Japan is all about culture of cute

>Japan is all about culture of cute
>Mari is cute as hell
>Cred Forums hates Mari

If you hate Mari you hate Japan and anime.
Maybe stop watching it?

I love Mari tho.

>>Mari is cute
Prove it.

Go fuck yourself with a rusty rake.

Who cares about Rei or Asuka anymore?

No one does.

We know everything about them already, we needed new cuteness that could save us from boring "deep plot" for fags.

That's why Mari is here, okay?

Her cuteness is natural. You don't have to prove it.

Meganes are fucking garbage.

I don't watch anime, I only read the scripts and visualize the scenes in my head.

Brocon imouto detected.

>Meganes are fucking garbage.
What the fuck did you just say? Your shit taste could compete with Ledouche's and that says a lot.

>Idolizing any Eva girl
Congratulations, you are everything Anno hates.

Why are you posting a toilet

Who fucking cares what that hack hates.

He'd feed worms soon and I'd still be alive.

I fucking love her

this is the first time I've love an anime character as well fuck my life this hurts

This tbqh. Eva is designed to make people feel like fucking scumbags for enjoying their shitty self-interest in their anime characters. Rei, Asuka, and Misato are all shallow and damaged individuals that cater to a fetish, and Shinji or the viewer actively pursuing interest in them should be known as a reprehensible act for all involved parties. You might as well be saying that you want to start screwing a limbless amputee because 'she wants the attention' and 'you're attracted to that and can fix it, honest.' Mari is just the give up machine that Anno strapped himself to, trading money for his faith in humanity.

>you are everything Anno hates.

now if only he could kill himself, that would make me even more happy

>implying japan's opinion of anime is the same as Cred Forums

>Anno realized the error of his ways and made a waifu that wasn't fucked in the head

>people feel sympathy for a character with a fucked up life
>lol, what a bunch of scumbags amirite?
rethorical question but, is Anno retarded?

I already hate Japan

Shush, Miyazaki, go back to your 5 minute retirement.

Just have to survive until new Nier...

>>implying japan's opinion of anime is the same as Cred Forums

Cred Forums's worse

Mari's character is a badly written character whose only purpose fanservice. I don't care if Japan likes her or not, she's shit no matter how you put it.

I'm pretty sure everyone on Cred Forums hates Japan

Maybe he should stop making them look so damn fine then. He acts like a damn woman.

Mari is the only worthwhile character in that whole mess.

Did someone say Marii?

I hate Japan shit culture and anime.