Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan - 12

We are officially ahead of the scanlations.
Nankuru naisa.

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Why is he blushing?

What's with Nips and uno?

First comedy anime I ever enjoyed.

Chimu dondon

She's perfect

Kaidou a cute.

Kaidou is too pure for this world.

>draw ballots
>luck of the gods


Saiki is the best friend a man can have.

Her brother needs to fuck off though

Nendou confirmed for having the biggest dick.


RIP in pieces everyone in the hotel.

Nendou is an enemy of my sides.

>they changed Begin to Bi Kyo Ran in the anime

Nendou is a psychic too, right?
Like his power is that he can't have his mind read?

His "offu" was cute as fuck.


He doesn't have a mind to be read.

Being Saiki is suffering.

Nendou's nendou

The ideal couple.

When does the plot start? So far it just seems like random skits


Is that big lip afro guy supposed to be a westerner?

Didn't it just start when Saiki accidentally removed the hotel in his sleep since Teruhashi removed one of his limiters.

Chimu dondon

Nah, it's just Takahashi

Gag manga don't need plots.

What's wrong with that.

He had many interactions with Teruhashi this episode. He should be thankful.


He probably did it because he hates Takahashi. I don't think he'd normally give a fuck about peeking and he certainly isn't jealous of the goddess.

Nah. His only gripe with Teruhashi is that she's too popular, and she hangs around Saiki he will be too.

He's sort of like Kira Yoshikage, in that he just wants a quiet life.

I hope he doesn't buy himself another ticket to Okinawa.

>Last episode they joke about it turning into a harem show
>This episode two girls chasing after him and food girl being lined up as a future harem member

Too bad he doesn't care about them.

big eater is just stray animal tier

Name me one harem protag who likes being chased by the girls. They ALL hate it, that's part of the whole trope

This is not that kind of show...
The plot will never go forward

Which sucks because I love Teruhashi

When girls stop being interested in him he gets insulted.

yfw papa and mama are played by a real life couple and now grandma and grandpa are also going to be played by a real life couple

You should stop watching it.
Don't come back to the threads though.

Name me one harem protag who sees everyone else as muscles and bones.
Fuminori doesn't count as a harem protag because he ends up killing his friends or transforming them into eldrich monstruosities.

They changed the transition riffs. Are we getting new song next week?

Apparently there's new OP/ED soon.
IIRC one of them is by Kamiyan.

Favorite scene / episode ?

>Fuminori doesn't count as a harem protag because he ends up killing his friends or transforming them into eldrich monstruosities

he also doesn't count as a harem protag because there was no harem in that game.

Kaidou a cute.

Saya and Yoh count for only a love triangle I guess, but for that ano who put his harem glasses on, it counts.

>No Teruhashi in the preview

What has he done?!


Teruhashi a cute

Just what I was thinking.

>she removed one of Saiki's antennae
Teruhashi a shit


Now she's ohmph-ing

Teruhashi did nothing wrong.

Valuable life lessons

New short in Okinawa :

I never expected this to be good at all. But holy shit it is actually really good.

Someone should put this subtitles over this image

I think they accidentally uploading the previous short. I saw that one in the compilation and it's the exact same size as short 60.

Yeah. Not the 61 at all.

Someone has a way to contact notmaifuni on that ? They always are a bit shit for that kind of thing.

Knowing Funi, I wouldn't be surprised if they messed up.

Is there any difference in watching the full episodes or are they just a the shorts combined?

You'll get the full OP and ED. Only difference.

Does Nendou have a magnum dong?

Yes. How else could his father have passed on his genes?


How can one girl be so perfect?

This show is more proof that Japanese humor works 10x better with a fast pace.

From now I'm watching all comedies in 1.5x speed.

Watch the episode. It's just her brother's imagination.



What a slut

Real short 61 uploaded

I like clicking on that pic.

She is, but her voice is cute.


Kaidou is so fucking cute, he's honestly one of the most genuinely cute boys I've seen in anime.

Yukarin a cute. CUTE

Episode 10, where Saiki told us he is literally anime god.

Teruhashi-san is a pervert.


I think when Kuu-chan's mom told his friends he was psychic at new years.

Too bad she didn't stop his mom from finding his death note


A goddess walks among us.

was teruhashi about to rape my nigga saiki? what a slut holy shit

Kaidou looks like a hobo wearing that shirt.

Best boy, girl and cat.


Truly a best

Why doesn't Saiki cat wear limiters?

This is the first time we see him shirtless right?

So I'm pretty mich the only one getting the game?

For the same reason Saiki Kusuko (female) does not.

Did you not play Uno on all of your trips back in school?

Here, maybe.
Go ask Cred Forums if they care.

They don't have to be on the head.

There's a game?
That's kind of cool but games based on anime generally aren't very good, even with the really popular shows, so it's doubtful that much can be expected of a game based on a seasonal anime which seems to have a relatively low amount of fans.
Cred Forums is probably a better place to discuss it, though.

It's funny because pilots really are this stupid.

Can I see shirtless Saiki?

I wasn't expecting this guy to get any lines

How much longer will this show run for?

I won't unless it gets a translation.

It's 85 shorts total, so I think it will run a bit shorter than two cours? I hope it gets more seasons, it's filling the hole Gintama left when it decided to focus more on the plot.

Any chance of us seeing shirtless Saiki in the remaining 20+ shorts?

Has the /fit/ guy ever Ouf'd at Teruhashi-san?

Please answer.

You're literally in every fucking thread. Fuck off already and go spam your shirtless meme elsewhere.

already happend

We're all different people.

You can't see anything in 60.

Took me 12 episodes to figure out who these 3 in the ED were
I may have brain problems

Nigga, how many girls are in this manga?
And how many of them are Saiki's classmates?

I want to fuck this thing

why does she glow?

Teruhashi is very chura kaaghii.

That is the glow of absolute perfection

Angelic aura

>Okinawa episode

rare holofoil bitch

I was waiting for this as well
What a let down

To show the difference between a perfect goddess and a lowly human.

Is it me or was this episode way funnier than most others? I mean I've been consistently enjoying the show but this one had several moments where I was actually laughing and admiring the humor.

Ideal life

Most harem protags are spineless self-inserts who don't define the lines of their friendship/budding relationship with several girls. They hardly hate it.


Shiny pokemon

It's hard to remember after so many episodes but I liked the cat and ramen episodes.


Okinawa and Osaka dialects aren't the same right?

Why does he exist?


Was it rape?

ED Teruhasi-san has no glow.

Everyone wants. After all, she is the perfect beauty Teruhashi-san. Offu.


I want those fake games. Dem offu


The line the blue creature sings in the ED is 10/10 muh dick. If I could marry a voice I would

>Koichi Yamadera
He looks like Saiki's dad