ITT: MCs that are impossible to NTR

This guy can't be NTR'd.

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That's only because he's not in love with anyone. It's just like saying you can't NTR EMIYA...

Can't NTR a sword after all.


He's too broken to be NTR'd now. Now we wait for his spiral into insanity.

Wait... Surely that's the other way round? Othinus cucked everyone who's in love with Touma by making him "understand" her.

He did get NTR'd of out his existence, hardwork and purpose in the Alpha to Omega worlds that he literally tried to kill himself

Oh really?

Is this even a thing? Is getting replaced by someone also NTR? And wasn't it because the Omega world was a perfect world that he tried to kill himself? So that the Omega world could keep on existing?

user was talking about EMIYA user. Not Miyuverse Shirou, A.K.A Siscon 2nd sergeant.


That bit was goddamned heartbreaking to read through. All this time I thought of Touma as this generic MC who's just gonna white knight through everything with just asspulls. But something resonated with me in this moment... Maybe it was because we actually got development for an MC that's gone without it for so long. Or maybe it was just the fact that I just love NT9.

Lancelot would still NTR'd EMIYA swords

SeeFucking Homu would be easier to NTR than muh saviour.

I would see that as existential NTR or something, but it gets the job done emotionally especially in "That other person makes my loved ones happier and better than I could ever have" scenario in Omega World. He did have his existence stolen with another "Kamijou Touma" in Beta(?) world but he didn't budge.

NT has been slowly deconstructing Touma's character. He's been losing, not punching people as often, got time looped a few million times and soon enough Mikoto will go off the deep end. He's gonna be a mess in a few volumes.

>existential NTR
So basically... What you're saying is that the only way to NTR him is through this next level NTR? Which I may add was from due to an existence that was nigh omnipotent and it took her billions of phases to even make him crack.

>doesn't like her at the begining
>She keeps trying
>He leaves everything for her
>he doesn't act like he used to, anymore

It's like a retarded NTR story but Toulan is the girl thistime.

I love this series is going with Touma. I'm guessing that Kamachi will drop Touma's character like a ton of bricks and build him back up even stronger. Hopefully there's a scene that'd be nearly as or if not more well done as Re:zero's "From Zero" chapter.

Holy fuck...

Touma can only go down for at least the next 10 volumes. The whole "Demon King" from NT9 was foreshadowing his current path along with the synopsis of NT17. That's when Accel and Hamazura will become full MC's again. This is all just Touma's arc right now.

Bingo, nigga had bad childhood of being called a devil in his town, had his mind wiped TWICE, beaten and bruised in a daily basis that he won't crack at regular suffering anymore. Even the reality bending suffering will only be a "normal" life of a highschool boy you can find anywhere. That boys broke for a long time now, even without the Omega world

>NTR a asexual guy

>next 10 volumes
Holy fuck.
Does Kamachi not have a shut down button? When is this shit going to end?

I'd be surprised if it ends in this decade.


Obligatory track when reading this :

>Does Kamachi not have a shut down button?
He can't shut down or he'll crash.

>NT has been slowly deconstructing Touma's character. He's been losing, not punching people as often, got time looped a few million times and soon enough Mikoto will go off the deep end. He's gonna be a mess in a few volumes.

>all this and his core character has barely changed


>all this and his core character has barely changed

This. I don't understand how this has such a cult following

But then he'd just make new ones

>all this and his core character has barely changed

don't comment unless you actually read it. the TouMAN is a broken shell of his former self.

Excluding his imouto

>wahh he doesn't punch anyone as much, he's a completely different character

OH NOES! Why do you do this to me?!

I really need to get a move on and start reading through NT11-16 I'm so damn far behind.

Almost entirely what he says.
>Takes a break by writing other stories
>Has released a volume per month this year and last year
>Says if he stops, he'll crash and burn like an aeroplane.

Because I can?

I'd really love to this animated thoug, it shouldn't cost that much and they can just make it one episode and put it as an OAD.

Can anyone even try?

Be wary and don't rush through them. They're hit or miss depending on your tastes much like the first few volumes of NT.

Good advice. And make sure to bring tissue again for volume 11. You'll need it if you care about Misaki's back story with Touma.

Wasn't it canon that Oda had raped/mindbroke Leila in Sengoku Rance?

Well there is some NTR/rape scenes of the girls Rance is supposed to 'want', optional scenes or not.

What? When?

His games have bad ends and almost all of them have bad flags that can result in girls getting raped by other guys, some are canon.

She reappears later in the series and appears perfectly fine.

Is this even truly NTR? I mean when did he actually care that happened?

All the games have true NTR. You can lose girls and get brutal rape scenes of them like any other H-game with bad endings or failure punishments. Only newfags to the series think Rance is some kind of sex god. The funniest part is that in some of the newer games the writers had this itch to force the girls into situations where they would have to compare Rance to the person raping them in their bad endings. They usually end up broken so take a wild guess.









Kouhime gets raped during Sengoku and Rance goes fucking berserk.

Touma and him interacting would be priceless.

Tomaru Sawagoe


At some point he's going to fuck r63 of himself

Putting aside the argument of whether or not Touma's actually changed. Is it really that hard to see why people like him?

He's like a shounen MC with his indomitable willpower and inability to resist saving people, but uses the power of rational thought instead of friendship.

Remember back in volume 1 where he was presented with a problem outside his area of expertise, and tackled said problem by using a phone to ask someone more qualified. That shit was revolutionary back in 2004 and is still impressive today, since most LN MC's nowadays don't have problems of any sort.


It's annoying, but the track stops JUST before I finish reading that goddamn wall of text. There's something very annoying about that.

Wait, when is it canon? Just Kouhime and Feliss?

>those few last minutes in the third ep
my sides

Does it bother you?

Though I don't think he would really care anyway.

>Woman fling themselves at him and die for him
>The only one he's got eyes for is his best bro
>Who is now his son

He didn't fuck her or his hot sister when he had the chance.
No sympathy.

Komaeda just existing by Touma's side would give him a trauma equal to a billion hells.

What manga/anime is he from?

Fate/Stay Night

I would love to watch that anime but seriously don't know what order to watch since people list different orders when I asked

Of course not, since he's the only homosexual in his universe.

That's Touma, not Accelerator.

I liked Touma but NT with disappointment after disappointment wasted potential has made me move on from him and look for new light novels, I found a good find on ZW and HO.
NT seems lackluster imo and it doesn't reflects Kamachi improving his writing unlike the other 2 mentioned.

Second game proves he would have fucked them right at the spot if they weren't huge cowards.

Had. Past.

Browsing on japanese usual sites Touma is less talked ever since NT10. I doubt he will get a good rank Kono Light Novel this year.

>literal coward manchild
>PST nothing personal kid

Truly the best.

Not like the anime is going to leave you behind.


Its not canon and not NTR anyway. She's not one of Rances girls and won't end up being one.

Well he kills himself in a suicidal revenge attack over Shizuka

I recall Kanami getting murdered. Shizuka getting murdered. Sheila getting drugged and killing herself. Pigu getting mind broken. Tilde getting mind broken and thinking she is a dog.

Also not NTR but at least this time is canon

Feliss is the only one that can be described as possible NTR (not by the real meaning of the word) and Rance didn't care too much about her before that