Kanchome is for

Kanchome is for...


Diversions, and manipulating the battlefield through affecting your enemy's senses.

Destroying minds

>almost 6 PM
>still no storytime

Did he died


Having a hilarious English dub voice.
Seriously, Richard Horvitz in an anime? I was nearly pissing myself when I first heard him.

living out your most depraved of fantasies

Being the single most overpowered guy in his series and still getting defeated

It's kind of hard to call him overPOWERed when his his spells are illusions and not actual strength.

But if you're referring to his final spell, then hell yeah that was OP as fuck. I wish we could've seen the rest of the gang go down in fair fights, though - the Clear Note arc felt really repetitive.

I doubt this post will go through but if by some miracle it does:

I've been trying to make the thread for like 3 hours now but I keep having captcha problems, and then when I DO get a working captcha, I get an SSL error"

Hope it works out man. Ive been refreshing the mauin page in anticapation

If i recall, it was an in real life emergency.

fucking captchas

Well everything seems to be working now but i'm not starting the dump first now at 8pm my time, or i'll be dumping till like 3am

I'll resume where we left off tommorow

>mfw rewatching but in jap

The whole show revolves around tits jesus christ...

>watching instead of reading the manga

I'm not usally an elitist about these things but the manga is so much better

You are literally missing an entire arc, really 2 arcs since the faudo arc in the anime is so changed

It wasn't even that long.

>Watching it
>Not reading it in the storytime threads with your fellow anons


I never said it was long. I read the arc in one go, but that doesn't change the fact that it felt repetitive. I still loved the ending though.

Not that user but the storytimer's commentary annoys me. I loved the manga and I'm okay with sharing your opinions, but they don't stop talking about how certain later arcs are where it gets great and the earlier stuff is nothing in comparison. I don't think it's a good attitude to be vocal about when there are anons reading the manga for the first time - it's trying to influence their opinion too much and making their expectations too high. It's like watching a movie with someone who's already seen it sitting next to you and they won't stop saying "it's gonna get good, wait for it, waaaaait for it ..."

Person doing then storytime threads

I get that complaint and where you are coming from, but the fact of the matter is it DOES start out rough and it DOES get a lot better. I don't want people not giving the series a shot due to the early iffy-ness.

Maybe I wasn't striking the right balance, and I could have been a little less pushy in that regard, but I don't think not saying anything would have been any better

I've tried to tone it down a bit since around volume 6-7, but since we are already at the faudo arc it's a bit late for any changes

I think it would've been fine just saying that it's underrated. I think the beginning is fine from the get-go - it has some great comedy and already gives us a few mysteries to imply things are going to get more complicated. If you hype up the future chapters so much and put down the earlier ones, there's a good chance people'll not even bother and just jump ahead to the parts you like and completely miss (or skim) the buildup. You have no idea what parts someone else might enjoy more than you, so why hammer your opinion in? I do appreciate you storytiming the manga in the first place, but I hope now that you're at your favourite arc anons don't get disappointed.

I like the English dub voices, but I would've loved to have heard them working with an uncensored script. Sometimes it's the directing, not the casting that's the problem.

I only had the first manga as a kid but watched the majority of the show on CN. Nostalgia kick was a bit better for me via anime. I have to be in the mood for manga whereas anime can be enjoyed brainlessly.

Who is best girl and why is it kolulu

that's not how you spell Sherry

Good, now I can sleep.

Man, the series peaked with the faudo arc. While I dont dislike Clear Note's it just doesn't compare.

1. Kolulu
2. Cherish
3, Leila
4. Sherry

Well at least read the manga version of the Faudo arc and the clear note arc since the anime is so different from them/doesn't have them at all

hell just follow the dump threads, as where the anime and manga start to split will be in the day after tommorow's thread

I'd like to ask here since the storytime user said today isn't gonna happen. (Which is totally fine) a week or so ago during one of the storytime threads, another user brought up an interest in running a gash bell themed tablet game? If you're here, are you still considering it? I'd love to join as a player.


Leila the cutest mamodo. What kind of inhuman monster turns her into stone?

>What kind of inhuman monster turns her into stone?
The kind that takes a full powered Baou to the face.

>inhuman monster
like demons? lol

Exactly an inhuman monster

I keep it seperate depending on whether they're human or mamodo. Best human girl to me is Suzume/Suzy, especially in the manga. Sherry is a very close second.

I find it interesting that the manga feels more Kiyomaro x Suzume, while the anime leans toward Kiyomaro x Megumi instead.

As for best mamodo girl I'm not as sure, but I'd say Paite/Penny, Kolulu, or Cherish off the top of my head..

I like to think Megumi as dependable friend. Not every girl you go on dangerous adventure with have to be your main crush and I like Megumi because she's much better than that.
She might as well reach bro tier despite being pop idol.

I agree, but I mean that I feel like the anime shipped her and Kiyo more than the manga.

Well yeah, I just want to say the anime is heresy if they really went that route.

>that chapter where Megumi realizes Suzume likes Kiyomaro and she starts bullying her

Alright anons, what's your favorite figtht in the series OTHER then gash vs Zeon and the final fight with clear?

Mine would have to be fucking everybody vs demolt

Pretty much everything with Bari was fantastic.

Fucking everybody vs Victoreem
The strats, the humor, the teamplay, everything in that fight was great.

The demon king, you know?

Did story time user died?

Ted fights
Barry fights

Stone Golem didn't become king, he was defeated by the king.

I really liked Ted vs Earth (actually any fight Ted had), any and all bari fights, ashuron vs clear, this series in general is full of great fights.

A-are you me?

Yes I'm you from the future. Invest in headphones for dogs.


Rip story time user.

By my bootstraps sempai (bonus points if anyone catches the reference).

That's because basically everything important was wrapped up with the Faudo arc. We got Zatch's memory back, the mystery of his doppelganger resolved, Bao is tamed, and the bulk of the remaining books are burned.

Then Clear Note comes along basically announcing himself as the last boss which along with his bland design, "I literally exist to whipe out the Demons" backstory, and only having one follower, and he just feels underwhelming and tacked on. And the way he was defeated was just lame. I mean they're beaten and then suddenly they unlock a new spell that requires no energy and it summons all the mamodo they've met to use their strongest attacks. It was way too horribly convenient of an asspull.

No clue what you're referencing.

Pshhh it's the power of friendship I ain't got to explain shit.

Its not that bad of an asspull, since it also serves as the culmination of Gash's character arc in becoming a Kind King. Before it was all just his personal ideals, but the Golden Book is all of his potential subjects actually responding to Gash's desire to be the King that he wants to be and rallying around him

Is it weird that I want to stick my dick in a duck's bill?

It was a huge asspull for sure but it was also hype as fuck, i'm okay with it

Robert A. Heinlein's ''By His Bootstraps" , a pretty good novella about time travel, It's a great read and it's available in PDF user.

>Kanchome will never generate a massive VR landscape for you to play around in


>decide not to make dump thread starting when posting first got working because I didn't want to be up till 4am

>end up staying up till 4am anyways

well shit

>Kanchome's actual ability and powerset

Jesus fucking Christ.