Knights and Magic gets anime adaptation

Isekai BOOM continues unabated!
>a Japanese mecha otaku dies in a car accident and his soul is reincarnated into another world as Ernesti Echevarria. Eru inherits memories and interests from his previous life, and aims to be a pilot of a Silhouette Knight, a large humanoid weapon that really exists in his world.

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I have a feeling that, more so than SAO ever did, the success of Re: Zero is going to really open the floodgates to copycat isekai anime adaptations.

>the success of Re: Zero
Ugh ugh, Konosuba already done this job.

Why this, of all things?

What does /m/ think of this?

>trap MC
>magic school

why wouldn't it? It has all the things that you usually find in anime.

>Mecha Isekai
Sci-fi Isekai when?

When will we be able to go back to the age of VN harem adaptions?

>trap MC
You meant the guy on the cover is the MC? Holy fuck.

>trap MC
Tell me more about this MC.

They think it would be better without the "reincarnated otaku" aspect and just make it about a native to that world who becomes an engineering genius because of his love for robots.

The MC is a mechasexual trap. That's all there is to it.

Find me a VN harem which is also isekai and we'll talk.

Muv luv

Wait, which one? There've been two of them and neither of them were isekai, just alternative history.

He's a trap and mechasexual. Meet his custom machine that he built.

Seinarukana and Aselia.

Talk about overcompensating

Does he get a mecha harem like Tony Stark?

/m/fag trap onii-sama

He makes a lot of shit, yeah.

Well, at least it doesn't have giant nippon damashii katanas to go with it.

He makes a shit ton, there's tiny powered armor mini-mechas for chores, a centaur mecha and finally his personal unit.

Konosuba was a satire on the genre.
Re:Zero played it straight. Inb4 muh deconstruction.

>trap MC
but why? who thing this shit will sell

>wish fulfillment genre where audience-insert MC gets to escape to a place where he's effortlessly amazing and surrounded by awesome shit
>MC is a weak retard who gets shit on constantly; probably would have been happier staying at home

Yeah, totally played straight.

We are so fucked.

>out of all the terribad isekai shit out there they make one of the better ones
i'm down with the story of a mechasexual trap fighting oversized fantasy super fauna, all while being badass about it.
i actually legitimately like this series.

I hope the next fad in WN/LN is better.

Better than the era of Shana-clones, that's for sure.

The urban fantasy and battle harem fads were still more tolerable because they weren't founded on fucking web fics.

Mecha Mahouka. I do hope you enjoy.

They were worse, I'll take a million of this over more fucking battle harems or urban fantasy nonsense.

>he hated the adventures of onii-sama nuking chinks
>he hates the adventure of mecha onii-sama bitchslapping everything around in fantasy land with mechs


There is literally no difference in quality between vanilla light novels and web novels that have been vetted through the publishing process.
They're all trash.

Are there fantasy chinks for him to slap the shit out of?

The original Muv-Luv is isekai and by proxy the spin-offs are too.

I thought for a second the otaku was genderbended since it's such a girly looking protag.

I remember reading a bit of the LN, it was pretty forgettable, the twin girl was kinda cute and that's about it.

Im going to watch this pile of shit just for MC's retard mecha otaku antics

And I'm going to love every second of it.

Yes. Plus MAGIC. Yes, he is a magical genius to boot.

He's literally trap oniisama if he was also obsessed with gunpla.

Is it the one where MC ropes a pair of twins and some blacksmith kid into studying magic with him and they all end up like prodigies at school or something? I think I remember something along these lines.


At least he has emotions and he doesnt deviate from his stated goal of basically making a Gundam.

Yes. He also figures out how to make the powerplants of the mechs using his special skills that only elves are supposed to know.

It goes through several cliches that most mecha genre has and you'll love it.

I honestly don't mind, I knew what I was getting into.

Ordinary light novels have a mildly better chance of not being total shit. Publishing cleaned up webfics is how you get Fifty Shades of Grey instead of Harry Potter. It's all trash, but try comparing the trash of a three star restaurant with the trash of a McDonald's.

/m/ is going to love the mecha building.

The urban fantasy era gave us classics that are still talked about ten years later like Shana, Raildex, Fate, Negima, and Monogatari. All isekai has given us is SAO.

>still talked about ten years later like Shana

People talk about Shana?

>liking anything
The urban fantasy era gave us heaps of garbage is what you're saying.

I'll take a million Strike the Bloods or Fate/another spinoff over more Mushoku Tensei wannabes.

>Talked about
Yea about that

What about none of this.

It's a higher grade of garbage than sakamoto666's newly minted bowel movement.

Nah, I'll take stuff like edgy Lady Oscar over the nth battle harem or more Fate cancer.

I laugh everytime.
Then I cry.

How do you people not get sick of Fate? Like serious question.

I'll take more fujoshibait sports anime over either of these.

just recently read the manga for this. I can't get enough of this isekai shit. It's my guilty pleasure. It's like I'm a fat middle aged woman sitting down with a tub of Hagen daas and watching the Batchelorette.

I'd take the fucking Vending machine isekai over more fate cancer, goddamn.

For me the differentiating factor is FUCKING VIDEOGAMIFICATION

Have a list. Added I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine to it too since last update.

>I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine
This actually got published..jesus.
Adaption fucking when?

This has the most relatable MC for me out of all the isekai shit I've read

Still falls for the regular pitfalls, but fuck me, my inner /m/ is crying for this shit.

>Why this, of all things?
Lots of merchandise possibilities because it not only mixes armor, swords, and magic, but also has multiple types of mecha and monster figures. That means toy companies would be more likely to join the production committee, buy advertising from the host TV stations, and pony up the funds to get the thing green-lighted.

no you're not, Re:Zero is getting praised in this board

because re:zero is good right?

yeah, you deserve this

At least in those days they had to do some semblance of world building and explanation of mechanics, now with modern isekai they just say "you know that MMO you played? It's just like that. You played DQ, right? It's just like that. Muh appraisal, muh stats, muh skill points".

Nah, you're just being a angry grandpa yelling that it used to better before.

today's fantasy genre is really good

>there are anime fans who will be nostalgic about Sword Art Online five from now about how the videogame-style isekai era was so much better than Olympic sports anime or whatever is popular in five years time

I can't lie. Me too.

Seeing as this is isekai-related, maybe someone here might know:
I remember reading part of an isekai story on syosetu like two years ago and its since been removed from the site. That often happens if they get signed for a light novel deal, so wondering if that was maybe true or not.

Prologue was SAO-style where the MC's imouto plays a VRMMO with him and heard about an exploit where the two of them could log into each others characters by hotswapping headsets. Imouto cons the MC into doing it, so he logs in as her loli dark elf character. Long story short, ominous gate appears instead of a normal one after clearing a dungeon and shit goes wrong and the MC and his sister wake up at the bottom of the minotaur labyrinth again, but everything is real then. Mino boss respawns and they nearly get killed defeating it. Then stuck with almost no provisions in the pitch dark trying to make their way out of the bottom of the labyrinth.

That ring a bell for anyone?
Found the picture I saved a long time ago, so I guess its called Sister Change.

Are Japanese otaku as tired of isekai as the Western?

Is this the thread for shitty jap novels?

I'm trying to access the hataraku maou translations, but I'm stuck on this bullshit. The other 3 were easy, but I don't even know where to begin on this, despite knowing that the solution is supposed to begin 2e636f.

Be careful what you say user.

And i'm totally okay with this.


Literally why?

Just get them from homuwaifu.

Not that user, but Negima used to have lots of threads, especially during school festival arc and greater parts of magic world, enough to have weekly threads almost every week and managed to spawn TLs and editors to helped out with scanlation for a period of time. But not anymore since that thing went dead.

Shana was the same for its first two season, with the 2nd season generating exceptional hype cause of Shana herself was brought in a generation of moe. The long gap between S2 and S3 resulted if a major decline and naturally hype went away and so did the discussion, so when S3 came around there was only a fifth of the popularity it once had. However, even after it ended Shana still gets threads from time to time.

Nice. There are dozens more Isekai manga/ln`s i`d prefer to be adapted more, but this one isnt too bad.

I never praised Re;Zero though

Are these really the lesser evil to LN harem adaptions? Is this the future that we have chosen?

No, they love it.

I already watched it when it was calld Turn A Gundam and Hayate no Gotoku

Fuck off everyone, Its not mecha nor trap manga. Its middle aged Object C programmer story with him spending time programming and debugging magic.

Not enouth drills

yes, isekai is now the capeshit of anime

web fics > standard anime/ln/manga works for same reason japanese anime/manga/ln stories > western one - japan doesnt give a shit and goes with its fantasy full retarded and non conventional: this is why we love it compared to western media in first place

And in turn japanese web toons are essentially doujinshi written without editorial restrictions and authors going full retard - which is advantage over normal japanese media, which is already quite restricted in its own tropes and artificial limitations

So yeah, its better since its stuff you`ll not get published normally - but rather it first some gem out of pile of 1000 shitty stories becomes popular online, and only then picked up for adaptation

>not trap
fuck off then why do they have to pressed more than once that he look fucking beautiful all the time

>And in turn japanese web toons are essentially doujinshi written without editorial restrictions and authors going full retard - which is advantage over normal japanese media, which is already quite restricted in its own tropes and artificial limitations
If only this was what actually happened, instead of a metric fuckton of homogenous clones all attempting to follow the leader in what's popular to try and get clicks.

>looks like a girl
>not a trap

Eru takes care of himself.

They`ll be showing his "middle aged unshaven" self whenever he does inner monologue/thoughs scene

>Mushoku Tensei
Anime when. Why adapt all the derivatives, when the genre exists specifically because and for this thing.

Fuck off Mushitkofag. Your series is bad and you should feel bad.

Your taste is shit and you should feel bad.

webs fics are all good?

Reminder that Dungeon Meshi >>>>>> your favorite isekai trash

There are many webnovels that are literally like Dungeon Meshi faggot.

Not even near. Not even the best cooking manga.

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki is better, as is two dozens others.

>literally like

No one reaches the same level of humor as Meshi.

Yes, but just don't read those metric fuck ton of clones. Only read things like say, OPM.

>Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki is better,

Opinion discarded.

The Gamer is the best Isekai because Abyss is another world and MC gets into it

Animo when?

Reminder that Twelve Kingdoms trumps all.

The magic school was only a part of like half of the first volume. It quickly disappears into mech building and battles.

it's a bout a teen trying to get laid

Well the elves specifically taught him that but he still had to come up with a slight alternative if I remember right because he couldn't do it exactly like the elves did it.

Is there romance?

This is one of the very few isekai where the isekai bit feels very legit. Most of his success in the otherworld is attributable to one of two things. The first is programmer experience/ability to think like a programmer which lets him have a very efficient approach to new world's magic. The second is pure hard work and training from a crazy young age.

This is a world where magic capacity (mp) can be trained like stamina/cardio by constantly casting spells.

And all that hard work he does? All because he's obsessed with mechs and realized he was in a world with them.

Needless to say I'm quite happy this is getting an anime.

>>This is a world where magic capacity (mp) can be trained like stamina/cardio by constantly casting spells.
except he already has insane mana when he first casts a first spell, so no - he is "op" since start

who does it have to be a programmer and not a mechanical engineer?

>Most of his success in the otherworld is attributable to one of two things. The first is programmer experience/ability to think like a programmer which lets him have a very efficient approach to new world's magic


>The second is pure hard work and training from a crazy young age.

It's amazing how isekai writers quickly ruin this trope even though it was always hype as fuck in shonenshit to go into training arcs.

The MC is totally mechasexual. There is a girl in love with him but as far as I know she pretty much can't get through to him because all he has on the brain is mechs.

Just like how all nobles are evil corrupted fucks who mistreat their own people. I'm tired of these cliches.

Wait, what are you talking about? We never really saw his initial magic training state. It was like a brief glance then we got a multi year timeskip that he's spent the entire time training in.

>mc is prettier than love interest
Picked up.

If there are still retards like you around i am not surprised of middle ages people being retarded.

Mother shows him how to cast simple spell. First cast he blows away a tree performing it 10x time stronger than she.

Nice retort.

Double checked the webnovel. He totally has normal kid MP levels. He picks up on it somewhat fast but it's also clear that he does a lot of studying. (given that his grandfather is the head of the magic academy it's also reasonable that his family's library of books is likely pretty good) He's also accurate to the point of being praised.

So volume 1 chapter 1. Some quotes.
>They practiced all types of architect sigils one by one, allowing Eru to get used to the feeling of using magic. After casting spells repeatedly, Eru started to feel weird...

>"This is how it feels when you expend mana. If you don't experience it now, it will be troublesome in the future."

>"... I can't catch my breath, it feels painful. My mana is empty after using just a little magic, so depressing."

>"Don't be discouraged. You are still young, lacking mana is normal."

The manga glosses over the fact he has normal magic but the webnovel is pretty clear cut.

No, only male nobility are like that. If the noble is a young female of marriageable age then she is the epitome of egalitarianism.

>If you don't experience it now, it will be troublesome in the future

This sentence structure is Japanese as fuck. It's ugly in English.

Ha, true.

The hell are you talking about? Blows away a tree? He hits a target and his mother is surprised about his accuracy.

>already professional level as a kid


Dont use logic and proofs on faggots. It scares them.

>If you don't get a feel for it now, it'll bite you in the ass down the line - Yen Press

That sounds better. But still too informal for a noble.

>Thats absolute garbage premise

hahahahahahah OH WOW, worse isekai than konosuba and rezero confirmed.

The mechanical engineering he picks up in the school by studying hard. There's no indication he's good at it in his previous life. Further the materials being used in the fantasy world differ and material science wouldn't transfer 1:1.

Rather, the programming comes up because it allows him to understand magic while others don't. As a programmer myself it feels very legit. It's like how someone can learn some scripts and get by with copy paste but not be able to build anything themselves. Where as I can and have put together fairly complex scripts with automation while having low experience with the language due to understanding programming.

Once you understand the fundamentals of programming going from one language to another is mostly about learning the differences in syntax. So for him it's just about learning the new "magic syntax". It's literally something programmers do as part of their careers and thus doesn't feel like a cheat. It's just the way his brain works.

In the story the real strength of this isn't even his own spellcasting. It's his ability to put together a "magic plate". Or to put it in another way. He can program the software for his mechs when he builds them in a way that's more advanced then the world is used to.

>Should you not experience this at the present time, the consequences in due course shall be dire indeed. - [gg]

There you go. Sounds like a proper 19th century novel.

>not a single magic researcher understand the very thing they're researching


But all it should mean is that he gets a head start. Others who are not stupid should reach the level of coding that he is at some years hence. Unless this society that has built itself on magic across thousands of years is somehow bad at magic because reasons.

Oh and there is a difference between deathmarch and this in terms of how legit the "I used to be a programmer so I understand magic" feels.

The deathmarch protag is cheaty as fuck and it feels like he doesn't have to work at all to understand magic. It feels like his power set does most of the work for him.

Knights and Magic protag obsessively shoves his nose into books and experiments to get there. By the time he's breaking records in magic school he has literally already spent years working hard studying on his own. From the age of 3.

This is why reincarnation is better then summoning by the by. Gives the character an entire childhood to get used to the world and language.

Not really. Takeru goes between his own alternate realities and shit, but it's not really what you'd consider isekai. He's only competent from the readers perspective because he's an amalgamation of countless failed realities by that point.

Deathmarch MC has admin console access. Of course he feels "cheaty"

Let me put it this way, can you compare the scientific knowledge of Charles Darwin with that of someone from the modern day with a PhD in evolutionary biology?

>but it's not really what you'd consider isekai.
Mate he is literally a Mecha videogame enthusiast who gets transported into another world where he uses his videogame experience to get ahead of the curve in mecha piloting. He also uses his knowledge of beginner mode and macros to "invent" the concept of the XM3.

>because he's an amalgamation
No, his squad had difficulty keeping up with him even in Unlimited

>anything published under Alphapolis


Takeru in Alt/Unlimited is an amalgamation of countless Takerus. His piloting skill doesn't come from his gaming, it's from actually piloting TSF's across countless realities/timelines.


>Knights and Magic protag obsessively shoves his nose into books and experiments to get there. By the time he's breaking records in magic school he has literally already spent years working hard studying on his own. From the age of 3.

It still feels cheaty as fuck. I especially hate when reincarnation stories make absurdly smart toddlers telling adults what to do. Like that one female where she's only six year old and she's already telling adults how to do their jobs.

>His piloting skill doesn't come from his gaming, it's from actually piloting TSF's across countless realities/timelines.
I dunno what to tell you, in Unlimited he is explaining all the crazy moves he's doing in Valgern-on terminology with nonsense like buffering and cancels that just puzzles everyone else he talks to. He evades Tama's shots using erratic acrobatics he learned how to do from Valgernon.

You'd be surprised. There can and are people out there that use programming every day without really getting it. Granted they tend not to call themselves programmers. Copy and paste only requires you to know what the result is and not how it works. You can get some fairly complex results by just using stuff that way but you can't repair or build new stuff easily.

> Others who are not stupid should reach the level of coding that he is at some years hence.

Well first off how many magic researchers do you think there are at any given time? Consider retrovirus research and the results of Foldit. Quantity of people has a big effect on research and it's easy to assume that a lot of strong spellcasters where busy doing other things (such as fighting) during this time period.

Second it's clear that society is good at the magic. Someone wrote the books that MC reads. Someone found a way to explain it to kids. Someone came up with it originally and expanded it.

Stagnation isn't a result of stupidity. Really consider what it means to come up with an idea that nobody has thought of before. The idea of zero is a revolution for example but you can get by just fine in day to day life without it.

MC simply gains a more fundamental understanding of the magic system and rapidly ties with experiences researchers. He adjusts several spells to be more efficient and less draining.

Third, it's entirely plausible that people in the world can learn MC's methodology from him. Heck it may be fairly easy for the genius researchers of the world. Trick is MC has to sit down and actually teach it.

>It still feels cheaty as fuck. I especially hate when reincarnation stories make absurdly smart toddlers telling adults what to do. Like that one female where she's only six year old and she's already telling adults how to do their jobs.
The opposite, i love those kind of stories and is one of main reasons i read issekai. Progressor stories where they bring own technology, advance society and stuff are best too.

I have no idea what's the appeal, especially when the protag isn't someone I'll root for.

Unlimited isn't the first/only time he goes through that shit. From the reader's perspective it is, but Takeru has been through it countless times. The Takeru the reader follows into Alternative is the one that finally breaks through the cycle of failing and redoing everything.

Well yes it's Isekai but I think the huge fucking mecha changes it up a little.

It's cool if you don't like it. Not everyone has the same tastes.

Me and
have similar tastes though. For me progressor/reincarnation stories actually provide justification for isekai. It gives a reason for the character to be from another world. It's an exploration of the clash of concepts. Some modern world guilty pleasure elitism too.

There are many isekai where the MC could just be a random in world hero. The story might even be less clunky and better in that case. But then I also read fantasy novels so it's not like I can't read those too.

Wait a minute, the MC both builds and pilots his own mecha? Do they allow their engineers to also be pilots?

It's been done before, see: Rayearth, Escaflowne, Muv-Luv


I want an isekai where the main female cucks the protagonist but he will never get his revenge for it.

Why can't they make the MCs female? CGDCT + isekai, HOLY SHIT I'M A GENIUS.

just read hentai

>the success of Re: Zero
>sub 10k sellers being relevant or changing the industry trends

Nice meme!

Won't be good either. They can't write female MCs either.

When the fucker builds mecha shiva and controls it like his own body then yeah.

There's fucking dozens of them, thing is female MCs don't sell.

But there are plenty Isekai with female MCs.

The biggest way to outright ruin a isekai story is to have (MMO)RPG elements instead directly into the world, with stat screens and item appraisal and levels with skill points. Disembodied voice explaining how things work is optional.

As long as they don't pull that crap I'm up for it.

Not usual. The pilots and engineers are separate divisions. MC's entire point to learning how to build a mech though is because he wants to design his own personal mech for himself to then pilot. He just ends up dragged into the process of designing and building tons of mechs for the country because mech development has pretty much stagnated.

Its basically an /m/ faggot reincarnated into a world where mechas are real the novel.

So what do you think?

There's none of that in this story. A large part of the start of the story is MC getting along with the engineer crew at his school and then suggesting ideas for them and then end up dragged into the process of actually designing and building a whole new type of mech which then snowballs into designing and implementing tons of new mech gadgets and weapons and other new designs.

>>a Japanese mecha otaku dies in a car accident and his soul is reincarnate

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY You have mecha fantasy. That's cool enough on it's own.

Why do you have to do the lowbrow pandering Otaku thing?

What is an otaku even gonna bring to the fight? Watching anime doesn't prepare for the real thing? Why do you have to fuck it up?

How can that be? CGDCT practically sells itself.
What examples are there?

Does the MC give his mecha YAMATO DAMASHII names like Masamune and Musashi and Great Shogun Tokugawa?

The whole subgenre of otome reincarnation stuff, things like Evil God Average or Kumo.

He's a mech otaku but he was also a genius programmer. Just because someone is an otaku doesn't mean they're also a hiki-neet.

>'another world' shit

For a mecha fan, I figure the real draw is seeing mech development from a basic and stagnant level. With a rapid pace so it's just cool robot after cool robot.

>genius programmer.
He wasnt. His main job wasnt even programming, he just happened to be the only one in workplace with programming skills.

He names his personal mech Ikaruga but all the other mechs are usually named by other people.

So you Tellestarle, Tzendorg, etc etc.

I can go watch Robotics Notes any time

Otaku can refer to to many things. He's not the kind of otaku you are imagining probably.

He's actually an adult programmer working at the office but obsessed with mecha.

But that's entirely different from what I'm talking about. I mean CGDCT with isekai female MC.

I don't care and that's not the issue.

Just build a fantasy world. You don't have to have anyone from Japan come to it.

Yea well this is narou isekai. Good luck with that.

Enemy mech on the right.

Isekai CGCDT is pretty much pointless, most female MCs I know of have more agency than that even if they're braindead retards like Camille or Katarina.

But that's not the point of the story, the whole point is that it's about a gunpla enthusiast getting a chance to build real gundams, it's a story that's wish fulfillment for gunpla enthusiasts.
Take Muv Luv for example, it's a wish fulfillment story about a guy who lives to play robot games who goes to another world and gets to fly a real robot and bang a robot too. Take that out of the equation and you get underwhelming generic robot drama like Total Eclipse and Schwartz.

I am certainly interested, plus i like cute traps and mecha.

Really makes you think.

Uhhh explain this please. His isekai lookalike is a girl or is that him trapping.

Same illustrator for 2 different LNs.

What's that on the left? Shirogane something something?


>the mecha will be 3DCGI anyway

Is there any story significance to the MC's trap status like in SAO2, or did the author just want a trap to self insert as?

I know what it is, sir and I don't like it.

When I watch or build gundams Im not thinking man it would be cool to watch some schlub drive these around.

The second. If you're gonna write bullshit in your free time to make yourself happy might as well indulge yourself a bit. Have a unrelated, genderbent vampire loli.

>name is Ernesti
>nickname is Eru
That's not how the diminutive works...

>Why can't they make the MCs female?
If one day Kenkyo Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu will get anime.

It needs a LN first because for some damned reason it still doesn't have one as far as I know.

Really? didn't know that, and unexpected for me.

Yeah, you'd think the trendsetter would get a official publication before the rest of the rabble but nope, no LN as far as I know.

Woah I wonder why though. Its like number 2 on narou right after MT and supposedly pretty popular.

That isn't even a differentiating factor anymore since plenty of shitty RPG-like isekai novels are published directly in LN format now. Hell, plenty of famous LN authors have jumped on the isekai bandwagon.

And Danmachi somehow managed to do the gamification aspect without even being an isekai.

Albino vampire loli seems to be a startlingly popular reincarnation choice.

Would pick this up if there's romantic relation with MC's best friend that is a boy.

I want my trap MC ended up with a boy.

I understand those people completely.
The man is mechasexual, no space for anyone else there.

Differentiating factor between trash with potential and just plain trash, I meant.

I find it interesting how female-oriented isekai often use the "soul fusion" (MC's soul is fused with the soul of an otherworldly inhabitant and gains her memories) type of reincarnation or the "temporarily amnesiac" type of reincarnation where the MC doesn't regain memories of her past life until pushed into a corner even when it's not necessary for storytelling purposes because the trendsetters used those to justify why an otome game character would act normally in the first years of her life before suddenly gaining genre savvy knowledge.

Compare that to male oriented isekai which use transportation/summoning or reincarnation with all your memories intact much more often.

It's an interesting divide.

re:zero's 8-9k per volume is pretty good for a 12-13 volume release.

and konosuba sold 14k first volume, 10k per volume after. so i'm not sure what you're bitching about anymore.

this has to be one of the worst isekai i've ever had the displeasure to try to read. Its the pinnacle of poorly written wish fulfillment nonsense.

Kumo isn't an otome isekai in the least.

It's CSDHT (cute spiders doing horrible things).

he's a boy who looks like a cute girl. Of course all the chicks want to bang him; even his own mother because fuck everything, if we're gonna write a wish fullfillment lets do it balls to the wall full throttle gag me with a spoon horribad.

To top it all off he has ZERO sexual interest in anything that is not a 10ton mech. so all the pussy flying at him gets ignored completely because beta mecha otaku-fags can't self insert as a cute trap if trap-kun actually sticks his dick in any of the horde of cute girls lusting for his cock.

>MC already has a waifu (mecha)

There's this one where both personalities exist at the same time and are aware of each other.

10m+ tall death machines you built>disgusting 2DPD

mecha ntr show when ?

Fafner Exodus NTR'd the mecha, fujo, childhood friend,milf and yuri with suffering for everyone.

>You think your tiny dick can compare to a high firepower laser cannon? Haha! How pathetic!

So hes pretending to be a girl?

Nah, he just wants to be pretty.

No, he just doesn't give a fuck.

>thing is female MCs don't sell

Yeah, sure.

I guess that's why almost all top sellers in last few years had female MC's.

>doesn't give a fuck
>wears a high maintenance feminine hairstyle

How am I supposed to self-insert as a girl? I can only self insert as a girl with a penis.

The thing is the best you could say about them is "pretty good".

Shit like SAO sold 50k first volume and 30k average. LL sold over 100k. GuP around 30k. Madoka around 70k.

Those are the series people want to copy. Not something struggling to hit 10k.

And both Re Zero and Konosuba were not even generic isekai. Re Zero got popular because it shits all over it's MC instead of being wish fulfillment. And Konosuba is a parody.

Done and done.
Hope you like feminine futa dragon dicks.

>not wanting to be a cute 2D girl

Holy shit, are you gay or something?

Is this tained by an EOP "translation" or is it clean?

You just don't get it, man.

>Literal shit get adaptation

Is the MC a trap or a loli?

I want to go back to full fucking retard urban fantasy already


>I have no Idea what I'm talking about the post

>Your face when next step is isekai high school battle harem urban fantasy


oh the irony, either post proof or btfo

>Mecha Mahouka
So, right-wing shit?

Nope, no politics, just programming and mecha related autism.

>all skill points in evasion

how else can harem MC dodge all the pussy and tits thrown at him ?

Actually with isekai harems MC gets all the pussy very often.

>I have no argument

user, listen. Just write your shit and post it on narou, maybe it will be the breath of fresh air industry needs. You have already made a fucking eroge, writing WN should be easier.

But I can't speak Japanese.

Look at what we have now. The Japanese authors baraly can speak Japanese.

>MC isn't reincarnated as a girl

Interest lost.

Enjoy your Strike the Blood OVAs then I guess

Are you me?

One of the very few isekai I like due to it being fantasy mecha.

Fantasy Mecha needs more love.

Finally I can spurdo post like mad on an anime. Fucking Finnish names everywhere.

What was that one isekai LN where the main character just gets the power to make everyone else do whatever he wants and he uses the skill to make everyone his slaves and fucks literally every girl. I loved it because it was so fucking horrible and so blatant that it wasnt even trying to hide its pandering intentions.

I thought the orange one was his unit.

Well it is justified due to him being a programmer in his previous life.

Since when being a programmer makes you a sharpshooter as well?

Shit happens.

I'm pretty sure I've seen several novels with that premise, not that I can name even one of them.

Oww the edge.

The best mecha makers in the country didn't think they could improve upon the programming part because they didn't even see it as programming and basically no one there touched it at all for that reason because it was complex as fuck.
MC's real cheat is how he can program in his head. The first big fight he has he steals a mech from a McBully and hotwires his mech to magically tap into his brain and he is able to literally become a top pilot by controlling it via programming. He's fighting at a level beyond everyone with higher performance and doing it all with programming in the middle of a intense fight.
Now thats fucking cheat level bullshit, even more so than some god just slapping a power up his ass.

Oh yeah, that is bullshit.

They actually tell him early on that you need to be a certain height before you can fucking pilot a mech but that doesn't stop him. He just says "Im going to make my own mech then". By the time he's actually making his own mechs he's already a country level hero for stealing a mech and fighting gojira. Eventually he gets funding and starts his own mercenary base at like age 14 with all his buddies.

>because they didn't even see it as programming and basically no one there touched it at all for that reason because it was complex as fuck
But surely SOMEBODY had to have written the mecha OS in the first place, preferably as part of a team or department dedicated to writing and improving mecha OS.

A fully functioning control system for a giant robot doesn't just spring into existence overnight, and the knowledge and technical expertise to do so is the product of generations and unlikely to simply vanish.

Is this the "medieval people were idiots" meme at work?

Everyone is probably running on android while MC is iOS master race because Japan.

>MC's real cheat is how he can program in his head. The first big fight he has he steals a mech from a McBully and hotwires his mech to magically tap into his brain and he is able to literally become a top pilot by controlling it via programming. He's fighting at a level beyond everyone with higher performance and doing it all with programming in the middle of a intense fight.
>Now thats fucking cheat level bullshit, even more so than some god just slapping a power up his ass.
So he was writing in assembly language in his head or otherwise he would have had to wait hours for it to compile

But ofc, there are tons of isekais to adapt and you are being a faggot. There are +40 diferent anime each season and there are plenty of genres and builds, almost every new anime adaptation resembles to another in the main plot so you can point almost every anime build for being repetitive not only the isekais.


No, its not like that. The elves are basically giving nary a fuck in their super secret forest and they just go to sleep forever at like 100. There's this MIT-like place with all the geniuses in the nation where they build all they mechs. They pretty much made the thing the MC is looking at, and the people who actually know how the hell it works just have been using it forever. They just view it as far too complex to even get into in the first place, but even then after they get a copy of MC's changes and they can look at it with their own eyes its just beyond their level of understanding. MC wrote it as computer program, they thought it was magic. They had no chance. They still manage to make some decent mechs to compete against MCs, mostly because the MC is busy fucking around with rockets the whole match.
Its not even actual computer language its just magical runes with a structure happily similar to programming, so he was doing that, in combat, at a level where he could also fight far better than any other mech on the field and beat gojira.

>The elves are basically giving nary a fuck in their super secret forest and they just go to sleep forever at like 100.
So it was actually coded by the elves and the humans are just CTRL+C & CTRL+V their stuff forever?

>There's this MIT-like place with all the geniuses in the nation where they build all they mechs. They pretty much made the thing the MC is looking at, and the people who actually know how the hell it works just have been using it forever. They just view it as far too complex to even get into in the first place
So nobody is even trying, then. They're supposed to be geniuses but they're not even willing to try to glean clues from a thing that's basically been given to them to try and advance the complexity of their own magic. Shit, if the real life MIT got their hands on a giant robot from the future they'd be salivating at the opportunity to throw infinite money and resources at cracking it courtesy of the Department of Defense.

>MC wrote it as computer program, they thought it was magic.
But their magic is sufficiently analagous to computer programming that their own scholars should have made at least SOME advancements in the field of magical construction parallel to our own, shouldn't they?

I mean come on, we've had computers for less than a hundred years. They've had magic which works on principles analogous to computers for how long?

Hopefully with isekai getting popular we can finally get a second season.

Hmm.. This reminds me of someone, minus the trap part.


>MC has the "appraisal" skill and its somehow the thing that makes hthem broken

Why the fuck is this common? Why appraisal especially?

Its fairly obvious in the LN that they are fucked. Its a small country under constant attack, its not a matter of budget. They never even had the perspective the MC does and his change to that one part is significant but its not everything.
They were stagnant is basically what the king was saying. Its the one part about his contributions I can believe in, since no one understood how he did what he did to the one part of the machine even after they saw it.
They just think he's a supergenius.
Which is true. By the time he's 12 he's the best magician in the country because of his constant training from birth and magic programming understanding. However, since he doesn't give a fuck about magic everyone thinks he's insane.

Its just a real easy way for the character to call in the narrator to explain things in the world rather than having the character have to talk to people and gather information or just go on what they know or what they can tell about the thing. This is so they can then sit there for a chapter figuring out what to do thanks to the convenient infodump.


So its laziness. Got it.


Because information is ridiculously important in most common isekai scenarios. When you're still a baby natively being able to gather information and come to understand things without yet being able to communicate or read the world's language lets you start learning faster, most isekai stories of that type also have a setting where you are able to learn at a much more rapid pace than any grown up while you are still young, the reincarnator this way is able to get a huge head start compared to anyone else since they are easily able to get a solid 5-6 years more practice in the high growth period.
Even just in general, information, which Appraisal type skills provide, is one of the most important tools to staying alive. It lets you judge which battles you want to take and which to avoid, lets you formulate strategies based on the opponents skills, etc. If you know exactly what your opponent is capable of it becomes way easier to deal with them, it's honestly one of the most cheat like things there is in any game world

Breakthroughs don't just happen all the time, innovation is really fucking difficult and is just non stop failures until you finally achieve something.

50 years later after your thesis has been reviewed and published and being taught in schools, shitheads like you would be like oh, why couldn't they think of this sooner?

Hand someone in the middle ages a smartphone with instructions and they might figure out how to use it, but the whole device might as well be a blackbox without the prerequisite tech base.

Not to mention the fucking resource chain needed to make the damn thing.
>You need palladium
>how do I get that?
>gotta mine and shit I dont know
are you irate

But it is laziness. Instead of writing the story well in a manner that allows the information flow naturally, appraisal skill is used to deliver "handy" info dumps so the writer can just leap to the next part faster.

The easiest thing to put over would be coking. Not cocaine, but the baking of coal to release coal gas, coal tar, and to give you coke.
With this you can now make steel by heating iron until all the oxygen oxidises away the carbon inside the liquid iron, then adding carbon as desired to make reliable steel.
With this you can make boilers for steam engines. With steam engines you have a way to utilise rotational motion to cut wood, operate looms, pump water, drive trains and ships, and generally start industry.
Although the problem of screws is one to solve but that's gotta be done the hard way. From whence the first screw thread? Good screws are required for good lathes. Good lathes are required for stable axles and such.

You also have a chemical industry to worry about, but you can kickstart that using experiments with coal tar.

There's a lot, but a lot of it is industrial kickoff type stuff.

I disagree. Its 'amateur' in that you're just telling the necessary part so the reader can understand the world better, but that works for some readers who just want information about the world to expand their imagination of the world at hand. While you can just explain around it long form and give examples of how something works via experimentation or something else, usually the item/character's status won't ever be relevant to the story in the slightest. So what you're doing is having the reader imagine a bunch of possibilities with the information while in reality probably the most obvious thing is going to occur because its an LN/WN and they just do whatever. It's absolutely unacceptable for english writing though, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it for what it is.
Or its just lazy in which case Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right

But you wouldn't know that. Why should I bake coal instead of just burning it for fuel? Why should I add carbon to iron? Iron is iron, it doesn't get any better than that.
This smith from two towns away made a really sturdy sword but he just got killed/died of old age/moved across the sea and his property looted so no one knows the secret behind it.

Shit nigger why are you trying to seal a container while boiling water, it's gonna explode, don't fucking do that

>Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right


People die when they are killed.

I'd say at least there'd be more trap hentai out there thanks to this, but he seems pretty shit for one anyways. And that's design alone. I've seen better original trap designs on Pixiv.

A trap for the sake of being a trap, rather than actually attractive or interesting.

It's shit.

You know, if you actually had the knowledge to make drugs and other addictive substances, you could easily become the evil druglord. Take over the fantasy world by corrupting the various raves with drugs.

>Breakthroughs don't just happen all the time, innovation is really fucking difficult and is just non stop failures until you finally achieve something.
>50 years later after your thesis has been reviewed and published and being taught in schools, shitheads like you would be like oh, why couldn't they think of this sooner?
Except that this isn't a case of bringing future stuff back to a medieval past, but about a society which has had plenty of time and lots of intelligent people to develop techniques for using their own magic on which their society runs but isn't even trying because they decided it was too hard.

Yeah but they never heard of programming in the first place. They don't even understand the basics of his concepts. The elves did, but even then the MC didn't understand fully what they were doing either because its fucking magic not programming.

Wait, so they somehow built an entire society and military based on magic that they can only use empirically? They can't make steps towards deriving more complex magic from the basics because they don't even know the basics of the basics of how magic works? How did MC figure out that it works like programming if nobody could teach him the basics of understanding what he's looking at?

MC read a book. They just can into his thinking of how their magic works, it just doesn't make any sense to them.

Hmm, nope, I still can't grasp the concept.

Either it's only structurally similar to programming so it helps MC to learn what they know by thinking about what he reads in the book from a programming perspective, but progressing beyond what they know is hard because it's not like the syntax is anywhere near the same and a lot of trial and error is needed.

Or magic is an exact analogue of Objective C so he knows it all already and the people of the other world are just too lazy to try to at least inspect the runes, look for patterns, and try some trial and error to see what is the result of running them in certain combinations.

The ancients in real life were able to achieve some very impressive mathematical feats.

You gotta read the fanfic then user

Doesn't it basically boil down to yet another "medieval peasants are so dumb, even their smartest intellectuals pale in comparison to the MC"?

Shut up. You are not allowed to criticize the isekai genre. Its perfect.

In this one specifically MC is mechatarded and the king thinks its a blessing that he only cares about mechs because if he cared about anything else he might have a serious opponent for the throne.
Doesn't help that MC grows up in a backwater kingdom in a state of perpetual war. When we get to see more of other countries maybe MC will be shown to be less smart. The elves are definitely smarter than him at the very least.

Those silly medieval peasants, they don't even know you're supposed to flip steaks when you cook them.

which novel is it where everyone gets really excited when the MC flips steaks and it makes them taste better?

Does he reincarnate into a spic?

Would fuck.

>Trap MC
Damn it. I was genuinely interested before that.
They had to fuck up such a nice premise by adding a faggot-pandering MC.

So the trap fad isn't over?

About the only impact it has on the plot is everyone commenting on his appearance and him gaining the affections of random girls and just not giving a single fuck about them at all.

>sister change isekai
Now that more people are on, anyone else read this one before or know if it got signed under a different name?

>magic is programming
I haven't read the novels to comment on this not being retarded, etc. but I'd say in general it's not surprising a medieval society might not experiment.

We take for granted the scientific method these days, but until the renaissance, there wasn't large public backing for tinkering. Most people were just making enough for subsistence—tinkering was reserved for state backing in limited cases, or eccentric wealthy patrons sponsoring someone. A lot of experimental stuff was also taboo bc the church saw it as heresy, etc. Not to mention overall education levels weren't very high in medieval times. So you had what you had, and you just used it and accepted thats how it worked.

Trap MC is basically only pandering to women who want to itch the ditch or hug him

Yeah I read a chapter or two of that one.

Can't for the life of me remember the name, though. Sorry.

Well atleast its not another fucking male to female reincarnation
cause that shits gay
might as well reincarnated as guy on the other world but you like dicks anyway so might as well pretend you're a girl

So what ln is this one from?

That's actually wrong, the church was the entity who funded most scientific research. Jesuits in particular were huge on science and astronomy. They had some pretty clear guidelines on what was theory and law.

Thank you.

I gave you the wrong one on accident, the one I linked before is about a genderbent dragon girl loli that grows a futa cock to fuck her half-elf partner, the vampire is from this:

Half-elf partner? The half-elf ended up with the one knight guy. She has two human girls and one dragon girl like her in her harem so far.

>is about a genderbent dragon girl loli that grows a futa cock to fuck her half-elf partner
It's not like I can be mad at you for linking me the wrong one.

He unlocked magic the proper way through 30 years of virginity.

It's been ages since I bothered with it, might as well go reread it at this point.

There is no story significance in SAO (.Period.The End).

The process for making the mechs is basically like this.

The elves who are fucking amazing at magic make the mech cores because they have a deal with the kingdom where the kingdom protects them and they do that in exchange. The kingdom then uses the cores to power their mechs. The kingdom has tried to learn how the cores work over time but those things are ridiculous complex. Not even the MC when he tried to learn the secrets from the elves, figured it out. He had to come up with an alternative method because he couldn't understand it at all.

Thus the kingdom was basically limited on what they could actually do with their mechs. All they do was build a frame and stick the core in. They couldn't do anything more complex than that because they had no idea how the core was actually working. Their mechs were limited to basically human design because that was what they thought worked best. A human knight that used a sword and shield, also usually carrying a large staff like weapon to use magic. Basically they modeled them like their knights would be. The biggest thing MC did here was just come in with a fresh point of view influenced from all his mech otakuness and say, why do they have to be limited to human looks? Like he suggested a spare arm on the back to hold the magic staff / cannon.

It already 2 complete sequels and a third one in progress

Every time he resets in unlimited, he forgets all his skills and shit he learned, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten his shit kicked in during regular soldier training. How the fuck would he have had all the skills yet get his ass handed to him by girls?

there's a vasconcelos too, so is right beaner

All peasants are NPC's, start murder train and finally bring Gary to justice.

Why do all these MC's have to be so effeminate

I'd be happy reading about some sword genius samurai wank MC if he was full on Bushido and obsessed with the samurai way of life instead of cool guy Final Fantasy MC

Does Drifters count?

Drifters always counts

What, there exists such a story?!
I need to know the name, please someone tell me.

Dungeon Meshi.

Damn it is just that ... not that the manga isn't great but every time being reminded that you are still waiting for next chapter is annoying.

So its essentially the black-box situation from Escaflowne where you had the guymelef powered by the gem supplied by the Ispano.

Or Last Exile where the reactor room was closed off and supplied by the other race.

I didn't know that, I guess the whole elf thing wasn't that original after all.
In the story he has to spend a full arc designing new mechs for the empire just to get clearance to go study with the elves because the king realizes its better to use his intelligence rather than dismissing him for being twelve.
They'll probably age him up for the anime at least because there's school arc with the finale mecha battle, then design arc. I bet they'll probably end when he has all his friends swear fealty to his lordship whatever thing.

Even better: Zaibach Empire(bad guys) had high-tech guymelefs in Escaflowne, but they were developed and the Empire was ran by someone from Earth, basically.

In this one there are other nations but the nation where the MC is is a buffer nation against monster hordes so most of the plot is focused around that. I hope at least they animate the first real mech fight or its pretty much a waste of the anime.

Hey, anime wasn't always like this. Anime used to be cool. Anime fans used to be cool.

Nah he's a spurdo.

>newfags actually think isekai is something new
>newfags actually consider it its own genre now

Reminder that .hack is isekai and is shit.

Grimgar is deconstruction of isekai too, right, user?

The word deconstruction lost its meaning a long time ago.

It got popular as a shorthand for madokafags to explain their surprise at a series which bucked the norms despite being such a mainstream work. Really, its just novelty which almost every series has its own little changes, usually nothing that big though.
Grimgar and Madoka were similar though in that the focus was shifted even if it was using a similar plot. Grimgar was more about kids adapting to each other and teenage drama while Madoka was more about madokas choice given the reality of the situation.

just because a term is often over or misused, doesn't mean it has become meaningless

huh well thats useful
I'll forget it quickly and make sure no one sees the image

That picture makes me want to hurl. Whoever the first idiot was to misuse Derrida's "Deconstruction" ought to be drawn and quartered for spawning shit like this. This image is not only poorly researched, it's internally inconsistent.

I don't know about the derrida part but the rest seemed consistent to me I don't know what you're complaining about.

I was actually surprised by how not shit their assessment of everything was.

Maybe you should re-read the image then.
The biggest concern is that there is not a consistent line between many of the examples and NGE which the image says is basically the birthplace of the term. NGE examples involve taking the trope/cliche and executing it in a way that flips the expectation. That isn't the case for the examples in the Witcher where it basically tries to avoid even the basis of the cliches while appropriating traditional fantasy archetypes. Structurally, Cabin in the Woods doesn't fit into either of those categories.

If what this image is basically saying is that "deconstruction" is the act of interfacing with a common narrative device by playing against expectation, then we have a clear definition but then the "groundbreaking" works we have aren't really all that groundbreaking since they've been played with time and time again. If anything, this broadens the scope of what defines deconstruction to almost make what is and what is not deconstruction a pointless argument.

What's worse, because it relies upon the relationship of deconstruction and reconstruction, the determination of a deconstruction becomes dependent on an individual's perspective as what the origin of a cliche is even if their own depth of knowledge on the genre is lacking (for example, we predicate the idea that NGE is deconstruction on the assumption that it significantly plays with highly common cliches in the genre, which is a debatable point).

How was NGE not a clear cultural shift for super robot shows then? Call it whatever you want, it messed with the usual troupes and rethought them. In that case, is it just a regular story? Isn't 'deconstruction' at least useful in this case to illustrate the story reimagining the use of the troupes?

Because the real thrust of NGE is it's character interactions and the portrayal of mental illness and feelings of loneliness and isolation. Because the even things like Mazinger Z already played with the consequences of having a lone teen pilot a machine of destruction. Because then Gundam would be a deconstruction because it follows those same cliches while twisting the resulting expectation.

Ironically, thinking on this, it brings us back to Derrida and postmodernism. By defining something as "deconstruction" we define what the structure must be. But what that structure is is based around what people have and have not seen or is a matter of perspective. Most wouldn't call Gundam a deconstruction, but it follows the ideas outlined in the above. Instead, Gundam being so omnipresent is seen as an example of the structure itself. This is a matter of perspective and context defining and pigeonholing an idea. Derrida's deconstruction is much more freeing, even for the writer. It's about stripping away the context and allowing free interpretation and appropriation of concepts. Compared to that, this deconstruction is merely criticism through subversion of expectation, hardly anything groundbreaking in the case of NGE which borrows heavily from angsty grittiness that was not uncommon during the era.

Still don't see why that would make it inconsistent. Just because its popular doesn't mean its the 'structure'. I know its hard to admit Eva influenced anime, but if you look at series before that and series after that there's a clear turn the shows take that turns darker and more angst focused. Similar to what we've seen since Madoka. Which has nothing to do with deconstruction.
I figure its pretty useless to bother with the term if it just generates this level of discussion. It's an interesting show, who cares why?

>I know its hard to admit Eva influenced anime
I never said it didn't. I'm not an Eva hater. But the same thing could be said about Gundam and its influence on the composition of the genre, but those things do not seem to define what a deconstruction is. Instead it's the nebulous notion that it's a subversion of expectation and sometimes thematically so, but that's so broad an understanding it almost makes it pointless to call anything a deconstruction. The image tries to create a precise idea of what deconstruction is, but fails to do so. Examples like Cabin in the Woods even defy the creator's own stated definition of deconstruction (the movie being more metaphorical than literal and having more fantastic elements means that it isn't looking "through the prism of realism" nor does it try to find the "flaws" of cliche) which makes the entire thing a mess to read and makes me wonder if the creator has anything more than a passing understanding of the genres he's discussing. Which again brings me back to the fundamental problem of this "deconstruction" requiring a defined "structure" which might not actually exist except in the minds of people generationally or popularly.

Holy shit, he's adorable.

Literally Mahouka.

slave harem? - this MC just buys hot chicks so he can fuck them.

slavemancer? - this MC had a "power/skill" that allowed him to enslave anyone he came across, his cum lowers resistence to his mind/body enslaving for those pesky paladins who might be able to resist him at first.

Arifureta? - oh wait, no this was the one where the MC was basically god and all the chicks (litterally) want to fuck him, so he does. no force on that one, if she was female and had a name she was in the harem getting the D.

>implying past anime wasn't filled to the brim with mechshit

Why does it have to be a reincarnation isekai? Can't it just be a mecha fantasy world with a kid who grows up wanting to be an engineer and then becoming an engineer/pilot?

But then how would they create that neocolonial fantasy of the civilized modern man bringing his culture, technology, and civilization to the savages who marvel over his superiority and worship him as the ubermensch?

>Since when does being a programmer makes you a sharpshooter as well?
it happens every time a guided missile is fired (basically whenever a formula is the one doing the aiming) (p.s i'm referring to radar or infrared guided not laser guided) may be wrong though

Because the writer wanted it to be what it is, it's that simple.

That isn't an excuse.

It is, you might not like it but that's how it goes.

They already aged him up in the WN to LN conversion. In the WN he was actually three years younger when most of the plot was happening.

I will grant you that it's a decent premise to work from, a logical way to build the world and explain why the MC is exceptional.

It certainly beats the hell out of the total ass-pulls other isekai regularly indulge in to hand-wave away the MC gaining power hand over fist.

Shield Hero anime when?

Nah he's a little bitch compared to onii-sama. He actually has to read and rely on his pals to get shit done. There's even a part where he goes nigh insane trying to build rockets and nearly kills himself and everyone suspends him from doing shit for a couple days even though he's higher rank than them. Anime won't get to that part though.
Its a decent cheat alone just being born into a world that allows you to use your skills to ridiculous effect. Its kind of funny that he could probably be a better fighter if he just got out of the fucking mech but he's too insane for that. I'm excited to see how they'll pull off his dumbness.

>Nah he's a little bitch compared to onii-sama. He actually has to read and rely on his pals to get shit done. There's even a part where he goes nigh insane trying to build rockets and nearly kills himself and everyone suspends him from doing shit for a couple days even though he's higher rank than them. Anime won't get to that part though.
You actually think that? The translation only covers the first few volumes. There's no way the anime won't cover at least the first three.

If they do that they will have to rush way too much and I think it will be shit. Maybe like overlord, four episodes a volume.

Just one question, how advanced is the fantasy military as a whole in this? Do they have airships and artillery for combined arms goodness? Or even Napoleonic cannon? Or is it just a medieval fantasy army with giant robots bolted on?

you called

Is this the one made by Sakamoto666 or something?

Hey, it had a good ending, at least for tragic mecha standard. I honestly thought that everyone would die and merge like in End of Eva.

One of my favorite is that X-ray rapist WN.

Because reincarnation with knowledge of their past life allows for both escapism and a leg up for the protagonist, as he wows the natives with his mastery over seemingly mundane skills?

Not for Maya and her fanclub unless you count getting a grandma who gives nukes for birthday present.

We'll never get a decent narou novel adaptation.

There are airships (other country uses them to invade nearby kingdoms) and he invents flying robots later on.

Isn't that more of a European trope?

This reminds me of a fantasy novel from the late '80's, Wizard's Bane by Rick Cook.

Basically, Silicon Valley programmer gets summoned to another world where he figures out that powerful magic spells can be built up from itty-bitty simple spells and proceeds to become one of the more powerful mortal spellcasters in that world.

A few of his buddies get summoned too in the sequel, after goes missing.

Speaking of the 80's, no one seems to have mentioned Dunbine, where the Aura Battler mecha were actually invented by a weapons designer from Earth.

Are they literally the only country with giant robots? There is no large prosperous and stable country elsewhere with the resources to take a crack at actually understanding magic so it can be better exploited?

Yeah we did

This is almost the inverse of what happened in Re:zero. And it hurts

This is hot, but I'm a bit worried about the blood. Is she OK?

Oh don't worry, that's not blood

Those are 3rd degree burns

At least half of her body is charred and running on willpower right now

Please no. Please no. Raph was so sweet. She deserves better than this.

>i brainstormed an Isekai-esque story
>around 2005-ish before this shit happened
>multiple storyboards
>a ton of research
>dozens of interviews
>characters I actually cared about
>now I can never put it in writing
fucking japan ruining everything I do

Would you've have whined about Mark Twain doing it before you if you hadn't found out about Japanese Isekai?

Pitch it to a Western publisher. Pretend you never heard of isekai just like Hunger Games pretend Battle Royale didn't exist.

The more I see Isekai the further I stray from the path.
I also get mad because holy shit the wish fulfillment is strong - so there's that.

Connecticut yankee is hilarious btw. You can't get mad if they do it well.

>high impact violence
>heavy political content
>no publisher willing to touch with 10 ft long pole
Nevermind even mentioning it will probably get me blacklisted in this current culture.

>26 sets of 20x "onii-sama"
>casually nukes china in the end

That would still cover all the translated material.

Since when were you under the impression... that was cute little raph?

>b-but he trained
Yes, and Onii-sama was engineered to be perfect. Making excuses doesn't mean it's not shitty, overdone and unimaginative.

>Japanese mecha otaku

>soul is reincaranted

>another world

Third strike and OUT.

>here's fifty chapters on titty sucking and goo goo- gaa gaas
>10 on a 2-year old one-upping professional adults
>sudden 200 year timeskip after a million chapters because that shit was boring as fuck and the author is terrible at progression
>20 chapters on soap, fertilizer and some other shit that never fucking changes and is in every one of these shitty stories
>throw in some 50 chapters fucking with the evil nobles and making everything all wonderful and equal for everyone forever
>and a harem for good measure
yeah, those stories are the best

>The deathmarch protag is cheaty as fuck
That's kind of the point. He is basically running as superuser and he managed to kill a dragon God by accident as the first thing he did upon waking up in the world and ranked up to almost max level. The mystery of the story seems to be if he's really a God of some sort or something else who has lost his memories. Perhaps the evil God.

I like my loli tanukis.

>Isn't that more of a European trope?
Does the term "The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" ring a bell?
Japan got way deeper into the colonialism Kool-aid than Europe ever did.

>territories are a 5 minute walk away, as opposed to being on the other side of the globe
>it hosts actual people, not just some spearchuckers
no wonder they had a better time with it

>territories are a 5 minute walk away
You try walking on water senpai.

ever hear of wading, jackass

How about blind loli tigers?


Ever tried wading through a jungle?

Yeah but Japan didn't pretend they were civilizing the co prosperity sphere.

Yeah but Hayate was too imba for a Gundam.

>>This sentence structure is Japanese as fuck. It's ugly in English.

Just remove the comma you turd.

Not everyone is autistic like you and watches the same thing over and over and over. Do you only eat one type of meal 3 times a day for your whole life?

>This is one of the very few isekai where the isekai bit feels very legit.

> "So, what's a process? It's hard to say, You can think of it as a magical spirit .. that lives in the computer and does things. And the thing that directs a process is a pattern-of-rules called a procedure. Procedures are like the 'spells' that control these magical spirits called processes.
> Sorcerers need a magical language, to conjure their spirits. We're going to conjure our spirits in a magical language called LISP. "

Nobody ever gave a flying fuck about this jobber. Kanu and Ryofu carried Ikkitousen.

I don't particularly dislike Re:Zero, but how is it not wish fullfillment?
From what I saw, MC has a super competent girl head over heels for him for absolutey no reason.


I'm incredibly annoyed by trap characters who express obvious displeasure at being mistaken for a girl but have obviously feminine hairstyles.

Like, maybe this wouldn't fucking happen so much if you got a crew cut, you dunce?

The only legit explanation for these kinds of characters is that they're just deep in denial and secretly want to be the little girl.

>feminine hairstyle
Shoulder length does not instantly mean feminine

>for a girl but have obviously feminine hairstyles.

He thought he was safe because of having a Basque surname.

>secretly want to be the little girl.
But everyone thinks like that, user.

You sound like someone who is very insecure about your sexuality. I mean you're venting against a cliche joke, that's like sperging out on Spongebob and Patrickfucking up at work.

Are you okay?

Are there any deconstructions of deconstruction of a genre anime or LNs?

You need facial hair to be able to pull off the masaculine shoulder length hair.


Finally, a self insert just for me

Doesn't help that he dresses like a girl.

If these are the isekai that are good enough to at least merit an anime adaptation, what are the bad ones like? Is it literal Coldsteel levels of oc donut steel adventures?

I'm gonna take a guess and say, soon...

tfw is gonna be true

>not evafags

If it were wish fulfillment, subaru wouldnt have sperged out and nothing of the beetlejuice arc including rems death wouldnt happened, at all...

Did the MC look like a trap before dying?

Nah, he's a thick glassed obese programmer

>If these are the isekai that are good enough to at least merit an anime adaptation, what are the bad ones like? Is it literal Coldsteel levels of oc donut steel adventures?
Go read Arifureta.
Realize that it is one of the most popular isekai novels currently being published and there are hundreds of thousands of stories worse than it in the dredges of Narou.

No, just read the bloody manga.

Shut up, Ryuusei

thats wrong, he is a regular joe programmer

denser than black hole MC is the worst
why would they even create female heroines if he's asexual?

Confirmed you're fucking idiot and don't know what the fucking are you talking about.

>So many isekai being published now
>None have a MC anywhere near as autisticly fun and Buront

>cut out shoulder top
Can this MC get any more gay?

inb4 the MC builds a mech with a self-learning artificial intelligence built into it.

And it gains sentience.

And projects a female body for itself.

To become MC's waifu.

>having sex with your own Magic AI Child
you wouldn't would you

Now that's living the dream.
Not this gay ass toy robots

>people are making shit up hoping to get people to hate this series all because it's isekai

Literally sjw tier fanaticism.

Because author don't know jackshit about programming


>don't know jackshit about programming
Reminds me of the SAO's author. But surely this one can't be that uneducated.

I'm looking forward to this.

Mah nigga

It's a shitty point then.

Do you even know what a classic is?
Asides from fate your listed none.

>It's a higher grade of garbage than sakamoto666's newly minted bowel movement.

Why do people bash on that so much? It was forgettable as fuck.

>It was forgettable as fuck.
>Bamboo sword beat steel sword because ???
>Legendary sword just lying around in the first store they visit because ???
I have never seen cliches that badly used and that's just in the first 2 episodes.

>I have never seen cliches that badly used

I even forgot the two points you mentioned so yes it's forgettable

Since a few years ago I tend to stay away from these kind of show and only give them a try if I hear good things about them on the threads

AntiMagic was fun though.

For you maybe but a forgettable show wouldn't always get posted whenever someone ask what the shittiest anime.

Somehow that art looks familiar, is it takeuchi?

It sucked, all it had going for it was an excellent VA cast, a well-scored OST, some high tier waifus, and the only school battleharem of that season which didn't revolve around a fucking tournament or begin with the MC defeating the heroine in a duel. Everything else about it was trash and its only function was to be ignored in favor of reading the novels which even in text form somehow managed to be more visually dynamic and exciting than the actual animation.

Yeah, in comparison to the novels the anime was pretty shit, at least the anime had a nice VA cast. Wish the writer would work on something new now that the series is done.

How did it end? who win the bowl
let me guess it's open ending

Sword wins, kinda. Think we still have one more epilogue volume to go through.

We know SOMEBODY won because Lapis told Takeru that the choice he made was very much like him to make. We don't know who it was. Lapis probably gets custody of his soul after death anyway.

Fucking bait ending

>a girl
>every girl including his own mother

Fixed it for you

What makes it even more of an otaku wish fulfillment is this line from the LN from the girl you highlighted

>I love the Eri who loves Mechs!

Definitely Sword.

Dirty pillows!