I hope it's not anything serious. A show where they just fuck around and playfully mock themselves as a studio would be pretty chill.

More original anime is always good I guess.

But Ikuhara keeps getting worse with each show he makes.

Will it have yuri kisses?

Anybody know what other anniversary anime have been done in the past?

Wasn't Kuromukuro for PA Work's anniversary?

Yeah Kuroakuro is for 15th anniv

Bubuki Buranki for SANZIGEN

>Chequered Flag background

Racing anime ahoy!

I can't help but think he got far too many credit for Utena.

Miss monochrome S4

SL is my favorite guilty pleasure studio.

Miss Monochrome is Liden Films

No, you don't want this no-fun man in SL's party. Ikuhara is notoriously hard to work with.

Remember when we all thought SL was good as dead when Ijime Connect happened? Good times.

Hanasaku Iroha was PA's 10th anniversary work.


Nah. If anything, it's going to be one of their in-house directors doing this.
Most likely Shinbo's right hand hack.

>implying it won't be Ikuhara's seahorse anime

it makes better discussion.

Needs to be something silly like Ange vierge.

[ ] Yuri kisses
[ ] Slow-paced comfy
[ ] Girls of a magical variety
[ ] Dysfunctionally wacky humor

Calling it.

base on recent trends its more likely to be yaoi

But the only Silver Link's yaoi anime is bonjour, they seems to like drawing loli.

>Silver Link this season.

an next season is Brave Witches.

It definitely is

Does Silver link has anything unique in their animation?

They are ufotable junior.

Nah. Just the usual middling run-of-the-mill studio.

They are, however, the premiere in-betweening bitches.

J.C. Shaft 2.0

>Not Oonuma

Into the trash it goes.

The Ikuhara part wasn't part of the announcement. It probably won't be another Ikuhara show.

Shin Oonuma does some neat stuff with the animation sometimes, like in WataMote or Rakudai