Aria-saichou is a pedo.

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Superior cat.


What was he waiting for Cred Forums?

His star to come


It's almost over.
I don't want it to end.


>diving anime
>one episode left
>we've yet to actually have a fucking under the sea diving scene

Athena to come back.

Said no one ever.

You're shit.

Watch out for Athena
The public enemy of Neo-Venezia #1
She is the woman responsible for...

Messing up Alice's autism games
Becoming prima before Akira
Toying with Alice's emotions
Being a lazy cunt
Lying about her having amnesia
Messing with President Aria
Playing with garbage to mess with President Aria
Being in Orange Planet
Being black
Not showing up to swim with her friends and kouhai on the island
Giving unallowed double promotion to Alice
Forcing Alice to sing
Being rude to Aika when her hair caught fire
Quitting undine to become an opera slut
Taking 2 seasons to reconcile her feelings with Alice
Being one of the 3 Great Faeries just because she could sing
Asking Alicia for marshmallows in her cocoa
Forcibly taking President Maa from where Alice hid him
Making Alice cry
Taking Alice's loneliness for granted
Blackmailing Hal Films into skipping the Marriage of the Sea chapter
The making of Avveniere
Making both of her seiyuus die
Causing the slow scanlation of Amanchuu
Making DeadFish only batches available
Encouraging /u/ shitposting in Aria threads

Her ultimate goal is to kill Aria.
However, you can stop her. Spread this list!

I will forever maintain that this whole flashback/group of scenes is the most patrician moment in all of Aria. There is something so profound and inexplicable in that scene.

Why do you have to make me sad like this?

You're completely wrong but I respect your opinion.


I respect your opinion too, my man. I think it's mostly because that scene resonates with me so deeply on a very spiritual level.

How much yuri does this have

or is it all just undertones

There's no such thing as yuri, user. Everything is undertones. Even /u/.

When Teko inevitably has to leave Pikari for college she'll quell her loneliness with cocks.

You're someone I wouldn't be ashamed of calling my nigger, user.

If the whistle doesn't return we riot.

Especially /u/

>I bet Teko's old friends were shallow bitches that didn't care about their friendship half as much as clingy Teko did and now they aren't even in contact
>half a second of not-Akari

Im not ready for this to end

I need the Pikari face bouncy ball webm.


It isn't supposed to end already.

It feels like episode 1 aired just yesterday.

Why do the japs have such shit taste, why isnt this number 1


>ill be at uni whens this airs
>ill miss out on the only time the amanchu threads are active

Has somebody done one of these already?

>repeat the Aria&Hime thing
>make Hime a Maa-chan
Amane didn't think this through.


>you will never be accepted as a special human guest in the magical underworld of the cats

>those subs
How the fuck does that line make sense?


I'll miss the meme faces

It's over

A sign from Cait Sith.

Only good in the manga because he doesn't have an annoying voice.




Who has the worst face and why is it Akira?

Fuck you, Akira is cute.

Because it turns her into an ugly pacman.


So now that it's over, will we be getting translations at a halfway decent speed?


The same place

In the manga she (and not!Aika) come and visit for a chapter.

What's the best Aria?

What do you mean?

This series is boring as fuck.

I had fun watching Aria but not this one.

All of them.

I didn't find it boring, but I expected much more from it.

At least the animation and OST were pretty good.

they skipped pretty much everything that isn't Teko drama, read the manga

Setting goes a long way. It's not the same to have gondoliers at Mars than high schoolers in a sports club

The tracks playing in this episode were fucking amazing, Why did they keep them until the last episode.

I didn't mind the show but it could have been so much better., Pretty average which is a shame because it was all set up to be some comfy SoL.


Enjoyed the anime a lot, OST was on point too.

Also I couldn't stop seeing that damn cloud after that user pointed it out.

What cloud?


>you will never skuba diving with Pikari and Teko
why live?

They better annouce a season 2 within a week or im going to kill myself


Surly theres going to be more right? why number the blue rays if you're not going to continue


You know what i want to fucking discuss?
How disappointing the fact is that this was sold to me as a comfy SoL about scuba diving but then after episode 3 it just turned into basically what any other SoL is like, except with some really retarded melodrama moments, like the one about her phone capacity being full.

Like fucking ep 1-3 or 4 were fucking great, and then this shit happened. FUCK

Thanks to this anime I have a new appreciation for diving difficulty.
Just thinking of all those movies that were filmed underwater. They must have been absolute hell to shoot.

It was good user, it was about autistic people being autistic

They only had one cour so they focused of most of Teko's major moments.
If there's a season 2 I'm sure they'll do the rest of it.

Episode 7 was my favorite episode.

i liked them all equally

>5 days old pussy

This is beyond toddlercon.

>no Akane and Chizuru episode
>no fireworks episode
>no Peter Pan spooky episode
They have to make another season

Those outfits. Oh dear dick.






Sweet baby Jesus.

How /fa/ are their school uniform?

3 > 1 > 2 = 4 = 1

What does this face convey?

How homo is this show?


>Amanchu is about fun
>they skipped the fun chapters

This show is literally
>Diving Dykes: The Animation


Sensei outfit.

This makes zero sense.

A teacher shouldn't be dressed like this in front of her students.


Fuck me why does it have to end, im autistic and i need this i swear this is the only time im happy

This was mediocre at best user

I guess ill hold of suicide till then

Rate this show please

Oh yes, this too.

This anime is not bad but it's also give me brain cancer.


Between Flying Witch and Kumamiko.

Don't you mention Kumamiko ever again

Teko is a lot like Machi though.

What does Pikari keep saying upyo? is she a laser gun?

Up there but slightly behind great SoL's like non non

That was what like maybe 80 feet underwater?

Doesn't sensei have a boyfriend in the manga?

>"Come on user!"

Fug forgot picture

I hate her. When will Pikari die?

Pikari is an angle and cant die

I always cry at these scenes

I always hear "Lets-a-go" in a mario voice


Amanchu is an anime that will be talked about years from now.


The soundtrack is absolutely the best to listen to while by the ocean.

It's one of my favorite parts of this show

>"Pikari, I'm pregnant with your child."

Went in thinking I'd hate it cause it wasn't Aria, came out pleasantly surprised.

Characters were likeable (and fuckable), animation was good, and ost was great. Plus those moments that are so fucking cute and heart warming that would make feel so lame in any other anime but just work in Amano's stories.

Only take away is the modern setting. It isn't terrible in all honesty but Aqua was just so new, majestic, full of life and mystery that the school and Japan couldn't match it. Plus no fantasy stuff like Cait Sith, time travel, galaxy train, etc.

Overall somewhere between a 4 and a 4.5 for me. Glad I watched and hope for season 2.

Not bf per say, he's another teacher that gets introduced after this iirc. He just recently confessed to her after going to drink with her.


Where does the anime leave off in manga? Or should I just read it all?

That's just a normal clothing. It's her body that is so sinful

Read it all, there's some stuff that the anime cut out

The guy's so lucky, he is always surrounded with such a fine ladies.

>tfw french editor changes its name into marron

Read everything

What's the guy's name? Pierre?

why are they (sensei in particular) so perfect


>Pikari will never sleep on you
Why live

Ai is the sexiest.

They named him Jean-Pierre.

Confidence and womanly curves.

On a scale from Sam Flam to Sakura Trick, how /u/ was this really?

i want to feel this butt


Candy boy levels of /u/

Animated chapters are 1-19 and 21

They changed a bunch of stuff though



Booty too fat.

whats does tekos vagina smell like

Whatever Pikari ate that day.

Pocari Pikari Sweat.

>sensei in hotpants

stil dont know how little bother doesnt popup a boner around all the girls

they fixed the lip/ or chin lines?


The trick is to always have a boner that way no one knows

>sold to me as a comfy SoL about scuba diving
Then you're a retard for believing shit somebody made-up; because anyone who's read the manga would have told you the focus is on the club members rather than club activities.
Don't blame the show for your moronic credulity.

I don't remember watching Aria with a partial erection all the time.

Anyone would tell you the same about Aria and you'd still get an awful lot of rowing a boat gently down the stream.

days old pussy
>This is beyond toddlercon.
In cat years she's legal

s4 when?


She cna't even shit on her own.
This isn't legal even for seals

i bet that diver was looking at their asses fro underwater

the butts are too good




good post

There is enough diving in Amanchu, anime only showed 3.5 out of 11 volumes

"Futaba Ooki, a shy girl who just moved in from the city to the oceanside town of Shizuoka, meets Hikari Kohinata, an erratic girl who loves scuba diving. Together, they join their school's Diving Club and discover the joys of underwater exploration."

Who would of a show with such a description would contain no fucking scuba diving.

Can we expect an s2, or too soon to tell?


>On a scale from Sam Flam to Sakura Trick, how /u/ was this really?


I wanted to yell about how numbers are stupid, but it seems like there are mostly decent people in this thread.

Pikari is immortal.

The manga used to sell 100k in 2 weeks (volume 4 and 5 according to ANN). Now it's only 40k in 2 weeks, the anime didn't really help. I don't know why, maybe people dropped it because her art got lazy

then we just have to buy the t-shirts


I hope

>That last minute

This is really not yuri?

girls can do that without being lasbian user, men cant because we're too blunt

It looked pretty yuri to me.

NOOO, I don't want to say goodbye to Teko and Pikari and Ane-chan's boobies! ;__;

its only for a couple of months user
then we can talk about suicide

If a more perfect final episode was possible, it would not be a mortal who could make it. Everything about this, from all the new OST, the insert song, the connections to the first episode, and the development of Pikari and Teko, had me crying for nearly the entire episode from the time they stepped into the sea. Keeping her first sea dive until now was the absolute right choice. I hope that one day we'll be able to see the light of season 2.

Googling right now:
-Where to buy rope
-How to tie noose

>tfw last episode

Those udders just want to be free!




You could be googling local dive shops to earn your open water c-card.

That was a cute ending.

So do Pikari and Teko fuck in the manga?

What do Teko's farts smell like?

yes, pikari and teko and i fuck

Anxiety and steamed cauliflower.

8/10 only because of Akari and Aika's seiyuus

It's a pretty good SoL, but Aria is far too better

shouldn't compare them

amanchu just needs more seasons since 12 episodes is not enough

Ratefags should be boiled alive.

This picture of Pikari always gives me this strange sensation in my heart.

Probably acid reflux.

Reminder this was made above 720 so if you watched 720 you watched it in a inferior format.

you're an inferior format


That's so lame it works.

Never noticed how big Pikari's pikaris were.

>3 seconds into the episode
>hear akari's voice
I immediately burst into treats

is aria the avvenire th last of the series, will there be no more animated?

>you'll never rub your face in pikaris tits
Why lvie

It was a cheap cameo, but at the same time it said everything we needed to know about the character.

We're lucky that The Avvenire exists at all.

Cried at the end when Teko said while thinking out loud the sea was applauding her.

I thought her head was going to explode when she tought it in the sea, like she forgot to depreasurize her body

Anyone know when the OST is coming out?

it's already out.

give me a bit and I'll upload it to mega, if nobody has already.

He has to be Cat Sith right?

Just started reading it. on Chapter 28. Kind of sad they cut out some of the supernatural stuff. That's the stuff that made me love Aria.

The guy on the bus just made me shit bricks.

Sad that this didnt boost the manga sales. How did it sell overall?

Didn't she just have a kid? Sucks that people stop buying right after that.

They didn't really cut it, it just needs a S2

You can't be buying manga from used goods.

If she had a kid that means she's married which means a husband to provide for her. Right?

Manga used to sell over 30k. After the anime 50k.

I guess, but more money never hurts.!c4pjCSJI!Mf-ipt68eXt6TbDTaPVIl00GCqe8HYatR_8pYyUmUxw

That's bullshit, it used to sell 100k in 2 weeks in 2012/13

should have made the anime sooner

Maybe manga sale dropped for some reason

No I was really asking if she's married or not cause I don't know if she is. Would suck if she's a single mother.

I would assume so. That shit is frowned upon in Japan.

It still happens though.

>today is the last episode
I want to watch it so bad but I don't want it to end bros

Insert song download when?

Why not become an opun wotah daibah?

Then the fun would continue forever.

If I drown in the sea will I be with Pikari forever?

While maybe not the most engaging individual episodes and some bizarre character decision, the show overall seemed to hit me in the right places when it was working. At least for me it really caught that youthful feeling of trying new things and meeting new people. Very casual yet also exciting, like a distillation of youth.

One scene in the last episode that got me was them getting out of the car as the sun's not quite out yet and they're all groggy but the day ahead promises excitement. It's something I've experienced many times and I feel it caught that emotion perfectly. There's a few standout scenes like that, but this one's special seeing as I'd never expect to say that I've seen an evocative getting out of a car scene.


The afterlife is full of non-stop fun with Pikari, Jacques Costeau, and this guy.

What if I just want Pikari? Do I just drown myself 1/3rd of the way?

How did Aria get to Mars? How did Aria get so fat?

How did Aria get to Manhome? How did Aria get so fat?


Thanks user

Are you a pinata?

He lives with the physical incarnation of the goddess of sex, it doesn't even phase him.

Just in case CR wasn't shitty enough, this happened. They're checking the second stage of their regulators.

Because they said octopus and it's typically called an octopus you whiny faggot. Do you even dive?

No, I don't. Thanks.

Season 2 soon right?



Why is Dotty's amanoface so cute?

Because Teko is cute no matter what.

I fucking love that Teko haircut.


>Plus no fantasy stuff like Cait Sith, time travel, galaxy train, etc.

There is some of it in the manga though. The bus chapter came so out of the left field that it surprised me more than any of the supernatural occurrences in Aria.

Gotta let the hair loose, man.


It's basically Twilight Zone

>no more upyo
>no more comfy acoustic guitar
>just silence as a new season settles in

I don't know if I'm ready for this.


I've spent later episodes wanting to read the mango, time to do that now I guess. Although I might also wait for summer for a more fitting setting.

I'm going to make Pikari real one day


I'm not.
Wish this manga and Aria got localized here.
I'd buy all of it in a heartbeat.




>Pikari will never love you
why live?

Don't worry user, Pikari is real in your heart and she loves you a whole lot.

I didn't realize this thread was made yesterday before the episode aired, so I started reading it and thought there was another episode next week. I don't like my hopes being crushed like this.

Teko's little Tekos and huge Tekohips too.

That fish is cute.

So, here comes an important question:
What was the best episode?

My favorite was sensei's one, but the onee-san senpai one was pretty good too.

I really liked the phone one.

OVA in may 2017

they where all equally good and best

my favorite ones are in the manga

>you will never have a friend as good as Pikari
Why even continue to exist?

there isnt

>even if you do, she'll never be this cute
There's no reason at all, user.
But not existing anymore is a bother.

Wow, a nosatalgia blast.
And I'm not even American.

>no more meme faces


Why would you take cats to the beach


it feels like yesterday ;-;

I still love this show.

Why did Cred Forums like this anime more? I feel its dangerously under appreciated

Because the more popular it is, the shittier it is.

Slightly more popularity would've been nice but I prefer this over a show that gets spammed 24/7 and inevitably attracting a bunch of shitposters.


>nobody's even pretending to stay pure for Asenshi

I am...

For Ume da

Last one, i was expecting a full blown scuba diving episode the whole time and it delivered. Anyway someone post pics of BIG sister in the morning, i need them.

I appreciated different outfits in haircuts.

I am. Which is easy because I'm a couple of weeks behind.

Only one I got.

why should I