ITT Seiyuu that are still pure virgins

ITT Seiyuu that are still pure virgins

Her smile is a miracle of the universe.

3dpd shit goes there. 2.5d too.

>Aya Hirano fucked everyone on her band except the bassist


The bassist was married, he isn't a fucking harlot like the rest of them.

>tfw you're a bassist


highly unlikely

kouchan go home, you're drunk


Good 3DPD thread, normalfags.

>implying beta nip male would do anything with his wife

Have you not read enough ara ara doujins to see how lonely and untouched she is?



5 times a day!

>Sucks cock from producer-san and old men to get work

Kek, do seiyuufags really believe this shit?

Don't get me wrong, I love Pikasha.
But she's been married for a year, and even before that she was legendary for her lewdness.
She knoweth the D.

Wheres the proof?

Would Sugita trade his wizard powers for hair?

Go look her up on YouTube or NicoNico.
In nearly every radio show or seiyuu event she's sexually harassing everyone.

>she's sexually harassing everyone

Because of her sexual frustration since her husbando doesn't hasn't given her the D.

Why does no one want to marry her?

Asa-nee is pure.
A pure alcoholic.

ChanYui is pure.

So is Inori Minase still a virgin?

Can't get purer than her.

Marina Inoue.


I want to propose her.
But i'm afraid i'll get the moot treatment

Wasn't she supposedly living with someone?



She's pure, right?

I mean, she's not smokin' hot, she needs cosmetics to look pretty, and she cosplays a different character rather than the one she voices. There's no way anyone would even consider getting some action with her.

>implying Seiyu can become popular without fucking some rich fat old man

I love how these threads always give me a new image of her I don't have already. Here's to hoping I can do the same for someone else with this one.

Hikasa Happy wedding!

they're all used goods
deal with it

Only legit answer so far