Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

Rip Herr Doktor.

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Good insect archetype that isn't just people dressed as bugs when


Yuya is best incubus, even if he doesn't fully realize it.

Do you hear that? It's the sound of the hype coming back.

Next Sunday can't come soon enough.


Is Berserk Yuya just gonna beat the parasites out of the Ruri's?

Holy shit Shinji is not sexy.

He CAC's E G A O Soul when he vs Herr Doktor Haga. And since Yuzu is currently mind controlled to not H A N A S E the demon tomato, he will likely rip Herr Doktor Haga into bloody shreds and incinerate him in his flames.

No. He's probably going to murder the Doctor.

>tags: petrification
Well it wouldn't be the first time I guess.

Raging'll burn them off without hurting them.

So is she grabbing his dick or is he grabbing hers and is shocked by her size?

So how long will demon Yuya be active for and who will beat him? Remember this show is going to have a happy ending because Ono said the last duel is an entame duel.

Does Leo even know anything about what he's doing
>troops have been deserting
>entirely surprised that Yuri is bonkers
>surprised again that two Yus have merged
>seemingly never bothered to keep tabs on the other Yus besides Yuri
>leaves Yugo alone face planted in the ground somewhere instead of capturing/restraining

He should have been the synchro version of shun with a ton of screentime and cards.

Anyone have a not shit gif/webm of this scene?

Until Leo captures him and his counterparts.

I'll make one.

>implying Leo gives 2 shits about them
He didn't even realize Yuya had absorbed Yuto until now. He obviously doesn't care and just wants them out of the way.

>Here's this kid who apparently has some hidden fantasies of murder and destruction.
>Proceed to let him carry these fantasies out across the multiverse.
Leo didn't exactly think things through.

Thank god for Real Solid Vision™

Thanks user

Until Shun duels him to get Ute back in control, at the cost of being knocked out.

Or b) until Kaito beats him with the good ol' Cipher Interfere OTK

As we know, Yuya and his counterparts are key pieces of the Arc Area Project, but the Professor specifically ordered his subordinates to "kill Sakaki Yuya at all costs". I think it proves that he definitely cares about them and actually wants to prevent the "Demon Duelist" from being born.

If he's so afraid of the demon duelist and the Yus, why did he never take his chance earlier? Wouldn't just carding one (like Yuri) help solve the problem? It would be cruel, but he's already carded an entire dimension

>tfw the final OP is worse than WONDER WINGS

>124 episodes in
>the main villain has had less than 10 full lines outside of flashbacks
>probably 10 round counting the flashbacks
Good pacing this is

I wonder what Star/Timegazer, Discover Hippo, Whip Viper, Cheer Mole, Helprincess, etc. all think about this?

They're fucking cards. I don't think they have a consciousness since they haven't shown to have a spirit.

>Ono said the last duel is an entame duel.

Even with 20 episodes left I have no idea what direction this show is going. This is fucking stupid.

I really only have faith that the visuals will be marginally more animated than OP5, with less stills. It's too bad you can't solidly count on Yugioh OP/ED songs to be that good anymore, it's like a cointoss now.

What was the point of this show? If Leo never attacked Xyz none of the Yus would have met so his "plans" made things worse. Arc-v has become irredeemable at this point

Yup. Its going to include the audience too.

>I have no idea what direction this show is going
You must be stupid then.

Name calling doesn't prove you retarded fanboy

It's too early to say that. You don't even know what he plans to do.

Odd eyes Pendulum or Odd eyes Phantom dragon?

Clear wing synchro or Clear wing fast?

Source on that?

Holy shit thats demonic as fuck

Arc-V's almost over and it's still to early huh. Truly the greatest show of all time.

You'd have to be stupid to not see what direction the show is going at this point in time.
You're complaining because you have trouble understanding an anime for children. That's how it is.

If you think you're so smart then please tell me what Arc-V end game is.

You have to be over 18 to post

Notice how you're not saying what direction its going in. Face it arc-v's a mess

Arc-V has already had 2 openings worse than that so I wouldn't be surprised


Fast, though they're both really cool

CW Synchro is better, but I like the idea of CW Fast more.

Go say that to /vp/ please

Next week can't come soon enough, I need to see the smug waifus.

>implying /vp/ crossboarders don't frequent here

Ebina is probably dying in happiness since he could draw all the edgy faces he wants next episode.

H-holy shit he has glowing red eyes, a dark aura, and spiky hair this is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Yeah you guys must be under 18 to be hyped over this


I've seen Yuya images in /vp/ so thanks for proving my point

It's hard to tell actually. This primarily stems from not knowing many of the crucial plot points that have been teased so far. There are too many unknowns to even consider a possible path to the end.

For example we have this demon duelist.

So why does it exist in the first place? What is its purpose? What does it want to achieve? Does it tie into the pendulum pendant? Why does it want to unite all the dimensions? Why did it split up? Why is Leo so afraid of it? Is there some big lore behind it that will be introduced?

The same goes for the bracelet girls.

Then we have to know how Leo found out all this information and why he's trying to do the things he's doing.

Maybe I'm just expecting too much and all of these answers will turn out to be underwhelming but I can't really say how things are going to turn out from here on. All I can really be sure of is a happy EGAO ending.

How does a jobber like Serena act smug anyway. You'd think she would kill herself over how useless she is

I'm obviously trying not to spoonfeed you, you stupid fuck. This anime is for teenagers and you still have trouble understanding what's going to happen next.
Did you not watch the past few episodes? Have you not noticed the contrast between Yuya's beliefs and his true nature? Did you forget which one the show has been glorifying lately?
Do you lack experience with shonen or are you just woefully stupid?

That Yugo face in 116 was gold.

Give us one from the Ruris as well.

It might be because he and Alan share a VA.

Well it seems you're the retard if you think that's what the writers are going for

No I remember people comparing edgy ash from the hoopa movie to berserk Yuya and saying that Pokemon is copying arc-v

Yeah the guys in /padt/ get hype for the silliest things. Its fucking Pokemon and they get hype for shit

Its a thing jobbers do

Did you forget Arc-V is a kids shonen anime? All this edgy crap is a staple of shonen nowadays and what 12 year old kids get excited over.

>Oh boy I hope Serena fuses something new
>Parasite Queen

So Naruto and Bleach copied arc-v too right?

>He gets Cameron to Register for the Unova League

>He convinces Alan to join the Kalos league

>Ash the PokeCuck Master

CW Synchro is way too defensive, you can easily run it over. Fast is pretty good since you can actually get over most Xyz with it

Of course why bother making up your own shit when you copy Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V the greatest anime in existence

Ono already said that the last duel will be a huge entame duel. The direction this show is taking is obvious, and you're an idiot for making that post in the first place. End of the story.

I don't think she's won an onscreen duel yet right?

It's been long before that.

It's inevitable that there would be overlap in the specific Cred Forums demographic who still indulges in children's anime.

She's not a jobber! Only lost to Yugo because of fucking Crystal Wing with Jono-style luck hax.

Here are all of the series' final OPs. Rank them:
DM - youtube.com/watch?v=KI25lQ-lKiA
GX - youtube.com/watch?v=aSnMNV2d-ms
5D's - youtube.com/watch?v=1oOCHAiJlkc
ZEXAL I - youtube.com/watch?v=XT0W-JZ3kXQ
ZEXAL II - youtube.com/watch?v=SOFGQmLpXio

OVERLAP >>>>> Precious Time, Glory Days > Soul Drive > Road to Tomorrow ~Going My Way!!~ > Wonder Wings

The only thing that shows is that Hitotsu will last for 2 episodes before he's defeated and the show will be rushed. You do realize that there are only about 20 episodes left right?

I don't know, but Overlap is overrated as fuck.

This. I always remember Warriors more than Overlap

>crystal wing is hax wahh
tell that to Rin
>bait negation
>cowboy for game

>yfw Yuzu summons parasite bloom prima

The hell is Judai doing?

>the greatest
worst, as it was uninanimously agreed on

Nah, it was brilliant in both visuals and lyrics. It was the perfect OP to the Millennium World arc. Too bad the entire arc got butchered.

Typical Yuzu.
I was being sarcastic but whatever

>look how patrician and grown-up i am in my taste as i ridicule others' anime choices on an anonymous image board

Don't you have some obscure XBLA game to go shit all over, Croshaw?

>check reddit out of curiosity
>they're still pushing the DSOD is the source of all lf Arc-V's problems meme
And then I remembered why I shouldn't go there.

Yo what the hell is happening last time I watched BB was disobeying his bdsm master and now this happens?
Am I forever cursed to miss all the hype moments?

I like that Bloom Prima only exists so Hikokubo doesn't have to find a convoluted way to get over bloom diva

Precious Time, Glory Days > HASHIRE ASU E > Overlap > Soul Drive > Wonder Wings

Ranking the first 3 is hard as all fuck

Naruto had a fox demon we knew about since day 1. Ichigo had a hollow in him we knew about since early on in the story. We gradually learned more information over time about what kind of consequences Naruto and Ichigo would have to suffer.

With Arc-V we know hardly anything so it feels really dumb when Yuya goes berserk mode and people eat that shit up.

Cred Forumsrc-v does the same though

But the contrast between normal Yuya and Hitotsu nii is so cool user

Overall, I thought Zexal's OP songs were a little weaker than previous series, but I preferred those over a lot of the 'just ok' forgettable stuff Arc-V has, besides 1-2 exceptions. ED songs also took a dip, besides Vision.

Catch up and enjoy Herr Doktor's wild ride.

That's only a few of them. Most of them have started becoming more vocal about the show's issues ever since people started posting nico ratings on there.

Braving was great

Shitposting about edge aside I like that yuto is doing things because that means Wavering Feelings is playing.
Probably my favorite song from the arc-v ost.

I like how the parasites are just like Roger's chips. Arc-V has some really lazy writers

Naruto, Ichigo, and Yugi all had at least 1 figure show up in their lives to give some exposition on the mystical part of themselves or their powers, and how they work.

Arc-V doesn't seem to really care how its own magical mechanics work. Who cares how it happens, just make it happen

This isn't just mind control, this is advanced mind control

Since Jean did defect from Academia, it would make sense that they would share ideas on how to control people. Jean just likes the artificial way of chips while the Doctor uses actual bugs.

Yuto made the reactions worse because he was calm while Yuya started to flail around when they learned about the parasites

I honestly don't remember a single one of Arc-V's EDs besides Speaking which was okay, and of course Vision which I think is just meh (also has the lamest visuals out of them all).
The openings I kinda remember them all, but Kirifuda's overrated as fuck.
As for the OST, I feel Arc-V's the weakest out of the 5 series so far.

I hope the next series also drops the entire soundboard they're using for sound effects because holy shit all of it sounds like ass.

Or someone with a corruption fetish.

Usually stories based around mystery do disappoint when it's time to reveal stuff.
It's too long of a build up, it's difficult to have explanations corresponding to the expectations that build up.

I have as many problems with Arc-V as the next guy, though I don't share the hatred some in this thread seem to have, so I am worried they can completely shit their pants with the reveals.
I'm hoping at best it can avoid hurting the best part of the show, which was said build up and mystery.

As long as the answers make sense and are not completely retarded, the story still works fine.

What you posted has no meaning whatsoever
The bugs make no sense though

Can anyone give links or samples for new OP and ED bands?


I understand the case for the OPs and EDs, but Arc-V's soundtrack is fucking amazing. I'd rate it as the best out of all the yugioh series.

Arc-V probably has the best OST. The only that sucks is that Yuya's theme is lame but Pendulum of the Souls is godtier

Arc-V doesn't build up the mystery properly. Usually you'd get hints but in arc-v you know nothing. It makes for an awful mystery

I disagree. In both song and visual aesthetics, it deserves it's reputation as the best OP besides Kawaita Sakebi.

Of the non-Overlap DM OPs, I liked SHUFFLE the best.

I personally consider Zexal's run of EDs among the best in the franchise, even WANDA WINGZ was paired with REDMAN's Challenge the GAME as an ED.

There's someone with a corruption/brainwashing fetish working on Yu-Gi-Oh as a whole.

Every single series managed to sneak it in in some form.

Not that user, but a couple of the more recent electronic-y tracks are really lame tbqh. I didn't really like the tracks from Synchro onwards that much at all besides a few.

Best soundtrack is still 5D's.

Agreed. Pendulum of souls fit him better to be honest.

Last thread people were going ballistic about it since Yuto remained calm while Yuya who preaches Egao starting raging. Pretty sure half the posts were about calling Yuya a hypocrite. I don't get what makes him a hypocrite though

Well considering that it's basically the Supreme King, it did much better job foreshadowing it for Yuya than for Judai

overlap is the best op of DM

Arc-V didn't foreshadow it. It happened randomly after Yuto was absorbed and then continued to happen with no explanation. Yuya's just a boring berserker.

Except a bunch of characters explicitly mentioned the gentle darkness before season 3

Is this Ebina's doing?

His Xiangke and Xiangsheng Magician clearly foreshadow what him and Yuzu are if you have a fucking brain

The fact that he tells people that their respective troubles mean nothing and that they should just smile but refuses to do the same makes him a hypocrite

They complained about the fact that he entered berserk mode for Yuzu but not for the people of Heartland. It's actually funny how the anons who complain about this are the same anons who call him Jesus.

It actually did forshawdow it in Mieru's duel.

Sorry but I haven't seen Yuya perform magic tricks yet


Jesus don't know what happen there.

The show doesn't call him out for his faults making him Egao Jesus

Well he learned how to control his emotions for other people considering he lost his shit before in the Miami Championship against Obelisk Force but hasn't for Yuzu which makes sense. It's true that he shouldn't tell people to not care about their troubles though.

No they fucking don't and foreshadowing would be the show playing with that concept. People aren't commenting on the monsters looking like Yuya/Yuzu.

Mieru just said he would fail in a big way. There was no mention of Hitotsu nii until OERD's debut

Jesus would choose to save Heartland over saving his close friend. Your use of the term is wrong.

>Smiles is the symbol of happiness vs a full meal being the first step to it

They translate to Destruction and Creation Magician. Hmmm I wonder how that connects to Yuya and Yuzu

Irony is he's canonically part of a demon.

>Yuto I know you're angry about Dennis kidnapping Ruri but calm down
>No muh Yuzu I'll kill you
Come on there's no need to defend this faggot

He trivializes everyone else's issues while preaching peace but the moment his friend is in trouble he snaps.
Commons have a problem with the tops? EGAO!
Shun has a problem with Fusion for destroying his dimension and kidnapping his sister?
Kaito is getting revenge for his dead family?
BB cards his friends in front of him?
Yuzu is brainwashed?

>Best soundtrack is still 5D's.
I'd argue it's a tie with GX's.
A lot of the themes they start using for the latter half of the series are great.
>Sad Duel
>Agonizing Heart
>Scars of the Past
>Bewildering Duel
>Last Duel
>that one unreleased track that played against Cronos
>God damn Passionate Duelists
Also earlier goodies like Impossible Victory and Judai's theme

It's not that he didn't weep for people he didn't know, though. It's that he told survivors like Kaito to
>just egao, bro
because he was angrily rampaging around the ruins to card Obelisk.

And then he's about to fire a cannon against two bracelet girls because Yuzu got touched in her brain space. First he told someone who lost everything how to live his life correctly despite not being able to fully empathize with his situation, and then when faced with a similar situation all that suddenly doesn't matter. It's bratty.

Except the show doesn't mention it at all you idiot

Which doesn't mean it's foreshadowed until the concept is played with and the theory is confirmed.


I forgot about that

You guys really don't know what foreshadowing is. If that's too subtle then Mieru mentions that there's another soul besides Yuto in Yuya.

You Yuya haters are so unreasonable. Of course he's going to be mad when Yuzu is in trouble

How did Yuya go from best Yu to worst Yu so fast?

What you mentioned is foreshadowing but Destruction and Creation magician isn't subtle it's not fucking foreshadowing to begin with

He's actually my Top 3 believe or not. There's nothing wrong with pointing out crappy writing.

He was always shit everyone just finally opened their eyes

You're not getting the point. Calling him Jesus is retarded because of this very flaw.
It fit Yusei because he was flawless and would always save both his friends and the world flawless. But Yuya cares about his lover more than he cares about the world. He got involved into the dimensional war because he wanted to save her and nothing else. That's hypocrisy, but that's also BEAUTIFUL!

You Yuya fans are so unreasonable. Of course Kaito is going to be mad that his family was carded.

>because they don't audibly say it through dialogue, it's not foreshadowing


Yuya rampaging after his tour de egao through Synchro, Xyz, and Fusion just makes everything he did even more insulting in retrospect. No one blames him for being mad, but he doesn't hold himself to the same standard he's been spending so much time imposing on others.

It would've been a lot better if he actually established solid personal connections with his converted before egao-ing them if he really needs to. He spent more time in a hotel room than experiencing what the Commons' life situations were like.

I don't know if I'd call Yuya a hypocrite if only because he truly believes what he preaches and does try to put it in pratice.

It's just that he completely loses it when Yuzu is involved.

And even then he goes against his beliefs when he's not on a normal state of mind, with the evil being inside of him acting up.

I don't like how the whole EAGO thing is executed either but I don't know if I could call it hypocrisy a person not being a flawless representation of what they believe.

Except everyone in the fucking show acts as if he's Jesus. Just rewatch when he converted BB

Long story short, Yuya is like every single liberal democrate in America. Talks one thing yet does another when it's HIS problem. Fucking hypocrites like that are the problem in our world and seeing a fictional character act like that makes it even more clear.

It's not crappy though

Fuck me I can't write.

Cred Forums go home

Trump in Arc-V when?

He's called Jesus because regardless of his reasons for doing it he is always treated as right. He can tell people how they feel about situations and that they're wrong. The show will then make him right and everyone will fall to his and his ways. He isn't challenged by people on his views. Nobody is allowed to offer an alternate view or path. Yuya's philosophy is the only one that matters and if you don't follow it from the start you eventually will.


>he truly believes what he preaches and does try to put it in pratice. It's just that he completely loses it when Yuzu is involved
What you just described is hypocrisy

dude just eago lmao and remember your nakama (who actually weren't really your friends at all before this)

>bringing up Cred Forumsshit out of nowhere in a discussion about a literal children's show

Fuck off.

He's trying to force his beliefs on everyone

Tell me that again when it works against a relevant villain.

I agree.
But to be fair, this is a recurring problem in Japanese fiction in general.

Oh so Yuto isn't allowed to be angry when his home was destroyed but it's fine when Yuya does it

What do you guys really hope to see in RATE?

Like seriously fuck off forever, you mong


It can't work against something that doesn't exist.

calm down everybody knows the yu´s bond between their girls are truly strong, is logic to yuya going on berserk mode

He took over the worlds with smiles.

BB killed most of the Lancers and had his own mini arc. Kaito and Edo were antagonists during the Xyz arc.

I just really want some Dinosaurs

He's the only good Yu though.

I'm still shocked that Yuya somehow had the ability to tell exactly how BB was feeling inside based on his own problems when Yuya's problems were never really comparable to BBs. There's absolutely no way that someone like Yuya could understand BB and all the shit he's been through.

>Yuya calms Yuto down
>Yuto takes over Yuya to calm him down in return
>this is somehow a bad thing

Except Yuto forced himself to remain calm and had to take over to make sure Hitotsu didn't take over. Also back in Xyz Yuya told Yuto to calm down so the "thing" in them wouldn't come out. He can't even follow his own advice

That's what people mean when they call it forced

Yuto isn't a hypocrite

This is so bad. Why did the misunderstood Leo hire lunatics?

They were both alienated for something that was out of their control. They both had to close themselves up, but thankfully Yuya had Gon and his other friends, etc.
Kachidoki also suffered from the same problem.

Why do so many anime fail to understand this?

It's just so common all the conflicts being magically resolved by people understanding each other regardless of what the reasons for the conflict was.
The execution for "understanding" usually being "the protagonist was right about everything" doesn't help.

There's so many anime that fall into both of these traps it isn't even funny anymore.

Yuri too. And he turned out worse than BB.

BB was raised as a weapon with the threat of death always looming over his head if he fucked up. He had no friends and was locked in a cell most of the time.

Yuya's daddy went out for a pack of smokes and never came back but he had his mom and friends that loved him. Yuya grew up relatively normal.

Wow having garbage protagonists and antangonists really does make a show bad

Actual writers write real books, not plotlines for children's card games commercials
The plotline for these shows are written by corporate slaves with no experience in writing being forced because nobody volunteered.

All part of keikaku.

Gundam 00 did understanding right.
By which I mean it saved some wanna be main character's girlfriend by pixie dust, but still killed the fuck out of the main villain.
Totally justified in the movie though.

Yusho was the biggest disappoint ever

>every episode from now on will show Leo's reaction's to everything going around him and realizing how much he fucked up

>the threat of death always looming over his head if he fucked up
When was that mentioned?

>he doesn't even remember why he ever took over Fusion and started the war

So how mad would you guys be if Leo said he didn't know about the hunting games

I wouldn't be mad, that would be hilarious

>when questioned over why did he start a war and what is the purpose of the arc area project, Leo states just one thing
>w-wasn't me

I know they were shit episodes but Sanders repeatedly tells BB during the duel if he doesn't obey his orders he'll turn BB into a card.

I wouldn't be surprised

what happened to JAKKU?

>it was Yusho all along

I'm not talking about just Yu-Gi-Oh and other children anime though.
There's a lot of anime geared at older audiences and also adapted from books (even if you want to be a /lit/ faggot and say light novels are lesser books) that make the same mistakes.

Kinda. I think the execution was still very bad, particularly season 2. But any Gundam attempting understanding looks masterfully done when compared to Seed and Age.

>Yusho wasn't just wasting time and procrastinating for 3 years
What a tweest

Well, BB did suffer from alienation in the end.

He put Yoko in on it too, luring her in with Smile World and have her pass that down to Yuya so he can conquer all 4 dimensions with egao.

Except Yuya had friends

This. Really, YGO never misses this shit.
I love hoverer is this guy.
Also, Yuzu really looked something from guro-chan in the last picture.

He had nobody to stand up for him until he met Gon. That's the point.

>when compared to Seed
SEED (and especialyl Destiny) had no understanding going on whatsoever.
It was literally just Kira's group going up at every faction involved in the conflicts, taking away all their weapons, slapping them in the face and telling them "NO, STOP THAT" right in their faces, until there was no one left who'd even dare raise their weapons.

Light novels are trash tier
They have all the shit tropes that make anime/manga awful with none of the benefits of the other mediums.

It doesn't help that it's literally just fanfiction that is retooled for sale either.

You got me though, /lit/ ruined LNs for me

Pretty sure Yuya was friends with Gon prior to being bullied about Yusho. As soon as he started getting bullied Gon took it upon himself to protect Yuya.

>tfw Yusho is Arc-V's Bakura


>trusting /lit/ to be able to tell the difference between their assholes and a hole in the ground

And this is why I stopped visiting thread unless the new episode airs.

No, it's actually stated that the first time he met Gon was when he saved him from that bully IIRC.

that is other context. whatever i only see yuto and yuya supporting each other, but i dont deny the childish yuya personality

Fucking Leo man

He's popping wheelies somewhere

>All the Academia members are so amazed by the D-Wheel that they discard Fusion summoning for Synchro summoning and riding duels.

For some reason i can't take Leo as a threat anymore. He feels like a puppet and not the real villain. I think even Sawatari could beat him.

I don't know, I'm pretty sure his discussion with Gon about why he doesn't use action cards when they were kids took place before Yusho's duel against Ishijima.

>Blackwings still looks like a solid tier 2/3 deck

What does Cred Forumsrc-v use as their battle theme?

>and not the real villain
Obviously devil duelist-chan is going to be the ultimate final villain. Leo better have good explanations, though

I don't have Hayamin's voice, though.


>yuri praying to asuka
nips disillusions never ends


I haven't expect Leo to be the final villain for more than a year. To me it was obviously going to be whatever the thing inside the Yus is.

Though as the nature of said thing is being revealed more than 20 episodes before the end, I'm not that sure anymore. Depends on how the next few episodes play out

Did Carly and Jack end up together?

Arc-V has exactly 26 episodes left. Screencap this

It didn't have to be this way

For all the shit I give Arc-V's writing, it's been consistently subverting my expectations this last arc.

I expected Rin and Ruri to be defeated and freed in the span of one episode each. I expected the mind control thing to be resolved quickly. I didn't expect any legacy character to be carded.

The only thing that played out closely to what I expected was the survival duel, which is the worst part of the arc so far.

when playing cardians:
when playing frightfurs:

>it's been consistently subverting my expectations this last arc
This. All the anons here are constantly posting predictions but they never come true. This is honestly pretty sad.

Is it mixed in with RANK 10 TRAINS ?

Is there any other way?


>R4 degeneracy

Vampire deck

Can Nips do anything right?

monkey is a 5 mat.

so now we know who konami thinks is the strongest zodiac animal.

It's a tiger. Also, effect:
Same effects as Drancia except for the last one.
OPT, activate by detaching 1 Xyz mat.
Target 1 Xyz Monster you control and 1 "Junishishi" monster in your graveyard; attach that monster to that Xyz monster as an Xyz material.

>Rank 4

What a disappointment. There might be some hope for them if they aren't as brain dead as Stellarknights though.

I'm actually 27 and I mostly watch YGO for the gesu faces.

2) This card can attack your opponent directly.

3)When this card with 12 or more Xyz materials inflicts battle damage to your opponent, you can make your opponent send all cards in their field and hand to the graveyard, then, change this card to face-up defense position

I can outright win by stacking 10 on the ghostrick

why the fuck would I want to go for 12 on this.

>12 or more Xyz materials

>rank 4

Does the Arc-V producers or whatever the fuck actually care about niconico ratings, or do they just think they're fucking nerds whos opinion doesn't matter

Because Zodiacs can attach 12 Xyz Materials to their Xyz monsters without doing this: youtube.com/watch?v=Z4pxQ1VvzWw

Seriously. They really give these monsters retarded effects. Ptolemaeus could skip your opponent's turn before it got banned but no one tried to get that effect.

They probably don't give a shit

All that really matters is if cards are moving off shelves at the rate they like, and it's not like we'll get to know that.

I imagine not being hated helps a little with that, though.

They don't make these episodes on the spot. They're written and produced well in advance. Clearly they didn't expect it to get such a negative reception but they're at the point they can't do anything about it now. They probably don't care anyways as they're working on the next series.

The goal (or at least one of the main things that it CAN do, it'll probably turn out to be played like standard stunshit because we can't have nice things) of the deck is stacking retarded amounts of materials on the monsters, though. It's not something slow as hell like Ptolemaeus' effect or even Ghostrick's wincon if you don't resort to silliness like Xyz Change Tactics.

Make a list of characters who you believe will never duel again in Arc V.

>generic stackable R4s

They probably care because having your name attached to the worst rated show ever tends to make it hard for you to find work. Konami only cares if it effects their money.

Everyone that is not in the Fusion Dimension currently
Everyone that is currently carded even after they inevitably come back

Pretty much any characters who have already been carded. I'm pretty sure not everyone from the current cast is going to get a duel in either but I guess we just have to wait for the Maximum Crisis set description.

I doubt it really matters for a lot of people such as Animators/VAs etc since it's obvious that the ratings have nothing to do with them

It just sucks that it is looking more and more likely Reiji is not going to be a major star in these last episodes. I just fucking hate how he's badly been treated more than any other flaw that this show has had.

Is there a compilation of screenshots for each series and it's mind control fetishizing at work?
I need it for... reasons

He's the one who will beat the demon duelist.

Makes me real sad

>Twelve Beast Xyz can be summoned with 1 mat
>can stack on top of each other

Just finished 5D's. The ending was great. Lua becoming a Signer was the most hype moment in the entire series, and THEN Life Stream Dragon proceeds to get all the coolest parts when the dragons work together in the duel with Z-ONE.
So I thought, "Maybe that wasn't as bad as I thought" and now I'm back to hating everything surrounding Blackfeather Dragon. I also refuse to believe they don't meet up again. I still think it's the only one of the three that actually could be called "good" by general standards, though still not great.
Ready for ZEXAL which I'll probably like a lot because my taste aligns with Japan.

>arcfags are getting hyped because of some shitty episode next week.
Delusionals pricks, apologize to 5D.

You mean lose? Gotta make the demon duelist somewhat credible and the easiest way is by beating the best duelist on the show.

>on the show.
Can't be Reiji then

>I still think it's the only one of the three that actually could be called "good" by general standards

GX was pretty good by general standards too. It finished much stronger than 5Ds did too.

That's because it played for 70~ episodes.

dont fucking remind me of that plot user

They can't just squeeze in like a duel or two?
They have a good archetype in DDD, you'd think they'd be shilling it out in droves

I skipped DOMA



>implying Reiji can lose

Being good doesn't meant it's popular. Not saying it isn't but they usually have reasons for not shilling cards. Raidraptors were probably supposed to be the new Blackwings but the didn't do shit and we got almost more new Blackwings than Raidraptors. I still don't understand what they were thinking with the new D-Hero support. I've never seen so many new cards for an old loved archetype be so shit.


What is the point of Wyrm type?

GX feels like five different shows taped together. The characters were great, but that doesn't mean much when their development takes up less than half if the show.
The first two series horrendously drag everything out or have a bunch of unrelated episodes with no bearing on anything. The reason I say 5D's might be called good by general standards is that it avoids that for the most part, though that's before getting into the actual content.

Arc-V memes
>They hate GX!

so they can make more dragons but without letting them get abused by generic dragon support


Blackwings deck here

I like both decks
Crow is alright by me, even if he was a waste of screentime in Arc-V

I don't really mind, the way things were going, I'm sure Reiji would have ende up being a waste of screentime like the rest of the cast that's been present.

It's probably because all the others are based on established archetypes or a new archetype from a single card, while D HEROes (sp?) weren't designed with a certain play-style in mind because of when they came out.

Understandable, though it's kinda sad if I think about it.

That's a good question. Was the Dragon-type getting too much support like said? How come there was no major supporting ARC-V character running a Wyrm deck? When and will there be any Fusion Wyrm monsters?


On top of those bad new D-Heroes, Ciphers are also ugly and don't even work with Galaxy or Photon. What's the point? Isn't this show supposed to be nostalgia fanservice + product placement?


So now we have XYZ masturbation to go with Synchro masturbation.

D-Heroes had a time theme going on. In real life they were mostly an engine with Plasma used as anti meta.

Only Kaito get that treatment, though, which upset me.


Apologize to my dick right now for that image


Can you fault a man for falling to darkness in the face of his waifu getting molested?

Wouldn't you become a demon for your waifu?

Or are you one of those seasonal cucks who gets a new waifu every fucking season who doesn't even have 5 years of dedication to his, let alone a decade.

I'm confused why not only the anime's time is wasted with legacies like Kaito, but the cards themselves are just trash wastes of cardboard. Absolutely no one is winning in this situation.


I can't apologize for 5D's, user. I didn't create it.
Ask Ono.

To be fair the Jack cards other than sacrlight and red resonator are all garbage, and red resonator wasn't even that good in the deck before red rising.

Crow gave us Raikiri, which turned out to be a baseline of what we expected for everyone, Gofu which doesn't even see play in BWs and a bunch of trash.

Asuka is the big winner here.

Come back when you can armor yourself with your waifu, hotshot

But story wise Asuka is a shit legacy.
Jack is the only decent one.


There's nothing wrong with it at all but it's rather annoying when other people's waifus are in danger and you tell them to calm down, but when yours is in danger you go apeshit. You either follow your own advice or you don't. No half measures.

>a-asuka died

takes one to know one lmao

That's what she gets for getting tricked by a 2-bit ruse

This is a semen demon

I finally catched up


I just broke down in laughter.

>the best YGO series delivers

>Can you fault a man for falling to darkness in the face of his waifu getting molested? Wouldn't you become a demon for your waifu?
He wasn't man enough to protect her on the first place. He brought this to himself.




>Yuto get mad
>Yuya: EGAO, everything is fine.

>Yuya get mad
>Yuto: Chill, let's swap.

I don't see the problem with this.
The problem for me is that EGAO was forced with Harambe and Fusion students.
Sure, you can be happy, but not everyone will agree. There's time for EGAO too, but they don't give a shit about this anymore.

So do you think the next Yugioh should have one big plot line or a few plot lines that are not connected to one another?


>The first two series horrendously drag everything out or have a bunch of unrelated episodes with no bearing on anything.

I would argue a lot of that happens in 5Ds too, especially after the Dark Signers arc finishes.

>best ygo
That's 5D.

>a legacy character died
No big deal.


One big plot line clearly didn't work and I prefer contained story arcs that build upon one another.

I think it should restrict itself to about 60-70 episodes

If only Judai-coon were here


>don't worry, she has nostalgia armor
>died screaming


So it's a Rank 4 deck that has almost no swarm in archtype outside of Rats bonus Xyz effect, and no bonus' for Xyz that aren't Beast-Warrior.

I wonder if people will still try to make it a generic rank 4 deck.

>having a waifu

Nostalgia armor is reserved to actual good characters.

If the manga has time-travel, does that mean we'll see legacy characters as they travel through the timeline?
I hope they use their manga decks (not that I actually expect this), though it'd be weird for them to have "modern" decks in their time periods.

Should be about digital system like the movie, with one big plot line.
But the characters could swap decks/buy decks.
Sure, make one boss monster for everyone, but don't let it be all about of the new method.
Also, magic hacking skills for the plot.

Yuto won in the end. His cards are the best cards from arc-v

The current plan everybody is going with is to just cannibalize Ox and Dragon and throw them into R4 spam decks for quick effect destruction

>more nostalgia wanking
I hope not.

He is busy.
With someone else

Yuya's cards are part of the strongest deck in history.

>tfw no bruno

>Conan and DSOD came out at same time in theaters
>Conan BD is out in a month
>Still no sign of DSOD BD

Why is this allowed?

Can Yubel get pregnant?

>strongest deck in history.


They're clearly trying to drag out the funds as long as possible so the franchise doesn't die.

Reiji's cards are actually.


what a question!

>EMEm wasn't the strongest deck in history
Looks like someone's a newfag to YGO.

Wanna try it bitch?

You weren't around for post-BOSH full power pepe, were you?

So will berserk Yuya somehow take back the Ruris from parasite control or they will stay controled until the doctor is dealt with?

Althoigh the "main" plot didn't really continue because CIRCUIT, nary an episode was wasted once the WRGP started, and most duels finished in just one episode. There was a stretch of episodes in between, though.
I think it benefits from being a shorter show, although that's because it was dying.

Dee/Dee/Dee is busted very quickly

Not like it means much when Konami is infamous for powercreep. In the ZEXAL era they made DRulers and in ARC-V era they made PePe. Whatever series comes next will have the most broken deck of all time until its followed by another series and it will keep going on that path until Kaz passes away and they can't make any more YGO.

Yes, you're the newfag. Full power Dragon Rulers and Prophecy shit on it.

That is so cute.

And Judai?

DSOD is getting a worldwide release so they probably want to make sure everyone around the world gets to see it in theaters before releasing it on home video.

>Full power Dragon Rulers and Prophecy shit on it.
I mean, sure. Dragon Rulers are actually proven to be able to go toe to toe with EMEm
P L E A S E user. Spare us your shitposting.

We all know PK will eventually become the best once we can manipulate the exile zone with ease


With an eggplant that big, it's no wonder how Yuya manage to convert everyone to egao. I wouldn't mind a taste of it myself.

>Cyber Dragon Infinity
>Traptrix Rafflesia
>Shock Master
>Number 38
>Naturia Beast
>Ignister Prominence
>triple Plushfire and Damage Juggler
>triple Monkeyboard and Skullcrobat Joker
>triple Luster Pendulum and Draco Face-off
>implying D/D/D can beat this

>tfw most likely have to watch 4K dub first before getting the sub

Fuck 4K god damn, I appreciate Dan and Eric but their scripts have always been god awful. They're not even following manga canon either and making the movie a sequel to the fucking anime which makes no sense at all.


Jowgen + Fate shit on PePe. Decks that ran the original Crush shit on PePe too.

Don't get me wrong, they defined a format, just like Nekroz, Monarchs, Wind-ups, Mermail, Glad Beasts, and others did for their formats respectively.

On a side note, imagine if we had a full-power archetype format, where every archetype specific card was at 3?

>Shock Master

Is it unbanned yet?

>EMEm doesn't side hand traps
>EMEm doesn't have outs to Jowgen

Nope. It got banned two formats ago in Japan too.

It's the strongest non-FTK deck in history. Makyura FTK shits all over it.

Much to the dismay of Shueisha, I'm sure.

I'd try Reiji's D/D/D.

>standing a chance against PePe
I'm starting to think that Reijifags are worse than Yurifags now.

dats gay nigga

When your argument is
>I'll always have outs!

You might as well not post. Prophecy runs hand traps too including Droll and Lock shutting down tons of the power PePe has

>scripts have always been god awful.

This is true sadly. 4K showed a clip of the beginning of Yugi vs Kaiba narrated by Dan and Eric and the dialogue just made me cringe.


>Kaiba: Now slice and dice that blob!

>Yugi: That's much appreciated Kaiba, now you've created double the trouble for yourself!

I asked this in another thread, but is Droll and Lock still good to have in your side?


would Team Ruri steal Ruris?

Let's be honest.

Nobody watches Yu-Gi-Oh! for the dueling.

We all watch it for the twisted reaction images.

Smug waifus?

Insane doctor?

Season 0 Sakaki Yuuya?

We're in for a ride.

>Judai got two girls who want his dick
>This boy made him instantly took the gay route

EMEm is superior to Prophecy in almost EVERY FUCKING ASPECT
Search power? CHECK
Card tutorability? CHECK
Ability to vomit its hand on the field? CHECK
Speed? CHECK
Extra Deck? CHECK
Mentioning that it has outs to Jowgen is the fucking icing on the cake, because the only way Prophecy stands a teeny bit of a chance is by setting up the Jowgen lock. The deck is utter shit otherwise and that's the main reason why it was vastly overshadowed by Dragon Rulers.

Not really. It was used back in the day because decks searched and drew so often. It's pretty slow now. I do remember shitting on Exodia players with it. After they use Into The Void you drop Droll and Lock pretty much ending the game.

This is perfect

I hope so

YGO has devolved to a meme show at this point. It's only good for finding new memes.

>>Judai got two girls who want his dick
Asuka and who else?

Exactly. The deck makes advantage out of its asshole. The fact plushfire wasn't once per turn, it was otk/ftk resistant, it had 3 archetype versions of pot of greed and amazing recovery all made it literally unstoppable. It didn't matter if you had anti-spell; it'd just make a rank 4 without scales and castel it away, then proceed to plus 12 before wrecking your board

I'm here for cards, cool monsters and suffering

Too bad whenever I search "duel monster" on danbooru, all I see are DMG porn and charmers porn. Fuck this shit.

Rei, the flat chink one

> that's the main reason why it was vastly overshadowed by Dragon Rulers.

But that's wrong you idiot. Both decks were played about evenly until Judgment got banned. Judgment is easily one of the most broken cards ever released. Dragon Rulers only won worlds because of a topdeck.

Memes are what made Cred Forums great back in the day.

ARC-V threads are the chemo killing the cancer of this board.

If she was after my dick, I wouldn't blame Judai one bit and go full gay for Johan too. Even if she wasn't after my dick, I'd still go gay for Johan.


I'm pretty sure she was into Ryou, m8

Any words that sums up ARC-V in a nutshell right now? I choose lazy.

I'd choose that too

t. Frustrated Prophecyfag
Go back to r/yugioh. Judgment is nowhere near as good as Plushfire and the other EMEm power cards.

She dropped Ryou for Judai. Did you actually watch GX?

We need some drawings of this before this Xmas!

That reminds me, here's the Rin's :D template. Use as you wish.


t. Frustrated Arc-Vfag wanting Yuya to be viewed as anything but a disappointment. No one with a memory of the game for more than 5 years calls PePe the best deck.

>They're not even following manga canon either and making the movie a sequel to the fucking anime which makes no sense at all.
How does this affect the movie?

Didn't that happen in the very same episode, too?

>Both decks were played about evenly until Judgment got banned
It was 70/30 at best

Not when the thread itself is infested with tumblrites and landwhales, though it has decreased since the show's decline.

I say blunder.
The show has potential, but they fucked up at some point and now the effect is almost irreversible.


I only remember bits
And I dropped after season two
Maybe that's a no, i guess

>8 years old

The dueling is fun to watch. Though it's more for how over the top and chuuni the characters act during them than the plays alone (though good duel writing certainly helps).

I watch it for the duels and characters.
Don't care about waifus
The doctor is so generically boring
Yuya is the worst protag.

>Watching the dub

>but they fucked up at some point
Notice how all of the current problems with the show are an effect of spending way too much goddamn time doing absolutely nothing of importance in Shitty.

>asuka beats yuri by just taking his duel disk

well sure, I guess that would work

>Lulu obsidian


In the manga Kaiba was never there at the ceremonial duel, so he never got to formally part ways with Atem. His rivalry with Atem was a big part of his character arc and Atem was the person who kept him going and encouraged him to become a better person. Atem's influence on Kaiba helped him believe he could strive for a better future after Battle City despite not completely overcoming his demons. The movie is all about how Kaiba goes through the grief of Atem not being there which is why he's so desperate to get him back and why he's trying to complete the Millennium Puzzle.

In the anime, Kaiba was at the Ceremonial Duel and more or less had completely conquered his past. He was satisfied with where he was at in life and he acknowledged he was the inferior duelist to Atem and Yugi since he managed to beat Atem. Kaiba had essentially moved on at this point. But since the dub is following the anime canon it makes no fucking sense why Kaiba's character would completely regress after he had moved on at the end. There would be no need for him to rebuild the puzzle and see Atem again. It's a complete 180 that's not really justified.

It's even worse too when the movie straight up acknowledges it follows the manga canon because they re-animated the last scene of the ceremonial duel and Kaiba and Mokuba weren't there whereas in the anime they were.

>Gong Strong


I watch for the duels.

Wasn't she only 11 or 12 in the sub?

They shouldn't let biased director in charge.

Don't lewd the Ruri.

Some of the dub names aren't bad. Gallager became Lucas Swank.



What's with futa Ruri I keep seeing? and submissive Yuto?
Their backstory only got revealed recently.



Now now, Sweet Baby Shay. You wouldn't want to disappoint your fans and Ruri, would you?

I think I'll pass

I want to do lewd things with Shun.

Incest is not wincest

you'll have to catch him first

Wow, then that's really dumb
What was even the point then?

I like GX dub names.


He's fast!

No one except everyone but you.

>tfw YGO's Lancers put the actual Lancer's from FATE name to complete and utter shame.

They're shit just like the anime.

but not as fast as

>What was even the point then?

>No one ever reads the manga and everyone watched the anime which is what made YGO so popular in the first place so we'll just follow that canon to make things easier!

>I discovered this word in Fate: the post
Kill yourself.

Fuck you I enjoyed it

It most definitely is.

Why didn't we have this in the BB duel?


Nice image for ants.

yes very checked

Because Shun have to be involved.

Why do they use english card names for words that exist in japanese?


>those quints

serena confirmed for best ruri

The same reason they slip english word on japanese song lyrics?

It sounds cooler for the japs.

oh God its the moki moki stoner

so smug

>450 posts before someone got quints

NOW this is a Yugioh thread!


Where the hell is he in Fusion? Wouldn't he be very effective as a soldier in whichever side he's on by lowering the enemy's morale?

If Yuya were to duel him, which of their influencing powers will come out on top?

Already chose duelling theme for the Zodiac Beasts

Moki Moki guy doesn't even need to talk or preach to spread his influence, that's why the school contained him in a bunker.
The guy's fucking dangerous.

Wrestling with your friends is fun.

It's even more lewd then that; she's laying her head on his shoulder and holding his hand.

If they made an OVA or something about the Xyz dimension, how quickly would the japs gobble it up.

Meh, I honestly never understood all the hype for Serena when the majority of her screen-time she's caused more harm than good for anyone.

I bet he exists in Academia but Herr Doktor had to card him in his sleep because he was a bioweapon.

Dude is low-key the best duelist at the academy

No one cares about her actual character. She's just waifubait.

She has a character?


not sure if ur still here but google mental block wiki for all ur hypnosis/mind control/corruption/possession needs

She is a slut and proud, slutty and proud

Where did I hear this line before?


Not even waifubait. People mostly like to fap to her.
She's the Arc-V girl with the most doujins and lewd art.

Quads would have been enough.

is that artist a pervert?

Fucking Mexican








Thanks, kind anons.

>Rin and Yugo probably already fuck, since they're poor and have no sexual education
>Yuto and Ruri were cutely dating
>Yuri probably raped Serena one time or two (prob didn't even realize that it was her)
>Yuzu and EGAO are still platonic friends, while Yuzu probably got it on with every other Yu plus Sora

Yuya is a pure shit

Yuto's crew take notice of a mysterious card thief who stole the rare number cards from the Kattobingu museum. It's their duty to find him and restore peace to Heartland.

>inb4 Shun goes full Eternal Avenge on a card thief

>new Phantom Knights
>trap monsters and rank 2

It's like Konami is just trolling at this point.

Yugo says he and Rin haven't done anything yet when Yuzu asks if Rin is his lover.
So unless Rin abused Yugo in his sleep, they haven't.

hope they change it to rank 3, those new spells are pretty cool though

I want to protect that EGAO.

Which character makes your heart go dokidoki~ when they say DRAW, BATTERU, TURN ENDO, and [insert ace monster effect and attack monologue]

Shun and Yuto for me, senpai. DISOBEY and REVOLUTION are top-tier

Shun, he's the chunniest.

Definitely this guy. The embodiment of the chunni god.

Shun for sure

Easily Shun.


Reira. My heart doesn't go dokidoki but I can't find it in myself to hate any scene he's in.


Yuya. He's so moe.


he's a little fucking asshole is what he is

>mental block wiki
Thank you, user


>They take up 4 Xyz slots
Fucking bullshit, when was the last time an archetype got so many extra deck slots in one set?

Anime archtypes tend to have a lot of extra deck monsters.

Shun. I know I'm pretty basic, but he's just so qt.

>Anime archtypes tend to have a lot of extra deck monsters.
this is game original though