Was it rape?

Was it rape?

Is it ever not rape with Akari?

It was the best of rapes.
It was the worst of rapes.

not if she likes it

>raped by her best friend
>raped by her big sister

life is suffering for akari

It's going to be when I'm done with her

was it?

Why would you post this? What in the world could cause you to think that this was something worth posting? How much fucking brain damage do you have to actually type this up and LITERALLY think "Yeah this is a good/funny/worthwhile post?" The fuck is wrong with you? Were you dropped on you head as a child? Have all these years of loneliness and waifus finally corrupted your brain so much that you can't even put together coherent thoughts anymore? Please fuck off and never post again. You sicken me.

She didn't.

No penetration, no rape


Girls can't rape girls

>Akari is the closest of the Yurus to be straight
>gets raped by Chinatsu
Will she come to hate women, Cred Forums?



Down with the rape culture. This is a prime example of why our society is filled to the brim with disgusting creepers. People think this is funny. People think this is fine.

It's not. Rape is a very serious topic, and shouldn't be taken as lightly as this show portrays it. I almost puked when watching that episode.

>big sister

What? What episode?

I almost came when watching that episode


It's not bait. Rape is a serious thing, just look at this degenerate here . This kind of television show awakens the rapist inside of every men, and they're bound to commit those crimes, or support those who do. Stop rape culture;

Literally this. Anyone who thought this was funny or "kawaii" deserves to forcefully have their hand held without their consent

What? No. Consent is the key. Otherwise it's rape.

That's going a tad too far.

First episode of season 2 clearly shows that she's homo

Off yourself.

China a qt and obviously not a rapist.

>not a rapist.
How she isn't a rapist when she obviously raped someone?



How do we get them off Cred Forums

I wouldn't go as far as to call it rape, but it was undoubtedly and obviously sexual assault.

Akane never raped her. The worst she did was trick her into kissing her. Unlike Chinatsu who chased her down and sexually assaulted her.