How to watch evangelion

What order/ how do I watch evangelion? I want to watch it but theres like 30 versions or some shit.

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End of Evangelion is a prequel. Watch it first. Then watch Death and Rebirth as it is the sequel to EoE. Then watch episodes 25 and 26 of the anime since they're an alternate ending to Death and Rebirth. Then watch episodes 1-19 of the anime. Then watch Death(true). Then watch episodes 20-24. Then watch Rebuild.

This is how the chronology works with Evangelion. This is how all of us watched it. I hope this has been informative for you, user.

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This, but skip episode 18, the funding ran out and it's almost entirely stills, other than that, this is by far the best way to watch it for a first timer.


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>this is how all of us watched it
bullshit. Normal people would watch 1-26 and if they were still somehow interested in it after that they might watch EoE and Death and Rebirth.

I think I stopped at EoE back in the late 90s though

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Just watch the original series like a normal person. Only spergs who loved the original series go into all the specific weird shit. Rest of us just watch good mecha and dropped this series like a bad habit.

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Watch the TV series in order (the last two episodes are optional), then watch Death and Rebirth, then watch End of Evangelion. If you want you can then watch the rebuilds in order.

Last two episodes aren't optional, but death and rebirth totally is.

Fuck the rebuilds, but watch them anyways to form your own opinions.

So when you tell somebody to watch a movie you tell them to skip all the bits you didn't like?
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