"magic school battle harem" was originally a western trope

>"magic school battle harem" was originally a western trope
Really makes you think

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What harem?

emma watson
and the chink one
and the blonde one

Shitposting of this nature originally a Cred Forums trope.

Really makes you think

Check' em

The only ones that had actual, legit actracttion to Harry were Ginny and arguable Romilda. Cho was using Harry to get over Cedric and Luna was more like a little sister

fuck off you westaboos

If it weren't for the west (particularly the Dutch) Japan would still be shoving katanas up their anuses and drinking sake out of snail shells.

Japanese Box Office
01 ¥30.40 billion - Spirited Away (2001)
02 ¥26.20 billion - Titanic (1997)
03 ¥25.48 billion - Frozen (2014)
04 ¥20.30 billion - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
05 ¥19.60 billion - Howl's Moving Castle (2004)
06 ¥19.30 billion - Princess Mononoke (1997)
07 ¥17.35 billion - Bayside Shakedown: Save the Rainbow Bridge! (2003)
08 ¥17.30 billion - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
09 ¥15.60 billion - Avatar (2009)
10 ¥15.50 billion - Ponyo (2008)
11 ¥13.70 billion - The Last Samurai (2003)
12 ¥13.50 billion - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
12 ¥13.50 billion - E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
14 ¥13.40 billion - Armageddon (1998)
15 ¥12.85 billion - Jurassic Park (1993)

no harem w/o imouto

It was more fantasy/look at the magical cool shit dude than harem battle

Fuck off, this is now a "Books that would make awesome anime" thread.

Starting with my most recent obsession.

thanks harry potter for inventing harem

Speaking of which, Hunger Games would make a great anime. Oh wait, no it fucking wouldn't because its teenage-girl "We're Going Through Hard Times Together, Therefore Rape Me Pls Senpai I Love You" shit.

God I fucking hate human psychology.

Weren't there some magical school battle harems which predate Harry Potter? I'm blanking on specifics but I feel like there was at least one.

What about ghost bitch?

>Harry nearly fell for the Asian girl meme
JK Rowling tried to save us all from the Happas. I hope people in the future remember this.

>Not even the first young wizards series
This series is so much better than Harry Potter it's criminal that no one knows about it.

It's got the harem, I guess.

I can only think of it as one of those epic long 90s animes, though, with lots of stook footage and slow pans over it. Too long to work as a modern day anime.

It almost seems like the success of Harry Potter was completely random.

>reading pleb fiction
Laughing at you while I read some Leavitt

>Gaunts Ghosts will never be animated
It hurts

>limiting yourself

You are the true pleb here

Ciaphas Cain would be fit better with anime form I think.

It wasnt a harem, even though it would have actually made sense if it was. The boy who lived should've got a lot more girls into him than he actually did, even when the school hated/was scared of him, you'd think his infamy would still work in his favour.

Forge of Mars animation when

Eh I liked HP more. They're both not as good as Books of magic was.

I mean obviously its and it probably wouldn't work, but there's a million small scenes that I feel like would be perfect sakuga territory
>Shadows Rising
>Trollocs and Half-Men attacking The Stone of Tear
>Oh shit we're getting fuck
>Rand: I've just gotta kill them all
>Kill them all kill them all kill them all...
Pulling out a legit quote for this one
>He had to do something ---something more. The Power slid along his bones, pure essence of fire. Something more. The Power froze his marrow. Something to kill them all; all of them at once... He had to kill them all.
>Just beneath the ceiling, right above his head, air slowly began to revolve, spinning faster, milling in streaks of red and black and silver. It roiled and collapsed inward, boiling harder, whining as it whirled and grew smaller still...
>He had to let go. He had to. He forced his eyes open, and it was like looking at all the thunderstorms in the world compressed to the size of a Trolloc's head. He had to... Had to... Had to...
>And the lightnings came, flashing out along the ceiling left and right like silver streams... The other streams flowed on, fanning down every branching corridor, replaced by more and more erupting every second.
>Rand had no idea what he had made, or what he had done... He could feel the Trollocs and Myddraal dying, feel the lightnings strike and kill. He could kill them everywhere, everywhere in the world. He knew it. With Callandor he could do anything.
TL;DR. MC insta gibs an entire army of doom monsters with some sort of autopilot death lightning. Now have some based Mat.

Don't forget Draco, Fumblemore and snape!

Shit, that didn't even occur to me. I was just thinking Dan Abnett because he's arguably the best BL author.
But yeah Cain would be perfect
>plenty of "Oh shit, my reputation put me in an awkward situation!" jokes
>well-animated chainsword duels, Cain is in fact a skilled swordsman
>plenty of waifus (Amberley, Col. Kasteen, etc)
>Broklaw is quintessential burly deep-voice guy

Not sure how Jurgen would fit in, I'd imagine they'd make him into a quiet notRei girl because anime.

Its got everything.

mein bruder in afrikan descent

Sell me on Leviathan, I've always liked Steampunk shit in concept but my impression was that the series has a relatively low level. Not that there isn't anything wrong with that, I'm not trying to be a /lit/ tier snob, but if its one of those series that has incredible potential but ends up being poorly written I'll be pretty miffed.

I hope so too.

>Harry Potter
>battle harem

I liked the first book, especially the way magic was systematized and incorporated with more modern objects (car aerial wand and the Lotus Esprit was badass). Also the wolf things, and the statues coming to life in the final battle. Later books weren't as exciting though and I stopped reading at Dilemma.


I mean, it sort of did. A lot of girls were eyeing him for the Yule ball. If he was an actual womanizer he probably could have harem'ed most of the girls in Hogwarts.

But Harry didn't have that personality and Rowling didn't throw random girls into the story just to join his harem.

Artemis Fowl, it could become a fantastic anime in the right hands and Eoin Colfer should ditch the live action adaptation.

>I mean, it sort of did. A lot of girls were eyeing him for the Yule ball
They only took interest because he got past the dragon and became more Champion-like. Before that he was famous but not exactly popular, and far from a girl magnet. Cedric was the handsome kid.

>Artemis Fowl

One of the things that bothered me the most about that was the lack of relationship development with cop girl.

every time i see harry potter i think about kingkiller which was recommended in Cred Forums LN/WN threads

my blood presusre starts to boil up just thinking about how incredibly pretentious and awful this book was. It even had a boring training arc, followed by something even more boring dragged-on.

Who the fuck was this again?


The girl who accidentally poisoned Ron though love potion chocolates in HBP.

>draco was tsun towards the end for harry

>famous hero wizard
literally every girl wants his dick as soon as they want dicks

Artemis Fowl would be an amazing anime, he's the exact sort of keikaku lord the medium does well with.

Holy shit, and just like Cred Forums shit, Worst girl won...

Good thing I was a ichihime/naruhina fag, 2 out of 3 wins!

All the power who complain about Ninjutsu, Haki, Nen should get a kick outta this


Dont forget the black chick

That's not Cho Chang

Reminder that "play" Rowling made Canon is as literally terrible as any Light Novel or Bones Sequel

You obviously went into it with too high expectations friend. Its not the greatest thing in the world but I found it half decent fantasy.

Now do yourself a favor and visit Roshar

Remember when we said 'Ender's Game' would have made a good movie?

Just make Jurgan a cute looking girl with an off awkward personality and an implied body oder.

I didn't read it therefore it doesn't exist.

Didn't some other douche write it?

already read that and i was not pleased when the spear dude turned into a super sayan and was flying to his village at the end of the latest books, among other things

otherwise it was a fun read up to that point.

And it would have, if done competently.

Movie only, non-canon
Yeah, when they weren't too busy hating him and calling him an attention seeking liar

>Series ended with him ending up with Worst Girl

It really is like a harem anime.

Were you okay with the whole "be a virgin and fuck a sex goddess so well that she lets you go free" among many other terrible incidents within that book?

Why do you say that?

Yes, but she made it canon because she wanted more money and another movie.

But I think we can all agree that luna is best girl

She really is.

Don't forget the techpriest with a mechanical tail.

The anime fucking writes itself.



Ginny was better in the manga

Come on

sanderson seems to pride himself on this whole magic system shit.

All the guys here would just nitpick it like the others

these werent bad, but by god they were edgy as fuck. I like his newest series better

The Ghost Girl wanted Harry to die.

and that is why this is perfect
guaranteed sales

Their relationship was definitely underdeveloped but I liked the banter. The series wasn't particularly deep anyway

Ginny was a turboslut and literally came out of nowhere.
>Hermione is totally black guise
I can't think of another celebrity writer who sold out as hard as Rowling in living memory. Ever since she waded into politics she hasn't left and keeps returning to HP because her other books don't do as well.

>This whole thread

Sanderson likes his magic systems to have checks and balances. He prolly has the biggest boner when planning that shit out.

>Starting with my most recent obsession.
I hope you look forward to book 7, 8 and 9 where nothing fucking happens.

I really liked the two last books though, Brandon Sanderson put it pretty much together and the 200 pages long Last Battle chapter was pretty nice. Even if it wasn't an astounding ending, I at least felt fulfilled after finishing reading it for 20 years.

Didn't know the eleven liked The Last Samurai, I always assumed they saw it like gaijin crap.

She was all over Draco during HBP. Myrtle would spread her ghostly legs for anyone good looking or treated her well

>emma watson
>and the chink one
>the ginger one
>the ghost one
>Wizaed Sasuke, cuck version

>"be a virgin and fuck a sex goddess so well that she lets you go free"
not so much the bullshit Kvothe was pulling off, but rather how absolutely boring it was to read through that segment. It doesn't help that that happens right next to the red swordpeople training arc. I only liked the first book for the magic school shenanigans and it certainly wasn't as pretentious, just a nice underdog story with a neat ending where they win and screw up the reward at the same time. The second book feels like a mess haphazardly put together in comparison.

>those last three

You can't fool us Fanfiction.net. Please go.

Can't wait to see what kind of mess that next book will be with him being so engrossed in the SJW bull shit.

they all wish they were white people, but with that nippon spirit

It had a lot of Japanese actors in it so it got a free pass.

I'm ready for it, but I've been tearing through 2-6, which I'm on right now. Besides, I'm an easy to please guy so even though Winter's Heart is apparently fucking claw your eyes out terrible I'd try and get some enjoyment out of it, if only to see where the Wheel takes them next. A large part of my enjoyment from these books is learning more about the people and the world.


Ginny was literally kissing black dudes in front of Harry, even Umbridge was better that that slut.

read the first book of this and haven't returned to it since then

should I even bother? It doesn't seem as fun without the main character from the first book.


>Winter's Heart is apparently fucking claw your eyes out terrible
It's worse. I think the whole book just goes over a couple of days or something. Nothing fucking happens.
At least you don't have to wait years between each book to be released, and have the writer fucking die in the end of it :P

It reminds me of Kamina dying with me not too fond of Simon and Nia.

I still think its worth a read.
It's not too long and the rest of the cast develops quite nicely

My friend is half britsh, half puerto rican and he says that the black dudes over there are a lot better than the blacks here

Besides, didn't he and Ron walk in on her and Dean in the first place?

>if only to see where the Wheel takes them next
Nowhere. Literally nowhere, for an entire book. That's why everyone complains about it.

The full trilogy has one ~main~ character. Kelsier was not the main character. Second book is a slog; third book has some wack-ass shit in a good way.

Second set of Mistborn books is wonderful.

And it was just as retarded then as it is now.

>next book
I wouldn't be surprised if it never comes out at this point considering the author

Hey. JK. Neil Gaiman called he said "you know what you're doing good work. I don't see why anyone's make a fuss, we're both just copying TH White"

Reminder that-
HITOTSU, if you only read genre fiction books you're a pleb;
FUTATSU, if you enjoy any of these authors you're beyond salvation and equal to a redditor


This just in, fun things are in fact not fun


Wouldn't a Hunger Games anime just be a Battle Royale anime?

>ywn see the Butler vs. Troll fight in full sakuga glory


You forgot one

Codex Alera pretty cool too. Need more solar lasers in unwinnable battles

Really any Lord Dunsany anime would be amazing, but the greatest fantasy novel of all time obviously deserves one.

The Alex Rider series would be neat

>kissing black dudes in front of Harry
Except she didn't, they walked in on her with Dean.
>black dudes
Just say Niggers already
>forgetting Harry and his yellow fever
>forgetting Harry ignored Ginny
>ignoring all the times Ginny tried to get his attention but he wanted his oriental sloppy seconds
Nice try Potter.

I don't know why I finished that pile of shit.

They should make a lot of critique of war and fighting to control resources ala the iraq war and stuff. That'd be awsome. Trump should be the baron. The oil must flow.

>not including Ayn Rand

>reading for fun and not for the never-ending quest for personal growth, wisdom and the refinement of taste
Lemme guess. You also watch shonen anime to pass the time (i.e., vegetate), don't you?

It would be really interesting indeed

Its pretty steampunk, but its also got really good art courtesy of Keith Thompson, there's also biopunk elements, a cute reverse trap, and plenty of mecha. Now granted I read it a few years ago, but the writing wasn't bad.

I'd definitely recommend solely on the artwork.


As laughable as her philosophy may be, she's not a fantasy genre fiction author like the above. Learn the distinction.

I'm getting strong as hell Nausicaa vibes from these images. Picked the fuck up.

I don't know why you did either, user.

Yeah it would be. I loved those books and they have awesome over the top action.

I've probably read half of these authors, but I kinda stopped reading 10 years ago.

I liked the movie.
Shame it flopped hard.

I'm watching Mirai Shounen Conan, really nice post apocalyptic show by Miyazaki.



...How did this come about?

Is there a chance that Araki will one day do art of my OCs?

Pendragon was a better YA adventure series than Harry Potter.

Percy Jackson

even has the smarmy inner monologue


Pendragon Adventures?

>all this YA shit
Pardon me patrician taste coming through.
>tfw you will never see Locke BTFO everyone

I don't know why but araki drew the cover arts for alex rider in japan


>Patrician taste

did you even read the 3rd book? Shit was like character abortion in the 50th trimester

Not trying to bring Cred Forums into this, but Trump is pretty loudly anti-interventionist and isolationist. If he had full legislative and treaty-making power he would probably pull out of NATO and the UN and redirect military resources to building the wall. You can villainize him if you want, but he's not just George Bush 2.0 with worse hair.

>tfw no moe dragons doing moe things
A-at least we're getting a movie right?

Why can't Murakami write endings, Cred Forums?

Yeah that's what I was referring to. Only met a bare handful of people on Cred Forums who read them.

Why do you think I posted the first book? Lynch said he planned on continuing the series so he had to asspull something in the third one.

An anime where every episode is an adaption of a classic scifi short story.

I never actually finished the series, but I'd really like to someday. I think I left off at The Quillan Games.

Holy fucking shit that's rad

I thought it was a mini series?

Are you fucking shitting me? You need to. I read them as they come out, starting with the first two books. The last two become dark as fuck and still hold up well.

So is lolishit and isekishit






>not loving your dragon son
>not wanting to drink his semen
What kind of shitty parent are you?

Didn't Rowling say in a recent interview that Hermione should have gotten with him and Ginny winning was a mistake

Shit nigga, you're getting me hyped here. Gonna try and nab the series off of #bookz now.

Starting out with I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream as the first episode, right?

It's her trying to respec Harry Potter to be more politically correct.

Since now she wants Hermione to be Black, which means she should get with the most power wizard in the world who she can demonstrate how she's superior to him

>Yeah, when they weren't too busy hating him and calling him an attention seeking liar
the general population bounced around from wanting his cock to hating him to wanting his cock etc

typical female quality writing

Rowling is always backtracking about something or other. The epilogue in its entirety was a mistake though.

No she didn't. She said something else that was taken massively out of context. I don't remember exactly what it was but I think it was something along the lines of Ron and Hermione would probably need some family counseling at some point but would pull through.

>Since now she wants Hermione to be Black

Colorblind casting is nothing new in theater.

>Ron got with Hermione
>JK Rowlings admits it was a mistake

Being Ron is suffering

Why did you type Black with capitalization. Are you a DBZ Fag?

I don't believe that for a second, because that is some insane backpeddling that I'd expect someone like Rowling, who will probably always have thousands of eyes on her no matter what she says, to be more aware about. That wasn't that big a deal though, I actually found her reasoning respectable. I never read Potter, but Rowling says "I never once described Hermoine's skin tone", which I'm not so sure I believe but if its true there's nothing wrong with reimagining her black. Seems like solid reasoning to me.

>TFW no Redwall anime

Gandalf was gay too.

Luna was moe before I knew what moe was

If people are listing YA fantasy, a Lost Years of Merlin series anime would be a pretty good way to make my middle school self cum.

Different user, but they were pretty good. I read up to 7 or 8 or so and then lost track. I guess it's finished by now.

She wasn't so blue pilled back then, I bet she would pair hermione with a google.

This is a pretty good list. If we compare it to western countries we will see so much shit in the western ones.

As somebody who unironically loves urban fantasy how are the Dresden Files?

They should be up. Go read them. They're so easy to get through too.

I read up to and including the second to last one, but I heard that the last one went full retard so I'm not really in any hurry to read it.

It was pretty interesting up until then, though I found the fact that only ONE world in the universe had non-humans as the dominant sapient species. Either throw a couple more in there or make everyone human.

They're fucking fantastic.

Fuck off Sanderson. You fucking ruined Jordan's vision. If you cared at all you would have taken the year or so time it would take to decipher his notes.

>I heard that the last one went full retard
As far as ~ALL MYSTERIES REVEALED~, I thought it was rather well done. Different than anything I expected and had a pretty decent ending. I greatly enjoyed it all.

Mah American friend of African ancestry!

top notch, as long as you dont take them too seriously. Butcher has slowed down his writing schedule after his personal life went to hell. He and his wife divorced and apparently he is getting remarried to some cosplay chick, so i hope that doesnt fuck up his writing style

The last few books could have been much better. Sanderson admits to not knowing why some things happened and never bothering to find out the end goal of side characters since he said "just getting through notes on Rand, Mat, and Perrin was difficult enough"

Might be German. They're weird like that.

ITT: OP has never read the Harry Potter books and talks about shit he doesn't know about.

rumor has it that there is still enough unread notes to make multiple prequel and sequel books

Definitely the best girl!

She said something like personality-wise Harry and Hermione would be a better fit, and joked that Ron and Herminone could get over it with some marriage counseling. Then a ton of people blew it way out of proportion.

Also reminder that Cursed Child isn't canon

So what? Nothing wrong with gay characters so long as it doesn't define them or what they do. Sounds to me like you have a chip on your shoulder about anybody that isn't white or straight.

Just read them. They're great.

Oh, that's why he taking so long.

It it even has a talking cat that's actually a primeval demon

Elaborate how he ruined it, I heard that Sanderson's ending was actually widely acclaimed and praised. Plus, I watched and interview a few weeks back from when Way of Kings came out and he said that Jordan basically had 3/4ths of Memory of Light written in his notes anyway.

We /lit/ now!

Aren't they pretty much confirmed together in the books, and definitely in the post series interview that he gave?

Leviathan by Studio Gonzo

Character designs by Range Murata

A series I'd like to continue at some point but good lord does it have a lot of "nothing fucking happens" downtime. And not even fun "nothing happens" downtime, either. Just shit not happening for fucking ever. I really enjoyed the first.... 3? though.

Thanks, I'll definitely get on them when I have some time.

Also I think that the His Dark Materials series could make a good anime, although the author's hateboner for Catholicism gets a bit annoying in the last book.

Mogget was the best character.

that, and he is also working on his steam punk series. He finished the first one of that around this time last year and has been working on dresden since then

You do realize that Gandalf being gay wouldn't fit into Tolkein's universe at all given the underlying Christian and Old European morality and the implications homosexuality would have within that? He's basically that universe's Jesus, someone whose soul was purified to white and resurrected like he was by the underlying moral forces of that universe wouldn't be gay. Plus, I'm pretty sure no one with an IQ over 80 actually claims that Gandalf must be gay because a gay actor played him with no reference to his sexuality in a cinematic spin-off.

>Also reminder that Cursed Child isn't canon

What was Cursed Child about, anyway? Misadventures of Albus Severus or something?

>tfw no Dune 80's OVA

This shit was anime as fuck. Talking cat, ecchi hijinks, and a timeskip that ruins the whole thing.


That car and that cloud of gas were total bros

Think McDougal will ever release her husband's unaltered notes? I mean we got The Companion last year which I felt like was pretty much the closest thing to getting our hands on them. But for a guy like Jordan I feel like putting them out to the public would only help, no reason really not to I would think.

Deryn a CUTE


Time-travel shenanigans between ALBUS SEVERUS Potter and Malfoy's kid

The plot is almost My Immortal levels of stupid

It was My Immortal but canon.

>d Old European morality and the implications homosexuality would have within that
When is this discussed or implied in the books?
>He's basically that universe's Jesus, someone whose soul was purified to white and resurrected like he was by the underlying moral forces
He was never mortal in the first place.

It's been awhile since I read the series, but Luna is the only one I actually recall Harry having any real emotional connection with too. That scene where they bond a bit over watching someone they loved die and so can see the death horses.

He just thought Cho was pretty and it pretty much went nowhere. I can't even recall what happened with Ginny beyond her being attractive. Then they make out because why not?

Basically Albus Severus is SUCH a loser the only kid he makes friends with is Draco's son.

QUE A 4 YEAR TIMESKIP where Albus has DADDY ISSUES and Harry is too stupid to figure out how to deal with his kid.

So his kid decides to steal one of the only remaining Time Turners and go back in time so that Edward from Twilight never dies as a BIG FUCK YOU DAD

Which is all the plot of Voldemort's secret cuck daughter who is trying to fulfill a prophecy.

The kids get stuck in the past but GOOD THING DRACO HAD A TIME TURNER TOO

Also Harry and his son get to bond over watching Harry's Dad die like a little bitch to Voldemort.

nah, as long as she has control over them we wont see anything substantial. After she kicks the bucket, we may get lucky and get some scans or something

>When is this discussed or implied in the books?
It's implicit given the author's views and how obviously they shine through the work. Did you even catch the racial subtext of Saruman and his Uruk-Hai army?
>He was never mortal in the first place.
Neither was Jesus, didn't stop either's human bodies from being killed and then resurrected.

>accepted in the Christian West
Not until very, very recently.

Tolkien was a freak occurrence. Even Low Fantasy was in danger of offending the masses.

>Plus, I'm pretty sure no one with an IQ over 80 actually claims that Gandalf must be gay because a gay actor played him with no reference to his sexuality in a cinematic spin-off.

Not that user, that's a strange reasoning. I wouldn't have anything against a gay Gandalf, but not once it never occured to me the idea that he is gay because of that. That's like saying that movie Magneto is gay because the actor is gay.

I mean, I don't know if you're even watched the US version of the Birdcage with Robin Williams, but the actor who played Armand's "wife" can play a very convincing straight guy, which means he's that good to play more versatile roles.

MoL and GS was mostly Jordan so they turned out right.

Read some of his interviews around the time of MoL's release he'll talk about how he had such a hard time going through the notes that he basically gave up looking up how characters other than the main 3 would get to the epilogue.
Like when he was looking for Perrin's folder, he thought he found it. Turns out the folder was for everyone character that was traveling with Perrin (except maybe Tam) and so he gave up looking till Jordan's wife found it.

Plus while it's not super bad it's pretty clear that he didn't see Matt the same way Jordan did. He also loved Perrin a little too much.

Well to be fair Harry's crush on Cho being shallow was intentional. It also didn't help that Cho was fucking nuts.

Ginny did seem to come out of nowhere, given that she was basically ignored between books 2 and 6, although I guess it was meant to be the first time that Harry had seen her as a girl or whatever.

Did your reading comprehension level halt at third grade? Or are you just ESL?

>03 ¥25.48 billion - Frozen (2014)

Oh, so that's why I see so much Jap Frozen yuri fanart. God bless them

Darren Shan was pretty fun. Too bad the movie flopped.

>tfw no John C. Reilly vampire master

Never stick your dick in crazy.

Don't forget his incredibly shitty OC donut steel that managed to do all this ridiculous shit with teleporters and bang a red ajah super lesbian straight.


Frozen was retardedly huge in japan. I'm surprised it's not #1 honestly.

There's actually a Darren Shan manga.

I liked Demonata more than the vampire one but that might be because I was a bit older when that came out and it was more violent and edgy. I never finished that series though. Probably just grew out of it.

>I never read Potter, but Rowling says "I never once described Hermoine's skin tone"

But she did. She called her pale.

That series was like peak 90's.


>that sequence where monsters tear an entire passenger plane up
>all those detailed explanations of little girls eyeballs being melted by giant scorpions, and people's brains being sucked out of their skulls

Irulan best girl, Paul is a faggot.
Meine Klänker.
threesome with Deryn and Bi Armeniana never

She at one point called Hermione's face pale. Also all of the illustrations had her as white.

To be fair to Rowling, I don't think that she meant to say that Hermione was always meant to be black but that she's fine with Hermione being interpreted as black. And as shitty as Cursed Child turned out to be I don't really care, they can have their black Hermione.

She obviously meant pale for a proud, independent POC, shitlord.

>TV Show announced
I won't lie, I'm scared. An irrational part of me is optimistic because it could be so, so good. But another, more grounded and realistic part of me says that it could either 1) Be the next GoT tier shitfest 2) It could be under budgeted and terrible 3) Director could fuck it up super hard.

Generally, a lot more anxieties then hopes.

Irulan a shit, Alia a best

>Which is all the plot of Voldemort's secret cuck daughter who is trying to fulfill a prophecy.
You forgot to mention said daughter is a super special snowflake that reads like one of those shitposting parodies of "Japanese character design" that Cred Forums likes to post in every RPG thread.

>I don't think that she meant to say that Hermione was always meant to be black but that she's fine with Hermione being interpreted as black
Pretty much.

She tried her best verbal gymnastics with that statement, and it fell a little bit flat.

AKA ashy.

>That scene where they bond a bit over watching someone they loved die and so can see the death horses.

That was a movie scene. In fact, almost all the "bonding scenes" people remember are from the movie. In the book, he's just too irked by the horses to pay much attention to her beyond noting that her reassuring him of his sanity didn't help much since she looked batshit crazy.

Also, book Luna IS crazy, they played that down a fucking load in the movies.

The first time he feels any sympathy for her is at the end of the book, when he thinks her certainty that she'll see her mother when she dies is a nice thought, though he never say anything.


Alia bat-shit crazy!

I can't remember anything about the series aside from the fact that the alien really liked Cinnabons® and that edgy kid who listened to Megadeth being forcefully turned into a mouse forever.

t. buttblasted Bene Gesserit hags

>All Summer in a Day


>remember reading that story in middle school
>my first feeling of wanting to protect that smile

Bitch still crazy though.

And nothing of value was lost.



>World containing every single mythological god, even duplicates so you have Zeus and Jupiter at war with each other
>Bunch of high school kids transported to it
>They fucking bring real world knowledge of gunpowder that ends up causing all sorts of havoc when the natives start developing it

It would be fun as shit.

Only because her shitty uncle mindraped her.
>you'll never have a cute loli desert prophetess imouto who's mentally 30 so it's okay
>Bene (((Gesserit))) call this an abomination
Also Irulan was a literal cuck and worst girl

>someone else read Everworld
Holy what

>threesome with Deryn and Bi Armeniana never
Her name was literally Lilit...

Literally an anime already

Agree Irulan was worst girl.

>More Isekai garbage
No thank you.

Get ready for all three user.

Well of course

>Knights Radiant
Aw man, I bet half the stuff with Dalinar and the camps would end up like the first ten minutes of Chrome Shelled Regios and be incredibly hype.
Now I'm sad

Yeah... Yeah. I just hope it'll get a decent budget with everyone trying to jump on the GoT hype. At least then there might be some sick special effects when the One Power is used, or the Trolloc/Myddraal designs.


You say that as a joke but it's true. Anime or more specifically light novels were clearly impacted by Harry Potter.

>No Redwall anime

Fuck you, dog was the best

Harry Potter did not invent harems or magic schools, user.

Would watch solely for the food porn

No, but they made magic schools stand out a lot more in pop culture.

And? LotR didn't invent Medieval fantasy but it sure as fuck influenced nearly everything in the genre that came after it.

>Not watching for BADGER BERSERKERS

That would be hype. One of those moments were the enemy is just admiring how someone can be an absolute madman.

I predict the upcoming Little Witch Academia anime will have a Harry Potter reference in it.

I never finished the last three Artemis Fowl books because I thought I was too old for the series it something stupid like that. I felt their relation was moving really well, kinda of like a tsun to dere,did it never get romantic at all?

Yeah and Yabuki didn't invent falling on womens' vaginas but he's clearly made it more popular in manga.

i want it so badly, the first book would make such a good half season

I don't recall them ever getting to that level, very close yes, but not lovers. I know another post mentioned something about a interview after the series ended which mentioned they got together, but I don't remember reading anything like that.

Ayyy. I only ever had the first one and never even saw any of the sequels, I thought it had never gotten one until I looked it up in my late teens. I liked it quite a lot, should see if I can find it somewhere and maybe find the sequels if I still like it.

So many great fights too that would be perfect in animu.

Era 1 for fights.
Era 2 for characters.

You know what would make a terrible anime?


Like Vin vs that edgy noble cock whose name I can't remember on Atium. That would be a cool fight, or the last stand with the army of Atium seers


Don't forget Kelsier vs. Inquisitors either.

Battle Royale was about exploring modern Japanese social problems. Each of the students was representative of some issue in society. The Hunger Games is just about rebellion against the one percent.

That author really blew it. He could have been like a Tolkien-lite but after the second book it all went to shit. He also approved that shit movie and kusoge tie ins.

>out of nowhere
She was being NOTICE ME SENPAI from at least the second book.

The final book literally ends with them embracing (or was it a lap pillow?) in the middle of a field of flowers, take that as you will.

Yeah, but that was a copy/clone. Artemis died.

Well that sounds exactly how Re:Zero anime ended.

So who was the Cursed Child? Was it Albie Sev?

>he blew it
>after the second book
Take your nostalgia goggles off. the first book was literally Star Wars: A New Hope in generic fantasyland with dragons, and the main character's name is just "Dragon" with the first letter shifted. There was nowhere for it to go to shit from, that implies it wasn't there in the first place.

>after the second book it all went to shit
Holy hell never has a man had shittier taste than you my poor uncultured friend. The first one had enough Star Wars plagiarism and prose so purple black people gathered outside every book store it was released in.

LWA is a harry potter reference
Better than HP though

>no Ender's Game anime
Come on, all the tropes are there!

>shota fujo fanservice
>incesty as fuck
>cute onee-chan who is devoted to MC
It's anime alrihgt

>keikaku doori older brother who literally takes over the world through shitposting on tumblr

No it doesn't it ends with Artemis having his soul placed in a clone body that Foaly made, after sacrificing himself and Holly trying to get his memories back. She begins by literally copying the first few sentences of Book 1.

Too bad you enjoyed Bleach and Naruto, so it's actually zero wins

But I like Star Wars so him traveling with his Ben Kenobi/Gandalf to evade the empire was somewhat interesting. Though the fact Ben was actually Vader was really shit.

>Just get in the damn battle room Ender
>No Graff, I hate you!

Googles are bad everywhere and an eternal anglo mixed with discount cuba isn't someone you should be listening to

Hermione is canonically a black person

Artemis's soul attached to the clone body. He's as much Artemis as Rei III was Rei II, more so once he finally gets his memories back. And the clone was awoken in a bed of roses and embraced by Holly.

I guess we have to address the elephant in the room: Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones would most definitely not make good anime, right?

Wasn't she supposed to be half black?

Lord of the rings could work as a some long high budget labor of love anime movie.

He also lifted his entire magic system from Earthsea, so it's A New Hope, but with the force swapped out.

She holds his hand for a moment then Butler takes over and begins CPR. Just re-read it, no hugs. There was a bed of roses though, I'd forgotten that detail.

That stops after the fouth, but for some reason people always forget her scenes in the fifth book since they were cut from the movies.

But then, they even cut the plot out of the fifth movie, so that's not much surprise.

But Cred Forums is influencing the election with their neverending shitposting

and people say meme magic doesn't real

Somehow I thought she helped him to his feet, but on checking it again it was actually Butler. Guess it's been a while.

I pictured it as WordPress personally, since he was writing extensive political essays, not social protest.

Huh, I guess I must have conjured up some shipping shit in my head, because I never actually saw the movie version. Order of the Phoenix was my least favorite of the books, and I never felt much of an impetus to see the movies.

>cute schoolgirls
>epic fights
>will is GAR personified
>lots of cool stuff

It'd be perfect

>07 ¥17.35 billion - Bayside Shakedown: Save the Rainbow Bridge! (2003)

Also lots of exotic Judeo-Christian waffle.

Admittedly the fifth book was hueg

Even Lupin III and many other series are based on European Western tropes. It's not surprising anymore at this point really.



>Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones would most definitely not make good anime
It would have to be LOTGH tier
Guin saga was amazing, but was rushed and didnt have the budget to continue. ACtually fuck that, Guin saga's pacing was excellient despite being rushed, shit was alway sbeing thrown at you and it kept you at the edge of your seat because it was super interesting

>literally brown haired Louise

Thus Spoke Zarathustra anime when

Nietz was a hack
it already came out, it was called nichijou

>frizzy-haired mulatto child

Reminder that Type-Moon drew Hermione doujins.

stirner anime when

Time to fap.

*SJW Watson intensifies*

Anime is a spook

tsundere female Draco best girl

Boner inducing.

I don't read a lot and don't usually think western books would make good anime, but I read this once in high school and by imaging everyone as anime characters was able to make it kinda fun to read.

Keys to the Kingdom is basically an anime already.

I want a parody of the shonen fighting genre using Don Quixote as a reference.

>Movie only, non-canon
He was referring to Emma Watson!

Also that other one. Seventh Tower?

>His Dark Materials series could make a good anime
Really can't see that working.


The first studio that makes a good musical anime is going to be a fucking millionaire.

Don't know why they haven't considering how much Frozen and Love Live have sold.

>Love Live


the kind of magic school in HP where you drop toads in cauldrons isn't remotely close to the stuff you see in LNs with Index or Mahouka

Yeah. Nix could pump out some good YA.

I meant musical as in the genre, where characters suddenly start singing for no reason. Not where they perform the songs as an act.

The only show I can think of that fits that criteria is that Nerima Daikon Brothers show.

>all this YA shit
>posts another YA-tier shit
If you think that awful series filled with le witty banter is patrician or good, better abandon the Internet and read The Name of the Wind and post how AWESOME both books are. But do it in Reddit please.

GOAT young adult series coming through.

Would make AOTY easily.

J.K. Rowling lost her way


I prefer the school hijinks in Harry Potter. The LNs with school settings never do anything interesting with the school system. Usually everything important happens outside of school. They pretty much just use the school for combat training, festivals, and tournaments.

Anyone else really enjoy Methods of Rationality? The author can be quite pretentious but honestly it such a great take on HP.

It was alright when Harry wasn't being a complete cunt.
I forget how far I got exactly. Past the War Games arc, I'm pretty sure I stopped when he sprung Bellatrix from Azkaban.
I read that Hermione gets killed. Care to shed some light on that?


All I need is Mamiko Noto as Luna.

Senna did nothing wrong and was hands down best girl.

She's half the girl she was now.

I won't deny it sort of bullshit how he revives her but at least how he conserved her body wasn't that bad. How Harry treats Hermoines supposed death isn't actually annoying though. Anyways she's fine user

There's still a lot of exciting moments that happen, even one shortly after Azkaban breakout. Harry is a smug asshole but that's kinda his critical flaw throughout the whole thing and he does grow. I would still give it a try.

I'm about to give Wurm a try since I hear it's alot similar. Also someone give me some western fiction with cute girls and bantz. Don't need an epic heroic tale nor sex ever other page. I just want something comfy

Carmilla or Bram Stoker's Dracula.

It has the potential to be the best fantasy anime of the century.

Jon Snow-kun is kakkoi

>Mamiko Noto as Luna

Anybody here read Japanese lit?

I finished Parasite Eve just yesterday. Weird shit, I tell you.

I read Brave Story, does that count?

I do, but only literary fiction.

>You reached us.


So was "get Isekai'd become the hero and get the girl" Pic very related.

It still won't be Jodrowsky's.

Ayn Rand's Ideal

>07 ¥17.35 billion - Bayside Shakedown: Save the Rainbow Bridge! (2003)
Looks like I found a new movie to check out. Sounds like some 80's movie where teens have to save the clubhouse from rich millionaires wanting a mall, but Japanese.

but no service is committed, where is the onsen chapter? beach chapter?

>that map

So, was this an intentional or an unintentional rip-off of Deltora Quest?

underrated post

>implying yall niggas wouldnt enjoy the shit out of a GoT anime

There was that scene where Harry uses the prefect's bath or whatever.

Harry Potter is for girls which is why Hermione has a four man reverse harem but Harry has nothing

No, it was shallow nerd elitism with a shitty plot and horrible pacing. I get legitimately mad whenever I see somebody call it better than the original books.

>any new harry potter material will have black hermione

All you need to know is that Lord Loss wins everything.


Starship Troopers.
Oh wait based Sunrise already made it.

The Battle Royale looses importance very quickly. Even though it does happen on the second book again, it's different. And the third book doesn't even feature. It's more about a revolution than anything else.

I also read it and don't remember shit

I never thought I'd see someone reccommending Leviathan on here. I actually read it a month ago because I love steampunk and saw it reccommended on /lit/. I'm not a big time reader at all but I had a fun ride with it. It's loosely based on actual history and has good character development.

There is a clear division between Biopunk and Dieselpunk (nothing is actually steam-powered here).

I also like the art and will buy the artbook eventually

(though looking at the right side image, I can see this is NOT Keith Thompson's art. It looks horrible.)

I read it years ago but I had to drop it when I got to the feminism bullshit.

If it didn't make the same mistake every adaptation of a fantasy series has (making it as shallow as possible so it attracts an uninterested audience while still maintaining the farce of "depth"), then sure.

Paradise Lost

Funny, I was going to post the same thing, except using John Carter of Mars
I guess Connecticut Yankee works even better since it's even older


>as shallow as possible

What exactly do you mean by that? Like cancelling details and shit?

Not only that, but actually actively turning the characters more one-dimensional. One example is when Rob Stark marries the girl, in the book, he does it because he had sex with her while he was sick. This shows the Starks uphold their code, but aren't morally perfect humans, nor are they the "heroes" of the story. In he series, they changed it to being a story of love. This may be a "detail", but it shows a lot of what the producers of this series make of the book. Another example is how they transform Cersei into some yasss slay queen bad bitch character when she's actually continually shown as pathetic in later books, getting angered over little things and going paranoid because she was pampered her whole life. Anyways, lots of other impressions too, but I haven't watched beyond the second season to point out more. The Cersei part I only gathered from online commentary, for example, so it may not be so exact.

Also the fact that they kind of rushed the story when they clearly did not have. With the help of George they could've shown the world in a more detailed way and actually shown sides to the story that were not added to the books. I'd be ok with new side characters even. But I guess those braindead tv series addicts apparently don't have much of an attention span.


James looks like such a smug little cunt

Perfectly suiting the character then.

Who's the other Slytherin? Regulus?


>tfw you never get Lily Evans to come into a broom closet with you

Fuck man.

It's been like a decade since I read the books, but did Harry have any romantic interest in Ginny? I always felt that them ending up together was odd considering they only interacted in book 2 and he never really talked to her since then?

It begins in 6


Every noun starts with a capital letter in German. It's the law.

>tfw you did and James Potter is so mad jelly that he and Sirius double team your sister.

>tfw she loves it.

Are there any books you guys know of that have a d.gray-man/soul eater feel to them?

a japanese thing really.

Holy shit, most important thing I got from this thread is that I really should get around to reading that last book.

>Not cutting to the chase and watching musicals based on anime.
There is Rock opera Bleach, Prince of tennis and Sailor moon , just to name a few.
And Sailor moon is cool if you can get past the posing based combat and at least one stupid song per show (looking at you, Private mystery circle from Black Lady and Wake up, Usagi! from Usagi Ai no senshi no e michi...)
I´d post a smug Usagi reaction pic if I had one.

I will never fucking understand why Rowling killed Hedwig. What did the fucking owl do to anybody? What was the purpose?

That would be GOAT dark fantasy anime.

Lil Abner is actually the original harem comic.

The usual loss of innocence thing.

What baffles me more is the whole Voldemort's daughter shtick. It just doesn't seem in his character, even with Bella.
Unless she drugged and raped him.

Cursed Child wasn't written by Rowling if I recall correctly

She also visibly blushes. No one with dark skin is ever described as blushing

>No one with dark skin is ever described as blushing
Yes they are.

Not in Harry Potter.
>something embarrassing happens to a Weasley
>[Weasley] went pink
>something embarrassing happens to Hermione
>Hermione went pink
>something embarrassing happens to Nevile
>Neville went pink
>something embarrassing happens to Dean Thomas/the Patils/Angelina Johnson
>[error 404, line not found]
Especially in the early books, when Hermione still hasn't calmed down from her "authority is always right" stance, she gets embarrassed a lot. Prisoner of Azkaban is probably the height of it (because this is the point where Ron and Hermione actively stop being friends because of the whole rat-and-cat deal and Ron's bantz turns mean) and she's constantly going red in the face.

>Unless she drugged and raped him.
Like father, like son.

>The Battle Royale looses importance very quickly. Even though it does happen on the second book again, it's different. And the third book doesn't even feature. It's more about a revolution than anything else.
...isn't that just the arc of the Hunger Games books?

>Not in Harry Potter.
How do you explain the line "Hermione went pink"?

It was also peak brutal. Remember the time the heroes recruited a bunch of disabled kids, gave them powers then purposefully fed them into the meat grinder?

Still mad

Worm, not sure if it counts since it's not published by anyone but hosted on the web. As far as capeshit goes it's aight even the endgame went full retard.

No one described as having dark skin in Harry Potter is also described as blushing. Dean Thomas, the Patil twins and Angelina Johnson (and I think one of the other Gryffindor chasers too, Katie Bell or Alicia Spinnet) are all described as having dark skin, with Dean and Angelina being specifically black, and none of them (embarrassing moments being spread around equally proportional to screentime) are described as blushing, or turning pink or red.
Hermione is never described as having dark skin, but is described as turning pink or red a whole lot.. In fact, most characters are not described as having any sort of notable skin tone other than, with HP himself as an example, being exceptionally pale. Probably because this is Britain, where the majority of the population is Anglo-Saxon in ancestry. Literally the only "proof" people have of Hermione being black is that she has bushy hair and buck teeth, which, as everyone knows, only black people have.

More like
>just get in the damn battle room Ender
>I hate you, Graff, but ok

Why does it bother you so much that a main character might now be white?

It's because Rowling realized too late that she had made a book nerds like but cast a jock as the main character.
>only real skills, even in the final book, are fighting and sports
>gets his more academically-minded friend to basically do his homework for him

Never ever

But he wears glasses.

Everyone who replied to this post is a faggot, excluding me

Because it messes with the verisimilitude of a story set in Britain. Also, making any of the main 3 minorities would be serious changes because of the themes they represent.

Making the only member of the three who is a magical demographic minority ALSO a muggle demographic minority would be too on the nose.

Making an "extremely old money without the money" family in Britain be black would make zero sense. Also, flaming red hair and freckles.

Making Harry himself a minority (in all likelihood, Indian) would make for two very interesting changes. Either the Evans (Lily and Petunia) are Indian - which doesn't make sense, since Harry is super fucking pale but we'll handwave that - and the second character to be called a Mudblood to their face in the series is, again, also a mundane minority, which is too on the nose for my tastes,
James Potter was Indian, which I feel better about because, being a pureblood, he may be part of an Indian wizarding family that emigrated to Britain (during the occupation, perhaps?) and that makes total sense. Then again, it makes the Dursleys into even worse people - if you take away the magic, it's still a white couple who hates the wife's sister because she married a minority and is into his alternative lifestyle, to the point where they never speak of them in mixed company, and then physically, emotionally and mentally abuse their mixed-race son when the two are murdered and the boy is dropped on their doorstep.

Do they not have magical Lasik?

Because Emma Watson

>She didn't win the harry bowl

She was perfect anime character

Still mad

Rowling is a hack

If you tweak some things, it's pretty much a fantasy isekai

I'm in.

That reminds me, what were peoples reactions to Ginngy winning the harrybowl? I was still a kid and I didn't give a fuck when HBP came out.

Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, or any of Robert E. Howard's stuff.

I'd also kill for an adaptation of Elric of Melnibone, doubly so if they can get Amano to do character designs.

You forgot Ebony & all the other OCs.

not really
hahaha no.

Didn't see your post when I made mine, good taste. Can't even imagine audience reactions to Urth of the New Sun

People were too busy being master memers and spamming snape kills dumbledore to give a fuck

Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven?

>you will never have a cute autistic witch gf to look for crumple-horned snorkaks with

Good point.

>magic school battle harem
Has anyone ever written something like this, but the witches and wizards are actually evil? Like, the school is run by Voldemort, and there is a battle harem set in this school for evil witches, whether Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral.

Shit, I forgot HBP came out a decade ago.

Now that I think about it it is only thing I ever read on the internet about the book until last movie came out and people started talking about pairings at the end

That's Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way.

>publication date: 16 July 2005

neo-anime doesn't feature anything violent, sexual or deep other than a shallow farce (hurrr re zero sure is deep guys because a guy is suffering over and over again because a shitty anime idea). They can't even do a simple death properly without it being cringe as fuck. That's why an adaption wouldnt work, it would basically be its own universe by then

>implying Jurgen won't be a moe character
>literal minded
>social outcast
>undying loyalty to his Cain-sempai

That feels like a lifetime ago, especially since how much it seems like the internet has changed.

>Playing online games back then
>This gets talked about everywhere to the point that people are naming their characters with this
>Even clans start forming

>the final battle at hogwarts is in second half of the 1998-1999 school year
>first book published in the 1998-1999 school year
like pottery
I'm trying to imagine how people would react to HP these days.
Certainly we'd have less "split last book into two movies"

>Certainly we'd have less "split last book into two movies"

What makes you say that?

Raven Way or Tara Way?

It would be a shitty tv show and not a movie

It happens more frequently these days.

Too good and too adult for Elevens. Sorry, bruh.

I see what you mean now. I don't really pay attention to movies outside of horror.

Good, it was shit.

I bet you don't like it because your elementary school teacher nagged you to read it
Literally end yourself

If comic books count then I'd like an OVA on Doomguy.

god when i finally got around to the last book it actually killed my childhood

"Potter was a mistake" J.K. Rowling

That's alright. I grew very fond of Luna and she's probably my favorite female in the series, but I can't really imagine them meshing well on a romantic basis.
Hermione was the one I wanted to win, even if they weren't exactly 100% in sync, and her with Ron has always struck me as utterly ridiculous.

Ginny was alright, but she had too little development and aside from book 2's damsel in distress role was basically a non-character until book 6, with the only real scene with Harry before that happening in the library in the latter half of book 5.
Though a long time ago I've read a massive article detailing subtle developments between them in earlier books, which in hindsight makes it a lot more developed, you could argue it's just grasping at straws.

Made by Kyoto.

I regret not watching the movies or reading the books and thus can't enjoy this shitposting

>be the biggest piece of scumbag shit in the world in book 1 and 2
>become the best character in the series bar none during book 3 onwards

What went right?

As far as I can remember, HP was the first to do it.

Winter's Heart was actually alright. Has a great ending sequence.

Crossroads is the abortion that the books will never live down.

>No one posted Night Angel trilogy
It was so fucking bad it could earn billions in japan alone

Superior edge coming through.

I don't get why anyone wanted Harry to hook up with Hermione. Every time it's the two of them together in a non-"we're working on this huge problem and Ron happens to be forced out of the loop by circumstances" context, i.e. Ron and Hermione had a fight and they're not hanging out as a group anymore, Hermione is consistently the worse company. She's all about reading and doing homework and being a proto-SJW. Hermione is a great person, don't get me wrong, but she's not exactly social. Harry is always miserable with her because without Ron to provide a fun, lively counterpoint to her "follow the rules, do your work, keep your head down" mindset, there's nothing even closing to exciting going on.

Eerie Cuties features some actual evil witches at the monster academy.

Winx Club has the school of evil rivals.

That one still gives me goosebumps after all these years.

The Nine Billion Names of God would make for a cute special.

Wew lad


/ak/ wankery that even has a shitty tsundere with a nugget.

I'm going to suggest we make a Doctor Who anime!

So Gate?

I miss Arthas.

I wouldnt even mind a movie or a TV series.

Memes aside it would be good as one of those few minute per ep comedy web anime or a parodied 4koma manga.

Illidari council members are cute! CUTE!

Laser shooting tanks invade Texas!

No one mentioned this yet? I am disappoint.

Actually my mother read it to me when I was young, but even then I didn't particularly like it.

Only good Polish shit is Witcher, Tomasz Kołodziejczak and Rober M Wagner.

>you couldn't protect Malande's smile

>Acts of Caine
Can it be considered isekai? Since the MC does go to another world along with all the other guys.

The end got really messy
And the epilogue just gave a bad taste to the mouth

>Has anyone ever written something like this, but the witches and wizards are actually evil? Like, the school is run by Voldemort, and there is a battle harem set in this school for evil witches, whether Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral.
If Nasu ever wrote a VN set in the Clock Tower it would be this.
Because Clock Tower is basically evil Hogwarts.

DOVIENYA. And the whole "Greatest Military General in the World" when all he wants to do is drink. gamble, and dance with some girls.

Friendly reminder the treatment that Warhammer Fantasy got with it's Age of Sigmar is going to be applied to 40K. Look up 40K end times.

>Gandalf was gay
Gandalf had no gender, he was not a "human wizard," he was a demigod with the visage of an aged human wizard. He came into existence on middle earth with that appearance, by choice, it was his chosen appearance.

All these retcons about his "sexuality" are therefore complete and utter BS. His movie actor was gay, the story doesn't need to change to accommodate a faggot actor.

Anime is basically the only medium that you could adapt any of the Redwall into without butchering it. Except maybe feature length animated movies, but given the sheer amount of surprisingly horrific violence that probably wouldn't fly.

That's because he was quite literally Draco Gryffindor. A spoilt little rich kid who does whatever he want's without facing the consequences.

The thing is dispite how everyone tells Harry the marauders were all fun and tricks at first it comes out pretty fast that they were a bunch of gigantic douchenozzles who happily shit
all over everyone cumulating in a literal atempted murder. Snape was massive asshole and projecting his grudge on Harry was douche worthy itself but considering everything
the Marauders did it's not entirely suprising.

Still he's more of a character than Lilly was. Did they ever say anything in the books about her that wasn't a complement? I can't remember.

He has none until book 6 when you suddenly have him hipnotised by her lips followed by a rushed badly done romantic sub plot.

Rowling can't into romance.

Anti magic Academy, kind of?

Both the Inquisition academy and the Magic academy are mostly run and populated by assholes.

Either that or he became a regular teenage boy with raging hormones.

Puberty and hormones are a thing, user-kun.

Snape was Dumbledore's #1 single most trusted friend. He did nothing wrong. And yes Harry's dad was a douchebag beyond measure.

It's already been animated.


Wasn't there an 80's movie that was really good and the sequels were just utter abortions?

This has almost reached bump limit without being deleted why?

This is why no one takes Cred Forums rules seriously.

Isekai is literally "another world", so yeah. It sureley isn't narou isekai though.

To be fair Harry's dad did cut out a lot of the douchiness by seventh year (which is when Lily started to date him) but yeah Snape's hatred of James was completely justified.

It didn't then Watson went SJW followed by some Tumblerina's sperging over a black person getting the role in a play or something. Then Rowling chipped in with a comment
about never describing Hermione's skin colour in the books.

That ofc sent the bobble heads off.

Only if they deleted all of the boring Wiccan stuff. What did the fucking editor think?

Ce'Nedra is mai waifu.

>discussion about what books would make decent anime adaptations
>not anime related
It's really like you don't know how to read. Next I bet you're going to say LN's belong in /jp/.

>This entire post

t. Snape

See In answer, yes. But that was only one of the novels (I think it was Martin the Warrior?) out of around 15.
Most of it could never be adapted in the west because the borderline ultraviolence and implied body horror isn't really compatible with what western animation companies do.

Leave meta posts in meta thread

Well he settled down like many Bullies do.
Good thing Harry doesn't take after him.

I scrolled through and AT LEAST 75% of the posts are about Harry Potter lore.

This thread is cancer. Take your westaboo shit and fuck off

It's police drama...

Why does it bother minorities when a main character is white, to the point that stories have to be retroactively changed?

Do whites campaign to make black literary heroes white? Would that even be acceptable?

>harry potter set in england
>no muslims or indians

Hermione was described as pale skinned in the Harry Potter novels. There was never any question until a decade later when BLM came around, and suddenly she's ebony.

It's so obvious as fuck that Hermione was meant to be pale white J.K. Rowling helped pick the cast of the harry potter movies and she sure as fuck didn't look for a black girl.

Well 20 years ago things were a bit different there.

Some black guy did just that to the steven universe fandom on tumbler. trolling them with 'white washed' images and watching them go full retard over it right untill he reveals he's black
and they all backpedal so hard my sides blew clean out the universe.

Was some 11/10 shit.

What's the name again of that fantasy series with a 1000 year old loli that fucks the main character?

My negro.

Post link please.

Going to need a more specific description user.

>newfag getting buttmad over a literature thread
Wow, it's really like you've been here for a month.

There's both though.


I doubt it's what you're thinking of, but in Black Company the Ancient Evil teases the main character by giving him wet dreams about having sadomasochistic sex with her and her twin sister when they were children.

It was a white guy tho.

It was actually in 1999, they did Redwall, Matimeo, and Martin the Warrior.

The only way you'd think of the eighties is if you had memories of watching the Secrets of NIMH.

And Tumbler fell for it.

This is gold.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was secretes.

>It sureley isn't narou isekai though.
Didn't the MC become a god near the end of the series? or am I mixing it up with something else?

So /tumblr/ got double baited?

Well, narou isekai has instant gratification, and for the first three books he was only getting shit on.

Tumblerina's arn't known for their ruse detecting skill's for a reason user.

They are known for taking thing's seriously that noone else would.

>Isekai is literally "another world"

Did someone say another world?

Best isekai right here.

>narou isekai has instant gratification, and for the first three books he was only getting shit on.
I'm not saying that it's bad or that it's narou isekai tier, I was just curious since it's something I've been meaning to read for a while.

>Took day off from school
>Went to the shops with parents and bought the book
>Too anxious to read, skipped to a random end page
>Lightning Struck Tower
Took the urge right out of me.

she's pure autismoe

I used to be in love with Luna, but then I realized she would be the worst wife and mother in the world and probably end up poisoning her babies or something by 'accident'.

So, which WoT girl was best girl then?
My vote goes to Tuon or Nynaeve


The Elenium and The Tamuli
I got it wrong, she's the daughter of MC and a shapeshifting loli goddess

>Aphrael is one of the Younger Gods of Styricum, and is known as the Child-Goddess, as her preferred form is that of a six-year-old girl with grass-stained feet, known to the knights as Flute. She has three known incarnations: Danae, the daughter of Sparhawk and Queen Ehlana; her true form, an adult woman; and the form of Flute, the six-year-old girl, hardly different in appearance from Danae (she takes the form of a child, as people trust children more).

Like I've said (since I'm being a shameless faggot) I'm only on book 6 but I adore Siuan Sanche. Elayne is also moe as fuck, either in her POV or not. Nyneave is quickly gearing into best status at least just because of all the cool shit she does with the One Power, but I can't help feeling like I missed a book concerning her romance with Lan. If you divvy up the time she's spent like only one month with him over the course of a tear, time-wise. Still though, her kicking Moghedien's shit multiple times was metal as fuck.

Go read it then. And Shatterpoint by the same author. Even my father liked it when I gave it to him despite knowing nothing about Star Wars.

This is beautiful.