ITT: Canon Ships

I'll start with an obvious one


>teehee I might have a crush on you
>let's switch rooms because I'm scared!
>let me frame you for murder because I want to go back to my Idol group
>gets killed in the process

All Makoto ever said was she was pretty.

Now want to see a good Danganronpa ship? Pic related.

>I will never Peko Peko's Pekos
Fuck you Fuyuhiko

You're literally bind if you can't tell he's attracted to her.

Any average beta manlet would be attracted to an idol who decides to deign them with their presence and shows interest in them.

>attracted to a girl
Kill yourself, please.

>that smile
best boy

Attraction =/= canon
That bitch betrayed him and he was too dumb to realize that she only wrote Leon's name to make sure he was proven guilty, not to clear Naegi's name. Not to mention the fact that she literally slept with old men to get her idol status.

Sayaka was fucking stone cold.

Kirigiri has shown more emotion towards Makoto than Sakura ever did. She got noodles in her hair for him.

They even held hands.


Lol meant Sayaka. But even then, Sakura always treated Makoto with respect.

That's not Baseball man

I never understood the reasoning 11031= I did it to protect Makoto. Bitch tried to pin the whole murder on him.
It's more reasonable that she wrote that so her killer wouldn't get scott free away.

>Taking the bait so bad he had to start another thread for it rather than ignoring it and letting it die

It couldn't been both, she had a lot of time to think while she was dying slowly in the bathroom. But I'm more inclined that she would write her killer's name to insure he is fucked over than anything to help Naegi.

She did everything to protect that smile.

The tears when this hapened were delicious.



Too bad there's a lot of suffering involved for this one.

T-There might be some hope!

I sure hope so user, I want to see her smiling face again.

HOPE, you say?


I love these two except touko's mai waifu

This one still too soon?

What's to argue about anyway. Sayaka and Naegi was canon until she was killed then Kirigiri and Naegi became canon until she died. Even Naegi's delusions when he saw the suicide show had Sayaka and Kirigiri at the same level of importance above the rest of the class. Even Aoi and Naegi has a chance to become canon if Kirigiri stays dead. You shipperfags are being retarded.

I like these two

A great friendship while it lasted

Underrated post

never4get Cred Forums

You don't know what "canon" means, do you?



I'm sorry, Setsuna.

No, it's already been decided. Also, great taste.

The SHSL detective said that she did it to save Makoto. Also it's not like she hated Makoto, she valued her bandmates over someone she just met which is logical, also at that point in time she didn't know about the class trial


Is it legal to be this cute?



Do people really like Sayaka that much, or do they only pretend to like her to annoy Kyouko fans?

Both dr1 and sdr2 are full of shipfaggot baits, its just that sdr2's ones are written better




my favorite ship. they make such a great couple, even if there are tons of "better" girls around him

I like you

This. They really are the most interesting couple in the whole industry.

It's obvious they fucked


I remember them from somewhere....



ElizabethxBasketball is canon as fuck. She can slam jam with the best of them.

do people even remember this show anymore?

The best.



I still hope Satella wins in the end.

How could I forget Tsundere Man who actually hit his bitch?



>I didn't want a tool, I just wanted you!

Fuyuhiko deserved to leave his honorable yakuza clan with his loyal waifu/right hand woman by his side.



Anime-only Lishafag pls.

I don't remember Chamber wingmannning Red this hard in the series.






But user Saitama doesn't like dudes.



What a delusional user.

>tfw ppl don't realize the canon ship is Shinobu

Not in Japan. It's why Kazusa had to leave the country shortly after that.

Any ship involving Kumagawa is the best ship.

The only good thing that came out of that shit.



Sanrio says that doggirls can love catgirls, so I guess that makes it okay.