Macross Delta

Thoughts on Delta and the finale episodes?
>INB4 who is Lady M.

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>no movie announcement at the end.

Freyjafags should not rejoice too much

>will inevitably die in a few months, years
>will inevitably die in a few months, years
>will inevitably die in a few months, years

Lady M is movie or new series material

Fuck you Kawamori.

> no Lady M
> no Epsylon guy


Minmei or Misa, but most likely Minmei


>Kakugo surun yo.
What did Freyja mean by this?

>>INB4 who is Lady M.

Is this really all you have to hang on to?

Ostensibly rushed. Way too many franchise mainstays/story threads that needed to be fit in ~25 minutes, and so the climax suffered severely.

Also how the hell did Makina show up that quick from the hospital? How could she sing?

Shit ending to a shit series. Anyone who disagrees is a shipper that can't see the series beyond.

>slow as fuck pace in the the second half
>rushed ending

Delta is a bad addition to Macross.

I was late for the stream: Mikumo is ok in the end, right?

did they resurrect Messer?

It's going to hurt to see this end up being the black sheep of the franchise especially after I spent half it's run loving the fuck out of it

Favorite Delta song(s)?

What did the 11's think?

Doesn't matter because we won.

yeah she's fine

Makina should have died two weeks ago, Waifufaggotry was a mistake.

Same as us.
Who is Lady M? worse than Frontier, it should have ended on EP13, etc..

As if I ever cared what western macross fans thought.

Mirage still dances with Hayate in the ending.

Is Delta shit?

Agreed. I think I'm finally done with anything involving Kawamori.

Shit show, they should fix this in the movies

loli mirage a cute! CUTE!

Mirage was such a goddamn waste of time holy shit.

Does ANYTHING at all get changed if you take her out of the story?

Junjou, Borderline, Absolute 5

Is Delta the G-Reco of Macross?

No, Delta is the AGE of Macross.

I'm not entirely sure what to think. I loved what happened. I hate that a few things didn't happen. Life span fix to be exact. I guess its because I view Freyja as a daughteru and not a waifu, but I can't feel fully satisfied with her dying soon. Yes I know, treasure what time you have. Wonderful message. But couldn't they at least have fixed the hand? It's too cruel.

Man, it started off so strong too

Seed Destiny

>Is Delta the G-Reco of Macross?

It's the Gundam Wing or Gundam Seed!

Hametsu no Junjou, Ikenai Borderline, Bokura no Senjou.

G-Reco tried to be deep and failed miserably.

Delta tripped over itself and broke its neck.

>Agreed. I think I'm finally done with anything involving Kawamori.
B..b..but his next project!

Actually I said the same thing after Aquarion Evol, that shit traumatized me. The only reason I gave him another chance was because I ended up falling in love with AKB0048 (Final Stage never) so I thought he deserved another shot with Delta. But I think Delta just burned me too fucking hard

>happy child
>became a Chihaya -smiling is too much work- character
What happened?

After a year, if someone tried to look back on Delta, only Ikenai Borderline will be remembered. Nothing more, nothing less

I can't wait for the DDF to defend this shit.

Tank God, I actaully feared they would kill her off right in the end.

>That was full of life
>vs. blank adult Mirage
what happened?

Too strong. Too strong for it to be able to hold itself together over the whole series.

There may be some truth to that alleged "this was originally supposed to just be 13 episodes" thing because fuck man

Junjou, Novatic, Borderline, KAKUGO SURU N YO~

Who is going to be foolish enough to still give a chance to Kawamori with his new show ("The next") after the shit that was Detla in 2017/2018? (it's also 2-cour/26 ep)

>no music to save it.

I'm pretty disappointed that barely any of the characters did anything in the last episode. In Frontier's last episode everyone got to show up and help, but in Delta most of them did nothing the whole battle. Hayate and Mirage shot some generic guys, Bogue caught some falling people, and Keith had a brief swordfight, but that was it. Kaname/Makina/Reina didn't really do anything but be backup for Freyja. Arad/Chuck/the rest of the sky knights did nothing.
I know it's been like that for pretty much the entire series, but I was hoping the final episode would do better. Guess that was stupid of me.

Age. G-Reco had problems, but it still looked pretty nice at the end while Delta was quality.

The only reason I gave Kawamori a chance with Delta was because I thought he approached Macross with a different mindset than his other shows, but turns out that was just a lie that I told myself.

Movie when?

her family's legacy put too much pressure on her to perform exceptionally. There was a good storyline waiting to happen, Delta writer's failed.

I don't think they cared about Mirage

Actually really cute here. Too bad about her adult version.

>WanPanMan season 2 trending in America
>no Delta

So wait does Bogue get to cum inside two cuties?

>Kawamori explicitly says in Delta that music controls you and idols are your enemy
>idolfags still flock to it
Explain this, retards.

Aquarion probably

>Freyja straddling Hayate


Man,those last moment fucking make me scare Freyja will die in Hayate's cockpit.Glad she alive

>Kaname/Makina/Reina didn't really do anything but be backup for Freyja. Arad/Chuck/the rest of the sky knights did nothing.
And that sums up the whole series

God I wish they didn't kill Messer

Mirage had no development until the very end.

Fuck you Kawamori.

Kawamori and Satelight are so disappointing, I think I am done with them, especially with Kawamori. I certainly will not follow this when it is airing.

>she's actually just in underwear and covered in anti-beam slime

kinda kinky

I'm going to follow the news, but I will ditch it the second I see any of Kawamori's trademarks which won't take very long.

I really don't want to, but I fear morbid curiosity will get the better of me.

>no subs
>no legal streaming

The only reason i watched this show past episode 16 was Kaname
I love Kaname





Will it even get a movie to redeem the shitty second half?

Hey Miragefags, what happened to Mirage flying freely and beating Herman?


Would have been a better ending and a more powerful scene than knowing that she'll die in 5 years offscreen.

I will, because of that kewt at 0:04.

Go back to being a jellyfish, Messer.

>Mirage confesses
>tries to shit all over Freyja
>get's completely ignored

No fuck you .Freyja die will be too cruel.

Only into Reina. Then Reina uses an artifical penis to cum the same cum into Makina. Then they force Bogue to eat it out of her.

Kawamori's involvement means it's already shit. I hope the Chinese abandon it so Kawamori will finally shut up and retire

No Mirage replacing a member of Walkure

Honestly I don't even know

I want to say "If the first episode is good" but fuck, when it comes to Kawamori, I can't even trust that anymore

It's amazing how Mirage, with that ridiculous amount of screen time, managed to become one of the most irrelevant and boring characters of Delta.



Some Nip wrote this on twitter. Anyone can help decipher moons?

>wait 7 years for new macross
>delta is the best they can squeeze out
Fuck off Kawamori, I've forgotten why I even liked this franchise at this point.

>Mirage confesses to Hayate in front of everyone
>Hayate gets together with Freyja

Top fucking kek. Public rejection


At least she rode the wind.


Not gonna waste time on this, sorry

Ah who the fuck cares. The ending was rushed as fuck. Who the fuck is Lady M?

Everyone is so boring in Delta.

>Aquarion probably
I dont see why anyone would want to fund that after Logos.

So many things that needed to be addressed. Like, who is going to rule Windermere? Heinz is still a kid.

Delta is my first macross and mecha anime. Should i kill myself Cred Forums?

You know, as much as I like shitting on Mirage too, you two do realize that she did it to egg Freyja on into confessing, right?

It's a new series. Not aquarion.


She is still cute


No. Go watch Fafner.

Yes. Now watch some good mecha, like gendum.

>first macross
That's okay, you're probably not alone there.
>and mecha anime
Just how?

no because you will probably enjoy the good mecha more.
No Freyja though

Yes, do it right now

Some Nip wrote this on twitter. Anyone can help decipher moons?

The positive side is that anything you watch will be better than Delta.

Whatever you say.

Freyja Wion more like Freyja WON

Did the uta wa heiki shit even get resolved
Will Nemoto and Yasuda have a career after Delta

>first mecha anime
How is this possible?

>like gendum.
Avoid bad gundam like G-reco, IBO, Destiny etc

Braindeads are not allowed on Cred Forums, get out

Delta retroactively ruined all of Macross for me.

I don't like robot stuffs i only watched delta after listening to ikenai borderline once.

They should not have made her in the triangle

Actually she just shouldn't have existed at all

Your pic reminded me how much I loved those first like 4 episodes so damn much and was like "Yes, this is Macross. Macross is back"


He should start with 00 probably.


Found the retard

I don't get it?

Her default emotional state consists of serious or salty 99% of the time. I guess if this is your type she might be still cute to you though.

Still don't watch the episode, but tell me, did they fucked megaroad-01 mystery?

I want threesome doujins with Bogue and the two sluts.

I'm so sorry. I'm not at that point yet, but I'm done with the franchise as long as Kawamori is involved.

The franchise might be finished thanks to Delta anyways so not like it will be a concern.

Please fuck off Tominofag. G-Reco is crap everyone other than your /m/ circlejerk threads agrees.

He'll relive his Delta experience. Love the first half, wonder what the fuck is going in the second / movie.

>mfw it just hit me that Freyja's seiyu career is probably over after this
>mfw it hits me both her and JUNNA singing career probably won't blow up after this either

>Freya really will die soon after Delta

I used to hold up Macross II as why nobody else should be in charge of Macross and I still believe that to some extent as I still don't like Macross II but if this is the kind of thing we're going to get from Kawamori for the series, I don't know anymore

And I don't think they will have a movie to fix it either.

Minoringo has a pretty cute voice. I'm sure she'll get more roles. JUNNA has an amazing voice so I'm sure she'll do great as well.

>Your pic reminded me how much I loved those first like 4 episodes so damn much and was like "Yes, this is Macross. Macross is back"
My nigga, first cour were very enjoyable and I fucking loved it. It's a big disappointment that the second cour turned into a shit. Well, at least my girl win.

Delta in a screencap. Everything else was irrelevant, we idolshit now.

When is the next Macross?

See you next time.

Even the idolshit was irrelavant

In like a decade.

This shit right here. Did they really just casually mention that Megaroad 01 was still around and in contact for the first time ever, and not explore it any further than that one off quip? Someone tell me I'm mistaken.

Junna has too deep voice for that young. My dick can hardly contain itself from how diva she sounds but then I remember she's like a little kid.

And the worst part is only two of those were relevant at all

I don't mind it, after all you can't spell Mirage without rage

>Delta did too little
>G Reco did too much
really makes you think

I don't think I want to listen to the Macross World Podcast after this episode

Everybody hates Delta.

Mecha anime tend to have a higher "first half was fun, what happened to the 2nd half?" outcomes

Post >yfw you're free from Delta's ride.

I'll see you guys again soon

Freyja need her own spin off.



Someone said in /m/, that lets hope it is not some kind of interstellar "time is relative" shit.

Japan 3A fighter fighting Animation is Done


Why did it have to end now?

I'll miss you


Not everyone :^)

I'll kinda miss it

And G Reco was better than Delta.

It delivered on fights and good animation.
The characters were fun.
The retarded villains were at least hilarious in their execution.
And it is actually better on a rewatch. Might not be the case with Delta

You are still being delusional

>broken Macross in the background


I was so hyped when I heard Ai Oboete Imasu ka, but then it switched to the regular Star Song.

Deep down I knew the end would be shit at this point.

Delta was going to be the first Macross I ever bought BDs for. I was 100% ready to import them for the first time

But I didn't just in case that the show went to shit in the second half. That's just how much I was enjoying things


It feels like mecha anime have quite a few of those "what the fuck is going on in the 2nd half" moments

Gundam Seed Destiny, Code Geass, Valvrave, Aldnoah Zero ...

i'll miss it


>even japan is plagued by desperate Miragefags
Poor elevens.

So in the end, Kuromukuro > Delta?

Yo buddy still alive?
And thanks friend, see you again

>forgetting Big O

I wanted Mirage to sing. Asami Seto has a nice singing voice

You should learn to read.

Could have made it a bit more hamfisted if you ask me.

Kuromukuro is fun, but also low key

It had less build up and thus, less potential to dissappoint


Herman made it!

>Kawamori promised a focus on Protoculture
>we got nothing
Thanks KawaKAwa.

>It feels like mecha anime have quite a few of those "what the fuck is going on in the 2nd half" moments
Yeah I used to think it was just a Sunrise problem but now I'm thinking every mecha anime seems to have this problem since, like, I don't know SEED Destiny maybe. And I don't know why

"we'll explain everything in the third season"
"wait, we're not getting a third season"

Well that depends on the ending, but I believe Kuromukuro was stronger overall.

I didn't expect Windermere to be Ally with Delta squad. It was a bit sudden.
I expect a Hayate x Keith and Mirage x Herman battle after what happened in the previous episode.

I'll miss you buddy

and Mirage too

Seed Destiny's great if you treat it as watching a guy's slow descent into madness as a result of PTSD.

I feel super robot shows are less prone to this. Probably because they can be more straight forward and just fuck their way through everything with their COURAGE and what not.


Walkure and theirs songs were more popular than the show itself and the plot. I wonder if the staff predicted this.

>>Walkure and theirs songs were more popular than the show itself and the plot
That is true.

I bet they could keep milking Walkure and just saying "fuck the show"

Not like we get much super robot stuff anymore, sadly. Last one I can even remember caring about is Shin Mazinger.

I don't know which I found more disappointing.

TE being total shit. Or Delta being total shit.

I think from now on I'm going to treat Delta as the Messer vs Keith show. It's just a show about them fighting each other. Keith wins and then Messer's disciple uses his plane and manages to beat Keith, and then the show ends. Nothing happens after that.
Pretty good 13 episode show like that. You have good characters and interesting backstories and character arcs and everything. Works well.

It wasn't perferct but i enjoyed some episodes. What are the chances they announce a movie or movies? They can't let disband Walkure now, right?

they should milk walkure more. JUNNA's voice is 10/10

>let disband Walkure
let Walkure disband*

>Dat "You better be ready" that Freyja gives Hayate when he says they'll now be together forever


So older girl always win get BTFO and Zents always lose still stay?

Zero. Didn't they announce the Frontier movies when the last episode finished?

>female idol show
>treat is as male x male show

>they'll now be together forever
More like a year.

I just realized Bogue is probably going to succeed Keith as the next White Knight.

But fuck this ep. I'm not mad at how the final battle went, but at how many things were unanswered and how we don't know what happened to Windermere after this. Also, are Heinz and Freyja going to die soon? Especially poor Heinz who is just a kid who has been used by everyone? I really hope for an OVA or something that would solve this but I don't think it's going to happen.

Older girl always wins tradition has been broken

Zents always lose in a triangle tradition continues

My OTP become canon but no kiss after 26 episodes. I hate purity.

Not immediately after no

>All this buttmad Miragefags

Nah. Since Freyja won't have to deal with protocolture anymore, she should go back to reaching 28-30 ish.


>female idol show
>the HayaFre show with some Mikumo at the end

Yes. For the first time in an animated series, the "older girl wins" thing is gone.

Zents always lose is still here

I am honestly really glad about that in a way because if Mirage won Delta despite everything pointing in the other direction, I don't think I would be able to take another Macross love triangle series seriously again (of course, it's going to be hard for me to take a love triangle seriously again for certain other reasons but still)


wasn't freyja middle aged compared to Hayate?

Freya is older is human years, so no.

Well, Messer vs Keith is still the best part of the show. Maybe they didn't want it like that, but that's how it goes. The idols make a nice backdrop to the good stuff.

She's not a dog guys

It would have been shit if Mirage had won given how much they neglected her character. It wouldn't have fit into the rest of the show and would have been even more annoying than Delta currently is.

Windemereans still age like regular humans, at least until towards the end of their lifespans when ageing seems to accellerate. Biologically, she's still a 14-year-old teenager, same as any other humanoid teenager.

/u/ wins the Deltabowl by TKO

You sure? Looked pretty doggy for me.

That's not how it works, user. Freyja and Heinz's lifespan was reduced, they won't reach 30.

>threesome end with bogue

>all Delta wasted potential

Too bad majority of them already die after episode 16. Still enjoy the shippers's tears though.

Freyja got so many loser flags but she still win because tradition is nothing, the reason why winner get MC's dick is because they have a great relationship with MC.

Some cool ideas but badly develloped/Handled.

Who even cares? We'll all be long dead before Freyja even dies in Macross. Just enjoy the HayaFre, at the end of the day, it's just an anime.

I can taste the ESL.

Bogue is irrelevant
Can't stop the /u/ train, tchoo tchoo motherfuckers

That scene was actually good.

tfw Macross Died
tfw Aquarion Died
tfw Armored Core Dies

Shoji Kawamori ;-;7

>loli mirage
>wearing a bomber jacket
>fire bomb insignia
>no Mirage cover of Firebomber songs
No wonder Delta sucked.

Wish they used something else instead of just OP1/2 in the second half of the episode, but I mostly liked the finale anyway.

My issues are less with the episode itself and more with the far too many "nothing happens" episodes preceding it. Delta would benefit massively from a Frontier-style movie to condense it all. Hopefully it gets it.

Thanks buddy.

She's fucking garbage.

This so much.

Symphogear is the new hotness anyway.


Have to admit this shot was good

>7 characters
>26 episodes
>probably only 1 or 2 of them will develloped and the rest of them will be thrown to trash
Kawamori never learn

Doesn't really beat Quarter punching Galaxy's gun and then Galaxy getting punched by Battle Frontier. Or Quarter surfing on an asteroid.

I expect kognig monsters to go full itano circus after Elysion successfully landed an Aether Attack.

But last season sucked too.

Afer the last shit season, no.

ur garbage


Of course not, but that was the best Delta had to offer

No. But go watch SDF > DYRL > 7 > Plus > Zero > Frontier; then lament about the fact that Delta failed to fucking deliver.

Also, watch the rest of whatever the other anons told you to.

And hope that in 2024, when the next Macross airs; it'll be better than this one.

>no Absolute 5 in the final episode
Why is this allowed?

On a related note. It's funny how, though this is a still shot, it's still way higher quality than anything in Delta. And I mean, literally, anything.

Also that Durandal in the backdrop. Sasuga Kawamori.

Mikumo just went full scale Sharon Apple

Hayate dropping his spaghetti trying to confess to Freyja

Episode 13 was better, though. Both in terms of Macross action and in general.
Man, I was so hyped after that episode, especially when whoever it was said it was going to get even more intense from that point. Such a letdown.

Ah fuck, Delta ending credits were so boring.

>rune wa pikapika

I miss Messer, Delta would have been so much better with him

>tfw literal who on the konig was more relevant in the final battle than Chuck and Arad combined

That look on her face after publicly losing the triangle.

the freyja ichido scene in 13 is hype as fuck. with no more ideas left, kawamori decided to use the same stuff again in the final episode.

>this much QUALITY on the last ep
Truly a disappointment.

>26 episodes
>to use super packs

Jesus christ.

To be fair, you're comparing a movie to a series. Higher quality anything is a given.

It's fine that he died, but the lack of progress after he died was the thing that really hurt the series. Songbuffs replaced any actual increases in skill. Mirage was still useless. Chuck and Arad literally did nothing. Mikumo was basically a rehashed Ranka.

The only good thing that came out of it was that Hayate and Freyja's relationship was endearing. What sucked is that it came at the expense of literally everything else.

Except that made sense and was a callback to the endings on the tv show

Hayate going out in Messer's plane was fucking great too. I don't know why they can include moments like that halfway through but then have next to nothing in the final episode.
They used them in episode 6 too, and for more than like 30 seconds before dumping them. And then had actually some of the best dogfighting in the entire show, even though it was just a random episode. Much better than what we got just now, so that's kinda confusing.

No, I'm comparing TV series to TV series. The shot I posted is from episode 19. And it's still one of the highest quality shots in all of Delta.

I only posted the movie image, because Durandal is a sexy beast even compared to the Seigfried.

Oh, an actually good mecha show.

I've been reading nips' reactions in twitter
>HayaFre shippers are happy
>Everyone loves Dere Bogue
>Mirage is well-loved but some people are disappointing with how they handled the character
>Nice ep, but tons of question have gone unanswered
>So who the hell is Lady M
And so on.

Let's make a list of unresolved/dropped plot points

>Mirage's self-esteem issues
>Kaname's feelings for Messer
>who will be Heinz' regent
>what will happen to Windermere and its Fold quartz mines
>Uta wa HEIKI
>Lady M
>ISIS exposition man
>protoculture's keikaku

Thanks for made Freyja confess.

If a movie announcement is to be made it will be done once Delta has aired on BS, which is on Tuesday. Today was Tokyo MX only

Oh, I see what you mean now. I got confused and thought you were talking about the SnT screen compared to Delta in general, not that Delta still of Sheryl and Ranka compared to the rest of Delta.

Armored Core is alive, Miyazaki literally said FROM are working on new Armored Core title.

So all in all they are fine with the ending?

>no full 愛おぼえていますか
>zero respect for second cour songs
Worst lineup for this final episode

>Kaname's feelings for Messer
You mean Arad. Messer was a comrade.

>Roid betrays everyone

God dammit. Grace was such a better antagonist compared to this faggot. Saw this coming since the beginning.

Probably because Grace actually interacted with the cast throughout the series. Roid did fuck-all apart from a couple of broadcasts and Delta squad never encountered anything other than the Wind Knights.

I dropped the show right after Freya put Hayate on Vars (~episode 20)

Is it worth picking this back up? I've been getting negative vibes from these threads.

>No kiss

Delta you had one job

What the hell was this?

And they seemed to go towards it in the end

I think the first two were answered. But yeah, the rest are major plot points and the series just dropped them like that. It pisses me off, really.

Frontier was just a much better show overall probably because it had been quite a while since the last Macross TV series so they put some serious effort into it.

Finish it if you're a completionist.


>The new episode of Majestic Prince airs next week
>Featuring Team Fawn, a team where the girls are the Bread and butter while the boys are support

I'm ready to wash Delta's shit taste out of my mouth

20 - 25 is pretty weak.

26 was good but left a lot of loose ends behind.



Wait what? I thought the series was only getting a movie treatment as a recap and some new footage. It's really getting a sequel?!

The appearances of multiple galaxies overlapping with one another is exactly the same as the one shown from the 2nd frontier movie!

>JUNNA singing her version of Ai Oboete Imasuka
Absolutely beautiful.

I loved S1 despite it's flaws, S2 was a complete disappointment but not to the point where I hadn't lost faith, S3 made me lose my faith.

It's shit desu.

Why Freyja's singing began to hurt Hayate and why it suddenly stopped this episode is never explained

finally i can marathon this. wonder what should i be expecting.



I think the problem with Delta is that they seemeed to run out of ideas after the first cour. It was already running stale with plane v plane duels being the same thing every week.

Delivering as promised.

This as well. It was laughable how Hayate was perfectly fine this episode

>ISIS exposition man
Hey, he was resolved. Turns out instead of having some evil scheme he's just literally a greedy merchant. There was no more money to be made so he left. I actually kinda appreciated that the incredibly shifty guy who looked like he had something going on turned out to just be simple like that.

After all this time the thing that still gets to me is Mikumo breathing underwater. Like, I can just about accept that she's got some mysterious protoculture genetics going on that allows her to for some reason, but nobody else even seems to care. She just walks out of the ocean at Messer's funeral and everyone's like oh hey, it's just Mikumo being shinpi again, no need to think about that at all. She can breathe underwater, pay attention to that!

It was resolved by Hayate saying he'd never lose control again, losing control, and then declaring the same thing a second time.

The movie is a sequel and we're currently getting a new episode next week to bridge the gap between the original series and the movie since they were reairing the series this cour to prepare for the movie

Here's photos of the characters

People are speculating it's going to a 48 minute long special like Right of Left showing these new characters getting blown the fuck out


God Bless You, user.

fuck off Aradfag

R.I.P. Miragefags.

You will not be missed.

Seriously, nigga? You can't even link to other boards properly.



>Hayate is about to fadeaway
>foldz quartz pendant
>suddenly i can escape Roid's mind control
>better confess!

>what should we do with her character?
>Oh yeah, better get her to confess too!

FUCK. FUCK. FUUUUUUUUUCK. Why is this series so full of cheap outs? She had resolved herself to not make her feelings known, to not get in the way of Hayate & Freyja's budding relationship. And throughout all the failure of her character in the series due to poor handling, this little point made her respectable. But now, nope. That little bit of resolves was thrown in the trash, because gotta have confessions.

I'm so disappointed.

Pls no, that is too fucking dark for MJ, it was already bad enough when that other team died one by one and we got a sad as fuck ending

Sasuga Delta.

10/10 would ship again

Best new girl and best new mech?

>I'm thinking Mirage will win, if only because it'd be pretty depressing if her main contribution to the plot was "that girl who lost the triangle".
Turns out the triangle was so uninteresting she doesn't even have that.

His whole character is still completely retarded, he gave every single piece of tech and knowledge so Roid could do his mind control bullshit on a galactic scale without any way whatsoever to protect himself

>no kiss
Even I win I'm still mad.

>Cool Beauty
>Gets headaches
>Is the Teams DAKA unit

10/10 waddaawaifu

>Aradfags still trying after series ends.
I feel sorry for you, hope you can at least find some doujin to sooth your pain.
Oh wait, there seems to be little to none, oops.

>It's a Makina and Reina are lesbians scene

They probably just thought she was another alien species that could breathe underwater. Their HQ is on Ragna after all.

>now OFFICIALLY off to fuck the little Hoina

>alter all, that "hero" bottom/badge/toy idk what fuck is that acidental leak was true

Moar liek Macross Hot Garbage.

Easily the worst Macross show. What a fucking waste of time.

She did it to make Freyja confess though, not because she delusionally thought she actually had a chance or felt like she had to do it before they die. I mean it doesn't make it less pathetic, but it takes away a bit of the randomness.

They're not even trying to hide their lack of idea.

>This episode is trying to make the audience care about Mirage
Why are they wasting their time?

No it's just facts. I'm sorry you never scored, Messer-kun. If it helps Arad is still a shit compared to you.

hayate x mikumo otp

Ai Oboe released at last

I'm sure they fucked right in that cockpit. The OP2 lyrics playing during that scene confirmed.


>This episode was trying to make a good finale but failed


Did they resolve Freyja's short lifespan?

Jesus christ, they couldn't do anything but try to copy Frontier and still fail catastrophically, Yoshino must be laughing like crazy at this


My sides have joined the Vajra and Alto, and have folded out of the Milky Way.

>Makina sacrificed her bust to get on stage asap

Godspeed Hayate. I'm expecting cute little loli Hoinas out of this.

Ah, and I forgot
>Bogue best girl
Been seeing it a lot around twitter.

Who gives a shit anymore

Pretty much.

It's not like we needed proof after EVOL, but Delta just proves once again that Kawamori needs someone to challenge him or the show will be a disaster.

As long as it makes money.


Delta at least had some decent music
This version sung by Walkure enters Macross history

He gets two in one package, lucky fucker.

That multiple galaxy scene is literally a copy of the scene from the fronter 2nd movie .

It's time to leak the old threads and laugh at how wrong they were.

I can't believe Macross has fallen this low.

So it was shit, right?

>Roid is like a less charismatic Grace with no presence.

>Mirage is Sheryl if you removed everything good about her and carried on with that episode with her learning how to use an EX Gear and flying.

>Ranka has been dissolved into Mikumo and Freyja.

>Song if the wind and mind controlling the galaxy is the same thing Macross Galaxy wanted to do with their galactic network.

Yes. It's Frontier without anything that made Frontier good.

Pitch your ideas for the next macross series

>Make the MC a Female Ace Pilot
>The love triangle consists of a male rookie idol who is also a childhood friend, and a superior officer in the military who is a playboy among other female staff
>Set it back on Earth as they try to defend it from another attempted invasion
>Kill someone from the triangle to PTSD the MC

You know, I don't even blame the studio because M3 had a decent story with a decent cast that was half as retarded or irrelevant as the Delta crew, I blame all of this mess on Kawamori because he already has Aquarion Evol to show how much of a hack he really is.

Its a shame though

God I fucking hate Kawamori

Mirage was the best fucking character in the show. She was strong, mature, a great pilot, and fucking Kawamori turned her into a whore for the MP.

She's still the fucking best character in the show. Fuck you Kawamori, Hayate doesn't even deserve her.

Mirage should have her own fucking movie.

>There were people who still had faith in Kawamori after Aquarion EVOL

Ya'll didn't learn your fucking lesson.

I still remember rushing home to watch the episode of EVOL after Zessica had sacrificed herself for Amata. I still remember how shocked I was at how horrible it was.

>everything was irrelevant

Yeah you're right about that. If I were that type of person to be a headcanonfag, this show wouldn't be in it.

Freyja Wion?

More like FREYJA WON.

Feels good knowing that I still have Majestic Prince backloged and have a good mecha show to look forward to.

I just want some KeixIzuru quality romance.

if you think anybody is going to sponsor another macross series after this shit then i'm afraid you're going to be disappointed

No. Mirage a shit.

They just need to say they're going to make more Frontier.

>and a superior officer in the military who is a playboy among other female staff
He'd win and the series would be trash.

That's what the movie is for.

Why is everyone blaming Kawamori? Macross Delta was different from what Kawamori wanted to do. It was supposed to be some competition etc.


>This... is my first time so... please be gentle...
>Freyja stopped breathing lying next to an indifferent Hayate

I am just surprised people like are shocked at what he did to Mirage. Given the non-existent character of Mikono and what he did to Zessica, Mirage getting the treatment is absolutely not a surprise.

Hopefully, also some brotastic scenes with Asagi to seal the deal.

Nice fake translation.

Delta being disappointing actually reminds me of Sigma Star Saga. It had the same sort of love triangle for the pilot mc, except it was actually satisfying.
The main love interest can actually die so the mc ends up with the side girl. It was pretty neat.

It would be shit anyway.

>Hayate doesn't even deserve her.
Oh damn, the sour grapes are delicious.

Post a better translation if you can you idiot

>it is always someone else's fault

People need to stop excusing this shit and buying this excuse his vision/master plan is ruined by business execs/mari okada/strawman of the season.

So pretty much confirming that Frontier set the bar so god damn high, Delta wouldn't be able to top it.

Looks like Sheryl will retain her crown for the next 8 years as being the best and most liked Macross girl. Until in the next Macross we figure out WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MEGAROAD-01 AND MINMAY.

Also, this shot.


Sayonara no Tsubasa! ~ the end of the triangle

Fuck off falseflag.

Also for all you guys who worry about "Hiraiface" shows like Fafner and MJP, the reason people end up liking them is because their pacing is good. The people behind these shows know that once shit hits the fan, you can't drag your feet.

They might not be the prettiest or the most original, but they don't fail to deliver

She had potential, but was revealed to be irrelevant early on and never became noteworthy. Just accept it, Mirage is a nice girl but a waste of a character.

>mfw Mikumo starts singing
Even in the group songs you can differentiate her voice.

>They might not be the prettiest

Majestic Prince had superb CG. It doesn't take long to get over the Hiraiface but the choreography and animation for battles was by no means bad.

How to fix Macross?

Let Kyoani animate it.

Kyoani will find a way.

Died of real space AIDS.

Ikenai Borderline, Hametsu no Junjou, Giraffe Blues, Neo Stream, and When the Wind Blows Unnoticed

True that. The finale should have been 2 episodes long. Truly a poorly paced show. Oh well, time to go back to watching more Escaflowne.

>She had potential,
She had 0 potential after episode 03. I still don't understand why they've show without explaing her backstory of how she became a member of Delta squad.

Yes, but remember a lot of people get "triggered" simply because CGI is in a show.

Exodus took MJP's CGI to the next level after all.

Same with Fafner. Based Orange.
They can't animate anything other than cute girls for shit.
Frontier was written well enough to be enjoyable. Delta belongs in the trashcan.

Amazing taste.

>Frontier set the bar so god damn high,
You wish, Frontier was still shit. Not as shit as Delta but still bad.

Feel great to be Freyjafag.

Tfw nips are twitting about what happens of Lady M after the episode ends.

She still had the family issue thing. I never said it was a huge potential but it was there and it was squandered like the rest of her screen time.


Borderline, Senjou, Junjou, Rune-Pika, and AXIA

They were irrelevant in general. Only made to sell the album

JUNNA has insane range, just like May'N. Megumi also had pretty solid range. Unfortunately, the other idols in Delta don't really have that good a range compared to the former three.

It's a matter of talent and delivering ability.

Hey, but we got an irrelevant Walkure flashback episode that didn't add any new info! If you want actual backstories for the characters and the setting, read the manga and the LN. The anime is for cute girls fanservice.

Delta has confirmed for us just how awesome Sheryl Nome is, and that they will continue to have some difficult time creating such a character again

I mean, I'm not saying Frejya is bad. It's just that Sheryl is in a league of her own

The thing is, Frontier wasn't even that good. It was consistent and the story had definite direction and flow. Drama was nice and even if Sheryl got a metric shit ton of development compared to others, others did not feel neglected. Having stuff like KlanxMichael, OzmaxKathy, CaptainxBunny, LucaxNene was also a nice little bit on the side.

You had progress in that the Vajra went from unstoppable, seemingly invincible enemy to something they could deal with after experimenting on samples and finding out how to break their carapace more easily. Even NUNS grunts went from fodder, to fighting back, before Galaxy drones came around and started gibbing again. SMS and NUNS actually felt like they had a place alongside each other too.

The episode where they went to rescue the remnants of Galaxy's fleet, only to reveal that Galaxy was still around was great. The politics with Leon wanting control, working with Grace, getting betrayed, etc. was better than anything in Delta.

If you compare Frontier to Delta, Frontier is like a fucking masterpiece. You knew where Frontier was going several episodes before the end and it built up to a visible climax. Whereas Delta just rushed it in the last 2 episodes.

Delta's saving grace is the songs, but they don't compare to any of Sheryl's songs.

I'd rather have 52 episodes of recycled Macross 7, without Basara's listen to my song, than rewatch Delta.

I know I'm in the minority here, but while I like Freyja's and Hayate's characters, I don't think I like them as protagonists. Or at least I'm not happy with how the show used them.

A female hipster Zentran and her idol otaku brother leave their family to live in a Macross colony fleet where a lot of artists and musicians around the galaxy go to create a new sound and the next style of culture. They end up living in a loft with a NUNS pilot who only has taste for the classics, like Minmay and Fire Bomber that he calls, "true culture". The two of them clash as the pilot calls her musical sound shit and she calls his love for the classics shit because he's wanting to stagnate culture.

Starring Maaya Sakamoto and Kenichi Suzumura

>all those threads on Cred Forums throughout the airing of Frontier
>the insane hype the show had
>the fact that Sheryl still is liked more on Cred Forums than Ranka
>the songs
>the fact that Japs, who in general have shit taste with female characters in shows, liked Sheryl for years on end after the show ended

>is still shit

Well, I guess you're the 1% minority on Cred Forums. Because for the most part, this board likes Frontier.

Probably because they were used at the behest of everybody and everything else.

People are just tsundere for Frontier. Episode 7 of Frontier was fucking great and threads were pretty fun with all the speculation after that point.

Ikenai Borderline, the original version played in the Broadcast edition. Followed by Love! Thunder Grow! Followed by Mikumo's solo song.

The only three songs to date, that have had JUNNA explore the full range of her voice from the deep to the husky to the high.

Honestly the only fun thing about Delta was posting Ace Combat memes.

I missed the stream. How did Roid and Keith die?

Sheryl is my favorite Macross character ever, but Frontier was bad. I remember back when Delta was still good everyone was saying how much better than Frontier Delta was and how Kawamori had learned his lesson and fixed Frontier's flaws.

>tfw you'll never fly into the sky with a precious Hoina as your girlfriend

Keith stabbed Roid and then protoculture goatse exploded instagibbing them both.

>without Basara's listen to my song
>I hate fun.

>Frontier was bad

I don't know why so many folks are saying this. Frontier was (and still is) a great entertainment and the whole Macross franchise is about entertainment. What were you expecting?

Keith killed Roid and saved the Galaxy.

That's the joke. Delta is so bad, I'd rather watch recycled footage.

But /m/ is the primary source of G-Reco based shitposting

>confident character
>full of sex appeal
>and capable of using her own sexuality to tease herl love interest while making her audience like her more


Yeah, Delta wouldn't be able to match that unless they tried; and the reality is that they didn't.

That sounds stupid af

Carre to stop talking out of your ass and point out those flaws? Because the only thing people said that Delta did better than Frontier was Freya when compared with Ranka because everything else was worse

They are just so butthurt for the greatness that Frontier had.

>keith saved everyone

Are NUNSfags on suicide watch?

The problem for me is that none of them in the end were a bridge toward understanding the way Ranka, Basara or Minmay were? At times I wonder if Freyja really cares about Windermere, if she thought about what was going to happen to her planet if she helped NUNS. At least Ranka tried to do things on her own, but if Chaos hadn't come with a way to infiltrate Windermere and Heinz had asked to speak to her I doubt Freyja would have gone there herself. She seemed way more worried about Hayate's wellbeing at some point than about the conflict (and why she got the slap). ANd Hayate... well, "his fate is tied to Windermere" my ass.

In the end Heinz and the Knightes realized they were wrong on their own, which is fitting, but then what need is there for Hayate and Freyja?

>They can't animate anything other than cute girls for shit.
What, did you never watch FMP TSR?

People were only saying that Delta was better during the first half before the show nose dived hard, but Frontier is a much better experience overall.

Welcome to Delta.
Are there still grektum shitposting?

Welcome to Delta.

One nuke is enough to make them stop coming to this thread.

>Frontier was bad

Exactly how. List your points.

No clue
/m/'s been real shitty lately with people falling for literal decade old bait so I haven't bothered browsing much

That was so long ago they probably forgot how to draw anything but moeblobs.
Occasional 00 threads still contain actual discussion. Good series leave no room for shitposting I guess.

>confident character
>full of sex appeal

This is precisely why Sheryl is so special

Anime girls are usually about cuteness, aka kawaii. And there came Sheryl Nome, a character that actually has the charm of mature woman. No other character has come anywhere close to her for last 8 years, not only the Macross franchise but perhaps this whole anime industry

Melodrama. Alto is the blandest MC after Shin, his issues go nowhere. Ranka is unlikable. Vajra are boring enemies. Galaxy is generic I want power villains. Bland cast overall, Sheryl is great and Klan and Ozma were good, but everyone else is boring. Panties episode.

Actually now that I think about it, since they were all on the Galaxy mind network... Doesn't that mean the whole Galaxy got to witness the HayaFre love confession?

So Keith was the hero who saved the galaxy and Delta did fuck all?

War ended because Heinz decided to call negotiations too.

What the fuck was the point?

I remember someone posted this long time ago and I saved it.

A big BTFO to Windhaters who wanted a Windermere genocide and were convinced that Windermere was going to be defeated.

Haven't watched yet cause no subs, but is there a medly?

The Macross series has taught you for last 30 years that you have to be a handsome pilot to bang hot girls

So, why aren't you a pilot yet?

Frontier is overrated as fuck.

My sides have joined the Windermerean skies.

Oh, and the ship tease was annoying as fuck.

Keith, Heinz and Bogue the MVPs of this ep.

One thing I liked about Sheryl is that she actually stood up for herself and went beyond the pop diva persona.

She's one of the few 'mature' characters that I really liked. Even for a teenager, they still gave her reason to be as mature as she is/was.

>[160928] マクロスΔ ワルキューレ 2ndアルバム「Walküre Trap!」[FLAC+CUE+BK]

Not the person you replied to, but that's some shit tier reasoning.

Who died? Keith and Roid? What about the twins or Herman?

Never seen SDF, Who's brown hair and why did she beat Minmay?

This is as of the last episode

This is 10 years later


Hey, Alto confronts his dad and gets over the kabuki thing, as well as his Vajra racism.

The problem with Alto is that he lacks charisma.

By contrast, Hayate has lots of charisma, but his character never goes anywhere.

Do you think they will ever manage to create a Macross girl like her again?

>bland cast, boring plot and melodrama
>no valid complaints

>have to wait for 10 years to win the dick
Good luck.

No, because Delta was so shit, Macross is all but dead.

>Alto is the blandest MC after Shin


>his issues go nowhere

Also elaborate.

>Ranka is unlikable

She's not unlikable, but her attempt at Romance are pretty childish; which is what made her fail. Also, all the emotional baggage she had wasn't going to make her succeed. She's by no means a bad character.

>Vajra are boring enemies

Compared to Windermere? Or what? What's your basis of comparison.

>Galaxy is generic I want power villains

Yeah, so is just about everyone antagonistic in Macross. So is Roid. Whoop de fuck.

>Bland cast overall

Elaborate further. Frontier had tons of characters that were fleshed out with a lot of subplots that developed and were tied off and packaged away over the course of the series. They all had motivations, desires, and were fallible; Michael even got killed. I mean so did Messer, but Michael's death was way more emotional and impactful than Messer's. For one, Michael's death was sad but respectful. Messer's death just led to tons of shitposting.

>Panties episode

Truth. She wanted something and pursued it with all her heart, even if it meant dying to get it.
Animation wise, that was the lowest point in the series in terms of quality. But it was a nice slice-of-life break from the drums of war. It was needed. It was also funny, and the ending solidified Alto/Sheryl even more.

Maybe in 8 years, if we're lucky.

More like will anime ever make more characters like Sheryl? Answer is no because she's a little too mature for most beta self insert mcs.

>I've forgotten why I even liked this franchise at this point.

Vajra are hive mind enemies done wrong. Festum were more interesting.

If you think those are valid complaints/criticism, then you need to learn how to critique something, or at least finish high school.

Well Festum were much more brutal. And Fafner in general was much more brutal with shitton of characters dying, sometimes miserably.

These. I liked her since the Deculture episode, but really grow to love her around Star Date. The Comparison between her and Ranka at the mall were night and day. You see Sheryl think of a song and start writing it on Zentradi lingerie. That unstoppable determination of hers. That desire to always be the best and to have her voice heard is one of her most endearing traits.

>watch episode
>it's fun

>I've forgotten why I even liked this franchise at this point.

>Michael even got killed. I mean so did Messer, but Michael's death was way more emotional and impactful than Messer's. For one, Michael's death was sad but respectful
Klan's anger in the immediate aftermath, donning a super pack and going ham on all those juvenile Vajra was great. Then piloting Michael's Valk and taking his role as SMS sniper? I loved that.

Then USING that sniper rifle to kill Grace. Memes aside, it was poetry in motion

I'll never understand Festum properly, props to the team for creating truly alien aliens.

Whatever you say FDF. The movies are the only things worth a damn with "Frontier" in the title

Great argument.

Watching this clip makes me wonder why Delta has live scenes worse than Frontier, which was 8 years ago. Time to suspect a budge issue here?

How should I get into Fafner? Is it your standard 26 episode 2 cour show?

SDF is experimental as fuck to the point it was supposed to end early but good TV ratings kept it afloat, so several ass pulling to forward the plot happens

Plus is the same just with less great moments and more unlikable characters

7 is where they started to care about the writing but at the same time, its a kid show made to move toys so stupid shit happens all the time.

Frontier is heavily inspired on SDF with its share of good material, then the second half happens and its nothing but shit till the final battle (note, final battle is pretty good)

Delta is like they had the best brain storm about the concept but forgot to get a decent writer for most episodes and let the marketing team fill in between the actual good episodes

| enjoyed this more than Frontier desu

Which is weird, because those very same beta otaku loved the fuck out of Sheryl over Ranka.

The same goes for her writing lyrics using her blood at the walls of her cell in the 2nd Frontier movie.

It has a first season, 26 episodes, god-tier 10/10 op.
Then some OVAs and movies you should watch in release order.
Finally the second season.

Season 1 (26 episodes) > Right of Left (1 OVA) > Heaven and Earth (1 movie) > Season 2 (26 episodes)

Sheryl at least had a cute side. Gap moe is strong.

That kid has such a powerful voice. Hope to hear more of her in the future. Definitely what I'll remember the most from delta.

>Watching this clip makes me wonder
>why Delta has live scenes worse than Frontier, which was 8 years ago.
>Time to suspect a budge issue here?
because that clip is from a movie


that's from the frotnier movies, so it's not really a fair comparison

To be fair, that scene is from the music clip show and not from a television episode, so it should have higher animation quality.

Where were you when best girl won?

I see. My memory problem then

Well, you could watch the first season. Then the second season.

>Northern Cross

That song was SO FUCKING GOOD. Yoko Kanno at the helm with May'N singing is elder god tier stuff.

>Star Date
>in the TV show was fantastic
>In Intsuwari no Utahime was hnnnnnnnnng

Can we really say there was a "best girl" in a series where only one girl's character was expanded upon?

I watched text-to-speech device.

Behold the power of gap moe


I'm disappointed as fuck with Delta's CGI. I said this in the early episodes, but Frontier was the point for me where I said that CGI was acceptable in some contexts, in anime.

Delta is barely a step above Frontier. I'd even argue the CGI isn't as good, at times.

Now that I think about it, we didn't get this outfit version in the finale. We got the skirt version instead.

Mirage is best.


Gap moe is unstoppable more like.

And gap moe exacerbated by Sheryl being in fact first girl all along.

Yup. Looking forward to her future releases.

You can still get 1st place in a 1-man race.

I was on my bed screaming in joy.

This. I don't know why people even like frontier when you have a old hag and a fake genki with a shitty voice that doesn't fit her character design. Alto is the most bland generic character while Hayate was unique and fun from the beginning. It also has stupid school life shit and the music is trash.

It's fucking time

Before I forget about this shitty Macross:

Magazinefags and interviewfags should choke themselves to death on Newtype issues

It's over man, just give it a rest.

Babby's first Macross.

SDF > Delta first cour > 7 > Frontier > Delta second cour

Because the old hag is better and has more development than most of the characters in delta put together.

I really enjoyed it, and all of Delta, but
>No Lady M reveal
>No Immelman Dance fighting technique

I felt Hayate was the least accomplished main character since Hikaru.

Interviews and stuff said in Magazines should never be taken seriously because they just say whatever will build hype.

God i miss Immelman Dance. Why give us something so great and drop it after 2 showings.

I can agree with this.

A few more >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>s between Frontier and Delta's second cour though.

>future macross music will never be better than Yoko Kanno's stuff for frontier

It's over for macross

Sheryl alone has more character depth than all the Delta characters combined

>magazinefags tell you director kun stated the story plot will be about Heinz and Keith deciding shit after Roid became creepy
>well shit that's exactly what happened

Enjoy the tears.

The irony of Macross Delta is that we're still talking about previous Macross' and Frontier more than we are about Delta.

That's probably the point were it can be stated that the show is bad.

holy shit the CGI is so good

Because windnigger stuff.


Songbuffs made removed any semblance of talent or development he could have shown.

I wanted to like the windies so much, but a lot of their screen time was useless and drawn out.

It could be if whatever succeed's Macross Delta, has Kanno return to the helm as the chief producer of all music written and played.

You know with everything said and done, I really wish that Kawamori had gotten to make the show he wanted to make. No love triangle, 1 cour, all of that, all the thing that drag Delta down are really things that the execs insisted on. Kawamori's main fault was just having too damn many characters, but that's not unusual in his shows.

>holy shit the CGI is so good
Welp that's Macross Zero for you

Yep, it's everything I wanted out of it.

>useless and drawn out.
Delta in a nutshell, nevermind they are not even sympathetic.

>That's probably the point were it can be stated that
those people should rather watch gundam

Yeah, I think the pilots on both sides of the conflict had really negligible effects. Each battle was just a race to stage the next Tactical Concert/Windsinging/MD Weapon detonation. Except for saving Walkure a few times, the pilots might have never had any real effect on the overall course of the war.

I don't even think Hayate got promoted

Finale was good. Felt rushed but action was great and the confession scene was sweet and Roid's demise was pretty sad. The show overall deserves a 7/10 at best though. First cour was good. Second was meh even though the last few episodes were as good as the first cour. Plus no Lady M despite constant teases and no kiss between our MCs.

On a side not, I'm genuinely surprised we got no lifespan fix or reversed flakes. Also nice to have the MC man up and confess for a change.

someday this franchise will shit out something remotely watchable

Also to mention that Delta hasn't given us a single song better than any of the Frontiers'. Northern Cross, Lion, Triangler, Diamond Crevasse

I fucking love how tradition fags got btfo so hard. Its quite funny how they took the time to bring up similar scenes from previous macross shows to try to prove Freyja was going to lose because of traditions.

Remember when they thought Mirage reminding Hayate of his mother is a huge sign she's going to win?

Also, poor miragefags. They're so quiet right now and I'm surprised there's not a lot of shit talking from Freyjafags. I would have expected a spam of writing of saying, miragefags BTFO!! I guess they're more mature compare to miragefags.

it looks like a PS2 cutscene

I would have appreciated more of their showtime being mostly war talks or something. Keith in dogfights was one of the better parts, all like 4 times it happens.

So I am on QBittorrent, and when I search for Fafner: Dead Aggressor, I get "Fafner: Dead Aggressor-Exodus-#

Am I retarded or missing something?

>I fucking love how tradition fags got btfo so hard
As a traditionfag, I'm glad I was wrong. Better to have your expectations subverted.

It feels more like the war was irrelevant since you never really saw anything other than Delta and the Aerial Knights fucking about.

There was what, this finale and a couple of episodes ago when you saw the Voldor NUNS do something. Oh and the one time Keith attacked that NUNS fleet. That was literally it. It was minimal.

It may as well have been sparring between friends.

In my opinion:

Macross + DYRL > Seven + all of seven's accompaniments > Zero > Frontier + Movies > Plus >>>>>> Delta > 2

That's S2.

Track 12 though. Now I want a cover of Holy Lonely Night or Love Heart

>Delta characters are so plot armored that even Chuck's sister survived
This is a joke.

I mean more in his contribution to the plot. Heinz and Keith resolved everything and Hayate did jack shit except get involved in a love triangle.

Swap 7 and frontier and I'd agree.
7 just couldn't stop shitting the bed at times and some episodes just felt like you'd watched them over and over in the same series.

Mirage = NUNS = Zentraedi
Freyja = GLORIOUS WINDERMERE = Windermere (created specifically to shit on Zents)

Kawamori asks you to take charge of a next Macross series

What would you do to make it decent?

That user was right, Keith was the main character of Delta.

Of Dead Aggressor or is it the 2015 Exodus?

26 episodes about arguing over a foregone conclusion

If it's just 7 I'd agree, but the 7 OVA's and movie are all fantastic, way better than Frontier's movies.

>7 just couldn't stop shitting the bed at times and some episodes just felt like you'd watched them over and over in the same series.
Because 90% of 7 was stock footage. The 10% of actual footage is great, though.

translate it weab

>I feel super robot shows are less prone to this.

>Remember when they thought Mirage reminding Hayate of his mother is a huge sign she's going to win?
That was a hilarious shit and after that they got BTFO hard because Hayate has father complex.

7 sequel about Basara and Emilia's daughter, show is mostly about her rock band.

new thread? or shall we just let it die?

He really was. He had the most amount of character development too. Went from a blood knight and genocidal seeking butthurt windie who told his brother to die into reasonable, tired of war who seems upset about NUNS genocide and is concerned about his brother's health.

Somehow work lolis into it. Make the Captain of the Macross flagship in the series a female with male bridge bunnies.

Female lead for the triangle with a female subordinate that has a crush on her and a male equal. The guy wins.

i will miss it

Do we need another +500 replies thread of hate and bitching?

>OVA's and movie are all fantastic
Quality itself varies greatly between them, if nothing else, the frontier movies are extremely consistent.

I think it's a amount of reaction on twitter. Blue one is twit and orange one is user.

I hope they make a movie where Keith survives and Mirage dies. Mikumo needs to end up with the real hero of Delta.

The series is weirdly named. The official full title of the series is Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor, and the sequel is Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor: Exodus. Just know that Exodus is the sequel series.

Im not of the group that disliked the second half.


Saddest thing is that he could have stopped Roid before but he loved him too much.

Ok, strangely enough, I can't seem to find the first season anywhere.

Should I just use Crunchyroll or something like that?

Is this a delta thread? The reason I asked because I notice the majority of posts here in this thread are all about Frontier.

Delta is so bad that we just talk about the other series instead

>I want to sing with you.

Ask /m/, they have a mega. I think it was share on the latest Fafner thread on /m/ check the archive.

7>sdf>dyrl>plus>30>frontier movies>delta>frontier>zero>2

I think we need a Macross show that's either totally dedicated to a war or one that's totally dedicated to music, or better yet both at once. Run two series at the same time, one show about NUNS involved in a war against an enemy that represents an actual existential crisis again like the Zents and Protodevilin did, then have the other about an idol group, their rise to fame, and the difficulties they face from the civilian side in the war. Give the show occasional crossover, and maybe have them end with an hour long finale where both shows combine. I think that would solve a lot of the problems that Kawamori has with characterization since there should be plenty enough room to give everyone their own story that's relevant.

This would be an interesting take.

Or even a 2-cour show with 1-cour detailing about one aspect and the second retreading from another point of view.

Roid was the first person he loved as family. It's very human of him to refusing to kill someone he loves. That makes him a better character because of his conflict.

I think I agree with you. It's maybe my third favorite Macross, but the second cour definitely tanked, I wish the finale had been two episodes.

As for Lady M, I think it's fine if they leave it to be a little mysterious. If you would have showed, it would have been in a "After Battle of Yavin IV" promotion ceremony, and we really haven't seen the after effects of the climax of a Macross since SDF, or maybe 7 with it's OVAs

I wouldn't mind a SOL after war OVA

Hayate visiting Freyja's village, and Freyja and Hayate visiting Hayate's mom Heinz's ascension, Bogue becoming the bag boy for Reina and Makina on their shopping trips, Mirage promoting a love of aviation amongst the local Ragnan children, Marianne and Chuck hosting a grand back on Ragna party and reopening of Ragnyanyan

There should be a Daman release for the first season and movie, but the subs are of questionable quality. The only other one is a philosophy-raws BDrip that's fuckhuge in size.

Both on nyaa.

>Oh well, time to go back to watching more Escaflowne

I think Mirage would become a good flight instructor after the events of delta.

Delta is so bad people are discussing everything in these threads, from Ace Combat to Gundam 00.

What's the point of Delta Platoon if they're treated like shit in almost every episode and the ebil Aerial Knights saved everyone in the end?

She'll finally actually become Messer with tits

Maybe a part of it would be Mirage training Messer's replacement, Delta hasn't been at full strength for like, months

Also, I haven't seen other Kawamori shows.
I didn't mind idol stuff in Delta-- what other shows should I look at?

At least they aren't NUNS.

Chuck was 100% irrelevant. Mirage was forced third wheel. Arad was wasted potential, he had an interspersing backstory and issues but were never developed. Messer was fine.

Keith should have been one of the MCs in the series. Really, the main three should have been him, Mikumo and Mirage but with better piloting skills and Hayate's father storyline, and no love triangle here. And I like Freyja and Hayate, but in the end I felt they did nothing and I hate how half of this was about their romance.

Aerial Knights weren't evil, just misguided. They were yearning their wings to turn white again. Delta Jobber Squad healed them.

Freyja did do something with Walkure. Mirage was a waste of space.

The romance between Hayate and Freyja has the weight of symbolism of letting go of the past and move past onward the hatred. It was important.

Keith is a main character anyway. He even has a figure and his own manga. He or Messer will be probably be spared in a movie retelling.

>Mirage but with better piloting skills and Hayate's father storyline,

Why not replace her with female Messer? Done. Better already.

The more aces the better.
But there was no hatred, they liked each other from the very beginning.

Where are the miragefags?

>weren't evil
>this historical revisionism

Why they didn't let her develop into a Jenius ace, I don't know. It'd been set up from the moment Hayate beat her and those insecurities became apparent.

Delta had a fun first half that I really enjyoed, a disappointing seccond half that was nothing like the first half and left a lot of questions un asnwered. I do like how they wrapped up the general story though and despite being a Miragefag I'm really happy with HayaFrey, because they truly were destined for eachother.

I like that Kawamori had the balls to not fix the age problem and that Freya has shortened her lifespan saving the universe. It makes Hayate's devotion even cuter.

In the end Delta was not a good series, but it was fun and I nejoyed watching it every week. I'm actually looking forward to the eventual movies that will "fix" the series just like the movies did to Frontier.

All in all it was fun but not great. A good start, a boring centre but a mostly satisfying ending. Series was plagued by underused or badly written characters: 6.5/10

>won't somebody please think of Ragna and Voldor?!

Reporting in

little Mirage-chan a C U T E!

In all honesty, it had been evident that she lost for a while. I didn't even mind how they wrapped her storyline up

Here, but I'd accepted that Mirage was going to lose like 12 weeks ago when it became apparent that her and Hayate just had much better chemistry and Mirage was lagging hard. I'm fine with how the triangle was resolved. I'm not fine with everything else with the show since the end of the first cour.

They dropped piloting altogether after Messer died.

Delta Platoon had to resort to plot armor to survive and the Windermere Knights also have plot armor so the conflict is negligent and non-existent.

I think Arad served his purpose, he was mainly there to provide a link to Hayate's dad, and he did that. Mirage worked as Hayate's instructor, the problem is that they did dick all with her character after that for some reason, and trying to work her into the love triangle failed utterly. Honestly they probably should have just killed Mirage off in order to escalate things instead of Messer since Hayate had a more personal connection to her. Chuck was the only one who was totally useless, I kept expecting him to be the Kakizaki of the group, but no he was just shit.

In the end she was riding the wind but I feel like she got the short end of the stick for a supposed main character. And I like Mirage, dammit, I like her more than Freyja and Hayate.


Riding the wind and fold buffs are fucking lame.

I'd rather see raw piloting skill.

Mirage will now play the waiting game. Hayate is just on loan until windslut dies in a few years.

What triangle?

Seriously, people say that they only put a triangle in because the sponsor wanted one, but that ignores the obvious fact that they didn't put a triangle in.

Out of all the Windies three of them are dead by the series end, while Delta Platoon only lost Messer.

>listens to DYRL walkure cover
>it's Kaname's part

She lost, but atleast she went down in style. She even got over her own feelings enough to push the other two together. Mirage turned out quite the bro.

Seeing how badly most other characters winded up I'm happy with how good she ended up at the end of the series.

I'm glad they didn't fix the 30years old thing with "lolspacemagic". HayaFrey is perfect, but the fact that Freya her life span has been shortened this much makes it bittersweet. In a way that makes it even more special.



Enjoy your skin cancer Freyjafag. She'll be dead by the next series I'm certain.

Why so salty?

Still here, still think Freyja is a shit character and I'm glad she's still going to die because the "magic windermere ash fix" never happened.

Overall Delta was 4/10 rushed crap that went into freefall after the first cour was done.

Right here bro, enjoying the HayaFrey, because fuck shipping those two are cute.

And Mirage was a total bro in the end and got treated much better then most chars in this series. Good enough for me (also chibi Mirage was cute)

>salty enough about their fictional girl getting btfo that they celebrate the future death of another fictional girl
Get a grip, Miragefags. This is beyond embarrassing.

They didn't do shit to Ragna though. The NUNS blew them up.

Right here bro, enjoying the HayaFrey, because fuck shipping those two are cute.

And Mirage was a total bro in the end and got treated much better then most chars in this series. Good enough for me (also chibi Mirage was cute).

She lost, but atleast she went down in style. She even got over her own feelings enough to push the other two together. Mirage turned out quite the bro.

Seeing how badly most other characters winded up I'm happy with how good she ended up at the end of the series.

I'm glad they didn't fix the 30years old thing with "lolspacemagic". HayaFrey is perfect, but the fact that Freya her life span has been shortened this much makes it bittersweet. In a way that makes it even more special.

>still think Freyja is a shit character
Like any other character in this show.

>His whole character is so completely retarded

That's everyone in Delta.

MIragefags on suicide watch.


She is the embodiment of Macross Delta.. She is..

Lady Mundane.