Shieldbro Chapter 27

It's that time of the month guys, another chapter has appeared before us!

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Also Volume 15 of the light novel is coming this 20-something


>oh hey we're on a flashback, we should say something
>nah lets leave it like that, i want to look all silent and broody


Oh hey it's elena, what a qt

>shield of brainwashing

As always, he falls for it.



check em

his spirit is commendable but goddamn if he isn't an idiot.
Oh hey elena again



More elena and woman 2

I forgot the picture


>would hurt his waifu
goddamn it

Yes, and people die when they are killed.

Raphtalia to the rescue!

Raphtalia looks kinda cool here

Friendly fire!

That is the face of someone who clearly fucked up

Zwei tier water and wind magic= Typhoon

>motoyasu doing the yamcha

Look at that smug


Look at those soldiers, they'll be important later


Goddamn it motoyasu

Fortunately another option should come up soon

Just how strong is her to send a hero flying like that

it's raining bitches


Here's some shields

Here's some more shields


that doesn't look good


This doesn't look well


I'm still amazed naofumi and co. survived that, considering it left a goddamn crater



And here's the Pope, and the final page.

Also, fuck those "click till there's none" captchas

Nice chapter thanks.

I think we'll see a conclusion to this arc in about two or three issues more, probably in time for the holidays

I've been looking forward to this.

Firo went all like "back that shit up, bitch."

Chances of Christmas being ruined?

If the mangaka decides to end the manga early i wouldn't be too angry or happy about it.

I wonder what else will get a manga adaptation.

What exactly do you mean?

She needs to be raped.

WN to LN adaptations. We have Tanaka, Serei, Youjo Senki, Otome villainess works.

Are they from the same author?

Why would he end it early? is not selling well? is it going to be cancelled?

Her wallet more like, she's as jewish as naofumi.


If they end it after this arc i think it would be a fitting point to end it, whether it's a manga or anime. Though the manga volumes sold 25k copies each, which looks decent enough though i wouldn't like to see it end yet.

The Shieldbro author also did the manga for P4A

Ah, that fucking bitch. Can't wait to see that piece of shit suffer in hell.

in maybe two or three more chapters.

>Read author's new series
>Shieldbro became a Pekkle

Wait... What?

There's a NPC in a VRMMO called Brave Pekkle
His equipment is limited to Shields
His hate increases when approached with a certain red-haired doll
He ends up transforming into Wrath Pingu, summons Dark Philorial and uses Self Curse Burning

Why is Raphtalia so perfect?

She isn't

Where is this new series, and where can i read this?

Check the author's page on Narou

... Goddamn it.

This also reminds me there's a short story also made by the same author.

I was about to rage about how much lancer pisses me off and then I see this giant fuck off laser.

And as usual the church is the bad guy. Since I have been following the manga exlusively and I know there are two iterations of the story I have a question.
I'm not sure on the specifics but I believe I did read a part of the WN where it turned out that Malty was orchestrating a lot of problems which ultimately ended in her captured and sentenced to death by rape. Is that not where this is going if the church has stepped up to be the string pullers or did I jump ahead too far?

Well, back then they didn't have a way to indoctrinate the common people into mindless zombies that follow all orders.

>one of the WN titles is called dimension wave
huh, could this be it?

There's also brave star online, guess the author made references to his previous WNs in shieldbro

Is this the WN turned into LN turned into manga thread? Because we may experience this series coming to light (anime)

Eh... i guess you could take the thread over for that but there's another one already

Why? What happened in this arc? Please spoil me senpai.

Now I'm all caught up.


The priest has them all backed into a corner while showing off a legendary weapon replica that can transform into any of the legendary weapons while claiming that it has at least 1/4th of the true power of the real things, but then when all seemed lost, Ren and Itsuki arrive and lend a hand. That wasn't enough to beat the priest who was protected by a holy barrier that repels curse-attribute attacks and also buffed with high-level defensive and regenerative spells powered by adherents of the church that arrived to aid him. So Naofumi has an idea and lets the shield of wrath take a good look at ren, the Dragon King core that the shield absorbed flares up in anger and upgrades Naofumi's Shield of Rage II into the Shield of Wrath III. This almost completely overwhelms Naofumi, and would have pretty much killed everyone there had firo not stepped in and calmed down his heart. With this new shield he was able to penetrate the Pope's holy barrier and stand up to Judgment without a scratch, sadly this wasn't still enough to defeat the pope as he uses counter skills and hides behind 7 proxies while preparing a bow skill that would be pretty powerful even for naofumi to withstand. At that point, the queen steps in and freezes the pope and his illusions, then Naofumi uses the Blood sacrifice skill that the Shield of Wrath III has which summons a multi-layered bear trap that resembles a dragon's jaw which viciously grinds and eats the pope alive. The skill however, also fucks naofumi up, opening wounds through his whole body, draining his blood and wounding him internally. The queen makes her top priority to attend naofumi, who complains at her about everything but he leaves that for later.

Continued in another post

man the WN goes from trashy to downright gag-inducing after this tho. the crappy english translation didn't help

So after waking up, he finds himself in a bed with Melty, Firo and Raphtalia and pushes them off the bed. He had slept for a few days due to his wounds, he also finds himself cursed with an ailment which reduces all of his stats besides defense by 30%. He's told that curse is not something he can cure in an instant and that he has to let it heal with time. After talking to the queen and asserting his current situation, he accompanies the queen to talk with trash and the bitch. She is royally PISSED at them for going out and summoning all 4 heroes in Melromarc, discriminating and against the shield hero who they should be treating equally, specially on this time where the waves are rampant and other nasty shit. She first proves naofumi innocent of all charges, disowns both trash and bitch and strips them from their royal titles, deems the 3 hero church heretical and renames both Trash and Bitch from their previous names to... Trash and Bitch. After that, The queen and Naofumi make a magically sealed contract which gives naofumi various benefits in exchange for his trust to the queen and cooperation against the waves.

After all of that, we're led to a tearjerking moment where firo and melty have to part ways as melty is part of royalty and can't spend as much time together with firo like they used to. With naofumi holding hands with raphtalia while looking on with hope that things will be less shitty than they were before.

My god that sound cool. Why does it needs to be monthly?

>renames both Trash and Bitch from their previous names to... Trash and Bitch.

They deserve this. What a based queen.

If the manga continues after then you wont have to worry much about that. LN vol 5 redoes the while calmira island arc, adds a few characters and adds a wave on top of it, more BETRAYAL and Glass's reapprearance

Not sure, all LN adaptations seem to be monthly.

She assists in the calmira wave too

Malty is manipulating the church. Malty is behind everything. Her surprise is an act.

Well that DOES sound like a possibility, though it looks like the manga and LN seem to differ. looks like she got backstabbed by the church and the pope.

Unless the LN changes the biggest plot point in the entire story, I'm pretty damn sure it's true.

I believe she wanted to use the church as means to rise to power, though they turned on her because they thought it would be better to have someone else sit on that throne than her. She and motoyasu's companions were all crying like bitches when they were about to be killed by the church. Though she DID say she was a master manipulator and she could get away with anything so you could say itwas all part of her plan

She also puts a slave curse on Bitch. A high-class slave curse that only becomes visible once it activates, and only happens if she does shit like attacking naofumi and co. or when she needs to be punished



Which hero is best?

My vote goes to hammer.

Because the actual ending is fucking awful.

always wanted to use this.

She's the Katana hero now. Unless you mean there's an ACTUAL Hammer hero.

Though i meant ending the manga after the pope fight and bitch and trash's punishment.

I'm speaking in WN terms. I'm okay if the LN switched the weapons around for the sub heroes.

Wait, i heard that Bitch become last boss? How could she be if she cursed by the queen?
Or is it that i'm wrong?

Actually massive spoiler for real:
Bitch is the mortal avatar of a world eater that is forcing the waves to completion so she can have her next meal. In the WN she gets the slave curse dispelled by another empire before that reveal, but it means jack shit in the face of her real power.

More like an itty bitty teensy little fragment of the real one. Even the one that appeared before naofumi and co was still just a fragment so the real deal could have been even more powerful.

You should deifinitely read the whole story though

>You should deifinitely read the whole story though
I wouldn't recommend it. It turns into generic garbage with edge sprinkles after the town gets founded. And I'm not talking about the amusing kind of edge. I'm talking about the sort of edge where you can tell that the author is working out his anger at an actual woman through the story.

How far would you say we're into the story? Halfway? Almost over? Not even 25%?

Not even 25% of the entire story.

If we go by the amount of thing's that's covered in the WN, then the LN is at least 30% done.

If we consider the extra arcs, new events and rewrites of stuff, then what said.

jap has at least 67% of the WN covered, but it's actual story seems at least 50% or close.

As for the manga, i'd say we're at least 20% into the WN, which is at least 4 volumes of the light novel.

Also good night guys, i hope this thread survives at least until tomorrow but i'm not hoping for much.

I heard that the Light Novel diverged quite significantly from the Web Novel?

How significantly are we talking though? Is it enough of a difference that there's some chance the shitty ending and some of the more garbage parts of the plot (like the town) will be changed?

I heard Atlas still exists, so it's doubtful.

The LN is very different from the WN.

Does anyone have vol 15 scans?It should be out. Same for drama cd.

Nevermind, found illustrations for vol 15(and spoilers). Only need drama cd.
Open spoiler pic for a not so nice Atlas spoiler.



does the shield still go crazy and makes a new race?




So long story short this series is still going the edgy route and I just hopped on the tracks a dozen or so miles ahead of the current location. Shame because I've been enjoying the manga and I know where this series is heading and I'm not sure I'm going to like it.
It's not even Malty's fate that I don't like. Just how much the series reads as revenge porn of the non-interesting variety. Plus some stuff about a whale raping shieldbro which was also really weird



Dont forget a certain bird tring to rape him

>That protected smile

Where's the line to piss on her grave?

I gotta say they do look cute

>that dickspear

So the sin animals are:
Wrath: dragon
Greed: fox
Lust: scorpion
Envy: snake?
Pride: lion?
Gluttony: Pig or some porcine animal
Sloth: unknown

>You should deifinitely read the whole story though
Where can I find the whole thing?]

Yes and? Freud is all about "tell me about your mom" because he fucked his mom and ended being fucked up himself. Doesn't prevent him from being considered a great psychoanalyst

Did she die?

There's a doc with all the TL'd chapters of the WN at madokami

>Doesn't prevent him from being considered a great psychoanalyst
Basically every modern psychologist considers him to be a complete quack whose only contribution to the field was popularizing the idea that you could study the workings of the human mind.

Also, even if that were true it would mean absolutely nothing about the quality of the story.

Yup. A random, un-foreshadowed death beam comes out of nowhere and she takes the hit for Naofumi because the body of one sickly girl was exactly enough to stop it where his shield wasn't capable. Then she gets to complete her hamfisted symbolism of "being his shield" because somehow everyone else putting their lives on the line for him doesn't qualify. Then Naofumi absorbs her into his shield and she gains consciousness again and is literally his shield and my facepalm transcended this world and I'm not spoilering any of this shit because people need to know how retarded it is.

>but they fixed it in the LN
I cannot fathom it being turned into any less of a shitfest except by removing her character entirely.

At where? All I'm getting is a site that needs login and password

You got to register at the IRC thing, then you should be set. That's all i can say.

The death beam flies at one of the Phoenix twin raid bosses, which are meant to be killed at he same time so they don't revive. If one twin is killed earlier, the other twin curls up into a massive fireball radiating heat and shit then crashes into the ground into a big explosion and both twins re-emerge fully healed. When this happens the surviving twin goes Supernova and everyone throws whatever they can at that, even naofumi uses Blood Sacrifice to try and destroy it but the skill also fails to kill it. So when the explosion comes, which will certainly kill naofumi, atlas jumps ahead and re-directs the energy somewhere else but she also becomes fatally wounded.

then the other shit that user says happens.

Story turned fucking stupid and shit.

The chances of that look very slim now



>Read the LN chapters
>It turns into a fucking HAREM

Well it does look like that, And the WN ends up with Naofumi having children with at least three women

Need more adaptations.

Does the Spear-hero ever fuckin listen?

Wasn't the whole village plundered ?

I remember hearing something weird about the ending, like the author had to change it a couple of times because it was so hated.

If my memory don't fail me in the original end the world is destroyed, Naofumi back to his world and he thinks that was only a dream
The second one Naofumi and Rapthalia becomes a gods.
Ask to Shieldbro for more details

Only his friends.

Absolutely not, only those who had a special interest in naofumi got his D. Raphtalia, Melty and Sadina were confirmed at least.

Nope. At least one of them married a crepe tree.

Or her descendants did, for that matter. She did marry the 3rd broest thing on her list.


Is this a weapon from the sin series?

Lust is, in fact, one of the seven sins.


Thank goodness our hero hasn't yet deployed that weapon!

shieldbro where can i read the novel

So, Shieldbro Raphtalia die in teh WN bu not in the LN. Is that right? And then she is resurrected? Did I get that right?

Haven't been back here for a while. If this is the first time you've read them, I envy you!

>This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference.
do you take me for a fool you bastard

Really? I'm re-reading the 'Tiger-Man' chapter as I post this.

Might just be your end.

the first chapters have been removed, but i've found a weeb blog with a copy of the translation

Ok,My Bad! I see what you're saying. First few chapters are missing on this page for me, too...

Her death was roughly at the same time as naofumi's in the WN. But they got better. We havent even gotten to that part yet in the LN, nor i think the chain of events that lead to that will be the same as the WN

So they both die? And then get resurrected? Huh?

Well originally, naofumi was the only suvivor and gets sent back to his world and deems everything he experieced until that point as a dream. Then loads of complaining changed that, and now Raphtalia is alive too and then they somehow get back to the other world and fix shit. They manage to avoid death because they absorbed the elixir of immortality on their weapons previously, but that would not work a second time if they got hit by instadeath

I wish we had more 4komas

> Then loads of complaining changed that, and now Raphtalia is alive too and then they somehow get back to the other world and fix shit. They manage to avoid death because they absorbed the elixir of immortality on their weapons previously, but that would not work a second time if they got hit by instadeath

Oh I remember people talking about that but I thought that fix happened in teh LN. I didn't know he had changed the WN. So Madokami has the fixed version?

it appears so.