Nme the worst anime you've ever watched

Nme the worst anime you've ever watched.
Bonus for weak and shitty MC.

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I tend to forget stuff that I watched that were absolute shit. Off the top of my head:

Angel Beats

Probably a lot worse shit that I can't recall. Some manga too but this is athread about anime.


Oh god I still remember this, it truly was a crisis to finish this.

Asspull: The series starring the most retarded MC


I only remembered the name of that shitty generic IS ripoff because the blonde tit monster with the drills kept saying the main lead's name "KISARAGI HAYATO!" and I just searched that in Google.

well shu was shit alright, but nevertheless he at least had some kind of character development and that itself is more than you can expect of other animes

4 seasons of pure cancer

Weak Mc and Emilia is shit

The problem with threads like this is that people always post popular titles for the epik trollan value.

But I'd say Super Sonico, or Comet Lucifer.

just ignore them

That didnt make the series any better, it only destroyed what little sympathy shoe hat to offer.

The only element of the show that wasnt outright shit is that whacky evil scientist guy with the mechanic eye

> starring the most retarded MC
I thought that was Shinji by default since it's a part of his character design to be unironically retarded?

Erased or re:zero are far worse than NGE though

KoiKoi Seven

I would but it doesn't exist.

You're right, there's no Tsukihime anime.

eh, I don't remember shinji being that obnoxious, but then again it has been almost 10 years since I watched nge. had the feeling that the whining was elemental part of the show, contrarian to shoe who is just a piece of shit, with nothing that saves what's left of that dissapointing show.

Couldn't bear to watch this past half of the first episode so I just skipping over the rest for some tits.


What's wrong with Satoru

convince me then
tell me why zero no tsukaima is actually a good anime


Dragon Ball


Season 2 was unironically great.


Probably this. It's also the most disappointing anime I've seen.

They fixed this on the BDs

Gurren Lagann not so good

If only the animation were all that needed fixing.

Mahou Sensou had MC get cucked by his little brother. At least, that's how 7 volumes smashed into 12 episodes portrayed it.

First half was nice tho

Candidate for Goddess. tried too hard to be like NGE and was a complete shitshow

The what now?

The booty was thick.


Mars of Destruction

Either Your Lie In April, or Umaru


Spirited Away, what a piece of shit. Kanye was right.

Well, I prefer Spirited Away to Akira but I also like Kanye.

It was worth watching this shit just for the OP and the wolf girl.


Zetsuen no Tempest and Yosuga no Sora are down there.

>Faggots who give popular anime to get replies
Reddit tier bait

This is the absolute lowest thing there is out there.

Although, Yumeria and Papillon rose TV come close.


well it's also worth watching if you want to see the rie not play a tsundere role. From what I remember of the show rose was always in lovey mode. From what I remember that and the wolf girl was the only reason I watched it. It was a very mediocre show at best.

School Days
Makoto Itou should be killed a 1000 times

>mfw this was on TV, they even marathoned it one night

H2O footprints in the sand
Elfen Lied
and this one anime with lots of side stories but began with a jap guy flirting with some white loli gaijin whose father was a black guy who told her to stay away from all japanese men because they were lolicons

It has great ost.

also fuck you dragon crisis was good

Designs was ugly as hell.

I feel like if you were somehow able to condense all the vaguely interesting/not shit parts of Zero no Tsukaima into a single season, we'd have a fairly decent show.

If it had 4 seasons worth of budget, it'd probably also look halfway presentable.Seriously, the first season of Pokemon has better animation than this.

I liked them
rose was qt
op was great
what more do you want from a seasonal anime

Kemeko DX

Mars of Destruction and Green Green.

that mc wasn't too weak, wek and shitty mc goes to chaos ; head

sucks for you, the show was enjoyable and the girls were great. his mom was a milf

>Zetsuen no Tempest
Fuck off, that show was great

Erased for its inability to hide the fact that it was obviously written by a manchild with little idea of how the world works and thus tried to disguise a lame self-insert shonen as a seinen for moralizing edgelords

In the past couple years, Glasslip and Chaos Dragon.
Prior to that? Maybe Rio? Musashi Gundoh? MD Geist?

Even Akame ga Kill have a better writting and at least is not a borefest or pretentious. Even the big revelation at the end could be seen from miles away since the first episode.
>bitch sure killed herself because lol
>bitch actually killed herself because lol

Re:Zero. Not even memeing. Shit was pretentious

Super Milk Chan.

>bitch actually killed herself because lol
No, she didn't kill herself because of an acronym

Did you even watch it?

How long have you been watching anime? 1 year?

I liked Shuffle back in the day so I watched this shit when it came out cause it was from the same people.

Fucking absolute garbage. Nonsense plot, rushed, awkward sex scene out of nowhere, etc.


>"hey so, I have no reason to kill myself, it actually would help everyone if I didn't, but muh drama, screw it, let's do it for the lulz"

S1: meh
S2: good
S3: seriously what the fuck is this trash
S4: good

Rio could have been passable if they didn't try to give it a serious coat of paint halfway through. It's not Kaiji, why did they bother trying to turn playful casino games into a (somewhat) coherent plot?

How can Zero no Tsukaima be the worst when Shakugan no Shana exists? That shit went from watchable to unwatchable in S2 really, really badly. Only time I fell asleep in broad daylight while watching anime.

This thread reeks of newness. Re:Zero or Erased are the worst things you've ever seen? Really?

I've watched worst shit just in the past 24 hours.


>Zetsuen no Tempest
Fucking kill yourself, that show was great.


>I've watched worst

this english reeks of newness

Or it's just a fucking typo you turbo autist

Does Mars of Destruction even count? If not then Glasslip.

settle down, buddy.

>Maybe if I point out his spelling error it'll omit the fact that he's right

when the last 12 posts are one person talking to himself

Don't even mention that series here. That series was fucking wasn't even garbage, it was just pure unadulterated waste of time. FUCK.

One Punch Man and it's "ironic" gary stu.

Elfen Lied

Vampire Knight.

>was fucking wasn't even

I cannot decide what was worse - Another or Valkyrie Drive Mermaid.

Another was the kind of bad that's fun if you don't take it too seriously.

wew, that terrible taste


It's between Chaos;Head and Guilty Crown.

Has to be Mayoiga. Watching it with Cred Forums was really the only enjoyable thing about it.

I completely forgot about Chaos;Head, what happened again?
All I remember is otaku MC with a harem of girls with cool swords but he was actually an old man the whole time who was dying or something.

yfw noone mentions the glorious
shining tears x wind

So mad that user went full retard for a moment.

Mayoiga was so bad that it was a laugh on how bad it was.

Usually I'm like that with bad anime but with this I just felt irritated. It wasn't even so bad it's good tier, just bad bad.

Divine Gate

Late 2000s while they were digging at the bottom of the barrel for more harem anime we were blessed with soda can girls.

Fuck you. Even if Dragon Crisis was absolute garbage, it still had a great OP and ED, and we also got deredere Rie from it. Never forget Sukisukisukisukisukisukisuki.

Worst show I've watched with Cred Forums all those years must have been Sacred Blacksmith. Fuck that garbage, only really memorable because of KATANAH.

Yeah, it was just shit. You know what else was just as shit? JK Meshi. 25 Episodes of that shit was made... 25!!!

The novels weren't much better.

Was looking through my images for a bad anime picture, but then i remembered that i don't have shit taste.

S1 was shit
S2 was average.
S3 was worse than shit
S4 was shit

akuma no riddle
though there's probably worse shit I watched one episode of and forgot about, that's just the one that always comes to mind

In retrospect but when S1 was airing, the tropes were not too overused yet and it was not too bad.

Both are bad, but Shana > Louise.

At least Sacred blacksmith make me laugh with the KATANA scene, holy fuck that was hilarious

The OP and ED were amazing for Dragon Crisis.

And wolf girl was a qt.

Did anyone mention Sword Art Online yet? Because that was a shitfest.

Not good but I really doubt it's anyone's worst anime.

Red head and elf tits made are what kept me watching.

I liked it - 3 -

At least it wasn't Shakugan no Shana


How? It was funny, girls were cute, art was decent and good voice acting.

Absolute shit taste.

>Sword Art Online
Reeks of newfag.

Despite the Numbers in this post I still call BS on the Angel Beats inclusion

Was Bad but not Unwatchable

The op was the only reason I kept watching.

The VN was ok tho

really? that shit was watchable for me until the end of s2. s3 got even worse but had good fight sequences and had that nice cliche 'save the world' ending.
>English dub makes it even harder to keep watching

The second season was dogshit.

These are not the worst anime I've ever seen, just some I've watched and dislike. The ones that were really fucking bad I completely forgot.

Several episodes were spent on the love triangle and the introduction of a new girl who was functionally retarded and the payoff for all of that was the underwhelming season's villain getting distracted by a bird. It felt very boring and pointless to me.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa.
Wast of time.

>Baka Test is bad

Fuck you, it's one of the best comedies.