I wanna watch anime. I even have a show downloaded to watch this very moment...

I wanna watch anime. I even have a show downloaded to watch this very moment. But I'm too damn scared to make myself watch it.

I need people to threaten/motivate me into watching it. Please.

Sent ;)

wtf is this underage stupidity

That's some severe autism you got there. Can you even dress yourself in the morning?

What exactly are you "scared" of? Do you think watching anime is the source of H5N1?

I'm scared that I'll end up watching something as cringe-inducing as Sword Art Online or RWBY.

Anime is bad for you. You should just watch actual good shows like The Walking Dead or Doctor Who.

better sit the fuck down and watch

What anime is it?

>walking dead
>good show

Log Horizon.

that's the better of the stuck-in-a-vr-game shows

just watch it.

Teaboos get out

log horizon is a great show, season 2 isn't as good but it's ok. Watch like the first six episodes and if you don't like it by then abort

Why has Dr Who lasted so long

Threaten to buy 800 copies of FE14.

do it, eventually you're gonna fuckin watch SAO because you will be so curious about why people think its shit
when i started i watched the shitty shows first

You should be scared. Anime is cancer for you user. Go work on improving your life user.

I don't need to watch SAO. I've already seen Digibro's videos on why it and all harem shows of its ilk suck. Besides, I don't need to watch it when I have SAO Abridged to convey what it's like without taking itself so seriously.

>not having your parents dress you

Just do it you fucking huge faggot

Get high if that'll help with the initial barrier


Jesus fucking Christ. There is no hope for this generation. Just go watch it and make your own opinions instead of following e-celebs like a fucking zombie. The dude has a blind fucking moe bias.

I'm really considering making an anime review YouTube channel just because it's so easy to manipulate retards like you.

>blogging thread
Watch more anime instead of posting.

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

Regular recasting and shifting of writers, production staff and showrunners. Usually keeps it fresh, but runs the risk of getting a bad combo that just doesn't grab people.


No need. We already have Roriconfan to confirm people's xenophobia.

But user, RWBY isn't an anime

Its a Texanime

And its hot fucking garbage And I disgustingly love it something is wrong with me

Show is gud, don't worry

user all you need to do is remember one thing: why watch 300 episodes of the same anime when you can watch 10-20 other really good, different anime

this is why i have a rule to watch only one season of all anime ive seen unless i really liked it

Plebs calling other plebs plebs. Global warming means summer lasts all the way to desember.