Macross Delta

What went right?

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Is Delta shit?

Bogue becomes the next shirokishi.;_;

not revealing who Lady M did

The speculation is important and it allows the implication that it was best girl all along

Where is DDF?

HayaFre was what went right.

No stupid shit like "you're both my wings" or blasting the MC pilot into another galaxy.

But Lady M was a cunt. I don't want her to be a character I love.


Yeah I think that would've been best, just let Mirage be the best friend/instructor minor character she was, move the triangle to being between Hayate, Freyja, and one of the Knights, and then we have a triangle that's actually fucking relevant to the characters and carries some drama to it. I mean a good section of the series is about Freyja being torn between her desire to sing and care for her homeland, why not have her love interests represent that conflict.

You just described Delta. There was no 'triangle'. Would you call it a triangle if one of the bridge-bunnies was interested in him? No.
The story wasted relatively little time with the triangle as a concept. Hayate and Freyja had arcs and directions outside of it and their romance never involved Mirage at all.
Mirage, a side-character, had a sub-plot where she came to terms with her confidence through a crush on her new workmate.

Even DDF won't defend this.

Don't say that about Lady M! She worked very hard to weaponize music!


that guy suggesting Keith obviously didn't ship him with Roid, like 99% of everyone else did.

If it were Misa then Lady M was just doing what she had to do for reasons unbeknownst to us. If it was minmei then she was meddling with shit she cannot understand because she likes to be the centre of attention and feel special.

Delta needed a 3 minutes epilogue, the typical "so this is what the character are doing now".

I would say, the overall cast of Delta is much more enjoyable and likeable. Everyone in Frontier got real old, real quick. Also I thought the plot of Frontier TV was always really messy and the shit with the Vajra and the government coop stuff with Leon/Grace was lackluster. (The movies definitely picked up the slack in this regard)

The romance was better done in Delta too; way too much needless melodrama in Frontier which made the whole final scene of WINGS all the more frustrating? At least Alot turned Ranka down directly in the second movie. The Windermire was much better "villians" than space bugs too.

Sadly, the OST and Walkure music wasn't anywhere near Frontier's level and the battles were all shit in Delta too.

I think HayaFre was done well

I mean it was no AltoSheryl but it wasn't absolute garbage like AmataMikono

>caring about delta characters
Gee I sure wonder what Chuck is up to

I was referring to the fact that it is saying sempai rather than senpai. And I'm using these subs, not exactly sure what they are but it came with the Blu Ray torrent. Whether or no the BD had subs I'm not sure, seems weird since it was only released in Japan.

>first the Yurifag and now you
They were like brothers. BROTHERS. WHat's wrong with you people. Brothers and sisters aren't for fucking.

That's why I left it open, if shippers are anything to go by, Bogue probably would've been the best choice, but I could understand Keith cause he was basically the only Knight with any real development.

The ending was worth to sit second half through.

That is kinda weird

What if she needed Mikumo to study song energy and maybe sing hard enough to help guide them back to their universe? A transcript from Minmay's diary said they headed into a black hole because they heard singing.

>Brothers and sisters aren't for fucking.
Says who?


Wow, same day as release. gg stepped their shit up.

I think Bogue would've been alright if he wasn't a one-dimensional revenge machine.

I'm glad you corrected it to only having 8 characters this time.

i'm keithfag and i hate roid with passion especially after the last episode.If i want to homo ship him it would be with messer.

The final battle was pretty good. Not as epic as Frontier but I think that's because Frontier had two episodes. Actually Frontier had the best final battle in the entire series despite having the worst ending. Delta had a better ending. No ambigious shit. Freyja won and that's final.

I did this last thread, friendo

Go away


You fucking moron.

we can only pray for this in the movies

I think having a thing for Freyja would've added another dimension.

>tfw you need to avenge your family but the love of your life is fighting for the enemy

Who was worse? Roid or Leon?

well fuck


According to Febri, Kawamori said he felt they had to adjust with the times and tackle online collective intelligence by making the music a product of some collective intelligence of multiple song composers.

They also ended up having more songs than they expected, and Yasuda was wondering if they could use them all up.

Kawamori is also responsible for what songs are used in each scene and how they are storyboarded, so the lack of any of the new ones being used is perhaps Kawamori realizing that they used up all the good songs in the first cour and nothing was left for the second, or there were literally no scenes where the new songs could be used.

I think everyone on the staff is now aware of why Delta failed but should they be given another chance at making a movie?

You must be one of the translator from ggsubs.

Well, that fucking sucked.

Delta wasn't terrible but it definitely failed to leave any siginifcant spark in you as you watched. It was fine enough, the music was catchy enough, Frejya was cute enough. But there is just something lacking, and it's hard to put my finger one element that could have pushed it into Frontier levels of, really fun to watch every week.

>tfw no more macross threads on Cred Forums
>no more miragefags being BTFO or smug freyjafags
I'll miss you guys

Worse? Both of them are pretty good. Roid was better than TV Leon though. Movie Leon is better than both. Maybe Movie Roid can be better if he is created.

>I think everyone on the staff is now aware of why Delta failed but should they be given another chance at making a movie?
I think they could, the main problem in Delta is poor character development and meandering plot in the second cour. Time limitations would hopefully fix a lot of the problems with pacing, character development might be harder with the limited time available.

One job

I had fun every single week watching Delta

And had fun posting on Cred Forums about it too!

they could have done that with reina though.

I wonder if Kawamori fucked off to work on his new show sometime during development because he knew it was a sinking ship

I can't say anything about the new episode but Roid was right last I checked in.

>Delta failed
Nice meme.
Dude it's the pacing. Delta was pretty alright up until episode 14 or 19 depending on whether you cared about only mechs or both mechs and the MCs. I'm the latter, so 3 weeks of no combat and a good romance stalled nearly turned me off. I still like Delta, but we really didn't need episodes 19-21.


Is this the first time a macross tv series has flopped?

Frontier got 2 movies which roughly = 10 episodes in length. If Delta gets the same treatment then pacing issues should be fixed completely.

Speaking of which, any user know Frontier sales vs projected Delta sales? Did Frontier sell more / less?

>and Yasuda was wondering if they could use them all up.

Did he really? They reused songs so many times like Giraffe Blues and Bokura no Senjou. The second cour's songs were severely lacking.

>Macross Delta movie
Is a retelling

>another Macross Delta movie
It's Delta After Story
No dragonballs

>Speaking of which, any user know Frontier sales vs projected Delta sales? Did Frontier sell more / less?
Wew lad.

Let me just tell you Frontier is the 10th highest selling anime of the 2000+. That should give you a clue

>But there is just something lacking, and it's hard to put my finger one element that could have pushed it into Frontier levels of, really fun to watch every week.
I think part of the problem was stake, Frontier had huge stakes with both the Vajra and the plot by Galaxy, and while I admire the idea of trying to make a more relatable enemy with Windermere, the stakes never felt particularly high. I think part of this is that so few people actually die in the series, the one time we do see loads of people die is when Ragna was bombed, but that was by NUNS, so it hardly raised the stake on behalf of Windemere, and we don't generally give a shit about NUNs getting wiped out because they are generally portrayed of being really shitty in the show. The other issue is the fact that the abilities of Windemere are way too ridiculous. Watch the same group of 6 or so fighters wipe out whole fleets of enemies really just take all the anxiety of the warfare.

Outside of that, I think the issues of characterization are another big factor as to why this isn't as fun to watch as Frontier. Whatever people think of the side character of Frontier, at least they all got decent characterization, they all had interesting aspects and served a purpose in the overall scheme of things. Delta had too many undeveloped characters that just go no where and do nothing. You can get rid of Chuck, most of the nights, Reina, and Makina, and have basically nothing change.

Frontier is one of the top selling anime of all time. That should give you some perspective. Then again, I think anime sales as whole have dropped considerably from the mid 00s to early 2010s.

It's a good day to be a freyjafag.

Wow, Frontier kicked the shit out of Delta. Delta is sitting at around 8k per volume.

Makes you wonder why they deviated from it so much.

Welcome to anime sales in the 2010's. Unless you are a one-hit wonder, good luck.

8k is still good.

There will be no movies just an OVA about Mikumo travelling from planet to planet singing to space animals

Frontier was lightning in a bottle. Then again it's been out for 8 years. As for Delta, I think it only needs a single movie to be better.

We might not have gotten a HayaFre kissu, but we got Hayate and Freyja confessing their love to each other in the middle of the galactic mind network. The whole fucking galaxy witnessed that love confession.

You thought the anime is dying meme was a joke?

I just realised that they never actually found a var cure. I guess it's alright since Walkure can fix it, but there are still loads of people who may just spontaneously go berserk and start killing.
Man, I hope Windermere feel bad about spreading it.

Didn't you hear the pika pika insertion?

2000 5100.545455
2001 5076.733333
2002 8940.56
2003 5003.567568
2004 4547.777778
2005 3565.46875
2006 3774.886076
2007 4428.541667
2008 5175.632353
2009 5849.603774
2010 6150.446809
2011 6432.073529
2012 6864.712329
2013 4810.906977
2014 4680.46
2015 4685.020408

Average sales per year, it's not as bad as you think.

Things are just stagnating right now. It happens to every medium.

Someone should report the windfags to the space dfa

Frontier really wasn't any better than Delta. In fact they basically share the exact same problems.

Best thing about it is Hayate declared his love for her first. It's like he knew Freyja would get cockblocked again so he just said fuck it.

>I think the issues of characterization
Yeah, I agree here. While I think Hayate and Frejya were more likeable MCs than Alto (and Sheryl to a certain extent) the entire secondary cast was so boring. Even the Windemeres, Roid, all of the Delta squad and the rest of Walkure sans Mikumo and Freyja.

Frontier had everyone connected to Ranka: Ozma, Nanase, Brera, fuck even her producer during the second half of the series had more personality than most of the Delta cast. Then you have everyone with Alto: Mikhail, Luca, Klan.. then the rest of the military with Catherine, Leon, Grace and I think even the bridge bunnies had more interesting time than Delta's.

In my opinion, where Frontier lacked in the main trio, it made up for it with the diverse secondary cast. What the fuck did Delta do this whole time to make it's entire secondary cast so boring?

Literally nothing.

Okay fine some of the music was good.

I believe it's something about dialect. You know sometimes characters would say informal Japanese conversations with their best buddies and stuff.

>I'll build a dam after collecting all your tears.

Damn, people can get creative with talking shit.

>What the fuck did Delta do this whole time to make it's entire secondary cast so boring?

Almost the entire enemy faction is made up of dindu nuffin Gary Stus.

Delta fucking sucked. why do I miss it?

So did Freyja win? Dropped this a few weeks ago.

Just wanna make sure I can safely tease a Miragefag friend.

Leon is good in the middle of the story. End game is all about grace


1. Why do Hayate and Freyja resonate?
Because they love each other?
2. What about Hayate fighting off the effects of Var whenever Freyja sings and why did that become a non-issue in the last episode when it was still relevant in 24?
Because they didn't admit they love each other?
3. How did Delta address the matter of uta wa heiki?
Mikumo likes to sing.
4. How did Wright deliver the star singer cells to Lady M?
CIA hijinks that don't have to be explained.
5. What was the point of Lady M?
To make it seem like Delta has a connection to the other Macross series when it didn't.
6. Why were there Var outbreaks unrelated to Windermere spreading it?
The writers forgot.
7. What is supposed to happen to Windermere now?
It's not relevant.
8. What about the Var cure?
It's not relevant because the wind singer won't sing anymore.
9. What about ISIS?
Yes, what about him.
10. What was the point of the fold quartz necklace?
It looks pretty.

Windermere didn't spread it though. It was Ranka's and Sheryl's fault. Windermere just selectively targetted some NUNS headquarters. It was widespread through all the galaxy because the Vajra left after Frontier events.



At least Frontier's last episode was actually good, outside the very last minute. The complete opposite of Delta's, really, since it was a letdown until the very end.

Freyja should have actually shot a beam from her rune. It would have been the perfect way for Hayate to beat Keith.

Anyone else find this scene hilarious? Good to know fish sister is ok!

>miragefags were confident was she going to win
>she actually lost
>Delta is now the most one sided love triangle in all Macross

miragefag status = BTFO. HOINA

You missed crying freyja from 26.

>She's alive
Delta is the Akuma no Riddle of Macross

I want one like this but with NUNSfags.

Not at all. If the biggest complaints about Delta are the lack of battles, the slowed down pacing and the expositions in the second half, then Frontier doesn't share any of those problems. From the moment they return to Gallia 4, shit shits the fan, especially from episode 17 onward:

>Goodbye Sister
>Fold Fame
>Diamond Crevasse
>Azure Ether
>Northern Cross
>True Begin
>Last Frontier
>Your Sound

Maybe that was the meaning of the broken triangle in the title? They didn't even try for that this time round, hence the hint.

They do spread it though. They deliberately export the apples trying to get them to as many people as possible. When they take over planets they distribute them so people eat them. The guy selling apples on the cat planet even says they banned sale of regular apples, since they want everyone to eat theirs. They wanted everyone to have it.

The staff had a clearer idea of what they wanted to do in Frontier, unlike Delta.

Delta got slower and slower and fucking slower as it crawled painfully towards the last episode.

After Alto gave Sheryl his "courage", it was a non-stop ride. You could really feel shit ramping up as Island 1 got progressively more and more fucked to the point that people had to wear oxygen canisters outside because of damage to the colony.

>Why do Hayate and Freyja resonate?
>Because they love each other?
Mirage also resonate and rode the wind.

Delta made a great start with ep01, but I think it was mostly downhill from there. Why did they allow it?

>Delta is sitting at around 8k per volume.
To be fair, do you realize how many anime just from this and last season would kill for a stable 8k per volume? Especially the anime original ones

The apples alone didn't do the trick, so no. They targetted the NUNS headquarters in those planets for a reason. You should rewatch the first cour. And anyway, Var was widespread across all fucking Galaxy according to the novel and Macross Extra.

Windermere did shit.

All this was again a problem started by rogue NUNS forces (Leon and Galaxy) trying to fuck up with the Vajra.

>When they take over planets they distribute them so people eat them

Only happened when Roid took over and in Ragna. Go and rewatch what happened in Voldor instead.

>The guy selling apples on the cat planet even says they banned sale of regular apples,

They were regular apples sold by the farmers of Windermere. The ones the military distributed, again, in the same episode, were delivered to NUNS bases.

I think it's sad that even the most irrelevant background characters have plot armor.

Freyja. Freyja went right.

> why do I miss it?

Because it's way better than having nothing.

Because you are not looking forward to the next season's shows the same way.

Because you are accustomed to watching 25 episodes already and want a stronger resolution.

In other note the second album was released tonight/today

This is a Macross series not some anime original. With all of the marketing, it's not acceptable for it to be performing this poorly.

Still better than most trash airing

Maybe srw will fix this like seed destiny

Plus and Zero were worse, weren't they?

And Frontier doesn't go to shit in the second half? The only redeeming part of Frontier's plot before the finale is the Sheryl and Alto romance and even then it's bogged down by an unnecessary love triangle just like Delta is. Both also share having a mostly terrible cast of side characters with a few notable exceptions.

>Good to know fish sister is ok!
She's the main female of the restaurant staff and family unit. So if they have movies planned with the restaurant involved, having her alive for now is good. That lets them put her in the movie without complications for the family unit at the restaurant. Or they could do what other anime do and simply ignore any impact from her being missing.

Yea, it felt like the staff of Delta knew how it would end, but didn't know how to make ~13 episodes to get to that ending. It's why the second to last episode is mostly exposition and talking heads, which really sucks, because I think Delta had a lot of great ideas.

Brera was dumb in Frontier TV too.

>They were regular apples sold by the farmers of Windermere. The ones the military distributed, again, in the same episode, were delivered to NUNS bases.
Is there a difference? Because I can't imagine there's a huge difference. And if those apples are somehow harmless, why would Windermere try to make people eat them instead of normal domestic apples? If they're not part of the plan why woulld they care at all?
But anyway even ignoring them there are still all those people on Ragna who may just suddenly go mad and start trying to kill everything. I hope Walkure keep singing at them! Though actually Messer was right there every time they sung and he still barely controlled it, so maybe even that won't help. Thanks Roid, nice legacy you left there.

Most people haven't even seen Macross outside of maybe Frontier.

But was it better than EVOL?

This isn't just any anime though. This is Macross, and not only Macross but the first Macross in 8 years. And the previous one sold like 60k per volume or around there.

>and not only Macross but the first Macross in 8 years
I'm pretty sure you just figured out the reason right there, user.

Zero was 20k to 15k. Plus came out on VHS and LD years before the DVD releases, so there is no data for how it did back then.

Best girl won. So that's an automatic yes

Simply by virtue of no puppyshit and Freyja being way better than Mikono.

Difficulty: no Andy.

Did the leakers release track 12 yet?

I shouldn't have listened to the OST so much. I got way too attached to this stupid show. Now I feel empty.

Frontier was 13 years after it's prequel, 7.

>Frontier was 13 years after it's prequel, 7.
Only 4 years after Zero though

That's an insult to Freyja you fucking mong. Almost every character is better than Mikono.

>prequel to Frontier

I am literally unable to understand how Frontierfags are so delusional

Frontier didn't succeed because it was Macross though. Not that it succeeded because it was good either.

Yeah but Zero was an OVA, Delta is gonna have 9 volumes so it will definitely outsell Zero.

Yeah, Freyja won.

How does the second half of Frontier go to shit? We start to get a pay off on the steady build up of the first half. We start to see the actions of the NUNS and the main cast having repercussions. We see that the Frontier colony is getting fucked up and might not survive to the end. There is weight and consequence in the plot and in the choices of the characters.
>unnecessary love triangle
But the love triangle in Frontier isn't unnecessary. The Frontier's entire story revolves around the love triangle. Ranka's and Sheryl's actions always revolve around the love triangle.

>Alto going to Gallia 4
>Alto and Ranka in the Macross Global
>Ranka becoming a singer in the first place
>Ranka becoming a breakout star
>Ranka leaving the Frontier to go to the Vajra homeward
>Alto hating the Vajra and being mad at Ranka

All these stem from or partially result from the characters feelings in the love triangle. Without the love triangle the events of Diamond Crevasse and Azure Ether would never have happened. On the other hand, Mirage is highly invisible for about half of Delta to the point she became a running joke on here about her one word lines. Frontier isn't perfect, but to say that Frontier's second half had the same problem as Delta's or any problem similar to Delta is laughable.

I can't believe this will be the last time we get a Freyja face chart. I'm so sad.

Thank you, user.

It being yearly wouldn't help.

Delta is doing only slightly better than the newest Gundam.

>Comparing 8 years of Frontier to 4 months of Delta.


you are just being a dumb motherfucker, looking only at sales in general Frontier is one of the most succesful anime in years

Kawakawa didn't want a Frontier 2 and that's good we always get something different, Delta was a little bit dissapointing but it's not like it was 7 levels of shit

On the point of side characters: The fact that Frontier had side characters that actually did something (not including the antagonists) and had their own plot arcs: Michael, Klan, Ozma, Catherine, it's hard for me to agree that Frontier's side characters were on the same level as Delta's.

The love triangle is entirely unnecessary. You could completely remove any hint of them having a romantic attraction and it would change nothing about the plot. None of those things require a romantic attraction between Ranka and Alto.

The Michael and Klan shit was so laughably underdeveloped. Ozma was alright.

Frontier's sales back in 2008 destroy Delta's current sales. Frontier's DVDs/BDs sold 5 times more than Delta's. This doesn't include album and single sales.

>but it's not like it was 7 levels of shit
Get out.

>The Michael and Klan shit was so laughably underdeveloped
I will never forget they had Ranka kill Michael in the TV version. There was a death with some weight unlike Messer,

Sheryl was the driving force for Ranka if she didn't push the triangle she wouldn't have done shit

sales not plot I like goofy Basara sometimes

If it's slightly better than the newest Gundam then why are people whining about sales? It's already good enough as it is.

I really couldn't give less of a shit about his death because I couldn't give less of a shit about him.

You do realize in 8 years, sales of everything have gone down thanks to piracy and online streaming? Delta is doing fine in sales, not WOW GREAT but it's doing good.

welcome to Cred Forums

Everyone freaked over his death back when it happened anyway. Maybe that was more Ranka rage though; it's been so long.

You should know by now that Cred Forums only cares about sales when they want an excuse to bitch about something. People need a reason to bitch about how Delta was literally the worst piece of trash ever made.

Gonna miss Hoina.

Did Burgandy girl ever do anything?

>None of those things require a romantic attraction between Ranka and Alto.
Did you even watch the show? How can the events of episode 18-22 happen if there isn't a romantic attraction between Alto and Ranka. Hell, how can half the events happen if that's not the case? The emotions and reasoning that drove Sheryl and Ranka to do most of what they did in the show (Ranka taking on the role of Mao, Sheryl taking Alto to Gallia 4, Ranka singing at the mall, Ranka unknowingly calling the Vajra to attack) happen because of their emotions for Alto. To say that it's unnecessary shows that you either didn't pay attention to the show, watch it or just hate love triangles.

>The Michael and Klan shit was so laughably underdeveloped

And Sheryl could've just been the basic rivalry it turned into instead of the lopsided battle for Alto's dick it tried to be.

she will always be with you user

that's life t's never fair

Zero had 5 volumes and the total number of recorded discs sold was 89,285.

Delta without the event ticket sold a little over 9k for its second volume and is projected to go maybe over 11k for the third volume with the event ticket, but the trend for shows like this is to decline toward the later volumes.

And trust me, there will be an even bigger drop between the 3rd volume and the 4th volume.

Nah, it was general sadness over the loss of another sniper. 2008 was a bad year for snipers.

Guys I'm so sad.

>No more Freyja next Sunday.
>No Hayate fagging over his waifu
>No more Mikumo being shinpi

Messer won, even in death.

we probably will get more stuff they still have a concert in january

Delta promoted the characters who were going to do shit in the first two promos: Aerial Knights and Walkure.

The Delta Squad was filler. The purpose of the triangle was to make Freyja, the main Walkure character, stronger. The characters do a lot but it's not the characters you expect or even the main triangle members (other than Freyja). Kawamori said this time, music, battles and love triangle will come together differently.

Can we agree that it is trash though?

have your own opinion this isn't reddit

It's a little sad that they used Hayate inheriting Messer's plane in episode 13. It was a good idea, but by the last episode it was old. Maybe they should have saved it until then. Though I guess it's better that it was in episode 13 since Hayate actually did something back then, unlike the final episode where he just shoots at some generic grunts while Keith does everything important.


Hayate gets to fuck Hoina so he got the better deal.

>ranka taking on the role of Mao Ranka singing at the mall
How about instead of all that shit we focus more on the plot/Vajra and developing the side characters? Ranka's feelings never required a love triangle she was barely involved in. All of her motivations could've easily focused around her guilt and her career.

Planes are expensive at least he changed the paint and logo

I've only seen Frontier and Delta. I'm assuming the older ones aren't anything like those?

her feelings are what bring the vajra are you dense?

>are you dense?

7 is silly
Plus is american dramatic
SDF is old

one for every taste

Their is definitely a progression of wackiness in Macross.

Frontier is a bland exception to the rule

And why do those feelings have to come from a shitty unnecessary love triangle? I'm not saying "just edit the show and remove every moment of interaction with alto lol" I'm saying that if they rewrote the show without the love triangle it would've been better.

The sponsors demand love triangles.

No he didn't, he just threw Messer's plane away and got a new one for the last episode. That was Messer's legacy. A plane that was good for a while but then got discarded for the last fight.
I find this a little sad.

how do you know? have you any idea of how popular the triangle was for Frontier? it didn't sell because of Valkyries it was songs and romance the amount of female fans that could relate to Ranka was huge for fucks sake in Japan Macross has more female fans than male

>The purpose of the triangle was to make Freyja, the main Walkure character, stronger
But the triangle was non-existent. Hayate never showed any interest in Mirage, not even a little bit. The two times that Freyja got jealous was a complete misunderstanding, and not any move towards anything romantic from Hayate. Mirage nearly disappears for half the show. If Mirage never confessed to Hayate in the end was had a relationship to Hayate similar to Mitsuki and Akihito, would anything have changed in Delta? Not at all. Hell, if you remove Mirage from the show entirely, would anything have changed?

>The characters do a lot but it's not the characters you expect or even the main triangle members
Apart from trying to rescue Mikumo, in the second half the other Walkure characters do nothing but react to whenever the happy merchant gives an exposition. The Delta platoon and Ernest Johnson don't do anything. Arad stands around and could be removed from the show entirely. It felt like his only purpose was to confirm that Hayate's father was a NUNS pilot. As for the Aerial Knights, the only one of merit was Keith. And I guess Cassim. Herman and Cassim could have been combined into one. The twins and Bogue could have been merged into one, and nothing of value would have been lost. And the reason is that the characters in Delta, save for Keith and Roid and HayaFre don't interact with each other enough or in a way that allows them to create character dynamics or become foils for one another. We could have had that with Mikumo and Kaname, but their interaction is sparse, and after Messer's death, Kaname becomes mostly a background character who every once in a while says Messer's name.

I wish the staff would show blatant disdain for the love triangle like the M7 staff did.

We'll get more Hayate fagging over Freyja in the novelization. Probably the movie too if they decide to make one.

>Hell, if you remove Mirage from the show entirely, would anything have changed?
It would actually be an improvement

What make them go var is the drinking the bottled water from the ruins. The apples alone is harmless. Anyway, that's just a small part of the cluster.

Var is widespread in the galaxy and Windermere had nothing to do with this. Blame Earthlings fucking up with the Vajra.

Why should I give a shit about what makes the show sell? When has more sales ever meant better?

>implying Kaname's not going to find and fuck jellyfish Messer

>relate to Ranka
You mean Sheryl.

>love triangle she was barely involved in
Because the main focus of Frontier was always the love triangle. It's why the first OP is called Triangler. The promotional art was all about the love triangle. Again, this sounds more of a case of you not liking love triangles or that the main premise of Frontier was that.
>Ranka's feelings never required a love triangle she was barely involved in.
But they did. Half the Vajra attacks come from Ranka not being able to handle her romantic feelings and insecurities. She was heavily involved in it. Just because best girl won, doesn't mean that Ranka didn't put up a fight. Alto wouldn't have been angry at Ranka the way he was had he not had any romantic feelings for her. Michael and Klan would not have told Alto to sort out his feelings for Ranka and Sheryl if he didn't have any feelings for both.
>developing the side characters?
What side characters didn't get developed? Ozma? Catherine? Michael? Klan? Leon? Grace? Brera?
>And why do those feelings have to come from a shitty unnecessary love triangle?
It really just sounds like you don't like love triangles.

Keith should have been in the triangle. Kick Mirage, make it Keith/Freyja/Hayate and all the main issues of the plot would have been solved. Specially if a lot focused on Freyja's decision and would make her feel conflict if her two love interests were of 'opposite sides'.

to both really

try to make Macross with no money, Delta has a lot of sponsors because of Frontier

I agree, and I was a massive Miragefag for the first couple of episodes.
I think that would have been a good idea. Or just remove the triangle completely. More irrelevant than the one in Zero, and doesn't have any of the comedy gold of 7's.

Keith isn't better than Mirage, though. Both are trash.

Anyone else just forget everything they watch? I saw Frontier for the first time in 2010 and I literally don't remember anything about it.

Or it could've just been Hayate and Freyja the whole way through. There's absolutely no reason to shove a love triangle in other than pandering to the sponsors when there's already plenty of potential for a good romance with them.

I can picture Kawamori Lucas saying that the two broken triangles were there because the story would only be complete as a whole by linking the two triangles.

I stuck it out because I love Macross, but that was the least hype I've been for a finale in a long time. I should have just cut bait with this and picked up Kuromukuro a few months ago.

Keith actually has a plot arc and isn't a static character the whole way through.

Only certain stuff: Michel death, the first episode which was crappy compared to the extend version, Sherly being an overrated manface.

Outside of the first Vajra attacks, Sheryl chasing around her panties for an episode what the fuck and the ending I don't remember much about Frontier.

Not either of those guys, but I totally think that while the romance was definitely more on the heavy handed side, melodramatic and the cause of 95% of the problems, Frontier set out to do what it wanted. It was always going to be romance heavy, and I get why that would annoy people. It's probably the same types whom can't enjoy a lot of shoujo and the like, because of the heavy relationship melodrama.

Ranka was pretty grating to watch by the middle of the series because of her selfish actions causing terrible things and death but, hey it gave her an interesting character to watch.

>just remove the triangle completely
Without the triangle resolution in the end could have gotten ourselves 5 - 7 mins more for extra action or important scenes

I really think this was just a M7 situation where the staff clearly didn't give a shit about one of the love interests.

Humans didn't spread it on purpose. Even if you're right and Windermere was just trying to make the cats eat their special apples for no reason, they still spread it to the people on Ragna and soldiers around the place. And judging from Messer it's impossible to cure and may happen to go off without much provocation.
The Windermere government should feel pretty bad about that. Killing a lot of people in the war was bad, but at least that's over. The var they gave to people will last their entire lives.

Pretty much this. He also has his own manga. Freyja and Keith, saviors of galaxy, are the two characters with a manga.

But realistic speaking would you choose bum dancer Hayate when you have a prince like Keith, Solidus?

I get people not liking romance, shoujo and melodrama. But there's a difference with disagreeing with something at a personal level (I don't like X premise or genre) than saying something is unnecessary. You can't same something is unnecessary when it's clear that the writers wrote the story to revolve around that premise.

>Humans didn't spread it on purpose.


Read Macross Extra.

Hayate has a fun, spontaneous personality, but Keith is the better pilot. So, I'd go with Keith.

God damn. That VF-25F Messiah is such a sexy plane.

Why did Satellite and Kawamori drop the ball with the VF-31 and it's use?

Keith used to have a fun, spontaneous personality too. NUNS ruined it as they ruined everything in Delta.

Well duh, the staff didn't care about Mirage, but I was talking about the logo.

I only remember first episode, panty chasing, KIRA, Michael death, Northern Cross, and final battle. I saw finished Frontier right before Delta.

And then the windies tried the ruin the entire galaxy. Gee, I fee pity for them.

Keith is quite literally another Alto in the making. But the Dimension Eater detonation in Windermere crushed the dream of loving to fly, and instead morphed it into: "I will fly to protect this sky, I don't care about anything else."

But that still made him a much more memorable character than majority of Delta's cast.

If I had to pick between Hayate and the one-eyed guy, I would choose the first option. Mostly because he isn't homosexual.

I can tell you are just shit posting here.

Alto behaved like that after Michel's death.

What happened to Mikumo in the end?

So what will be of the Windies since there is a temporary cease fire?

Keith was the hero we needed but not the one we deserved. A dark knight.

>It really just sounds like you don't like love triangles.
I wouldn't say it's that. In my mind the rest of the plot completely sufferers from having such a heavy focus on an uninteresting love triangle. I concede that if you really fucking like love triangles the things I didn't like about Delta would work for you.

I mean Frontier

Power of friendship saved her


Bogue will be fucked by Makina and Reina
Heinz will give Keith a memorial and marry some girl to have kids.
That twin will marry his fiance and have babies. The other one might fuck Mikumo since she has no one.
Herman will go back to his family and spend time with his wife too.

When does the original Macross get into music stuff? So far it's just MSG with Aliens.

Don't be so butthurt. Besides, I like Frontier.

It's really not worth it if you're just watching it for the music. The original Macross is about a warlike race beginning to understand and cooperate with humanity through the sharing of culture. Also the music is fucking shit.

After Minmay becomes Miss Macross. Whoops I spoiled it. Who cares it was incredibly predictable anyways.

Midway through

True. But Keith doesn't have a love interest to prevent his nihilism and duty completely dominating him. Alto had at least that, despite Michael's death--that prevented him from falling off the deep end.

Roid is dead, and so is Keith. The strategist of Windermere and the ace are both KIA. As a result, I imagine they will engage in cease fire. However Windermere did engage in bio and sonic terrorism, also manipulated Protoculture ruins and through the use of the Hoshi no Utahime led to the complete loss of the NUNS fleet via self-terminated DMEs.

NUNS won't stand for that. As a result, though they'll agree to a cease fire. If there's any grounds for peace, NUNS will demand a complete demilitarization of Windermere outside of a basic system wide defense force. Plus turning over all protoculture technology and research data.

In more simpler terms, they're fucked. But Keith did what he started out to do, he did technically protect Windermere's sky to the very end.

delta's music is worse, and the plot reflects that.

>NUNS won't stand for that. As a result, though they'll agree to a cease fire.

They aren't negotiating with the NUNS. Heinz is going to talk to Chaos. NUNS were destroyed in this episode and are portrayed as nothing but war criminals.

Even fucking Reina's song is better than the original Minmay songs.


Pick one


lol no. worst music. worst heroine. third worst hero. literally what story. worse animation than a 15 year old ova. CAN'T USE MISSILES LOL. 'aces' in name only.

complete dog shit.

Cool shit. I wonder how Hayate and Freyja would look in his style. Better yet, I wonder how all characters not from SDF would look.

When they get abducted by Breetai and co.

>NUNSfag still doesn't understand that Windermere won

Shota King is gonna have a chat with Xaos. NUNS got unmasked and got BTFO. That's why Delta, which you know, is a work of fiction is portraying them a shits. Meanwhile Freyja and Keith, saviors of the Galaxy and Windermere's wind, are the heroes of two manga.

>bio and sonic terrorism
>not war criminals

>They aren't negotiating with NUNS

Hahaha. They won't have a choice.

>They were destroyed

One of their fleets were destroyed. The ending of Sayonara no Tsubasa proved that NUNS can pull out some insane firepower when demanded. The windermere conflict didn't really demand them to do that. Frontier on the other hand, really did.

Because based on the information we had in Frontier, Vajra > Protoculture > Windermere = Humanity


They are spacy, military forces, you massive idiot. The NUG is decentralized and has no real power anymore.

Chaos is the one defending the cluster. They stated they were talking to them. NUNS were BTFO. Get over it.

>Delta's version of DYRL

NUNShitters are back

Freyja will rune pika them out of the galaxy if so much move close to Windermere. Along with her best friend, Mikumo.

Windermemes have plot armor and mass mind control

Even Kanon's version was better.

Are you having some kind of breakdown?

An Angel's Paints = Do You Remember Love? > Runner > Silver Moon, Red Moon > Love Drifts Away > My Boyfriend's a Pilot > 0-G Love = Little White Dragon = SUNSET BEACH > Farewell to Tenderness > Whisper of the Stars

Chaos is a mercenary group

Not a representative of humanity or anything close to that

The UN is heavily decentralized and painting all of them as evil is no different than what the Aerial Knights were pulling off in the last 25 episodes

>The ending of Sayonara no Tsubasa proved

You know all that shit is fictional? They were portrayed as losers to glorious Windermere in Delta.

Literally their role was to be evil fuckers they get btfo by their own bullshit.

Are you ever going to stop frothing at the mouth over that fucking scene?

There is quite a bit of well-deserved negativity from this last episode, but what did we actually like about Delta?

>Chaos is a mercenary group

They are group the protagonists of the show.

>Not a representative of humanity or anything close to that

Nobody gives a shit about humanity. Did humanity do something in this show aside of being the target of Freyja's affection? No. Freyja and other Windermeres were the ones that drove everything.

>The UN is heavily decentralized and painting all of them as evil is no different than what the Aerial Knights were pulling off in the last 25 episodes

Doesn't matter at all in this show they are portrayed as villains.

Anyway, the summary of episode 26 explicitly said the NUNS WERE COMPLETELY DEFEATED. It's fucking over. Check yourself out.


just pointing out what's objectively wrong in delta.

No roleplaying. Just tired of delusional fuckers who can't grasp the facts.

Humanity has been irrelevant in Delta. The only characters who did noteworthy shit were the runefags. Everyone else were useless.

Hayate dropping all his spaghetti while trying to confess his love for the Hoina.


I mean I find it cute now, but during the livestream I was like JUST! DO! IT!! DOOOOO IIIIIT!!

>Cred Forums has been busy defending this shitshow from other Cred Forumsnons
>/m/ has penned this shitshow as one of the worst Macross titles

Really makes you think...

>An angel's paints

That feels...

Rewatching Escaflowne, and it's amazing the amount of content they have in every episode, but still include time for mecha fights. It's amazing, the wonders having a competent director and time to fine tune your script can do.

The music, mecha designs and HayaFre.

>Mass mind control

Not anymore. The Protoculture system responsible for making that happen got rekt in the final battle for Ragna by Macross Elysion. In order for mind control to work, you need both systems. The one on Windermere + the one on Ragna AND Mikumo to act as the Star Singer who'll channel the song that can do that.

Mikumo broke free and was rescued. Windermere lost that war.

I'm sorry that realism BTFO's your delusion.

>portrayed as losers

They lost the conflict, yes. I don't disagree. But they're still the military in the Triangulum Galaxy.
Xaos just happens to defend the Globular cluster where Delta takes place. Windermere is also one small empire within the Globular Cluster which is within the Triangulum Galaxy.

Not to mention, the absolutely ginormous NUNS presence in the Milkyway that can be called upon by NUNS in Triangulum if shit really hit the fan.

>got BTFO by their own bullshit

Utterly ironic, because both sides engaged in utterly deplorable actions.

>NUNS wanted to detonate a DME on Windermere, likely due to Windermere engaging in research of protoculture ruins for conquest as the information by Immelman was collected and sent back
>the original intention of this was to prevent the complete shitshow that was Delta in terms and scores of innocent people that were affected in the resulting ongoing conflict
>ultimately the DME is detonated on Windermere and tons of innocent Windermere are affected
>This is the scar
>This spurs Windermere to engage in bio-terrorism through shipping genetically modified apples to the rest of the globular cluster, which sets the stage for the Var Syndrome
>If that wasn't enough, they then engage in sonic terrorism which leads to tens if not hundreds of billions of people completely separated from conflict, to be pulled in and have their self agency robbed via the song of the wind
>Xaos & NUNS respond to this

>they're the bad guys

Not really.

None of that is even comparable to dimensional eaters. If you knew Macross, you would know this. Using them twice completely destroyed NUNS credibility Galaxy wise.

That's why a show that's bashing them so hard is being aired. Delta, just like every other macross, and all its products are fictional. NUNS in there are villains, not the misguided ones like Windermere which change their mind, but the they must die kind.

I wouldn't be surprised to hear they were disbanded and their leaders sentenced for deploying forbidden weaponry after Delta.

My boyfriend is a pilot makes me unreasonably angry when I listen to it because it reminds me of how annoyed I was with everyone every time she sang that song.

Most negativity comes from NUNSfags or Frontierfags/Salesfags. Nobody cares what they think.

Cred Forums hates it too, only a few anons have been defending it.

/m/ actually knows Macross as a series whereas Cred Forums likely has only seen Delta and maybe Frontier, so they are better judges of where it stands.

Probably not. Can't fault me for my honesty. Can definitely fault me for my faggotry.

>break tradition
>the show is garbage

Worst than 7 and II

At least he didn't get cockblocked.

>legendary classic series that obviously had done shit right
>decide to break away from it and experiment with new shit

Gee I fucking wonder how that could go wrong.

I didn't liked Delta, but atleast Hayate was likeable unlike fucking Basara.

Nothing of note went right. Excluding shipperfags (the lowest common denominator in any fanbase), can any of you really said you got anything out of this anime?, the military conflict felt boring and incredibly low stake, every character minus Freyja is flat, the antagonists were utterly boring, the mecha design are derivative as all hell (do the writers even remember that valkyries have a battroid mode?), not a single memorable showdown despite the abundance of alleged ace pilots, only two of the idols were relevant (and only one had an actual personality), the music is unremarkable and a plethora of other significant issues. Look I realise every long franchise is going to have good and bad entries, but this has to be the first time that we're getting something that plays out more like a rough draft rather than a finished product.This is the first time since the original macross anime aired that I'm seriously considering to drop my support for the franchise.
Because i've watched and finshed every macross series since its debut, and unlike most of you faggots, I happen to actually buy official merchandise whenever possible, also this is a free board so fuck you, nobody is forcing you to read or reply. Before finishing venting off, for those of you happy with the direction (or lack thereof) the macross universe has taken, well be my guest, but I'm hardly the only log time fan macross has lost, and sooner or later the rest of you are gonna have to realise you're selfishly keeping alive the carcass of what once was one of the pillars of mecha anime,and that we all (including Kawamori) deserve better.

>He doesn't like Basara
I bet you didn't even listen to his song

>/m/ actually knows Macross as a series

You don't seriously believe this, do you?

What was the point of Messer's death?
It's not like he was important in the grand scheme of things.

Love Drifts Away and Farewell to Tenderness are really underrated songs. I'd put them higher on that list.

They experimented back in 94/95 and it did not work and drew no dimes. They did it again in 2016 and like before it drew poorly.

Last episode and people are talking about Plus, Frontier and SDF.


NUNS shit got revealed to the galaxy though. There's gonna be change and different mindsets on their side as well.

Basara is too good for you.

I don't think you understand. Windermere were, according to Kawamori and Yasuda, created as Protoculture's finest weapons and creations to take the Galaxy back (Protoculture was destroyed before they could put their plan in motion with them and Star Singer). So Roid's actual muh destiny was pretty much right. They were supposed to fuck over the Zents and Protodeviln as their mini Vajra in human forms.

Their time limiter is what made them balanced. But one Windermere is worth thousand of regular humans or zents. Trying to go against them is pretty retarded, what NUNS did is pretty fucking stupid. What they should have done if they feared losing the hegemony of the galaxy for Earthlings was to act cool and not like fucking idiots and encourage mixed marriage. Mirage gave the solution looking at Freyja and Hayate.

This they should have done from the beginning: Winderiermans' children would be long-lived and humanity wouldn't be pushed off the limelight if they had realized they would have shared it. That's probably why most Windies are really physically attractive too. The future is through this, not through fighting, following Freyja's and Hayate's examples.

Make Windermere look really really strong

This show format does not befit the Macross title

They just took the Macross branding and slapped generic idol shit in it

>(including Kawamori).
Why? It's all his fault this happened.

/m/ here. 7 and zero both have their wackiness in regard to plot, but at least they had competent pilots. a series that relies on song boosting bullshit so that their protag can magically outgun aces makes ALL of the dogfighting seem retarded. having to rely on moe bullshit like PIKA RUNE xD to sell a series just doesn't cut it. sorry kawamori, this shit was awful and disengaging.

Are you talking about 7? Because 7 was highly popular when it aired. One of the most popular shows of the mid 90s

What confuses me more is why Kaname chose Axia of all songs. Why would you pick a song so depressing?

To be fair, the second time was because Windermere mind controlled them into using them. I mean, NUNS were planning on using them anyway, but in the end they were basically used by Windermere to achieve their goals. If people hate them anyone who uses them they should hate Windermere too. I mean, more than they should hate them already over mind controlling people to use as a slave army/spreading an incurable disease which makes people go mad/everything Roid did in the last episode.

>Chaos is a mercenary group
No it's not. They have a defense section but they're a huge company with hands in all sorts of pies.

>hack director and has been still pushing poorly written cardboard villains as rightful Mary Sues nobody cares or likes

Why are NUNSfags so salty?

You can still experiment and succeed. The problem with Delta was pacing, lack of character development and a clear direction on where the story needed to go. Delta's biggest failure was that it had two ongoing plots. The development of character's interpersonal relationships and the ethics/morality of the Windermere/Xaos conflict.

Both had very good ideas in terms of their premise. But the execution was poor, and the anime focused much more on idols and song with a ton of exposition for all the interconnected webs and ties that the protagonists and antagonists had to each other. But failed to develop the characters themselves at a meaningful pace to match these knots being tied together.

The fact that you could remove main characters introduced when the show first started from the series with no impact to the main plot, is pretty significant.

>do the writers even remember that valkyries have battroid mode

sadly that was hayate's selling point as a pilot in the beginning of the series, until they decided to have song buffing nonsense so that hayate could, with no actual skill in fighter mode, outgun enemy aces. how laughable.

But when you make the enemy look strong, it's so that taking them down is more satisfying. Aside from losing an eye in episode 13 which just made him even stronger, Keith never lost. The Hayate and Keith rivalry had no real payoff. Didn't Hayate say they'd settle things in episode 24? Whatever happened to that?

And yet in Macross, music is central & overpowered compared to muh mechs and muh pilots.

This is just a bunch of autists disappointed that Kawamori didn't do the same thing (he never does)

>To be fair, the second time was because Windermere mind controlled them into using them

No, they were armed with those weapons and were going to use them, then claim it was "protoculture system that went overload and wrong". Didn't you actually paid attention? They got their ass blew up for their illegal activities.

Actually Windermere didn't have them explode, it was Mikumo. Heinz was surprised this happened because when he sang, he only forced people to surrender. Did Mikumo hate them?

They did they steal SEED MODE for Delta? That was the worst part of Gundam SEED.

Even though Delta obviously sucks, can we at least agree that Mikumo and Freyja were good characters?

why would hayate and keith settling things even matter? keith is the better pilot, period. having some genki bitch give you pilot hax is just that, hax, and no real skill.

I bet you like dirty unwashed giants over fresh and pure windies.

Mikumo and Freyja were GREAT characters.

>Delta's biggest failure was that it had two ongoing plots.
You mean like every other anime? MSG had Zeon and Feddy plots and it turned out to be one of the best anime of all time.

Delta's problem was that neither of it's plots were interesting.

Are you trolling or are you 4real?
When even the biggest supporter of Delta tweets "I think I'm just gonna go to bed," something is seriously wrong.

Yes, but if he has lost all passion for the project then why keep beating a dead horse?. What really needs to happen is for the next macross proyect to massively flop, so either Kawamori gets his shit together, handles the reign to someone with an actual idea or simply kill the series for good.

>The fact that you could remove main characters introduced when the show first started from the series with no impact to the main plot, is pretty significant.

You're lost. No Freyja means Mikumo would have been stuck as Roid's servant. No Hayate means dead Freyja.

>do the writers even remember that valkyries have a battroid mode
Outside of 7 pilots hardly ever use battroid mode. This isn't unique to delta.

Hayate became a cuck and never developed his character

Delta squad has been total geeks since the beginning, they should have been written off and have the show revolve purely around Windermere

you haven't watched plus or sdf.

>Newtypes are bad in Gundam

>they should have been written off and have the show revolve purely around Windermere

It didn't?

Other than HayaFre at the end, Delta doesn't really have any good payoffs in its second half.

This fold shut is dumb we should go back to chiba song beams

you've gotta rewatch sdf and dyrl again if that's what you believe.

No they're not, Freyja is alright at best, and Mikumo is straight out of flatland.

Plus was almost entirely dogfighting except for that one episode and SDF rarely used Battroid once they got into space except for the rare time they were inside of a Zent ship. Unsurprisingly the battroid form is used for ground combat and is useless with anything else.

>posts no link after bullshit claim

Are you seriously this asshurt though?

>can any of you really said you got anything out of this anime?
The music. That's about it.

You can tell it was just a rough draft. Delta started with a lot of promising budding plot points, character traits and relationships, but they just had no fucking idea where to take it. They forgot most of it by the second half.

>All the whiny shit at the end
Fuck off, at least wait for someone to actually say any of that

The real point would be to awaken Kaname's feelings when it's too late and create a tragedy, as well as develop on Messer and Keith's rivalry. The writers forgot all about that shit immediately after his death save for the one time Kaname remembers him later on.

NUNS blowing up by their own dimensional bombs was a great payoff. I've hated smugface NUNS guy since he insulted Ernest.

It's in poor taste to link it here, but I know that person also posts here.

Newtypes are fine but the way SEED mode was used in the series was bad.



Despite that. I imagine that popular opinion will still likely side with NUNS than Windermere. Yes, NUNS detonated a DME on Windermere. But it's not like the deplorable acts that Windermerian Empire engaged in, and the news of their effects, just vanishes into hard vacuum. News DOES travel.

Eventually, the full picture will play out. Yes, it was a complete shitshow. But when you take a step back and realize that the only reason why the NUNS even wanted to detonate the DME on Windermere was because they had the foresight to realize the clusterfuck that would happen if Windermere got control of Protoculture technology and started employing into a Globular Cluster and then Galaxy wide conquest.

NUNS wants to protect humanity. Windermerians are humanoid, but not a part of humanity. They pose a threat. Countries on this planet, throughout history, have always engaged in actions that in retrospect are considered to be immoral or unethical. But they do it to safeguard their own territories, which in turn safeguard their culture, economic, and social interests.

I don't fault the NUNS for wanting to detonate the DME. Because the entire war that takes place over the course of Delta could have been avoided if the Windermere leadership, coupled with all protoculture research & data was wiped out by said bomb. Immelman took the ethical high road, & the bomb was detonated off target.

His conscience is safe, but the lasting after effects are not. I can't fault Immelman for what he did. Because no common man is generally happy to commit mass genocide of tens of millions of people. But upper leadership did decide that this was the least expensive option.

To give you an example in history. The US detonated the atomic bomb on Japan because they realized that if they hadn't, they'd have to invade, which would cost tens of millions more lives (US & JAP) than dropping the bomb; having the world hate us, & lead to ~2-300k Japanese perish.

Same principle w/ Delta & NUNS

And this is why Freyjafags are shit.. you guys actually saved screenshots of comments. I had fun screwing with you guys for weeks on end but never once did I screenshot anything from a thread.

Never forget that Mirage wins in the end because Freyja is dead in 15 years or sooner.

Imagine Zeon winning for 42 episodes despite Amuro being a Newtype and having the RX-78
Imagine Amuro refusing to kill Zeeks because DEY BE GUD DEY DINDU NUFFIN
Imagine Char killing Jose and Kai while Amuro still refuses to kill Zeeks and just disables them
Then episode 43 reveals that Gihren is the truest villain and Char takes him out along with himself after Zeeks shoots a giant laser at Feddy fleets while Zeek fleets stay at A Baoa Qu
White Base is now the spokesperson for the Feddies

this was the best modern version so far

There's plenty of scenes where pilots are constantly exchanging modes in SDF during space battles, also I like how you avoid mentioning that Basara used it a lot during M7.

>15 years

Try a few months

Yeah, but they didn't even get to use them before they got mind controlled into killing themselves. They were going to use them, sure, but Windermere beat them to it and forced them to use them. In the end Windermere was controlling them and used the weapons, so Windermere is responsible. If they didn't want to use them they could have just had the fleet stand by or destroy the weapons or whatever, but they didn't.
And yeah, I don't know what was up with Mikumo. Would have been nice if they'd given any explanation at all as to how controlling her worked, instead of just people say one phrase and then she does whatever the plot demands right now.

>Outside of 7
Get your eyes checked.

almost every ace in macross uses battroid for fighting in atmosphere. i've had this debate all throughout delta's airing, and a simple youtube search of dyrl dogfights will prove you wrong. plus has like a 5+ minute battroid fight. that one scene in an ova is longer than anything battroid related in delta. bravo kawamori.

I was trying to be nice since most Freyjafags are vanillafags they break easy unless it's missionary with the lights off.

Everyone forgets that the Zents were responsible for turning Earth into a crater.

I didn't think miragefags were still here.

No, it won't. The proof is this show which portrays and humanizes Windermere despite their crimes and makes NUNS shady fuckers without any sympathetic humanity layer in them. Did you fucking forget you're watching an in-universe fictionalization? If the NUNS are portrayed as one-dimensional evil is because the show is made where the majority of the opinion will reflect its content. Even Roid who wanted to brainwash the galaxy was portrayed in a noble light but misguided as someone who wanted to bring eternal peace and make everyone happy.

NUNS were going to drop bombs again going to use dimensional eaters and lie about their uses to 'solve' the plot. They have absolutely no credibility anymore and those actions are no justified for a power that supposedly protects the galaxy. Windermere was forward with their methods after they declared the war. There was no accusation of doing anything illegal in the show, not so much with the NUNS.

The issue with the bombs is that now nobody in the galaxy can trust them because who knows when and how many of those illegal actions have done in the past and covered it? Their credibility is gone completely. That's why Windermere won. Why the Windermere characters were the ones who solved everything and NUNS were... not part of the resolution.

>The US detonated the atomic bomb on Japan because they realized that if they hadn't, they'd have to invade,

This isn't comparable at all. The atomic bombs wasn't a war crime when they drop them. It IS now. And that was bullshit they made up. They sent those bombs to tell the Soviet Union, "look what we have." You're fucking naive if you believe that excuse.

>implying actual miragefags exist


People would have called that shit out if they could complain about chinese cartoons online back then.

They also lost bajillions and bowed down to Earth in exchange for more music

People would shit on Zents if they lost nobody and nuked Earth like nothing

Nah man dropping that bomb unprovoked and THEN covering it up for 7 years landed them in deep deep shit, it's illegal to even transport that shit. Windermere maybe discovering the ruin powers is nowhere near an excuse. Don't forget this is a mere dramatization of events and NUNS has been portrayed as shit all the way through while Windies sympathy is shoved hard in your face, that should tell you all you need to know about public opinion.

NUNS are fucked, the lightest case scenario is a purge of the officials involved.

>the atomic bomb was for the soviet union

No its not.

Anyone getting the vidya? I'm tempted because BTFO-ing SHIROKISHI as Basara sounds amazing. How would he even play, do you play a rhythm game while piloting?

Did you forget that Macross Delta is made by Japanese who obviously hate UShitters for dropping the bomb?

Man, are you this naive? Windermere were portrayed as heroes or misguided people who committed actions and regretted them. NUNS were portrayed as evil fuckers who didn't have anything relevant to do in the story aside of twisting their invisible evil mustaches. And Macross Delta isn't an accurate portrayal of history, it's a fictionalization of the events, so this means that it's pretty acceptable for the public to watch a show NUNS are evil shitters while Windermere will commit mistakes but turn around in the end.

Oh and the heroine who guides the galaxy and BTFO even Mikumo and every other single in history of Macross is a Windermere.


Weren't there NUNS guys that portrayed pretty decently. Cat dad and the other cat pilots were all just nice guys with families and lovers to go back to. That one NUNS guy Hayate saved was disgusted by his father's genocidal actions. Hayate's father himself is a nice guy. He gave hoina the music player. He also found his son the perfect waifu.

My bad, but my other point still stand. Seriously, rewatch SDF and then commeback and tell me there wasn't battroid mode use.

No, NUNS recruit of the planets of the Cluster were okay. Windies had no issues with those guys. They hate the fuck the Earthling Windies sent by the central office (of Earth) which were all evil (Hayate's dad and Hayate are from Eden, not Earth). Earthlings are again evil as fuck in Macross 30.

You can even say it's the colonists, fleets and other planets hating on Earth people.

>basara is going to fire missiles
Burn it.

>Did you forget

No. But it's clear that you're watching Macross Delta while completely disregarding all of Macross preceding it and pretending that the development of NUNS till Delta has no value on Delta itself.

Which is fucking stupid. You clearly should know better.

>Roid misguided

The final episode proves you completely wrong. Because he goes full cartoon villain evil the moment he realizes what exactly he's playing with after getting a taste of its power. This is further exacerbated when he can make people in the united consciousness just whisp disappear because he didn't like them--or force mind control via fold waves because he's angry.

>NUNS were going to drop bombs again

You're making that assumption with zero basis. Just because a ship carries a DME doesn't constitute that it's use is guaranteed. Your entire logic here is asinine.

>Windermere did nothing illegal


>spread Var syndrome by genetically modified apples: this is bioterrorism
>caused Var Syndrome to actually occur, which results in loss of human life via the song of the wind: this is sonic terrorism
>then engaged in Protoculture activation which led to hundreds of billions of INNOCENT PEOPLE completely disengaged from the conflict to be turned into drones: this is straight up psi-terrorism
>Then proceeded to declare war on NUNS

And your argument, based on everything above, is that Windermere did nothing wrong. Unfucking believable.

Oh, and one last thing, because this is important:

>and all of this was precipitated by research and development into protoculture technology preceding the start of Macross Delta, which through Wright Immelman made the NUNS realize the significant threat in development at their doorstep

And Windermere still did nothing wrong according to you.

NUNS wouldn't be in this situation if they didn't have such a shitty logo.

You'd almost have a point if Delta didn't put an emphasis on Hayate's battroid skills, and then not acknowledge them again, ever. Ha, it's actually worse than that, because they made him outgun an ace because of song buffing, and no actual skill in piloting.

Wright betrayed the NUNS. And he wasn't from Earth (take a look at his photo. The planet is clearly Eden).

The ones with the bombs and evilshits characterization were all from Earth headquarters.

Gamlin pls go

What a breath of fresh air compared to fucking Freyja. Episode 3 and they are already like this. Freyja would have been yelling and hitting Hayate.


All I see is a wall of text but doesn't change the story's over. Windermere won. Freyja won. And the NUNS were BTFO as Mirage was.

I do agree with you that no dancing was disappointing as fuck. Dancing pilots to go with singers was the major thing I was hyped about.

>Are you this naive?

No, but are you? Recognizing parallels with our history with Delta is fine, but disregarding previous Macross established lore in favor of reality to fiction parallels is pretty naive, user.

This show needed more fujo pandering.

Kawamori said this was the last Macross. Windermere won the Macrossbowl.

The Windies look pretty shit in the end too. They spread a disease that drives people mad and start a war and try to execute prisoners, and their only motivation is that they think humans are shit so they deserve to rule the universe. Chaos are the only group who don't end up looking bad.

>Macross lore

Which now establishes Windermere as the ultimate protoculture species. By your own god, Kawamori.

What more did you want with Keith and Roid lover's suicide?

So we're in agreement, good to know.

>endcard was idolshit posing in front of a broken macross

>doesn't change the story

No shit. Also not the point of argument.

>Windermere won

Phyrric victory, sure.

>Freyja won

No argument there.


Not really, no. This act alone won't cause them to implode. All it will really do is have leadership at the top to be reshuffled. Some people will "disappear", and business as usual will continue. NUNS is too big to fail. Literally. They did however get bitch slapped in the face by the Windermere v NUNS conflict. It's a lesson in life, as the saying goes.

And finally, whatever doesn't kill you; only makes you stronger.

>They spread a disease that drives people mad
Humans spread it too. See Macross Extra.

And Delta also establishes, while capitalizing on Frontier, that Vajra > Protoculture. So what?

I prefer Delta's OPs/EDs and insert songs more than any of the others. I really enjoyed the first half, as well as the slice of life and romance parts, but the Windemere and war plot was lackluster, and the second half felt off and the last episode seemed to try to rush through all the loose ends too quickly.

Not anymore if Windermerians mix with other Protoculture races. Their spawn can have natural fold shit+not die so soon.

Source needed on Kawamori saying this was the last Macross.

There's still a lot of loose ends that Delta brought up. For example, there will now be at least one more Macross because now the entire fanbase that watches this show will want to know what happened to Megaroad-01 and Minmay.

No, because I know pilots in other Macrosses actually use battroid. Hayate being a good battroid pilot, and then having to rely on fold bullshit to down aces is a farce. Zero tension, zero fight choreography.

Oh this means Freyja's and Hayate's children will be the ultimate lifeform until someone else wises up and seduces Heinz.

Not him but Kawamori says that every Macross. But the difference this time is Delta was a flop, and he is definitely burnt out on it.

So while it may not be the last Macross made, it will almost certainly be the last Macross under Kawamori.

I don't know about the last macross, but will be the last Macross he'll work with.

>when you realize that delta was windemerian wood carvings all along

So they look bad too. That doesn't make the Windies any better, it just means there are two groups who look evil.

Good maybe they'll hand it over to the LOGOS creq

Freyja being a winner.

I have doubts. I think instead that we won't see anything Macross related till 2024. Which will be eight years post Delta airing. I don't think he'll be able to give up his love for Macross and Valkyries. Delta flopping will no doubt kill his interests for the moment, but most people tend to return to their passions even if they have some kind of a burnout at some point in life.

>Okay fine, I made that shit up

where is that guy who said he'd eat his shit?

>Phyrric victory
they lost nobody

the bugs lost a ton and so did the zentradi invaders

You think their kids will be as talented and plot relevant as Max and Milia's granddaughter?

What we need is a final movie with anyone who can doing cameos. End it with a bang.

>they lost nobody

>Roid is dead
>Keith is dead
>Heinz will soon be dead
>Qassim is dead

Are you high?

But it didn't flop. It sells well compared to most shit airing including the latest Gundam apparently.

2020 at least, but if the time gap is the same as with Frontier then it would be mid 20's. But Kawamori said he had an especially hard time greenlighting Delta which is why it took so long.

It probably won't be the last Macross animated, but it will probably be the last Macross under Kawamori, which will lead many to consider it the death of the franchise.

Nah. I'd much rather get another Macross series that really explores the WHY of Megaroad-01 and what happened to Minmay with another love triangle, dogfighting Valkyries and idols/songs.

I just want to link here the best 2 scenes of macross history


Numerous mindcontrolled windy pilots are also dead

>macross plus - 20k per volume (5 ep ova, 30 min per volume)
>macross frontier - 60k per volume
>delta - ~8-9k per volume, likely to drop with 2nd half

Mirage wins by moving on and getting a life. Wanting her to wait pathetically for a man who will never love her is the worst end.

user, this chain of replies originated with this post of mine , the reason I'm discounting Hayate's scene it's because it was the only time it happened (unless I'm forgetting something),and because it was an extremely small part of that episode.


Only because it had the Macross name to it. Do you think it could have broke 3k without it?

meant zero

Two things. No and what in the fuck happened to that title.

I wonder if Breetai is still supreme commander of NUNS.

>4 people

Macross frontier is a piece of art with no comparision to the others..
I started watching the whole series sicne the 80's one after seeing plus.
But frontier... no words to describe it..

We still have eight years to go. I guess we'll see. I have high hopes.

But if by 2024, it remains the same as today, then I guess we can consider Macross Frontier to be the highlight of the franchise; and if so, then it was a perfect send off to Macross.

Are you being ironic?


>Comparing to previous Macross

I said compared to other currently airing anime and latest Gundam. Can you not read? Not a flop.

Frontier was more like 40k per volume. 60k only for the first because it was really cheap.

read me inalso.. macross is in my top 5 anime since I started watching it..

I'll give you a phrase: "It was a love song."

Finally complete. It's a bitter sweet feeling.

>I said compared to other currently airing anime and latest Gundam. Can you not read? Not a flop.
It is a flop. We are comparing Macross series. Macross is not cheap to make, especially with the music and all. And it has huge name recognition. Delta sold pitifully.

All of them were ignorant grunts, the type that NUNS blow up along with the enemy. That Wright's friend is disgusted by the bomb drop further reinforces that NUNS was shit.

>he's a mylenefag too

Are you salesfags adding the album sales to the total? That's where music anime makes their money these days.

yeah, not only mylenefag but also miragefag =////

>It being yearly wouldn't help.
And yet somehow Symphogear being regular (abliet not yearly) can still get better numbers despite getting worse (and fucking up the main cast by adding Maria).

But it still sold better than the other current shit. How many times must I repeat this? Are you so insecure that you have to bring up previous series from years ago to prove "it's a flop". It still made good money.

Emilia best Jeniusbabby.

Why is 7 considered so bad?

Not denying that Windies did shit things but the narrative still paints them as sympathetic and much better than the NUNS. NUNS are fucked and no one likes them especially after the truth gets revealed, deal with it.

It's very polarizing.

I'm sure there will be music. As long as they give Freyja some solo songs where she can be cute instead of Mikumo's foil it will be as or more entertaining for me than the show.

I agree with you.. and Basara might have had something from that.. we don't get much from that meeting as spectators..

i was never arguing with you? someone said that only 7 had battroid, which we both agreed was wrong. delta fucked up by not having battroid be a focus, especially since missiles weren't an option because of satelight somehow being broke (good job, kawamori).

make the plot conducive to forcing the pilots into gerwalk/battroid situations. set up the worlds so that they're fighting windfaggots in close quarters combat. create environments that allow for giant robots to hide behind things, big fucking trees if they need be (they are on alien worlds, after all). what? you can't do that because that would mean actually planning fights and not just pew pewing at 2fast2furious speeds with motion blur as some genki red riding hood sings? oh.

I could only enjoy 7 cause I was associating it with the art/trend of the epoch it aired..

>nobody remembers heart and soul

horrible first 14 or so episodes. hard to get through, but great after that.

A ship carry in DME is a heinous crime in itself according to lore. And NUNS were never great guys in previous series, they ranged from bad to useless to incompetent.

The first 15 episodes consist of Basara intruding onto the battlefield while singing Planet Dance or Totsugeki Love Heart, Gamlin shouting at him and Gigil being a dick. Also stock footage. But it does get really good once stuff actually starts happening.

I can't imagine how it was for the Nips back then when they got 7 after Plus.

I'd like to point out that I never said only 7 had Battroid, just that the focus on one form wasn't unusual for Macross. Also you replied to the wrong person.

I still see some of them being butthurt in this thread. What a time to be alive.

I was relieved because good tits deserve to live

Plusfags are still furious that Macross doesn't pander to them to this day so I think you can get a good idea.

I have been on /m/ once and I know Macross mostly as SDF stop being a faggot.

This could just as easily lead to dismantling and another organization to take its place you know, especially since they're shit in the eyes of the galaxy now. Reforms are inevitable and there are many ways to achieve that. Even if NUNS keeps its name it could be fundamentally changed.

We can die knowing Hayate and Freyja will make beautiful half human half windy babies together. So Messer, Mirage, or Siegfried Immelmann Wion?

The only thing I'm genuinely grateful to Macross Delta, is for Ikenai Borderline & Love! Thunder Grow!

They were ignorant grunts but their's more of them than shady commanders and politician. NUNS isn't all that bad. Their superiors just suck really bad and the poor guys suffered because of that.

freyja dies 5 months into pregnancy because of old age. also her child dies. hayate consequently commits suicide.

Messer Mirage Makina Immelmann Wion.

So Freya is still gonna die early? no cure for that shit? WTF

They don't matter, they're literally cannon fodder who have no power and control over NUNS. No one includes them when talking about NUNS actions or goals.

Worst case scenario, she'll live for at least 10 years. Flakes aren't deadly unless they reach your face apparently. Not too bad, she can still have babies.

Did you talking about flakes? Someone said that it only become harmful when they reach the face and brain.

Babies that die young before their dad. fantastic.

Put shirokishi in there too.

Won't they have extended lifespans thanks to Hayate?

Nigga is that your first viewing? Nothing about Minmei is 'fresh'. She's aggravating on the face of it.

>too big to fail
Such a thing can never and will never exist. I bet you're American.

Come on, Sunset Beach was a really pleasant song to listen to.

Fuck off, Minmei best girl

I'm an Earthling!

No, but really. NUNS is too big to fail. While they certainly will undergo a reorg, their name will stay and what they do won't change. Which is to be the military arm of Milky Way & Triangulum.

Sunset Beach's guitar solo makes that song for me.

I liked the delta version a lot. Probably more the original.

How? You heard like 2 seconds of it.

I'm not saying they're fucked but I am saying they could be if someone wanted it bad enough. I'm not arguing outcomes but rather potential. They aren't too big to fail, if people wanted NUNS fucked it could happen.

How does it feel to have awful, awful, awful taste. I might understand you saying that Minmei were best if she were in a different show. I mean, were that the case I could accept it begrudgingly as 'your opinion' but to claim that she is close to, worse, better, than Misa is a fucking crime against common sense and the enjoyment of this hobby. Remove yourself from this thread.

So comfy. Makes me wanna play Mario Kart.

You mean I heard it like 10 times already today? I fucking love it a lot.

Wait, how the fuck did they get the bandage between her thumb and index finger!?


Yeah, I see your angle.

Make one about the NUNS.

The album leak is out.

DYRL wasn't on it though, at least not where I was linked.

here. 愛・おぼえていますか.flac

It ended, and that was all that went right with Magical Princess Idol Show Macross. Now if only manchild Kawamori would tragically be struck with a heart attack and be forced to retire, a real Macross series could be produced instead of the same idol pandering and fountain of lies that he's been making for decades now. Everyone is tired of seeing the same show with new wallpaper and nothing else; Macross will never reacquire its original role as proper military science fiction so long as a talentless hack holds sway over it.
t. Carl Macek, the Invid Flower of Life

Instead of using the three names for one kid I hope they reproduce like rabbits and have 3 or more kids (I mean, they have to hurry up because of Freyja's life span) so each one gets one of those names. The first kid Messer Immelmann Wion, then twin girls Makina and Mirage Immelmann Wion

Frejya is a good character, stuck in a shitty contrived anime. Delta was devoid of plot until about episode 18 when shit starts to get real. Up to that point, it's "I'll get you next time!", and small small ant steps to the fucking point of it all.

I never once felt anything was at stake, that it was a war. It's just the same five faggots fighting the other same five faggots, whom are playing pretend at being soldiers.

Personally, I dislike 12 episode anime season for being too short, but this had fluff and filler all through out. All of the reveals should have happened about 3 to 4 episodes earlier, and made the final 5 episodes about building up tension and stakes. There are side characters, but I don't even fucking know their names despite watching them for 25 episodes.

You guys realize Delta didn't "flop", right?

Who else thought the white Drakens looked pretty sweet?

Upload the entire FLAC release instead of just the song. Please.


Can you not be a faggot?

This implies that hayate's dad is wrong too judging by the fact that he agreed to the mission.

I got to hand it to Teddyloid.

>Makina as lead

Yet even with these handicap Onyanoko girl still sounds decent.

It's ruined by the attached drones still being dark green. If the drones turned white too, that entire setup would look sweet. As it is, it looks retarded.

Oh. Thank you.

This. So much this. I can name just about every side character from Frontier, despite it being eight years. But Delta just draws a blank, even though I watched the episode like 12 hours ago.

Did anyone here unironically like the last episode?

I sure as hell didn't.

It doesn't matter, the show was trash writing wise, and only managed to to sell moderatelly well despite being a Macross show and all the idolshit and waifubait otaku pandering, so it was still a failure in many senses.

The ending was pretty lame and rushed, at least we didn't got muh wings end.

Are yu retsrded? He only "agreed" then tried to do the complete opposite of the mission brief because unlike NUNS he's not a genocidal maniac. Unfortunately NUNS had a remote control.

>Freyja is backing vocals on Love! Thunder Grow!
>can barely hear her, even with audiophile headphones and a DAC

JUNNA's voice is so dominating. Holy shit.

I like the hayafre confession and bogue saving makina and reina. Other than that, this final episode sucks.

Get the fuck out with this falseflag bullshit, the show is shit and there's nothing you can do about it deltafag.

>You guys realize Delta didn't "flop", right?

I can't say. Personally, I didn't enjoy it and Delta made Frontier look amazing, yet I am mature enough to understand that my taste doesn't equal facts.

I really enjoy the technicalities, nitty gritty and human elements of the older Macross series except 7. Then Frontier goes to the left field and Delta just goes further beyond than full retard. Delta has left us lukewarm and tepid. This isn't a success story when the thread for the final episode is this dead.

I ran several "final episode" scenarios through my head for awhile now. And I gotta say, they managed to outdo all of my worst expectations.

>comparing Rukia with Freyja
>comparing shounen with Macross
This is the new level of delusion.

>what they do
You mean what they're supposed to do. Because if they actually do their jobs right then they no longer bear a resemblance to the current NUNS.

Kaname's parts of Bokura no Senjou this episode couldn't compare to when Junna sings them. She's too good.

More people liked it then disliked it according to the poll at least and reactions outside of these threads are more positive. Not as good as Frontier's but still good for only one episode compared to Frontier's two episodes. It also had the most satisfying romantic end since........shit, since DYRL.

Frontier had its flaws, but it was a well written show with good pacing and strong characters, all coupled with some excellent mecha/flight action and great songs.

Also, that's my opinion and the world is big enough for both of ours; and I agree, that Delta did go beyond full retard.

Wait now the poll is even. Well shit, people sure are irrationally hateful today.

>It also had the most satisfying romantic end since........shit, since DYRL.

DYRL > Plus > Zero > Delta > Frontier > 7

Not the best but not the worst.

Maybe he thought Bobby needed more development.

Frontier's romance had its satisfying conclusion technically at episode 23 of 25. When Alto fucked Sheryl. Also, all the kissing and erotic/lewd moments throughout the show.

Delta's romantic pay off was much more innocent. Whereas Frontier's romantic pay off was the end of childhood and into adulthood. So it handled that pretty well, considering what that process entails.

>Also, that's my opinion and the world is big enough for both of ours; and I agree, that Delta did go beyond full retard.

Delta did the VF fights better, senpai. Good mix of air plane and robot action. Frontier was just lots of beams, lots of missiles and lots of zipping around like prancing pixies. Delta was worse in just about every other way.

Watch Zero if you haven't, it has the best fights in the franchise. Pic unrelated.

I mean he agreed to be a spy in the first place. Do you think undercovers do not commit dirty stuff in the line of work? Since he is a spy for lady M, he could've known the dangers of his missions

If you need a poll to validate you liking this literal shishow, then you're in denial user. The anime is simply bad, if you like it then no one can take that away from you, but as a fictional story there's simply no way to defend it.

>Delta did VF fighters better, senpai

And you ruined my respect for you. Completely.

The handling of VF fights in Delta were straight up laughable and complete shit.

>Watch Zero
>has best fight scenes

Yup. Zero aged exceptionally well when it comes to dogfighting and in-atmosphere combat.

I want more macross ;_;

Give it a decade.

If they'd written a better story, or put more effort into the combat scenes, I'm sure there would be more. But, I'm not sure they did enough to warrant anything else. That's an honest opinion.


I am not a smart man, but even I can see how fucking autistic you are.

Eight years at least, if not this: Just go back and rewatch all the other shows, then watch new mecha that comes along until 2024-2026. By that time we'll get a new Macross--which will hopefully cover Megaroad-01 and Minmay. Cause that little subplot about how contact suddenly vanished, is interesting as fuck.

fuck you anime will be dead in a decade

Not him , but neither show handled Vf fights well, but I do agree Frontier's are better in comparison. I think part of the problem is the shitty CGI both shows were saddled with.

I'm watching through season 1 for the first time and already the battles have been 10x better than Frontier and Delta combined.

>Have to wait for 8 years for the next shipping wars.
Can't fucking wait.

Delta's fights were good for the first half of the show. After that they kinda fell apart, but they started off great. Don't try and tell me that fight in the asteroid field wasn't spectacular.

So what does that have to do with NUNS being shit? If anything, regardless of what questionable things he had to do as a spy, he couldn't tolerate NUNS level of shittiness and had to throw away everything to prevent it. Because NUNS was just that much more evil.

You have nostalgia goggles and you also posted a movie pic which makes me question if you watched the anime and not the movies.

Rewatch the first episode of frontier then watch delta's. Delta does the fights better.

I'll do it for you.

Skip to 18mins and just watch the fight. It was never great, just sufficient for the action and what was demanded of the scenes. Can you honestly tell me there was thought and choreography in this? Keep in mind, that this is the first episode, when the action is at its best until it nears the end.

Plus didn't have a romantic end imo, Isamu and Myung just aren't OTP material. Zero's Shin and Sara were okay I guess, but Sara died and Shin got blasted into space, not very romantic. I liked Delta's romantic end because we actually see Hayate and Freyja happy together, though I'm disappointed we got no kiss but it's better than both TV and Movie Frontier's ends that's for sure.
When did I say the poll validates my positive feelings towards the finale? I liked it because I liked it. It's as simple as that. You don't need to act like such a baby about it. There are people who liked it. Deal with it.

CGi is here to stay. Also, Frontier's CGi is pretty damn good. It also makes doing complex mecha things easier to animate compared to hand drawn stuff, which is much more expensive. But that is usually reserved for backdrops and interpersonal moments in the show. It also helps in making bombastic moments more realistic and colorful.

Delta's CGi in comparison is just not up to spec. Likely due to a lack of a proper budget. Which is pretty crazy, because Frontier printed them so much money, you'd think that eight years later they'd have enough to make a new proper Macross series.

Delta had two fantastic dogfights. Messer vs. Keith in broadcast edition of episode 1, and the final duel against Keith where Messer died. Considering the importance of song in Macross, episode 1 was really the highlight of the entire show, where flight, combat, and transformation sequence was all perfectly choreographed to the song, lyrics, and beat.

>the sequence where the VF-31 Seigfried executes aileron changes to go into afterburn to GIRI GIRI AI IKENAI BORDERLINE

Was a prime example of that.

The fuck was that ending? It's like they didn't plan this far or something.

Is it just me or was there a massive decline in this show in the second half. I mean this episode would have been pretty shit if not for the one HayaFre scene at the end.

I noticed less of these moments in the 2nd half too.

Frontier's first fight is pretty solid. It's not as well choreographed as Delta's, but Frontier had a FUCKTON of really good Valkyrie fights throughout the show and after episode 17, just ramped it up to 11 higher and higher and higher until you couldn't contain it in the graph.

Delta, comparatively, had TWO. In 26 episodes.

So I'd say, that Frontier > Delta, when it came to VF fights.

26 episodes is too short for Macross. I think the show would've been a shit ton better if had the 1st cour's slower pacing over the span of 30-40 episodes.

SDF it's an old show, so get prepared to see varying quality and stock animation, but it's high points are defitely better than Frontier or Delta. There's not a single showdown on the level of Max vs Milia in the entirety of either MF or MD.

Weren't there only three? Alto vs Klan, Alto vs Brera, Alto vs Ozma, Alto vs Brera again. They weren't that great either because Alto was a helpless bitch against Brera. His fight with Klan was the best in my opinion. His fight with Ozma was pretty neat but choreography wasn't exactly spectacular. Every other fight throughout the series is just stock footage of valks shooting missiles and shots of bugs exploding.

Yes user, as I said in my post there's people (you included ) who liked delta, incidentally they (you) happen to have shit taste.

>but Frontier had a FUCKTON of really good Valkyrie fights throughout the show and after episode 17, just ramped it up to 11 higher and higher and higher until you couldn't contain it in the graph.

Not a fault of the VF action. I don't want to be a negative nancy but other anons are right, something went wrong at the end for Delta. Frontier had huge fights, with multiple types of units, capital ships, planets, weapons. Delta's felt more copy pasta but methodical. Like there was purpose to where things where and what did actions they took.

Frontier = more but bland
Delta = less but purposeful

That's a funny way of saying "shit".

Well we think you have shit taste for not liking it. Now act triggered again.

If you have less to work with, then you better make what you have fucking shine and sparkle. Delta did that, but it was worse in every other aspect.

Not the worst in the franchise, but not the best. 7 is the bottom of the barrel.

>26 episodes is too short for Macross. I think the show would've been a shit ton better if had the 1st cour's slower pacing over the span of 30-40 episodes.
The issue is that the 2nd half doesn't FEEL packed at all. They had plenty of time to resolve mysteries, they just didn't do any of it.

>stop liking what i don't like!

I think you have a hard on for frontier cause you keep going back to it, but don't bring up how there are 4 other series in the same franchise that are better still.

So which is it, did you like frontier that much or do you hate delta that much? Tell us how you FEEL. Lay your emotions on the table, Dr. user does not judge.

I haven't said anything about Frontier, except that the battles in SDF have been better than anything in Frontier or Delta so far.

It's fine if you like it, but neither of you can possibly justify it's shittines, so there you have it.

I'm gonna miss talking about Macross with you, Cred Forums! After Delta, we won't get this chance for a long time.

>FUCKTON of really good Valkyrie fights

I only remember two in Frontier that had good or decent choreography. Alto and Klan's training dogfight(Klan doesn't even pilot a Valk) and Alto and Ozma's fight near the end of the series. The Brera fights were boring because Alto never had a chance. Everything else is just space bugs getting blown the fuck up.

I don't even know whom is trolling who anymore....

The next Macross better deal with the transmission from the Megaroad or we riot.

>inb4 no more Macross
If it all ends on this shit note we riot.

The whole point of the 2nd half seemed to be about developing Keith's plot enough to make him fight Roid, but it's almost as if they used up all of their ideas for the Xaos side in the 1st cour.

This is an anonymous image board, you can't claim any user is any other user, dumbass. I'll also inform you that Frontier is considered one of the better Macross so don't be surprised if there's a lot of Frontierfags around.

We don't have to justify anything because we feel it is fine. I can admit it's rushed but to me it's not shit at all. It was a neat battle. Shit would have to be something like SDF's final battle in episode 36.

>I'll also inform you that Frontier is considered one of the better Macross so don't be surprised if there's a lot of Frontierfags around.

SDF (DYRL)10/10 > Zero 8/10 > Plus 7/10 > Frontier 6/10 > Delta 5/10 > 7 4/10

4th place is hardly one of the better ones. We are still talking about just the macross ones, right? I gave them points cause to illustrate just how big the gap becomes later on.

Taking the polls taste's to my own, it seems delta is a split 50/50, so my taste seems to be at the right temperance of judging.

I don't care about your shitty ranking. Feel free to like whatever you want.

>hoina won despite muh tradition
>messer won from beyond the grave
>nuns were irrelevant as fuck and windfags have higher ground

10/10 series.

Excuse me young man! I care about my rankings and am personally invested in them. Pull out yours and man up. No more shit talk, it's GO time.

Here's the poll. Deal with it.

NUNSfags more. They're so delusional, thinking NUNS was ever competent at all. Ironically enough, Delta had the better portrayal of NUNS. In Frontier, NUNS pilots were useless cowards who shit their pants when Ranka's not their to sing for them to get their cheap Vajra kills. Delta had Larrazabal and his boys kicking windy ass without the use of any song paralyzing.

>messer won from beyond the grave
I think AraKana are going to become a thing at first but get axed by staff because Majority of fandom are MesaKanafag. Based Messer protect his waifu's purity from the grave.


>Splitting movies from their series

NUNS were the most BTFO. At least Arad didn't give a shit about the Kanamebowl and Mirage was happy for Freyja and Hayate.

NUNS got told by a 9 years old. That was embarrassing.

I'd go SDF>Plus>Frontier>Delta=7>Zero>>>>>II.

I still like Zero but it's not that great.

>NUNS got told by a 9 years old.
Fucking kek.

I'm talking about the series in general, not just the finale (which was indeed shit as a stand alone episode anyways). Also
>we feel it is fine.
It's not a substitute for competent writing, what I'm basically telling you is that I like it ≠ it's good, do learn the difference. Also you seem unable to undertand that SDF finale purposefully went small because the series already had a climatic giant battle. One where the earth got turned into Mercury (this are real stakes and consequence unlike MD, get it), so the last skirmish was naturally scaled back.

Because they're different. DYRL has a better Hikaru than SDF. Frontier movie had a better Alto and ending than Frontier tv.

>you'll never suck so much than a dainty underage sickly child can fuck you up

>what I'm basically telling you is that I like it ≠ it's good
Then you should understand that I don't like it ≠ it's shit. Opinions are very fascinating, aren't they user?

Deltafags (or Deltafag; I think there is only one now) shit talk about II, but even II was better.
II had better depictions of large scale conflicts with tension, a nicely animated Metal Siren fight, and a memorable final scene.

What did Delta have?

Arad gets to eat jellyfish again and Mirage got to look cool in battle and cute in flashback scene. NUNS' reputation is ruined forever.

So in you agree with me in that:
>You like the show
>I don't like it
>the show it's shit
>You can't think of any sensible defense for it
>You still like it
>Ergo you admit to having shit taste
>I don't dispute the above fact
Good, now was that so hard user?.

WELP. Better late than never.

Only thing you've said is that it's shit. I liked it because the battle was well done and throughout the series I cared for Hayate/Freyja and Keith/Roid/Heinz. Here you are trying so desperately to make your thoughts an undisputed fact. Are you honestly this insecure about people liking what you don't?

Why are you lying?

I think Delta deserves a 6 or 7 at best but you honestly sound like the most rational person here. Faggots here are making Frontier look god tier while making Delta the worst thing since II. It's always either amazingly good or incredibly bad, it can never be just average or ok, people always jump to extremes.

I'm not, check nyaa.

user, how would you rate each Macross series?

So who won the Kumobowl?

You can find subjective entertainment value out of a fanfic badly written by a 14 year old (which is basically on par with Delta), but you're hiding behind the subjectivity of opinion to avoid confronting the fact that delta is awful, in effect saying that it's okay to like shit, and that if you like then it suddenly becomes not shit, Such afront against sanity will not go unnnoticed under my watch.


No one wanted her.

>Such afront against sanity will not go unnnoticed under my watch.
You really are insecure.


>no more girigiri
>no more frefre
>no more rune pikapi
>no more gorigori atakku
>no more kumokumo
Why live

>Freyja's parts in DYRL
I need a solo version. Mikumo's too, her voice makes hers the most unique rendition.

SDF 8/10
Plus 9/10
7 7/10
Zero 6/10
Frontier 8/10
Delta 7/10

>It's a polyamory, multiracial homosexual relationship .
How progressive.

>implying Kaname wasn't Kumocrazy

So still no defense for the series, okay then.

Is Freyja the only anime character to have a literal "huehuehuehue" laugh?

>Ignores the reasons I gave

I don't think think that AraKana meant to be a thing. They all the time talked about work and whatever bridge bunnies shipped were doomed from the beginning.

The problem is that the stuff didn't have what to tell in the 2nd half of anime.

>I like ''x'' characters because I like them, I like the batttles even though they're the worst in the franchise.
Holy shit user, you're right this series is a really bland cashgrab, thank you for your invaluable input.

>Hayate will live to see his waifu and children die before him

Not him but you sound asshurt. I'm also pretty sure other user has already fucked off to the new thread too.

Asshurt about what?, this anime being shit?. Everyone shoul have known that after a couple of episodes.