Anime Studio ranking

>Survey on 235 japanese college student about the anime studio they like
1 - Toei animation
2 - Kyoto Animation
3 - Sunrise
4 - Production IG
5 - Shaft


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第1位 東映アニメーション  45人(19.1%)
第2位 京都アニメーション  40人(17.0%)
第3位 サンライズ      15人( 6.4%)
第4位 Production I.G    13人( 5.5%)
第5位 シャフト       12人( 5.1%)

The experts have spoken.
I'm sure if you asked Cred Forums it'd be vastly the same.

At least Sunrise isn't number one.

List invalidated.

Eh, 235 college students have participated in that survey?

I would rather have asked 10'000 anime watchers and let them list 3-5 anime shows they really like a lot, then try to find out which studio did those anime shows and then publish the result.

>Toei that high
>IG that low

That wouldn't say anything about the studios themselves. Some of my favorites are from studios I haven't watched anything else from. While I like the shows, I wouldn't say those studios are my favorites.

Shit list.

>3 year old studio that did only 1 popular thing and did it poorly until the blurays
>Everything else was below average shit

>random college students
>1 - Toei animation
Stopped reading there.

>Toei animation

Is this an art college?

>No JC Staff
And people wonder why the nips are considered to have shit taste

Give one good title that isn't Utena or Azumanga.

Based on how the percentages are groups, should really just be:
1. Toei and Kyoto
2. Everyone else

Flying Witch and Amanchu just off of the top of my head

as expected from japan shit taste


I don't understand, is it what studio they like, or what studio they want to work for? Regardless of how you feel about their work, KyoAni is objectively the best studio for animators.

While it must be very nice to work at KyoAni, I highly doubt every animator would enjoy it

Toei made a metric fuckton of anime and most of it is nostalgically popular with Japanese then and now so it makes sense.

Good to see Toei recognized as one of the greatest. Surprised at no Ghibli.



The is in ascending order right? SHAFT is actually in the top right?

fucking japs, they're still stucked in the 90's

People who chose SHAFT are graphic designers that get easily impressed with garbage like this.

>at the top

Shaft is shit, they shouldn't even be top 10

toei is only on top because japs like to drink wan piss

but how does Japan still like Kyoani if all their shows flop?

Ignoring the nostalgia necessary to make Toei number 1, the rest of the list is alright.

>another studio war thread

nothing to see here guys move on

Excel Saga, Toradora, food wars? and I think index?

and immediately the list goes to shit



>Everything else was below average shit
Shit taste. Go buy a rope and do us a favor.



They only make money off Fan service the anime and glamorized generic maho shojo, Plus because of their lack of promotions of shows that aren't monogatari and madoka the commoners aren't less likely to be familiar with any of there other titles. When you think shaft you'll probably think Monogatari or Madoka. WHen you think of other studios like Pierrot more titles come to mind. Get it so far?

1st: Toei Animation
>They've made a lot of good, big name anime (Male/ 18/ 1st year)
>A lot of my favorites were made by this studio (Female/ 18/ 1st year)
>You can trust them based on their results (Female/ 20/ 3rd year)
>A lot of their stuff is famous (Male/ 22/ 4th year)

2nd: Kyoto Animation
>They make their shows with care (Male/ 22/ 4th year)
>You can rely on their shows to look good and be well animated (Female/ 19/ 2nd year)
>Their backgrounds and portrayals of human emotions are gorgeous (Female/ 13/ graduate student)
>Their stuff is usually pretty deep (Female/ 19/ 2nd year)

3rd: Sunrise
>Because they make Gintama (Female/ 22/ 4th year)
>Love Live is God (Male/ 19/ 1st year)
>The gundam series is great (Male/ 19/ 2nd year)
>They usually cast A-list seiyuu (Male/ 20/ 2nd year)

4th: Production I.G
>I'm a GiTS fan (Male/ 22/ junior college student)
>They make a lot of interesting anime (Female/ 23/ 4th year)
>Most of my favorite anime are made by this studio (Female/ 21/ 2nd year)
>I love Haikyuu (Male/ 26/ 4th year)

5th: SHAFT
>Madoka was amazing (Male/ 25/ 4th year)
>Their art and production are pretty avant garde (Female/ 22/ 4th year)
>Their art is pretty (Female/ 22/ 4th year)
>I like their stuff (Female/ 20/ junior college student)

>PA Works has been getting pretty highly praised lately (Female/ 19/ 2nd year)
>DogaKobo. I think you can't really find the same style and skill they put into their anime anywehre else (Male/ 18/ 1st year)
>Studio Pierrot. The do a lot of Jump stuff, so I watch their shows a lot (Female/ 20/ 2nd year)
>COAT Animation. They have a particular kind of specialness. (Male/ 22/ 4th year)

You might as well say Zero no Tsukaima at that point

Look at masterpieces like Flying Witch and the first two seasons of Milky Holmes instead

>Fan service the anime
Better name: pornogatari

Out of all the shitty studio listed here I.G is truly the only one worth actual merit right now and looking into future projects


>1 - Toei
Fuck japan

>You can trust them based on their results (Female/ 20/ 3rd year)
What did she mean by this?

Cred Forums really doesn't understand that Anime isn't this super famous thing amongst normies in Japan, do they?

Imagine a "what's your favorite videogame company" poll in Colleges, you'd have Blizzard, EA and Activision at the top.

>Because they make Gintama
>Love Live is God
>The gundam series is great
Well, at least they're being honest.

>Their backgrounds and portrayals of human emotions are gorgeous (Female/ 13/ graduate student)
Is this a Japanese Jacob Barnett?

So the poll is all college students, so why did they vote for Kyoani instead of Shfat?

>I love Haikyuu (Male/ 26/ 4th year)
Found the faggot

Or just ask people about what's their favorite cartoon studio is.

People could just answer Disney, Dreamworks, perhaps Pixar (which is part of Disney), and finally 20th Century Fox Animation, and that's already stretching it.

>第1位 東映アニメーション  45人(19.1%)
>第2位 京都アニメーション  40人(17.0%)
holy shit

>1 - Toei animation

Did they pick based on whatever studio they could remember the name of?

Haikyuu is legitimately great and I'm straight.

>Excel Saga, Toradora, food wars

Cred Forums is all about being as detached from the real as possible. Go figure.

Warner Bros is the best cartoon studio.

>Their stuff is usually pretty deep (Female/ 19/ 2nd year)
Had a sensible chuckle while reading this.
Found the yurishitter.

oh fod

Anime is everywhere in Japan whether the normalfags like it or not.
It's not even fair to put Toei in the poll, Toei is a household name.

>Their stuff is usually pretty deep (Female/ 19/ 2nd year)
so much this

>I love Haikyuu (Male/ 26/ 4th year)
life is tough indeed

So are cartoons here in the West. Not something that you should obsess over, lest you be regarded as a weirdo.
Same in Japan. Still watching anime while you're already an adult lands you in "that guy/girl" territory, or in other words, an otaku.

Watching it once in a while is fine, as is watching mainstream anime shows like Sazae-san.

>DogaKobo. I think you can't really find the same style and skill they put into their anime anywehre else (Male/ 18/ 1st year)
This guy. I like him.

I don't see cartoon ads everywhere in the west, almost everyplace in japan is filled with them.

yes, he is brain damaged just like us

Not a great sample size.

Toei? Cuz the make one piece?

Actual Nip here, Toei is the Japanese equivalent of Disney to a lot of Japanese. It makes sense they're on top.