Girls und Panzer, GuP and /ak/

Take it back.

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Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!


Is the anzufag waiting to bully the momofag?

Field Hockey - not your shitty yank 'ice hockey'.

Mate I'm an Anglo and I can tell you field hockey isn't a thing much in this country, or if it is I live under a rock

I grew up in a hockey family, but compared to Rugby and Football (ugh) it isn't that big.

Where do you live out of interest? Because were I am it's literally all Rugby

Da-dang is Emiracle of the universe.


more fat pls

Why do you have to wait to bully Momo and/or Momofags? You can do it anytime.

Opinion disregarded you South-east cunt

You're a Northerner?

Question to you all: What make GuP referred to by some people(especially haters) as dumb or stupid show? I never quite understood why some people think that. It like they think are above this anime or something. Knowingly dumb sure but still...

I preferred it when Kayfags just said WW@ tbhwy

It's the same reason why JFs hate Britain on Cred Forums and Cred Forums. Because Britain is simply better than their country, and GuP is simply better than their anime.

>Slept through the whole last thread

I love my wife, Saori! I want everyone from /ak/ to come to our anniversary with their wives too!

Erwinfags, yamero!!!

What's her name?



Is better do the bullying in the right time

Why the hate then? I love the South West. My holiday homes are there.


Guys I've started playing Panzer Waltz. Help.

ugly face




Is posting back yet? I miss you guys.

Bully the duce

It's just bants, at least you don't actually live in London
Also what the fuck is going on with Cred Forums?

And here i thinking i was finally free.

I missed you



Darjeeling is my wife!

You can consider yourself lucky my man.
Last thread saw few really bad things.

Quick recap:
>fat fetish
>mihofags and their imagination
>THAT posting
>duce bullying


I guess that just comes with the time of day. I hope the fat posting wasn't about Saori.


All that Nonna is good for

You've done it now user.

I missed you guys. Bullying and all.

Except you, TK poster.


Nonna is a lovely lady.

What the fuck did I miss?

Norikofags was one of the strawpolls that was made, are we really that annoying? I wouldn't like to think so and I apologise if we are

>you will never learn how to cook so you can make your favorite guppie's favorite dish.

my dick

hiroshimoot tripped over the ethernet cable

I need this.

Cred Forums spreged out no one could post


Nothing. We were just kinda hangin' around with Duce.

>Leaving your meme name on for non-meme posts

Bad art and wrong colours lead me to believe that this is not Saori.

Even if she was fat I'd love her all the same.


Look at the file name

That's a terrible joke, though I can't help but laugh.

You could just rename the file anything you wanted. I am impervious to your bully.

Look at the tags


Virus, not clicking.

I get it user, jeez.

I did not mean to bully, I think she looks cute fat too

Momo is my cute and lewd wife, we have wild sex every day. I'm going to get her pregnant soon.
look at it!

Just kidding, sorry.


Duce is pointing at you! What do you do?

Run, generally if people are pointing at you it's not a good thing

This will never happen unless Katyusha is involved

This must not happen without Katyusha

Sexual assault

I'd point at myself and ask "Me?" this usually means I'm the MC and good things are about to happen.

Drop the chicken alfredo I'm eating

>wild sex
You don't need sex to get Momo to scream wildly.
In fact you don't even need Miho and her sharp toys to get Momo to scream wildly. She's truly the worst.

say sorry for the last thread

also pointing

more Kaydar!


She's my wife, user. No amount of bullying can change that. You can have Yuzu.



Sorry, but Momo is most certainly my wife. I love everything about her, including her lewd body, it is that of an elegant adult woman.



Who impregnated her?

My baby being born.


I think you should rethink your statement.
If someone will ever impregnant Miho, that'll be me.

missing from last thread mini-dump

My god, there's a lot of art of this pairing.

I don't even get off on it, Kay just looks so happy in them

I'm not sorry.

Why does Momo have such a slutty body?

You three stop it.

She needed something good about her.

Where is Saori though?

In the next ward giving birth to Sawreehfag's pup.

My Kaydar is tingling.


I thought rabbit was a lean meat?

She isn't always happy

Can we get more Garupans in short short jeans? I think Saori's fatass would be a nice display.

in her kokoro she is

What is she hiding?

Her 17-pounder.

If kaydar is just going to image dump could you please go to /u/? They have GuP threads too you know.

It is quite annoying

>staying on /u/

Where can I buy some Darjeeling merchandise like pic related?


I actually prefer regular Kayfags.

Any predictions for GuP: The Final Chapter?

Tearful goodbyes? Exciting new beginnings? Miho giving her mother a good 'ol right hook?

None of us are image dumping, user. There's plenty of space for the waifuposters.


I have bona fide info that there'll be girls and likely panzers


...and a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance by Shizuka

MEXT-kun dies saving the schoolship

After everyone dies, Saki decides to fix it all by restarting the universe.

not canon

Saki really reminds me of Elle sans the larger handgrip

Kayfags are cool guys, Kaydar is shit.

I want to kiss this autist.

Boko dies. Momo cries.
It all ends with a da-dang.

>tearful goodbyes
Because of Momo.
>exciting new beginnings
Yes, because Momo is finally gone.
>miho giving her mother a good ol' hook
I wouldn't mind if Miho gave her mother a real hook. To the stomach.

I want to love her for who she is.

I want to befriend Azusa and steal the Sakinomicon. ww@/#

did kayfags ever actually do this before last week? I had never seen anyone say it until someone brought it up for that image series

I want to turn Erika into a mother.

Not really, I think it's just a summary of how they always came in and said "Post more kay!" "Not enough kay!" ect.

I loved her first and I love her more.

And I agree, she has the best body out of all the Guppies.

I wanna see all the girls pregnant

TFW people don't know who Hana is but I love her anyway.

I'll make a better version sometime, I promise.

I want Saki to show me the truth.

I'm glad we were relevant enough to make the list.

What a truly fantastic collective of people we are.
And I'm not kidding - I love you all. Not as much as I love Miho tho.

I'm glad i'm not annoying enough to be on the list.

I bet your PanzerFaery wouldn't appreciate you talking about Momo like that.

How come Nishifag and Ninafag didn't get a poll?

I'm predicting a normal episode that's just a better goodbye than the end of the movie was. Normal sized episode. No tank fight.

I hope to God I'm wrong.

"Nishifag" is the Oreofag that shitposts his gross fetish here, he even admitted it.

Idk why desu senpai. I think the Nishi fag is into some weird things, though.

B-but I thought smellfags and vomitfags were at war against each other.

It's the same disgusting person.

A whole 4 of us!

How do you deal with hobos?

The movie wasn't even a goodbye, it was more of a "Ohohoho, would you like some more crack?"

Personally, I'd like the Final Chapter to end with Miho in command of 50 strong force, all of them yelling in unison, "Panzer Vor!"

Recruit them

Impregnate the hobo.

Turn them into food

All of the schools vs. MEXT's personal army?

The only right answer

I want to plant my seven seeds inside of Shizuka!



I think smellfags are dying
Good, they are disgusting weirdos

Don't stick it in a crazy

if /vg/ is any indication, when you reach the point of making strawpolls about individual posters its time to retire the general

duce feet

>tfw you're an actual Nishifag but you will never be taken seriously because of vomit pasta

I want to stick it in crazy anyways!

This abortion sums it all up.

Just like the Jews



I'm hoping for a nice 45 minute long OVA about the graduation, some minimal tank service (This is the end, supposedly. It needs more character moments than battles) and goodbyes to the characters that are leaving the school. (A crying Anzu being comforted by Momo and Yuzu would be nice)

Also the most important thing: Miho and Maho making up with Shiho.

it's the first letter in ta

But we do, just ignore smellfags posting the puke pasta. Nishi got the highest wife power.

Context check.

the context is right there in the image

She is the perfect baka

Okay, here's the second version, I think this one is much better.


I'm going to sell Emi as a slave on the black market!

I really want Shizuka to use me as a mere piece, since she knows I love her and would do my best for her.

Original pastafag here. Sorry, I'm not really an Oryoufag and I didn't write the pasta to make Nishi look bad, I just like the fetish myself. I would post it every time someone brought it up but I stopped as soon as Nishivomitfag stopped posting. Nishi is a good girl and does not vomit on people's dicks, usually.

I love statistics.

What the sod is "ta" supposed to mean?!

why are you reading a comic in japanese if you don't know japanese


I want Shizuka to tickle me!

Make a new answer on the poll if you're not too tired, then.

>Saori's option is orange

I don't know why this made me so happy.

Just did.

Kayfags ww@?

We've been here the whole time

kayfags are always present

>No Mikafag

Well, fuck you too

Reporting as ordered SIR!


Duce always win

Momofag confirmed sole shitposter ruining these threads, i'll double the bullying from now on.

it's calling me a nip wtf thats racist

What happened? I haven't even looked at this thread in like 20 minutes.

I had to vote through my phone because it did the same thing.

Why is Yuuki such a lewd little slut?

molested, probably

Why the sky is blue?

>being proud of loving a whore

Is this the face of pure evil?

Are we talking about Kay?

My future wife on Shiho's back.

Rayleigh scattering.

fucking uncalled for we did nothing to you

My wife is so cute!

She is the cutest little slut, then her boyfriend goes and dump her because of tanks.


Rude as fuck brah, I hope you get kicked in the dick.

>This denial

My wife and daughter.

Hello Tsuneo, working hard?




I knew that ninafags were plastic as fuck

I want to look into Shizuka's crazy eyes!




Fatty Nonna is goat
I want to sleep on her breasts

What do you mean by plastic?



What a happy family.

Reminder that the smellfags are just a bogeyman
He haven't post here in days
The true shitposter is an Erikafag

How can we save her from the memes?

dumb momofag

With love.

Only liking her for the time being

She needs a dedicated and loving boyfriend to fight off bullies.

With Mika help

Maybe they're asleep right now?

>Fatty Nonna is goat

Why would you save her from the memes?

Not this shit again

Who is eachs fag Nemesis?

For example Momofag and the rest of the thread
Erwinfags and other Erwinfags

Momofag is the only one who ever offended me directly, but i already bully him when i can.

The only bad fags are the erikaputos, momofag is only for fun bullying

Nonnafags and Katyushafags.

I think bullying that lonely Momofag is easy because Momo is such a shitty girl and good for nothing

what is that?

pretty much everyone preys on mikafags since the hobo thief reveal


I don't think I've any.


Spanish for Erikafags?

Erikafags in spanish, mostly because they are argentinians shitposters

Yukarifag vs Erikafag

Because she's not an autist, she's a cute socially awkward kid who is also a really kind person.
What are the requirements to date her? Both external (family approval) and internal (what does she likesapart of Miho)?

But i'm a mikafag, and i like her even more since the drama CD

Puto is used by everybody that is hispanic

hey we are not shitposters we are just telling the truth on how shit is Yukari

Kayfags and Darjeeling

>tfw you meet your Tankfu

Semi dump incoming.

FT17, first EB tank, used in the War of Canudos.

Pelo menos uns 3 aqui.

Sure mate

I really wanted to know more about this upgraded cannon, but they didn't had any intel onto it.

>dead baianos
nothing of value lost

M8 Greyhound, a perfect armored car for a sunday ride with your favorite garupan.

>baianos were lazy even to reload their guns and work their bolts

Top lel.

Why people hate on Erika, she's almost perfect


Nobody hates Erika, only her fags

I forgot the War of Canudos was a thing.

M41C Caxias, upgraded by Bernardini with a 105mm cannon and extra armor
>hey kid, get off mai tankfu

What have I done to you? I never shit on Mako.

Bullies will get theirs in the end!!

I want to shave Oryou's hairy pussy and ass

I love Oryou

Why Mika is so best

here the translation translated

Yukari would be so happy here.

Bullying Momo will be always a thing

No pantyshots allowed.

I would be happy with Yukari 10 feet underground

T-6 Texan trainer.

What's the best way to bully Dadangfag?

They are not canon.

That is some really rude rough bullying. Tease-bullying is acceptable.

remind him that his waifu is even less real than our waifus, whose voices we can at least hear and whose movements we can at least watch

Hope you guys liked it.

I wasn't posting Mako when you did.

Morra erikaputo, I'll bury you on Malv-, oh wait.

Is playful bullying, you cry baby

Twintails a shit

rgulho da nossa gente

thanks bud

I like Fumikane's Yukari more

What happened then? Curious.

I posted one image of Momoga and you started a fuss over her name and Momo.

"Come stai la mia comandante? Sei il comandante migliore nel mondo, e potrai portare la vittoria nella questa battaglia! Faremo la nostro meglio e faremo ti orgoglioso! Dopo la battaglia, cucineremo molto pasta e pizza e berremo molto vino e grappa per la festa della vittoria!"

I remember that thread and argument. That wasn't me. That was the then-shitmosting Momofag.

I'll be your scapegoat if you want.

Even Mext guy got a name, and there are still girls unnamed

I want Duce in my life

I made a chart. Tell me how to fill it out dudes.

It literally is just Yukarifags and Erikafags. That was a war. Anything else is small potatos.

>that Darjeeling on the wall

My OCD also hit pretty hard with that. That's brazilian military and general culture care for buildings, everyone.

What's this from?

Battlestation thread? The Onion article about domestic terrorism? A Fox News article about domestic terrorism?


So much Ika, i'll steal his stuff.

Mika is just Maho with longer hair and Darjeeling stupid personality

I googled Pirassunu looking for that place, so that's why i didn't find it.

>MF DOOM, Ika, Darjeeling

Well he has good taste.

Upgraded Darjeeling you mean.

I guess so, I thought it might have been neat. I kinda like politics.

She's like a flawed Darjeeling, so she's not boring unlike the original

Shouldn't Erikafags like Mahofags?

It's weird, but they don't.

No, they hate absolutely everyone.

Mika flaws come from the drama CD, same for Darjeeling



Momofag hate the anzufags because all the bullying

I like Erika.

I hate no -fags. I just dislike bullying in general.


Fuck you, Momofag.

>anything looks better with KMM uniform
Prove me wrong /ak/

More like anything looks better in Anzio uniform

You're a good guy, Momofag. Don't let that one guy get you down! Ganbare!

>anything looks better with KMM uniform
Dead bodies don't. Unfurtunately I can't post THAT.

Anything looks better with KMM uniform, but anything looks sexier with Anzio/Saunders uniform.

Not even one thread

I can't speak for all other Mihofags, but I'll tell you this.
I'm pretty neutral in most cases but Erikafags, Shizukafags and Shihofags are really pissing me off. And this one guy who said that Emi is better MC than Miho - I would stab you if I could.
Oh, and don't post pregnant Miho ever again. That's just a friendly tip there.

>but anything looks sexier with Anzio/Saunders uniform


What if the erika spinoff was translated but all the dialog is filled with amphibian puns

Saunders' tank uniform is much better than their school uniform.

Fuck off, Seven Seas.

What is this from

Is the shorts

Sorry. I'm married.

Thank you, Sawreehfag!
You can't be put down when you're in love!!

Thank you for your input, I will continue to monitor the threads and updating the chart.

Is not funny anymore

>not wanting pregnant Miho



>Sawr- mmpf! -fag, take it o-!
>Pwehh~ Mou!~ I told you to take it out this time anata!

I have fapped to the thought of most fags having sexual experiences with their waifus, am I a bad and/or weird person?Especially Sawreehfag, Katyushafag and the Kayfags

What's wrong with pregnant Miho?

That's weird.

You do you, user.
By Kayfags though, do you mean plural?



Even you.
I am so sorry.

Didn't Sawreehfag hate himself? Also where's the Pekoefag I'm triggered


D-do you just imagine Anons with green heads and suits?

I hope he at least gives us highschool boy uniforms.

Everyone is a cute anime girl, naturally

As a representative of the Kayfags I formally declare war on the Shizukafags.

Scans when?

Now that's quite simple.
You see, there's two main reasons.
First - it creates a tensions between Mihofags (everybody wants to be a father).
Second - I feel bad for the child. I don't want it to live alongside two psychos. I don't want it to see it's parents covered in blood and bruises. Miho isn't ready for child.

>Oh, and don't post pregnant Miho ever again. That's just a friendly tip there.

Try and stop me faggot

As a Mikafag i reaffirm my love for Maho

No. Let me describe some for you, I have them all in casual wear because reasons.

A variety of handsome blonde/brown haired jock boys in varsity jackets.
A smart-casual prettyboy with glasses, short brown wavy hair and really pretty eyes. He dresses in suits and shit.
A ragged but rugged hunk with 5'oclock shadow, he dresses like a hands-on guy.
Dresses in warm clothes, and always wears a Ushanka. He's tall and looks kind, but is strong and dependable.
Dresses in prep-fashion, very handsome but with a snarky attitude and sharp eyes. He melts when he sees Erika though.
One is a muscular man in a big German trenchcoat, he has shaven hair a big smile. The other is a small weedy boy in an officers uniform, they always come to an understanding and double team Erwin in the end, despite their differences.
I only have one Ducefag, he wears a chef uniform and has slick black hair, he's quite pretty, but not as much as Momofag.
A skinhead wearing a wife beater, he has a combination of nazi and boko tattoos. He often has to beat up people who bully Miho, but loses sometimes, to Miho's delight.
A first-year schoolboy with shaggy brown hair, he is very bright and happy and friendly with everyone. But when he's alone with Nonna he is her special little boya.

That's all for now. I feel sick just writing all of this from the pit of my mind.

>He faps to me doing lewd things with Katyusha

I think you're delusional and have no faith in Miho.

user....I think you're gay. Or bi.


oh hey look ep 6

*runs away*

I like to insert as the girl sometimes, but only sometimes.

Enough, time to sleep

>A smart-casual prettyboy with glasses, short brown wavy hair and really pretty eyes. He dresses in suits and shit.

Oh my. Do I get a matching opposite sided monocle?

Or, user, she's straight.

Let's call this guy Fagfag so we can remember him by a name.

I don't know whether to feel complimented or afraid.

inb4 Bandai Visual pulls it from YouTube...

Agreed this is some next level meta shitposting.

>Or, user, she's straight.

Would Saori like the idea of you and FagFag doing stuff?

No! No way! Absolutely not!

I'm sure as shit not some poofter.


Why i everyone except me so weird?

may god bless you, fagfag.

Momofag is Fagfag confirme.

>Momofag is shipping other fags
I always knew it.

FagFag = BestFag

>When I brush my tongue against her pussy.

best thing to happen to gup threads

A Mihofag here
I like all gupfags since they like the girls Miho are friends with..

As a Mihofag I'm feeling kinda insulted by your describtion laddie.
But if it gets you aroused then who am I to judge.


that expression with just a little brush? Can it be said that she has low tolerance and would cum in a short amount of time?


Thank you for the laugh!

No no!! That's not it at all!

Wears fluffy cotton sleepwear and one of those little night caps, has good hygiene and looks, but would rather sleep all day long. Maintains his lifestyle by investments. Often spends whole days cuddling and spooning with his wife, Mako. Sometimes they get so sweaty they have to start removing layers...

I'll do a few more too, seeing as you guys seem to be having fun.

A vagrant, his hair is unkempt and untidy, and his facial hair has grown to a short beard. He dresses in clothes he steals from clotheslines nationwide. The only thing he always wears is a shabby jacket he was given by his girlfriend, Mika.
A well-spoken leader-type figure.Wears untucked dress-shirts and jeans, he has a big smile and sorta-spiky brown hair. He always quiets to a calm and soothing tone when he talks to Maho though.
A handsome mechanic who's just finished all his schooling, He's a bit scruffy from all his work and wears a boiler suit half-off and a brown tank top underneath. He playfully touches Fukuda's butt sometimes, it's kinda lewd.
A manservant like Shinzaburo, but with neck-length hair instead of ear-length, he has delicate facial features and often have threesome's with Hana and Yuri, as to 'mend their relationship.'
Likes to have fun, but is lazy with everything else. He dresses in a tees with various stupid designs and shorts with flip-flops. Spiky reddish-brown hair and a smartass grin compliment his laid-back attitude. He likes to eat dried squid.

Okay I'm really, totally done for tonight.

Everyone knows your secret fetish now.

>that expression with just a little brush?
Well she was already in the mood so, yeah.

>Can it be said that she has low tolerance and would cum in a short amount of time?
Well once she's got her motor running, it's easy to give her an ahegao.

The lone Nekofag here. the moment, anyway.

No real animosity to speak of for other girls. There is no war, unless you bring it with you.

That's exactly what i want.

It's not! My only fetish is vanilla.

Based FagFag, he will bring peace to all the fags in /ak/.
I'm surprised you didn't made us autistic, thank you

Do you think Fagfag writes down all his ero stories?

He certainly has the imagination for it.

How long until someone faps to Fagfag fapping to *fag and his waifu?

Too far user.

I want Fagfag to post all of the lewd stories he has written down!

I'm already doing it

Hold it. We don't more fags fapping to fags fapping to fags with their waifus.

>fags fapping to fags fapping to fags with their waifus.

Where does the pleasure come from?

Chocolate Caesar is adorable.

the kokoro

Hahaha - nope. I'm a Darjfag and I don't mind anyone except erikafags.

/ak/ meetup confirmed would have Fagfag blindfold himself and give everyone blowjobs.

And this is why Gup threads are cancer.

Okay, I take it back. The time to retire a general is when anons start fetishizing other anons.

I don't.I just have small scenarios I start with and I just let them evolve in my imagination until..yeah.

Here's some of my favorites. Then I'm going to bed for real this time, it's late.

>Kay's feeling down after missing a party, so the Kayfags throw a small surprise party for her, after a few hours of drinking they start playing spin the bottle...Ends up with a big gangbang and blowjob scene.

>Momofag and Momo start making out on the president's desk while everyone's away, Momofag loses his cool after looking at Momo's blushing face for too long. Usually ends up with Momo being pushed up against the window for some underclassmen to see.

>Katyusha wants to be a big girl, so she crawls into Katyushafag's quarters late at night and wakes him up with a 'surprise', this one usually ends up in standing sex with Katyusha being held up with her legs spread in front of a mirror.

>Sawreehfag and Saori have the most beautiful heartfelt sex you could ever imagine late one night after Sawreehfag get's a promotion at his new job, has lot's of lewd kissing and ends in impregnation.

Going to bed for real now, I really feel ill.

At least /k/ isn't around to hand out homemade 'brownies'.

So if I like fagfag, would I be a fagfagfag

I need to go now. It's late.

I'll just fap to my Mako instead.

I just wanted to make some renders damn it. Hopefully things will go back to normal next thread.

You know, you can still make them, with or without Fagfag

Get some rest Fagfag, hope you feel well tomorrow.

Whilst I'm not fond of the current conversation, I can't help but waste time reading it all and procrastinating. But you're right, I'll go do some now.

So we've just shifted from waifuposting to fagposting?
Are we slowly descending to madness?

Maybe these generals need a rest. This is some weird shit.

>Are we slowly descending to madness?

>Implying that we weren't already mad in the first place.

>One fag posts some weird shit and people react to it
>Let's shut down the thread!

Stop this stupid shit, it'll be forgotten next thread, and won't ever be a main conversation topic.

It's the fact that we stopped talking about the show/ movie/ final chapter quite a while ago. Scroll up.

Can I ask for thumbs up Erwin to be rendered? I'd ask for Naomi too but not sure if that's too much trouble.

I always knew you were a fucking cocksucker Momofag.

I'll give it a go mate. Look forward to next thread.


Well, some people here are (or were) somewhat sane.


Here's a Maho I just did.

I'm out till next thread, cya guys. Please try to screw your heads back on until then. Cheers.

Now i'll always remember that Momofag is a fujo shipper, 3d loving Muslim, jealous of Saorifags, ignorant and rude.

I don't know if I love or hate Mika.


Sounds about right, what a piece of shit.

And I'll always remember that you're that guy who says mean things sometimes.

Momofag, why do you always use the same Momo pics every thread?

Jatkosota's full of Blood Ravens. I bet they "recovered," "borrowed," and "gifted" all their tanks from other schools.

>Momofag tries to pull the plug on Sawreehfag's life support

Literally has no more friends anymore, go to hell Momofag. Even Erikafags are more reputable than you.

What is this lightning shirt meme?

To bug you, of course.


>leaving plenty of space for the waifuposters

clearly this was a terrible mistake

Just saying, for a Momofag you have only a few pictures of her. Maybe you're not that big of a fan after all.

Saying mean things about Momofags is one of the things i enjoy the most, i don't hate you though.

I thought you were against harming your fellow -fag, what happened?

>Needing to upgrade the tank with a beeg gun and thin armor


Very old Miho happily watches new students doing sensha-do.
Then a black tank appears out of nowhere and a voice asks her if she have felt tired lately and assures her she doesn't need to worry about future sensha-do students.

Sawreehfag doesn't have it in him to hate anyone, even Momofag. Can we just calm down until next thread?

But it's true.

We need art of the garupans in Maginot uniforms, guys.



There are more lewds out there of her than there are SFW. I have trouble finding pictures.

And I'm a lazy butt.

Everyone has things they like to do. I can't fault you for that.

Passive bugging =/= Harmful bullying



>have trouble finding pictures.

Your love is weak.

I wasn't talking about the bugging, I was talking about

It might be.

>Momofag tries to pull the plug on Sawreehfag's life support

I'm not sure what that means.

I'm pretty sure he meant trying to kill the threads, as they're the only thing Saorifag has, apart from Saori herself.

Some people sure do not like us.

Alright then. I'll see you around.

He still have alcohol tho.

Is Mika a good older sister to Alice?

Momofag isn't going to kill the threads, nor will he kill Sawreehfag. The next thread will come and we will all be friends again, all of us will be happy together, talking about our favorite guppies.

Right guys?

See you next thread.

Well, what else do we have in our lives?


I want to be loved by Kay.
But she won't be real anyway ;_;

Scale models and weathering kits?

And cake making!


I expect you probably didn't make this but I will treat you like you did

Is that crepes for plating and chocolate filling for dirt?
What makes up the body of that tank, is it just cake cut to size?
Why did you ruin it by sticking it on a generic and poorly coloured base?


I didn't make this but just from looking at it.

Because do you wanna eat it or not.

>You open the door and surprise Erika, who was just browsing Maho pics.
>What do you do?

Browse Maho pics with her.

Watch the video.

My impression of that pic was that they were on a video call.

Would this one fit better?


Someone should make that and send the results to be shown on Great British Bake off: An Extra Slice

Yuzu lusts for blood!


Just realize Yuzu has red on her mouth.

Note to self, don't let Yuzu's mouth anywhere near my dick

What if she offers you something else?

I'd decline, because I already have Katyusha.


You don't even know what she'll give you though, what if its something nice?

I wonder what the postman brings today?

I wonder if it's fluff?

Fluff & butts apparently.

The fuck is up with her arm?


It's not a natural pose sure, but it's not impossible.

Will you scan or at least take photos of the inner contents?

Yukari is so fucking shit. At least get a Maho doujin or something.

Erika pls!

Any news on more Rabu Rabu chapters?

This is too obvious now.

>more more rabu rabu please please
sorry, couldn't resist

This just got licensed, it sounds cute.

>2 girls traveling in Kettenkrad after end of the world

Shoujo Apocalypse Adventure FTW

But right you are.
There's a sad lack of RabuRabu and RW translations lately.

It's because we chased off the cyoa dude.

No, it's because of the cyoa dude.

But we didn't.
He just disappeared right after reactivation of the CYOA.
Was he assasinated?

What about the smellfag or Oryoufag

I think if Oryou saw this thread she would kill herself

I think most Garupans would be atleast depressed seeing what their fags are doing.

>people now hates Erikafags
we need a drunkard to redeem us it seems

You're saying that like it's a bad thing

I think Erwin would be more confused than depressed.

Don't forget to vote for Hillary, Kayfags.

How do I vote in US elections if I'm not in US?

Kay is friend for Freedom! Clinton is enemy of Freedom!

Delete this comment you maple syrup cunt, you'll never have cool tanks!

different translator - Momo is too much of a drama queen to use a different pen name.

Pay someone to do it.

conquer country


>"Shitposting from old soviet rocket base, that's new"
You gave me an idea.

i want to crush momo's skull

reading it now. A bit dissapointing.

Looks like a Regenerador in the top panel.

Tell her I didn't see her playing with her dolls again.

Probably it is carbon coated.

Looks more pinkish to me.

t. CTR shill
Not even GuP threads are safe from this evil

new thread?