What bananya do you relate to the most?

what bananya do you relate to the most?

Papa Bananya

this guy

I feel deeply connected with the internal struggles Bananya faces every day.

Black Bananya, except the french pat
By the way just rewatching the 12 episodes, and I noticed something on the beginning of episode 7 (the same happens when Calico wakes up in episode 11)
How can Bananya hide the brown part of the banana when he wakes up?

this was AOTY right?

Of course

this the most original idea of the year at least

I self-insert as the narrator.

Calico is a male right?

but I thought all Calico's were female

Pretty racist show, but I like the gay soundtrack.

I also liked how Bananyas appear to be dead when they're sleeping.

Best episode was the bathroom episode with all the nyanyana.

Male Calicos are just really rare, and yes, he is.


They missed the glaring opportunity to introduce another female whose character defining traits weren't liking makeup and wanting that one Bananyas D.

Why does no one ever attempt to eat these bananyas?

I will assume two things:
First, the people bought them bananas, but they noticed they are allergic to bananas before ate them.
Or second (hopefully for a movie/OVA), anyone on the house tries to eat a Bananya, then said person finds out about Bananya's existence and the Bananyas escapes to another home.


Who /oyaji bananya/ here?

Only if you use [&] Sub.
Crunchy rips can fuck off.

Isn't the dialog mostly "nyanyanyanyanyanya" "oya oya"?

no it's narrated throughout.

>gay soundtrack
How is the soundtrack supposed to be gay?

The mouse, he's an asshole

Baby Bananya. Cute just like me.

I want season 2 so bad

Childish soundtrack. Very soothing.

Black Bananaya didn't appear much.

anyone who eats a bananya becomes a bananya


Does this show gets good or not? Watched the first ep and thought it was boring as fuck