Best girl is actually a guy

>best girl is actually a guy
Why is this allowed?

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She's not a girl. He's not a boy. Ougi is Ougi and I love her.

You may want to read that again

I read it. I said Ougi is Ougi and I love him. It doesn't matter if I refer to her as her or him, what matters is the love I feel.

Yes yes but what do you see between his/her legs when you have sex with your husbandaifu?

Whatever I feel like. Sometimes a pussy and other times a dick, depends how I feel.

You are an amazing person, user.

These are not the legs of a guy

The world.

>no boy Ougi doujinshi
>no boy Ougi x girl Ougi x Araragi threesome doujinshi
They were introduced too late.

but monkey is best gril

It's actually the norm
Boys make the best girls


I want to fuck Ougi, and I'm not gay. So Ougi must not be a guy

sound logic.

Gentlemen, I love Math.

Ougi has sleeve pussies so it doesn't matter if she has a dick too. At most it makes her a futanari.

Why though?

He is probably Araragi.

It's hard for me to Imagine RRRG on the internet.

He is in college now, you need to use computers.

Fair, I meant more of using it in a recreational manner.

He might learn some normal bad habits now that he has a normal life.

Does he now? I was wondering if he still had shinobu with him during hanamonogatari, he was kinda vague when it was brought up.

I love her because she's so easy to bully.

On that note, I've finished the subs for Owarimonogatari 07's commentary track.

Save as .ass, rename to whatever your Coalgirls episode 07 commentary filename is and put in the same folder. Install the OpenSans font for best viewing results, and enjoy the Crab savagery.

Whoa, thanks!

Did I miss ep 6, or it's not done?

Shit, I meant episode 6.

Blu-Ray order being different from TV order is fucking with my head.

It's Sodachi Lost part 3 or part 2?


Actually, already read it in the file. It's part two.

Part 2.

I love Ougi's eyes. I can't think of any other eyes that are more attractive, even though her eyes are just two soulless black pits.

just an image I saved senpai, here my DL'd anime to clear my name.

>65 files?
watashi kininarimasu

I feel you there my man.

commentary files.

neko kuro has the best OP
debate me

I don't agree, but you are welcome to that opinion.

>God Tier
Marshmallow Justice, Hakkin Disco, Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

>High Tier
Chocolate Insomnia, Kogarashi Sentimental, Mathemagics, Sono Koe wo Oboeteru, Sayonara no Yukue

>Great Tier
Staple Stable, Ren'ai Circulation, The Last Day of My Adolescence

>Good Tier
Kaerimichi, Ambivalent World, Futakotome, Perfect Slumbers, White Lies, Orange Mint, Yuudachi Houteishiki, Kieru Daydream, Ai wo Utae

>Mediocre Tier
Mousou Express, Decent Black, Snowdrop, Hana'ato -shirushi-, Whiz

>Meh Tier
Sugar Sweet Nightmare, Fast Love

>Bad Tier
Happy Bite, Mein Schatz

>ClariS Tier
Naisho no Hanashi, Border

>Mediocre Tier
>Mousou Express

eat shit satan.

This spooky girl wants to explore an empty class room with you what do you.

>alpha (c:)
>beta (d:)
This hurts my brain

I bend over.

owarimono was the first arc in the series that I dropped. ougi is annoying, monogatari is tired, shaft is shit. sage.

shit taste if i've ever seen it

>Happy Bite bad
>Whiz not in good at least
>Orange Mint not in high tier
>Chocolate insomnia that high

Those are just a couple, buddy you have shit taste

Ougi has no gender, or is both. One or the other, your choice

Also, best girl is Kanbaru

Lesbians can't be girls senpai.

Araragi is an alpha, why did you put him in beta?

beta is a 3tb hard drive, alpha is 1tb, just thought I should jam all my anime on the larger hard drive

Or she could've been crossdressing as a boy

thanks user

I hate those close-up mouth shots that Shaft keeps throwing in


GO TO 2:30



hmmm I dunno man seems kinda outta place in this thread.

She looks cute

>hmmm I dunno man seems kinda outta place in this thread.
No, it's definitely thread related.

He's a transexual that switches between being girl and boy as the series goes on

He starts off wanting the vagina, then not even 25% into the series realizes he can't actually get a vagina so he tries to accept the dick, but a girl talks him back into getting the vagina then he goes full transexual pride in the last arc

He's not even gay either. He likes girls. He wants to a lesbian.

I am in the process of downloading every single Ougi picture I see and uploading it to an album in Google Photos to share it with everyone.

you are a good man.

I bought her figure late last year. Best 8000 yen I've ever spent.

I am green with jealous envy my man.

As you should.

well less so now that I see that rin fig.

Show bulge

That's gonna be tricky.

This shit picture is the best I could do without natural lighting. My phone's camera is decent but taking a picture of black panties and black pantyhose inside of a dark skirt was much harder than I thought. Excuse the shitty flash, that's the only I could have her panties be slightly more visible.

From the back. I'm really sorry for these shit pics, Ougi deserves better.

That one was great as well, thanks!

is that a bulge?

You can take a picture with flash, and a picture without flash.
Software (it's called HDR) will composite the images and produce a result as if you had soft global illumination.







Why is there no male-Ougi fanart?


what for?

Hi Araragi-kun version 2 !!!

They can be best boy as well as best girl

Why tho


I got you

why is this a gif

Thank you. One day I'll have a DSLR and will take awesome pictures.

Check craigslist. People sell them for cheap (compared to new, still be prepaired to spend $200-$300) because people buy them thinking they will be great photographers then lose interest and get rid of them.

Does time stop when you two are together?

peppy, what are YOU doing here?

Spooki Ougi a best. Own chapter when?

Book not chapter

You just gave me my new wallpaper.

>Naisho no Hanashi
I like this.

wallpaper version

my nigga right here

Ougi is the result of Kanbaru and Koyomi.

Ougi is proof those two would be fucking terrible together.
However their child would be amazing, terrible, horrific and ultimately great.

Kanbaru >= Karen > Ougie > 3 Dangerzones > POWER GAP > rest

But bird was always clearly a girl.



Owari2 when

why are you a faggot

that's a girl's ass





Monogatari VN when

Why is Professor Utonium Blonde?

Kanbaru even says in one of the commentaries that if they were to date, they'd break up within a month.


Well yeah, they're too similar. Dating yourself very rarely ever works out.

Though by the same token, in Nadeko Snake, Araragi and Kanbaru both agree that had they met each-other first, they would be dating right now.

>Though by the same token, in Nadeko Snake, Araragi and Kanbaru both agree that had they met each-other first, they would be dating right now.

Maybe they'd break up, maybe they wouldn't.

Let's just be happy they would fug a lot.

>both agree that had they met each-other first, they would be dating right now.

Sans Shinobu and Hanekawa, couldn't this be the case for any member of the harem?

>Let's just be happy they would fug a lot.

I dunno, man. Kanbaru doesn't even have the balls to actually do anything to Araragi's sister when Karen is a part of Kanbaru Tool.

It was Araragi who brought up the topic in Nadeko Snake, so I take it that certain people wouldn't really do it for Araragi by induction.

She does take off Araragi's pants no sweat no thinking twice in Nisemonogatari though

>Sans Shinobu and Hanekawa
when did they ever do commentary together?

She had to prove her innocence obviously. You don't go into someone's house, destroy their credibility as a pervert and then get away with that shit.
Molesting Araragi was obviously the logical recourse.

She can prove her credibility to me any time.




Depends on how good you are at cleaning and whether or not Kanbaru would deliberately mess up her room to spend time with you.
Which is honestly the most autistic yet cute way to tell someone you want to spend time with them.

hope she wears that outfit whenever ougi dark is adapted

Fuck off jojo autist.

>Kanbaru Tool
Kanbaru Soeur

Subs fucked that up.

Kanbaru Sister?

Hanekawa is being too nosy


I want to bully math

no bully

I want to protect math from bullies.

>no honorific

what subs are those?

Is the damage permanent?

There is hope, as long as people can understand her.

Maybe during her math master's she can finally get along with her classmates.

Araragi senpai ima koso ka!

>dat face


I love her laugh. It's so unnatrual

left or right?

Every single thing about her is unnatural, that's why I love her.

right obviously

I think we all know the answer in this thread

No... They would fug alot. How could they resist, with such beautiful bodies?

>dem pubes.

Aww yeah, I swear bush is like the most under utilized thing in lewd drawings.

Left. You'd have to be completely deluded to pick otherwise, even in this thread.

This just made me realize I want to do a chronological watch now since I have utterly exhausted all anime.

is crab femdom?

Left is perfect.

She is a switch, like the rest of "aggressive" monogatari girls.

>t. 100 shows

>He starts off wanting the vagina, then not even 25% into the series realizes he can't actually get a vagina so he tries to accept the dick, but a girl talks him back into getting the vagina then he goes full transexual pride in the last arc

>He's not even gay either. He likes girls. He wants to a lesbian.

I feel like crab is like 90% dom.

Why are two best characters in semi-harem anime a man and a spooky thing that has no gender?

crab is all bark and no bite.

Because you have reddit tier taste. Pic related is the best character.

Men are better at everything, including being women.

tumblr tier taste. pic related is the best

9gag tier taste, pic related is the best female character

Sodachi is the loveliest, but not the best.


AOL tier taste, pic related is best.


ICQ tier, blatant best right here.

clearly says "a girl with a long-sleeved uniform" in her description

How can one even compete?

So is this anime worth watching? I dont watch romance or ecchi? but looks cool as fuck

She insists you put on a wig and lingerie first

It's mainly a drama with supernatural elements to illustrate the conflicts. There's romance and fanservice too, but they're not the defining features.

best girl

Why did they have to only release this in potato quality on Twitter?

there will probably be a better version once part 3 hits


I'd rather let the thread die than have people start drooling over the tits in what's probably the best Kizu promo art we have as far as capturing a character at a crucial point in the story.

snail is 3rd best girl. spooky is 4th

Don't beat her at math or else she'll hate you.

But she loves Leonhard Euler, who is better than her at math.

Which reminds me, why is there no Euler^2 fanart?

those are some nice knockers

Hey, so I'm watching Koyomimonogatari and they're talking about Koyomi dying due to using his powers too much.

It's been a while since I last watched any monogatari and I'm pretty sure I'm completely caught up on all the seasons but I don't remember him dying due to powers/vampirism.

Closest I remember him having a certain amount of time left to live was when SnakeGod told him she was going to kill him at a specific date but that didn't pan out.

So, is that what they're talking about?

He's not dying, he's turning into a vampire all on his own, independant from Shinobu's influence on him. The reason for that is him constantly using vampire powers against Nadekami and starting to think of them as his own. If it progresses too far then Gaen's network will no longer consider him harmless and try to exorcise him.

If memory serves, Araragi was being Araragi, visiting God Nadeko often and she'd smack his shit in but not enough to kill him. So his body got too used to him regening

I'm going to assume that Kizu's English blu ray will only come out once all three parts have aired.

Thank you based tripfriend. Are you planning to do Sodachi Lost pt3 too?

Oh ok, I kinda remember that.

I'm tempted to rewatch but this series has gotten kinda long.

Y'all going to Kizu2 in theaters? I'm trying to decide if I want to take time off of work. How was 1?

what the fuck was her problem

Her problem was Araragi and his denseness.

An overdose of pimp hand. Too much medicine becomes poison and all that.

>thread's still not dead after all day at work


Ougi is eternal.

yes they are

I won't let this thread die.

you're doing a shit job 2bh

Hitagi said that she was the only one that can stab Araragi with stationary.

Neither will I

What would you do in this situation?

Make her eat all the eggs.

touch myself

I'm sure there's a pun I can make about this in japanese.

Untie her and walk away.

I know she's boyish but Kanbaru is still a girl user.


Though Shinobu is alright too

Talk about the blind leading the blind, there was some brutal honest amidst the humor, and this proved the part in Nise about Araragi calling Hanekawa his second mother, and rather interesting stuff. Is Crab really in love with Cat?

Even though tying people up isn't my thing, that is probably the closest fanart I've seen to match the style of the animation.

All Americans are blond

There's a full set if you like it.

Ougi makes my heart go doki doki.

Ougi makes my dique throb.


>All those ougifags

I'm proud.

Easily the most interesting character IMO, not that my opinion means anything.

I'm surprised there's this many ougifags here.



>I'm so fucked up.

Why is he doing that face?

A fake is actually better than the real thing. Because while the real thing simply exists a fake must put immense effort into imitating or even surpassing the original. Truly a trap is better than a girl

Ougi is a girl senpai.

He's trying to lick his own chin.


What happens later on in that gallery.

Vibrators and semen.

It wasn't a question, that was my answer to the question that was originally asked.

My mistake friend, I'm posting from work so not paying too much attention

a man of fine taste

Literally harem anime for people who think they're above harem anime.

Ougi is the only character in the series who actually looks Japanese

What? I don't think any fan of monogatari thinks that at all.

>I don't watch romance or ecchi

The gory action scenes are few and far between, monogatari is a character drama

Musou Express and Ren'ai circulation are objectively the best.

It Bants: The Anime. You'll have plot but character interaction, monologues and banter comes first.

What does Ougi smell like? I get the impression she has no scent or smells like ozone.

You know what? Ougi is the perfectest sexual character is history. Ougi is not only sexy per se, it's not female nor male, is both and none, at the same time, all times, no time, at your convenience.
You can dream and fap all you want whoever you are without guilty and remorse, only happiness.

Pretty much . There are monsters, high school tests and shit, but all you really care about are the bants and fucking about and that's what you get. It is a bit echi, but in an artistic way like fapping with your pinky up

Like black roses

What does Araragi smell like?

Sweat, lolis, blood, fresh sweater tshirts, I can think of lots of things he'd smell like.

Constant masturbation and shitty deodorant, just like every other teenage boy.

>>Mediocre Tier
>Mousou Express

Fuck you too buddy

I'm 27 and that's what I smell like, and I'm a fairly well adjusted member of society.

Ougi probably smells similarly.

/r/ the bowl of eggs pic


his vampire condition prevents him from having normal body odor

Is that a true statement? Genuinely curious.

I always pictured it as a bunch of hardboiled eggs. No salt or anything, just forcing her to eat dry as fuck hardboiled eggs.

no way

Does kanbaru get her monkey arm back ? I forgot how that wound up.

Schroedinger's dick.

She gets all the parts Numachi had.
Then gets bat to eat them.

Is at still around at that point?

Numachi was never around user.

I meant bat, sorry I'm phone posting.
No bully please.

His body is supposed to be at top condition at all times due to his vampire powers. I don't know if that includes body odor though. Is that ever mentioned in the LNs?

>His body is supposed to be at top condition at all times due to his vampire powers.
I think that was only as long as he was still a vampire. When he turned back into a human, his body didn't degrade though.

>that pic


What does ozone smell like?


Would this be masterbation?

He still gets some benefits. He fucks up and tells Gahara that he doesn't get fat no matter how much he eats and she gets super pissed.


delicious sideboob


There are like 5 people in most Masters( between 20 and 30 in big cirties) I don't think it's gonna be hard to do so.

I like how Jojofags became so unsufferable in their threads that they have to hide their powerlevel in every other thread because of the backlash.

Ireally like 8kuji but Darwin said right is better.

Araragi can still be one of those 5.

Spooked me.

>not doing law to become policeman
>not doing arts just to be inside a class full of girls( and because of the nude models and modeling he can do)
>the just going to the same class as worst girl because she's his girlfriend
I like your enthusiasm, user, but He has too many options.

He is also only particularly good in a single subject. He wouldn't be able to get into a top university without using this one strength.

Senjougahara was already going to follow him wherever he went.

Oh, you're right, I didn't think about that.
What university did he join?

I'm not sure they mentioned the name, and I didn't read owari 3.

People said in an old thread that it was a good university and it was implied that Sodachi was in the same college (which seems reasonable considering she comes back to Naoetsu).

You can have both.

>not best 3

>not 89ji

Jesus, user.

Is this better now?
I can't use the 89 number because it's a porn site name and she's too pure to be associated to that.

>not 8910

Either do the pun or you don't. NisiO wouldn't half-ass a pun and neither should you.
You're better than that.

don't bait the snailfags into dumping their loli porn on us user

>I can't use the 89 number because it's a porn site name
Is that still around?

Ougi is for?

I don't know, it was just my childhood.

There are 8 90s.
you can count them.

i kind of agree, but i'd put orange mint, mousou express and decent black as all god tier ones
marshmallow justice to mediocre.

ougi/crab shenanigans when?

I'm pretty sure that those shenanigans would be Ougi talking about how hard Araragi cheats on her and tell her to break up or suck it up. There's not much else for them to talk about.

sleeve dickens



What does it say?


Isn't comparing Tsukihi and Karen to fucking Flareon of all pokemon mean? Couldn't the artist have just drawn their mutilated corpses and put a sign on them that says "useless" instead? Doing it this way is just rude.

The Spooky x Bird commentary was pretty good.


When it fits it fits.


is she wearing pantsu?

fire sisters basically. also fuck you, flareon is the best.


Flareon is the worst objectively from a gameplay standpoint among the original 3 evolutions.

>hand holding
Spoiler dat shit user!

He did?

Neither are these. And yet...

pls be in time.

That would be implying Hanekawa couldn't get him red hot by. She handily teases him in Kizu, and only stops lecturing him because she sees he gets off being dommed by his "second mother".

People think Hanekawa doesn't know she could ravish Araragi and make him thank her for it, but she do.

RIP Arararararararararagi-san

Don't you die on me dammit.

Too late?

>Spooky Cutie thread
The be

how can you have sex with a girl in that position?


How do you make the folders like that?

great get

You change the .ico file, I personally made those at converticon dot com. It's really easy

Why is anything BUT this allowed??

But what?

big fat tits are always allowed

By definition, best girl cannot be a guy.


same, like a huge salad bowl of peeled eggs.

By definition girs are badboys.


Jokes on you Iori, the best girl in your franchise is a boy.

yeah, actually, nothing but this CAN be allowed