Izzy: Our Digimon are only safe in the server room...

Izzy: Our Digimon are only safe in the server room, and even then I noticed the same errors from the last infection starting to crop up, so I've had to stand guard here 24/7 to fix them or our partners are dead meat.



to be fair they shoulda just stayed in the damn computers

For real though I only watched anime when I was a kid, so like Digimon, Pokemon, Gundam Wing and Dragon Ball Z, but I don't remember the show being like 95% meetings and committees and highschool drama (not even good drama just lots of awkward standing around). There was like sixty seconds total screentime for the actual monsters and nobody fought anything!

Is this what anime fans like these days? If so it looks like I didn't miss much.

They shoulda just done whatever Izzy told them to do the whole series so far. It's like everybody else is too worried about relationships and backstabbing to deal with the world-threatening crisis.

Izzy should've ended the episode with a blow-up. "Oh I'm sorry Joe do I smell? Well I guess that's more important than PLANES DROPPING OUT OF THE FUCKING SKY. Fuck your 'evolution' and do something useful already."

The audience grew up as well so they want SoL drama and harem instead of Digimon battles.

Tentomon is a fucking dick.

Has Tentomon ever been this much of a dick?

Jesus fuck right at the start of the next episode Izzy goes to sleep for five minutes and the rest of the crew immediately fucks everything up.

Does anyone has that mimi pic with hotpants, or Mimi and Sora using different hairstyles?

Jesus FUCK TK what motivation do you have to keep the Patamon situation a secret? And you, little yellow blob-guy, you see fucking fang marks on your buddy's arm and you just shrug it off because oh you're ticklish? This is some zombie bite hiding shit.

They were already infected by this point in the movie.

If you look at the evolution animations of the previous two films, you'll notice some twos in them, indicating the infection has occured.


Oh, so you're watching this in real time.
You'll see why Takeru doesn't tell anyone in a moment or so

It's because he's afraid that they actually WILL kill Patamon because he's infected.

As far as we know the total lenght of the movies equals the amount of 13 anime episodes I guess the final chapter would be like 5 anime episodes.

I hope Tri extends to another six chapters too.

>"Okay so how does everyone feel about taking the rest of the digimon out of the safe room"
>"It's a terrible fucking idea because we'd have to fight them"

TK you can't just decide the bad consequences of your actions don't exist! This isn't even an argument this is like being on fire and throwing the fire extinguisher away shouting "NO BEING ON FIRE IS BAD I REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT"

No don't agree with him you stupid fucks! He didn't present an argument! "I just want it" vs. Izzy's actual evidence that someone is attacking them and only keeping them on lockdown has kept them safe so far.


This is a fucking zombie movie where everyone decides it's unfair for just ONE person to go over the barricade and walk through the horde, they should all get to do it.

> grown up

> SoL drama
> harem

You know Tri is 6 movies right?

Does anyone do anything apart from keep unnecessary secrets and run off when nobody's looking? The goddamn Digimon are like children, I don't remember them being quite THIS retarded. Fuck.

And literally no one but Izzy is doing anything to fix the problem? I just realized the rest of them don't even have have a purpose except sit around, wait for the next attack (where their input is limited to enabling their digimon to get bigger and stronger then watching the outcome) and fuck with Izzy's containment efforts out of boredom. God what a bunch of useless shits.

Don't live comment dude.

>I just realized the rest of them don't even have have a purpose except sit around, wait for the next attack (where their input is limited to enabling their digimon to get bigger and stronger then watching the outcome) and fuck with Izzy's containment efforts out of boredom.
This is essentially what Adventure was too to be fair.

So who was the dude that was disguised as the Kaiser?

Is it someone we know or a new challenger that approached?

>So who was the dude that was disguised as the Kaiser?
I'm spoiling it for OP

That's Young Gennai. Or at least a guy who is taking Gennai's form

It looked like that to me too but it doesn't make much sense right?

I mean Gennai was planning a reset all along? Why wasn't he affected by it? Why take on the form of Kaiser beside for that 1 time where he kidnapped Meikoomon

I bet this is the final boss.

Jou's just worried about him, pretty much everybody worries about him in the movie since he overworks himself. That's why he slips into that "gotta know everything even at the cost of my relationships" mode

Also about Takeru, he really is just overly critical about Patamon possibly being infected and also remember that Takeru is incredibly paranoid about losing Patamon after the whole "Angemon sacrifices himself" thing during Adventure. He really does believe they will kill him.

Remember, Takeru embodies Hope. He didn't have any in this and just kept everything from everyone which is probably a part of why despite being half his focus movie, there's no final form for Patamon (yet).

>They shoulda just done whatever Izzy told them to do the whole series so far. It's like everybody else is too worried about relationships and backstabbing to deal with the world-threatening crisis.
Isn't that a running gag in Digimon shit?

We don't know

"The world will be destroyed and you will all die"

"That's bad!"
"I don't like that!"

Yes thank you guys for your steaming hot takes.

Only Agumon has really gotten GOKU'd by Toei, Palmon and Biyomon were always ditzy.

Everyone else is fine. Patamon and Tailmon are even more mature than I thought they'd be.

"What are memories? Can you eat memories? I am literally retarded."

>Don't live comment dude.
Don't worry I gave up on that, realized there's just too much shit to cover. I mean I'm not gonna claim the original series wasn't just as illogical but at least when it's a silly show for kids with lots of action it's a little easier to handwave everyone acting ridiculously. Now everyone's wallowing in angst and talking very self-seriously about the quantum worlds and getting the Digital god to reset the timeline and killing their friend who's been zombie-bit and it's just too much. Ya gotta laugh.

That's what I mean, Agumon got GOKU'd.

>Now everyone's wallowing in angst and talking very self-seriously about the quantum worlds and getting the Digital god to reset the timeline and killing their friend who's been zombie-bit and it's just too much
Made enough sense to me

Agumon did have the moment where he got super serious about trying to play with Taichi and then telling Taichi about the infection though

are the 02 kids even relevant at this point?
I hope they never fucking appear again

I doubt it, but I still had the same idea.
Odogumon(?) would be cool too, but wouldn't be right with no connection to the other Demon Lords.

You're not alone OP, I'm definitely feeling the slowness and everyone spazzing around being awkward and useless.
I guess that, realistically speaking, this is what you should expect if you thrust a bunch a Japanese high schoolers in this sort of situation but they aren't just normal high schoolers, they already fought to save the world once and they were much younger and supposedly more stupid back then. Why can't they get their shit together now? It's infuriating.

Funny that in the end Tentomon had to do just about all the heavy lifting anyway, and Izzy was the only one with any kind of plan or positive contribution. The rest weren't just useless, they were actively harmful because they had to fight the whole rest of their team.

Honestly the show set the tone way back in episode 2 or something, Izzy was droning on about quantum wormholes in the background while everyone else was chatting casually without even pretending to listen to his explanation.

Jesus and then after the reboot Izzy's still the only one trying to get back in touch, and everyone else ditches?

Did Izzy become the protagonist while I wasn't looking? I remember Tai used to be the leader but fuck if him or any of the other kids had anything to contribute, not even some vague notion of leadership or direction.

Is Tri shit?

>Did Izzy become the protagonist while I wasn't looking?

Yes. It took them 12 episodes to get to the digital world?

If it wasn't part of the Digimon franchise or if it was a new series with new characters it would be a boring, mediocre show with glaring flaws, but since it's meant to be a continuation it's horribly disappointing too.

Let's be fair, people need sleep and a shower after 48 hours, otherwise they end up like fairly stupid zombies. My boss absolutely hates it when people start yawning and their productivity slows down.

Now, TK fucking up with Patamon? That's unforgivable.

I only watched anime as a kid so I don't have much context but I'm getting the vibe like this is what anime is now and yeah, kinda shitty. I remember something more like a goofy comedy-action monster-fighting show but in this everyone just stands around uselessly, full of angst. Lots of long silences, looking around, unproductive meetings (and a fucking government agency subplot that contributes nothiiiiiing), and then every so often one fight that just sort of falls in their laps.

The only good thing to say about it is half-way through the series they've finally reached the digital world so maybe next time around there'll actually be some adventuring but everyone seems so stiff now. Fuck, I'd take it if all they wanted to do was relationship drama but they don't even do that, they just seem to do nothing.

Wait, I haven't watched any of Tri yet

Is mah boy Izzy being best the whole way through? Should I start watching?

This just reminded me of how much more fun the characters' designs were way back when. It's not that doing the whole thing highschool-shirts-and-ties HAS to be bad, but the animation is so stilted and lifeless in this that nobody has any way to express themselves. None of the main characters feel like they have the sort of personality and energy as their original versions.

Yes to Izzy.

Depends on whether you like fast paced plot. Pacing for Tri is fairly slow. I wanted to wait until 2018 to marathon the whole thing, but I couldn't.

To be honest I only lightly skimmed the first two movies, but the third he is absolutely the main character and the only one who seems to want to do anything about the situation, come up with a solution, or deal with the consequences afterward. Everyone else just angsts on the sidelines or actively makes things worse by subverting him, and shits on his contributions because hey what are you doing indoors all day on the computer you should be out here wasting time on interpersonal bickering like the rest of us.

Without him they would all be fucking dead.

I'm not sure you will enjoy watching your favorite character's efforts get shit on and sabotaged by everyone else. It's borderline bullying.

I'd also like to marathon it, but that's too much of a wait for me, too

>Without him they would all be fucking dead
Business as usual, then? Regardless of the context, I think I'll just watch it to see him get more focus

I can at least take some satisfaction in knowing that he will always be right, no matter what the others say or do

Izzy's best boy, Mimi's best girl, they're getting set up together, and all sorts of other good stuff too.

I couldn't tell if that was what was going on with them. She got mad at him for pushing new girl and I guess at one point swung by in hot pants to look sad and leave but he does not appear to care about girls one bit.

I thought it was Joe that wanted Mimi anyway? Wasn't that why he had that spring in his step that lead him to sabotage everything?

Did you not watch the last movie?

>I thought it was Joe that wanted Mimi anyway
Joe already has a girl friend, almost positive big reveal will be that it is a waifu.

>She got mad at him for pushing new girl
Izzy was just trying to get something done, new girl was being a wimp, seriously her character sucks

the decided to pander to shippers, fujos, and all manner of people who like drama instead of actual digimon fans

>pander to shippers
They did a piss-poor job of it I must say, especially by turning TK into a fedora-wearing double/triple/quadruple-timing fuccboi.


>New girl sucks
Seriously did she do anything other than cry in this movie?

>I guess at one point swung by in hot pants to look sad and leave but he does not appear to care about girls one bit.

The scenes prior to this one showed him calling and talking everyone else, who all looked sad. I'm pretty sure we're supposed to interpret this as him being the only one who is even attempting to access the Digiworld again, and everyone else just pitying him for not being able to get over it.

Yeah, I'd have taken relationship drama over this. At least then people would be doing *something* - most of the time they just sat around brooding over nothing specific, it wasn't even like Tai and Matt sparring over Sora they just seemed generally unmotivated and glum.

Yeah I assumed Joe saying he had a girlfriend was a "she lives in Canada you guys" situation. But I suppose if she's real then it does take Joe out of the running, so yeah I guess under Pair The Spares Law Mimi and Izzy are the only ones left.

>Tai and Matt sparring over Sora
Honestly I don't know why there is this undertone present.

They both wanna be the group alpha and to do it they need to fuck the top female, basic social shit.

Alternatively they both want to fuck each other but can't process this so they work out these latent feelings through wanting to fuck the same woman.

Basically Tri will end with Tai and Matt spitroasting Sora while they make out with each other and that'll finally resolve their romantic tension once and for all. Like the plot to Paint Your Wagon.

Koushiro's always solving the current crisis, what's new?

She prolly got a glance at their future together.

To play with my goddamn heart, that's why.

Izzy working his butt off while she goes out in hotpants and fucks chads?

Doujins where

I think in a lot of fiction with a driven male character who isn't interested at all in the female character trying to get their attention, part of the appeal is imagining if he pursued her with the same kind of zeal he pursues his work. If Izzy wanted Mimi the way he wants, say, to solve the mysteries of the digital world, they could be very happy.

Of course nine times out of ten in fiction (and 99.99% of the time when people try to copy the idea in real life) it turns out you can only really redirect the man's determination to the woman for a little bit before she's "solved" and he gets bored and goes on to some other project, only now they're probably married with a kid who's going to grow up to be an angsty anime protagonist from a broken home.

tl;dr Izzy yells at his son to get in the fucking Mekanorimon

Izzy is a neet. Great.

>Tai and Matt spitroasting Sora while they make out with each other

Really glad I wasn't the only one who caught that. I know Agumon had dumb moments cause he was ignorant, but he wasn't Goku level stupid.

Izzy has a ton of skills, if the whole Digital World thing hadn't happened he'd be doing something brilliant in the software world and with it he's lined up to be one of the world's foremost experts in a parallel dimension. That shady government directorate would probably snap him up for a job on the spot if they could, and I'm pretty sure in the latest episode the literal actual government explicitly chose to depend on him to solve the crisis.

If that isn't literally what Sora fingers herself to every night she's asexual. She's obviously wanted both of them and keeps shifting between the two, it's because she doesn't want to choose.

I'd rather have the 02 kids again over this cancer.

I think the problem with this series might be too much show don't tell. The feeling that nothing's happening, characters are just sitting around, the plot is dumb etc might be because most of the show is just exposition dumps where characters unload information - and until just now, they did it in a bunch of interchangeable, generic city environments where there was very little tension or dynamism.

Too much standing and staring. Too many plot points that are just the government person or someone else walking in and reeling off a list of technobabble you have to put back together. Not enough of the characters actually interacting with each other by doing things, going places, having experiences, taking action. Even the fights just have everyone standing around watching without any sense of danger, involvement or stakes.

I don't get what the point of adding her was. At first I figured maybe to balance out their shipping chart bullshit but she's not even a part of that. She's way too passive for us to get to know her quickly so her scenes just feel like "hey here's some rando and she's sad".

This bitch cries whenever she's on screen.

why are girls with glasses and dark hair always the worst girl

Woo nice guys, you're totally ripping apart the writing in a children's card game animation adaption that exists to advertise and promote the brand

You're all quite astute

I think the point is even if you set the bar at that low, low level they still fail to get over it. Like a dumb toy commercial kids show would be BETTER than this obvious nostalgia cash-in on the sentimentality of an audience that grew up liking Digimon ~15 years ago. They wrote the whole thing as a 'serious' and 'mature' sequel with sad orchestral music and all the fun sapped out for pensive drama because they seem to think that's what the Cred Forums audience likes (forget claiming the new ones are targeted to kids) and they can't pull it off.

My take on it is, the first two were terrible. This one was miles better than the previous films.

That said I think the problem is that they've stretched out Tri into six films when (so far) it appears it could've have been done in half of that.

The first movie is a cock tease, the second is bad fan service, this one was like the real start despite what's already happened, (which is sad,) and it appears from the fourth on that (hopefully) the story will pick up.

Although they should just be honest that this was originally supposed to be a two cour TV series that they've just converted into "films."

There's not enough story to fill up the run time, so you have people standing around a lot and do a lot of nothing, which sure, the cast has always been more "reactive" than "proactive," but it's become painfully more obvious and frankly a lot worse in that they don't even try in Tri. (no pun intended.)

>a neet
He's managing a foreign company or something, that's why he has a sweet suite and flexible workhours.

They foreshadowed her as the true villain.

No they didn't.

The villain is himekawa

Wait, they were already infected by the first evolutions of Tri?

Tri actually has little to do with the current direction digimon is going in. This is a throwback to fans of the original series and a redemption for the creator since his OC was ripped apart and pissed on by the company after the end of the first season. Tri is finishing up all the things we wanted to know and fix all the things we were upset about.

Go look at the new appmon brand that is coming out. It's a game and series targeted at children in the same fashion as the new pokemon, the current yokai watch, and the current yugioh. Bright and spunky shit with little to no value when it comes to detail in story, and more use as a tool for selling toys. That's what you've got to look forward to if you're a continuing fan, but for anyone who wants to stick with the theme of digimon, digidestined, and some meaningful world building, then tri is your stopping point.

Ripping apart any inconsistencies and questioning decision making and writing is completely valid at this point. If fans just went into this and all they did was lay back and enjoy, it's going to end up just like S2 did and leave people with a bitter taste in their mouths.

You don't seem to understand, Cred Forumsnon. We're all infected.

So what the hell is actually going on in this anyway? Why is evil Ken being brought back? I thought this was all after 02. If so, what the hell happened to all the other shit and where the fuck are the other kids? They should be in the same place as them right? Why were they shown in the beginning being defeated? Is this some kind of alternate world we're looking at? Does no one seem to remember the other important Digidestined that were involved in world threatening events? Wasn't every human supposed to have a digimon partner at this point?

Seriously, what the fuck is going on?

That's not Ken it's actually Black Gennai

>multiple airplanes almost crashed on landing
>I need information and I need it now to help the world and our partners
>I'm sorry!
>hey, just relax man
This is really stupid. He's saving lives and they are not just giving him shit for it, they are actively hindering him from achieving results.

Mei is alright. I don't get why everyone hates her so much.

>And you, little yellow blob-guy, you see fucking fang marks on your buddy's arm and you just shrug it off because oh you're ticklish?
Patamon did figure out he was infected.

In the latest movie right after Yamato was asking about the other digi-destined it showed that Iori and Ichijouji were both missing. So I'm assuming they went to combat the threat first, and failed due to lack of information/Izzy

The first movie already showed the missing screens.

It still makes no sense how no one noticed until the third film though. Unless the two groups grew distant from each other between 02 and Tri or something. And even if that happened, when infected digimon started showing up it makes no sense they didn't try to contact them.

Before the third movie I was expecting something along the lines of the 02 quartet being stranded in the Digital World for a long time (since the Digital Gate has been closed for more than a year, it wouldn't be strange if some chosen children were locked on the other side), but movie 3 confirms the original group doesn't know they're missing.

I slept through most of the latest movie, so have we still got any explanation on why the 02 people are gone? And why no one seem to care?

Autists, go back to MAL.

>02 people
Literally who?

>Only decent movie so far
>Sleeps through it

The first third has some retarded shit which is what most of this thread is about but it gets pretty good afterwards.

>She's way too passive for us to get to know her quickly
What does that even mean?

And I don't know, I think they did a good job establishing her in the first two movies. They managed to show her personality and how the relationship with her digimon and with the chosen children work without it being intrusive to the stuff going on with the 8 chosen children.
I can appreciate at least that, so many anime fuck up horrendously when trying to introduce a new character in a established group. Meiko at least doesn't feel forced down our throats. Actually, none of the new Tri characters have fallen victim to that, in my opinion. I actually like Daigo and Maki.

This is a rant but why the fuck do the digidestined not all mega evolve their pokemon off the bat? Seriously. Time and time again we see them going into their champion form. Also why were Mimi a and Joe the only ones able to go into their ultimate evolution? Why didn't they go into their ultimate evolution that time?

So many questions but these movies are just trash. Even the champion evolution we see so much looks like shit.

I guess it's due to energy consumption and whether it fits the situation. Wargreymon is strong, but he most probably can't pin Meicoomon better than Greymon can.

Toei is smart to not make Tri about them because they don't want to trigger the core fans.

One of the good things about the third movie was how more people used the Perfect stages.

But Adventure has always been pretty arbitrary with evolution this isn't new to Tri. You'd see the same kind of shit in the series well into the Vamdemon and Dark Masters arc when everyone not named Patamon already had their Perfect evolutions avaliable.

I don't know if I'm late for this, but is mai the worst character of the all digimon franchise or it's just my opinion?

> I am awkward and cute
> I constantly apologize and need people to coddle me
> I cry all the time because my digimon has gone rogue

For the love of god, fuck this bitch. I roll my eyes everytime she is on the screen and can't stand the fact she gets so much screen time. Her character is flat and her digimon (though cute) is just as plain as her. Meicoomon's evolution was lame.

her is the worst archetype ever

>Ken Ichijouji listed as missing
>Himekawa didn't even change the status despite her seeing "Ichijouji" as the Digimon Emperor.

It's clear that she never believed it was really Ken. But she also didn't know it was Gennai initially.

Really, reading these complaints I think the hate for Meiko comes just from the fact she isn't a character from the original Adventure.

Everyone complains about how she is a very basic character archetype, but so is literally everyone else. The only reason we care more about them is attachment from spending 50 episodes with them.

Though her character type being the timid girl doesn't help, as Cred Forums has developed a hateboner for these types.

Can someone explain to me why Joe was getting almost all D's if he studies so much? Like he doesn't do anything else besides hit the books and ignore the digimon thing yet his grades on the tests are abysmal.

One would assume if you study all the time you should be getting decent grades but this guy blows.

Also when did he get a girlfriend?

That was keeping tab of their locations. Even if she saw Ken and believed it was him, there's nothing to update on that.

I don't get why Cred Forums got to complain about her, and leave Mary Sues like Ryo alone.

He's studying for some top-tier japanese university so he essentially has to memorize 50,000 potential quizz questions and their answers. That said, cram schools are supposed to help so he definitely shouldn't be struggling this badly.

I think he might secretly hate or dread this plan for future and that's why his efforts just turned obsessive and useless, I expect he will get some big epiphany soon.

Here is the option you're not considering.

Jou actually isn't smart enough for this.

That would imply you actually need intelligence to get into Tohdai or whatever. He's going to cram school and studying, that's enough unless he's literally retarded.

He's trying to get into medical school to become a doctor, a job he has admitted to having no passion for and is only doing because it's his fathers desire for him to do it.

>Also when did he get a girlfriend?
Definitely going to be revealed to be a waifu

Self sabotage that eventually spread to Izzy, probably going to end up a bum

And again, sometimes you just don't have the aptitude. Jou's seen as someone who hits the books so of COURSE he must be smart. But he isn't, and all the hard work isn't really sticking with him.

Can you beat up Mimi in a fight?

Finally watched this shit.

Is Yamato fixed now? He's actually getting more and more likable as new movies came out.

>Is Yamato fixed now
yeah if you call his thing for taichi fixed

Who is the guy who disguised as ken? What's Maki's end game?

>Tai lost his courage
>TK lost his hope
>Joe lost his reliability
>Mimi lost her sincerity
>Izzy figures out the solution to the problem in 30 seconds flat and would have succeeded if TK had told him about the infection sooner

Based Izzy holding the line while everyone else is getting it together

Hah! I knew that little black ball that Piedmon slipped into Gennai would have consequences.