina, I believe was also working on God Eater 2 Burst and Sakuraba is always working.

She fucks up repeatedly her wanting Sorey to act like Rose just shows how terrible she is at her job. Sorey's only a decent Shepherd because he doesn't live up to her expectations.

>He doesn't like the amazing puns
Get the fuck out.

Rose got everything. EVERY. THING. Like she should.

Rose is love.
Rose is life.

Get out baba

Her puns were a part off her unhelpfulness.

Just like how she got Dezel's dickings for five years straight, right Baba.

I see ufotable get a lot of shit for their animation because they have a good effects team, but the animation itself isn't even that bad. It's decent still.

I think the animation is perfect for the setting. And it's consistent throughout most episodes.

At least this bullshit is explained in the extra dungeon of Berseria

And the explanation still manages to spit on Lailah

Spoil me the details, user.

The entire thing about Seraphim turning into dragons was a curse that was created by tenzoku seraphim who were an exceptionally arrogant bunch of assholes who were salty that the other seraphim weren't as arrogant as them. So to punish them and the humans they cursed the humans to release malevolence and the seraphim who weren't assholes to turn into dragons. And here's the real kicker in order to break the curse the seraphim that stayed behind and wanted to live with humans have to co-exist with them.

So Lailah is wrong about just about everything. From shepherd's duty, to how to source of malevolence and how to stop it. In fact game Lailah's attitude and penchant for sociopaths is making things worse.

Oh wow, and here we were thinking that Artorious was the biggest asshole on the setting. Good job fucking everything up, Seraphins.

I still pity Lailah, though. I feel that maybe she's not privy in all the details about the world.

Considering it's a prequel made after Zestiria, malevolence existed forever until suddenly there's a reason for it.
When you're going to smash canon by making a prequel with rules that don't align perfectly with it's predecessor, certain characters will look stupid. It's inevitable.
This is why I'm very very wary of prequel games/anime.
In the best case they're new and interesting but break all established laws, and in the worse case they follow the rules so strictly it becomes very predictable.

Hilariously enough Artorius did know about the curse and his fucked up system was his answer to it, but it wasn't true co-existence so it didn't work.

Lailah had years to realize the truth, she should have realized that avoiding humans and was counter productive since unhappy humans caused malevolence, but people who were satisfied with their lives didn't. But the fact that she didn't realize it through simple observation shows how daft she is.

Actually it didn't change anything, Lailah was revealed as wrong several times over in Zestiria's own guidebook, which outright said that malevolence wasn't natural to Zestiria's world.

>Did they ran out of budget money to compose something for her?
It's like, one or two composers, buddy, they don't pull their heads in and come up with a song together.

Yeah, I remember some anons talking about Berseria taking its cues from the manual rather than the game itself.

Yeah it does:
>Ancient Era (Fortune of Phantasia) - The era in which the world was created. A legend has been handed down that humans and seraphim coexisted at this time, however the details are unknown.

>Destiny Dawn - 3000 years ago - The advent of the Five Great Lords and their Sub Lords. Due to the intense movement of the earth’s crust, it’s possible that the old and new worlds collided. The appearance of the first dragon took place during this era. // It is said that many people could perceive seraphim at this time. Legends remain of an exile from the seraphim and the first Shepherd’s paradise.

>Temperance of Avarost - 2300 years ago - The Five Great Lords caused a powerful impact, and the Kingdom of Divine Right, which was based in its faith in seraphim, prospered. Avarost culture, which used seraphic artes, then flourished. // With the color white and prevailing central themes, natural objects and man-made objects harmonized and their style flourished. The influence of seraphim showed heavily, and to show their attributes, patterns and decorations were engraved. Their technical capabilities were high, and they used seraphic artes to create buildings. Currently, the lore of this utopia remains in fragments.

Kaworu from Evangelion is ten thousands more popular than any faggot trap with a girl's voice.

So no, they did good to not fall into that shit.

How would you guys react if the anime epilogue showed Rose and Alisha as cohabitating best friends until the end of their days?

Kaworu is voiced by a woman, and no he isn't more popular than Shinji. Even in Japan.

There's also this:

>The Shepherd’s Mission

>Originally, the Shepherd was only meant to complete the relationship between humans and seraphim, and they were not involved with malevolence or hellions. However, during the time known as the Era of Maotelus, many Shepherds across various places took up arms against hellions, and calmed the malevolence. Those people who made contracts with Maotelus’ Sub Lords, whom were able to use the power of purification, were able to wield that power as well. Shepherds were then expected to shield the people from malevolence and hellions, and it became their mission to purify malevolence. The details about those who became Shepherds vary, however if there are people who saved the world in secret too, there are also those who lost their lives along the way, and those who broke their contract and quit being the Shepherd. It is also said that there have been Shepherds who have become corrupted with malevolence, at which time all of their contracted seraphim have turned into dragons.

Hilariously enough, Lailah is actually old enough to know this

What if Lailah is the type of jerkass Seraphim that both cursed everyone AND stuck around to watch the world BURN? Seems like her element.

Kaworu was voiced, and it's still voiced, by Akira Ishida, user.

Poor Lailah, perhaps she's broken or something.

I think that Lailah is just genuinely arrogant and forgot that seraphim aren't always paragons and goodness and righteousness themselves. Which is why she's shocked when Zavied reminds her that not all seraphim are good.

Akira Ishida has also voices traps.

Evangelion in general is very popular though.
I don't see how Mikleo'd be any less popular with a girl's voice.

She's just not fit for her job, she's not compassionate and also isn't very supportive or not very bright either.

Also the fact that Shinji is more popular than Kawoaru and has been for years, as well as the fact that Akira Ishida is known for voicing traps, are also mitigating factors to user's point.

>Poor Lailah, perhaps she's broken or something.
I felt like they were going for a "Female Jade" character without the assholism.

She's extremely secretive to a fault and opts out of explaining things whenever possible. Jade doesn't explain things because he finds it a pain in the ass (and makes Guy do all the summarizing like 4 times in Abyss) and it nearly costs everyone their lives.

Lailah seems like the type to not explain things because she has faith Sorey and co. can figure it out themselves. Technically they found a workaround so everything's fine and dandy in the end. It really does feel like incompetency of the writer, or miscommunication between teams too.

>It really does feel like incompetency of the writer, or miscommunication between teams too.

This is the most likely explanation. Maybe the QC could have fixed it, but we all know what happened to it.

I think it wasn't just that, it was because Baba inserted himself into the project at the last minute and changed a lot of things around and made them cram and crunch and it took away time and resources too, and they wouldn't explain a delay so they let it work like that. Possible explanation of why devs didn't appreciate him micromanaging like the asshole he is.

In the game though her keeping secrets isn't caused by her faith in the party, it was caused by her blaming her mistakes on her giving the shepherds a lot of information, and not on how she gave it or how she gave the information.

It feels as though Lailah was supposed to realize that she shouldn't push people so much and that everyone has a breaking point, and she might have pushed people to theirs by not trying to make unintentionally treating them like robots. It feels like the game was going to eventually call her out on it but, because it would have made her less likely to make excuses for a certain other character...

But she can't give any info because of her oath. The on she made to get the flames of purification

The fact that she chose that as an oath I think is meant to be seen as a bad thing. Especially from Zaveid and Mayvin's probing, her oath I think was meant to be seen as something that was made with good intentions or the purpose of keeping status quo but was ultimately bad idea on Lailah's end.